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Ghost Man Now alone in the house she and Julius purchased together, their first home, Grace experienced the realness of her situation. She stepped into the office. She loved this room the most. Book after book lined the mahogany bookshelves. On the floor, not yet put on the shelves, were the newest books just bought last week when Joey, Julius, and she spent an afternoon at Journey Bookstore. One of the books caught her eye. It sat on top of the stack, which meant that the book would be the next on Grace’s reading list. Grace picked up the book. The book’s cover struck her. The deep redness of it. The title running vertically on the front of the book read Ordinary Words. The author’s name, Ruth Stone, ran horizontally across the cover breaking into the space between Ordinary and Words. What fascinated Grace most about the cover was the shadowy, almost smoky, image of a face, if it was a face. She wasn’t sure. With the book still in her hand, Grace sat down on the soft Berber carpet. She studied the book’s cover trying to make out the image coming out of the redness. After getting up to get a stack of note cards and a pen from the desk, she returned to the floor. With the book in front of her, she lay on her belly and began to write: ghost man here ghost man come gone ghost man me Ghost Man come and gone


Excerpt provided by Donnelle McGee twitter: dmcgeewriter goodreads: Donnelle_McGee Donnelle's books are available at:


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