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SharePoint 2010 Introduction & Overview

Mathew Allen : Business Development Director

Agenda • About Content and Code • SharePoint 2010 Overview & Example Solutions • Next Steps

About Content and Code

About Content and Code Founded in 2001

100 Employees

Over 200 SharePoint Clients

Microsoft UK Partner of the Year 2010

Project Delivery & Managed Services Teams

Services Offered

Information Architecture

Configuration & Customisation

Strategy Planning

Requirements Assessment

Infrastructure Planning & Configuration

Office 365 Consultancy


Project Management

Some of our Clients

Our Awards

SharePoint 2010 Overview & Examples

SharePoint Capability Areas Sites for employees, partners and customers, both inside and outside the organization. Create applications easily, removing the IT bottle neck

Share expertise and interact with people across the enterprise through both formal and informal networks

Create, deliver and share critical business information.

Creation, review, publication and disposal of all content types.

Quickly and easily locate relevant content residing both within SharePoint and external data sources

SharePoint Out Of The Box

Basic Home Page

Team Sites

Document Library & Ribbon Interface

MySite (Personal profile)

Basic Customisation

Custom Interface

Custom Interface

Custom Interface

Custom Interface 6000 staff 17 bases Targeted content based on:  Audience  Location  Role

Custom Interface

Learning Portals

• Refiners • Thumbnail preview (fast) • People

Integrated Web Services

• Dashboard • Score card • Decomposition tree

Business processes and workflows

Business processes and workflows


SharePoint Sites

Sites Composites


Internet Business

SharePoint Sites Internet  Powerful Framework  Flexible Web Server

 Robust Database


 Standard-Friendly Tools  Secure and Scalable

Division Team Individual

Business Productivity




SharePoint Communities




SharePoint Communities “Individuals do not have mechanisms to share critical knowledge and most of this is lost when they leave the enterprise.” “Employees get 50%-75% of their relevant information directly from other people.” From “The Knowledge Worker Investment Paradox” Gartner research 7/17/2002

Tesco : The Hub

SSAT Private Members Area







SharePoint Content Information workers need tools to manage the entire lifecycle of content from the time it is created to when it is published and finally disposed or stored for long term archival Integrated solution to manage the complete content lifecycle Author

Review/ Approve





SharePoint Search




Search “The average Intel employee loses one day a week trying to find people with the experience and expertise plus the relevant information to do their job. Let me just say that it is motivating us to take action.� Laurie Buczek Enterprise Social Media Program Manager, Intel


Insights Composites




“Most discussions of decision making assume that only senior executives make decisions or that only senior executives' decisions matter. This is a dangerous mistake.� Peter Drucker Management Consultant and Author

Rich Analytics and Visualisation Create interactive dashboards aggregating data and content seamlessly

Visio Services Create rich diagrams that are bound to underlying data sources

Performance Point

Increased Fidelity with Excel Distribute Excel workbooks with the same fidelity as the Client, (one true version)

SharePoint Composites Sites




A short story‌ IT typically runs at full capacity

IT can not do every project that is requested Sorry, but I can only help the top ten projects

IT announces the projects they can do These are the top ten projects we can do

What happens to project eleven and the rest? I wonder what they are going to do now?

Ten business sponsors are happy

What happens to “Project Eleven”? So the sponsors of project eleven (and twelve and thirteen) get to work and create a solution themselves

… and start using it

But after a while, the application becomes important and IT must support it The IT people are really going to love my app!

Could I have avoided this problem?

Director of Application Development

However, because the application was not supervised by IT, it lacks in security, usability, data integration, compliance, reporting, scalability, management, …

Hidden development efforts Reliance on questionable platforms Scattered spend Lack of governance and visibility Business risks

SharePoint Composites Empowering Businesses to Build Applications Electronic Forms

Scalable, security-enhanced, standards-based data-gathering solution

Electronic Workflow

Window Workflow Foundation


Out of the box workflows (Approval, Collect Feedback, etc.) Custom workflows developed using Office Visio and SharePoint Designer Complex workflow developers using Visual Studio

Business connectivity services (Line of Business Application integration)


Sites Composites





Next Steps • • • •

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SharePoint Introduction  

SharePoint Introduction

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