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In this age of immediacy and convenience, smartphones and their apps have become a pivotal part of our everyday lives. They have changed the way people communicate with each other, changed the way they interact with the world. By synchronizing your life and phone, smartphone apps promise to make your daily life just a little easier. Featured here are three apps that bring the convenience, and sometimes the inconvenience, of the digital age to your fingertips with the tap of a screen.


aviar managed to disappoint, infuriate, surprise, and eventually exceed expectations over the course of a single delivery of Southern-style barbeque. Caviar is a food delivery service that uses GPS technology to allow customers to order meals for delivery from local restaurants. Caviar’s customers place their orders through the Caviar mobile app or web app. The mobile app has a clean layout and features professional, mouth-watering images of dishes from the restaurants listed with the service. The app would be great if it also worked. No matter the address, no matter the region, for all of San Jose the app returned an error message, effectively stopping any order before it’d begun. After the mobile app’s failure, next up was the web app. The web app worked like a charm. An order was placed from the exact location the mobile app had first failed. First in the delivery process is an order confirmation from Caviar, displayed on the web app and sent as a text to your phone. The next step is preparation. Caviar informs you that kitchens usually take 10 to 20 minutes to prepare the order. Once ready, the food is headed your way through a Caviar courier. This was the most pleasing and praiseworthy part of the process. The food was delivered in 17 minutes. Caviar’s courier was friendly, communicative, willing to ask for help with directions when lost. The whole process took only 32 minutes. Although the mobile app disappointed, Caviar’s web app made up for that disappointment in a big way, delivering a hungry man great barbeque in a relatively short space of time. If Caviar can fix the bugs in the mobile app, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be your go-to food delivery service.

Written by Lilibeth Torres and Francisco Alvarado Graphics by Garret Hernandez


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