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Massive Redefines OTT Ecosystem with Video Merchandising Platform AT THIS YEAR’S NAB SHOW, Massive Interactive announced the launch of a major update to Massive AXIS, its video merchandising platform, offering operators the ability to package, present and monetise their video assets in realtime across any device. Massive’s advanced merchandising and real-time audience segmentation technology allows operators to make shifts in how they optimise their video applications in order to increase engagement levels and reduce customer churn. New functionality empowers operators to use their video applications as a way to increase revenue by instantly responding to the latest trends or developments, connecting viewers with the right content at the right time and across any device to achieve their business goals. A key new feature of the latest release is Segmentation Tags, which offer content schedulers and product managers the ability to personalise subscriber experiences, providing unmatched versatility. Service providers now have the power to respond directly to A/B testing and audience behaviour, setting new industry benchmarks in targeting content to separate audience groups through unique user experiences.

Other additions include: • Enhanced Lists – An innovative feature that makes it simple to generate new collections from a video catalogue based on cast or crew, release date, keywords, expiry and more. With live inline visual previews and the versatility to add premium imagery and metadata, video service provider owners are now supercharging their catalogues and curating like never before. • Live Channel/EPG Presentation Management – The enhanced live/linear management features enable video service operators to manage the presentation of Live Channels and EPG metadata. With the power to add linear schedules to any video asset, and schedule a broad range of Live and EPG components, video service providers can now curate truly content centric experiences that seamlessly blend live and on demand. Additionally, the capacity to add subscription video on demand (SVOD) and transactional video on demand (TVOD) offers on linear channels, means that video service providers can manage access to distinct audience groups and segments. Visit

Hybrid IP, 4K/UHD and HDR Solutions PHABRIX LAUNCHED A RANGE of new hybrid IP, 4K/UHD and HDR solutions to streamline compliance testing and content monitoring during NAB 2017. The new Qx 12G performs signal generation, analysis and monitoring across SMPTE 2022-6 IP and HD, 3G, 6G and 12G-SDI formats. Advanced IP tools enable broadcast engineers to quickly understand network traffic integrity and assess issues such as network congestion. Multiple diagnostic instruments include an Inter Packet Arrival Time Analyser, which provides network health reporting with a histogram presenting the distribution of packet arrival times. A SMPTE 2022-6 encapsulator coupled with the Inter Packet Transmission Profiling tool provides the ability to simulate a wide range of network congestion conditions. Additional network analysis tools present detailed transmission and reception traffic information. Software upgrades for additional IP standards will be available during 2017, including TR03, AES67 and PTP (ST 2059-2), as defined in the draft SMPTE 2110 specification. For High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Colour Gamut applications, Qx 12G provides new generator patterns plus a CIE 1931 X Y chart with Rec.709 and Rec.2020 overlays for measuring chromaticity. There’s also a programmable HDR Heat-map to highlight luminance zones of a signal, as well as HDR vectorscope and waveform tools. All these HDR instruments support Dolby PQ standard, and future software releases will support the HLG and SLOG3 standards. Advanced physical layer testing capabilities are also offered by Qx 12G, including ultra-fast 12G-SDI eye analysis with RTE (Real-time Eye) technology, which instantly highlights SMPTE compliance issues, including eye under/overshoot.

Additional tools include: Jitter waveform, Jitter Insertion, Jitter FFT analysis, and pathological test patterns. Existing Qx users will be offered an upgrade path to the new Qx 12G feature set. PHABRIX’s expanded Qx range now also includes the new Qx IP, a highly affordable variant for hybrid IP, 3G-SDI and HDR generation, analysis and monitoring. Qx IP provides all the HDR and IP features of the Qx 12G for 3G-SDI and IP applications. Sx handheld hybrid IP, 3G-SDI and analogue test and measurement. For handheld hybrid IP, 3G-SDI and analogue applications, PHABRIX has launched a new IP option for the Sx TAG. This ultra-portable instrument provides signal generation, analysis and monitoring from a colour-coded interface. It features mains and battery power, and provides essential tools for infrastructure compliance testing and content monitoring, including a multi-format waveform and vectorscope, video monitoring using a 16:9 screen, and 16 channel audio monitoring. SMPTE 2022-6 IP support is provided using 10GE IP SFP+ modules. The IP status is presented within the Sx TAG’s monitoring toolsets, and new Tx/Rx instrument windows are provided for network configuration and monitoring. Other advanced features include Dolby E, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus bitstream generation and analysis, as well as video status logging, and remote operation over ethernet. Visit and

NHK and Village Island Simplify 8K Video Transport using TICO NHK AND VILLAGE-ISLAND have developed a new innovative system, called VICO-8, that makes possible to transport 8K 4:2:2 60p 10bits on a single 12G-SDI cable using intoPIX TICO compression technology.

8K with 4K-ready appliances, wherever it is about switching, distributing,

VICO-8 takes 8K video as 4x 12G-SDI input as compress by a factor of 4 to 1, in visually lossless quality, generating a single TICO 8K stream output mapped on a single 12G-SDI interface with a delay of few video lines, so less than 1ms.

matrix switcher where VICO decreased the number of required input by four,

Such high number of SDI cables implies many drawbacks such as big space constraints, high costs and high complexity of wiring. Furthermore, a UHD signal spread on multiple SDI cables brings concrete problems for signal distribution, switching, transmission, and other basic operations. The gain to bring 8K to a single 12G-SDI cable is huge. It enables to achieve

cost of infrastructure, the gain of VICO-8 is even exponential when considering while decreasing the number of required output by four, dividing the number of required node by 16. The VICO-8 can be configured as an encoder or a decoder. As an 8K decoder, it can also be configured to output a down-converted 4K output, thanks to the internal down-scaler available in the TICO compression. It is saving the cost of heavy 8K professional displays, when 4K display are available to monitor the 8K signal. Visit and and


8K 60p 4:2:2 (10bits) usually requires 16x 3G-SDI or 4x 12G-SDI for raw quality transport.

transmitting the signal on optical fibre or other support. Dividing dramatically the


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Content+Technology ANZ June 2017  

Cover Story: Media Reform in the Digital Age NEWS: NEP-Fox Sports on the IP Road; Vale Keith Andrews; New Magna CEO, Vimond Opens in Oz, SM...

Content+Technology ANZ June 2017  

Cover Story: Media Reform in the Digital Age NEWS: NEP-Fox Sports on the IP Road; Vale Keith Andrews; New Magna CEO, Vimond Opens in Oz, SM...