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Project Runway Thailand

Thailand’s first adaptation of Project Runway is on its way to recently acquired and rebranded digital free-TV network, JKN18. The Fremantle format is part of Thai mogul Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip’s burgeoning beauty and style business. When Project Runway makes its way to free-TV screens in Thailand for

The Thai series will be hosted by JKN chief executive and social media

the first time in early 2022, the fashion competition/reality format joins a

influencer, Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip, making her debut as the first

burgeoning beauty and style division of JKN Global Media’s flourishing

transgender host on a Project Runway.

media empire. The Thai adaptation, announced in a deal with Fremantle just ahead of this year’s ContentAsia Summit, will be produced in Bangkok by JKN

Award-winning fashion designer and professor Tawn Chatchavalvong “Tawn C” (Thai Tim Gunn) is on board as mentor. Judges and contestants’ casting is under way.

Best Life Co, a new unit set up in April to manage both digital terrestrial

Project Runway Thailand comes four months after the listed JKN Glob-

TV services and the distribution/manufacturing of health, beauty and

al Media acquired loss-making digital terrestrial station, New 18 (now

consumer products.

known as JKN18), from DN for a total of THB 1,060 million/US$34 million.

The series will air exclusively on JKN18, the free-to-air digital terrestrial

DN entered the sale with loan/debts of approx THB2.4 billion/US$76

DTT channel acquired from DN Broadcast Company earlier this year and

million. According to documents filed with Thailand’s Stock Exchange,

now wholly owned and operated by JKN Best Life.

DN lost more than THB907 million/US$29 million in 2018/9 and 2020.

Project Runway is the fifth Asian edition of the franchise, following adap-

The entry into Thailand’s DTT environment came a month after JKN

tations in the Philippines, Malaysia, South Korea and Vietnam. The show’s

rented air time on DN’s New18 digital channel to sell its products and air

most recent completed version in Asia Pacific was in New Zealand.

news and documentaries.


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