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ART SANTA FE 2018 Contemporary Art Projects USA Booth # 205 GENERAL INFORMATION EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR | Tata Fernandez CURATOR | Mariavelia Savino FAIR DURATION | July 18 – July 21, 2019 OPENING NIGHT & PREVIEW PARTY Thursday, July 18, 5PM – 9PM MAIN SHOW HOURS Friday, July 19, 12:00AM 8:00PM Saturday, July 20, 12:00AM – 8:00PM Sunday, July 21, 12:00AM – 5:00PM

CONTACT INFORMATION TELEPHONE | 786-262-5886 ADDRESS | 13899 Biscayne Blvd. Suite #302 North Miami Beach, FL 33181 EMAIL | WEBSITE |

EDITED by Contemporary Art Projects USA

Message from the Executive Director Contemporary Art Projects USA returns to Art Santa Fe 2019 for the third time with an amazing roster of international contemporary artists. The exhibition will be curated by Mariavelia Savino. “I am proud to have Ms. Savino as Curator; a renowned art expert with extensive experience from institutions, art fairs, and biennales.� My mission is focused on promoting art appreciation within the international community to inspire and assist with the process of art collection, and to generate resources that support artists ‘creative endeavors through art awareness, artist promotion, and art procurement. We work with the best minds in the industry and share our experience and passion for marketing the arts, culture and entertainment; from Biennales and gala auctions, to exhibitions and major international art fairs, we have the commitment, innovation and creativity to engage audiences through inspired campaigns.

Tata Fernandez

MARIAVELIA SAVINO, CURATOR For the past years, Contemporary Art Projects USA has included the curator figure in all its events and exhibitions; one of its major initiatives being the creation of a curatorial assessment and support program that encompasses the artist’s trajectory of a work from conception to completion. This mentorship is based on a one-to-one relationship between the artist and the curator where the artist expresses ideas, intentions, and reflections about the creative process that initiates a cooperation between them that develops into a project rather than an isolated piece without a totality. Each project is created according to the theme determined by the institution or fair where it will be exhibited, in that way, the curator figure in Contemporary Art Projects USA develops a comprehensive group of projects for each exhibition; as is the case with Art Santa Fe 2019, where collectors, art lovers, and visitors will be able to appreciate an expertly orchestrated solo and collective project– all under one curatorial guidance, yet cognizant of and attentive to each artist’s unique creative process. It is our firm objective to continue to nurture and expand this curatorial service with our creative artists so that we can help them grow their careers; especially where it pertains to emerging artists. E-Mail : Phone : +1-786-262-5886

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS Ricardo Cardenas-Eddy|International Invited Artist David Disko|National Invited Artist Rose Masterpol|Local Invited Artist Anoukart Louis Artelouis Patrizia Casagranda Sofia Chitikov Cari Cohen Andre Paul Croteau Daniel Deladonne Ty Joseph Luis Kaiulani Zammy Migdal Deniz Orkus Dale M. Reid

Ricardo Cardenas-Eddy, born in México, is growing his career as his exhibitions and rising popularity demonstrate. Cardenas-Eddy expresses feelings and beliefs connecting his Art in media and technique with his career as a construction engineer, cleverly using building materials, concrete and steel bars, as his artistic media. The New Own Free Style by Ricardo Cardenas reached a peak with his Series of Tributes to Great Masters and the Series of The Muses of Ricardo, as the Artist opened a new path for the Visual Arts that transcends time and space, conceiving a new way of celebrating Art History and a novel manner of innovating the media and techniques to depict it. The My Muses Series, inspired by the seven Art Muses created by Zeus in Greek and Roman Mythology that guided Classical culture and the thinking of humanity for centuries, encompass seventeen one of a kind sculptures, each different from the other, representing a Cultural or Human concept defined by the Artist. Made in cement and steel bars, they appear as dig out from a cement block or wall. Each base, on which they stand, has a color representing the wall from where the piece came. The sculptures depicted in human scale to obtain a closer approach to reality, don’t have a race, gender or age, to eliminate stigma. They are distinct in color and technique, finished in wood, metal, resin, paper or paint. Themes and names are diverse, as the language for each title. The Artist’s goal is to transmit a Universal Message. His Series of Tributes to Great Masters reinterprets main traits of the ART from master artists. Cardenas-Eddy brings them to our present time making them his own. Ricardo paints and adds collages for the whole to look like a unique poster or street graffiti on a cement wall. These Artworks are greatly admired by viewers and Art Collectors. Using the Tic Tac Toe game, he tells that Master Art is for all people, popular and accessible as a worldwide played game. Presented by Contemporary Art Projects USA in 2016, Cardenas-Eddy had a Solo Show at MDC West Campus Gallery, Doral. At Red Dot 2017 opening, he sold El Juego de las Fridas. In 2017-2018 at Art Palm Beach and Art Boca, wherein 2017 he sold two Artworks daily. In 2018, participated at Art Santa Fe, the Pre-Art Basel Miami Week: ART from Our Earth, the Sea and the Sky at the ArtsPark Gallery of the City of Hollywood, FL. During Art Basel Miami week 2018, Cardenas-Eddy participated at Scope and Red Dot Art Fair, a Solo Show at the Delano and a Group Show at SLS, among others with relevant sales to art collectors, like the famous designer Steve Madden from New York, and was commissioned a mural for the Delano Hotel. This October opens a solo show at MDC West Campus Gallery, Doral. In the Contemporary Art Projects booth at Scope New York 2019, Ricardo Cardenas-Eddy presented his painting Las Caras de Frida, Series Frida as well as the sculpture Xochi in Gold from the Series Muses of Ricardo. The Frida’s Wall from the Series Frida’s Paredon inspired on the last moments of her life will be displayed at the entrance of Santa Fe Fair this summer.

Ricardo Cardenas-Eddy |Mexico


La Pared de Frida Series Paredon Paint on Concrete and Steel Bars 84” x 60”

La Otra Cara de Frida Paint on Concrete and Steel Bars 72” x 48”

El Juego de las Musas Paint on Concrete and Steel Bars 70” x 70”

DAVID DISKO /Invited National Artist. David Disko a firefighter in the late 70’s for BLM Northeastern Utah often transported to fire sites via helicopter, viewing the landscape from the air transformed his way of seeing the land revealing its larger form, emerged contours unseen from the ground, trees and rock becoming patterns of color and shadow. As an architect, he became acquainted with topographic maps, enjoying the way cartographers use color and line to convey specific information. GPS, satellite mapping and Google Earth interest him in new ways to view the world. Three of his Artworks at Art Santa Fe 2018 were awarded “Art Santa Fe Selects”. Disko, a BFA, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, exhibited at Brownsville Museum of Fine Art’s 46th International Art Exhibition, TX; Harwood Art Center, Albuquerque, NM; Farmington Museum, Farmington, NM; Cloyde Snook Gallery at Adams State University, Alamosa, CO. Disko says: "I depict landforms like an amalgam of a cartographer, architect and camouflage designer. My process takes apart the landscape re-assembling it, creating objects and images that tell a story, sometimes a personal experience I had at a particular place, others about light, the passage of time, or place depictions by legend or account. I combine information and disinformation concepts, form and abstract quality of maps or aerial photography to describe places I know or want to know more about. Three places in New Mexico, my home for 30 years, occupied my imagination: Archuleta Mesa, Mt. Taylor and the Valles Caldera. Five elements are common in my work: background hue combining New Mexico colors, soil and plants lightened by the sun; paint drips as north/south axis; grids tie the composition providing scale, objects' proximity and patterns; as in topographic maps, color differentiates elevation's areas from others in several thousand foot increments, I use eight colors, my palette derives from a Himalaya's map; I use contour lines to delineate changes in elevation and define areas in the overall image, leaving lines go their own way inside them, so portions of the images become fanciful doodle from a daydream... Satellites pass over the earth every day, ticking off rows of photographic images. I access to these images, selecting those that spark my interest, arranging them into pleasing patterns. Cross introduces a central negative space to the arrangement’s series. Could our destination marker be located there? If so, what could we expect, a vortex, an alternate dimension, or just a place warmed by the sun and sheltered from the wind? Five Tribes speaks to our innate desire to affiliate with a group, for reasons of basic survival, commerce or ideology. It also speaks to our tie to a place, one that we individuate from all others, even when our place is objectively the same as that of our neighbors." Represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, David Disko exhibited at Scope Art Fair 2018 and in 2019 at Art Wynwood and Scope NY. At Art Santa Fe 2019 as Invited Artist of Contemporary Art Projects USA he presents two large wall installations, each set on a separated space of the booth. The first installation, entitled Arrangement, is composed by sixteen small paintings of diverse size made in graphite, enamel and oil on canvas, covering a surface of 84.5 high and 86 wide inches, splinted and equipped with cleats for hanging. The vinyl bumpers on the back equalize the set away from the wall with the width of the cleat… thus, the individual canvases sit flat. The second installation, entitled At the Edge of the Caldera, comprises two framed wall mounted contour works measuring 35 x 43 inches each. It is important to note that the process of creation of a contour artwork is starting as a painting that is hand cut into specific pieces, then layered together to become a three-dimensional piece. In both installations it is remarkable to admire the mastership and uniqueness of how Artist David Disko composes his paintings as fractions of a whole depicted landscape, either portrayed by several separated small artworks or created as a sole framed piece formed by a set of painted layers. These artworks will be of deep significance and impact for Art Collectors and viewers attending the Art Fair. We are pleased to announce that David Disco will present Views from the Sky solo show at Miami Dade College West Campus Art Gallery in Doral, Florida, in collaboration with Contemporary Art Projects USA.

David Disko|USA


Panoramic View of Holes and Spires on the Pajarito Plateau Graphite, Enamel and Oil on 16 canvases 86” x 83”

Contoured View of Holes and Spires on the Pajarito Plateau Version I Graphite and Oil on Gator Board on Wood Framed 43” x 35”

Contoured View of Holes and Spires on the Pajarito Plateau Version 2 Graphite and Oil on Gator Board on Wood Framed 43” x 35”

Rose Masterpol, Invited Local Artist; she is an abstract painter based in Santa Fe, NM, previously attended Syracuse University later graduating in CalArts with a BFA in graphic design. She lived for 27 years in Los Angeles working for ad agencies. Today, she acts as a creative director to her clients and is a fulltime painter. Between design and painting, Rose is always ready for the next great shot with her camera. In her biography, Rose's Art is defined as distinctive and ever evolving because of her vast array of interests, her creativity nourished by her poetry, music, graphic design, sculpture and landscape photography. Her work is the language of non-objective, organic and pure painting, consisting of abstract shapes, lines, instinct, and intuition made from acrylic or oil on large canvases. She is larger than life as are her works, often poetic with unrivaled breadth and depth, strong, boldly colored, uncanny and balanced. Her technical approach changes to the mood and flow of the next thing that emerges on a new canvas at any given time. Her abstractions stream from De Stijl to Fauvism, to expressionism to the pure abstract realm, inspired since childhood by the New York school of painters, Pollock, de Kooning, Kline and Motherwell. Masterpol says: "Known for my vigorous gestural style, I am currently working on a new series called the

Geometrix, a whole other way of painting for me, illustrative in form, but becomes as refined as humanly possible, resulting from deep thought, intricate design, sensitivity to color and color mixing, and grueling physicality. These acrylic on canvas paintings are large scale and colorful, employing odd geometric shapes whose converging movements and transparencies create a sense of depth. While they evoke the art and design of the mid-century modern, the Geometrix make strong statements about the “language of shape” in the 21st century. I recently introduced the Geometrix in a solo exhibit in New York City Tribeca. I work in a series format, which allows myself and the work to progress and never stop evolving. I can explore all forms of abstraction without limitations. My influences are nature, sound and truth. They alter me in many ways I cannot explain. It's like jumping off a bridge into an abyss. In that depthless space I compose, allow, surrender and give birth to something unsuspecting. I relinquish thought so something else can emerge, something unexplainable. The stuff in between existence and non-existence is my playground. I gain access to unearthly realms of the unseen and the unknown through my human experiences. Because I am highly sensitive, vulnerable and intuitive, I am vastly open to possibilities that are not otherwise present or available. Since I can remember, I had a demanding drive to create... it is a true reflection of who I am, inside-out. In the end, the result/work is a self-actualized breathing entity, which is a part of the whole (body of work), kind of like how the universe works." Rose Masterpol's Recent Solo Exhibitions: 2019, Algo Rhythms, Cheryl Hazan Contemporary, NYC. 2017, Saints + Sinners, Victory Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM. 2015, Dogmata, Kobalt Gallery, Provincetown, MA. 2014, WHITE, Artamo Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA. 2012, Deliberate and Unintentional, Hadid Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; 1“Emoticon", Artamo Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA. 2011, Catharsis, Artamo Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA; Art exhibit and winery used my art on label, Artiste Winery & Gallery, Los Olivos, CA. Recent Group Exhibitions: 2018, exhibits Black & white and ARTISTS ALIGN, Buckhead Art & Company, Atlanta, GA; Art Palm Springs - Premier Art Fair; Size Doesn't Matter 11,Glave Kocen Gallery, Richmond, VA. 2017, Sizzle, Wallspace LA, Los Angeles, CA; One Hit Wonder, Kocen Glave Gallery, Richmond VA. 2016, In This Together, Kobalt Gallery Provincetown, MA; New Identity, Janine Contemporary Industry, Santa Fe, NM. 2015, MASTERPOL & GYÖRFI: IN CONTRAST, Artamo Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA; Miami Spectrum - Artblend; Cambridge City Art Fair - UK; Kobalt Celebrates 10 Seasons, Kobalt Gallery, Provincetown, MA; Artamo Summer Exhibit, Artamo Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA; Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead Heath, London; Twenty Fifteen Season Preview, Kobalt Gallery, Provincetown, MA; Natural Surroundings, Glave Kocen Gallery, Richmond, VA; Battersea AAF, London, UK.

Rose Masterpol |USA


Bravado Acrylic on Canvas 50” x 90”

Shape Shifter Acrylic on Canvas 50” x 104”

Lingo Acrylic on Canvas 60” x 56”

Anoukart is the artistic name of Anouk van Tetering from the Netherlands. Specialized in Fine Art photography, Anouk graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, International University of Applied Sciences for Fine Arts and Design, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her new Series take inspiration from small vintage objects collected by her, such as Chanel bottles, old keys, buttons and other items used as key theme and subject in her exquisite Artworks. These masterly depicted objects reveal secrets that would be too small for the naked eye. Anouk received an Honorable Mention at the world’s prestigious IPA 2018, International Photography Awards, for her Series from a Different Point of View. The jury panel group of experts included Bob Ahern, Director of Archive Photography at Getty Images global digital media company, New York, NY, and David Clarke, former Head of Photography at TATE, London, UK. The Artworks by Anoukart adhere to the aesthetic principles of symmetry, focal point, pattern, contrast, perspective, three-dimensionality and proportion. The goal by contrasting a neat black background and a perfect focused colorful image is to produce maximum visibility, as the more contrast exists, more noticeable is the central item. To accentuate the depicted subject, Anouk chooses 'bigger as better' and the center as the most important place in the format, where usually viewers look first, and anything positioned there is likely to be noticed. She cleverly uses the aesthetic principles for Fine Art: an item that stands apart from its surroundings as more noticeable, making it large, brightly colored, of high contrast and sharply focused. Anoukart has said about her unique photographic artworks: "In this age of fast social media, it is just magical for me to pause for a moment and take a closer look - everything has its own beauty and is often overlooked. There are many details and secrets that are hidden away from our eyes. If you would just zoom in, a whole new world opens up." Anoukart has exhibited her attractive, one of a kind, masterly created photographs, worldwide. Presented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, she participated in two relevant exhibits during Art Basel Miami week 2018, including two artworks at the SLS Lobby in Miami, FL, and two large framed artworks at Red Dot Art Fair. In 2019, Anoukart was successfully presented in February at Art Wynwood Fair 2019, in downtown Miami, FL, and during March, at Art Scope NY, in Manhattan, New York City, where she exhibited two of her new artworks. The first one, SUNRISE, depicting a detail from a 19th century timeless and esthetically perfect Hammam Bowl, traditionally used in Ottoman baths. The second one, PURE AQUA, photographed from the top glass of water made on 18th century very rare Spanish Glass that can be found in the British Museum, London and the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The blue is the reflection of a bright Dutch sky. In July, at Art Santa Fe 2019, New Mexico, contemporary photographer and visual artist Anoukart is represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA with two uniquely attractive photographic artworks. The first one is entitled Louis Vuitton and the second one is entitled Jeans Time. As it is already occurred in the previous Art Fairs in which she has participated, her artworks will be greatly admired and celebrated by the Art Collectors and the viewers attending the Art Fair.

Anoukart |The Netherlands

Anoukart |The Netherlands

Jeans Time C-Type print mounted behind matte acrylic 49” x 49” (Framed) Edition of 3

Louis Atelouis is a recognized Swiss self-taught Artist. After creating countless artworks in the 90's with intuitive painting, as well as also conceiving theater works and book projects, the autodidact Louis presented his first exhibition at Knonau Castle in Switzerland, during the year 2011, with the picture series EVOHILO. Later, based on his style of intuitive painting, he successively developed his new "Pleat-Art -Technology". For creating his new own style Louis Atelouis works mainly on canvases that have been folded several times, in several layers of paint. He presented this technique for the first time in 2016, at the ASSOCIAZIONE exhibition in Zoug, Switzerland. Abstract Art leads to simultaneously experience effects of color, form or symbol as a way for artists to depict feeling. Viewers reach intimate sensations and thoughts provoked by artists in their works. Emotion is paramount, taking over subject life rendering. Artists express ideas or sensations through simplified or created forms, re-inventing movement and volume, as very successfully does Louis Atelouis. In his Statement Louis Atelouis says: "At first sight, the artworks appear perfect, as if one sees the

earth for the first time from the depths of the galaxies. A harmonious sphere, perfectly shaped, in beautiful colors. Only on closer inspection are the irregularities visible, fissures, cracks, spots, scars. Life! But they are unique in this form and with their stories, like the earth. And the owners of the works of art should not only be able to look at them and shine with them, but take care of them, be afraid of their further decay and watch out to them, so that future generations can still enjoy them. So please, strive for the harmonious, perfectly formed sphere in its beautiful colors and don't waste your life on realities. Seek new ways, new thinking, as manifested in the "Pleat-Art" technology."

Among the selected exhibitions, projects and events in which artist Louis Ateluis has taken part are: in 2018, Miami River Art Fair, Miami, FL and Artbox.Projekt 1.0, Stricoff Gallery, New York, NY; in 2017, Open Air Art Fair, Meilen, Switzerland and Artbox.Project 1.0, Euro-Airport Basel, Switzerland; in 2016, Associazione, Shedhalle Zoug, Switzerland; in 2011, Evohilo, Castle Knonau, Switzerland; in 2009, Louis Ateluis created the book project SEELENBRANDUNG Erotic Thriller; in 2006,he produced the book project HĂ„MATIT Science fiction novel; and in 2003,he conceived the theatre play ROSENQUARZ, a sarcastic, morbid social actor. During last March, represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, Louis Atelouis successfully participated at the Scope New York 2019 Art Fair, and this July, he exhibits in the booth at Art Santa Fe 2019 Art Fair, showcasing a unique Pleat-Art piece created in tones of blue, silver gray, black and whites, entitled EISLAND. This innovative and very attractive Artwork, made in oil and mixed media on canvas, measuring 78 x 54 x 2 inches, will be of great interest for the Art Collectors and the visitors at the Fair. It is interesting to point out that this eye-catching Art piece can be positioned in the wall either vertically or horizontally in accordance of the requirements determined for its display, making it a one of a kind Artwork in every sense.

Louis Artelouis |Switzerland

Louis Artelouis |Switzerland

Eisland Oil/Mixed Media on Canvas 78” x 54” x 2”

Patrizia Casagranda of German-Italian background lives and works in Germany, also in the Netherlands and India. Her series Here and now are inspired on people living in extreme poverty yet managing to preserve their sovereignty and lust for life. In her travels to the poor regions of Northern India, she related with young women who collect garbage that, despite hardships, exude an amazing level of calm and cheerfulness, overcoming difficult living conditions with self-confidence, pride and joy of being, focusing on the present and solidarity, living as if each day was the last. Patrizia links her conceptual concerns with an artistic and realistic design. Her symbiosis captures viewers making them to think on the philosophy of beauty, meaning of life and global justice. After defining each face, she first designed a background, then applied collage, graffiti, stencil art and painting over it. The final result is a complex artwork, based on the trash collecting, but also representing Indian culture and the women. Patrizia said: "I could not believe that these gorgeous women actually live by collecting garbage and

feed their families also. Because of this permanent existential threat, they move on a tight rope between life, survival and disaster. Everything is focused on the here and now. I was fascinated by this unconditional confidence in the future and almost energetic Joie de vivre." Art Historian K. Weeke: "Casagranda creates expressive connections through the coalescence of collage, painting and graffiti, the complexity she thus achieves in her paintings is fascinating. At first sight, the works appear very illustrative and aesthetic. However, the deceptive use of materials unveils a continuous array of new levels and perspectives; the fragility of the seemingly crumbling layers of paint, the lace and fibers incorporated, as well as the relief-like impasto brushstrokes merge into a symbiosis of ancient murals from a long past epoch with that of contemporary modern art. Through the apparent weathering of her works as well as random corrosion processes, damaged metal, torn and yellowed paper and structures, which are reminiscent of crumbling plaster and decay, Patrizia portrays a transitory world; however, it is one that also encompasses a piece of eternity. Looking upon these charming women ‘s portraits, you are led to believe that they have originated from an alternate bygone era and world, although they clearly depict the faces of modern young women. Layer for layer, they reveal their soul to the observer and what lies beneath. You can read these paintings; you can wander through them and even lose yourself in them. They tell stories from The Thousand and One Nights, quote from fairy-tale worlds and mythological legends and play with the contrast between transience and modernity. What is most important in this work is the use of strong symbolism, whose very meanings the artist does not deny us. It becomes obvious that there is a strong interaction between the women who are portrayed and the surrounding symbolic world." Solo Exhibitions: 2019, Neue Kunst Gallery, Karlsruhe; Part2Gallery, Düsseldorf. 2018, Galerie Mönch, Bremen; Galerie an der Zitadelle, Jülich; Galerie Palz, Saarlouis. Recent Group Exhibitions: 2019, Art Center Berlin; Artgallery Wiesbaden. 2018, Galerie Art15, Bremen; Galerie K, Luxembourg; Artgallery Wiesbaden; Art Life Gallery, Saint-Raphaël, Côte d’Azur, France; Gallery Nordenvind, Denmark; Roccart gallery, Florence, Italy; Galerie Lauth, Ludwigshafen; Neue Kunst Gallery, Karlsruhe; Museo di Gonzaga, Mantova, Italy; Architekturbiennale, Venedig, Italy; Steinberger Galerien, Langenargen. 2017, Galerie Bruno Massa, Paris, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China; Bilder Bethge, Erfurt; Voigt Gallery, Nuremberg; Pashmin Art Gallery, Hamburg; Galerie an der Zitadelle, Jülich; Galerie Luzia Sassen, Cologne; Woodbine contemporary arts, Uppingham, UK; Galerie Art15, Bremen; Galerie Palz, Saarlouis. Fairs: 2019, Art Fair Herning; Art Genoa; Art Innsbruck; Art Karlsruhe; C.A.R. Essen; Artmuc München; AAF Hamburg; Art Lausanne; Luxembourg Art; WiKAM Wien; Art Wien; StART Straßburg. Prizes/Nominations: Artprize artbox gallery Zurich, Swizzerland; Artbox projects NY; Artprize Augsburg Lechhausen; Artprize Bruchhausen-Vilsen, Germany; Artprize Stadtgalerie Wörth.

Patrizia Casagranda|Germany

Patrizia Casagranda |Germany

Red Belief Mixed Media/Special Technique on Canvas 50” x 40”

Sofia Chitikov is a self-taught Russian American contemporary visual artist that lives and works in Washington, D.C. She focuses on abstract mixed media textural work. Innovative and uniquely conceived in her own created style, each Artwork has a color of only gold and textures, or pure black, or white merged with pink, violet or an exquisite palette with selected bright colors. Her Art is in Private Collections of Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, in the United States, as well as in London in the United Kingdom. Her Series Dragons and Unicorns questions the notion of good and evil rejecting its simplicity. Each piece re-imagines these polarities, as the artist invites viewers to a second look, to peel the layers, to discover the lighter side of dragons and the darker side of unicorns. Dragons and unicorns inside all of us. In fairy tales these mythical creatures exist in their purest form. The reality is much more dimensional, vibrant and messy. Creating plastic and resin layers she brings these elements to life. When the foundation is ready, she builds and enhances with acrylic paint, glass, markers, ink and gold leaf. The result is 'balanced chaos' that begs to be examined, understood and accepted. About her new round art pieces, Sofia Chitikov has said: "With both pieces I am interpreting

the "Illuminated" theme with a metaphysical/psychological angle. The Rainbow Bridge of Light, or otherwise known as Antahkarana in Sanskrit, connects the lower mind with the higher mind and takes you into oneness of consciousness, or enlightenment. On a different level, the variety of colors is meant to represent "white light" that combines all color frequencies. Shadow work is all about bringing our personal shadows, our personality traits that we hide from others, into the light. By accepting all parts of ourselves we become integrated and whole, closer to enlightenment. The bright and sparkly frame represents our outside persona and the black represents the shadow self. The negative space represents the lack of wholeness until two sides are balanced and integrated. Also, the black portion is covered with resin, so you get a mirror effect." ...“Enquiry into the truth of the self is knowledge (Hindu Upanishads). I believe that when we get to know ourselves, we get to know the world. When we accept and love ourselves for all that we are, we begin to love and accept those around us. To love is to know. To love is to understand. Through my work, I challenge the reductionist tendencies of viewing human beings in absolute terms; as either good or bad, black or white, rich or poor. My goal is to showcase the complexity and the nuances of human nature by unifying contrasting elements and creating depth and dimension with layers." Sofia Chitikov has exhibited at The Other Art Fair 2017/2018, Brooklyn, NY. In 2017: at West Loop Art Fair; Conception Art Show, Chicago, IL; Amsterdam International Art Fair, Netherlands; Tokyo International Art Fair, Japan; Group Shows: The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA; Art+Word, Little Carriage House Gallery, Oak Park, IL; Expo Chicago “Art after hours”; Nasty Women Art Show, State of the Art Pop Up, Art Hearts, Fulton Street Collective Gallery, all in Chicago, IL. In 2018, represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA at Art Santa Fe Chitikov exhibited five artworks from her Dragons+Unicorns Series, and participated in the Pre-Art Basel Miami Week Exhibition: ART from Our Earth, the Sea and the Sky at the ArtsPark Gallery of Hollywood, FL. Presented by Contemporary Art Projects USA she also exhibited at Red Dot Miami 2018 and at the Booth in Art Santa Fe 2019, Chitikov shows two exquisite Artworks from her round series that for their elegant style, shining colors, unique textures and innovative message, will be highlights for the Art Collectors and the visitors of the Art Fair.

Sofia Chitikov|Russia|USA

Sofia Chitikov|Russia|USA

Searching for You with Blue Lotus Acrylic Paint, Glass 30� Diameter

Cari Cohen born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently develops her successful career as a visual artist from her studio in North Miami Beach, FL. Cari Cohen obtained a degree in Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires and also specialized in multimedia design and photography. She began her career in architecture and interior design in Buenos Aires, where she established her own Design firm and created projects for companies such as Coca-Cola, Colgate and Bayer. To follow her passion for Visual Art she studied art history, also attending classes and workshops as painter and illustrator in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the best available teachers on the field. Later when she relocated in the United States, Cari Cohen decided to dedicate to her true vocation of creating Art and enrolled in workshops at both, Florida International University and Florida Atlantic University, where she completed her expertise as a contemporary painter, as well as she attended Jewelry classes on which she was able to study a variety of techniques for working with a diversity of metals. During the years, Cari Cohen has largely exhibited her works in Art Fairs, relevant galleries and private or public institutions, such as Citibank, where she has works permanently displayed in two of its branches in Aventura and Bal Harbour, both in Florida. Her artistic career also includes teaching adults and children in abstract art, mixed media, or jewelry making. From 2016, Cari is also a Certified Art Teacher for Golden. From her beginnings Cari Cohen has developed her talent as abstract painter on canvas using a variety of colors and shapes, evolving during the years to new shapes and artistic proposals that have become every day more geometric and pure, like her new series made on wood, created as wall paintings as well as sculptures. Cari Cohen new works are just amazing, they are real traffic stoppers, as she has masterly added a new element "the light" on her unique and pure abstract/geometric Artworks. Now, she has arrived at a new space dimension that not only is three-dimensional. With the inclusion of the light she has also created a new visual intensity that makes her viewers to feel as if they had reached a new galaxy in the infinite space. But there is much more!!! It is very important to see about the technology of how experienced artists resolve and address new paths in their creative proposals and for the best presentation of their Artworks. And here, there is a great and important point to consider, on how Cari Cohen solved in a uniquely innovative and practical way the lighting and hanging of her new Artworks, by creating a very easy to install and maintain box that contains the source of light for the Artworks and is at the same time the element on which the artwork will be firmly suspended for display on the wall. To install you only need a level and two or three screws. No cables or plugs are needed, because Cari Cohen, using her professional knowledge as an architect and interior designer, has created each box as a self-sufficient devise that to project the light only needs regular affordable alkaline batteries that can easily be found in a store or on line. Cari Cohen's new series of Artworks are just a miracle of beauty, elegance, balance, design and technology. Represented at Art Santa Fe, NM, by Contemporary Art Projects USA, Visual Artist Cari Cohen will exhibit for the first time her unique and exquisite new series of abstract/geometric Artworks, made as paintings on wood with inserted light. We are sure that because their original innovative visual impact they will be of great interest for the Art Collectors and visitors at the Fair.

Cari Cohen|Argentina|USA

Cari Cohen|Argentina|USA

Art + Light. Illusion Mixed Media on Wood Wood Panel on Back with LED light 28” x 28”

Andre Paul Croteau, a successful Visual Artist and Fashion Designer, resides today in Miami, FL. It is interesting to point out how a skillful merger of two creative disciplines, such as Fashion Design and Visual Art, has the potential to form an exquisite balanced eye for beauty, composition and equilibrium, which are an important foundation for the development of the Artist career, when conceiving his oeuvre. In the work of Croteau we can admire his mastership in the use of color, texture and a diversity of unique objects or materials to conceive attractive original Artworks that are on the borderline of Abstraction with interesting figurative sparks. His works glow and creates feelings that they are extremely pleasant to viewers, as well as very appropriate for enhancing the spaces in which they are installed. Abstraction is constantly evolving with new meanings and ways of representation, and today we can contemplate an interesting fusion among the nonrepresentational and the figurative based on common issues and images that experienced Andre Paul Croteau, transforms in intriguing and provoking depictions that engage viewers, creating relevant thoughts and personal feelings. To contemplate his artistic collages is a visual and intellectual experience. Andre Paul has a keen eye for detail and a great talent with the medium. He plays with symbolic images that in his artwork acquire a distinct meaning. Russian Abstract Master, Wassily Kandinsky, 1866-1944, told about 100 years ago: "Sensibility will always remain as the last instance..." and, I would add: " the first source for human inspiration." Art leads to simultaneously experience the effects of colors, forms or symbols to depict feeling. Viewers reach intimate sensations that artists provoke in their works. Emotion is paramount, taking over subject with simplified or created forms, re-inventing movement and volume. His biography says: Croteau received his formal training at New York’s renowned Fashion Institute of Technology and remained in New York for the majority of his fashion career, creating for such luxury houses as Saks Fifth Avenue, Piero Dimitri Couture, Paul Stuart and Alexander Julian, before relocating to Metropolitan Miami. His frequent research travel, throughout Europe, Asia and South America has yielded a well-informed creative base of aesthetics upon which to draw. Sometimes the freshest vision can be born from a cross-pollination of the creative disciplines. After 30 years, designing men’s fashion, Andre Croteau has turned his seasoned instincts towards the fine arts. Croteau creates “luxury friezes” … resin-based canvases that evoke a glossy, shiny sense of life, energy and well-being for those that experience them. The study of “color and light” has long held a fascination. Light, and the way it interacts with these colorful, abstract features is an integral part of every artistic dialogue. Initially looking for a contemporary sensibility, within which to capture his love for the brilliance of stained glass, Croteau has coined an opulent and organic style that’s infused with an amalgam of color, movement, shine and depth. Beneath the surface his work captures a more-personal, expressionist conversation. The genesis of every “visual exploration” is a conceptual destination that points the process in an aesthetic direction. That said, Croteau does not seek to firmly control the outcome, but rather allows each piece to pragmatically evolve until it reaches its’ own peaceful conclusion… when it’s finally “at rest”… yet a more-random transformation continues-on, right until the point that the composition becomes frozen in time, forever. The artist has used this same approach throughout his creative career and sees it as a greater metaphor for the unscripted, worry-free way in which he ultimately aspires to lead his life. The ideas of imperfection, transformation and chance are central to his work. Andre Paul Croteau Artist Statement: "Light-reflective "opulent friezes". Hand-poured, resin-layered panels collaged with sculpted fabrics and objects. The subtleties of varied light absorption and transparency are central to the work, as well as the ideas of transformation, imperfection and chance." Presented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, Andre Paul Croteau exhibits at Art Santa Fe two unique artworks that will interest and delight the Art Collectors and viewers attending the Fair.

Andre Paul Croteau|USA

Andre Paul Croteau|USA

Blue Bouquet Hand-Poured Resin Layers with Sculpted Textile Collage, Objects 24” x 24”

Daniel Deladonne was born and raised in the dynamic and colorful city of Miami Beach in South Florida. He started at a young age his very successful career in the field of professional photography, inspired by the strong influence of Art received by his studies and his background, as well as for the love for his city. For many years, Daniel Deladonne has been displaying his photographic artwork achieving a great credibility and increasing its exposure throughout the time. With his quick eye, fantastic composition and a clever dominion of his artistic media, Deladonne takes us on his visual odyssey all over the streets of Miami and other world-wide destinations. Deladonne spent much of his youth traveling to South America on visit to his mother’s hometown of Santiago, in Chile. There, he was exposed to his first passion in life: street art. And very soon he became vehement with the raw beauty of “underground” art and the lifestyle that comes with it. In a time where such art was frowned upon, Deladonne was on a mission to desensitize the stigma of graffiti, as for him street art was a form of artistic expression on which, who practices it would be able to tell a story, his own story. Therefore, at the age of 13, his pseudonym Spore was born. It was catching on quickly in the Miami street art scene, and a time later, with a strong influence of graffiti complemented by the love for his city, Daniel Deladonne decided to pick up and devote to his definitive creative art form: photography. In the following years Deladonne was able to successfully gain a significant reliability and a consistent coverage of his work via Instagram, as well as he was capable of practicing his artistic photography in a variety of specific fields that Daniel Deladonne determined for his presentation, naming them as Photography in the field of: Fashion, Street, Travel and Film. Daniel Deladonne has worked with several galleries around the world, including A.Galerie in Paris, France. He has also participated in nonprofits such as “Art Sees No Boundaries”, an art exhibition destined to benefit the arts programs of Miami-Dade County Public Schools. His artistic photography was on display during Art Basel Miami week 2018. In March of 2019, Daniel Deladonne successfully exhibited in Scope New York Art Fair, participating as one of the selected invited artists at the Contemporary Art Projects USA booth. There, he presented a large photography depicting an aerial view of the sea and the beach taken from an helicopter. It is very important to point out the innovative method that Daniel Deladonne has used for taking his beach photographs, as they are not been taken from a drone, but they are been made from the direct eye of the artist shutting aerial views of the landscape with his camera, which makes them very unique. For his participation in the booth of Contemporary Art Projects USA at Art Santa Fe Fair, Daniel Deladonne is going to exhibit his exquisite photography entitled Above the Umbrellas, made as a metallic print mounted on non-glare Plexiglas, measuring 48 x 72 inches. On it, nature meets human through a figurative real life portrayal from the sky of the water and the sand merging with a geometric rhythm represented by some promenading people, the beach furniture and its equipments, in an overall equilibrate, as well as attractive balanced composition, cleverly captured by the expert eye of the artist behind the camera. Due to the attractiveness of the image, his beautiful light and bright colors, the pristine depiction of the sand, the ordinate arrangement of the beach furniture and the shining view of the sea, we believe that this exquisite artwork will be very admired by the Art Collectors and the general visitors attending the Art Fair.



Above the Umbrellas Metallic Print Mounted on Non-Glare Plexiglass 48� x 72�

Ty Joseph, born Tal Ezra Joseph in Hamburg, Germany, grew up in Kfar Saba, Israel. After his service in the Israel Navy, he relocated to the US in the mid 2000's and changed his name to Ty Joseph in the process. At first, he toured the US as a musician and eventually settled in Los Angeles. In LA, Ty obtained a degree in liberal studies at California State University Northridge, established a career in real estate and developed his involvement in the zestful nightlife of Hollywood. In 2016, he returned to his early passion of painting, starting a successful career as a visual artist. While his artwork is influenced by Pop Art, with bold, eye-catching depictions, Ty's paintings incorporate original and attractive elements that enhance his exquisitely and elegant style. By applying symbolic and subtle insinuations which often deal with social interaction, Ty reveals his motivation for creating and defining his identity as an artist. Ty works from his residence in Hollywood, California. About his first Art Book, The Meaning of L, Ty Joseph has said: "At some point you come to realize that biographies are very subjective. I

would want my biography to be the first letter of my birth city - which is H, and the first letter of my adoptive city, which is L. There is much one can paint just from that." He points out: "Accompanying the use of distinct colors, I infuse a sense of identity into my work with my signature sweeps of L-shaped patterns. When viewed from a distance, these patterns create an illusion of unity that, upon closer inspection, reveal a much more complex, multi-faceted image, much like the idea of individuality itself." From Ty Joseph's photographical project Exposures: "Being interesting is the greatest gift someone can have; It means they are inspiring. People will always be an essential source of inspiration to me. It can be anything they do, such as the way someone sneezes or records their voicemail greeting. Then there are the more intrinsic things, such as beauty, clothes, what he says, or she does. It’s hard to define what is interesting, but there are so many kinds of interesting that this is hardly required. Exposures’ mission is to create interesting content without the gimmick... I am mainly interested in people I know, or I almost know... I’ve met a lot of people ...I’m still always looking for someone new and interesting for inspiration ...Los Angeles is such a great place to meet interesting people. It’s a city that attracts the best talkers, doers, beauties and the very intense of everything! Going out in Los Angeles is like no other thing ...Ever since I was twelve years old I’ve been going out, but only recently I started to really make something out of it. With the help of technology, I can now take great pictures on my phone at night ...I am an artist that feels the need to be working even when painting is not accessible. So I use photography as a tool to document my experience when I socialize helps me communicate and to engage with people I find interesting ...through social media, anyone in the world can see the people I see and get inspired. Exposures is not just about my experience. It is an effort to collectively share experiences that are somewhat linked to a common ground, such as the nightlife scene or the art scene, something that is currently happening. And if someone decides that they want to be a part of it they can. They can see who’s involved and where things are. They can then think up how they can be interesting and inspiration to others." Celebrated by private collectors and art enthusiasts, Ty Joseph has exhibited with established and emerging artists. In 2018, Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery, GDCA, hosted his first solo exhibit. In 2019, presented by Contemporary Art Projects USA at Santa Fe Art Fair, a boldeye signature sweeps of L-shaped patterns are a prominent view in the sophisticate large painting Chanel by Ty Joseph that, with intensity and subtle humor, merges social and human themes rising beyond the Contemporary.

Ty Joseph |Germany-Israel-USA

Ty Joseph|Germany-Israel-USA

Chanel Acrylic on Canvas 52” x 62”

Luis Kaiulani, born in Honolulu, resides today in Miami, FL. Luis grew up in Hawaii influenced by its culture, nature, geography and philosophy, absorbing the Hawaiian forests wonders, playing in the secluded beaches' sand, meditating on mountaintops and diving into one of the world’s most amazing bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean. He credits his affinity toward nature to this idyllic time, yet another side of him is passionate and enthusiastic. Developing fluidity, mindfulness and color, Kaiulani's Art is unique by its own, inspired by his background from Hawaii and several years residing in Venezuela expressed in sculptures, paintings and art objects. For the viewer, his Art is strong and imaginary, like the archipelago he comes from. His focus online and color bring to life his work’s objective. Luis Kaiulani says: “My art is a metaphor for nature’s constant quest for growth through

learning, experience and contribution... After various years painting, I decided to make sculptures, choosing wood as the element of transformation. I created my 'Totems', mystical ancestral pieces conceived through my vision and sensibility... A new chapter in my career started using metal for my Artworks, allowing me to present projects on a higher scale, monumental sculptures, and art in public spaces, among others. The series of aluminum sculptures begun with “Solid Drip”, followed today by the “Lines” series (Flat Line, Cross Line and Shape Line). My creative process was influenced by great international master artists: John Henry, Marc Di Suvero, Anthony Caro and Franz Weissmann."

In 2019, Contemporary Art Projects USA presented Luis Kaiulani at Art Wynwood and at Scope NY. In 2018, at Art Boca, FL, Art Santa Fe, NM, the Pre-Art Basel Miami Week Exhibition: ART from Our Earth, the Sea and the Sky at the ArtsPark Gallery, Hollywood, FL, and at several venues during Art Basel Miami week, including at the SLS. Selected exhibitions during his career: Art Expo Las Vegas, NV, 2018; Artscape Lab Gallery, Miami, 2017; Aqua Art 2016, Miami Beach; 2015-14, Giants in the City monumental inflatable sculptures, Miami and Fort Lauderdale, FL; Art Wynwood 2015, Miami; 2013 MIA Encore Sea Fair Mega Yacht Venue; Shanghai Art Fair 2011, Latin American Pavilion, China; 2009, Doral Uncovered, MDC West Campus, FL; 2006, Art on 5th Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ, and Opening Windows, Piag Museum, Coral Gables, FL; 2005, Cirque d’ art Gallery, Bedford Hills, NY; 2004, Jose Maria Vargas University, Pembroke Pines, FL; 2003, MDC, Wolfson Gallery, The color of our World, Miami, FL. Recently Luis Kaiulani has also kindly created important sculptures in relevant public spaces, like his donation to the Village of Flossmoor and Flossmoor Hills Elementary School in Illinois. Luis is also preparing sculptures for a prestigious hotel to be presented next December during Art Basel Miami Week. Presented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, Luis Kaiulani will exhibit several artworks, either a variety of self-standing sculptures, as well as a wall artwork at Art Santa Fe, NM, where he had already a great success last year selling several pieces and receiving an Award. His Art is always very admired by the Art Collectors attending the venue.

Luis Kaiulani|Hawaii|USA

Luis Kaiulani|Hawaii|USA

1969 Gold Flat Shape Aluminum 78” x 40”

Zammy Migdal, born in Tel Aviv, Israel, served in the Israeli Army, 1975-79. From 1980, lives in Miami, FL. Before devoting his life to Visual Art, as a B.A. Hospitality Management from Florida International University, he was general manager and partner at Indian Creek Hotel, Miami Beach, winning awards for restoring the hotel to its 1930s glamour. He has big interest in the Arts, being their supporter: 200205, Board of Directors of Maximum Dance; 2005-09, Board of Directors Member of Ballet Gamonet and 2006-09, as its President; 2008 to present as Member of Miami-Dade Art in Public Places Trust. At Lincoln Road's Art Center of South Florida, he studied art in metal with Carolina Sardi and Daniel Fiorda. In 2005, as full-time sculptor developed his artistic creativity in self-standing sculptures and wall installations. His abstract Art depicts images from his imagination that he wants to share with others. Three-dimensional creation always interested him. He brings life and motion to new or recycled metal, connecting his works to each other, as their textures reflect an inner world of fertile vital imagination. His first Abstract Series Tropical Metal, inspired by the plants in his garden, was followed by Square Chain and Construction Series, motivated by our environment's construction. A visit to Morocco inspired his Levitation Series. On his Turbulence series he made viewers visualize motion over each metal piece, some like imaginary wooden surfaces in contrast to others looking as metallic boiling elements, to remind the Universe's changing evolving nature composed by opposite forces that create the equilibrium for unexpected peaceful end results. Moved by nearby nature and people, he expanded creating new shapes, reaching balance, essential form and grace, obtaining the equivalent of perfection of any form of Art. Raw materials and powerful images assembled by Zammy create vibrations by penetrations, provoke contrasts, inner spaces and deep holes projected to the infinite, while metal filter the backgrounds as these works become intriguing beauty. Composition, equilibrium and balance are qualities of his Art. At once we experience the effects of color, form and symbol. On the Series of Polygon Graffiti, he combines geometric shapes that interact representing non-real objects based in real images and experiences. On his poetic artworks, inspired by his life and travels, nothing is left to improvisation. Assembling artistically designed elements on a flat surface, he transforms it into a rich surface plentiful of texture and color to interact among metal elements, backgrounds, attaching pins, space, light and shadows. Raw materials are used without additional decoration. On a recent work, a new ingredient appears on top of the raw color coated material. A simple metal stripe becomes a unique vibrating element under the masterly creative act of the Artist. For Zammy emotion is paramount in the symbiosis of abstraction and feeling. He depicts emotional instants of life using paint, wood, metal, acrylic, creating a variety of textures, colors and visual effects to suggest stress, torsion, equilibrium or pain. At Scope Art Fair Miami, he portrayed not only an image, but an event. After a hitand-run driver rolled over his foot as he crossed the street, he used Art to replicate the life experience of his reconstructive surgery and months of rehab in ZMM @HSS Series created when he got back on his feet, born from the X-rays of his damaged foot that he transferred on canvas, stretched over wooden boxes, topped with metal and painting to express his pain and revival. Zammy said: "Life changes in a

split second. It happened so fast. From happily walking across the street to finding myself on the pavement with excruciating pain... I’m not going to let the injury define me, I’m blessed, and I’m having fun. Art was always within me!” "I create sculptures that transform spaces and walls into shapes, colors and shadows. Every piece is strong, clean, often undulating and at other times straight clean lines. In my work, energy flows to form clarity and purpose. While water and words are easy to pour and impossible to recover, metal shapes into form. But it is the emptiness inside the forms that holds the shadows." At Art Santa Fe, Zammy presents two distinct creative walls assembling unique metal pieces, using color in For Ever Foliage or monochrome in White Trail, that will create great attraction. His widely exhibited Art is in homes, businesses and public spaces worldwide, from Hong Kong to Las Vegas, or closer to home at Temple Beth Am, Pinecrest, Bloomingdale’s, Aventura, and Miami Dade College, Hialeah.

Zammy Migdal|Israel|USA

Zammy Migdal|Israel-USA

For Ever Foliage Steel, Plated Chrome, Plated Putter Polyurethane, Paint Size Varies

Deniz Orkuş currently lives and works in Istanbul, where she was born. In 1989 Deniz graduated at the Painting Department in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Mimar Sinan University, completing in 1992 her Master′s degree. Since then, she has created her artworks using collage technique. Her works can be seen in many private collections. She has been instructor for high school and college students to improve their portfolios for art, design and architecture degrees, also working for universities abroad at D&D Art and Design Studio since 1990. She is one of the founders of the Fashion and Textiles major in Istanbul Ticaret University and worked as a tutor there between 2002-2009. She established the textile brand Basement Atelier designing handbags and clutches. At present she continues to study in Istanbul. Contemporary Artist Deniz Orkuş recently has said: "Since the early 1980s, my work has

involved the creations which are mainly based on recycle. I have taken the theme recycle not only as a material, but also as conceptually to put an emphasis to vicious circle of socioeconomic and historical events at the present day. I am questioning the material and consequently the event of dimension which develops in relation with surface. I construct my works in layouts as a stage setting, then I combine them as 30 layers on surface. I commonly use marking, focusing and signing as the indicators of my thoughts. I have shaped my last period works with mixed materials and I am leading the spectator to thinking more by intelligence and reasoning concepts in much more inherent way. I do not let the content impress the form of my works, when I am influenced from the society that I live in, assemble datas and visuals, I collect from it and reflect on my pieces. I organize the layers in a plastic structure and construct the values that lived in and different time periods consecutively in each layer. In this way, timeless works come into being which can be worked repeatedly." Deniz Orkuş has widely and very successfully exhibited her unique artworks at Solo Exhibitions: in 2016, at Nisart Macka Gallery, Istanbul ; 2014, Kollektif House, Istanbul; 2010, Gallery Binyil, Istanbul; 2009, Kare Art Gallery, Istanbul; 2007, at Gallery Binyıl, Instambul and at Paris Parsons University’s Gallery, France; 1998 and 1995, at Kare Art Gallery,İstanbul; 1991, Zebra Art Gallery ,İstanbul; and 1993, at Sanatbank Gallery, İstanbul. She has also participated in relevant Group Exhibitions: in 2019, at SCOPE, New York; 2018, at Istanbul Art Show and at Contemporary Istanbul; 2017, at SCOPE, Basel, Switzerland, and SCOPE, Miami, FL; 2016, during Miami Art Basel, Miami, FL, and at Nisart Gallery, Istanbul; 2015, at the London Art Biennale, at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NY, NY, and at Nisart Gallery, Miami, FL; 2014, at Art Antwerp Expo, mix-Gallery Binyıl and at Art Athina Contemporary Fair, Greece, mix- Gallery Binyıl; 2013, at the Chianciano Biennale, Italy- Leonard Awards European Confederation of Art Critics 1 Price; 2012, at Chianciano Biennale, Italy; 2009, 2008 and 2007, at Contemporary art fair İst-Gallery Binyıl-mix; 2006, at İstanbul Art Fair and at Artist art fair İst-Gallery Binyıl with Volkan Diyaroğlu; 2000, at 4 Young artist, Gallery Binyıl; 1997, at Kare art gallery; 1996, at Masters and Youngs, Baraz gallery, and at Young artists, Almelek art gallery. Presented by Contemporary Art Projects USA at Art Santa Fe 2019, NM, Deniz Orkuş shows three unique artworks made as collage, painting and mixed media on wooden board and plastic that will create great attraction for the Art Collectors and viewers attending the Art Fair.

Deniz Orkus |Turkey

Deniz Orkus|Turkey

Moment/Anda Series Mixed Media on Plexiglas Board 25.5” x 39.5”

Dale M Reid is a Contemporary fine art photographer based in Toronto, Canada. She solely uses black & white film and traditional photography methods. The absence of color focusses the viewer on the textures and the opulence of lines and shapes that tell a unique story, as well as highlight the artistic expression of the flower over the white or black backgrounds. After taking a course in photography at Ryerson University in 1999, Dale earlier photographed landscapes and self-portraits, later developing her artistic style with images of maritime to urban or industrial views. After 2008, her work embraced floral and still life themes. Now, her artworks mainly created in her studio depict botanical subjects with unique character and feeling, as the artist has mastered her composition and lighting. Dale’s work is internationally renowned on juried art competitions, group exhibits, awards and nominations. In 2013 a Spanish photography magazine invited her to have ten images from her oyster mushroom series featured with thirteen other international photographers, followed by invitations to exhibit in art fairs in America, Europe and the Far East. Dale has participated in Contact, Toronto Photography Festival, and her works are in the Sherman Hines Museum of Photography, Liverpool, NS, as well as in Private Collections from Ontario, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, United States and Europe. Dale M Reid says: "Photography opened my eyes to the beauty and fragility of the world around me.

After I left the structured corporate environment and changed genders, it allowed me to explore and develop my creativity... After experimenting with colored film, using a 35 mm camera, I was introduced to black and white film. I found a new method of expression that enabled me to make an emotional artistic statement without the distraction of color. I now use a medium format film camera... Prior to clicking the shutter, I pay careful attention to the composition, the focus, the quality of lighting and anticipate printing the image in the darkroom. Additionally, the film grain allows me to produce a silver gelatin print with a three-dimensional feel that has depth, motion and warmth. Today my subject matter features floral, mushroom and pear studies. My mission is to capture and present a unique perspective that engages the viewer and embodies a concept or tells a story. To create this unique perspective, I use a full range of techniques and experiment with staging, lighting, filters, aperture and shutter speed... There is a heart-warming feeling to see my vision come alive in front of me... My floral studies are sensual and erotic; with the images presented on a white background taking on the look of a sketch or painting... My floral studies are often compared with those of Robert Mapplethorpe and even Man Rey and Georgia O’Keeffe. It has been said that my mushroom images are reminiscent of Edward Weston’s “Bell Pepper” images. From a style perspective, my artwork has been compared to the Group f/64. The name of the Group is derived from a diaphragm number of the photographic lens. It signifies to a large extent the qualities of clearness and definition of the photographic image. The group is comprised of a select number of influential photographers such as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Imogen Cunningham." Recent Selected Awards and Recognition: 2019, 5th Fine Art Photography Awards, Nominee Fine Art; Fusion Art Online Exhibition: 2nd Annual Quarterly Women Artists, Exhibition Finalist; Monochrome Photography Awards, International Black & White Photography Contest, Professional Abstract Honorable Mention. 2018, One Eyeland Photography Awards, Finalist Fine Art Abstract; 13th Annual Black & White Spider Awards, Professional Still Life 2nd Place Merit of Excellence; Neutral Density Photography Awards, Professional Fine Art Abstract Honorable Mention; 12th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for Women Photographers, Professional Still Life Honorable Mention; International Photography Awards, Professional Fine Art Still Life Honorable Mention Fusion Art; 4th Annual Leave & Petals Online Exhibition Honorable Mention; 1st Annual Quarterly Women Artists Exhibition Finalist; Motif Collective Online Exhibition: Black & White Shortlisted and Your Best Shot Shortlisted; Monochrome Photography Awards, Professional Abstract Honorable Mention; 11th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for Women Photographers, Professional Series Abstract & Still Life Honorable Mention; 4th Fine Art Photography Awards, Professional Series Fine Art Honorable Mention. 2015, International Contemporary Masters Volume 11 artavita Certificate of Excellence. Other selected artistic participations: 2006, Published in 'The Create book', an annual creative industry portfolio book showcasing photography, illustration, film & video and interactive media. 2005, Photographs were used as a background in the made for TV Movie 'Love Thy Neighbor'. The movie was shown on the U.S. Network Lifetime.

Dale M Reid|Canada

Dale M. Reid|Canada

Casablanca 3 Silver Gelatin Framed Print 32” x 28”

The Different for Good exhibition includes five installations, one artwork entitled The Four Elements, two self-standing sculptures, a Roman Warrior Guardian and a Chinese Warrior Guardian, both masterly made as dark brown ceramic pieces. The five installations are: 1) the series Retro Women consisting of five women framed portraits; 2) the series Ode to the Intelligence presenting fifty ceramic matches all with a red topless one that is yellow to point out the spark that makes an individual shine for good; 3) the series Tribute to Guernica in which the Artist, while reinterpreting a set of nine images taken from the Picasso’s masterwork, makes them colorful and unique; 4) the series The Guernica that Picasso didn’t draw presents three pieces documented from the sketches that Picasso didn’t include in his Guernica; 5) the series Ode to the Gentleman includes a family and four men sculptures on pedestals, only one of them offering a flower. The display symbolizes humankind with its beauty and drama, from love to war, from destruction to redemption, declaring art as a path to illuminate and teach humanity towards peace and positive action. The exhibit address as a concept the idea to think positive to creatively build art and uplift life in every sense and field, from feelings to concrete action. Pérez, born in Cuba, resides in Miami. He discovered his artistic talent early, becoming a self-made ceramic sculptor. Attracted by nature, geography, history, landscapes and architecture, he conceived his own new vision creating soft or colorful ceramics. Some of his creations are full-bodied three-dimensional sculptures, others are flat elements. His art has developed, and his technology has been updated to reach top quality and uniqueness. As an established experienced artist represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, Pérez exhibits his exquisite art at fairs or at private and public institutions. During Art Basel Miami Week 2018, he exhibited four unique busts inspired by art history, representing women from diverse locations in time and geography, as well as five colorful wall ceramic sculptures inspired in Pablo Picasso’s Guernica that Pérez reinterpreted as his own colorful individual pieces.

CURATORIAL PROGRAM Contemporary Art Projects USA has been including the curator in all its events and exhibitions - one of its main initiatives being the creation of a program geared at providing curatorial assistance. To mark the interaction between artist and curator the Program makes emphasis on 3 general elements: 1) EVALUATION 2) PRODUCTION 3) SUCCESS Artist and curator examine and point out the sources of inspiration and main goals, either for an individual artwork, for one series, or for the overall of the artist's body of work. The Curator will use a straightforward critical method to reach positive action, uplifting changes or improvements; as well as a direct interaction between message, communication, visual creation, and exhibition feasibility of the art, taking in consideration sales possibility for diverse scenarios. To implement the thought that each artist is unique and will create its own niche in the Art World. Our lemma, is: "Contemporary Art Projects USA, where

Emerging and Career Artists become Famous."

Mariavelia Savino| Curator


Contemporary Art Projects USA has developed a specialized marketing program to promote gallery members, employing a variety of written and online publications; as well as a Sales and Marketing Department to undertake promotional and sales activities on the artists’ behalf by way of a clearly identifiable portfolio that will be consistently presented to collectors, development, institutions, etc. under a separate contractual agreement between the Sales Department and the artists. Artists will be recommended – at the curator’s discretion - to participate in gallery projects, exhibitions, and art fairs. For more information, please contact the Executive Director to develop a personalized marketing program. We welcome national and international emerging, mid-career and established artists. The gallery offers exclusive and non-exclusive representation.

Tata Fernandez |Executive Director


Special Thanks to Mariavelia Savino, Curator for her contribution to the context of this catalog

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