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ART CONCEPT FAIR 2016 Contemporary Art Projects USA Booth #114 GENERAL INFORMATION EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR | Tata Fernandez CURATOR | Mariavelia Savino, Chief Curator SHOW DURATION | November 29 – December 4, 2016 OPENING RECEPTION | INVITATION ONLY| November 29, 6PM – 10PM SHOW HOURS | PUBLIC | Wednesday, November 30, 1:00PM – 10:00PM Thursday, December 1, 1:00PM – 10:00PM Friday, December 2, 1:00PM - 10:00PM Saturday, December 3, 1:00PM – 10:00PM Sunday, December 4, 1:00PM – 6:00PM CONTACT INFORMATION | 786-262-5886 ADDRESS | 13899 Biscayne Blvd., Suite #302 North Miami Beach, FL 33181 EMAIL | info@contemporaryartprojectsusa.com WEBSITE | www.contemporaryartprojectsusa.com EDITOR | Fatima Canovas Art Daily News International Magazine artdailynewsinternational@gmail.com 305-302-6803

Message from the Executive Director Contemporary Art Projects USA returns to Art Concept Fair for the second time with an amazing roster of international contemporary artists. The exhibition will be curated by Mariavelia Savino, the gallery’s chief curator. “I am proud to welcome our new Chief Curator, a renowned art expert with extensive experience from institutions, art fairs, and biennales. My mission is focused on promoting art appreciation within the international community to inspire and assist with the process of art collection, and to generate resources that support artists ‘creative endeavors through art awareness, artist promotion, and art procurement. We work with the best minds in the industry and share our experience and passion for marketing the arts, culture and entertainment; from Biennales and gala auctions, to exhibitions and major international art fairs, we have the commitment, innovation and creativity to engage audiences through inspired campaigns.

Tata Fernandez

MARIAVELIA SAVINO, CHIEF CURATOR For the past years, Contemporary Art Projects USA has included the curator figure in all of its events and exhibitions; one of its major initiatives being the creation of a curatorial assessment and support program that encompasses the artist’s trajectory of a work from conception to completion. This mentorship is based on a one-to-one relationship between the artist and the curator where the artist expresses ideas, intentions, and reflections about the creative process that initiates a cooperation that develops into a project rather than an isolated piece without a totality. Each project is created according to the theme determined by the institution or fair where it will be exhibited, in that way, the curator figure in Contemporary Art Projects USA develops a comprehensive group of projects for each exhibition; as it is the case with Art Concept Fair 2016, where collectors, art lovers, and visitors will be able to appreciate an expertly orchestrated solo and collective project– all under one curatorial guidance, yet cognizant of and attentive to each artist’s unique creative process. It is our firm objective to continue nurturing and expanding this curatorial program with our artists, so that we can help them grow their artistic careers; especially where it pertains to emerging artists. E-Mail: goldingsavino@aol.com Phone: +1-305-335-3474

CIBELL REYNA, SALES COORDINATOR A New York native, Cibell Reyna studied Display and Exhibit Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City; now living in Miami, Florida, Cibell worked at Hardcore Art Contemporary Gallery/Oscar Ascanio Gallery in Wynwood from 2005 to 2016 - as well as several other local galleries, and the 2001 Purvis Young Art Exhibit –as well as a freelance Art Handler, an art installer for a host of private collectors, and a sales representative for Scope, Arte America, Red Dot, and several other fairs during Art Basel Miami Week in previous years. An independent Art Consultant, Reyna has a well-rounded resume that makes her the perfect person to assist artist and collectors in the delicate process of art sales and acquisition. E-Mail: sales@contemporaryartprojectsusa.com Phone: +1-305-205-9157

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS Kelly Fischer|Invited Artist Robin Apple|iPhoneography Project Maria Fernanda Lairet|Advanced Visual Project Brian Blount Ricardo Cardenas Ileana Collazo Mariana Copello Rajvi Dedhia Unadkat José Placido Domingo Natasha Gray Ana Maria Nava Anrika Rupp Anica Shpilberg Gary Traczyk Alfredo Ulloa Henrik Welle

“I create vibrant, multicolored, and powerful artworks. The colors that one chooses as an artist are an unveiling of our creative personality. My intention is to provoke and present evocative artworks that leave an imprint on the soul... Color forces us to see things differently and does have an impact on the viewer... Shades of grey help to grasp and pay attention to line, shadow, and texture. But, the most significant feature is the strength in the piece itself... I developed a passion for painting and storytelling at a young age... Over time, painting challenged me in a way that nothing else ever had. I get a lot of satisfaction out of creating whatever I want...no rules or boundaries; writing and painting are different, yet the same. My dream is to reach a larger audience. The support received – in, both, Europe and the States - is influential in helping me to forge my career."

Kelly Fischer| USA | Switzerland | Invited Artist

Kelly Fischer | USA |Switzerland INVITED ARTIST

Eze - France Acrylic on Canvas 78” x 74”

“My work is organized around sentiments that I’m feeling when I create it. As a trained clinical psychologist, emotion's awareness is ever-present for me; taking precedence over content, location and situation. I visited the Brooklyn, New York area during Memorial Day 2016 - a holiday honoring those who lost their lives in service to the country. Throughout the trip, I was struck by apprehension and pessimism, as a year marked by terrorist acts, police-related violence, random shootings, and unexpected political turbulence moves towards the uncertainty of the U.S. presidential election. I ventured into establishments and neighborhoods with a mix of dark humor, disgust, dread, embarrassment, foreboding, and a quest for reassurance and soothing. I found myself creating images that captured the darker, more painful elements of the year using the flag as a divisive, silencing agent; as well as more comforting and mundane; or a school bus and all that it symbolizes about hope, learning, and younger generations. Attempting to understand and express myself in relation to the issues above, I created, “Splash”, a series that blends self-portraits against the backdrop of portions of flag-laden Brooklyn during this particular holiday week. I used my iPhone6-plus for capturing and post-processing; later setting “Splash” to audio of a hovering Huey helicopter.”

Robin Apple | USA

Robin Apple | USA Special iPhoneography Installation

Splash Series 8 iPhoneography Printed on Plexiglas 24” x 24”

"I believe that the digital revolution gave birth to artistic techniques and languages that opened dimensions of reality where space and time are left to become borderlines; due to simultaneity and cyberspace. This transformation is reflected in my photographs and works with the murals of ethereal textures and the conversion of monetary bills in virtual reality, synthesizing cultural and economic icons that see globalism intense opposition with diversity. Contemporaneity is generating a novel notion of human culture; echoing a planetary conscience that opposes regionalism and isolation. This language merges with digital photography, and I am part of this dimension by creating a visual language with virtual collages. The artwork presented here is formed by esthetic layers through a complex process of experimentation and conceptualization, where the frame disappears among the geometric layers transformed in emptiness and transparency to create visual dimensions towards a neo-kinetic approach. The whole merges with each part around the same goal to transform esthetic in knowledge and visual poetry. “

Maria Fernanda Lairet | Venezuela

Maria Fernanda Lairet | Venezuela Advanced Visual Project

Eurozona Series Textile Digital Printing Graphic Canvas Bi-Dimensional Kinetic 40� x 80�

“I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When young artists moved there in the 1970’s, I was among them. My studio became an artists' gathering place. My collages dominated the art scene through the 1980’s with unique images of suggested landscape forms that captured the attention of the international art world. My work is a narrative of torn, touched, used, loved, discarded, and forgotten fragments of art, ephemera, and objects; a mystery of moments almost remembered.”

Brian Blount | USA

Brian Blount | USA

LYRA Mixed Media Collage 22” x 22”

“My autobiographical work, PARAMO, reunites elements from my structural engineer profession merged with creative concepts inspired by the artistic movement "Arte Povera". I narrate events of my life, expressing feelings and beliefs using building materials, concrete, and steel. PARAMO - from the Latin, Paramus describes an arid desert at a certain altitude; somber, ignored, plagued by fog, rain, clouds, rocks and wind; where loneliness becomes evident. PARAMO reunites life energies that men connect with their gods; incomprehensible forces that can't be dominated. The PARAMO is cold like the concrete of my artworks. I painted deep thoughts provoked by tragedy and despair during the worst moment of my life. The lines at 45 degrees signify the thoughts’ positive or negative nature. The white crossed lines are lights that mark the hour in the search for equilibrium. In real life, concrete won't hold without an internal steel structure. In the artistic image, concrete is life's hardness and coldness; unbearable without the internal strength of the steel perceived through windows that are as a person's internal x-rays. The MIGRANTES signify the essence of human displacement at world level. I echo heard histories narrating the perils and sufferings of the Migrantes. The sculptures stand on a cement base whit a design of irregular lines representing the roots that unite each human being with his land of provenance. The body of each sculpture is made in concrete surrounded by a reticular structure of steel bars that are its support; which in the artworks signify the strength that the migrants need in order to survive. There are bars that penetrate the body to indicate the problems that migrants face in their process of change. The body has an internal structure in wood that symbolizes the warmth of the soul that all the persons have; determining their kindness. The faces are turned to the sky to express a cry, clamering for an explanation.”

Ricardo Cárdenas | México

Ricardo Cárdenas | México

Paramo Series Acrylic and Mixed Media on Concrete/Cement 80” x 80”

"I take photographs - sometimes of all the obvious things that we all see, and others of things that we tend to overlook - like what is tossed roadside, a section of what I initially see in the frame‌ - then, I digitally mix and match the images to create the finished work. When I paint, I allow colors, shapes, and movement to guide me to express the language that floats inside my brain. My body of work: "Horizon" - exhibited early this year in Santa Fe, New Mexico was conceived as a reaction to the thoughts that flooded my brain as I sat at the seashore captivated by one of those amazing Miami sunsets. The horizon, the line where earth and sky appear to meet; an illusory point that seems a place that we can reach; we sit and watch as sun and moon quietly slide behind it as so many dreams and hopes we aim to reach accompany them. The horizon is seductive in its promise of a point that we can travel to and reach, while our hopes and dreams are goals we need to fight hard to achieve.�

Ileana Collazo | Cuba/USA

Ileana Collazo | Cuba/USA

Horizon I Manipulated Photography Printed on Metallic Paper and Mounted on Plexiglas 30� x 24�

“My neo-minimalist art of strong rectangular shapes - superimposed to follow the golden ratio - looks for aesthetic beauty and harmonic consolidation of the rectilinear form. In my Allegro and Impromptu Series - inspired by music and melodic dynamism - each work aligns into a musical movement echoing an imaginary pentagram. My first sculptural sketch was based in a melody that I transferred to lines and shapes; then into a 3D work. I intrinsically represent music in my pieces by repeating, altering, or combining forms, lines, and colors into diverse rectangular units in a levitating composition; giving them special reverberation. Bright colors are key elements to my creation's musical resonance, as each color has visual vibration. My artworks captivate viewers by form, color, or both. Creating pieces that enrich life, I say: ‘A sculpture is a space that you steal from the universe’… My goal is to develop an experience to discover a new way of art, where you can create your own symphony.”

Mariana Copello | Venezuela

Mariana Copello | Venezuela

Chromo-Ritmo Red Painted Aluminum 24” x 5” x 4”


Allegro Blue Series I Painted Aluminum 60"x13"x8" Base 17"x17" 1/5 VARIABLE DIMENSIONS

Mariana Copello | Venezuela

“I explore the interior world; expressing its emotions, and feeling nature with color, form, line, and texture. I am intrigued by the way an artwork conveys that which often cannot be spoken; and is perhaps better left unsaid. Words can be a problem, but there is no misunderstanding in a painting. It is honest and straight-forward, a one-off communication of the soul that defies judgment of feelings. High-strung or subdued, joyful or agitated, there is room for all of it in a painting. It is the expression of the vastness of our interior worlds not seen in everyday life, but felt as very real."

Rajvi Dedhia Unadkat | India

Rajvi Dedhia Unadkat | India

Untitled Mixed Media on Canvas 36” x 48”

"Ever since I can remember, trees have fascinated me. I remember hurting myself as a child while playing among them and of hiding behind them while playing with other children. Trees have always been present in my life. I have forever loved the feel and smell of a tree when close to it. It was only natural than when I turned 16 and picked up my first camera, trees became my subject. We will come and go, but they will continue on guarding what we have left behind."

JosĂŠ Placido Domingo| MĂŠxico

José Placido Domingo |México

The Drive Black and White Photography 20” x 30”

"When I am in close contact with nature, I find a deep connection to myself. I feel alive, nostalgic, happy, vulnerable‌ it is there where I am truly me. I am amazed to discover so much within small details. My work is intended to open the way to a simpler, yet deeper, level of emotions; to a place of silence from which to contemplate things as they are, because I trust that it is in such a place that the greatness of life and spirit resides."

Natasha Gray | MĂŠxico

Natasha Gray | México

Ghosts Drawing Scratched on Acrylic 23” x 48”

Natasha Gray/José Placido Domingo Collaborative

In 2011, Natasha partnered with José Plácido Domingo to create a unique type of artwork uniting the mediums of photography and wire drawing. The result was a series of photographs intervened with Natasha's wire drawing entitled "Light begins in Darkness." The exhibition opened in Fundación Sebastian in Sept 2012 and was broadly covered by the media and art societies. The exhibition is now traveling to New York and Miami.

The Visit Wire and Thread over Photographic Print 32” x 20.5”

“Color is all around us, jumping from every corner of our surroundings; impossible to miss, dancing in front of our eyes, floating... Color splashes are our first attempts to express ourselves; they are part of our earliest memories and explorations. I have gone back to that experimentation; first in the glass textiles, and now in larger scale floating wall installations. Color splashes grew - became hollow sometimes - began to grow appendixes; started moving along walls and ceilings as they acquired a life of their own. Space is there to conquer and to colonize. Movement gives cadence to these growing colonies formed by organic elements that duplicate themselves on the bare wall. The shadows they cast become colored ghosts dancing under the splash. Are the colored shadows the leading figures in this play? That remains to be found... Light is the source that gives life to this experience that I have titled: "Aguazul".

Ana Maria Nava | Venezuela

Ana Maria Nava | Venezuela

Manchas Flotantes Glass Installation 60� x 60�



Ana Maria Nava | Venezuela

“I stand before nature asking: why?... I observe and look for patterns, symmetry; a tendency product of our evolution. With their resolution range, our eyes see certain sizes. Developing tools to see what is larger or smaller, we observe patterns and repetitions within scales emulating other scales. Few simple rules create all that we see in nature's design, efficiency, and scalability. In my studies, spheres arise persistently. Viruses are spherical as planets, moons, and, most celestial bodies. My latest series of spherical objects is inspired by the space wanderers documented by the Hubble Space telescope. Those impressive orbs floating in the vastness of space - some cold and quiet, others a furnace of atomic fusion - all together inspire awe, longing, and infinite loneliness in me. The pull they exert on my imagination fuels my drive to search for understanding, inspiring me to find the origin of the sense of identity that the vastness of outerspace and the atomic world create in me.�

Anrika Rupp | Venezuela

Anrika Rupp | Venezuela

Galaxy in a Box #15 Galaxy or Nebula, Quasar or Pulsar? 13” x 20” x 13” Plexiglas, Acrylic, Acrylic Paints and Led Strips

“Images are the language of my thoughts. I am inspired by my surroundings and experiences lived. Color is integral to the story, and my aim is to make the story a personal one; yet, one the viewer can enter and share. The purpose of it all is to capture instances in time that form a story, one that is interpreted by the observers who add their biases as they reflect on the images. This series is about “The Dune Road Fire of 2015”, which occurred in Westhampton, NY - where a 54-unit building went up in flames while undergoing renovations before the season started. The only person living there was the property manager; the property was gone in a few hours. I wanted to document what was left after the fire, and what I found were lots of cinders, ash, charcoal, and scoot besides burned furniture; and small pieces like pottery that had survived - nothing else. Photographing this series was difficult, though the colors and textures were amazing and attracting; but at the same time, thinking of how many memories died in the fire and how many families were affected made me think twice about showing this series. Only when I heard that an agreement with the City had been achieved, and that they would rebuild the complex, did I feel that I could go ahead with the project.”

Anica Shpilberg | Perú/USA

Anica Shpilberg | Perú/USA

A Cup Photography Printed on Metallic Paper Mounted on Plexiglas 24” x 24”

"To create my sculptures, I use marine grade stainless steel that is cut on a band saw. The metal is then grinded down to smooth the edges. After this process, I sand the stainless steel from 50 to 400 grit and buff it out with rouge. Then, I start to form the metal around organic objects and jigs that I previously created. When the metal reaches a form to my liking, I sand it out; polishing it again to achieve the mirror finish. The balances of my sculptures are strictly done on a trial and error basis; they are kinetic, and move for several minutes with one touch. The pivoting point is a stainless steel bearing. I use geometric forms in space to interact with negative space, creating movement of light and reflections of the surrounding area. My final products are timeless art pieces. I attended Miami's New World School of the Arts, and an international program in Italy.�

Gary Traczyk | USA

Gary Traczyk | USA

IL Fuoco Stainless Steel on Granite 40” x 14” x 14”

“I try to show in my artworks great skill combined with outstanding creative ardor and determination, with the focus of developing a unique personal style that embodies a contemporary minimalist language in which complexity is given by textures and movement that create depth and balance. I am a contemporary artist (b.1993) that incorporates my own treatment of colors' vibrations, and adopts a method of scratching and strapping the canvas as well as including in some of my pieces pre-made industrial elements - while creating an insinuate image that becomes a living sculptural experience charged with passion and emotion. I receive influence and inspiration from my personal life experiences, and the post-war & contemporary art movements. I was raised in a Colombian farm- near the agro industrial area and the sugar cane fields - this experience gave me a particular attraction to industrial work aesthetics: marks, colors, textures and patterns. Through different activities and jobs I developed familiarity to tools and materials unusual to the fine arts practice. I combined all this knowledge with my experimentation with fine art materials: oils, acrylic and spray-paint. I seek to achieve pictures that look organic, urban, industrial, used, worn. I want my objects to have emotional charge and character. I want my paintings and sculptures to be appealing to a global audience, and that are understood by selfexperience and visual/psychic attraction. My work seeks to be identifiable by the trace of human touch, energy and man-made craftsmanship.�

Alfredo Ulloa | Colombia

Alfredo Ulloa | Colombia

Pierre Acrylic on Canvas 36”x 36”

“I’ve chosen photography over film because I can capture the present moment and freeze it in time. A photograph always can bring you back to that moment or feeling that you had in the time of its creation, or when you saw it for the first time. A photo can create an emotion, a feeling; and inspire your imagination whenever you gaze at it. The underwater world - the birthplace of all life on this earth - has always been my greatest passion. Around 70% of this blue planet is covered with water, and we know so little of it. Nature is the most amazing artist; with my photography I showcase these amazing wonders in a different light, in addition - as most people have not experienced firsthand the structures, forms, and bizarre appearances of nature’s creation - with my underwater paradoxes, I transport earthly scenes into water to capture everybody's attention with an option to play or interact inside that world.”

Henrik Welle | Germany

Henrik Welle|Germany

Circle of Life Installation Photography Printed on Metallic Paper and Mounted on Plexiglas Sculpture Recycled Material 114” x 36”

CONCURRENT EXHIBITION RICARDO CARDENAS | México MDC Galleries of Art + Designs/MDC Museum of Art + Design Miami Dade College West Campus Gallery Miami, Florida The exhibition was co-curated by Wanda Texon, Associate Curator, MDC MOA + D and Mariavelia Savino, Contemporary Art Projects USA's Chief Curator, and currently held at West Gallery, 3800 N. W. 115 Avenue in Doral, Florida. The exhibition will be on view until December 9th, 2016.

MDC West Campus Gallery – under the umbrella of MDC Museum of Art and Design in collaboration with Contemporary Art Projects USA – is hosting this exhibition with the impressive works of Mexican artist Ricardo Cardenas. The artist, represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, with whom he has participated and sold his work in several art fairs, will once again exhibit during Art Basel Miami Week 2016 at Concept Art Fair concurrent with this exhibition. Ricardo is a young emerging artist born in México. His career and autobiographical works reunite creative elements from his profession as structural engineer that he merges with concepts inspired by the artistic Italian movement called "Arte Povera". The artist narrates in his artworks events that marked his life, and expresses his feelings and beliefs by using in a unique fashion building materials such as: concrete and steel: which he integrates into his paintings and sculptures. PARAMO, from the Latin paramus, describes a place at a certain altitude, somber and ignored, plagued by fog, rain, clouds, rocks and wind, with no population or vegetation; where the horizons multiply and loneliness becomes evident. At the PARAMO come together the energies of life that men connect with their gods, the forces that aren't understandable and can't be dominated. The PARAMO is cold and desolate, like the concrete that the artist employs in his artworks, painting over them with gray and dark tones his deep thoughts provoked by the tragedy and despair in which he found himself during the worst moment of his life. These thoughts are defined by leaning lines at 45 degrees to signify their positive or negative nature. The white lines depicted in the artworks are the light that crossing marks a moment in time, defining the hour, in the search for a horizon and the needed equilibrium. In real life, the concrete without the internal steel structure wouldn't hold. In the artistic image by Ricardo Cárdenas the concrete is the hardness and coldness of life that is unbearable without the internal strength given by the steel, which can be perceived through the windows that are as an internal x-ray of the person.

CURATORIAL PROGRAM Contemporary Art Projects USA has been including the curator in all its events and exhibitions - one of its main initiatives being the creation of a program geared at providing curatorial assistance. The Curatorial Program lasts one year (renewable). It is suitable to all artists, as it will adapt to the artist’s experience, art knowledge, and career goals. To mark the interaction between artist and curator the Program makes emphasis on 3 general elements: 1) EVALUATION 2) PRODUCTION 3) SUCCESS Artist and curator will examine and point out the sources of inspiration and main goals; for an individual artwork, for one series, or for the overall of the artist's body of work, preexisting and/or to be created during the Curatorial Program. The Curator will use a straight forward critical method to reach positive action, uplifting changes or improvements, as well as a direct interaction between message, communication, visual creation and exhibition feasibility of the art; also, taking in consideration sales possibility for diverse scenarios. To implement the thought that each artist is unique and will create his/her own niche in the Art World, the Curatorial program will be tailored individually for each artist, per the Curator's opinion for optimizing each artist’s fundamental and more important drive. Our lemma, is: "Contemporary Art Projects USA, where Emerging and Career Artists become Famous."

Mariavelia Savino | Chief Curator

CURATORIAL PROGRAM ARTISTS Robin Apple Ricardo Cárdenas Ileana Collazo Chris Delias Lorena Fernandez Kelly Fischer Romel Orta Terry Arroyo Mulrooney Puchi Noriega Cristina Parreño Anica Shpilberg Michele A. Utley-Voigt Rosaria “AESTUS” Vigorito Henrik Welle


Contemporary Art Projects USA has developed a specialized marketing program to promote gallery members, employing a variety of written and online publications; as well as a Sales and Marketing Department to undertake promotional and sales activities on the artists’ behalf by way of a clearly identifiable portfolio that will be consistently presented to collectors, development, institutions, etc. under a separate contractual agreement between the Sales Department and the artists. Artists will be recommended – at the curator’s discretion - to participate in gallery projects, exhibitions, and art fairs. Enrollment in the curatorial program can be started at any time during the gallery membership year. For more information, please contact the Executive Director to develop a personalized marketing program. We welcome national and international emerging, mid-career and established artists. The gallery offers exclusive and non-exclusive representation.

GALLERY MEMBERS Robin Apple Grace Berge Brian Blount Ricardo Cárdenas Ruth Cohen Ileana Collazo Chris Delias Lorena Fernandez Kelly Fischer Le Huu Hieu Maria Fernanda Lairet Ricardo Lowenberg Terry Arroyo Mulrooney Ana Maria Nava Puchi Noriega Romel Orta Cristina Parreño Miquel Salom Anica Shpilberg William Stalhuth Gary Traczyk Rajvi Dedhia Unadkat Rosaria “AESTUS” Vigorito Michele A. Utley-Voigt Henrik Welle


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Contemporary Art Projects USA| Art Concept Catalog 2016 | Booth 114  

Vol. 2. A Catalog of Contemporary Art Projects USA | Exhibition at Art Concept Fair 2016 during Art Basel Miami Week. Curated by Mariavelia...

Contemporary Art Projects USA| Art Concept Catalog 2016 | Booth 114  

Vol. 2. A Catalog of Contemporary Art Projects USA | Exhibition at Art Concept Fair 2016 during Art Basel Miami Week. Curated by Mariavelia...