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Are Contempco

A global boutique and exclusive contemporary company based in the world’s most dynamic city, New York, in the heart of downtown Manhattan. We are a strategic design & innovation company creating remarkable user experiences. We offer creative transformations to your products/ services in a contemporary & innovative way through an artistic & conceptually tenacious approach. We build unique and custom solutions through an interdisciplinary strategy and through pure imagination.



Our design services “Branding”

Need to refresh your brand? we offer an integrated branding propositios ( logo, visual identity, advertising ).

oduct Design” “P r

We help you develop meanigful and delightful products.

“Web Design”

Great web design solutions, enhancing the quality of your web presence.

ac “Sp

ial Design”

We explore and deliver store, exhibition, office, event designs adapted to your needs.

ic Design ” rateg “St

By peeling the current state of your company, we can help you see things through an innovative and breakthrough eye.

ncept Design” “C o

Imaging and delivering concepts that delight, impress, and speak to your customers.

ti rea “C

ve Solutions”

Reaching your goal through creative solutions. Come with your goal, we take care of reaching it with creativity and innovation.

on a l oti m “E

Enhancem en t”

By creating memorable user experiences, we help you enhance the emotional engagement of your customers.

We give consulting to businesses through design-thinking.



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user mapping


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knowledge brokering


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innovation evaluate

Contempco wanted to stay almost transparent, like a white canvas, ready to be fill up with the designs offer to our clients. Because our dreams are colorful...

scenario planning

solution sketches

cost/benefit analysis


We feel You And we want you to feel good. If you think about it, design in fact really sleeps with us, walks with us, eats with us everyday, and finally live with us, everyday and everywhere. We acknowledge the power of design, and we believe that there is always a place for improvement in the products and experiences for the users. It’s a joyeous thing when experiences surprise, delight, and simplify life. That’s why we are here.

We Don’t just get the job done We have all the time you need for your projects. Through our deep exploration, we look for the right question that needs to be answered, by Scaling, Lateral-thinking, interdisciplinary, and collaboration. Once the project is delivered, we are always here to support you with any further needs you may wish from us.



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we provide you answers adapted to the complexity of your questions and needs. We are a interdisciplinary team of people from different cultures who are driven by design thinking and pure imagination. Each member has a unique background; top design schools like Parsons, St. Martins, etc. and had been part of world’s giant companies like Google, and Vogue magazine. Most of us are currently in New York, yet we have number of project partners in other countries like Brazil, Argentine, Turkey, and UK. We love contemporary coffee culture, new wave gastronomy, artsy travels, popup concepts, wabi-sabi, nature, and supernormal things.

We love to see you around Ou r


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We are based in the heart of New York, in the Meatpacking district, but we say we are everywhere. Our main address is 450 W 17th St. #624, New York, NY, 10011 USA

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ContempCo - Strategic Design & Innovation Company  

ContempCo is a brand new strategic design & innovation company, based in the heart of Manhattan, New York City. Improving human experience b...

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