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NORTH AMERICAN CHRISTIAN CONVENTION 110 Boggs Lane, Suite 330 Cincinnati, OH 45246 Customer Service: (513) 772-9970 x 10 THE MEETING CONNECTION, INC. Exhibit Booths: (614) 898-9361 Hotel Reservations: (614) 898-9361 2014 NACC EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE President Tim Harlow Vice President Daryl Reed Secretary-Treasurer Jen Johnson National Prayer Chairperson Dick Alexander

BEHIND THE SCENES For over two years, the 2013 NACC planning team prayed that God would give us a VICTORIOUS experience in Louisville. We asked God to use the convention for His glory and for the good of His people, and God blessed far beyond what we asked or imagined! Both the statistics and the testimonies revealed His hand at work. A few of the numbers: Approximately 10,000 folks attended the convention in person. Registrations were up 10%, seminar attendance was up 29% and exhibit booths were up 24%. We had 47,000 online views in 31 countries from July 9-12—up 200% from last year. Our offering goal was $130,000 and we received almost $135,000. LIVE VIDEO



Christian Audio Tapes said their CD/DVD sales were “through the roof!” And, you can still get recordings from

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Those are encouraging numbers, but I am heartened the most by the testimonies. Here are just a few:

At-Large Members Dick Alexander Nate Bush Bob Cherry Jamie Snyder Jeff Stone David Roberson

A woman with a painful health condition:

Advisors Martha Brammer Byron Davis Denise Harlow

“Thanks, Joni Eareckson Tada, for the inspiration and encouragement!”

NACC STAFF Managing Director Larry D. Collins Support Staff Ryan Allcott Rick Coyle Misty Jordan Debbie Maurer Carie Schultz The NACC UPDATE has been in print since 1973. This is Volume 42, Issue 1 NACC Event Photography Tom Patrick Speaker Photos Provided by the speaker


Jon Weece A Christian magazine editor:

“I was taken by the sermons this year in a way they haven’t moved me some years before. Every sermon—every one of them— touched and challenged me.” Joni Eareckson Tada

WITH 2013 NACC PRESIDENT MATT PROCTOR A middle-aged mother and Bible class teacher from Indiana:

“Inspired by speakers, challenged by workshops, moved by worship, reconnected to others and blessed beyond measure.” A Pennsylvania preacher:

“I came to the convention needing to just breathe and refocus. Praise the Lord; I am ready to return to my local church, ready to proclaim that I am Victorious.”

The African Children’s Choir

A past NACC president:

“I’ve attended every year since 1964, and to me this year’s convention was the best ever.” I loved reading what one young minister’s wife shared: “My husband and I have two little boys and have been in full-time ministry for eleven years. For the past three years we have faced very difficult challenges. The NACC has been such an encouragement to us.”

That’s exactly what our planning team had been praying for! The impact is multiplied as these Christian leaders—refreshed, inspired, energized—go back to their ministries and bless others. Who knows how many lives even now are being encouraged with the good news of our VICTORY in Christ?

Matt passing the gavel to 2014 NACC President Tim Harlow

Thank you for partnering with the 2013 NACC planning team this year. I’m already excited about what God has in store for us next year, and I’ll see you in Indianapolis, IN, July 8-11, 2014!


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It’s time for a renewed sense of purpose and urgency, compelled by Christ’s love, to bring God’s message of hope to the people in our own backyards . . . or die trying. But the NACC isn't just a one week experience. We want to help you start NOW to light a fire!


Every week, you'll receive a brief video that packs insight from some of the best leaders in the country into just a minute or two. These are bite-sized chunks of insight from almost fifty highly effective leaders. The videos touch on church, on leadership, and on the leader's personal life. Watch them, reflect on them, and share them with your team.





Along with the videos, we're sending concise prayer suggestions from 2014 NACC Prayer Chairman Dick Alexander and Spiritual Formation Director Chaz Robbins. These will help you personalize the insights from the videos and focus the mission NOW.








The NACC makes a difference in lives and in churches. I'm praying the 2014 NACC will do that for you and your church NOW! - - - - - - - - - TIM HARLOW IS THE 2014 NACC PRESIDENT




Tim Harlow

Ben Merold

Cal Jernigan

Vince Antonucci

Liz Curtis Higgs

Lee Strobel

Craig Groeschel

Brian “Head” Welch

David Kinnaman

Kevin Holland

Tim Hawkins

Daryl Reed


YOUR MISSION, SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT . . . SCRATCH THAT. AS A CHRISTIAN, YOU DON’T HAVE ANY CHOICE. Jesus said to go, make disciples, baptize, and teach - THE WORLD. We don’t get to “choose.” It’s such an important assignment that Jesus repeated it five times in five different books of the Bible. It’s why we exist. God put us on this earth to be a part of His mission. Our church is designed to be part of His mission. Everything else pales in comparison. The problem with words like “mission” and “world” is that it often feels like something someone else should do. That’s why it’s important to add Acts 1:6 to the mission. Jesus said, “Be my witnesses.” And He gave us a strategy. Start close – and move out from there. It’s time to reclaim this strategy. Not to slow down on world evangelism, but to “ReMission” the local effort. Like never before in our country’s history, the mission field is right in front of us. There are more than 100 million

unchurched Americans living all around us. The U.S. is one of the largest mission fields in the world. And we don’t have to get in a car to go find them. What if our churches could turn this country, our Jerusalem, back into a nation that follows Jesus? It’s a really big mission. There are so many prodigals to welcome home and so many lost sheep to find. But we’re not in it alone. He promised to be right there in the trenches with us.

It’s time to ReMission. It’s

time for a renewed sense of purpose and urgency, compelled by Christ’s love, to bring God’s message of hope to the people in our own backyards . . . or die trying.

The most important thing is that I complete my mission, the work that the Lord Jesus gave me -- to tell people the Good News about God's grace. (Acts 20:24 NCV)

............................ FROM 2014 NACC PRESIDENT TIM HARLOW


Gifts given September 1, 2012 through August 31, 2013

Memorial & Honor Gifts In Memory Of Ronald and Anna May Allee Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allcott, III

L.H. Appel Veva C. Appel

Wayne Ashworth Beverly A. Ashworth Robert N. Azbill Lois W. Azbill

Enned R. Baker Marjorie Baker Smith Ron Baker Marjorie Baker Smith

Virginia (Ginny) Blessing Max Blessing

Russ Blowers David and Candy Faust John R. Lee Larry and Rebecca Wagner Carlos and Ruth Ann Webb Clyde Boeddeker Constance Boeddeker

Clovis Bolen C.W. and Edith Gaffner

Dr. Paul Brown Martindale Church of Christ, Indianapolis Luella J. Carter Frank J. Carter

Keith Casteel Jeanie Casteel Athenton

Billy Paul Collins Larry and Marsha Collins Edsel Dale Larry and Barbara Smith

Elma Dean Zona Joy Ellis

Margrete S. Douglas T. Wayne Douglas Gene Dulin Karen S. Brandt

Charles R (Bob) Egger Michael and Patricia McCane

Floyd, Gerlean, Garnett, Emily Bill and Janie Logsdon

Wanda Taylor Ford Wayne Ford, Jr.

Shelley and Susan Omer Dorothy H. Omer

Mark Fulton Dennis and Wanda Fulton

Paul and Kathleen Pratt Rick and Lydia Coyle

Ina France Floyd and Beverley White

Harry Gamauf Fred and Denise Wiseman Gregory W. Gardiner Nancy H. Gardiner Wayne E. Gardiner Nancy H. Gardiner

Donald Gehring Margaret C. Gehring Arthur L. Grove David Grove

John Hall Paul and Elayne Gore Ginny Haverkos Robert Haverkos

Harold Hockley Jim and Linda Eger Glen Wheeler

Phoebe Horton Huff Mary Blanche Jungers

E. Ray Jones Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Hackler John K. Jones, Sr. Betty J. Jones

Marjorie Kline Floyd A. Kline, Jr.

Mark Koerner David and Candy Faust George and Carolyn McElroy

Janet Lee John R. Lee

Raymond Leivan M.E. Leivan Connie Mieir Bill Mieir

Orval M. Morgan Sandra Morgan

Malcolm Myers Ruth Griley Myers

Harry and Ella Packer Jane C. Packer

Forrest Ramser Mr. and Mrs. James D. Rose Ruth Rogers Gordon Rogers

Theodore Rose Larry and Marsha Collins Jerry D. Saltsman T. Wayne Douglas

Edna Sargent Robert and Linda Wilder

Gary Schoner Gordon and Esther Schoner Julia Martin Schroeder Larry and Rosalyn Martin Arthur Strain Mary Ruth Strain

In Honor Of Roy Blackmore Johnny A. Custer

Dr. Emmitt Brown Martindale Church of Christ, Indianapolis

Brownstown Christian Church, Indiana Esther Hotchkiss John Caldwell Luann Daub

Dan and Karen Dyke Laura Williams Dr. David Eubanks Helen E. Lemmon

Dr. David and Candy Faust Mary Blanche Jungers

Elliott French Scott and Louwanna French Jim Lane Gerald and Bonnie Hunter NACC Staff Jeannine A. Miller

Matt Proctor Iva Thompson Denton and Diane McDaniel Walter and Karen Diefendorf Gene and Donita Weece Clyde H. True Bart and Catherine Rendel Phyllis R. True Wally and Barbara Rendel William Turner Wally Rendel Betty Turner Ethan and Misty Stivers Clyde and Christine Watkins Bart and Jodi Stone Larry and Karen Boren Wally and Barbara Rendel Donna Weinsheimer Dr. David Tysinger Chuck Weinsheimer Larry and Marilyn Harley Patricia L. Wildman Dan Williams Steven and Theresa Cordes Richard and Jo Ann Garner Owen Williams Leonard Wymore Luella Williams William Dennis Helsabeck, Jr. John A. Wilson Leonard and Thelma Wymore David and Candy Faust Robert and Evelyn Winger Terry and Sandra Simonton Carrie Wright James D. Wright

In your gift correspondence, please clearly print the remembered/honored and donor names in the way you would like them to appear. Memorial and honor gifts appear for a limited time on 6 NORTH AMERICAN CHRISTIAN CONVENTION

2014 NACC HOTEL RESERVATION FORM Thank you for booking your hotel through the NACC. It helps the NACC negotiate the best possible pricing for everyone.


Do not use this form after June 12, 2014. Do not call the hotel directly. Contact The Meeting Connection if you want multiple rooms or need to request items not listed on this form. Contact The Meeting Connection, Inc. with changes, cancellations, or to make reservations over the phone (614) 898-9361.


Select One Hotel: Embassy Suites ($129) Hotel tax 17% Parking $17 (not incl. in rate)

Hilton Indy (Standard $114) Parking $10 Hilton Indy (Double Queen Suite $136) Parking $10 Marriott Downtown ($127) Parking $25 Omni Severin ($119) (Valet Only) Parking $27 Sheraton Indy City Centre ($112) Parking $10

Visa* MasterCard* *Do not use a debit card

Westin Indianapolis ($127) Parking $20

Expiration Date:

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Security Code: 

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Email verification of receipt will arrive in ten days. Hotel confirmation will arrive in thirty days. Reservation cancellations made anytime before your scheduled arrival date are subject to a $50 processing fee. You will be charged one night’s room rate plus tax if you cancel inside 72 hours before your scheduled arrival.

Check in time is 4:00 p.m. Check out time is 11:00 a.m. Rates are available July 5 - 14, 2014

Your Arrival: July


Room Type:



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Departure: July

# youth in room: All rooms are non-smoking

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Reservations will be processed only if you submit a credit card number or a $130 check deposit (write check to The Meeting Connection) with this form. The Meeting Connection will not charge your credit card but will use the information to reserve and block your hotel room(s). Therefore, you must bring some form of payment with you to the hotel in order to pay for your room(s) upon checkout.

Add’l rollaway bed

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NACC Housing c/o The Meeting Connection, Inc 6373 Meadow Glen Drive North Westerville, OH 43082-8299 (614) 898-9361 (614) 898-9364 WWW.GOTONACC.ORG 7

SUPPORTING CHURCHES // SEPTEMBER 2012 – AUGUST 2013 Thank you to each and every church who is listed below for their continued faithful support of the NACC throughout fiscal year 2013 (September 1, 2012 through August 31, 2013). We are grateful for the sacrificial gifts that bless our entire family of churches! Approximately 25% of the NACC’s annual expenses are funded by church contributions. If your church was not a giving partner this past year, please prayerfully consider becoming one this year to support what God will be doing throughout the 2014 convention year through the NACC ministry. Your gifts are vitally important and appreciated! $50,000+ Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY

$25,000 to $30,000 Legacy Christian Church, Overland Park, KS

$10,000 to $12,000 Chapel Rock Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN Christ’s Church of the Valley, Peoria, AZ Crossroads Christian Church, Evansville, IN Savannah Christian Church, Savannah, GA Shepherd of the Hills Church, Porter Ranch, CA

$5,000 to $9,999 Antioch Christian Church, Marion, IA Chandler Christian Church, Chandler, AZ Connection Pointe Christian Church, Brownsburg, IN Eastview Christian Church, Normal, IL Kingsway Christian Church, Avon, IN Lakeside Christian Church, Lakeside Park, KY Mountain Christian Church, Joppa, MD Traders Point Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN $3,000 to $4,999 Canyon Ridge Christian Church, Las Vegas, NV Central Christian Church, Saint Petersburg, FL

Christ’s Church, Jacksonville, FL Christ’s Church at Mason, Mason, OH First Christian Church, Council Bluffs, IA First Christian Church, Hugoton, KS First Christian Church, Johnson City, TN Forum Christian Church, Columbia, MO Journey Christian Church, Apopka, FL Mt. Pleasant Christian Church, Greenwood, IN Summit Christian Church, Sparks, NV West Side Christian Church, Springfield, IL Worthington Christian Church, Columbus, OH

$1,500 to $2,999 Broadway Christian Church, Mattoon, IL Buckeye Christian Church, Grove City, OH Central Christian Church, Wichita, KS Christian Church of Clarendon Hills, Clarendon Hills, IL Christ’s Church of Oronogo, Oronogo, MO First Christian Church Ministries, Kernersville, NC First Church of Christ, Burlington, KY Gateway Christian Church, Mt. Sterling, KY


Greenwood Christian Church, Greenwood, IN Harvester Christian Church, Saint Charles, MO Northeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY Northside Christian Church, Clovis, CA Northside Christian Church, New Albany, IN Northside Christian Church, Wadsworth, OH Northside Christian Church, Yorktown, VA Okolona Christian Church, Louisville, KY Rocky Mountain Christian Church, Longmont, CO Shelby Christian Church, Shelbyville, KY Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, Bloomington, IN SouthBrook Christian Church, Miamisburg, OH Southland Christian Church, Lexington, KY University Christian Church, Los Angeles, CA White Flag Christian Church, Saint Louis, MO $1,000 to $1,499 Anchor Christian Church, Rochester, NY Athens Christian Church, Lexington, KY Bachelor Creek Church of Christ, Wabash, IN Beechwold Christian Church, Columbus, OH Bella Vista Christian Church, Bella Vista, AR

Bright Christian Church, Lawrenceburg, IN Broadway Christian Church, Lexington, KY Central Christian Church, Mount Vernon, IL Christian Church in Lindsay, Lindsay, CA Christ’s Church of Flagstaff, Flagstaff, AZ Church of Christ at Manor Woods, Rockville, MD Columbia Christian Church, Columbia, KY Community Christian Church, Frankfort, IN Crossroads Christian Church, West Lafayette, IN Eastside Christian Church, Jeffersonville, IN First Christian Church, Columbus, IN First Christian Church, Dodge City, KS First Christian Church, Evansville, IN First Christian Church, Greenville, IL First Christian Church, Laverne, OK First Christian Church, Morris, IL First Christian Church, Sullivan, IN First Church of Christ, Painesville, OH First Church of Christ, Washington, NC Generations Christian Church, Trinity, FL

Heyworth Christian Church, Heyworth, IL Hope Christian Church, Avon, OH Horsepasture Christian Church, Ridgeway, VA Huntsville Christian Church, Huntsville, AL Inglewood Southside Christian Church, Inglewood, CA Journey Christian Church, Wayne, NE Knott Avenue Christian Church, Anaheim, CA LifeSpring Christian Church, Cincinnati, OH Lincoln Christian Church, Lincoln, IL New Day Christian Church, Port Charlotte, FL North Bullitt Christian Church, Shepherdsville, KY Ocala Christian Church, Ocala, FL Owensboro Christian Church, Owensboro, KY Rockville Christian Church, Rockville, IN Second Church of Christ, Danville, IL Southwoods Christian Church, Overland Park, KS Westbrook Christian Church, Bolingbrook, IL Westerville Christian Church, Westerville, OH White Oak Christian Church, Cincinnati, OH Whitewater Crossing Christian Church, Cleves, OH

$500 to $999 Academy Christian Church, Colorado Springs, CO Avalon Church of Christ, Virginia Beach, VA Bellevue Christian Church, Pittsburgh, PA Blountville Christian Church, Blountville, TN Brownstown Christian Church, Brownstown, IN Cambridge City Christian Church, Cambridge City, IN Center Christian Church, Knightstown, IN CenterPointe Christian Church, Lexington, KY Chapel Hill Christian Church, Kokomo, IN Christ’s Church at the Crossroads, Anthem, AZ Community Christian Church, Fort Scott, KS Community Christian Church, Tamarac, FL Crosspoint Christian Church, Cape Coral, FL Deer Creek Christian Church, University Park, IL Fairfield Church of Christ, Fairfield, OH Fairmount Christian Church, Mechanicsville, VA Faith Church of Christ, Burlington, IN Fern Creek Christian Church, Louisville, KY First Christian Church, Big Stone Gap, VA First Christian Church, Brazil, IN First Christian Church, Derby, KS First Christian Church, Herrin, IL First Christian Church, Minerva, OH First Christian Church, Morristown, TN First Christian Church, Villa Grove, IL First Christian Church, Wilmington, IL

Gateway Christian Church, Saint Albans, WV Hikes Point Christian Church, Louisville, KY Hopwood Memorial Christian Church, Milligan College, TN Jessamine Christian Church, Nicholasville, KY Journey Christian Church, Fairbanks, AK Kenwood Heights Christian Church, Louisville, KY Lake Ridge Christian Church, Paris, IL Mt. Pleasant Church of Christ, Williamstown, KY Nelson Christian Church, Bardstown, KY North River Avenue Christian Church, Toronto, OH NorthEast Christian Church, Lexington, KY Outlook Christian Church, McCordsville, IN Parkview Christian Church, Findlay, OH Peaks Mill Christian Church, Frankfort, KY Seymour Heights Christian Church, Seymour, TN Tates Creek Christian Church, Lexington, KY Tonganoxie Christian Church, Tonganoxie, KS Town & Country Christian Church, Bartlesville, OK Unity Christian Church, Cynthiana, KY Valley View Christian Church, Littleton, CO Vanceburg Christian Church, Vanceburg, KY Washington Christian Church, Washington, IL West Hills Christian Church, Bristol, TN Westview Christian Church, Amarillo, TX Woodlawn Christian Church, Knoxville, TN Worthington Christian Church, Worthington, IN

Up to $499Â Adventure Christian Church, Louisville, KY Antioch Christian Church, Pittsburg, MO Bay Area Christian Church, Houston, TX Boones Creek Christian Church, Gray, TN Briar Ridge Christian Church, Mount Eden, KY Bridgetown Church of Christ, Cincinnati, OH Buchanan Christian Church, Buchanan, MI Campbellsville Christian Church, Campbellsville, KY Capital Area Christian Church, Mechanicsburg, PA Central Holston Christian Church, Bristol, TN Central Park Church of Christ, Tilton, IL Christian Church of Witt, Witt, IL Church of Christ, Mondamin, IA Community Christian Church, Metropolis, IL Cornerstone Christian Church, Dawsonville, GA Crestwood Christian Church, Saint Louis, MO Crossroads Christian Church, Joliet, IL East Dayton Christian Church, Dayton, OH East Sparta Christian Church, East Sparta, OH English Christian Church, Carrollton, KY Fairfax Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN First Christian Church, Lamar, MO First Christian Church, Anna, IL First Christian Church, Cowden, IL First Christian Church, Erwin, TN First Christian Church, Greeneville, TN

First Christian Church, Greenville, AL First Christian Church, Harrisburg, IL First Christian Church, Junction City, KS First Christian Church, Kewanee, IL First Christian Church, Lansing, IL First Christian Church, Mountain City, GA First Christian Church, Stuart, FL

First Christian Church, Sturgis, KY First Christian Church, Warsaw, IN First Church of Christ, Garrett, IN

First Church of Christ, Sault Sainte Marie, MI Fly Branch Church of Christ, Vanceburg, KY Forest Dale Church of Christ, Cincinnati, OH

Grandview Christian Church, Johnson City, TN Heartland Christian Church, Rogers, AR

Little Rock Christian Church, Paris, KY

Lockland Christian Church, Cincinnati, OH

Macedonia Christian Church, Williamston, NC

Martindale Ave. Church of Christ, Indianapolis, IN McCook Christian Church, McCook, NE

Medaryville Christian Church, Medaryville, IN Memorial Church of Christ, Livonia, MI

New Brighton Christian Church, New Brighton, MN Ninevah Christian Church, Lawrenceburg, KY

Northside Christian Church of North Lakeland, Lakeland, FL Northview Church of Christ, Huntington, IN Northwest Christian Church, McKinney, TX Oakland Drive Church of Christ, Portage, MI President Drive Church of Christ, Cincinnati, OH Reddington Christian Church, Seymour, IN Rolling Hills Christian Church, Topeka, KS Ronceverte Christian Church, Ronceverte, WV Rossville Church of Christ, Rossville, IL Russell Springs Christian Church, Russell Springs, KY Seaford Church of Christ, Seaford, VA Solid Rock Christian Church, Saint James, MO South Side Church of Christ, Washington Court House, OH Southside Christian Church, La Crosse, WI Southside Christian Church, Ottawa, IL Sugar Grove Christian Church, Owingsville, KY Tri-Village Christian Church, Pataskala, OH Twin Cities Christian Church, Council Bluffs, IA University Christian Church, Manhattan, KS West Lansing Church of Christ, Lansing, MI West Walnut St. Church of Christ, Portland, IN Westwood Hills Christian Church, Los Angeles, CA Winter Haven Christian Church, Winter Haven, FL

North Liberty Church of Christ, North Liberty, IN Northside Christian Church, Springfield, MO


The NACC is in the process of closing books for Fiscal Year 2013 (9/1/12 thru 8/31/13) 2013 Preliminary Results: Revenue $1.51M // Expense $1.43M Sources of revenue: Churches and Individuals = 41%; Registrations/Exhibits/Ads/Ministry Partners= 59% The NACC is committed to fiscal integrity and accountability. The financial records are independently reviewed annually by Capin Crouse, LLP, a national accounting firm specializing in not-for-profit Christian organization accounting/audit services. The NACC is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization and all gifts to the NACC are tax deductible in the U.S.


Kid s

For Families

Stu de nt s

All adults registered for the convention may register their children (birth - 12 years) for the children’s convention. Child programs operate during the NACC Main Sessions (morning and evening) and up to three hours of afternoon seminars/ workshops. Visit for the complete schedule and more information.

Students who are 13 or older register at the student rate. Students may register individually, and registered adults may add students (13-24 years) to their registration. This student rate includes every session of the NACC Student Convention as well as all NACC programs. There is also a student one-day rate. Visit for the complete schedule and more information.

The registration form is on the next page 10 NORTH AMERICAN CHRISTIAN CONVENTION


. of NACC events s e s n e p x e e set th s. f the expense support to off o l % ia c 9 n a ly n te fi a d e im pprox of combin rs help with a o s It takes a lot n o p S d n a s Partner NACC Ministry


This pre-registration form expires June 28, 2014

Registration will continue to be available online and on-site after this form expires on June 28, 2014. Get an instant confirmation when you register with your credit card on Registration materials and badges are not mailed. Badges will be distributed at the NACC Pre-Registration Counter, open 8:00 AM Tuesday, July 8, 2014 through the end of the NACC. Cancellation fee is $25. No cancellations will be accepted after May 15, 2014, but may, upon request, be converted to a donation or applied to a registration for the next NACC. Register for the 2014 Indianapolis NACC (Select one rate per form): $180 Married Couple $95 Individual $40 Student (13-24 years) Register for one day: DAY: Tue. July 8 Wed. July 9 $70 Married Couple $35 Individual $20 Student (13-24 years)

Thur. July 10

Fri. July 11

$ $

= Sub-Total Amount Due $  Protected Family Value: If Sub-Total Amount is more than $250, change Sub-Total Amount Due to $250. = Early-Bird Discount Sub-Total Amount Due $  Prior to April 1, 2014: subtract $10

Your registration comes with a 50% discount to Worship Leader magazine at Your Name:  Spouse Name: 

4. Add Donation Please consider making a donation along with your registration. Your US tax deductible donation helps us continue inspiring and encouraging ministry leaders through the NACC. Thank you for being a blessing to this ministry. I will support the NACC with a love gift and/or non-attending registration ($25) $

= Total Amount Due $ 

Home Address: 

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3. Add children (birth-12 years) # of children x Event $20 = # of children x 1 Day $10 =


Work (



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Email:  If you provide your email address, your confirmation will arrive by email. By providing your email address, you are authorizing the NACC to include you in email updates about this and future NACC events, NACC offers and NACC partner offers. You may unsubscribe at any time. Check here to decline this service if you do not want emails from the NACC.

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$ $

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NACC, 110 Boggs Lane, Suite 330 Cincinnati, OH 45246 Fax: (513) 772-9980 Questions: (513) 772-9970



end to s f this r y p ap so you re h copie with se a We more share . Plea ly you tter to fami ailing . e and em l s .org new iends st by onacc e fr equ ot r @g act t n co

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Cincinnati, OH Permit No. 511

NACC 110 Boggs Lane, Suite 330 Cincinnati, OH 45246 Phone: (513) 772-9970 Fax: (513) 772-9980 Web:

GOTONACC.ORG North American Christian Convention


Dwight D. Loken, CMP, The Meeting Connection, Inc., (614) 898-9361

The 2013 NACC had a wonderful turnout of exhibitors and attendees. It was a great time for ministries to inform others about what they are doing and to connect with contributors; for colleges to connect with alumni, friends and future students; and for church leaders to learn about new programs and services. If you want to be a part of the action for 2014, visit to sign up to exhibit. The exhibit space is already more than 40% sold out!

NACC UPDATE October 2013  
NACC UPDATE October 2013  

The 2014 NACC will be July 8-11 at the Indiana Convention Center, 100 S Capitol Ave Indianapolis, IN 46225.