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The couple purchased the home and two adjoining lots and

The master design plan encompassed a large 8-by-15-foot koi

began contemplating how they might transform their sizable

fish pond near the house, multiple staggered stone terraces for

property into a private wooded sanctuary.

Adirondack chairs, stone retaining walls, a flagstone path and a

The Haubs turned to Weidenbach and his thorough understanding of the lot for direction on how to connect the front landscaping with the rest of the property. While Weidenbach was eager to tackle the project, the challenges that lay ahead were clear and tangible. Construction was still ongoing in the area and much of the land was bare dirt, patchy grass and untamed trees. Additionally, existing trees had been compromised and the rugged, sloping lot presented myriad logistical challenges. But perhaps the project’s most formidable element was the backyard’s steep 100-foot drop to the lake below.

wooden staircase. Additionally, more than 100 feet of divergent streams ultimately fuse together in a picturesque waterfall that splashes over weathered limestone boulders into Prairie Lee Lake. “The whole idea of the water feature was to make it seem like a Colorado-style stream flowing from under the house all the way down to the lake,” says Weidenbach. The entire project employs a two-pump system that incorporates recirculated and filtered lake water throughout the water features, the irrigation system and the koi pond, making this project a truly conservational effort.

However, in every challenge lies opportunity, and Weidenbach

Roughly 200 evergreen trees, 300 deciduous trees, 1,500

devised an incredible master plan that he felt worthy of the

shrubs and over 2,000 perennials have been installed to bring a

uncommon lot.

genuine woodland effect to the softscaping.

“I presented the plan and the response I got from the client was, ‘It sounds like Disney World; let’s do it.’”

“There are three grass terraces for relaxing and entertaining that overlook the lake,” says Weidenbach. “The landscape style itself is very natural, but also ties back to the architectural lodge look.”

A Master Plan Where a rough, earthy canvas once sat awaiting new life, a

Weidenbach says the project has taken on a life of its own and that the production is ever-changing.

cascading panorama of flora, fauna, lake water and shaded pathways

“Account managers Jennifer Slusher and Jim Cardoza maintain

now merge in a stunning celebration of all things nature-inspired.

this project weekly and, seasonally, we install approximately 5,000

Behind the house, a brook appears to bubble from under the

annuals, pansies and mums and 2,000 fall bulbs,” says Weidenbach.

home’s foundation and trickles down a winding course, meandering

“It is hard to find a client who has the same passion for landscape

through the sloping terrain toward the lake and the expansive

as we do, but when it happens, it sure makes our job fun.”

private teak wood dock. 38


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