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GLIZZY SUPERSTAR ON AND OFF THE COURT Written by Courtney BenneTT Photography by Dan Fenstermacher


ver since childhood, Gary Williams, aka Foreign Glizzy, has been passionate about two things: basketball and rapping. When playing away games with the team, he would spend many hours on the bus. He began to freestyle rap as a way to pass the time. His teammates enjoyed listening, giving Williams the confidence to take his freestyling to the next level as Foreign Glizzy. “I’ve been doing music for a long time. I’ve been rapping, but I didn’t start taking it serious until recently.” What started out as fun with friends has now given Gary Williams a new way to express himself and an opportunity to influence others. Williams makes music with his brother, Chris, known as Foreign Coz. Together, they are the rap group Foreign Family. “When you think of foreign, you think different…I always thought I was different from everybody else, that’s why I named it Foreign Family.” Their goal is to make music that reaches a wide audience. “We try to find something that other people can relate to,” Foreign Glizzy explains. With over 50,000 views on his music videos, the fans are eager for more. “It’s like every time I drop something, they’re waiting for me to drop something else.” “We just wanted to do something different…I don’t cuss in my music. People talkin’ about guns, drugs, and sex and stuff like that, but we’re on a whole different subject.” Through social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube,

and SoundCloud, Foreign Family’s goal is to make music that fans can listen to whenever or wherever they want. “You know when you’re in the car with your mom and there’s a little kid with you? And you have to turn off certain songs? The music I’m trying to make is music that anyone can listen to it.” Foreign Family composes music that urges us to be better people than we were yesterday. Gospel rapper Lecrae inspired Foreign Glizzy to write songs about God. In his songs, he thanks God for blessing his life with so many wonderful opportunities. Of Lecrae, he says: “He’s one of my influences. He was the first person to make gospel rappin’ cool and he really changed the game. I feel like we could do the same thing with what we’re doing.” In terms of his other passion, from the start of his first season at San Jose State University, Williams has proven that he’s talented both on and off the court—always on top of his game, always making smart decisions that translate into points scored. The team’s top free thrower also makes time for his studies as a communications major with a journalism minor. Overall, Foreign Glizzy does not want to, as he says, “put all of [his] eggs in one basket.” He balances being a full-time student athlete with a budding career as a rapper. That’s the kind of thinking that could take a person far. instagram: glizzy_williams youtube: foreign family music soundcloud: foreign-family-music


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