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Illuminating Recently implemented artwork in downtown San Jose is illuminating the community in unique and interactive ways.

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nder the cover of darkness, recent art installments in downtown San Jose have transformed and illuminated neglected spaces. As part of an initiative launched by the Office of Cultural Affairs, Illuminating Downtown San Jose is implementing interactive lighting projects to reflect the rise of the thriving arts community. Located on underpasses of Highway 87, the artwork installments— Sensing Water on San Fernando Street, Sensing You on Santa Clara Street—have become gateways of light connecting downtown with local neighborhoods. The artist, Dan Corson, was commissioned by the City of San Jose to enhance the pedestrian experience in a unique and exciting way. A native of Washington, Corson has been installing large, interactive artworks in public areas since 1992. Nature has always inspired Corson’s art, and San Jose’s Guadalupe River became the driving force behind creating art pieces representative of water in the Bay Area. “San Jose was once known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight. It was a very productive agricultural area, supported by rich soil and abundant access to water,” says Corson. “Now the only source of water is the Guadalupe River / Los Gatos Creek, a mostly dry, culvertized ditch that runs through the city adjacent to these artworks.”

Article and Photography by Jennifer Gonzalez

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