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CONTENT Issue 8.2 “Sync” July / Aug 2016

The Makers: Cultivator Daniel Garcia Managing Editor Flora Moreno de Thompson Editors Odile Sullivan-Tarazi Julianne Jigour, Johanna Hickle Vila Schwindt, John McCluggage Circulation/Distribution Elle Mitchell

Designers Elle Mitchell, Garrett Hernandez Photographers Stan Olszewski, Arabela Espinoza Scott MacDonald, Dan Fenstermacher Jessica Perez, Christina Olivas Writers Kate Evans, Jessica Owen, Michelle Runde, Nathan Zanon Kevin Biggers, David Perez Derek Haugen, Nicole Tindall

Brand Director Julia Canavese

Sponsorships Alyssa Byrkit

Production Kristen Pfund

Publisher Silicon Valley Creates

I often think about work/life balance, more than I am able to apply such a concept. But I ask myself if our region has more—or less—balance than other areas. Is technology moving us to a simpler and better-balanced lifestyle, or not? In the end, I generally conclude that, here in Silicon Valley, the majority of us are not finding balance and that technology is not providing the utopia we were hoping it would. Nor can it. However, I naively hold on to the view that we have more opportunities to blend our lives, our work, our families, and our leisure rather than silo them into separate compartments— and that the reason these aspects of our lives are so blurred now is we are doing more and more of what we'd like to do. The lines are fuzzy because we have combined them all into one package of our existence. For this issue, we looked to people in our community who are synchronizing their work with their lives, from coffee roasters to artists, from musicians to restauranteurs. People who are daily honing in on a synchronized life. In addition, because the Content mission is not only to provide a platform for creatives to display their projects but also to be a part of training and launching emerging artists, we have synced up with the talented students of the Media and Mass Communication department at San Jose State. We thank them and their instructor, Tom Ulrich, for being a part of this issue. Enjoy. Daniel Garcia The Cultivator

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Sync 8.2 Digital  

FEATURING: Day Trip to Santa Cruz, Ca | Illuminating Change | Artist, Emo Gonzales | HillStack Studio, Ron Hemphill & Tricia Stackle | SJSU...

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