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SLS AMG Take-back of end-of-life vehicles. Coming full circle. At the end of its long life, you can return your SLS AMG to us for environment-friendly disposal in accordance with the EC End-Of-Life Vehicle Directive1. But that day lies a long way off. 1

Applies in accordance with national regulations to vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes gross weight. Mercedes-Benz passenger cars have met the statutory regulations governing the suitability of their design for reuse and recycling for a number of years now. A network of vehicle take-back depots and dismantlers has been established which will process your vehicle in an environment-friendly manner. The ways in which both vehicles and parts can be recovered are subject to ongoing development and improvement. Consequently, the SLS AMG will be able to comply with any future increases in the recycling quota within the stipulated time limits. For further information, please call 00800 1 777 7777.

Please note: changes may have been made to the product since this brochure went to press (13.11.2009). The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design, form, colour and specification during the delivery period, provided these changes, while taking into account the interests of the vendor, can be deemed reasonable with respect to the purchaser. Where the vendor or the manufacturer uses symbols or numbers to describe an order or the subject of an order, no rights may be derived solely from these. The illustrations may show accessories and items of optional equipment which are not part of standard specification. Colours may differ slightly from those shown in the brochure, owing to the limitations of the printing process. This brochure has been compiled by Daimler AG of Germany and is distributed internationally. It provides a general indication of the range of models, features, optional extras and/or colours available in various countries. Some of the models, features, optional extras and/or colours shown may not be available in your country or may only be available in a different specification. Additionally some models, features, optional extras and/or colours may only be available in combination with others. For current and more specific information in relation to the range of models, features, optional extras and/or colours available in your country, and their pricing, you should contact your nearest authorised Mercedes-Benz Passenger Car Dealer. Daimler AG, Stuttgart BC/MR 6701 · 2062 · 02-00/0310 Printed in Germany


birth of a legend. With outstanding driving dynamics and a unique design. With technology from the world of motorsport. Striking front, extremely long bo m motor racing. The most powerful standard-specification naturally aspirated V8 engine in the world. The AMG front mid-engine ensures balanced weight ribution. The AMG SPEEDSHIFT dual-clutch transmission boasts a shift time of under 100 milliseconds. Timeless sports car design par excellence. Striking f g bonnet, greenhouse positioned far back and gently sloping tail end. Finest hand-sewn nappa leather. Hand-finished character. AMG sports seats with strong ral support and high long-distance comfort. An inimitable driving feeling. The birth of a legend. With outstanding driving dynamics and a unique design. W hnology from motor racing. The most powerful standard-specification naturally aspirated V8 engine in the world. The AMG front mid-engine ensures balance ribution. The AMG SPEEDSHIFT dual-clutch transmission boasts a shift time of under a hundred milliseconds. SLS AMG. Timeless sports car design par e king front, extremely long bonnet, greenhouse positioned far back and gently sloping tail end. Finest hand-sewn nappa leather. Hand-finished character. AM rts seats with strong lateral support and high long-distance comfort. An inimitable driving feeling. The birth of a legend. With outstanding driving dynamics

The stuff that dreams are made of: black-and-white chequer Right from the outset the Mercedes-Benz brand stood for sporting successes as well as comfort and luxury. The cars bearing the famous three-pointed star have put their performance to the test time and again – on the road and on the race track. The first vehicle bearing the name “Mercedes” was delivered to its owner in 1900. It was the first modern motor car, boasted 35 hp and was a racing car. In 1952 the 300 SL, the legendary gull-wing model, first saw the light of day – and as the victorious winner it saw the chequered flags at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Bern Grand Prix and the Carrera Panamericana – in spectacular fashion. In 1967 the AMG sports car manufactory was founded, and in 1971 it caused a sensation. At the 24 Hours the legendary “Red Sow”, a bright-red 300 SEL 6.8 AMG, sped over the finishing line as the champion of its class – and into the history books. Countless victories in various different racing series followed – above all in the DTM. For some years now the engineers at Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Benz have been joining forces to develop the super sports car of modern times. They are striving for the maximum possible – with the same passion as their predecessors but using the technology of the future. The SLS AMG sees the black-and-white flag fall. Mission accomplished. A new legend has been created.

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Facts & figures

SLS AMG / 6 . 7

A second can accommodate more happiness than you might think The SLS AMG was uncompromising even when it only existed in the engineers’ and designers’ minds. There was just one specification to adhere to: let your automotive fantasies run wild. The result is a super sports car with technology from the world of racing, a unique design and lashings of passion. And all this can be measured: in moments of happiness per second.

SLS AMG / 8 . 9

A cockpit. An engine. Two wings. Is it still a car? These doors hold the keys to hearts that beat faster when it comes to pure automotive design. Creative ideas on loan from aircraft construction add some thrilling touches. And they show that even at a standstill it would be a massive understatement to describe the SLS AMG simply as a “car�.

SLS AMG / 10 . 11

It, too, has ejector seats. But they catapult the driver forwards, not upwards Exhilarating, powerful, breathtaking. In the SLS AMG you feel as though you’re driving a racing car – only with a cup holder and automatic climate control. The AMG highperformance assembly ensures impressive traction, the aluminium space frame low weight with the highest possible rigidity. The result: superb driving dynamics. And a distinct feeling of butterflies – over and again.

SLS AMG / 12 . 13

Every paparazzo’s nightmare Anyone who’d been hoping to take a break between shift delays had better think again. The AMG SPEEDSHIFT dual-clutch transmission in the SLS AMG shifts in less than 100 milliseconds – without any interruption to the power delivery. Acceleration like this calls for a rear aerofoil that ensures sufficient downforce. Helping you to get to your destination – or out of sight – faster.

SLS AMG / 14 . 15

Tomato juice and tea won’t be served on board, but there’s plenty of adrenaline and testosterone A very warm welcome! There’s no service here – just the functionality of a cockpit that is totally driver-oriented. All the control elements are to be found exactly where you’d expect them to be in a racing car. Apart from the DVD player, that is.

SLS AMG / 16 . 17

Its cruising altitude? 369 mm above the tarmac “It’s a car”, says the voice of reason. “It’s a jet” reply the emotions. The SLS AMG places its driver low and breathtakingly close to the tarmac. The instruments are reminiscent of those in an aircraft’s cockpit and the passenger cell is like a well-fitting helmet. All in all: a unique driving feel.

SLS AMG / 18 . 19

Not even time can overtake it Built for tenths of seconds. And for eternity. The SLS AMG embodies timeless sports car design par excellence. From the striking front, the extremely long bonnet and the greenhouse positioned far back to the gently sloping tail end. In short: the SLS AMG isn’t just ahead of the times – it redefines them.

SLS AMG / 20 . 21

Two wings make it an icon. The third prevents it from taking off Even as the unique gullwing doors close above the driver, he can sense that he is about to become part of a legend. That this legend also sets new standards when it comes to performance and driving dynamics becomes clear at just 120 km/h. This is when the rear aerofoil is extended – for optimum downforce at the rear axle at high speeds and swiftly taken bends. Of course it also puts in an appearance at the touch of a button – showing even at a standstill what the SLS AMG is made of.

SLS AMG / 22 . 23

You wouldn’t mind being given “life” in this passenger cell The finest hand-sewn nappa leather. Solid metal, also carbon fibre as an option. Everywhere in the cockpit the driver sees and feels materials that underline the handcrafted character of the SLS AMG. Rarely did a super sports car come up with so few reasons to get out.

SLS AMG / 24 . 25

With a built-in air-traffic controller. The navigation system Feel free to take the term “cockpit” literally where the SLS AMG is concerned. The dashboard resembles a powerfully spanned wing profile – with four striking ventilation outlets featuring a jet engine look. The centrally positioned multimedia system COMAND APS sets the correct course.

SLS AMG / 26 . 27

The only thing that distinguishes it from a jet: the undercarriage stays out It’s not just the engine output that gives the driver the feeling of sitting in a jet – the interior does, too: AMG sports seats with firm lateral support and high long-distance comfort, an AMG performance steering wheel and in the centre console the AMG DRIVE UNIT with the E-SELECT selector lever, reminiscent of the thrust lever in a jet.

SLS AMG / 28 . 29

The Red Baron for the road The colour red represents energy, joy and passion. Now that the SLS AMG is on the scene, it represents another eight colours. These include exclusive matt paints manufactured using technology that is as innovative as it is sophisticated: designo magno alanite grey and AMG Monza grey magno. And a completely newly developed colour shade that is reminiscent of liquid silver: AMG alubeam silver. And the pilot – or the driver – can also choose from nine carefully coordinated appointments for the interior, too.

SLS AMG / 30 . 31

The Entertainment package is fitted as standard. Under the bonnet It growls, it hisses, it roars. The distinctive sound of the AMG high-performance engine is a pleasure to listen to at any pitch. Should the driver prefer another symphony, the SLS AMG – fitted with the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG sound system – will pamper even the most discerning listeners.

SLS AMG / 32 . 33

Like being in free fall. Only horizontally Impressive on paper, overwhelming on tarmac. Beavering away in the SLS AMG is the world’s most powerful standard-specification naturally aspirated V8 engine – a promise that this super sports car is only too happy to keep, as soon as you so much as tap the accelerator. And it delivers yet more: together with the AMG SPEEDSHIFT with its RACE START function the AMG 6.3-litre V8 front mid-engine equals exceptional performance. In other words: only the driver’s pulse is faster.

SLS AMG / 34 . 35

A spectacle of nature. Unleashed by our engineers Raging storms prove to man how powerless he is in the face of nature and how such forces know no bounds. But it is also in the nature of mankind to research precisely these limits, to push them and compete against them. The Mercedes-AMG engineers have succeeded in building an engine whose power does not shy away from comparison with that of the strongest forces of nature; if the SLS AMG were just a few km/h faster, this would correspond to the highest level on the scale used in the USA to classify whirlwinds. The SLS AMG has gone head to head with the standards used to record the most awe-inspiring natural phenomena anywhere in the world – until there are virtually no more limits left to push. High time for the Mercedes-AMG developers to start looking for a new role model.

SLS AMG / 36 . 37

The technical explanation for dilated pupils 5861 individual parts, distributed over a length of precisely 464 centimetres and a width of 194 centimetres, covered with up to 16.1 litres of paint. What do these figures have to do with dilated pupils? Normally the pupil dilates in darkness, so that more light can fall on the retina – this is the only way the eye can take everything in. This is simply the body’s way of reacting to a physical variable. But a dilated pupil can also be an emotional reaction, as scientists discovered in the 1970s: as soon as we are deeply moved and emotionally charged by something, our brain – or, to be more precise, the limbic system – sends signals to the eye, and the pupil widens. And that’s how come a future driver will have the designers’ work to thank for the first physical reactions the vehicle provokes – even before he has had a chance to experience the acceleration and centrifugal forces. When the gullwing doors open up just before you get in, the pupils become even bigger – a sign that the body is saying: “Give me more! I want to see every last detail.”

umber of cylinders/arrangement V8 Acceleration from 0–100 km/h 3.8 seconds Top speed 317 km/h Tyre size rear axle 295/30 R 20 emission class EU 5 Cd v ated Total displacement 6208 cc Rated output 420/6800 kW at rpm Rated torque 650/4750 Nm at rpm Acceleration from 0–100 km/h 3.8 s Top speed 317 km/h ze front axle 265/35 R 19 Tyre size rear axle 295/30 R 20 Fuel Super Plus Fuel consumption l/100 km combined 13.2 extra-urban 9.3 urban 19.9 C02 emission km combined 308 Kerb weight 1620 kg Perm. GVW 1935 kg Tank capacity 85 l Valves per cylinder 4 AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmission rning circle 11.9 m Payload capacity 240 kg Luggage compartment capacity 176 l emission class EU 5 Cd value 0.36 Arrangement/number of cylinders V8 To splacement 6208 cc Rated output 420/6800 kW at rpm Rated torque 650/4750 Nm at rpm Acceleration from 0–100 km/h 3.8 s Top speed 317 km/h Fuel Super nsumption l/100 km combined 13.2 extra-urban 9.3 urban 19.9 tyre size front axle 265/35 R 19 The Facts. Tyre size rear axle 295/30 R 20 C02 emissions g/km mbined 308 Kerb weight 1620 kg Perm. GVW 1935 kg Tank capacity 85 l Valves per cylinder 4 AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmission Turning rcle 11.9 m Payload capacity 240 kg Luggage compartment capacity 176 l emission class EU 5 Cd value 0.36 Arrangement V8 Total displacement 6208 cc Rate

We’re now moving from the emotional to the technical section. But you won’t notice the difference

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AMG History Philosophy

46 48 50

Drive system Vehicle concept AMG 6.3-litre V8 front mid-engine AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmission

52 54 56

Suspension AMG sports suspension Aluminium spaceframe body Gullwing doors


Safety Safety features

60 64 67 68 72 73 74 76 78

Equipment & appointments Paintwork Light-alloy wheels AMG ceramic high-performance compound brake system Interior equipment and appointments Multimedia and navigation systems Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG sound system Standard equipment Optional extras AMG Performance Studio


Services Mercedes-Benz Service


Facts & figures Dimensions and technical data

SLS AMG / 42 . 43

42 years of AMG in two minutes. Our customers like life in the fast lane High speeds are AMG’s special passion. So here are the most important facts about the company – in fast-forward mode. AMG was founded in 1967 as a Swabian two-man engineering firm that built racing engines. The breakthrough came a mere four years later with the class victory at the Spa 24 Hours race in 1971. In 1976 the company moved to its current headquarters in Affalterbach near Ludwigsburg. Since 2005 AMG has been a one-hundred-percent subsidiary of Daimler AG; today it employs nearly a thousand people and as Mercedes-AMG it is the performance brand of Mercedes-Benz Cars. Mercedes-AMG develops exclusive high-performance models including one-offs which are manufactured in accordance with individual customer requirements. The customers’ powers of imagination are what drives the company in its relentless aim to be better and better and continue implementing new, exciting projects.

SLS AMG / 44 . 45

The Mona Lisa wasn’t painted by five masters either An engine that is created at Mercedes-AMG is the product of many clever people’s work. And the work of one clever person who is very good with their hands, to be precise. According to the “one man – one engine” principle, one single Mercedes-AMG technician assembles one single engine from start to finish. He is solely responsible for all the individual work steps – from installing the crankshaft and the wiring to pouring in the engine oil. He meticulously implements the Mercedes-Benz quality criteria. And confirms this with his signature on the engine badge. Just like any true master signs a great work of art.

SLS AMG / 46 . 47

We made an exception with this car and paid our engineers to daydream When do any engineers normally get the chance to live out their automotive fantasies without any restrictions? When they started work the Mercedes-AMG developers sat down with that famous blank sheet of paper yet ended up taking advantage of this unique opportunity in a record time of just 37 months. The result: a revolutionary super sports car whose every detail has been designed with driving dynamics in mind. The high-performance AMG engine, just 205 kg when dry, was installed as a front mid-engine – and sits as low as possible in the vehicle. The drive system with a rear-wheel-drive transaxle helps achieve near-perfect weight distribution between the front and rear axle. And the body was constructed around these key components – as an ultra-light yet extraordinarily rigid structure whose gross weight has been significantly reduced thanks to intelligent optimisation. Pure driving dynamics – better than our engineers could ever have imagined in their wildest dreams.

SLS AMG / 48 . 49

Dry sump lubrication. It’s our favourite turn of phrase in the entire brochure The SLS AMG’s design engineers were able to position the engine as low as possible behind the front axle by changing over to an unusual type of lubrication technology: this was the only way they could do without the sump that is usually located beneath the engine. In its place an external oil tank and several pumps supply the engine with lubricant – even during high lateral acceleration. We could fill pages and pages writing about the other performance-enhancing measures that were implemented, so here are the most important ones in a nutshell: a newly developed magnesium intake manifold with precisely matched resonance tube lengths for optimum cylinder flow, the use of exhaust headers, significantly lighter forged pistons plus the bucket tappets for a rigid valve train that improves power and torque output. The rest is written all over the faces of euphoric drivers: 6.3-litre V8, 420 kW, 650 Nm torque, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds, top speed 317 km/h. Figures can be such fun!

SLS AMG / 50 . 51

Cut a fine figure on the race track. In designer sports gear With this much engine output, every gear is a revelation. The new AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmission with an integral rear axle differential lock is in control here. The dual-clutch transmission’s construction principle comes from the world of motorsport: it consists of two automated dividing gears, each with one clutch. When changing gear, one clutch closes whilst the other one opens simultaneously, so that there is no interruption to power delivery during shifting. Incidentally, all this happens in less than a hundred milliseconds – just as fast as a racing driver. The driver can choose from four transmission modes: “C” (Controlled Efficiency), “S” (Sport), “S+” (Sport plus) and “M” (Manual). The RACE START function facilitates maximum acceleration from standstill. So if you should ever find yourself unable to resist a race track, there’s plenty of scope for challenging the laws of physics.

SLS AMG / 52 . 53

Only the central reservation boasts better roadholding Aluminium, steel and motorsport know-how. These are the components that make the SLS AMG’s suspension so uncompromising. The technical details: dual wishbones with a tie rod, independent wheel and spring location and purpose-developed spring struts. These are tuned so as to increase camber and track-holding rigidity considerably, whilst a long wheelbase ensures straight-line stability and the wide track width more grip on bends. All in all: roadholding you can feel every second of the journey. And the rear aerofoil that automatically extends when accelerating from speeds of 120 km/h improves downforce. Anyone wishing to inject yet more sportiness can select the AMG performance suspension available as an optional extra; with its tauter tuning of springs and dampers it adds up to optimised lateral dynamics.

SLS AMG / 54 . 55

When we build sports cars we try our best to lose. Weight, of course Less is not more – it’s faster: in order to achieve the lowest weight possible, the designers were consistent in their use of aluminium for the bodyshell of the SLS AMG. The entire aluminium space frame weighs just 241 kg. In order to achieve this weight and to render the structure as stable as possible, the engineers optimised the distribution of forces in the structure again and again. Precisely calculated aluminium cast parts are positioned in places which bear the brunt of high forces. A mere four percent of the bodyshell is still made of steel – where occupant safety is paramount. So much stability and safety but so little weight – this could well be a record. And anyone for whom the car still isn’t light enough can reduce its weight even further with numerous optional extras: with considerably lighter AMG sports bucket seats, ceramic brake discs, forged wheels or with the extensive use of carbon fibre.

SLS AMG / 56 . 57

The only door that doesn’t take up any room when it opens – it creates room It’s fantastic that the SLS AMG is so super sporty. It’s even more fantastic that its driver doesn’t have to be. Because the gullwing doors make getting in and out really easy: with an entrance height of 45 cm, a distance between the open door and the ground of 1.50 metres and an opening angle of 70°. It’s hard to believe the gullwing doors extend outwards no more than 36.3 cm when opening – much less than a normal car door. And it goes without saying that they can be opened fully in every conventional garage. The driver senses at first glance just how special these gullwing doors are. And so that absolutely nothing impairs the look of the perfect lines, the door handles have been fully integrated, only folding out when they are unlocked.

SLS AMG / 58 . 59

High performance is our goal when it comes to safety, too The three-pointed star on the SLS AMG’s radiator is a sure sign that the weight-reducing measures aren’t at the expense of hallmark Mercedes-Benz safety. On the contrary. The basis of the safety concept is the stable aluminium space frame which is reinforced with steel where occupant safety demands. Also responsible for the high level of safety enjoyed by the driver and passenger are belt tensioners and belt force limiters. And there are no less than eight airbags in total: two adaptive airbags in the front area and two each in the side, head and knee area. There are also numerous electronic driver assistance systems taking care of active safety. And last but not least there are the driver’s dilated pupils. By the way, the SLS AMG is also streets ahead where safety in Formula 1 is concerned. As the Official F1™ Safety Car – tested and serviced by the AMG Performance Studio’s specialists.

SLS AMG / 60 . 61

Nine colours. From Silver Arrow to Black Beauty The SLS AMG looks faster than the competition even when stationary. This is thanks to nine exciting paint colours, including the classic sports car colours silver, red and black. But we wouldn’t be AMG if there weren’t a healthy helping of know-how in the paints – take the AMG alubeam silver variant, for instance, whose surface shines like liquid metal, brought to life through light reflections. The secret to this process – which is a unique one worldwide – is held by colour particles that are a mere 30–50 nanometres in size. Quite different, though equally fascinating, are the magno matt paints. They set off the lines and shape of the body magnificently, giving the SLS AMG a velvety, sensuous outer skin.

SLS AMG / 62 . 63




obsidian black


iridium silver



designo magno allanite grey


designo mystic white 2

Paintwork Just for a change the SLS AMG makes something weigh heavily on your mind: choosing from its nine paint colours. There are two metallic paints as standard: iridium silver and obsidian black. As an optional extra you can choose between two designo paints – the satin-finish paint designo magno allanite grey and designo mystic white 2 – plus five other exclusive AMG paints, some of which are named after the most famous race tracks in motorsport history – Monza, Le Mans, Imola and Daytona.


AMG alubeam silver


AMG Monza grey magno


AMG Le Mans red


AMG Imola grey


AMG Daytona blue

SLS AMG / 64 . 65

Yet another reason to bow down. The light-alloy wheels It’s not just the body – the wheels and tyres also blend high tech and design to impressive effect. AMG light-alloy wheels produced using the flow-forming process bring increased driving dynamics and suspension comfort. They are weight-optimised – as are the forged wheels that are also available – and with their striking, puristic design blend harmoniously into the top athlete’s super-fit look. They wear tyres developed exclusively for the SLS AMG – for outstandingly high grip. Their air pressure is constantly monitored and the value for each individual wheel displayed in the cockpit. But first and foremost: the finer the wheels the better they suit the SLS AMG.

SLS AMG / 66 . 67

Standard equipment 7-spoke AMG light-alloy wheels

Optional extra 5-twin-spoke AMG light-alloy wheels

Optional extra 10-spoke AMG forged wheels

Optional extra AMG ceramic high-performance compound brake system

Pity you only ever get a fleeting glance of them as the car speeds by

They won’t want to hear this in Meissen, but this is how to process ceramics

There are three different wheel designs in titanium grey and 19"/20" combination available for the SLS AMG. High-sheen 7-spoke AMG light-alloy wheels are fitted as standard. Also available as an option are high-sheen 5-twin-spoke AMG light-alloy wheels or the weight-optimised, polished 10-spoke AMG forged wheels. Every wheel brings its own interpretation of the supersport theme, but what they all have in common is a design that allows you to look through the spokes so you have an excellent view of the large AMG high-performance compound brake system. For this, too, is certainly a sight worth seeing.

The newly developed AMG ceramic high-performance compound brake system is available as an option for motorsport-style braking power. Its discs are characterised by their extreme hardness as they are made of ceramics reinforced with carbon fibres. This reduces the weight of the brake discs by 40 %, improving steering behaviour thanks to lower unsprung masses, whilst also facilitating shorter braking distances, higher fatigue strength and a longer life. At a standstill you can recognise the ceramic brake through the specially painted brake callipers. In the eyes of the AMG master craftsmen not even a piece of pottery from Meissen could beat this for looks.

SLS AMG / 68 . 69

Rarely can a co-pilot have clung onto such exquisite appointments The driver might not get much of the landscape flying past outside – but the fine interior certainly makes up for this. The AMG sports seats are made of hand-sewn black nappa leather and boast contrasting topstitching – as do the dashboard, door panelling and armrests. The roof lining and the A- and C-pillar trim are in anthracitecoloured Alcantara, the footwell and rear panel are covered with a black velour carpet. So it may well have absolutely nothing to do with driving dynamics if the co-driver comes over all touchy-feely.

SLS AMG / 70 . 71

designo leather

designo Exclusive leather, single-tone



designo Exclusive leather, two-tone






classic red



Colours and materials The AMS sports seatsʼ backrests consist of high-strength magnesium, with good lateral support – even when the going gets sporty – courtesy of deeply contoured side bolsters. That’s the inner values taken care of. Craftsmanship and love of detail can be seen and felt on the exterior of the seats, too. This applies to the standard-fit appointments in black nappa leather and the optional extras in equal measure. The latter are in designo Exclusive leather and come as a single- or two-tone variant or natural leather with a woven leather insert. You might spend much of your time driving against the clock, but you should take all the time you need for this difficult decision.

Natural/woven leather




classic red/black




designo Exclusive leather in light brown

SLS AMG / 72 . 73

Standard equipment Central control panel for COMAND APS

Standard equipment 7-inch TFT colour screen for displaying high-resolution maps

Optional extra Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG, 250-watt subwoofer

Optional extra Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG, illuminated tweeter lens

Multimedia system and navigation

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG sound system

The latest-telematics-generation COMAND APS multimedia system is fitted as standard on board the SLS AMG. It includes a 7-inch-TFT colour display, six loudspeakers, a DVD drive for audio and video – also available as a 6-disc CD/DVD changer as an option, a Music Register with a 4-GB memory for digital music and a Bluetooth interface. Navigation is via the hard disc and features particularly high-resolution map display. The colour display also shows pictures from the optional reversing camera. And so that you can concentrate fully on driving, the COMAND APS multimedia system with LINGUATRONIC can be controlled via spoken instructions.

Looks like the speed record for concert halls has been broken. A high-end surround sound system developed together with Bang & Olufsen specially for the SLS AMG is available as an optional extra. Its 11 high-performance loudspeakers with a total of 1000 watts create astounding acoustics and the two illuminated tweeter lenses are a feast for the eyes. The driver can choose between the “Reference” high-end studio sound and an expansive surround sound, and the sound fields can even be precisely directed towards the seats with the aid of the digital sound processor (DSP). Everything you need for pristine sound and a perfect listening experience.

SLS AMG / 74 . 75

The AMG DRIVE UNIT with E-SELECT lever and KEYLESS GO start function

AMG instrument cluster with 7-LED upshift indicator

AMG heated sports seats in designo nappa leather

Door sill panels in vehicle colour with nappa leather insert and embossed AMG lettering

Bi-xenon front headlamps with integrated LED daytime driving lights

Screw-on solid metal fuel filler cap

Rear bumper with fully integrated tailpipes

Standard equipment | Selection Fitted as standard in the SLS AMG are the solid metal centre console with the AMG DRIVE UNIT, the AMG E-SELECT lever and the KEYLESS GO start function. Also on board are the THERMOTRONIC luxury automatic climate control, the PARKTRONIC parking aid, the COMAND APS multimedia system with LINGUATRONIC and the AMG instrument cluster with white backlit round dials, an upshift indicator with seven LEDs, silver-coloured dials, red needles and 360-km/h scale. Standard-fit features also include heated AMG sports seats in hand-sewn black nappa leather with contrasting topstitching.

Yet more standard equipment comes in the form of the AMG performance steering wheel with a dynamic 3-spoke design, silver-coloured aluminium shift paddles and a solid metal insert, the roof liner and A- and C-pillar trim in anthracite-coloured Alcantara and door sill panels in the vehicle colour, featuring a black nappa leather insert and embossed AMG lettering. And that was just the interior. The standard equipment for the exterior includes bi-xenon headlamps with integrated LED daytime driving lights, a solid metal screw-on fuel filler cap, 19"/20" 7-spoke AMG light-alloy wheels and the rear bumper with integrated tailpipes.

SLS AMG / 76 . 77

AMG performance steering wheel in nappa leather/Alcantara

AMG carbon-fibre trim elements with genuine carbon-fibre insert for the centre console

AMG carbon-fibre engine compartment cover

AMG Interior Carbon Fibre package, AMG door sill panel

AMG Interior Carbon Fibre package, seat lining

AMG sports bucket seats

AMG carbon-fibre exterior mirrors

AMG performance suspension with even more sporty spring and damper tuning

Optional extras | Selection Even the utmost in enjoyment can become even more enjoyable. The optional extras offer you a choice of single- or two-tone designo Exclusive leather appointment variants, or you can opt for a natural/woven leather combination. Also available as options are the AMG performance steering wheel with Alcantara inserts, AMG carbon-fibre trim elements – with a genuine carbon-fibre insert for the centre console and the door trim strips – or the AMG Interior Carbon Fibre package with additional carbon-fibre door sill panels and carbon-fibre seat linings.

Also available as optional extras: an AMG carbon-fibre engine compartment cover, AMG sports bucket seats for perfect lateral support, a Memory package (which can save the specific settings for the driver’s and passenger seat, steering column and exterior mirror for several drivers), plus AMG carbon-fibre exterior mirrors. And anyone who just can’t get enough sportiness can go for the AMG performance suspension for even faster, more direct response.

SLS AMG / 78 . 79

As far as we’re concerned there’s no possible or impossible. Only minor and major challenges The AMG Performance Studio was founded in 2006 to make your AMG Mercedes even more individual and even sportier. The thing that really makes our employees’ day? When they have to say “I’ve never come across that before!” when met with a particularly demanding customer requirement, before they set about turning the idea into reality with zeal. Because our highly motivated specialists regard every request for particular colours or materials, for extravagant appointments or yet more dynamism as a special challenge to which they are only too glad to rise as they fulfil it with passion and meticulous precision.

SLS AMG / 80 . 81

Services Mercedes-Benz Museum. More than 120 years of automotive history in one place – this is what awaits you at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. Experience the unique excitement, and embark upon a thrilling journey through time. Housed inside an architecturally impressive building, over 1500 exhibits on nine levels give you an insight into the unique tradition and powers of innovation of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Plus you can see the world’s first two cars in the shape of the Benz patent motor car and the Daimler motorised carriage – both from the year 1886. Two linked circuits take you from the beginnings of the car, past a series of unforgettable classics, through over 100 years of motor-racing history and, finally, on to a glimpse of what the future holds – in an area covering a total of 16,500 square metres. Enjoy the unique brand experience! We look forward to your visit. Further information is available at

MercedesCard. Your ticket to the Mercedes-Benz experience: four times a year we will send you exciting details of a selected range of events and services which we have put together exclusively for you. Then there is the Mercedes Magazine with its fascinating reports and articles. But the MercedesCard also has many other uses: as a VISA credit card, it is an internationally accepted means of payment. Answer the annual questionnaire and weʼll even waive the card fee. Plus the card offers further benefits to provide you with peace of mind, such as the Mercedes-Benz insurance package at no extra charge and the exclusively compiled MercedesCard insurance package at a preferential price. You can also gain free entry to the Mercedes-Benz Museum simply by showing your VISA MercedesCard. Further information can be found at

Mercedes-Benz mobility. There will always be a helpful passenger in your new car: the assurance of carefree driving. Should you ever need assistance, however, the Mercedes-Benz Service24h is there for you. Just call the freephone service hotline on 00800 1 777 77772. The newly integrated telematics service Mercedes-Benz Contact3 is even more customer-friendly: a touch of a button is all it takes to contact the Mercedes-Benz customer centre by phone. And if you wish all the relevant vehicle and position-related data can be sent at the same time, ensuring the fastest possible reaction time and rapid on-the-spot help. As standard and at no extra charge: the Mercedes-Benz mobility package Mobilo4. Whether you have lost your key, have had a breakdown which cannot be repaired immediately or if the vehicle is damaged as a result of an accident or vandalism, Mobilo gets you to your destination – anywhere in Europe. Whatever the nature of your problem, one thing is sure: you will soon be able to resume your journey.

Mercedes-Benz Bank. If you have already chosen your dream car and want to remain financially flexible, you should make us your next port of call, whether you are interested in leasing, finance, insurance or service packages. Our “Private Leasing plus” scheme is a complete package comprising leasing, third-party insurance and fully-comprehensive insurance. “Business Leasing plus” for business customers works in much the same way, while our “Plus3 Financing” combines the low repayment rates of a financing scheme with the flexibility of leasing. You have three options at the end of the contract: you can keep the car, sell it or return it to us for a guaranteed price and switch to a new model. We can also offer a range of investment products such as fixed-interest products, savings plans, investment funds or depository receipts. For details, please call 01803/32 22 655 or visit

Test drive. A Mercedes-Benz is most at home on the road. This is the only way to discover the effortlessly superior driving feel that lends every Mercedes model its inimitable class. Experience efficient engines with low fuel consumption and precise steering, designed to put you right in the mood for driving. And feel what true comfort really is. The unique feeling of driving a Mercedes cannot be put into words, however. Which is precisely why we’d like to invite you to take a test drive. Your Mercedes-Benz dealer will be happy to make all the necessary arrangements for you. Simply visit to locate the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer in your country or region. We look forward to seeing you.

Interactive Owner’s Manual. You can familiarise yourself with your desired model online by taking our interactive tour. Climb on board and use the simulators to get to know your dream car. You can experience key functions in detail, take a close look at the inner workings of the car or find out about the benefits of each model. For further details, go to: Mobile internet. Now your mobile phone acts as a gateway to the whole Mercedes-Benz world. In addition to an overview of all passenger car models, there are insights into the entire brand world, not to mention a wealth of entertainment offers and direct links to a range of services at

Information about the MercedesCard in Austria and Switzerland can be found on the Mercedes-Benz websites for these countries 2 Mobile phone rates vary according to service provider 3 Requires a factory-fitted radio linked up to a switched-on mobile phone. For the cost of a call to the landline network  4 When the warranty has expired Mobilo can be extended by another year for a maximum of 30 years, provided that regular maintenance is carried out by your Mercedes-Benz service partner 5 9 ct/min. from Deutsche Telekom landlines, mobile-phone rates may vary 1

SLS AMG / 82 . 83

Dimensions and technical data 1



1947 1491

1483 1606


488 544 250

1682 2297 2664

Arrangement/number of cylinders


Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (s)


Fuel consumption3 (l/100 km)

Total displacement (cc)


Top speed (km/h)




Rated output (kW at rpm)



Super Plus

Rated torque2 (Nm at rpm)


CO2 emissions3 (g/km) combined/EU 5 emissions standard

308/EU 5

All measurements in millimetres. The dimensions shown are mean values and apply to standard-specification, unladen vehicles 2 Figures in accordance with Directive 80/1269/EEC in the currently applicable version 1


1651 1939


The figures shown have been calculated in accordance with the prescribed measuring process (Directive 80/1268/EEC in the currently applicable version). The figures are not based on an individual vehicle model and do not constitute part of the product offer; they are provided solely for purposes of comparison between vehicle models

2680 4638


Front tyre size

265/35 R 19


Rear tyre size

295/30 R 20



Kerb weight (kg)




Perm. GVW (kg)



Figures according to Directive 92/21/EC, version 95/48/EC (kerb weight with fuel tank 90 % full, driver, 68 kg, and luggage, 7 kg) for standard-specification vehicles. Optional extras and accessories will generally increase this figure and reduce the payload capacity accordingly


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