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1-2 Weeks Disposable: Disposed off after every one or two weeks. These lenses are comfortable to wear and keep the eyes moist even in extreme weather conditions. They have the highest UVA and UVB protection. Daily Disposable: Disposed off daily. It needs no maintenance. Monthly Disposable: Disposed off monthly. Color Lenses: The specifically designed lens Expressions Colors, has patterns and advanced tinting process that helps give a more natural look. Multifocal Lenses: These lenses provide a clear vision and comfortable fit all day long. The contacts need to be discarded after every 1-2 Weeks.

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We stock contact lenses from top brands. You can custom order toric, multifocal or high powered lenses. All Canadian orders will ship through Canada Post with tracking number. All US orders will ship through Canada Post or Fedex depends on the area.

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Contact Us Email:- Call US : 1-888-980-LENS

Best contacts canadas discount contact lens retailer  
Best contacts canadas discount contact lens retailer  

We are the best contacts lenses retailer in Canada for improve your health