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play ball!

Thanks to Overland Park’s Sporting Up, I’m decked out and ready to cheer on my boys in blue. Check out their selection at 12


KCH&S April/May 2016


Renée Demott PUBLISH ER

Brett Miller EDITOR


Britton Miller

Building Fiberglass Pools For Over 16 Years Inground Pools & Spas


Easy Care


Energy Efficient



Beautiful Designs

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KCH&S April/May 2016


Dom and Sydney have always been at home on the soccer field.



he playful banter between professional soccer players

Super Draft after initially playing for former USL PRO affiliate

Dom Dwyer and his wife Sydney Leroux is almost as

Orlando City Soccer Club. His list of accomplishments on

engaging as the actual sport they play. First it’s a punt

the field read long and impressive and include winning the

from Sydney to Dom, “He’s a lover whereas I am more of a

MLS Cup in 2013 and the Open Cup in 2015. He was

fighter. However, he’s changed me into more of a lover.”

also named as an MLS All-Star in 2014 and has scored 69

Dom recovers and quickly shares his penchant for the occasional bout of orneriness.

goals in all competitions since 2013, 47 of which were for Sporting KC.

“Sometimes my buddies and I will kick the ball around

Sydney’s career is equally stellar. A native of British

inside the house, but if we break something, she’ll tell us

Columbia, Canada, Sydney, also 25, is currently a forward

off,” he laughed. But instead of sending Dom to the box,

for FC Kansas City in the National Women’s Soccer

Sydney simply reflects on how amazing her life truly is,

League; is a former Olympic gold medalist, making her way

especially in light of their 2015 nuptials and an exciting

to Kansas City by way of the Vancouver Whitecaps, Seattle

new page to their playbook: Little Dwyer (a boy!) is due

Sounders, Boston Breakers, and Seattle Reign; and will

in September of this year, and this couple couldn’t be

always cherish winning the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup

more thrilled.

in 2015 in her hometown of Vancouver.

“We are both so excited. We enjoy living here in

On a break from the game one day in 2013, the couple

Kansas City,” smiled Dom. “This is such a great place to

serendipitously met at a little bar in Kansas City. She was

raise a family.”

visiting with the Boston team and he already lived here.

Dom, 25, a forward for Sporting Kansas City, is originally

Friends introduced the pair and they have been together ever

from England. He came to the states to play college

since, proving to one another that the best love is the one

soccer and has played for five seasons with Sporting KC

person who makes you a better person without changing you

since he was selected in the first round of the 2012 MLS

into someone other than yourself.


KCH&S April/May 2016



“Sydney is a very intelligent, sweet and funny person,” expressed Dom. “She is not just beautiful, but she also has the biggest heart.” Without missing a beat, Sydney remains a strong part of the mutual admiration club here. “Dom is the most non-judgmental person I have ever known,” she emphasized. “Since I first met him, he has always been very supportive of me and has always had my back.”

interior, they realized they were truly home, and have since added their own personal touch to the space. “We’ve done quite a bit of remodeling to it since we bought it,” said Dom, noting that it was not quite up to date and that they wanted to bring it into the 21st century accompanied by their own tastes and style, which includes a lot of simple and sleek white accents. “I have a thing for white,” Dom confessed.

While books could be written about both of these

In order to breathe new life into the design, the couple

incredible talents, what matters most to them is simply being

installed new flooring, lighting, a new garage door, painted

together in a place they call home and looking forward to an

the kitchen cabinets, and more. One notable design project

amazing future together as a family, the best team on earth.

has been the nursery upstairs.

And when Little Dwyer is added to the family roster this fall,

“We hired IKEA to design the room,” said Sydney. “They

he can be confident that he has joined a team that offers a

just came in and we had them do whatever they wanted.

host of benefits, as he will move into a home embraced with

They definitley surprised us in the end and we are so happy

unconditional love that promises to give him all the playing

with it.”

time he desires.

Two additional bedrooms are located upstairs, one serving

The place Dom and Sydney now call home is a mid-

as a guest room and another as somewhat of a multipurpose

century, 4,000 square foot residence located on the Missouri

room, currently being used for Sydney’s personal photography

side of the state line within arm’s reach of Brookside and

pursuits. An additional room, akin to an attic space, already

Mission Hills. This charmer sports a French Country appeal

has possibility written all over it, as Dom one day plans to

and consists of four bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms.

turn it into a movie theater.

When this power couple first set foot inside its welcoming



KCH&S April/May 2016


KCH&S April/May 2016



The master suite is located on the main level, along with the kitchen, living room and dining-room-turned-into-pool hall. When the pair is not challenging each other or their friends and family to a game of pool, the billiards table actually doubles as a dining table…and then back to a pool table or even a ping pong table. “We have a top for it that turns it into a table,” explained Dom, who admitted the room is primarily used, however, for fun and games. “A traditional dining room is really a waste of space, and we wanted a room we could really use.” The burgundy/wine colors in the room, along with the hardwood flooring, add a layer of warmth to the space and a special part of the room is a wooden surfboard upon which three flags are adorned: England, Canada and the United States, a loving gift created by Dom’s dad’s best friend. A Hall-of-Fame type of cabinet is also located in this room that is home to multiple awards and honors both Dom and Sydney have received throughout their respective careers. The living room is another popular hang out, with its expansive table that gives the appearance of drift wood, along with a cozy gas fireplace and an enclosed bar behind the cabinets. 20


KCH&S April/May 2016

Just off the living room is the kitchen, which has been seeing a lot of activity lately, now that Sydney has a bit more down time to experiment with different recipes. Dom indicated that while he initially was the family chef, he concedes that now Sydney has exercised a bit of impressive culinary prowess, so he’ll just assist as needed. “She has become quite the cook lately,” he smiled. “Her talents are endless.” Through the window just above the kitchen sink, a great view of the indoor pool and workout area below can be seen. Dom and Sydney enjoy relaxing with a swim or just hanging out with friends poolside after a long day at work. On warmer days, the fenced-in backyard, complete with several nice trees, a patio, a grilling area and a fire pit, makes the perfect gathering spot for family and friends. “We need to do some landscaping work, though,” Dom said. For now, it is the perfect playground for their three dogs to run and play. As they await the arrival of Baby Dwyer, canines Boss, a Chihuahua; Daisy, a Goldendoodle and Koba, a Boxer mix, pretty much run the show, but two of them defer to the one four-legged family member who gives the appearance of being Top Dog. “Boss is a total rule-breaker,” grinned Sydney. “He pretty much calls the shots around here.” PLEASE TURN THE PAGE

KCH&S April/May 2016



When it comes to who’s the best player in the house, however, Dom and Sydney don’t keep score. Even when pressed to admit as to who can athletically out-perform the other, Dom has already memorized the official playbook for husbands. “Let’s just say she doesn’t play like a girl,” he smiled. “She’s pretty tough.” Despite coming from geographic regions vastly different than the heartland, they both have discovered a new home here in Kansas City and enjoy taking advantage of all it has to offer, whether taking in a movie, going on walks with their dogs, spending time at Top Golf improving their other game, or relaxing over dinner at Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar on the Plaza. “We enjoy an active lifestyle,” noted Sydney, who, despite taking this season off from play in order to prepare for Little Dwyer’s arrival, still works out regularly to keep in shape. It’s important to stay in fighting form for her professional home team. However, Sydney waxes philosophical when it comes to confessing what home really means to her. “The people you have surrounding you are what makes you feel at home,” she expressed. “We can make a home anywhere, but we are excited to start a family here.” “We love it here,” expressed Dom. “We enjoy having our home here. It’s a great place to raise a family.” Note to Little Dwyer: We think you’re going to have a ball!



KCH&S April/May 2016

KCH&S April/May 2016



















KCRAR Fresh Tips for the Spring Real Estate Market


eventy-five percent of Americans believe that now is a good time

to buy a house, according to a recent report from the National

Association of RealtorsŽ. That’s great news

for anyone hoping to sell their home this spring.

counts like daisies, chrysanthemums or sunflowers.

Improve your curb appeal. How your home looks when buyers

walk up to it can be just as important as how it looks when they walk into it. It is important to

make sure that your home’s exterior is kept clean

The local real estate market is in desperate need

and well maintained throughout the season.

of inventory and sale prices have seen upward

At the very least, keep the grass trimmed by

momentum as a result. All-in-all, if you are

mowing regularly, make sure your shrubs

considering selling your home, now is the time.

Spring is typically the busiest season for real

estate sales and the Kansas City market is

definitely in bloom. The weather is pleasant,

days are longer and curb appeal is at its peak, making it an ideal home shopping season. Before

Scan Our QR Code To Find A Local Realtor

you open your door to those eager buyers, there are few easy ways to make your home stand out

in showings.

Clean, clean and clean some more. It may

be clichĂŠ, but make sure that your home is

‘spring clean’ throughout the entire selling

process. When potential home buyers walk

inside, they should see a well-organized, sparklingly clean house. If you can do nothing

else, keep floors and windows scrubbed clean, take

out trash and recycling frequently, and keep any clutter stored and out

of the way.

Bring fresh flowers indoors. Springtime brings fresh flowers

which, when brought inside, can be used as low-cost decor and

fragrance. Many people prefer natural to artificial scents, making

this a perfect staging technique for open houses. Just be aware that some buyers may have allergies, so avoid flowers with high pollen

and flower beds are well-tended and scrub or

paint over any stains or chipped paint on your home’s exterior.

Let the light in. Take advantage of the longer,

warmer days by opening up your windows and brightening up your home. Keep your blinds

open and your curtains pulled back to let in as

much natural light as possible. If a room doesn’t

receive much sunlight, a well-placed mirror can help capture and reflect light from other rooms to brighten a space.

Whether you are ready to sell or eager to buy,

a Realtor can provide you all the information and

resources you need to make the best and most

informed real estate decisions, so don’t hesitate to

seek out their expertise. If you need to connect with a local Realtor visit:

Find a Realtor in the KC Area at

Another one of Kansas City’s Finest Backyards There’s a good reason Bank Pool & Spa is the custom inground pool builder in Kansas City... EXCELLENCE

8026 West 151st St., Overland Park, KS 66223 | (913) 897-9290 | (816) 942-2459 | 26


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Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Trivet $319.95 |

IKEA PS 1995 Clock $39.99 |

Adirondack Chair $129.99 | Accent Table with Drawer by Sterling $210 | Ceramic Pineapple Cookie Jar $12.99 |

Original Bogg Bag $60 | Delightful Yellow 335

Medallion Glass Lanterns $9.95 – $19.95 |

Tory Burch "Miller" Flip Flops $225 |

Yellow Metal Flower Wall Plaque $9.99 | *Prices Subject To Change

KCH&S April/May 2016





KCH&S April/May 2016

For the Love of

Sports With eyes on the games, one Johnson County family is thoroughly enjoying their fresh new entertainment area.


t’s really a blessing when interior designer, Kathleen Ramsey works with a client that has a clear vision what she wants.

Amber Goering had her ideas firmly in place for quite some time before finding Kathleen online. “Actually, I wanted a collaboration between me and Kathleen in order to make this basement a reality,” she says recalling the partnership forged throughout the course of the four month build-out. According to Amber, the goal would be to provide stylish furnishings with an emphasis on comfortable livability for a basement family room. The Goering’s two story Johnson County home, elegantly designed with Amber’s modern, glamourous style, would easily transition into the lower level. Considering Amber’s husband, Craig officiates college football, one factor for the design would center on a place to watch sports. “In fact, it was Amber who wanted an 84-inch TV, a nod to her commitment to the game,” says Ramsey.

NO DOLDRUMS DOWNSTAIRS To unify the expansive 29-foot x 14-foot basement area, a softly colored mid-gray was chosen for the walls. This color would showcase the furnishings clean lines. Amber extended the neutral palette, choosing a vinyl laminate plank for the floor evoking the charm of weathered wood. “A good choice for a basement since it’s so durable and stain resistant,” says Ramsey.


Story by

Photos by

Gloria Gale

Matt Kocourek

KCH&S April/May 2016



Amber did her homework envisioning a conversation area centering on a white, stacked stone fireplace. “The chiseled stone wall with its inherent texture provided the perfect accent and contrast for the sleekly modern fireplace. It turned out so nicely, we added another stacked stone wall in the bar area,” says Ramsey. With the entertainment center as a focal point, the room’s furnishings consist of a comfortable and generous 148-inch sectional in a gray poly-blend fabric and nail head trim. “The sectional is big, (it was really hard to get down the stairs) but we probably won’t run out of seating,” says Amber also noting the crisp-patterned black and white swivel club chair opposite the sofa that’s equally inviting. Fronting the sofa, two faux Ostridge textured ottomans double as a storage unit, as well as a footrest or ready-made coffee table. Anchoring the entire conversation area is a shaggy, 15-foot x 15-foot carpet square. By adding the soft texture from the carpet coupled with the paneled linen drapes, the décor automatically conveys a warm, cozy feel,” says Ramsey. PLEASE TURN THE PAGE



KCH&S April/May 2016

KCH&S April/May 2016





KCH&S April/May 2016

Accessories were selected that added a punch of color and/or to accentuate details. In this case yellow was the go-to accent and furnishings, in particular two miss-matched side tables add variety. “Because this was a basement, you have to deal with existing structural elements. I have to credit Kathleen with her creative approach to enclosing the support beam that was an elephant in the room. She designed the see-through shelving unit as a practical design feature,” Amber says.

conveniences within arm’s reach The bar, outfitted with accoutrements including a dishwasher, oven, under cabinet fridge and a 60-inch TV, add functionality to the entertainment center. Ramsey used two styles of bright, white Cambria quartz to surface the countertops, finishing the bar top with a waterfall edge for distinction. The area is complemented with three stools nattily slipcovered in gray linen that Amber found at Restoration Hardware. Within steps from the bar is a fully equipped 4-foot x 8-foot wine cellar. “Once again, we used the chiseled stacked stone on one wall then outfitted the opposite wall for wine storage. The white wall expands the small space visually,” says Ramsey. Completing the basement’s creature comforts, a smartly designed bathroom utilizing a clear, vessel sink atop a cantilevered vanity. Ramsey wanted something different so she floated the cabinet and used under cabinet lighting. Nearby, the sparkling shower features white, subway tile, a large rain showerhead and a recessed shelf for bath accessories. “Overall, the entire basement concept was interpreted to my aesthetic. There’s nothing better than coming downstairs, lighting the fireplace and enjoying the space. It’s my happy place,” says Amber. The family room is now cozy and comfortable conveying a dramatic, welcoming impression.

resources Project Designer: Ramsey Interiors Builder/Contractor: About Time Remodeling Countertops: Trendstone Furniture: Ramsey Interiors Light Fixtures: Murray Feiss Paint : Sherwin Williams Plumbing Fixtures: Kitchen and Bath by Briggs Tile: Premier Distributing Window Coverings: Ramsey Interiors

KCH&S April/May 2016



Exceptional Nightly Dining Featuring Kansas’ Finest Dry-aged Steaks and Seafood

Book Your Private Event Now for 10 - 200 Guests Expansive Happy Hour Menu 4 - 7pm Sunday - Friday Lynn Zimmer & The Jazz Band Wednesday - Sunday from 6:30 pm

Sunday Brunch 10am - 2pm World-Class Dining & World-Class Entertainment in Casual Elegance



The Experts in Creating a Great Foundation for Any Room NOW IN ITS 26TH YEAR OF BUSINESS, CENTRAL STATES TILE

of tiles on hand from which to choose. Because of the vast

stands as one of Kansas City’s leading wholesale distributors and

size of their inventory, projects can proceed quickly and efficiently

direct importers of porcelain tile and natural stone. As part of that

and even specialty orders enjoy just one to two weeks lead time

dynamic, the company also owns Dimensional Stoneworks, which

for delivery.

is a premier in-house custom fabricator of all natural stone and

However, it’s not just the size of the inventory that is important

quartz. When it’s time to build that new home or update the

to this company. Educating customers is an equally integral aspect

current one, Central States Tile and Dimensional Stoneworks are

of Central States Tile’s business philosophy.

committed to providing the best in products and services.

“We have a strong team of experienced professionals who have

Owned and operated by Gary Sowell, Central States Tile is

worked for many years in the industry, who know the products well,

located at 8301 West 125th Street in Overland Park, Kansas, and

and who are specifically trained to create a custom design for each

invites the public to browse its impressive 3,000 square foot

area of the home,” noted Sowell.

showroom. Founded in 1989, the company has created a highly

With more than a quarter of a century of experience with these

reputable name for itself. Its team of trained and dedicated

products, Sowell has seen the business landscape for the tile

professionals understands that your home is a great way to

industry change appreciably over the years. When he first began

express your personal style and personality, and their wide

his career, homebuilders did not employ large quantities of tile into

selection of middle to upper-end tile products include porcelain,

new homes and basically dedicated it specifically for entry ways

natural stone, metal, glass, granite and more. An appreciable

and bathrooms. Today, tile enjoys a much larger presence in both

amount of the company’s inventory comes directly from Italy and

residential and commercial spaces, and with that increased

is imported on a regular basis in order to maintain a large quantity

popularity come exciting innovations.



KCH&S April/May 2016

“Advancements in digital print technology can create a realistic look of wood or stone on tile,” said Sowell. “Scanners can take images of select pieces of wood and stone and replicate the look directly on to the tile pieces. These are great if you want the look of hardwood flooring but not all of the maintenance.” Other popular items include heated floors, especially for master bathrooms, and white marble on countertops. Granite and quartz countertops are also gaining in popularity, Today’s busy consumers often demand products that are simple and require minimal upkeep, and tile reigns as the champion in that regard. Among the many advantages of porcelain tile include its low maintenance appeal, scratch resistant and non-porous surfaces, and a cornucopia of designs, styles and color variations from which to choose. Plus, tile is far more durable than carpet or hard wood flooring. When using natural stone, each piece is elegant and unique and the beauty is beyond words. Each type, whether travertine, granite, limestone or slate, bears its own look and characteristics, making no two pieces the same. Looking ahead, Sowell sees the future of tile increasing even more, not just in popularity and use, but also in size. “When I first started in this business, the standard size was 8” x 8,” but over the years it has grown, and it is not uncommon to see 18” x 36” pieces and some are even as large as four feet by eight feet and 3/16” thick,” noted Sowell. As tile has become incorporated into multiple use areas, it is not uncommon to see it as part of a home’s front steps, on decks, around the pool area, in sunrooms and even in bedrooms. Accent walls also provide a unique touch to a home, as well as backsplashes and counter tops. Fully committed to the complete satisfaction of his customers, Sowell enjoys all aspects of the business and feels blessed by the people with whom he meets, works and interacts. “The trade people with whom we deal are the salt of the earth and we also get to work with some of the best designers, architects and contractors,” Sowell reflected. “I also enjoy the beauty of our products and how they improve and enhance certain parts of the home.”

KCH&S April/May 2016



KCHS: LOWRY: Quit your job! Unbelievably, I’ve had buyers quit their job and start a new one without notifying me. Ten days out from

Experience a Better Level of Service! F U L L S E RV I C E L A N D S C A P I N G

closing, mortgage companies verify employment. Buying anything on credit. The lender can see your credit through the whole process. A purchase on credit can change your debt-to-income ratios and jeopardize your loan. Go on vacation! It’s never a good idea to go on vacation while in the purchasing process. During the mortgage process you’re not closed until you are closed! If the lender needs something, you need to be available.

KCHS: LOWRY: There are many service providers who claim to offer credit scores but the three credit bureaus Equifax, Experian and Transunion, all use proprietary software for the credit scoring model. Credit score service providers try and mimic the scoring model but none are exact. It seems the real credit scores are

We proudly serve the greater Kansas City, Lawrence and Topeka areas

Landscapes G Hardscapes G Master Plan Whole-Property Designs Irrigation & Draining G Water Features G Maintenance Programs Landscape Lighting G Holiday Lighting G Snow Removal

always lower. It’s frustrating for buyers.


w w w .ST R A H ML AW N

LOWRY: The interest rate is the rate on the amount borrowed. The Annual Percentage Rate or APR was created by the Federal government to assist homebuyers in comparing lenders. Financing is complicated and buyers tend to gravitate to the lowest interest rate. Lenders try and advertise the lowest rates but what is not understood is that the lowest rate might come with thousands and thousands of closing costs. It’s hard for the consumer to figure it out, so APR measures the interest rate, closing costs and mortgage insurance into one figure for comparison. Your lowest APR is your lowest priced loan which does not always equate into the lowest interest rate.

KCHS: LOWRY: Put the minimum down on a mortgage or put 20% down. The current interest rates are so low, that a down payment barely makes a dent when looking at the monthly payment. In the current interest rate market, I recommend buyers buy as much house as they can possibly get approved for and hold for the long term! We know there’s only one way for interest rates to

Harlan C. Parker Ins Agcy Inc Harlan Parker, Agent 13095 South Mur-Len Road Olathe, KS 66062 Bus: 913-782-3310

Jason S. Parker, Agent 13095 South Mur-Len Road Olathe, KS 66062 Bus: 913-764-0555

go and that’s up. It’s much better to purchase a home that will suit your needs for 5 to 10 years than to under buy and need another home soon. In case interest rates really go up, it may be the last opportunity to purchase for a long while. KCH&S April/May 2016





Your Home With

2 1. Perfect for vaulted ceilings in great rooms and entries. The Pearson chandelier’s simple lines and textured black iron finish is a transitional design that works well in both modern and traditional style homes CAPITAL LIGHTING: PEARSON COLLECTION 2. This chandelier/pendant combines a black mesh ironwork drum shade and chrome finishes, giving off an industrial accent to a very modern design. Add a pair of oversized mercury glass pendants and you have mastered the latest lighting design trends of mixing metals, textured finishes and unique glass accents KICHLER: TITUS COLLECTION 3. This 1 light pendant features an adjustable arm design allowing for a customized look. Shown in Etched White Opal glass and a Polished Nickel finish. KICHLER: CITY LOFT COLLECTION 4. The dressed up rustic styling of this 4 light chandelier and accompanying mini pendant opens new possibilities sure to enhance your dÊcor. Open Iron Anvil mesh surrounds and protects the Vetro Mica shades which in turn cast a satisfying and comforting illumination in your home. KICHLER: AHRENDALE COLLECTION 5. Evoking a sense of strength and style, the Western Bronze finish is a rich matte and the arms are comprised of long rectangular links holding the piece together. The clear seedy glass adds a touch of elegance to the simplistic framework. QUOIZEL: BUCHANAN



KCH&S April/May 2016


Lighting isn’t just good for brightening up your room — you want it to look good even when it’s not turned on. The elements that come together when the right lighting is achieved transform a room into a seamless combination of functionality and style. “This year we are seeing a variety of design styles and finishes when it comes to interior lighting design trends,” notes Wendy Rensenhouse, of Rensen House of Lights.


In the finish department burnished gold is still gaining popularity. This is not the shiny, brassy gold from the 70’s but a much warmer, rich tone. Mixing metal finishes on lighting is also a hot trend — traditional bronze finishes with burnished gold accents or black iron with brushed nickel and chrome finishes are all used on the same chandelier or pendant. Natural wood finishes or finishes that appear to be natural wood are also very popular. Artisan glass treatments such as mercury glass, seedy glass or glass with smokey tinted finishes are a big trend. “In the design department, we're seeing a influence of mid century modern design in many of the decorative lighting choices and the iconic ‘Orb’ or ‘Sphere’ is still very popular,” expressed Wendy. “There continues to be the influence of industrial, restoration-type lighting design, but it’s a bit more refined than in previous years.” All types of open cage designs for entry/foyer lighting are trending. They're easy to maintain, without the worry of having to clean glass. “Most definitely lighting designs are becoming more streamlined, less


ornate and that’s refreshing!” shares Wendy.

5 KCH&S April/May 2016



From glare to glow. Sunlight, beautifully transformed with Hunter Douglas window fashions. Enhance the beauty of your dĂŠcor with light-transforming HunterDouglas window fashions. Soften, shift, and refine the natural light that enters your home. Ask for details about valuable rebate savings.

Save $100* or more with rebates on qualifying purchases, April 12-June 27, 2016. Ask for details.

AFFORDABLE Blinds, Shades, & Shutters

913-402-4500 (KS) 816-741-0200 (MO) Call us for one stop shopping in your h ome f or window fashions t hat fit your budget!

Mention this ad and receive a free upgrade to Literise or Ultraglide on Silhouettes or Pirouettes. 42


KCH&S April/May 2016





Dynamic Builders


Exquisite Models


Design Ideas

Where beautiful floors begin.

913-492-2236 |

















SUMA D ESIGN & C ONSTRUCTION presents The Madison Model

This home actually inspired its builder, Mark Sumada of Suma Design and Construction, Inc., to forgo his season tickets to the Kansas City Chiefs games, and for good reason. Once you take a tour, you will understand why this home sports some of the best seats in the house, for game day and every day! Mark began working in construction and landscaping while still in high school and then studied architecture at the University of Kansas. He honed his skills by working with professors in the school, purchasing, remodeling and selling homes in Lawrence. That soon evolved into starting his own construction company building and framing new


Mark Sumada


homes. Over the past four decades, the experts at SUMA Design and Construction have mastered traditional and Tuscan styling of homes and are now motivated by a more modern style with crisp, clean lines, as evidenced by this show-stopper. This reverse one and a half story home perfectly combines 4,000 square feet of living space into a flawless dream home. With four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, this contemporary showcase truly speaks to builder Mark Sumada’s raw talent, expertise and passion.




Located at Riss Lake and completed eight months ago, this

is a door that leads to a private desk area and then to the four-car

jaw-dropping floor plan with its unique design elements will keep

garage. To the right of the range is access to the walk-in pantry,

you coming back for more. As soon as you come in through the

as well as another door to the garage. Other rooms on the main

double-door entry way with paneled glass along its perimeter, the

level include a front office and a half bathroom.

open floor plan gives you a quick view of all the excitement to

On the lower level, a great room with a media center

come. You cannot help but notice such exquisite details such as

enjoys great companionship with a bar area, highlighted with

the stainless steel cabling on


all of the stairs and walnut


wood work throughout the


home. As you look all the way

adorns the opposite wall. A

through the house to the rear,

full patio is accessed through

12-foot scissor doors lead to

the sliding glass doors.

a covered deck







This house is not just in

“This opens up the space

the spotlight but also focuses

when it’s a gorgeous day out

on all the lights that give it

or if you want to have a

the style and sophistication

party,” said Sumada. “With

it deserves.

these doors open, you can

“The lighting in this house,

easily host up to 85 people

both inside and outside,

without feeling tight on space.”

is unbelievable,” stressed

A second porch, also equipped with 12-foot scissor doors, is accessible from the kitchen just off the breakfast room and ties into the main porch with access from porch to porch through a screen door. You may feel as if you are relaxing at a luxurious resort hotel on this porch, which enjoys a beautiful box vault ceiling and

Sumada. “Plus, it has lots of windows to create the total environment.” Coupled with the open deck areas, this home really brings the outside in and expands the living space of the home. “My mission and ultimately what I do for others is to understand

complementary walnut hardwood flooring, as also used in the

that your home, no matter how small or large, can be a statement

kitchen, and a spectacular fire pit that will beg you to stay and linger

for your family, for their memories and their history, as it molds their

for awhile. With radiant heat in the ceiling on the covered decks,

lives,” said Mark. “As for this particular home, well, I can enjoy

you can enjoy year-round relaxation outside. The master suite will definitely speak its mind and enjoy the

watching the big game out on the deck close to the bathroom and the kitchen. It’s far better than the 50-yard line!”

results. Before you crawl into bed at the end of a long day, be sure to take advantage of the spa-like master bathroom. Among its many coveted features include the extra large shower with two shower heads and a rain spray head; a sunken tub in the shower; a marble shower floor; oval porcelain tile on the walls; two separate vanities, each with a porcelain vessel bowl and white fantastic quartzite laid into the top of the counter; a full make-up counter; a furniture grade finish on the stained cabinetry; and so much more. Heading back into the main living area, the gas linear fireplace becomes a luxurious focal point. “This can heat the entire great room and kitchen,” said Sumada, also referencing the cantilever benches around the fireplace. The open kitchen enjoys stainless steel appliances, including a GE built-in freezer, gas range, twin ovens, ice maker, wine refrigerator and dishwasher. A backlit dining hutch off to the side provides extra storage for stemware and dishes. To the left of the cooking range

For more information on SUMA Design & Construction, visit them online at





















presents The Wildwood Model

Imagine building your dream home and feeling as if you are the builder’s one and only top priority. With SAB Homes, that’s basically how customers are treated. Not only are these professionals highly-skilled in their craft, they are also reliable, act with integrity, ensure each project is worthy of distinction and continually strive for excellence. Giving 100% to each and every endeavor is merely a baseline measure. Since its inception in 1989, SAB Homes has been a strong leader in providing single-family and multi-family homes to buyers across the metro area. Owner Scott Bamesberger brings to the table not only a wealth of experience in the industry, but also balances that with a strong sense of value, a solid understanding of design and a commitment to quality. While building a home is not always an easy endeavor, SAB Homes puts its focus on the positive aspects of the building process and does not consider any job complete until the customer is completely satisfied. SAB Homes is synonymous with superior value, but never comprises quality to get to that level. SAB Homes has its presence in numerous communities in Lee’s Summit, Raymore, Kansas City North and southern Johnson County and continues to search for other communities in the metro area in which to add its award-winning designs. No matter where


Scott Bamesberger

816.524.3855 4



SAB Homes creates these dream homes, they are always welcome additions to any neighborhood. With more than 80 awards and in excess of 1,000 completed projects, this company has quite the impressive resume, and the Wildwood design is a solid example of why this builder remains a leader of the pack.

This 3,250 square foot ranch reverse home will simply take your

glass doors leading to a covered triangular shaped deck that, when

breath away. Its gorgeous exterior and curb appeal reveal that beauty

opened, bring a bit of the outdoors in and creates more room for

is actually more than skin deep. When showcased last fall in the prestigious Parade of Homes

entertainment purposes. An additional deck is found off the eating area in the kitchen and the master bedroom also enjoys its own

events, this home nabbed First

private deck. This floor plan gives

Place in Distinctive Plan and Design

homeowners the best of both

as well as the coveted Grand Award

worlds, harmoniously combining

Pick of the Parade. Its rustic-style

indoor and outdoor living.

chic appeal with a stone and stucco

“This home was built with a great

façade and rustic cedar detail echo

deal of natural light and amazing

a craftsman style ambiance, and

views of the adjacent golf course

after you make your way through

from all angles,” stated Raelyn

the front door, you may never

King-Barnhart, General Manager.

want to leave. Once inside, it’s

The lower level offers its own

hard not to notice the deliberate

feeling of relaxation and tranquility.

attention to detail, such as the

The open media room is accented

unique hardwood flooring that is

by a see-through stone fireplace

predominate throughout the home.

and an accompanying wet bar with

“This is called Vintage Loft and

warm mosaic tile, wine refrigerator

is made to look like repurposed

and glass-paneled cabinetry. Another


set of 12’ wide x 8’ tall double








sliding glass doors with tile just

marketing manager.

inside the door provides easy

A bit further into the home and

access to the over-sized patio. This

just off to the left is a charming

level has three bedrooms, two of

pocket office with enviable seats

which share a Hollywood bath and

granting a great view of the

one with its own bathroom with

adjacent golf course. Accessed via

shower. All bedrooms have large

a sliding stained barn door, this comfy nook may just become your

walk-in closets, and more storage space abounds with a suspended

perfect hideaway.

garage under which ample room has been made to store anything

The master bedroom, a retreat in itself, enjoys designer carpet,

and everything.

vaulted ceilings and a bathroom with all of the charm and appeal of

“Every attention to detail was made when building this home,”

nature itself. With flooring that gives the appearance of birch, a

emphasized Morfeld. “From its lofty, stunning entrance to over 400

whirlpool tub, dual shower heads and a bench in the shower, this is

square feet of deck space in the back, it gives the feeling of a cozy

the perfect place to unwind and recharge at the end of the day. An

ski lodge.”

additional half-bathroom is also located on this level, complete with a

With SAB, you just never know what dreams may come to

vessel copper sink with an old-fashioned water pump faucet and a

fruition…or even how they are born. When Bamesberger initially met

stunning stone wall with rustic hardwood flooring. While there is a

with the architect on site, he told him he wanted a home that would

laundry room on the lower level, the master closet also has laundry

take full advantage of all the gorgeous views on this lot. While casually


chatting over a bowl of chips and salsa one day, the architect

Going into the kitchen, prepare to be amazed. The sloped ceiling

sketched this floor plan, proving what Constantin Brancusi, one of the

with wood beams provide a perfect complement to the Knotty Alder

most influential sculptors of the 20th century, once noted, “Architecture

cabinetry with walnut wainscot stain by Sherwin Williams. Additional

is inhabited sculpture.” Yes, the Wildwood truly is a work of art.

features include granite counter tops, Gallery Series appliances and a walk-in pantry with ample shelving. Just off the kitchen is the main living area with its rustic ambiance and floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace and 12’ wide x 8' tall double sliding

For more information on SAB Homes, visit them online at




















C ASA B ELLA C ONSTRUCTION presents the Artisan Tour Home

If you find yourself utterly speechless when you enter this one-of-a-kind home in North Kansas City, you are not alone. Even the judges from the Parade of Home were at a loss for words when they deemed it The Pick of the Parade Grand Award Winner and the Grand Prize Winner for Distinctive Design and Plan in 2015. Designed and built by Russ Groshans, owner of Casa Bella Construction, along with his talented design team members Amber Jury and Lise Groshans, this home is located in the Riss Lake subdivision and is a residential masterpiece that completely transcends a one-dimensional description and instead, should be experienced. Forget what you might


Russ Groshans


consider to be a one-in-a-million type of house, as this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime home. Groshans and his team are known to produce one-of-a-kind homes at affordable prices, from European to Traditional; Craftsman to Cape Cod. All you need is an idea. They will flawlessly execute the rest. Not only does the Casa Bella team demand high expectations of themselves, they simultaneously exceed those of their clients. A Certified Graduate Builder and Certified Green Professional, Groshans takes pride in his work and delivers every product with quality, integrity and unparalleled craftsmanship.




Every feature of this home was meticulously selected with the

cabinetry, a window seat and floating box beams, all finished in a

discerning homeowner in mind. Top-of-the-line upgrades pair

washed gray custom stain. The beveled glass window just inside

beautifully with state-of-the-art technologies to create an environment

the 8’ tall custom double doors acts as a prism, cascading light

that allows you to enjoy the benefits of 21st century living while

across the beautifully finished, hard maple, hand scraped floors.

simultaneously feeling as if you are a world away. With 5,202

Even the half-bath strikes its own notable pose. The centerpiece

finished square feet of living

of this spectacular powder

space that includes four

bath is the L.E.D. backlit

bedrooms, four full baths,


two half-baths and a three-


car garage, this is the perfect

room an ambiance that is

place for a growing family to

unparalleled. The floating

create memories together.

vanity with accent lighting,

aluminum which


wall this

As you enter the front

an amazing art glass vessel

door, prepare for a luxurious

sink, beautiful solid surface

embrace of the senses. The

top, and designer faucets

piece-de-resistance that will

flowing from the wall complete

immediately catch your eye

this one-of-a-kind room.

is the spectacular and calming two-story waterfall, paired artfully

As you continue down to the lower level, the elegance,

with the stone feature wall and custom iron railing accenting the

sophistication and attention to detail seamlessly continues. This

curved stairwell. Its hypnotic beauty will leave you transfixed.

garden level retreat has an open rec room that includes a fireplace

From top to bottom, the elegant great room makes a grand

and built-in TV. Take a seat at the fabulous wet bar and enjoy the

statement with its beautifully coffered, soaring ceiling, five-foot

amazing view into the wine room or transition to the billiards room

linear fireplace, imported marble fireplace wall and built-in 65� flat

for more entertainment. This spacious and functional lower level

screen TV. The custom backlit cabinets and wall of arched

area also has two bedrooms each with a private bath and walk-in

windows provide spectacular framework for an amazing view of

closet. Additionally, the professional home theater offers stadium-

the contiguous lake and the woods.

style seating and provides a theatrical ambiance to rival any big

You will be the talk of the town as you entertain in the gourmet kitchen that boasts custom lighted cabinets and top-of-the-line

movie house with all the comforts of home. This room is truly a design blockbuster.

Thermador and Sub-Zero appliances, including a cabinet-front

Finally, step outside to the backyard and discover a perfectly

refrigerator, professional gas range, ovens, griddle and wine

terraced lawn, professionally designed hardscapes, pergola, sitting

refrigerator. The adjoining pantry makes the perfect caterer’s

wall, fire pit and waterfall providing the ambiance of a five-star

workstation and the nearby laundry room and mudroom offer plenty

resort with all the at-home privacy of being tucked away in a deeply

of storage space with spacious cabinets and granite countertops.

wooded lot with breath-taking lake views.

Not to be missed is the master bedroom suite. At the end of the day, you can retreat to your own oasis in the luxurious master suite that offers stunning views of a private lake and waterfall. When you want to leave the outside world behind, a sliding door opens to reveal a spa-like master bathroom. The six-foot designer tub and two-person shower with body sprays and rain showerhead will help you wash away the day. The dressing area, complete with valet cabinet, pullouts and beveled mirrors, will make you feel like royalty. This exquisite bathroom stands confidently as a room in and of itself. From the barrel vaulted ceiling partnered with indirect lighting to the designer series tile, heated tile floors, granite and custom cabinets, this master bath is sure to inspire. Another treasured spot within this home is the study. Relax and enjoy this warm and sophisticated space, featuring beautiful built-in

For more information on Casa Bella Construction, visit them online at





















presents The Pepperwood Model When you partner with Ashlar Homes, LLC to build your dream home, you have joined forces with a company that builds the strongest and most durable homes, coupled with a lasting promise of unwavering quality. To understand that quality, however, is to understand the meaning of the word “ashlar.” By definition, ashlar refers to prepared stonework from any type of stone. In past generations, ashlar blocks were frequently used to construct buildings symbolizing strength and progress. To that end, an Ashlar


Shawn Woods


home is synonymous with solid construction that lasts a lifetime. Purchasing an Ashlar home is truly a solid investment. One of Ashlar Homes’ premier designs is the Pepperwood. This captivating reverse one and a half floor plan has been making a name for itself the past couple of years due to its spacious and versatile floor plan. With 1,700 square feet of living space on the main floor alone, this home offers a host of features that truly make it a leader of the pack. “This is an open floor plan that everyone wants,” noted of Shawn Woods, President of Ashlar Homes.




As you drive up to the Pepperwood, its decided curb appeal will catch your eye with its all brick façade highlighted with the perfect combination of stone and stucco accents. “We are the only builder in the Kansas City metro area that has

bar/kitchenette area. In some cases, the basement floor can be stained. “We’ve also done floating wood floors, putting real wood on top of the concrete,” said Woods.

an all-brick neighborhood (Swanson Farm at Whispering Ridge),”

Depending upon how the basement is designed, this floor plan

said Woods. “We always have masonry on some sort on all of

can range anywhere from 2,400 total square feet up to 3,200

the homes we build. It

square feet.

is virtually maintenance




free; has a strong

won’t be able to

aesthetic appeal; is

take your eyes off

very solid; and is highly

the main features in

energy efficient.”

this home, there is







the threshold through


the front door, its

working behind the

engaging beauty will

scenes that come

ultimately capture your









The spacious main

Pepperwood is no

living area beckons a

exception. Among the

fun family gathering or

top highlights include

just total relaxation


after a long day at


walls eight inches

work. Your attention is soon focused on the breakfast nook that

wide; excavation for basement and foundation to solid soil,

opens to a covered deck. The spacious kitchen is equipped with

with a minimum three-foot depth below finished grade to allow

stainless steel appliances and an impressive granite-topped island.

for frost protection; 42” wall with trim cap and apron at all open

The living room is home to an inviting tiled fireplace which

stairways; and laminated composition shingles on the roof,

the owner has the option of upgrading to a floor to ceiling stone package.

complete with self-sealing ridge shingles and roof sheathing. “We also use higher upgrade furnaces or heat pumps, depending

Also located on the main floor are two bedrooms and two full

upon the municipalities; install low-e (emissivity) windows and

baths. The main level master bedroom is separated from the

provide a foam and caulk package as well as Tyvek® wrap for air

second bedroom and comes fully equipped with a walk-in tile

barrier on the outside,” explained Woods.

shower and seamless access to the adjoining laundry room.

The roof is a 30-year laminate shingle, which is asphalt based

Unique to the master bathroom is the custom-designed tub and

but gives the appearance of an old cedar shake shingle, giving a

shower containment, coupled with a double vanity. A second full

bit of depth and character to the roof. Ashlar Homes provides a

bathroom is contiguous to the other bedroom on this floor.

10-year structural warranty, a one-year full warranty and a

A mudroom stands just off the three-car garage (with a four-car optional garage version), equipped with a standard cubby area and a walk-in pantry stands just off the mudroom, which then leads to the laundry room.

two-year systems warranty. Most important, however, is how effortless the entire building process seems to be. “We make this as easy as possible for our clients,” smiled Woods.

Multiple options in the basement allow the homeowner to choose from two bedrooms and one small recreation area or one highly spacious recreation area with two bedrooms towards the back. While hardwood flooring presents throughout the main level, the lower level is fully carpeted except for the tile in the

For more information on Ashlar Homes, visit them online at




Wilson s Flooring Covering, Inc. “Turning houses into homes for over 29 years.� Carpet Laminate Wood Floors Vinyl Ceramic Tile Natural Stone G




Design Services | Financing Available Professional Installation Guaranteed

15335 Knighton Ave., Platte City, MO 64079























CONSTRUCTION presents the Manica Lake House

Jaw-dropping. That is one word by which to describe this incredible work of art. If you are at a loss for words when first laying eyes on this masterpiece, then join the crowd. Bursting at the seams with unique personality and style, if it initially catches your eye, then it will most likely ultimately capture your heart. The architectural signature of this home truly puts it in a class by itself, and its builder has good reason to put his own stamp on it as part of his outstanding portfolio. As owner of Faust Construction in Pleasant Hill, Missouri, Brian Faust put great passion into this home, but that is nothing unusual for a builder who truly enjoys the industry. Now in its 11th year of business, Faust Construction has been making dreams come true with homes throughout many parts of the metro area, most notably in northern Johnson County, Mission Hills, Leawood and Prairie Village. A graduate of Central Missouri State University with a B.S. degree in Construction Science & Management, Faust began his career on the commercial aspect of the business but did some residential work on the side to further expand his skill set. That eventually led to working with an architect on some modern lofts downtown, a style


Brian Faust

816.217.7663 12



he perfected and which has become increasingly popular in the suburbs. Faust ultimately took a leap of faith and started his own business in 2005, making a solid name for himself, especially within the world of modern design.

This 4,000 square foot Lake Lotawanna beauty with five

has a fun waterfall feature that faces the refrigerator.

bedrooms, three full baths, and one half bath, definitely showcases

The equally exciting lower level gives new meaning to

Faust’s natural talent and ability and from the moment its one-of-

“staycation.” A kitchenette/bar area is the perfect place to grab

a-kind curb appeal draws you in, you’ll barely be able to contain

some refreshments before heading into the sauna or out to the

your enthusiasm as you open the front door. Its 32-foot tower

water-proofed screened-in porch located under the expansive

and 26-foot main living area provide

deck above. A hot tub and a cold tub

a truly spacious feeling and its

are easily accessible and both are

seamlessly flowing design allows for

recessed into the concrete so you can

perfect incorporation into this steep

just walk right into them. A nearby fire

and narrow lake lot.

pit with an outdoor kitchen has the

A split-level design, upon entering

feeling of a resort written all over it

the foyer, you can access four

and the dock is just a few steps away.

bedrooms, including the main master

This must be what is meant by Heaven

suite, and two bathrooms upstairs or

on Earth.

walk down to the main level. The rift

The exterior of the home is done

white oak flooring is one of the

in stucco and ¾” aluminum reveals,

hallmarks of this home.

separating nicely with beautiful rainscreen

“Rift white is one of the most

walls using Azek decking to give a soft

expensive cuts,” explained Faust. “It is

touch to the hard stucco look. A couple

very linear and has no inconsistencies

of highly unique features of this home

throughout. We used 6” wide planks on this home.” A breath-taking three-level home, Faust will be the first to concede that it was a challenge to build. “This house required significant efforts to enable proper sheer reinforcing due to the height, amount of windows, and narrow

include the 8” x 10” gutter system with a huge aluminum cover, all of which flows into one single downspout on each side, developed from a commercial design and incorporated into this home to maintain its modern style and flow. And the 16-foot wall with accompanying skylight in the master bathrooms was built entirely of glass.

width,” he said. “Multiple areas of the frame are made out of 8”

“We had one of Manica Architecture’s staff members from Europe

and 10” tube steel and 12” LVLs, and it took 10 months to build.”

advise us on how to construct it in three sections with gaskets

The end result, however, was truly worth the effort.

between them,” explained Faust.

A loft above the front entry, accessible by a built-in ladder and

Details. Details. Sure, those elements make this home unique,

highlighted with one-inch Lexgard Plexiglas (bullet resistant glass)

but from where we stand, it’s overall appeal is just begging us to

on either side, overlooks the front and back of the home. On the

take a few days off and relax.

main level are the kitchen, dining and living rooms. A second master-bedroom suite with a large, zero-entry shower sits directly behind the kitchen. “The homeowner, who is also the architect, built this home with his staff in mind, as they frequently use it for company gatherings,” stated Faust. The kitchen, an entertainer’s dream, boasts two dishwashers, GE monogram appliances, a cooktop with down drafts that rise out of the counter top with a simple push of a button and recessed directly back into the cabinet, maintaining the seamless and modern vibe of the space. Additional touches include two wine refrigerators that are flush with the wall, three rows of glass backsplash that are movable to adapt the shelf any way you desire. The dark quartz countertop on the island is 3” thick and

For more information on Faust Construction, visit them online at




















F IRST C HOICE C USTOM H OMES presents The Tuscan Model

Since 2009, First Choice Custom Homes, LLC, has been offering Kansas Citians some of the best in custom home designs. However, the man behind the name has had his hands in the construction industry in multiple forms since the mid-1980s. Owner and President John Jamison wouldn’t change a thing about what he does, as he absolutely loves his work, and that passion can be seen in every single detail throughout each of his stunning creations. As one of the metro area’s leading custom home builders in the $350,000-$550,000 price range, First Choice Custom Homes, based in Spring Hill,


John Jamison


Kansas, has put roots down in all parts of the metro, from southern Johnson County to Parkville, Missouri, and from Shawnee to the Northland. Jamison understands that building a home is a highly involved process, and to that end he selects craftsmen and tradesmen based on their reliability and dedication to quality, creating an environment that truly empowers the sub-contractors and employees to do their best at all times. The company even uses its own paint crew to allow for enhanced control of the product. The mission at First Choice Custom Homes is to provide customers with the home they deserve and desire, and the project is not completed until those criteria are fully met.




One of First Choice Custom Homes’ featured designs is the Tuscan. As with every single home crafted by First Choice Custom

bathroom and a tile product in the bathroom that looks like barn wood,” stated Jamison.

Homes, this 3,944 square foot, reverse one and half story home

While this particular home definitely speaks volumes about

with four bedrooms and three full baths has been constructed

Jamison’s skills, talents and devotion to his craft, none of it would

with the finest and most advanced building materials to make

be possible without the dedication he enjoys from his team of

it as energy efficient as possible and to ensure more money

multitalented and equally passionate employees.





“I have the most dedicated

pockets while simultaneously

group,” he smiled. “They are

creating less of an impact on

all wonderful people and the

the planet. This particular model

homeowners with whom we

is $480,000 with a $70,000 lot.

work with love working with my

On the main level are two

team. That means a lot to me,

bedrooms and two bathrooms,

as I see this as a company for

as well as a dedicated sun room

people, not just for me.”

with a recessed ceiling, walnut

Among his stellar group

beams and indirect lighting

include Steve Miller, project

located at the back of the home

manager, who assumes constant



contact with Jamison and the

covered outdoor sitting area.

customers with a very hands-on




The open concept of this home immediately draws you in. The

approach to each and every project. Stephanie Parenza,

vaulted ceilings, arches and various art niches found throughout

operations manager, keeps things moving efficiently as she

the space give it unique charm and style. This level also includes a

seamlessly coordinates matters with the banks, insurance

dining room/library room, which is often used as an office.

companies and homeowners. Jamison is also pleased to have

The expansive and inviting kitchen with its oversized granite-

his 19-year-old grandson, Dennis Miller, on board, who has been

topped island, upgraded appliances, and white oak cabinets

helping out in the business since he was 12. Another extremely

provide the perfect gathering spot for family and friends.

dedicated and talented part of the team is Daniel Enriquez, also

Head down to the expansive lower level that is home to a full

19, who recently joined the company.

bar with tile and two additional bedrooms and one full bathroom.

“I greatly appreciate all that they do for me and feel highly

The beautiful staircase enjoys commercial grade patterned carpet

confident that this business is in great shape to continually move

and decorate wrought iron spindles. What some builders might

forward,” noted Jamison.

refer to as an upgrade, Jamison considers standard. “Our base price is where upgrades are standard,” he emphasized. “We install upgraded carpet, tile and hardwood in each home so the customer does not have to come back and ask for upgrades. I try to build nicer things into each home from the start.” Among those upgrades include 3 1/2” standard casing, back band around the perimeter of door casing and windows and upgraded moldings throughout the home. The Tuscan, a three-car garage home, enjoys a third oversized bay and the back patio is also oversized, stained and stamped. With First Choice, it’s all in the details. A revised model of this home is also in development, blending the Tuscan beauty with a craftsman appeal. “For that particular model, we redesigned the front of the home, which will have a shed roof over the garage and other touches such as sliding barn wood rustic doors leading into the master

For more information on First Choice Custom Homes, visit them online at





















presents The Bailey Model

It’s impossible to walk through any Roeser-built home and not feel like a kid in a candy store. From the moment you pull into the driveway and are greeted by incredible style and charm, you know you are in for a real treat. It’s almost as if living in one of these homes is akin to wearing an impressive outfit, as friends and family will undoubtedly note, “This home is so amazing,” to which you can respond, “Why, thanks. It’s a Roeser.” But before you enter this home in the Canyon Creek subdivision in Lenexa, Kansas, you have to meet the builder. Laid back and easy going, Austin Roeser presents as just a regular guy, the kind you’d like to have as a neighbor and certainly the type who would come over on a warm Saturday evening and help you fire up the backyard grill. Do not confuse his relaxed demeanor, however, with lack of drive and ambition when it comes to designing and building homes. To that end, he is all about quality, integrity, honesty, and, if it’s not obvious yet, some pretty cool designs. His flair for unique style and attention to detail propel him to the top of the class when it comes to top-notch home builders in the metro area, and this particular


Austin Roeser





stunner, known as the Bailey, certainly lives up to the Roeser brand. This original two-story plan has been a part

of Roeser’s portfolio for years and has truly gone the distance with respect to overall appeal.

Progressing down the hallway to the master suite, built-in cabinets provide extra storage for towels and linens. From there, a

“It’s the perfect family home,” noted Roeser referring to this exceptional two-story, three and a half-bath, three-car garage design that dishes up 3,200 square feet of perfect living space for the entire family.

tremendous showcase awaits as you enter the master bedroom through a unique circular rotunda. “This 10-foot atrium-like area with its round ceiling and accent lights hides the master bedroom door and laundry room,

Just moments into the




front door, you are greeted


by an impressive two-story

a retreat-like ambiance,”

entry, an elegant arched

explained Roeser.




dining room with columns

The master suite comes

that tie into the chair rail

fully equipped with a sitting



room, a fireplace, a full

multifunctional home office/




bathroom with a frameless

study with glass French

European walk-in shower

doors and windows all


around the entry frame on

heads and a rain head,

the other side.

and contiguous laundry

One of the primary focal




points of this dream home

“The laundry room is

is the beautiful split center staircase which makes a statement but

accessible from the master bedroom as well as from the hallway,”

does not overwhelm the space. Your attention will also be drawn

said Roeser.

to the two-story hearth room with a wall of glass, corner stone fireplace and decorative niches that add the perfect touch. An adjoining formal living space stands at the ready for hosting parties or just being used as a kids’ play zone while you prepare dinner.

Like the kitchen, all of the cabinetry, shelves and wood features bear the black lacquer style. All rooms upstairs are carpeted while the main level has hardwood floors, including the dining room and the great room,

The kitchen is the perfect gathering spot for those casual get

which are comprised of wide grey-washed eight-inch planks which

togethers where fun and laughter are always on the menu. Among

has been wire-brushed, taking out the soft grain and leaving the

the many features of this highly functional space that is any chef’s

hard grain in, providing a noticeably unique texture.

delight is the oversized island with a thick marble slab, stainless steel appliances, 36” gas cooktop with accented glass mosaic tile,

“This home is all about the details,” emphasized Roeser. “It doesn’t lack many things!”

soft close drawers and a large walk-in pantry. The black lacquer cabinets add a trendy personality to the space. This is not just a kitchen; it is a haven for culinary inspiration. Just off the kitchen and next to the garage entry is a mudroom area complete with built-in cubbies. A half bath is situated at the end of the hall and a butler bar is located on the other side of the mudroom. Outfitted with tile backsplash sporting a stainless steel round patterned design, this cozy bar is the perfect spot to prepare beverages for guests and store your favorite glassware. As you make your way upstairs, prepare to feel as if you have entered a luxurious hotel where four bedrooms eagerly welcome you. Two bedrooms are separated by a full bathroom and a third bedroom enjoys its own full bathroom and can serve as a cozy guest retreat. All of these secondary bedrooms feature vaulted ceilings and walk-in closets.

For more information on this model plan visit online at roeserhomes/





















presents The Bridgeway Model

Daniel Graham of Graham Homes makes transitioning to a new home easy and affordable, and he does this with one amazing floor plan that has appeal written all over it. Offering flexible open floor plans with amazing outdoor views has become a specialty of Graham Homes, and this particular model is no exception. In fact, it rules. Known as The Bridgeway, this stylish home offers a refreshing and welcoming ambiance as soon as you cross the threshold through the front door. Introduced three years ago, this floor plan was originally conceived as a concept for a retirement community, but its overall appeal speaks to buyers of all ages. Boasting four bedrooms and three full bathrooms with a total of 2,800 square feet (1,800 on the main level and 1,000 on the lower level),





three-car garage, this home offers so much to the discerning buyer. Its open kitchen and living room concept is perfect for entertaining, and the stone fireplace adds a


decided layer of warmth to the area.


gas or wood burning fire place,�

Daniel Graham 18



“We can incorporate either a noted Graham.

The open floor plan was strategically designed for ease of flow

gas or electric, depending upon the regulations of the subdivision)

and certainly speaks to its livable appeal. In fact, one could easily

stand at the ready to create that perfect meal. Additionally, the large

just reside on the main level and have everything within arm’s reach

walk-in pantry has ample storage for staples and groceries.

and comfortable walking distance.

“We created this kitchen to

“The mud room is just off of

offer a ton of space,” said

the garage and the laundry room

Graham, also referencing a

is off the master closet,” noted

significant storage area on the

Graham. “From the garage you

lower level.

can enter into the living room or

Not to be missed is the exciting

go directly to the laundry room,

covered deck out back. Just off

which leads to the master closet

the spacious great room, this

and ultimately to the master

comfortable retreat is made of

bedroom. It is a great layout.”

cedar with stucco posts, iron

From any vantage point on the

spindles on the railing, and

main level, the area appears

recessed cans for lighting. It’s

quite spacious without feeling

easy to see how this charming

overwhelming. The footprint was

and relaxing spot invites a

deliberately constructed and was

“staycation” kind of appeal.

designed with convenience in

Walking around towards the front

mind. The main level enjoys 11

of the home, the stone and

foot ceilings with nine foot

stucco façade, quaint porch and

ceilings in the kitchen and

arched entryway give a whole

bedrooms as well as on the

new meaning to curb appeal.

lower level. A coffered vault

When it comes to building

ceiling with tray lighting in the

homes for his clients, Graham

master bedroom makes for an award-winning look. “It’s very manageable in terms of maintenance, and we designed this home to have everything one would need on the main floor,” explained Graham. Among the outstanding features in this home include hardwood

listens first to understand and then to reply, and he leaves no stone unturned when it comes to creating the perfect residence that makes a dream home a reality. “I speak the language of my clients and make sure I fully understand what they desire in terms of the home they desire,” he noted.

flooring throughout the main level, including the master bedroom and tile in the master bathroom and all other wet areas. The master bathroom offers split vanities sitting opposite one another with birch stained cabinets that provide a comfortable appeal. Creating a spa-like atmosphere in the master bathroom are the 2’ x 2’ obscured glass windows set up high for natural light. A second bedroom/guest room is also on the main level which could easily transition into a home office or den. All of the bedrooms in the homes feature full walk-in closets. Eleven foot ceilings are standard in the master bath and closet and the walk-in shower features dual shower heads. All other bathrooms in the home have tubs with accompanying shower heads. The open kitchen invites friends and family to gather. Granite countertops and soft lighting under the birch-stained cabinets take center stage while state-of-the art appliances (which can be either

For more information on Graham Homes, visit them online at




















Z VACEK C ONSTRUCTION , LLC presents The Madeline Model

Nick Zvacek, owner of Zvacek Construction, LLC, based in Pleasant Hill, Missouri, practically cut his teeth in the home building industry. A third generation builder, he began working on his framing skills at just 14 years of age, working alongside his father and grandfather. Today, Zvacek has proven that honing a specific set of skills over a


Nick Zvacek


long period of time results in remarkable talent, and his top selling designs evidence those strengths. Among his best sellers is the Madeline, a reverse one and a half floor plan. This particular model is located in the Chapel Hill subdivision at 179th and Pflumm in southern Overland Park. Although constructed from an original blueprint, Zvacek is more than happy to modify the plan to meet the customer’s needs. “Many of our plans evolve from certain requests of the customer,” emphasized Zvacek. “And I am flexible when it comes to modifying the original blueprints. Alternatively, we can completely design a new home from the ground up.” With so much to offer, it’s a challenge to know where to begin when highlighting all of the extraordinary features in this 3,059 square foot dream home. Most notable are the two spacious bedrooms on the main level, one being the master suite and the other




offering a great guest bedroom retreat. Two additional bedrooms

want to keep the area neat and clean, there is ample storage space

are located on the lower level.

contiguous to the wet area.

Hardwood floors – or tile, depending on the customer’s wants ––

“There is a storm shelter directly under the front porch for additional

are present throughout the home with carpeting found in all of

storage,” noted Zvacek. “We stack a lot of extra features in our floor

the bedrooms.

plans that really appeal to the buyer.”

The master bathroom boasts a

Not to be missed is the expansive

fully-tiled and ample shower with two

14’ x 22’ covered deck that is accessible

shower heads. His and her vanities

from the kitchen area, offering more

with granite countertops make getting

space to entertain or just relax and

ready for work in the morning an

unwind during the warmer months

efficient process. Additionally, the

of the year. A stone and stucco

laundry room just off the master closet

presentation on the front of the home

adds a layer of convenience. Ceiling

is partnered with smart panel sides on

fans are located in all four bedrooms

the exterior and a 30-year timberline

as well as in the downstairs and

roof, all of which help to round out this

upstairs living areas.

phenomenal package.

In the great room, a floor to ceiling

Completely hands-on with each

stone fireplace is accented by a rustic

project, Zvacek is a Certified Master

mantle and beams on the ceiling, in

Builder with an “all hands on deck”

response to an increased demand for

philosophy. He credits his exceptional

the box beam look. The kitchen is an

team with making each and every

entertainer’s dream with ample cabinet

home a dream come true for his

space, a large center island, stainless steel appliances, decorative pendant lighting, and an eye-catching tile backsplash. The rustic Knotty Alder cabinetry throughout the home adds a feeling of warmth and pairs harmoniously with the hickory floors.

clients. Construction Manager Jake Emry, office manager Lynne Mitchell and their architect are dedicated to ensuring that each home’s building process is as easy and fun as possible for the homeowner.

A built-in pocket office just off the kitchen keeps the family

“I truly enjoy what I do,” smiled Zvacek. “It’s such a rewarding

organized, as does the mudroom, complete with a bench and

feeling when we finish a property and realize that the family will

cubbies for storage.

enjoy it and raise their kids there.”

Unique to this home are the hidden gems that make it attractive.

A Nick Zvacek Home will help to keep those memories alive.

What might be an expensive option on some homes is completely standard with Zvacek’s designs. “I provide something at this price point that few builders do,” explained Zvacek, referring to the complete home theater with surround sound, TV and related equipment by Keith Stewart, owner of Custom Connections, which are all part of the standard package for this home. Another hidden gem is the 2’ x 2’ loading door access into the pantry from the garage, which has been a popular request from customers in recent years. “You can just unload your groceries from the car directly into your pantry before you even walk into the house,” noted Zvacek. On the lower level, a second fireplace provides a relaxing element and a kitchenette complete with a mini refrigerator, sink and dishwasher make casual entertaining a breeze. The tile backsplash adds a pop of personality to the space and when you

For more information on Zvacek Construction, call them at 816.213.7204























presents The Rock Creek~ Smithville

If you live anywhere in or around the Platte City or Smithville areas, you have most likely heard of Patty Farr, a name synonymous with one of the best in real estate. An independent RE/MAX Broker/Owner with House of Dreams in Smithville, Missouri and her newest location in Platte City, Missouri, her bottom line is not measured in dollars and cents, but in acts of service rendered selflessly from the heart. Being a real estate agent is simply a side benefit of who she truly is. Farr grew up in the Platte County area so she knows this land like the back of her hand. Born of homegrown sensibilities and a natural desire to be of service to others, her undeniable heart of compassion can be seen in all she does. She loves this area. It’s


Patty Farr and Larry Ryan





where she raised her two sons and it’s where she leaves footprints of service all over the land. She eagerly maintains a steady finger on the pulse of all the activity that makes her hometown exciting. An ambitious entrepreneur and real estate professional, Farr’s business wheels are always turning, and to that end she has established a new arm of her business with Homes by Patty Farr. Not only can Farr help clients buy and sell homes, she can also help them build them! Working alongside her husband and business partner, Larry Ryan,

Farr has developed a successful home construction company with

metal spindles, granite countertops; oil-rubbed bronze finishes,

the same tools by which she created her real estate business:

covered decks with ceiling fans and lighting, designer heavy net

honesty, quality, value and heart. Farr does not understand what

carpeting on the steps, tray ceilings with rope lighting, hardwood

it means to cut corners and only produces results to the highest

flooring in the main living areas, tile in the wet areas and so

standard. Homes by Patty Farr is no exception to that rule

much more.

and it’s easy to see why this dynamic construction company is


“We cater to the master bedroom and bathroom area, making






traction in the Platte City

possible,” emphasized Ryan.

and surrounding areas.

“We also design the kitchen

Currently overseeing the

and main living areas to

construction of eight new

be as open as possible

homes, Homes by Patty

so the family can remain

Farr is excited to bring

connected. In some of our

exciting new floor plans

homes, we incorporate a

and designs to the market.




Three homes are currently


in the framing stage in the

room in and of itself.”




Rock Creek subdivision in

Ryan also noted that in

Smithville and five are being

most of the designs, the

prepared in Riverview in

formal dining room has

Platte City. When Homes

been eliminated to allow for

by Patty Farr has an idea,

further expansion of the

this company goes full throttle, consistently delivering the best

kitchen and casual dining area.

products at the best prices. There is no ego in these designs;

Although Homes by Patty Farr offers a variety of floor plans from

only straight-forward talk with the clients’ best interests always top

which to choose, they will also happily work with clients to tailor and

of mind.

customize any design to meet their individual needs and lifestyles.

Although relatively new to the construction side of the industry, Farr is well-versed in all-things real estate and is quickly proving her home building prowess with the same finesse, enthusiasm, character and style she brings to every endeavor. “We do everything just as well as any other builder and are

Both Ryan and Farr enjoy the construction aspects of the business, particularly when the final touches are added. “It’s fun to see the finished product after taking it from initial plans with the architect, figuring it all out, and seeing it all come together,” said Ryan.

excited to see this business grow and succeed,” smiled Farr. With a variety of floor plans from which to choose, including walk-out ranches, reverse and split-level styles, from 1,500 square feet to just under 2,000 square feet and with a price point of the lower $200,000s to the upper $200,000s, each home is given the same attention to detail, quality and style. Whether starting out in your first home or down-sizing after the kids are gone, Homes by Patty Farr has the footprint you want at the price you can afford. “These homes enjoy solid craftsmanship,” noted Ryan, who has a strong engineering background and is also experienced in home inspection matters. “We make sure to incorporate all the bells and whistles we can to make the homes as plush as possible but still making them as economical as possible.” Among the many celebrated features of these homes include stone facades, two and three car garages, stainless steel appliances,

For more information on Homes by Patty Farr, LLC, visit them online at





















presents The Gracia Model Adam McGovern and his brother, John, have had their hands in the building trade before they could even drive a car. One of their first creations as young boys was a unique and daring version of a treehouse, using wood scraps from their father’s construction business. While it never fulfilled all of the requisite city code requirements, it proudly stood as a testament to their passion for creating homes that inspire tradition and a sense of family. That treehouse –– and a few others just like it –– are no longer around, but Adam and John continued to branch out in other areas over the ensuing years, taking their combined building, engineering and architectural skills to a whole new level with their


Adam & John McGovern


company, ACM Homes, LLC. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, ACM Homes is currently building in Johnson Ridge in Smithville and in Presidential Park in North Kansas City, with eventual plans to build in the four corners of Kansas City. As third generation builders, Adam and John know what it means to develop a business based upon quality, integrity and honesty. Their grandfather built multi-family and single family homes and their father started building single family homes in the 1980s. An appreciable amount of the brothers’ education in the home building arena was




fashioned in their early years as they worked alongside their father’s crews, learning and observing from every angle possible.

“We use 95½ percent efficient heating units and 14 SEER air conditioning units,” said John.

Today, Adam and John are continuing the family tradition and

This dedication to energy efficient measures can save an

constructing homes that are not only visually and architecturally

estimated 25% a year on energy costs, and the owners of ACM

appealing, but are highly energy efficient as well, catering to the

Homes are living proof to that end.

$275,000 - $500,00 price point. One of their popular models is the

“We lived in one of these homes ourselves and can verify that

Gracia, a stunning reverse one-

projection by virtue of our own

and-a-half story home that is just

utility bills,” emphasized Adam.

as appealing to the eyes as it is

Setting a new standard for

to the budget. Originally designed

affordable energy efficiency in home

by the McGovern’s father as a

construction, ACM Homes hopes

Mediterranean style villa, ACM

to continue to set the foundation

Homes has maintained its overall

and push the standards in home

ambiance but have taken it up

building for years to come.

a notch, not only in terms of






aesthetic appeal, but also in terms

move the building industry along,

of energy efficiency.

changing the perspective on

This current plan offers 1,752

our current building practices,”

square feet of living space on the

stated John.

main floor, accompanied by 1,364

And if it might seem that

square feet in the finished basement, which is optional. The home

purchasing an energy efficient home like this might put a strain on

enjoys four bedrooms and three full bathrooms and boasts a wide

the budget, the bottom line is quite surprising.

range of upgraded amenities, including premium stain resistant carpet that can hold its color even under bleach spills. While the home’s physical beauty speaks for itself, it is the

“Our price per square foot is competitive with other homes without these same features,” noted Adam, referring to homes of similar size without the added energy measures incorporated.

attention to detail within its very framework that truly sets it apart

After watching their father oversee a successful construction

from the pack. With a keen focus on building technologies that

company and building more than 1,000 homes in his career, Adam

allow for increased energy efficiency, ACM Homes has elevated its

and John hope to achieve a similar level of success, but with a

construction standards to a whole new level.

decided twist.

“The traditional style of construction involves a 2x4 stud

“We want to do more than just build homes,” stated Adam. “We

width with a 3 ½” wall width,” explained Adam. “We use a 2x6

want to build energy efficient homes at an economical price, setting

construction wall that is 5 ½” wide, which ultimately saves the

a new standard for others to follow.”

homeowner more money.” One of the main components in upgrading to greater energy efficiency is the choice ACM Homes has made with respect to insulation. Typical to the industry is R13 insulation, which is now the required minimum, but ACM Homes considers R23 insulation the standard for their homes. “When exterior walls are insulated, the cavity between the studs is filled and the thickness of that insulation is limited by the width of the stud,” noted John. “We have an extra two inches in all exterior walls just as a starting point, and on top of that we incorporate blownin cellulose insulation. This type of insulation method helps to seal all of the small cracks that can exist in the envelope of the house, including the areas where corners meet and air can get in and out.” A strong focus is also placed upon the heating and cooling units in the homes.

For more information on ACM Homes, visit them online at




DESIGN . INSTALL . CONSULT Create a space to bring family and friends together

Offering The Finest For Over 30 Years


LOCKS & PULLS 913.235.5918

10333 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park, KS

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Kansas City’s Premier Designer’s Resource Since 1956

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Please contact your designer with your specific design needs.


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Harlan C. Parker Ins Agcy Inc Harlan Parker, Agent 13095 South Mur-Len Road Olathe, KS 66062 Bus: 913-782-3310

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Choose from hundreds of carriage house, traditional and custom designed garage doors in steel and wood materials. 


60 years of serving Kansas City and surrounding areas.


Improving your home’s curb appeal can be simple, easy, and fun!

Renner Supply Company 3530 N. Kimball Dr. | Kansas City, MO 64161 816-413-1650 | KCH&S TOP HOMES 2016






elcome to Tile and Stone Warehouse, Kansas City’s #1 source

for ceramic, porcelain and stone tile. As the mecca of tile in the


stone products are far more long lasting and cost effective than their wood and carpet counterparts.

metro area, if you can’t find what you are looking for here (or if the staff can’t source it for you), then it probably doesn’t exist!

“We have our own exclusive line of marble not carried by any other local stores,” emphasized Perdieu. “We also carry several different

Located in Merriam, Kansas just off I-35 and Antioch Road, this super warehouse offers a wide selection of tile and stone for all

mosaics and field tile to match. We have the largest facility and selections possible. Additionally, we also fill special orders.”

budgets and styles. Open seven days a week, Tile and Stone

With Tile and Stone Warehouse’s highly accommodating hours of

Warehouse offers a vast selection of in-stock products, catering

operation, customers can walk in on Friday eager to complete a

predominately to the general public but also welcoming builders,

bathroom project on Saturday and can typically walk out that visit with

designers and contractors.

the products they want and the materials they need to get the job

With a 35,000 square foot sales floor, no stone (pun intended)

done, thanks to their large in-stock selection of products.

remains unturned when it comes to offering everything one wants

While some customers may come in with an idea of what they

and practically everything of which one dreams when it comes to

want, they may not necessarily know what parts, pieces and tools

purchasing tile and stone products.

they need or how it needs to be installed in order to complete their

Owner Tim Perdieu is proud to call this not only a locally-owned

project. Many may still find themselves on a learning curve, and that is

but family-owned business as well. With a staff of 10 dedicated and

fine with Perdieu, as educating customers is part of the company’s

knowledgeable experts, Perdieu has successfully led this company to

overall mission.

become the go-to destination for all your tile needs. Whether you are looking for a new backsplash, doing a bathroom makeover or finishing

“We can walk you through a whole job and have all of the materials you need to get that project done from start to finish,” said Perdieu.

a basement remodel, Tile and Stone Warehouse has a wide variety to

And the best part? The low prices ensure that more money stays in

choose from, some of which you won’t find anywhere else in town.

your pockets, while the money you do spend helps support a locally

Because of their high durability and low maintenance appeal, tile and

owned independent business in your community.


5400 Antioch Drive, Mission, KS 913.432.7900 G Hours: M-F: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Sat.: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Sun.: Noon – 5 p.m.

Refreshing landscape ideas to calm, cool and inspire you.




KCH&S April/May 2016



KCH&S April/May 2016



Wanting to emulate the soothing sounds of a waterfall without

But the main attraction is a mossy character boulder that’s

actually using a waterfall, these Overland Park, Kan., homeowners

roughly 2 feet tall and 2-and-a-half feet wide that is situated over

enlisted the talents of Olathe, Kan.,-based MW Lawn & Landscape,

a concealed basin and pump system.

Inc., to design the perfect solution. With young children at home, a maintenance-free, pondless feature was ideal, translating into a safe and stylish element.

The homeowners selected the boulder from a local rock supply company and MW Lawn drilled through the center to transform it into a bubbling focal point.

MW Lawn’s Matt Winter overhauled the backyard, building a

A rush of currents cascade over the boulder onto rainbow river rock

spacious Belgard paver patio and fire pit that borders landscaping

and larger Colorado cobbles, creating a truly sensory experience

dressed in blue Atlas cedars and various perennials.

that can be enjoyed from the home’s lower patio or upper deck.



KCH&S April/May 2016

After taking a few area water garden tours, these homeowners opted to add a water feature to their backyard. Created in just under three days by Dan Stanza of Kansas City’s Good Earth Outdoor, this Kansas City, Mo., pond is as picturesque as it is functional. With proper filtration, a mechanical skimmer and the appropriate fish, backyard ponds should ideally evolve into a balanced ecosystem, making natural ponds a relatively low-maintenance landscaping option.

With a 15-foot stream that trickles into an expansive 18-by-22foot pond, this waterscape features an upper waterfall which cascades three feet down a hill and a lower waterfall that spills over a flagstone slab. Lily pads, ornamental maiden grasses, water hyacinth and irises grant seasonal fragrance and color while also attracting small frogs and other wildlife. In-pond lighting adds dramatic effects at night to this inviting backyard escape.


KCH&S April/May 2016






KCH&S April/May 2016

KCH&S April/May 2016



This Lawrence, Kan., homeowner had seasonal flexibility in mind

but creates minimal water disturbance for the pond’s koi population.

when she recruited Strahm Lawns to create a two-tiered water

The water is filled with tropical annuals rather than perennial

feature behind her home. Over a couple of weeks, Lawrence, Kan.,-based Strahm Lawns, a full service landscape company, transformed the yard’s natural turf area and raised berm into a tropical oasis. A smaller upper pond acts as a natural bog filter for the lower pond which is 5-and-half-feet deep and nearly 15 feet wide. A 36-inch waterfall rushes down over large character boulders 82


KCH&S April/May 2016

plants, giving the homeowner flexibility for seasonal changes based on tropical plant availability. Submersible heating elements allow this waterscape to thrive throughout every season, giving the feature year-round appeal. Illuminated with Kichler lighting and set among Aspen cobblestones, a mix of weeping spruce, wintergreen boxwood, lilies and lotus flowers ensure evergreen versatility.

Wanting to trade busy street noise for a more peaceful soundtrack,

boxwoods, spruce trees, daylilies and magnolia bushes.

these Olathe, Kan., homeowners opted for an eye-catching

The current tumbles down multiple layers of stone in various

project that would serve as a sound barrier as well as an element

slopes and locations resulting in a tranquil blend of measured

of luxury.

rushes and splashes.

Giving fresh life to the flat, sodded backyard, Matt Winter of Olathe, Kan.,-based MW Lawn & Landscape, Inc., created a 6-foot-tall waterfall brimming with multiple falls. Situated in the corner of the backyard, the waterscape spans roughly 15 feet by 15 feet and is tucked among rose bushes,

Strategically placed mossy boulders and flagstone slabs feed the water into a 2-foot-deep pond. When the sun sets, blue in-water lighting and clear lighting on land add a mysterious, shadowed dimension to the graceful aquascape. KCH&S April/May 2016



SPECIALIZING IN Corporate Accounts | Contemporary and Traditional Arrangements Funeral Design | Weddings | Anniversary | Prom | Homecoming

2010 East 19th Street, Kansas City, MO 64127

816.241.6150 84


KCH&S April/May 2016




Cast stone:



Cast metal:


KCH&S April/May 2016









11 86


KCH&S April/May 2016

3 4




1. Bowl Resin and Fiberglass Zen Drop Fountain by Harmony Fountains,

$359.99. | 2. Pedestal Bird Bath by Gardman, $47.99. | 3. Blue Talavera Bird Bath, $59.99. | 4. Henri Studio Relic

Nebbia Low Equinox Fountain, $579.99. | 5. Infinity Fusion Glass Bird Bath, $49.99. | 6. Ravena Outdoor Fountain, $235.99. | 7. Portofino Fountain, $254.95. | 8. Asian Garden Tiered Fountain with LED Light, $279.99. | 9. Dark Sphere Pillar Floor Fountain, $169.95. | 10. Arcade Outdoor Floor Fountain in Sandstone Finish, $399.60. | 11. 3-Tier Water Fountain with Planter, $229.99. | 12. Kenroy Home Costa Brava Lighted Outdoor Fountain, $477. *PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE

KCH&S April/May 2016










3423 W 138th St. | Leawood



1553 Brompton Ln. | Raymore

22518 W. 56th St. | Shawnee






11211 M 150 Hwy. | Kansas City



10659 W. 176th Terr. | Overland Park

14610 S. Brougham | Olathe

3500 W. 73rd St. | Prairie Village

14909 W 123rd Terr. | Olathe

“My top priority is to provide outstanding customer service that will surpass my clients expectations! I’d love to help you sell your home!”






KCH&S April/May 2016

Top producer for The #1 Koehler Bortnick Team Top 1% of Realtors! 2015 selected as featured cover agent for Top Agent National Magazine Kansas City Homes & Style Top Real Estate Agent for 2015 Recognized as KC Magazine “Best in Client Satisfaction” for 2007-2016 Ingram’s Business Magazine featured “20 In Their Twenties” for 2010 Senior Sales Associate on the #1 Koehler Bortnick Team 95% Referral Based Business



s p e c i a l

a d v e r t i s i n g

s e c t i o n

Discover the place that’s right for you!

Finding that place you call home entails more than just your house, it’s a reflection of your lifestyle. Amenity filled communities are the norm in Kansas City –– pools, parks, walking trails, golf courses all in your backyard. HBA’s Spring Parade of Homes, April 23-May 8, offers the opportunity to visit these neighborhoods and decide if one will become your new nesting place. Three especially not to miss can be found on the following pages –– Winterset Valley, Cottonwood Canyon and Legacy Wood. PLEASE TURN THE PAGE C ISTOCKPHOTO/GEORGE PETERS

KCH&S April/May 2016




Winterset Valley

D E S I G N E D T O M A K E T H E E V E RY DAY E X T R AO R D I N A RY Over 1,000 executive families have chosen homes in the five distinct neighborhoods of Winterset in the last 20+ years. Two weeks ago, Phase 29 sold out! Immersing these new homes within the surrounding nature is important to the Gale Communities development team. Individual neighborhoods “the Valley, Summit, Park, Woods and Garden” were oriented to preserve the native forests, natural creeks and streams with parks, trails, three distinct swimming complexes, club house, lighted tennis courts, and two lakes spread throughout the 1,200 acres, creating an aesthetically pleasing community and a place that residents are proud to call home. Phase 30 in Winterset Valley features 53 executive home sites with homes starting at $400,000-plus. “It opened last fall and is expected to be completed by next spring,”

2713 NW Thoreau Drive Lee s Summit, Missouri

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reports Kurt Lutz, onsite agent with Better Homes and Gardens along with Leslie Marshall and Susie Zammar-Gale. The environmental design, “Planning with Trees” resulted in Winterset being the only Planned Community in the four-state region to be awarded the prestigious Global ReLeaf designation by the NAHB and American Forests. With thousands of tree plantings and hundreds of acres of preserved parkland, two fishing lakes, butterfly gardens and pocket parks galore, Winterset homeowners are never far from nature. Winterset’s close-in location just 20 minutes from the County Club Plaza, excellent Lees Summit “Blue Ribbon” schools, and the environmental sensitivity and leadership of the Gale Communities design team have contributed to the high demand for this unique residential community.



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Cottonwood Canyon

A number of homeowners have found their dream homes in Cottonwood Canyon, drawn by not only the topography and the surroundings but also the appealing residential architecture that features timeless floor plans from some of Kansas City’s best builders, including Starr Homes, Don Julian Builders, B.L. Rieke Custom Homes, J.S. Robinson, and Befort Custom Homes. The beauty and variety of the area for walking are unsurpassed. Within 5 minutes, one finds urban retail and entertainment, lakes & streams, golf, permanent wooded open space, the Mill Creek Streamway Park and Shawnee Mission Park. The homeowners association provides lawn service for the entire community. This will ensure the highest level of appearance and uniformity within the community throughout the seasons. Covenants are in place to ensure that all homes in Cottonwood Canyon will be built with quality materials with low maintenance features in mind, including stucco exteriors, high quality roofing and Smart Board masonry trim. The Village neighborhood’s homesites offer dramatic walkouts overlooking Hole 15, our signature 100 foot Cottonwood trees, and views of the rock face along Hole 14. Home prices in The Village range from $450,000 to $700,000. The Lake neighborhood consists of larger homesites with panoramic views of the course and/or the lake. Home prices range from $500,000 to $1 million+. CALL VISIT











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Legacy Wood

Located in eastern Lee’s Summit on Langsford Road, the community of Legacy Wood is far more than just a new subdivision. It is actually a dream over a half century old that has finally come to fruition. The original property was purchased by Clarence and Thelma Wood more than 50 years ago and became a homestead for raising cattle and farming. Just a gravel road at the time, Langsford had future potential written all over it and the vision once held by the Woods that this area would one day become a thriving family-oriented community for the people of Lee’s Summit has come to life. The Woods’ son Paul began developing that vision in the 1990s, taking the land upon which he was raised and creating a place that takes his family’s legacy and extends a warm invitation to others to create their own. The park-like ambiance that embraces this area offers a peaceful and secluded feeling, yet remains within arm’s reach of all major conveniences. Located within minutes of Highways 291 and 50 and nestled just off Blackwell Parkway, with access from Colbern Road and Langsford Road and adjacent to the 700-acre Legacy Park, this subdivision has grown exponentially since its inception in 2005 and is now in its sixth phase, with a seventh phase planned. Its tranquil setting coupled with a strong

Langsford Road by Legacy Park Lee s Summit, Missouri

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feeling of community appeals to buyers of all ages, with home prices ranging from $325,000 up to the half-million-dollar price point. This 133-acre community has a wide variety of homes from which to choose, from two-story to reverse one and half layouts with some lot sizes up to one half acre. A variety of walkout and secluded treed lots are currently available. The expansive zero-entry community pool with mushroom waterfalls along and a multitude of year-round community activities make this place truly feel like home. CALL TODAY TO RESERVE YOUR LOT OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION.



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blue hometown made


“The Year a Royal Dream Came True” Book Kindle: $9.99, Paperback: $11.69 Hardback: $19.99


ith Spring Training and

opening day in the rearview

mirror, Kansas City Royals fans are eager to back their boys in blue! With an unforgettable season topped off by a 2015 World Series title win forever on

mental replay, the Kansas City Royals are poised to unleash their pitching, batting and stealing talents on the 2016 MLB season. As Kansas City fans prepare to cheer on the

Champ Raglan Shirt $40.00

home team, there is no shortage of ways to show support for Hosmer, Perez, Gordan, Cain and the rest of the championship gang! To feed your love of all things royal blue, check out our line-up of Royals style must-haves. From sportswear to houseware, showing your Royals love was never easier…or more fun! Take your spirit to a winning level with these one-ofa-kind gems made right here in Kansas City.

can’t wait to see you at the K!

Royals Crowned Stocking Cap Adult: $45, Child: $40, Infant: $35


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“Be Royal” Baseball Necklace $38

“For The Love of the Game” Window $60

Custom Game Day Dress $45

Royals Decorative Throw Pillows $14 - $18

Kansas City Royals Cookies $30 for a 15 cookie assortment

Custom Royals Hats and Shirts Hats: $34, Shirt: $25.00 94


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The Crowned Socks $12

“Crown Town” and “Heart of KC” Wooden Signs $15 - $25

KC Style Wine Caddy $19

Royals Dog Bandanas $3.50 - $7.50 depending on sizes

KC Royals Ornaments $8.99

Royals Flour Sack Towels $16.99 “Kansas City Royals” Bracelets $9.99 - $17.99 KCH&S April/May 2016






Here’s our picks for showing off your Sporting KC-Style –– be sure to grab your scarf and wave it high for our other set of boys in blue!







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9 7


1. Men’s adidas Navy Anthem Full Zip Jacket. $99.99.

| 2. “We

are Sporting” Wall Blue Clock. $24.99.


Plastic License Plate Frame. $8.99. Indoor Outdoor Mat. $25.99.


| 5. High Crown Flannel Fitted | 6. Men’s adidas Navy 2016

Cap by Mitchell and Ness. $32. Authentic Secondary Custom Jersey. $149.99. WinCraft Charm Bracelet. $9.99. Logo Sign. $16.99. Secondary Jersey. $74.99.

3. Wincraft

4. WinCraft Navy

| 7. Women’s | 8. WinCraft Wood Club

| 9. Women’s adidas Navy 2016 Replica


| 10. “All For The City” Scarf. $25.

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Consignment Furniture Store

Your One Stop Shop for Home Decor, Framed Art and Lamps

High Style without High Prices” 9012 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, KS 66212


97% of Consumers Search for Local Services Online ARE THEY FINDING YOUR WEBSITE? Partner with Kansas City’s Internet Marketing Leader We are KC Metro’s premier web development & search engine optimization agency.



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ASID trends

Alternative Wall Art

When it comes to wall art, think outside of the typical framed pictures that might come to mind. On a recent trip to High Point Market, nearly every showroom featured many fabulous alternatives. Not looking to add color but want drama? Try sculptural art. Twigs and discs in

Susan Matheis

silver and gold topped the list. These are great for a dining room or that alcove that you are not quite sure what to do! If it is a small piece, use multiple pieces together; or vary the size... use large, medium and small to create the most interesting design. There are pieces out there



that work with every style...transitional, modern, traditional and rustic. Here is just a sampling of what is available.


4 3 7 6 5 1. Galvanized Circle Wall Tiles –– from Phillips Collection | 2. Slice Wall Tile & Chamcha Slice

Mirror –– from Phillips Collection | 3. Vine Wall Tile –– from Phillips Collection | 4. Apollo Plaques in 3 Sizes –– from Arteriors | 5. Spheres Wall Tile in Bronze –– from Phillips Collection | 6. Bicycle Wheel Panel –– from Phillips Collection | 7. Hammered Discs –– from Paragon Wall Decor


ASID advances the profession and communicates the impact of interior design to enhance the Human Experience

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Light a grill or preheat the broiler. Transfer the ribs to a cutting

Fish Tacos En Papillotte with Lemon Butter and Sarachi Salsa™

board; reserve the cooking liquid. Cut the racks into individual ribs. Grill the ribs over moderately high heat or broil them, turning, until lightly charred on all sides, about 3 minutes. Dip the ribs in the

Create your papillotte by first lightly drizzling olive oil on squares

reserved cooking liquid, transfer to a platter and serve.

of aluminum foil or parchment paper. Arrange a bed of chopped vegetables (onion, zucchini, leek, carrot) in the center of each square.

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Fruit

Next place tilapia (or any other fresh fish) filets over the vegetables and cover with fresh lemon slices and a tablespoon of butter.

Chop bite size chunks of fresh pineapple and wrap each with

Lightly season each with salt and pepper and then fold each side

1/2 slice of bacon. Roll in brown sugar and assemble onto

of the papillotte into the middle and seal completely, leaving some

skewers with sweet cherry tomatoes. Grill each skewer over

space in the top for hot air to circulate while grilling.

medium flame, turning often until bacon is crispy.

Place each papillotte on the grill at medium heat and cook until fish is cooked through (15–20 minutes). Serve with flour tortillas, fresh


lettuce and cabbage and top with a healthy dose of Sarachi Salsa™.

“CurRoyal” the Boozy Botanicals™ take on aKir Royale Cocktail

Dark & Stormy Ribs In a small bowl, mix salt with black pepper, crushed red pepper

Mix ½ oz. Blue Curacao & ¼ oz.

and granulated sugar. On a large rimmed baking sheet, rub the

Boozy Botanicals-Peppers of the Plains

seasoned salt all over the ribs and let stand for 2 hours.

Simple Syrup into a fluted glass. Top with favorite champagne, Cheers!

Preheat the oven to 300°. In a large roasting pan, mix ginger beer with rum, brown sugar and soy sauce. Add the ribs and cover

So mix it up and have some fun this

the pan tightly with foil. Braise the ribs in the oven for 1 1/2 hours, or until tender; turn the ribs halfway through cooking.


season! And of course, GO ROYALS!

Special one night show for local artist, Nate Trotter. Friday, May 20th, 6pm-9pm

Leawood FINE ART


11709A Roe Avenue, Leawood, KS (Camelot Court Shopping Ctr at 119th & Roe)

913.338.4999 | GALLERY HOURS: Tues-Fri – 10:00~6:00


Sat – 10:00~5:00




Mon by appointment

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insects and mosquitos is standing water. Also, be mindful of your gutters and check them often for blockages. Gutters are often overlooked in the spring and summer, but it is important to make sure they aren’t plugged with dead leaves and brush from the cold season. Insects thrive in this environment.” Along with keeping things clean, be proactive as well. “There are

Don’t Let Mosquitoes BUG You This Season! Let United Mosquito & Fly control design a custom solution for your yard. Instead of swatting mosquitoes, you’ll be enjoying your yard and grounds all summer long.

hundreds of options on the market now for pest control, from your basic DIY spray to the much more high-tech, low-maintenance option that we offer,” explains Paul. “We provide homeowners with an automated misting system that is very popular right now. Homeowners love the fact that they don’t have to do a thing and have a completely bug free season allowing them to spend time enjoying their families and keeping them safe.”

Keeping You Safe Along with just being annoying, insects can also pose significant health risks to you and your family. Ants can contaminate food and

Take Back Your Yard!

house flies have been known to carry more than 100 different kinds of disease-carrying germs. Mosquitoes can leave behind much more than just an itchy red bite, and are known to carry diseases like West Nile virus, malaria and dengue fever. Dr. Carissa Stanton, pediatrician at KU Medical Center tells us, “Stinging insects send more than a half million people to the emergency room each year, and are especially active during the




Ask about our fly control systems for horse stables.

second half of summer when the colonies forage for food that will sustain their queens during winter. Yellow jackets, in particular, pose a significant health threat as they may sting repeatedly and can cause allergic reactions.”


Cover skin with clothing, hats, closed toed shoes. Avoid scented

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Hummingbird Feeders

products on your body that may attract insects. G

Insect bites bug you, but from the medical standpoint mosquitoes

(because of viruses like West Nile) and ticks (because of illnesses like Lyme disease) are most important to repel. G

Most chemical repellents repel mosquitoes well. Some repel

ticks better than others, so if ticks are a concern then make the choice based on risk of disease. It is important to check skin for ticks because it may prevent infection if removed early. G

It’s important to wash children and their clothes when they come

indoors, and check their skin for bites and ticks. G

Do not use chemical repellent before age 2 months, for some

of Leawood

repellents it’s best to avoid before age 6 months G

Repellents placed on skin and clothing are best. Bracelets and

devices are less effective. G

You have to make best choice based on the risk of

mosquito and tick disease with the situation and area and the benefits of the different chemical repellents. Keep your family safe this spring and summer season by following this great advice. Good luck and enjoy the season!

11711 Roe Avenue (Under the Blue Awning)

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Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 9am-5pm; Sun noon-4pm

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Kansas City Homes & Style April/May 2016  

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