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Want to find out what will be the stuff of foodie fantasies this year? Sarah Micallef dishes out the latest. 01. Blueberries Blueberries are hot in the food world this year, and are being tipped as a key ingredient to a variety of trendy flavour parings. Apart from their delightful natural tartness, they’re packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants, making this a food trend that won’t jar with your diet plan! For a wonderful contrasting heat, pair with red pepper and cilantro, or jalapeno and lime. Inspiring and trendy pairings include caramelised garlic, thyme, wasabi and salted pistachio, while complementary flavours like maple, honey, molasses, balsamic and ginger are bound to elevate your next baking adventure!

05. Sweet breakfast Dessert for breakfast you say? We’re in! And if you’re worried about the health benefits, a recent study by Syracuse University should help alleviate your concerns. Dark chocolate has been shown to benefit cognitive function, so eating chocolate in the morning could prepare you better for your workday. And that’s not all – another study has also found that eating dessert at breakfast aids weight loss efforts. Now we’re talking! With these studies and the undoubted appeal of dessert for breakfast, food trend predictions include brunch amuse-bouche chocolate cakes and dessert menus at brunch and breakfast restaurants, but you can also choose to go small, by adding sweet treats to your cereal, oats or porridge.

02. Egg yolk Yolk porn has been a thing on social media for quite some time, but that moreish yellow liquid is not about to go anywhere soon. For years, many limited their egg intake for fear of increasing cholesterol levels, but now that that myth has been debunked (the cholesterol in egg yolks doesn’t have much influence on serum cholesterol levels and by extension the risk of heart disease), eggs can be celebrated once more! And whether you choose to add sunny side up eggs to salads, grain bowls, burgers or avocado toast on your Instagram feed, you can do so safe in the knowledge that the yolks contain a rich array of essential vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamins A, D, E, B12 and K, riboflavin, folate and iron, while the whites are a great source of low-calorie protein – win-win!

06. Pop-ups Pop-up restaurants, temporary eateries, one-off and limited run foodie events have begun to, literally, pop-up all over the place, and 2017 is set to continue seeing this trend going strong. And while the trend has really gained traction overseas, it’s also reached our shores, with a number of foodie events having been organised in recent years focusing on visiting star chefs, specialised menus or celebrating seasonal and sustainable fare. cc

03. Tacos APRIL / MAY 2017






In keeping with the regional food trend, it’s tacos’ turn for their moment in the spotlight. Both locally and international, Mexican favourite tacos have found their way on the menus of a variety of trendy eateries and even food trucks – not to mention our social media feeds. And the best part? You can fill them with anything you like, whether you choose to go full authentic or new age and trendy – the choice is yours.


When most of us are faced with the prospect of eating insects, no amount of celebrity chef endorsement – even if it is Heston Blumenthal – will serve to tempt us. But, as awareness on sustainability grows, this might be set to change. Reducing intake of traditional protein sources like red meat is becoming more attractive, and introducing protein from unconventional sources is already on the rise. Add the fact that insects now come in powder form, and you might be on to something. Used much like other natural protein powders, insects could very well become a food trend du jour.

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The Commercial Courier April/May 2017  

The Official Business magazine of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise & Industry since 1947.

The Commercial Courier April/May 2017  

The Official Business magazine of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise & Industry since 1947.