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music talent as well as doing web design. In 2007, I started doing shows, and in 2008, I did my first live art event with artists Jim Mahfood, Dave Crosland, and Alex Chiu, and graffiti art legend Mark Bode. At Burning Man 2009, I was a live art artist with Alex Chiu. [Beginning in] 2009, I was featured at the Kaleid Gallery for three and a half years before I stepped away. I still participate at group shows and functions when available.

all been big influences. Anything can inspire me, but especially music, like NIN, Tool, Deftones, Radiohead, and Aphex Twin.

How do you make your living as an artist? I sell my work at conventions and shows along with commissions, freelancing, and selling my work online.

What shows do you have coming up? I’m doing some art for a group show at Kaleid Gallery in May. I will also be showing at San Diego Comic Con in July.

What are you working on now? Two graphic novels with writers Chris Williamson and Chris Wisnia, as well as a personal project called Tendril. It’s a book of short stories in different styles of my work. It hearkens back to old heavy metal magazine art I liked.

What mediums do you use? Pen, ink, acrylics, watercolors, and gouache. But my go-to choice is a simple BIC pen.

Who would you like to thank? My girl, Nicole Wilburn, and my brother, Chemix, along with Gary Montalbano, Ryan Graff, Allen Spiegel, Gary Buechler, Chris Who are some of your influences, and what inspires you? Williamson, Cody Vrosh, Anthony Leano, Al Pruett, Jim Henson, Dave McKean, Kent Williams, H.R. Giger, Cherri Lakey, Steve Wyatt, Glynnes Pruett, and Tamiko Peter Chung, Ralph McQuarrie, and Moebius have and Miles Rast.


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FEATURING: Day Trip to Santa Cruz, Ca | Illuminating Change | Artist, Emo Gonzales | HillStack Studio, Ron Hemphill & Tricia Stackle | SJSU...

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