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Exchange Online Office 365

Zane Freame Microsoft Online Services Consultant

Agenda for Exchange Online 1. User Experience 2. Exchange Online Administration 3. Protection and Compliance a) Exchange Hosted Archiving b) Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) c) Information Rights Management (IRM)

4. Mailbox Migration & Co-Existence

User Experience Exchange Online

Exchange Online: BPOS vs. Office 365 Client Access  Outlook 2003*, 2007, 2010  Outlook Anywhere  Autodiscover  Outlook Web Access  Custom OWA URL  Entourage 2004*, 2008*, WS edition  POP • Windows Mobile • iPhone • Other ActiveSync devices • BlackBerry Enterprise Server (add-on) • Remote device wipe

• IMAP • Customize ActiveSync security policies • Full OWA support in Firefox/Safari • IM and presence in OWA • OWA side-by-side calendar view • Mobile free/busy lookup • Mobile reply status • Mobile SMS sync • Over-the-air update for Outlook mobile • OWA login: public/ private radio buttons

E-mail, Calendaring • Delegates (“send on behalf of”) • Shared mailboxes (“send as”) • Server-side forwarding • Out of Office • WebReady document viewing • Conference rooms • Resource booking attendant • Conference room delegation • Tasks • Conversation view • Ignore/move conversation • MailTips • Mail aggregation • Shared nickname cache across OWA and mobile • Message tracking (user self-service) • Free-busy interop with on-premises • Free/busy sharing with other orgs • Share full calendar detail with other orgs • Publish calendar for anonymous access

• GUI for managing some features

Contacts, Directory

UM, Fax

 Personal contacts  Shared contacts  Personal distribution groups  Shared distribution groups  Global address list  Offline address book

[not available]

• Dynamic distribution groups • Restricted distribution groups • Moderated distribution groups • Share personal contacts • Contact info update (user self-service)

• Hierarchical address book • GAL segmentation

• Hosted voicemail (integration with PBX) • Outlook Voice Access • “Play on phone” button • Missed call notifications • Caller ID • Company autoattendant • Self-service PIN reset • Message waiting indicator • Voicemail preview • Call answering rules • Protected voicemail

• Speech-enablement of directory and autoattendant

Security  Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (AS/AV)  Forefront for Exchange (AV)  Route inbound mail onpremises for filtering  Safe senders  Blocked senders  Forced TLS  S/MIME

• Sign in using AD credentials • Route outbound mail on-premises for filtering • Multi-factor auth (smartcard, soft cert) • Integration with onpremises RMS (for search, pre-licensing) • RMS transport rules • Journal decryption of RMS messages • Outlook Protection Rules

Compliance/ Archiving

Administration  Web-based management  Active Directory sync  Bulk user activation  Deleted item recovery  Deleted mailbox recovery

• Remote PowerShell • Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) • Exchange Management Console (x-premises management) • Enhanced migration tools • No OST resync after migration • Offboarding tools • Support for orgs >30,000 users

 Journal e-mail to external archive  Journal e-mail to EHA • Exchange Personal Archive • E-Discovery (MultiMailbox Search) • Message Retention (Archive and Delete Policies) • Message Retention (Legal Hold Policy) • Compliance Auditing • Transport rules • Custom disclaimers • Exchange 2007-style Managed Folders • Multi-mailbox search export to PST • GUI for some features

• PST import and export • Provision users in multiple datacenters

Applications/ Developer


BPOS Features (included in Office 365) Office 365 Features Not Available Online

 Exchange Web Services (EWS)  EWS Managed API for .NET  SMTP relay MAPI/CDO access Custom code/dlls Transport agents Custom OWA themes, colors, add-ins • Public folders • • • •

Anywhere Access

Business Class Messaging • • • •

Rich client access via Outlook Premium web email experience via OWA Support for a broad range of mobile devices* Large mailbox sizes (25GB)

*Access from mobile devices depends on WiFi capability or mobile network availability.

Anywhere Access

Outlook Experience • Gives users a familiar, full-fidelity Outlook experience • Supports Outlook 2010 features including Conversation view, MailTips, and Meeting Room Finder

Anywhere Access

Outlook Web App Experience • IE, Firefox, and Safari support • Integrated IM and presence

• Enhanced search, filters, favorites • Side-by-side calendar view

Anywhere Access

Mobile Messaging

Wikipedia Link

Anywhere Access

Enterprise Calendaring

Exchange Online User Experience Demo • Outlook 2010 Client – – – – – – –

Presence information Shared Calendars Conversation View Quick Insert Tools Social Network Connectors Meeting link from group email Online meeting link

• Outlook Web App – –

Presence Conversation History

Exchange Online Administration Exchange Online

Visibility and Control

Role Based Access Control • Delegate administrative tasks within IT and beyond • Granular control over scope and permissions

Exchange Online Administration Demo • Tour of Exchange Administration Portal

Protection & Compliance Exchange Online

Protection and Compliance

Native Archiving • Allows easy migration to a managed archive solution • User experience for managing mailbox does not change • Provides a way to centralize data currently stored in .pst files

Protection and Compliance

Retention Policies and Legal Hold • Custom policies automatically delete or archive content • Integrates with personal archive • Legal hold policy captures user edits and deletions

Protection and Compliance

Multi-Mailbox Search • Web-based search capabilities can be delegated to specialists • Empowers legal and compliance staff to conduct e-discovery • Search works across on-premises and online mailboxes

Protection and Compliance

Transport Rules • Structured like inbox rules • Apply to all messages sent inside and outside the organization • Configured with simple Web-based GUI




Protection and Compliance

Integration with IRM Services • • • •

Exchange Online can be integrated with on-premises AD RMS This activates advanced Exchange 2010 IRM features, including: IRM in OWA, IRM search, and protected voice mail Transport Protection Rules and Outlook Protection Rules

Protection and Compliance

Exchange Hosted Archiving

Plan 1

25 GB Mailbox

Plan 2

25 GB Mailbox

(part of this quota can be used for personal archive)

Unlimited Archive

Protection and Compliance

Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) • • • •

High-accuracy spam filtering Multiple virus-scanning engines Included with Exchange Online subscription Admin center provides advanced policy rules and reporting

Exchange Online Protection & Compliance Demo • Tour of Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE)

Mailbox Migration & Co-existence Exchange Online

Mailbox Migration & Co-existence

Four Choices 1. 2. 3. 4.

Simple IMAP migration Cutover Exchange migration Staged Exchange migration with Simple Co-existence Exchange Rich Co-existence

Mailbox Migration & Co-existence

Simple vs. Rich Coexistence Feature



Mail routing between on-premises and cloud (recipients on either side)

Mail routing with shared namespace (if desired) - on both sides

Unified GAL

Free/Busy and calendar sharing cross-premises

Out of Office understands that cross-premises is “Internal” to the organization

Mailtips, messaging tracking, and mailbox search work cross-premises

OWA Redirection cross-premise (single OWA URL for both on-premises and cloud)

Preserve Auth header (ensure internal email is not marked as spam, resolve against GAL, etc.)

EMC GUI tool (on-premises ) used to manage cross-prem mailbox migrations

Mailbox moves support both onboarding and offboarding

No outlook reconfiguration or OST resync required after mailbox migration

Centralised mailflow control, ensures that all email routes inbound/outbound via On Premises

* Rich Coexistence feature-set requires Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Hub, CAS & Mbx on-prem and requires supplemental configuration steps (both on-premises and in the cloud)

Mailbox Migration & Co-existence

Rich Coexistence Server Roles 2 Required Server Roles:

1 Optional Server Role:

• •

Office 365 Directory Sync Exchange Server 2010 SP1 CAS/Hub*

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)

Summary Exchange Online

Exchange Online Summary Exchange Online



User Experience

• • • •


Exchange Online Administration

• Simple to use • Most important administration features available • Your administrators have control


Protection and Compliance • Exchange Hosted Archiving • Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) • Information Rights Management (IRM)

• Consolidate your IT service contracts • Meet your legal requirements • Prevent information leaks


Mailbox Migration & Co-Existence • Simple Co-existence • Rich Co-existence

• Seamless transition • Migrate to the cloud at your own pace • Keep your existing systems/integration

Increased mailbox size (25GB) Simple, familiar tools Rich functionality retained (in Outlook) Value of 2010 features without the headache

Office 365 Exchange Online  
Office 365 Exchange Online  

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