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HSBC completes the rollout of talking ATMs As part of its commitment to make it easier for all customers to bank with them, particularly through the use of technology, HSBC have equipped all of their ATMs in Malta and Gozo with voice-enabled technology, making it easier for people with visual impairment to use these machines. A visually-impaired customer transacting using the newly-installed facility

All ATMs have audio jacks that customers can plug their standard headsets into to hear spoken instructions in both Maltese and English. For further security, the ATM screen is blanked out during the transaction, ensuring privacy. This functionality makes it easier for visually-impaired customers to access services such as withdrawing and depositing cash. In addition to Talking ATMs, all HSBC ATMS offer the choice of viewing the screens in larger fonts, a service which is very useful for elderly people or people with low vision. The roll out of this technology to the whole HSBC network makes good on a commitment made in 2016 when the bank organised a

“Express Logigroup emerges as the solution driver for any freight requirement” Jonathan Vella, CEO Express Logigroup Express Logigroup offers a diverse portfolio of services which converge into a freight and logistics powerhouse. Our experience is coupled by our flexibility to meet every customer requirement, be it a small-sized package to the transport of large exhibition events and valuables. Our principles are based on trust, quality and economical value, which are being represented by a management team which brings decades of experience in the field of transport and logistics. Our distinguishable yellow colour, unique branding, brings freshness to the dull screen of the local freight industry. One has to be extremely careful when considering the assignment of responsibility onto a carrier/freight forwarder or operator, commonly referred as the freight forwarder. The most notorious situation is that the APRIL / MAY 2017

number of practical, hands-on sessions to show customers how to use this functionality. These sessions were organised with the cooperation of the Malta Society of the Blind, Gozo Aid for the Visually-Impaired, Torball Society of the Blind, and Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability. Dan Robinson, Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management, said: “this is a great initiative that I and the bank are very proud of. We are committed to making it easier for our customers to get their banking done simply and conveniently, and we get great feedback on our Talking ATM functionality. So it’s brilliant that we can deliver on

the requests we have had to increase the availability of this technology.” Oliver Scicluna, Commissioner for the Rights of Persons with Disability, said: “I believe that HSBC Bank Malta have done an excellent job in making sure that full access is given to all their ATM users including persons with visual impairment and the blind. This proves well that the bank opted to address a social concern apart from their legal obligation.” cc

assigned party is incapable of delivering on the agreed terms. Using the right freight forwarder can save time, money and establish a more competitive base for the product being delivered. We suggest that whoever requires the assistance of a freight forwarder must find one that suits the needs of that individual or organisation. The following are some questions which would assist in completing this assessment.

industries. Our highest level of specialist competence comes from the years of experience and from listening and adapting to our customers’ needs on the one hand. On the other hand, our healthy growth also enriches our competition. We are reliable logistic experts, which consolidates and neutralises every challenge. Our future plans are ambitious and challenging! Our growth plan is coupled by primarily investing in our people. We believe in what the Maltese talent can provide and this is how we intend to bring the quality leap, which this industry has been long after. Concurrently we have continued with our overseas expansion. We are present all over Europe and now we’re branching into the eastern market, thus providing a wider network, which caters for all of our customers’ demands. Express Logigroup brings bright transport solutions with brighter colours! cc

Does the freight forwarder: } Have the appropriate network which services the location of pick-up or delivery? } Have experience in handling the type of product and shipment within the market place? } Have experience with the type of carriers you require? } Have favourable shipping rates and delivery schedules? } Receive good recommendations from other users? } Have a reputation for friendliness, competence, efficiency, reliability, costeffectiveness, trustworthiness and using fair business practices? Express Logigroup possesses far-reaching knowledge in logistics for all market sectors including specialised branches such as the health, retail, automotive and the chemical

Additional information about this service is available via or by calling HSBC Contact Centre on 2380 2380.

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The Commercial Courier April/May 2017  

The Official Business magazine of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise & Industry since 1947.

The Commercial Courier April/May 2017  

The Official Business magazine of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise & Industry since 1947.