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Laser Electrical Group and Laser Plumbing Group is what forms, as we call it, Laser Group. Our market leadership position has been earned through innovation, planning, use of quality systems and attention to providing the highest levels of customer service.


What does this mean for you? Firstly, we’re certainly not your typical franchise brand. We approach established, experienced professionals who we see as a perfect fit for the Laser brand. Not the other way round. In turn, our Members are part of a select group of business owners.

Honesty and integrity underlie our approach.

Each and every one of us is on the journey together.

Our focus is to create a feeling of family across our network.

What we value

We’re also aspirational: Think global. Act local.

The way we see it, we grow, you grow.

Why join a group? And why us?

The power of a brand

There comes a point with building any business where it simply becomes too hard to do exactly that: grow your business further.

Firstly, the value of an established, reputable brand cannot be stated enough. In turn, the Laser brand is recognised as an industry leader – through innovation and industry-leading customer service – and highly visible throughout Australia and New Zealand.

In short, it’s being in a position where you can remove yourself from the coalface, so to speak, to make this happen. Easier said than done. Particularly when you’re directly involved in every aspect of the day-to-day running of your business. How can we help you achieve this? The benefits of becoming part of the extended Laser family are many.

Very simply, we’re here to significantly enhance each and every one of our Members’ businesses. With this in mind, we offer Members unprecedented levels of support to help them grow in what is becoming an increasingly competitive environment. Bottom line aside, it’s a business approach that’s also based in achieving a unique work-lifestyle balance. It’s also something that we see as being far beyond lip service. We’re genuinely focused on making this reality for our Members. Yes, being on the ground and being face-to-face is important, but so too is being a little more flexible to focus on life outside of work. It’s also an important consideration if you intend to exit the business at some point in the future, particularly from an on-sell point of view.

Our Members benefit greatly in areas that provide:


A smarter way to grow


A complete solution

As a Laser Member, you’ll have access to unprecedented brand and marketing power.

Our business approach is underpinned by innovative systems. We see it as simply working smarter.

The Laser brand is recognised throughout Australia and New Zealand and is highly visible.

We focus on efficiency and measurement throughout all aspects of your business.

We’re a leading provider and, in turn, lead the market through innovation.  ou’ll enjoy real profitable growth and Y access to established, niche markets. You’ll also have access to a network of dedicated, like-minded suppliers, who provide specialist key account management support.

 e offer one complete end-to-end solution. W It comes down to things such as only ever having to enter data once. It’s that simple. You’ll also have access to our multi milliondollar software suite that’s been specifically tailored to our industry.


Strength through numbers


Unparalleled support

Having access to our broad network offers possibilities including labour sharing and joint ventures with other like-minded Members.

We take the stress out of the day-to-day running of your business, with forwardthinking strategies underpinned by an extensive support base. You’ll have access to our support team to assist you.

You’ll enjoy competitive pricing and focused marketing initiatives.

We will train you in the Laser systems and software.

 hat’s more, our systems development W is unparalleled in the industry.

In turn, our business-planning model is specifically designed to grow your business smarter.

You’ll also benefit from being able to tap into the business minds of other Members through our extensive network. We’re also investing and marketing to unique group customer opportunities, involving multi-site and multi-state corporate customers.

Again, you’ll have access to unparalleled brand and marketing support. We’re here at every given turn to help with every facet of your business.

So what do you get by being a Laser Member? Quite a lot actually. It’s one of the reasons we provide a unique approach to business.

The Laser support network, in detail Systems

Business Planning


• Software development team

• Strategy and direction

• Local or hosted environments

• Budgeting, financial planning

• Purchasing and service level analysis using group data

• Specialist hardware and software support teams

• Organisational structural review

• Development based on Laser Member feedback and requests

• Maintaining cash flow

• In person, remote and online training programs

• KPI data

• Revenue generation

• Efficient and competitive procurement of materials and services • Access to industry-leading suppliers

• Industry-specific benchmarking data

• Centrally driven supplier negotiations and Group pricing

• Integrated with world leading accounting system

Where it all began. A brief history


1983 Laser Electrical forms in Auckland, New Zealand


1999 Franchise system hits the New Zealand market

2004 2004 Launches in Australia


2005 Supreme Franchise Industry award winner

Fellow Members


Conferences, Seminars

• Networking

• 1300 Get Laser and 0800 Get Laser in-house call centre services

• Laser awards

• Access to our marketing prowess through our dedicated team

• New technologies, supplier involvement

• National promotions • Radio campaigns

• Further networking, developing relationships

• Existing customers, nationwide

• Innovative business opportunities

• Bounce ideas off like-minded established, successful business owners • Share labour • Without your permission, other Laser Members can’t work for your customers

• Motivational speakers, inspiration

• An established, niche market • Web marketing and optimisation


2006 Supreme Franchise Industry award winner


2006 Laser Plumbing launches in Australia and New Zealand


2008 Laser Member companies exceed 150

2010 2010 Laser Group Re-Brand

So now you have a better understanding of the Laser system. How do you become a Member? The process is simple…

What’s involved

1. Initial Meeting

2. Second Meeting

This is essentially a ‘meet and greet’ and gives you the opportunity to evaluate the Laser business model. It could be as casual as a quick half-hour chat over coffee. That said, it’s completely confidential and you’re under absolutely no obligation.

From there, it’s basically a case of coming into our support office. Here, we’ll give you a more detailed overview of the model. This will normally take around four hours. It’s also a good idea to bring along business stakeholders – anyone who has an influence on your business. This could be your partner, mentor or a business professional.

Within this, the meeting’s there to answer any detailed questions you may have about both the model and the brand, as a whole. As well as around the ins and outs of investing to be part of the Laser Group.

3. Due diligence

4. Once the decision is made

This is an essential and important part of the process. It’s there for you to evaluate the finer details, so to speak, of the potential opportunity. In turn, pre-entry due diligence normally only takes a couple of weeks and will likely involve some interaction with your appointed lawyer, accountant and any business mentors you may have. For your benefit, you may wish to talk to other existing Laser Members to gain a greater understanding of this business opportunity.

If you decide to go ahead and everything’s signed off, it’s very straightforward. We’re here to induct and train you and your team, to ensure that our systems and processes are implemented properly – for your benefit, as well as to help guide you through the whole change-management process.

*If required, we can also provide you with a due diligence checklist

So who are we looking for? We mentioned that only experienced, established professionals are approached. What else is important?


Our target market • F orward-thinking professionals who we see as a perfect fit for the Laser brand (becoming a Member is by invitation only). •E  xisting contracting companies with six-plus site workers. •B  usinesses respected by their industry, with a proven track record. •E  thical, friendly professionals who look to do things differently for both their business’ benefit as well as their own.

Like to find out more or arrange a meeting? Please contact our Member Support Office and we will be happy to organise everything you will need.

Laser Group New Zealand

Laser Group Australia

Auckland, New Zealand Phone: (09) 820 3800

Melbourne, Australia Phone: (03) 9842 1488

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