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2013 Super  Bowl  Commercials Company

*humorous overtone

Spot Title

Length Description


* Volkswagen

"Get Happy"

1 m

Deutsch LA

* Doritos *

"Goat 4  Sale" "Fashionista  Daddy"

30 s 30  s

* Hyundai


30 s

"Stuck" "Epic Playdate"

30 s 90  s

* Oreo * Go Daddy

"Cream or  Cookie" "Perfect  Match"

30 s 30  s

* Go Daddy

"Big Idea"

30 s

"Lucky Chair"

30 s  

Bud Light

"Journey" Budweiser "Brotherhood" Budweiser Black  Crown "Coronation" "Celebration" Audi Wonderful  Pistachios * E-­‐trade

"Prom" "Gangnam Style" "Save  It"

1 m 1  m 30  s 30  s 1  m 30  s 30  s

Volkswagen worker  talks  in  Jamaican  accent Guy  buys  goat  that  loves  doritos  as  much  as  he   does Group  of  dads  plays  dress  up  for  Doritos Kids  with  different  abilities  get  a  football  team   together  to  tackle  bully Dangers/gross  things  from  being  behind  other   cars Family  goes  on  an  outing  filled  with  adventures People  in  a  library  get  into  a  brawl  over  whether   the  cookie  or  the  cream  is  better Bar  Refaeli  makes  out  with  nerdy  guy Couples  have  the  same  ideas  around  the  world   and  the  first  one  to  get  a  domain  gets  rich Zoe  Saldana,  Stevie  Wonder,  two  guys  take  a   lucky  chair  to  be  bewitched Stevie  Wonder  sends  a  guy  to  the  game  with  a   voodoo  doll Guy  raises  a  clydesdale  horse Celebrating  beer  at  a  swanky,  urban  dinner People  drinking  at  a  club  setting Guy  goes  to  prom  alone,  but  Audi  gives  him   courage  to  kiss  the  prom  queen Psy  dances  with  pistachios Talking  baby  again

Dir. Ben  Callner Dir.  Mark  Freiburger Innocean

Wieden &  Kennedy Deutsch  NY


Anomaly Anomaly

Venebles, Bell  &  Partners The  Fire  Station Grey  NY

* Axe * Toyota Coca Cola

"Lifeguard" "Wish Granted" "Security  Camera"

30 s 1  m 90  s



1 m

* M&Ms

"Love Ballad"

30 s


30 s

"Mini Mart"

30 s


30 s

* Gildan


30 s

* MilkPEP Calvin Klein * Skechers

"Got Milk?" "Concept" "Man  vs.  Cheetah"

30 s 30  s 30  s


"No Drama"

30 s

* Speed Stick

"Unattended Laundry" 30  s

* Century 21

Jeep/USO Beck's Sapphire Subway *

"Whole Again" "Serenade" "A  Story  15  Years  in   the  Making" "Februany"

2 m 30  s 30  s 30  s

Lifeguard saves  girl  on  beach,  but  an  astronaut   takes  her  away BBH  London Kaley  Cuoco  as  RAV4  genie Saatchi  &  Saatchi  LA Security  cameras  show  people  doing  kind  acts Wieden  &  Kennedy Different  groups  in  desert  race  for  coke,  viewers   can  vote  for  who  wins Red  sings  "I  Would  Do  Anything  for  Love"  as  Naya   Rivera  tries  to  eat  him BBDO Brown  introduces  Red  to  a  girl  at  a  party  that  tries   to  eat  him Couple  wins  lottery  in  a  mini  mart  and  agent  helps   them  get  a  good  house Red  Tettemer  &  Partners Husband  not  ready  to  be  married  without  his   agent After  a  night  together,  a  guy  tries  to  get  his  t-­‐shirt   off  a  sleeping  girl DeVito  Verdi The  Rock  has  to  get  milk  for  breakfast  before   saving  lives Deutsch  NY Model  Matthew  Terry  flexes Baron  &  Baron Man  outruns  cheetah  and  ties  it  into  a  knot Siltanen  &  Partners Customers  get  offered  drama,  a  wolf  cub,  but   they  don't  want  it McGarry  Bowen "Handle  It"  Twitter  campaign,  guy  gets  caught   with  girl's  underwear Red  Fuse Oprah  narrates,  families  wait  for  troops  to  come   home Global  Hue Fish  sings  "No  Diggity"  to  a  bottle Mother Celebrities  congratulate  Jared  for  keeping  the   weight  off  for  15  years Independent  MMB Celebrities  can't  say  "Februany"

"Miracle Stain" "Farmer"

1 m 2  m


1 m

* Samsung

"The Next  Big  Thing"

2 m

* Kia Sorento * Kia  Forte

"Space Babies" "Hotbots"

1 m 30  s

* Best Buy

"Asking Amy"

30 s

* Time Warner * Mio  Fit

30 s 30  s

RIM Blackberry

"The Walking  Dead" "Change" "What  Blackberry  10   Can't  Do"

Man gets  Joe  Montana  stain  on  his  jersey,  but  his   Raven's  fan  wife  washes  it   Paul  Harvey's  narration  of  "God  Made  a  Farmer" The  devil  tries  to  get  a  man  to  exchange  his  soul   for  a  car,  but  it's  cheap  enough  to  buy.  Kate   Upton,  Usher. Paul  Rudd  and  Seth  Rogan  pitch  ideas,  but  the   next  big  thing  is  Lebron  James.   Kid  asks  where  babies  come  from  and  dad  makes   up  an  elaborate  story Robot  kicks  person  for  kicking  the  car Amy  Poehler  asks  probing  questions  about   products Walking  Dead  characters  integrated  into  a   household Tracy  Morgan  highlights  change  in  our  society

30 s

Blackberry 10  gives  a  man  supernatural  powers

AMV BBDO  London


"All American"

1 m



1 m

Soda Stream

"Soda Stream  Effect"

30 s

Prudential Lincoln

"Stickers" "Steer the  Script" "Phoenix" "Redd's  Bar"

30 s 30  s 30  s 20  s

Locker room  of  basketball  players  eat  McDonald's Parents  come  home  to  a  party,  but  join  because   Pepsi  Next  has  less  sugar Bottles  of  soda  explode  when  a  person  uses  Soda   Stream  instead People  asked  how  old  the  oldest  person  they   know  is People  tweeted  their  best  road  trip  memories Phoenix  and  hawk  compared  to  the  car Guy  gets  hit  with  an  apple  

* Tide Dodge Ram

Mercedes Benz

* Pepsi Next

* Redd's Apple  Ale

Saatchi &  Saatchi The  Richards  Group

Merkley Partners 72andSunny David  &  Goliath David  &  Goliath Crispin  Porter  &  Bogusky Ogilvy  &  Mather Taxi  NY

TBWA Chiat  Day Pale  Dot  Voyage,  Alex   Bogusky Prudential  Advertising  (in   house) Hudson  Rouge Cavalry

* Old Spice


30 s


30 s

* Allstate (didn't  air)


1 m

* Wheat Thins * Taco  Bell Pizza  Hut

"Night Vision" "Viva  Young" "Hut,  hut,  hut"

30 s 60  s 30  s


Guy with  wolves  on  his  back  is  irresistible  to  a   woman Coach  turns  into  a  loopy  Robin  Williams  when   hungry Allstate  agent  needed  for  mayhem  caused  in  Eden Man  does  a  stake  out  so  his  Wheat  Thins  aren't   stolen Senior  citizens  have  a  night  on  the  town Different  people  playing  football

Wieden &  Kennedy BBDO  NY Leo  Burnett AKQA   Deutsch  LA The  Martin  Agency

Super Bowl Ads  

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