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October, 2013 | Issue 1


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From the director’s desk – Jody Grima What an exciting journey we have been on over the past 6 weeks, through the fun and thrills of training led by the awesome Zandra and the graceful Lola to being live and operational. Over such a short period of time I have seen you all grow and develop to make this place a benchmark of success. The best way to sum this up is to share a wonderful experience I had last week. One that affected me in a most unexpected way. I was standing, listening to a call and watching the reactions of our visitor, Peta Seaton when I found myself getting choked up. It wasn’t that the call was about something sad; it was an overwhelming feeling of pride in the way Minjal was handling the customer’s call. It was symbolic of what we are all achieving every day to make the Parramatta Service NSW Contact Centre a model of customer service a truly great place to work. If this is where we are after six weeks anything is possible for the future.



9th September, 2013 Orange Service Center opened The new center is located at 122-124 Kite Street, Orange. Opening hours are from 7am – 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 3pm on Saturdays. The Orange service center is one of the first of 18 initial service centers to be opened across NSW. The NSW Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner officially opened the Service NSW Centre in Orange, heralding a new era in customer service delivery in a convenient location.

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Liverpool Lismore Penrith Wollongong 18thOctober 2013 – Staff Photo Competition Budding photographers: grab your cameras and get snapping for a chance to have your photo take pride of place in the Service NSW inaugural 2013/13 Annual Report. Closing date COB Friday 11 October. Entries will be judged by a panel comprising Deputy CEO Steve Griffin, Executive Director, Service Delivery Sharyn

Gordon and Director, Corporate Relations Shoshana Wall. The winner will be announced on Friday October 18 and have their photo/s published in the annual report. Please send your entries to Katrina Gibson on or call Katrina on (02) 9887 7558 if you have any queries. 2

The theme is Service NSW – Transforming


16th September, 2013

27th September, 2013

The Small Business team goes live

Visit by Dr Peta Seaton and the Denmark delegation at the Parramatta Contact Centre.

With the capable leadership of Ms. Lesley Waldron, the Small Business Transaction Team is now starting its third week live.

The Team helps small business customers navigate government permits /licenses. Lesley Waldron

Shane O’Donnell

Ben Dalton

Prashant Alambara


Dr. Peta was delighted with our performance to date and the overall buzz of the centre. Michelle Dang was a wonderful host and the team was fantastic. The contact centre team made her and her staff feel welcome. A standout was Minjal who took the call that Peta listened in on. Minjal got 5/5 CSAT on that call and handled it very, very well. Peta was very impressed. As she was leaving, Peta commented on the greatness of our people and the overall feel of the place. She said she would be in touch with the Premier.


Employee Spotlight nominated for customer service awards ServiceNSW has been recognized as a nominee in the Australian Service Excellence Awards 2013 presented by the Customer Service Institute of Australia(CSIA). What are these Awards: Endorsed by the International Council of Customer Service Organizations, the Awards are internationally recognised, with Australian winners automatically becoming finalists in the global International Service Excellence Awards. Where is the Venue: The award ceremony will take place in Melbourne on October 9 Who is the nominee: Mayne Mungal , customer service representative Parramatta Contact Centre is invited by CEO Glenn King, Mike Pratt and Sharyn Gordon at the Awards ceremony. Mayne has been recognised for providing excellent Customer service from day one.

From my desk to Yours!..contd What makes you laugh? My family, comedy movies, Seinfeld and being tickled.

If I take a look inside your refrigerator what would I find? You’ll be shocked when I say we have 3 fridges! My mum loves to cook so definitely left over food, besides from the meat, fruits and vegies, I am addicted to cheese, Vitasoy and Aloe Vera drink and my concoction of freshly made juices which takes half the space of one fridge!

From my desk to Yours! What attributes got you nominated for the Award? First and foremost, I am very humbled to have been nominated amongst so many talented, hard-working and amazing people! Attributes I believe got me nominated are: being friendly, helpful, punctual, respectful, motivated, sympathetic, thoughtful, caring, cheerful, considerate, honest and hardworking.

Where were you working prior to joining Service NSW contact centre? I was working as a Guest Services Operator at The Star Casino

What do you plan to do on your trip to Melbourne? If I have enough time – of course SHOPPING!!! Some of our colleagues have asked me for souvenirs like magnets and curry beef jerky!

What is your favorite food? Too many to mention. I’m definitely a meat and seafood lover.

What is your definition of a good customer experience? My definition of a good customer experience is: The ability to deliver quality service by building and maintaining a positive relationship which will exceed customer’s expectations and will contribute to the ongoing success of the company and promote customer satisfaction and good overall experience.

What was your scariest moment at Service NSW?

Definitely the first day! I felt like I was back in school, I didn’t know anybody and I was really scared and nervous.

If you are given a chance to travel into the past where would you go and why?

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

I would love to go back to England during the Elizabethan era. This “golden age” era is most famous for theatre and I would have loved to have seen William Shakespeare’s play during that time.

I’d like to have the power to hear what people are thinking as I am a curious person and would like to know if you are lying or not!



Welcome New Team members The Small Business team also known as “Navigators” became fully operational on 16th September ‘2013. The team comprises of 4 members, Ben Dalton, Prashant Alambra, Shane O’Donnell and Lesley Waldron. In addition to the regular training on the centre procedures and processes such as the firedrill, introduction to and testing of software such as Genysys and Salesforce, the team has created their own Operations Manual for processes, Reference Library, designed the BDM Quiz certificates. Each of the team members has wide and varied experiences in all levels of business. Some of our experiences are: Running a Cooking School Managing and establishing Call Centres Setting up and running small businesses Running Restaurant and Café Selling to small businesses Running Training Companies and Delivering Training Recruitment Companies Managing Sales & operation Team Building “Bespoke Furniture” Divya has worked as a service quality coach with St. George Bank & has worked through various departments in the bank for 10.5 yrs. She loves travelling & is eagerly looking forward to having fun with us while working together towards our goal of becoming the number 1 service provider.

Divya Nagra Service Quality Coach

Louella Gutierrez


Service Quality

Louella has also worked previously at St George Bank as a Subject Matter Expert and trainer with Mortgages for the last 7 years where she had the opportunity to travel overseas as a part of an offshoring project for Westpac Bank to Manila. She love shoes and is a massive harry potter nerd that she has a lightning bolt tattoo. She is looking forward to working with everyone and getting to know each of us more!

Team: BDM, Smooth Operators (best team ever),,Studied: Business Management and Marketing Work: Ran my own online store selling off road accessories Sarah love the values, innovation and people behind Service NSW and wants to be a part of that

Nelle Morrison- Contact Centre Resource Planning Analyst

Customer Serrvice Officer

She will look after the general administration of Workforce Management System (WFM), including schedule generation and time off request management

Jamye has recently moved from Auskland, New Zealand. She has also worked for a Government Department-Housing NewZealand Corporation in NZ.She is very excited to be working in Sydney forte first time. Enjoying it very much


Sarah Williams

Jayme Exham – Pareanga Customer Serrvice Officer



& Achievements

The Unsung Heros 1. Tony Cai- took the first call of ServiceNSW Parramatta contact center. Also got nominated for the12th Annual Australian Service Excellence Awards 2. Angie Rewi- was the first to receive customer compliment. She has the highest customer compliments for the month of September’2013 and hence was nominated for the 12th Annual Australian Service Excellence Awards 3.Kodher Rawas – took the highest number of calls for the month of September’2013. He is also the highest scorer of 5 on CSAT for this month. Kodher was also nominated for 12th Annual Australian Service Excellence Awards 4. Mischa Kilby : scored a 100% on BDM Knowledge Quiz on Births

5. Leanne McDonald- scored a 100% on BDM Knowledge Quiz on Change of Name




The Parramatta Contact center started its operations on the 31st August’2013 and has since received 19 compliments till date.

BDM Call Angie, Amrita Christopher, Elizabeth Fia ,John Lua , Mellisa Mischa ,Sapandeep Tina.



From Thomas Cook Holidays listing some of their UK clientele's genuine complaints. 1. "I think it should be explained in the brochure that the local store does not sell proper biscuits like custard creams or ginger nuts." 2. "We booked an excursion to a water park but no-one told us we had to bring our swimming costumes and towels." 3. "The beach was too sandy." 4. "We had to queue outside with no air-conditioning." 5. "It is your duty as a tour operator to advise us of noisy or unruly guests before we travel." 6. "I was bitten by a mosquito. No-one said they could bite."

- compiled by Ben Dalton

Rover Report – Compiled by Prashant

1.     1.

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Techsupport: “Ok, in the bottom left hand side of the screen, can you see the ‘OK’ button displayed?” Customer: “Wow. How can you see my screen from there?” Tech Support:: “What type of computer do you have?” Customer:: “A white one.” Tech Support: “I need you to right-click on the Open Desktop.” Customer “Ok.” Tech Support: “Did you get a pop-up menu?” Customer: “No.” Tech Support: “Ok. Right click again. Do you see a pop-up menu?” Customer “No.” Tech Support:: “Ok, sir. Can you tell me what you have done up until this point?” Customer: “Sure, you told me to write ‘click’ and I wrote ‘click’.”

“Source :^^callcentre helper”


2.    

3.   

What was your first job? Shane – Removing the balls from Elephants Ben – Working for a Bank looking after the Wine Cellar Prashant – Worked at a Timber Yard as a loader/delivery boy Lesley – Office Administration role at CBC Bank If you could be a superhero who would it be? Shane – Storm from X-men Ben – Iron Man Prashant – Banana Man Lesley - Cat Woman

What’s your favourite holiday destination? Shane – New Zealand Ben – Spain Prashant – Amsterdam Lesley – Paris


Healthy Tips Put your body and mind at ease with these simple movements - By Tony Cai

Don't wait until a fire drill to get some movement in your body. Simple, whole body movements at your desk can gently stretch your muscles and tendons. The results may surprise you – you may feel much more at ease, physically and mentally.



Reach your arms out wide and back until you feel your chest muscles stretch – your shoulder blades should be closer together. In this position, rotate both arms in small circles 15 times counterclockwise and then clockwise.


With both feet flat on the floor, tense and relax your thigh muscles as if you were pushing your chair away from your desk. Don't actually move your chair, just feel your quadriceps tense and relax. Repeat this action 12 times.


Raise both arms in front of you and allow your hands and wrists to drop. Vigorously shake your hands in all directions, keeping them as limp as possible. Continue to do this for a few seconds.


Finally, try standing up between and during calls and do the good old arms out-wide stretch.

Raise both arms over your head, as if reaching for something just beyond your grasp. Hold this position for a few seconds and then lower your arms.


Allow your head to loll to the side until you feel a stretch on the opposite side. Gently hold this for a few seconds and then allow your head to loll forward. Continue this motion to the other side until you feel your neck muscles stretch on the opposite side. Finally, allow your head to loll backward. Repeat this circular movement in the opposite direction.


Shrug your shoulders and roll your shoulders forward once and then backward once. Perform this action 10 times.

With these simple movements at your desk your body and mind will hopefully feel at ease.



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Jody Grima •For her supporting message on the front page

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