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Vegetarian Couscous Berber Style Couscous Terroir Style Couscous Ready­To­Eat Gluten Free No preservatives

SPECIALISTS IN SPORTS & FITNESS NUTRITION PACKAGING At Arranti, we are always striving to create the next big thing in packaging. Our group of talented experts is unyielding in their development of exciting ideas for this ever-changing industry. There are always new finishes and materials to explore, plus cutting-edge designs to dream up. The Arranti team has more than 25 years experience in achieving our clients’ goals. Talk to us today and find out how we can kick-start your brand to reach new heights.













ARRANTI.COM TEL: 905-854-7421 • EMAIL:


WE BUILD CONNECTIONS FOR GROWTH We live in an ever-changing world full of exciting possibilities where it’s important to build meaningful connections. At CROSSMARK, we passionately forge strong bonds on many levels. Whether it’s linking consumers to brands, or insights to ideas, these connections fuel growth for our valued clients and customers. As a trusted partner, we nurture these connections with a smart, inventive approach and talented people that make it personal. Our team builds genuine relationships every day through their spirit of collaboration and excellence.

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• Product Selling and On-shelf Availability

• Speed to Shelf on Innovation

• Shelf Planograms and Resets

• Pricing Audits and POS

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• Joint Business Planning • Category Management • Administrative Services


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Food & Grocery canada industry guide

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Check Out What’s New at GIC 2016 19 The Power of Ginger Bill Beauty 22 The USA brand, tasteU.S. US Dept. Agriculture 23

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Serving Up Sustainable Pork Mark Richardson 24 The Keys to Effective Retail Coverage John Davies 26 Environmental Monitoring Solutions for the Food and Grocery Industry J. Heinzelmann 28 Adapting: the Key to Better Results Groupe Robert 31 Factoring for start-ups: Building business T. Capobianco 32 Insight® Enhances Shopping Experience for Retailers and Shoppers Hussman 34 Trademarking Made Easy Andrei Mincov 38

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Trade Shows 2016-2017 This sourcing guide print edition is distributed to all listed industry contacts and at retailer and industry events, reaching key decision makers & purchasers all year long. Look for us at these events:


Food Regulatory and Quality Assurance Summit

Oct 17-18, 2016 Toronto, ON Toronto Convention Centre

Oct 18-19, 2016 Toronto, ON visit web

March 20-21, 2017 Vancouver, BC Vancouver Convention Ctre


May 2-4, 2017 Toronto, ON Enercare Centre

Bonus Natural Health Shows Apr 6-9, 2017 Vancouver, BC Vancouver Convention Centre

Feb 10-11, 2017 Montréal, QC Palais des Congrès

Sep 14-17, 2017 Toronto, ON Toronto Convention Centre

Meet key industry players including independent, franchise and corporate retailers, manufacturers, brokers, wholesalers, distributors and government. 100’s of exhibitors across all sectors. Retailers - source new products, services and technologies.

Upcoming food regulatory changes will transform the way Canadian food companies do business. Arm yourself with the latest guidelines, best practices and tools to meet Canada’s new regulatory regime. Attend this event to keep your company prepared and navigate the changes. The Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers presents the Annual Spring Trade Show and Conference. Over 350 exhibits and thousands of industry professionals attending. From local producers to large national brands - every category is represented. A must attend food and equipment event for North America. Brings together exhibitors and buyers from around the world. Alternates between Montreal and Toronto. Showcasing the North Americal agri-food business. Over 750 exhibitors and 14,000 professionals attend.

Western Canada’s largest natural health and organics trade event. Hundreds of natural health manufacturers, distributors, and brokers. 65,000 square feet of innovative products, and a wide range of educational seminars. CHFA West is your chance to network, learn and grow your business.

CHFA Québec is the province’s most exciting trade event for the natural health and organics industry. Located in the heart of Montréal, you’ll find over 100 exhibitors representing the industry’s top manufacturers, distributors and brokers. CHFA East is Canada’s largest conference and trade show for the natural health and organics industry. It’s the place to meet the industry’s top manufacturers, distributors and brokers, faceto-face. With more than 650 exhibits, there’s always something new to discover.






*Calories per serving Calories par portion

Sans Gluten Free




Rapid Index Accessories 170 Accounting 170 Advertising 170 Advocacy 170 Agri-Food 170 Agriculture 170 Air Conditioning 170 Air Fresheners 170 Amino Acids 170 Analytical Testing 170 Anti-inflammatory 170 Antioxidants 170 Antipasto 170 Appetizers 170 Apple Butters 170 Aprons 170 AR Financing 170 Asian Food 170 Association 170 Assurance & Accounting 170 ATM Machines 170 ATP Monitoring 170 Audits & SOPs 170 Automation 170 Automobile 170 Baby/Infant Products 170 Bags 170 Baked Goods 170-171 Bakeware 171 Baking Ingredients 171 Baking Mixes 171 Banking 171 Barcode Systems 171 Barriers 171 Bars - Various 171 Batteries 171 Beans 171 Bee Products/Beeswax 171 Beverage Containers 171 Beverages - various 171

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Biodegradable Products 171 Biscotti 171 Bison Meat/Products 171 Blades 171 Blending 171 Body Care 171 Botanicals 171 Bottling 171 Boxes 171 Brand Management 171-172 Bread 172 Broker 172 Broths 172 Bulk Food Bins/Items 172 Bulk Ingredients 172 Business Services 172 Buying Group 172 Cabinets 172 Cake Decor 172 Candles - Various 172 Canned Food/Meat 172 Canola 172 Capsules 172 Caramel 172 Cart Control 172 Carton Sealers 172 Cartons - Folding 172 Carts/Baskets 172 Case Protectors 172 Cash Processing 172 Cash Registers 172 Casings 172 Casters 172 Category Management 172 CCTV 172 Cereal 173 Certification 173 Checkouts 173 Cheese - Various 173 Chemicals 173

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Chili 173 Chillers 173 Chocolate 173 Chutney 173 Cider 173 Cleaning Products 173 Co-packer 173 Cocoa 173 Coconut Products 173 Coding/Marking 173 Coffee 173 Cold & Flu Remedies 173 Cold Storage 173 Commercialization 173 Communication 173 Compressor Systems 173 Computer Systems 173 Concept Development 173 Condiments 173-174 Confectionary 174 Construction 174 Consulting 174 Consumer Products 174 Consumer Response 174 Containerboard 174 Containers 174 Contract Research 174 Conveyor Belts 174 Cookies 174 Cost Accounting 174 Crackers 174 Cranberries 174 Cresting 174 CRM 174 Croutons 174 Curries - Indian 174 Curry Sauces 174 Custom Products 174 Customs Brokerage 174 Dairy Products 174-175

Data Collection 175 Deli 175 Desserts 175 Diet Products 175 Digestive Aids 175 Dips 175 Direct Sales 175 Dispensing Systems 175 Distributor 175 Doors 175 Dough 175-176 Dried Food 176 Due Diligence 176 Ecommerce 176 Economic Development 176 Efficacy Assessments 176 Eggs/Products 176 Electronic Data 176 Energy Bars, drinks 176 Energy Savings 176 Engineering 176 Enterprise Risk 176 Entrees 176 Enzymes/Products 176 Equipment - various 176-178 Ethnic - various 178 Exporting 178 Extracts 178 Fabrication 178 Factoring 178 Fair Trade 178 Fencing 178 Finance 178 Fish 178 Fittings 178 Fixture Installation 178 Flavours 178 Flax/Products 178 Floor Advertising 178 Flooring 178

Invest to Succeed. Invest Chatham-Kent.

Chatham-Kent, consisting of 2,458 km2, is equivalent in land and area to the European country of Luxembourg or the U.S. state of Rhode Island. The reasons why successful businesses invest in Chatham-Kent are extensive: • Low water rates • Diverse production crop • Short transit from farm to food processing factory • Stable and loyal workforce • Natural gas hub • Reliable locally-owned electricity • Multi-modal logistical hub • Low cost of living

10 Reasons Why to Invest in Chatham-Kent: • Lowest water rates in Southern Ontario • Corporate tax rates 30-40% below many comparable state tax rates • 7 U.S. points of entry within 1 hour

Chatham-Kent Agriculture at a Glance:

• Rural area = work force stability • North American Free Trade

#1 in the World • Fresh Water Commercial Fishing Port

• Dedicated Project Manager for contact: Municipal, Provincial and Federal

#1 producer in Canada of: • Tomatoes • Carrots • Seed Corn • Pumpkins • Cucumbers • Quail

• Logistical multi-modal hub • One tier local government • Federal & Provincial government funding supports • Affordable infrastructure

#2 producer in Canada of: • Sugar Beets • Brussels Sprouts

For further information, please contact: Kim Cooper, Agricultural Specialist 519-351-7700 x2030 Email:

#1 producer in Ontario of: • Green Peas

#2 producer in Ontario of: • Field Peppers • Asparagus


Rapid Index Flour 178 Flowers 178 Foam Control 178 Food & Beverage 178-179 Food Additive 179 Food Assembly Lines 179 Food Ingredients 179 Food Processing 179 Food Quality Testing 179 Food Recall Services 179 Food Safety 179 Food Service 179 Food Supplements 179 Forensic Services 179 Forklifts 179 Formulations 179 Fragrances 179 Freeze Dried 179 Freezers 179 Frozen Food - various 179 Fruit, Fruit products 179-180 Fryers 180 FSC/SFI Certified 180 Fuel Services 180 Functional Foods 180 Garbage Bags 180 Garlic Products 180 Gas Equipment 180 Gates 180 Gelatin 180 General Merchandise 180 Genomics 180 Gift Baskets 180 Ginseng 180 Gloves 180 GLP/GMP Compliance 180 Glucosamine 180 Gluten Free 180 Goat - Dairy 180 Gondola Shelving 180

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Gourmet Food 180 Government 180 Grain Processing 180 Grains 180 Granola Bars 180 Greens & Maca Foods 180 Greeting Cards 180 Grinders 180 Gum 180 HACCP 180-181 Hair Care 181 Halal Certificate 181 Handling 181 HDPE 181 Health Products 181 Heating Systems 181 Hemp Products 181 Herbal Remedies 181 Herbs 181 Homeopathics 181 Honey 181 Hors D’oeuvres 181 Household Products 181 Human Resources 181 Humidification 181 Hydrocolloids 181 Hygiene 181 Ice Cream 181 Ice Systems 181 Icing 181 Identification 181 Importer 181 Industrial Gases 181 Industrial Products 181 Ingredients 181 Insect Repellent 182 Insolvency 182 Inspection 182 Installation 182 Insulated Covers 182

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Insurance 182 Inventory 182 Investigative Services 182 Invoice Financing 182 Jam/Jelly 182 Juices/Juicers 182 Knives 182 Kosher/Parve 182 Lab - various 182 Labels/Labeling 182 Lactose 182 Laundry Products 182 Lawn & Garden 182 Leasing 182 Legal 182 Legal Trademark 182 Legumes 182 Lentils 182 Licorice 182 Lifting Devices 182 Lighting 182 Literature Display 182 Logistics 182-183 Lollipops 183 Loss Prevention 183 Lubrication 183 Machines 183 Maintenance 183 Manufacturer 183 Manufacturing - Supplies 183 Maple Products 183 Maple Syrup 183 Margarine 183 Marinades 183 Marketing Services 183 Material Handling 183 Meal Replacement 183 Meat - various 207-184 Meat Room 184 Media Services 184

Merchandising Systems 184 Metal Detection 184 Microbiology 184 Milk Free 184 Millwrighting 184 Minerals/Salts 184 Mixers 184 Mixes 184 Modular Belts 184 Molasses 184 Monitoring 184 Moulds 184 MSM 184 Mushrooms 184 Mustard 184 Name Badges 184 Natural Health Products 184 Network Systems 184 New Crops 184 Night Covers 184 Nitrogen 184 Noodles 184 Nut-free 184 Nutritionals 185 Nuts 185 Oatmeal 185 Odour Control 185 Office Products 185 Oils - Various 185 Olives 185 Omega-3 Products 185 Operations Management 185 Ordering Systems 185 Organic - various 185 Ovens 185 Oxygen 185 Packaged Food 185 Packaging 185-186 Pallets 186 Paper Products 186

Dry Blending & Custom Packaging since 1978

Fine powder products for over 30 years

We have developed many products for Fitness, Active & Everyday Lifestyle Support • Whey Protein Isolates • Energizers • Electrolytes • Meal Supplements

• Protein Supplements • BCAAs, Greens, Berries, Coconut Water Powder

Our products are available in many package options including:

Super Sacs • Bulk Boxes • Bulk Pillow Pouches Re-Sealable Stand Up Pouches • Composite Tins Plastic Jars • Sachets • Stick Packs

Health Canada


Health Products Site License

Private Label, Custom Formulation, Blending & Packaging. GFSI Certified (BRC) NSF Site Licensed NHP Site Licensed CFIA Registered – Dairy Gluten Free • Kosher

Please visit us at


Rapid Index Paperboard 186 Party Supplies 186 Pasta - Various 186 Pastry 186 Patty Machines, Paper 186 Payroll Services 186 Peanut Butter 186 Peanut Free 186 Peanuts 186 Pectin 186 Peg Hooks 186 Perishable Foods 186 Personal Care 186 Pest Control 186 Pet Care/Food 186 Pharmaceuticals 186 Phosphates 186 Pick/Pack Service 186 Pickles 186 Pie Crusts, fillings 186 Pizza 186 Plastics 186 POP Displays 187 Popcorn 187 POS (Point of Sale) 187 Potato Chips 187 Potatoes/Products 187 Powders - Various 187 Pre-Pack Applications 187 Preparation Tables 187 Preservatives 187 Pricing/Tags 187 Printing/Printers 187 Private Label Contract 187 Pro/Prebiotics 187 Process Development 187 Processor 187 Produce/Fruit & Vegetable 187 Product Demonstration 187 Production Management 188

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Promotional Products 188 Proteins 188 Publication 188 Pulses 188 Pumps 188 Purees 188 Quality Assurance 188 Quinoa 188 Racks/Rails 188 Recycling 188 Refrigeration - various 212 Regulatory Affairs 188 Rentals 188 Research & Development 188 Retail Management 188 Rewards Program 188 Rice - various 188 Risk Management Plan 188 Robots 188 Rolling Hand Baskets 188 Rotisseries 188 Safety Assessments 188 Salad Dressings 188-189 Sales/Services 189 Salts 189 Sanitation 189 Sauces 189 Sausages 189 Saws 189 Scales 189 Scanning - various 189 Seafood - various 189 Seasonal Merchandise 189 Seasonings 189 Security 189 Seeds 189 Selling Group 189 Services 189 Shade Structures 189 Shelf Systems, 189-190

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Shelving 190 Shrink Management 190 Side Dishes 190 Signage, Sign Hanging 190 Sinks 190 Site Licence 190 Slicers 190 Slushies 190 Smokehouses 190 Snack Food 190 Software 190 Soup 190 Soy Products 190 Space Management 190 Specialty Foods 190 Spices 190 Sports Nutrition 190 Spot Prawns 190 Spreads 190 Starches 190 Steamers 190 Stevia/Products 190 Stock Trucks 190 Storage Systems 190-191 Store Fixtures 191 Strapping 191 String 191 Succession Planning 191 Sunflower Seeds 191 Supplements 191 Supply Chain Solutions 191 Support Services 191 Sushi Items 191 Sweeteners 191 Tableting 191 Tableware 191 Tags 191 Tanks 191 Teas - Various 191 Technology 191

Temperature Monitoring 191 Tenderizers 191 Thermometers 191 Tissue Paper Products 191 Tomatoes/Products 191 Toothpaste 191 Traceability 191 Trade Guide 191-192 Trade Promotion 192 Trailers 192 Training/Education 192 Translation 192 Transportation Services 192 Trays 192 Turnstiles 192 Tying Machines 192 US Ag/Food Products 192 US Gov’t Trade Services 192 Vacuum Machines 192 Vacuum Packaging 192 Valuation 192 Vegan 192 Vegetable 192 Vegetable Peelers 192 Vegetarian 192 Vehicles/Fleets 192 Vinegars 192 Vitamins 192 Wall Units 192 Warehouse 192 Waste Management 192 Water - various 192-193 Weighing Systems 193 Weight Management 193 Wheat Free 193 Whole Grain 193 Wholesaler 193 Windows/Doors 193 Wrapping 193 Yogurt/Products 193

presents ready­to­eat coucous from Cousmos and wine ice creams from Mercer's.

Vegetarian Couscous Berber Style Couscous Terroir Style Couscous Ready­To­Eat Gluten Free No preservatives No artficial flavors No artificial coloring Low Fat Low Sodium Coocked "Sous­vide"

Raspberry Chardonnay  Cherry Merlot  Port­Style  Chocolate Cabernet  Peach White Zinfandel Gluten Free 5% Alcohol per volume Made with real wine A Unique Product in Canada

MADE IN CANADA (514) 915 5230



1 2


CFIG is the only Canadian association that represents and protects the interests of over 4000 independent and franchised grocers at the provincial and federal government level.

3 5





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Grocery News

Check out what’s new at GIC 2016


rom workshops, mobile app and networking events, there’s a lot at the show to get connected. Q&A with Thomas A. Barlow, President & CEO of Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers, organizers of GIC 2016.

Why should everyone in the grocery & food industry attend GIC? Grocery Innovations Canada 2016 (GIC), Canada’s annual premier grocery show takes place at the Toronto Congress Centre (North Building) on Monday, October 17 and Tuesday, October 18. GIC is the industry’s top conference for connecting retailers and manufacturers from across the country in a collaborative setting and is the epicenter of where retailers come to discover innovative new products. This year’s conference is focused on navigating the future of grocery and features new pavilions, demonstrations by industry experts and workshops by the country’s leading retail professionals. We’re also very excited this year to be launching a mobile show app.

What are some of the new pavilions this year? This year’s trade show floor will span over 65,000-sq. ft. and feature nearly 500 booths and 275 exhibitors. GIC 2016 will also showcase nine pavilions including additions such as the Wine Pavilion, highlighting the finest in Ontario VQA wines; the First Timer’s Pavilion, for retailers both new to the industry and the conference; and the City of Toronto Economic Development Division Area Pavilion where attendees can explore local leaders in food innovation. In addition to product exposure, exhibitors also have the option to sell on the floor - creating a dynamic business environment in which retailers may offer key decision makers trade show specials and unique merchandising packs on the spot.

INSIDE THIS SECTION Check out what’s new at GIC 2016 The Power of Ginger The USA brand, tasteU.S.

19 22 23

Serving Up Sustainable Pork The Keys to Effective Retail Coverage Environmental Monitoring Solutions Adapting: the Key to Better Results Factoring for start-ups: Building business Insight® Enhances Shopping Experience for Retailers and Shoppers Trademarking Made Easy

24 26 28 31 32 34 38

There are a lot of learning opportunities at the show, can you tell us about them? Monday Programming The conference will commence with a keynote address from Ken Wong, Professor of Marketing at Queen’s University’s the Smith School of Business discussing the challenges presented by distribution terms in marketing policies. Following Wong will be a presentation by the Commissioner of Competition, John Pecman, after which the concurrent workshops will commence. This year’s collection of workshops will be led by: Ken Wong on Small Box Marketing; Shane Shick on his own 3-Step Process That Will Transform Business Brainstorming and Avinash Chidambaram on The Rise of Mobile Payments. cont. on page 20


Grocery News

What’s new at GIC?

from page 19

The trade floor will be open for attendees from 11:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. during this time the Insights & Innovations Stage Sessions will be continuing on throughout the day with topics ranging from Growing Interest in Korean Superfoods and Upcoming Trends in Global Flavours with Galleria Supermarket’s Category Manager, Chris Yu to Retail Trends Impacting the Grocery Industry with Nielsen VP of Consumer Insights Carman Allsion. During Monday’s show, a group of industry professionals and influencers will select the winners of the highly anticipated Top 10 Most Innovative Products Competition and Best Booth awards to be announced at the end of the day.

Tuesday Programming Day two of the show will kick off with a keynote from Jeff Swearingen, Sr. VP on PepsiCo North America’s Demand Xcelerator on how to use insights and technology to re-create the “My Grocery Store” feel with today’s customers. Swearingen will outline how, in a rapidly changing marketplace to understand your shoppers like your neighbours and translate insights into tangible marketing plans that speak directly to valuable consumers. Following Swearingen the National Grocers Association who represent 21,000 independents in the U.S. will be sharing their learnings from the country’s best grocers. Concluding the morning will be a high energy session led by Mark Baum, Chief Collaboration Officer at FMI, on Trends Driving Change: Impacts and Opportunities for Food Retailers about consumer trends, how technology affects purchases, industry trends and obstacles facing retailers. Tuesday the show floor will be open from 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and will feature the winners of the Top 10 Most Innovative Products in a lobby display.

Throughout the day grocery and retail professionals will be leading Insights & Innovations Sessions including J.C. Williams’ Suthamie Poologasingham on How Canadians are Shopping Online based on the semi-annual survey of Canadian consumers, the J.C Williams Group Retail WATCH – Etail Report. The conference will conclude with the International Grocer of the Year Awards presented by Thomas A. Barlow, President and CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers and Evanka Osmak of Sportsnet Central.

Networking is very important in grocery, how does this show encourage collaboration among retailers and manufacturers? Throughout the event, there are many ways retailers, suppliers and other segments of the industry can get engaged. Starting Sunday, October 16, all attendees and exhibitors are welcome to the opening reception at the Toronto Congress Centre, North Building VIP room 1020. At the Monday morning conference sessions, there are several opportunities during coffee breaks to network. The same day, we have a trade floor mix and mingle by the Interac Insights & Innovations Stage area. Of course there’s the evening of entertainment at the Art of Food at Sketch event in the South Building, and the gala awards night on Tuesday to cap off the two-day affair. Visit



Grocery News


Grocery News


Grocery News

The USA brand, tasteU.S. was created by the U.S. agricultural partners active in the Canadian

market. Canada remains prominently the top export destination for U.S. exports of high-value processed food products at $18 billion annually. The United States proudly supplies 64 percent of Canada’s food imports, which include fresh fruits and vegetables. For this reason, U.S. growers and processors continue to place a premium on providing high-quality products to Canadians. The U.S. Food and Beverage Alliance behind tasteU.S. includes more than 35 U.S. industry and commodity groups that are committed to promoting their trend-setting products in Canada. Their most important mission here in Canada is helping and connecting their members with interested Canadian buyers. The intent behind tasteU.S. is to educate both the food service industry and consumers alike on the value of buying U.S. origin. Products that are healthy, nutritious, and more importantly, offer value to the Canadian industry and consumers throughout the year. Jeff Zimmerman, Agricultural Attaché and Director of Marketing for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) at the U.S. Embassy commented that “Canadian food service operators and retailers that source from the U.S. can be assured that products meet USDA approved standards and be confident that U.S. businesses are committed to providing a consistent and reliable supply of fresh products produced at the highest level of food safety.” To buy U.S. food products and learn more about the U.S. cooperators and partners go to Foreign Agricultural Service - USDA, • American Peanut Council – • American Sweet Potato Marketing Institute • Bard Valley Date Growers – • Blue Diamond Almond Growers – • Brewers Association, Inc. – • California Agricultural Export Council – • California Fig Advisory Board – • California Cherry Marketing Research Board • California Cling Peach Growers Advisory Board • California Prune Board – • California Pear Advisory Board – • Florida Department of Citrus – • Florida Tomato Committee –

• Food Export Association Midwest USA – • Food Export USA NE – • Ginseng Board of Wisconsin – • National Association of State Departments of Agriculture – • National Sunflower Association – • National Watermelon Promotion Board – • New York Wine and Grape Foundation • Northwest Wine Promotion Coalition -, • Organic Trade Association – • Pear Bureau Northwest – • Paramount Citrus/Farm/POM Wonderful / • Southern United States Trade Association – • Sunkist Growers, Inc. – • Synergistic Hawaii Agriculture Council, • U.S. Apple Export Council – • USA Rice Federation/US Rice Producers – • Washington Apple Commission – • Washington State Fruit Commission – • Western United States Agricultural Trade Association • Wine Institute –



Grocery News

Serving Up Sustainable Pork


ork has always been a staple on the dinner table, feeding families for generations—everyone has their favourite go-to recipe. When eating local Ontario pork, you’re enjoying the wholesome quality of a product that originated from one of the 1,369 family farmers in Ontario. And like all pork in Canada, no hormones are ever used. Many consumers are increasingly interested in how our food reaches our dinner tables. Ontario Pork is the first livestock commodity group in the province to commit to setting benchmarks in areas of animal care, environmental sustainability, and economic performance, among others. Pig farmers are deeply committed to achieving socially responsible practices through education, greater dialogue, and increased transparency. Ontario pigs are raised to the rigorous standard of Canadian Quality Assurance (CQA). Farmers follow a strict on-farm food safety program, which is combined with an animal care assessment for producers to monitor, manage, and document animal husbandry practices. These programs are the pork industry’s commitment to consumers that pork products meet the highest food safety standards. The result? A protein with incredible versatility, with opportunities for unique recipes that keep dinner exciting. Pork is the most popular meat in the world,

and for good reason—it provides a host of important nutrients that contribute to a well-balanced diet. Canadians often consider chicken breast to be their only lean choice. Did you know, though, that pork tenderloin is as lean as boneless, skinless chicken breast? In fact, there are a variety of pork cuts that are leaner than boneless, skinless chicken thigh. For more information, helpful resources, and ways to incorporate local pork into your menu, visit:

Mark Richardson Retail & Foodservice Marketing Specialist

two ways

There are to ensure you’re eating delicious, nutritious Ontario Pork.

When you see this seal, and when you taste it.


Grocery News

The Keys to Effective Retail Coverage in Canada By Jon Davies, Vice President, Business Development CROSSMARK Canada


oday’s Canadian CPG industry is robust and dynamic but in a state of constant change. The companies that win are those that learn to adapt to the changing environment and find new and innovative solutions to drive sales and profit. As all companies are feeling the constant pressure of increased costs in their business, there has been a dramatic shift in the ways in which winning organizations are deploying their sales resources. At store level, for instance, the traditional approach of bi-weekly or monthly coverage at all major stores no longer can be justified in most categories. Retail needs vary greatly at different times of the year and every store requires a customized approach that maximizes

Software Systems for Food Distributors Packers and Processors

value. In an age where companies demand return on every dollar spent to support a brand, the same due diligence should be applied to retail resources. Retailers primary concern is around the shopper experience and all companies should ensure their approach and strategy are designed to meet this goal. Retailers are open to store level coverage as long as it helps support their overall market strategy and product availability. The expansion of POS data availability has allowed companies to target distribution gaps and provide value to retailers by increasing their on-shelf availability. Many retailers still require sales help in order to drive displays and increase shopper interaction. While every category and company has unique needs, there are seven basic principles manufacturers should follow when considering retail coverage needs: 1) Insights – Store-level and market data is becoming more available in Canada every day and should be the beginning of any coverage plan. Understand what stores offer the best opportunities and then target and quantify the value. 2) Target – Each store is unique and offers different opportunities or challenges. Define a strategy for growth in each channel and banner, then find the stores that will require or allow this interaction.

Wireless Mobile WMS Cost Accounting & Margin Management Fully Integrated Full Featured ERP Rebate tracking Lot & Serialized traceability Phone (250) 860-0829 Fax (250) 860-0876 InterSect Business Systems Inc Head Office : Kelowna, BC Canada

3) Focus – Clearly define the activities that need to be performed; be sure to follow up on the results. Simple and straightforward goals will result in better success and measurable results. If the sales upside cannot be defined, manufacturers should question why the work should be performed. 4) Profile – Many companies have sales-focused individuals performing merchandising tasks and vice versa. Consider if there are alternatives to various activities and whether the right resources are performing the right activities. 5) M  easure Return – While most sales and marketing activities are constantly measured on their return on investment, many companies continue to regard

Grocery News their retail coverage as a cost of doing business. In reality, every activity should be defined and measured to ensure there is positive return. In addition, sales return should be measured in different banners and channels to determine if a redeployment of resources can lead to more effective activities. 6) Embrace Retailers – The most effective retail coverage occurs when manufacturers work in concert with retailer strategy and approach. The most effective shopping experiences come when manufacturers and retailers partner together. . The mutual goal always should be to increase sales and delight shoppers. 7) Dedication versus syndication – There is a clear differentiation between the deployment of dedicated reps versus shared reps. Dedication is more expensive but offers better brand knowledge and focus. It is more effectively deployed when store level sales are the primary objective. Syndication is cheaper and will offer reps with better store level relationships and knowledge. It can be much more effective when distribution and merchandising are the primary objective. While retail sales forces traditionally have focused on merchandising and sales activities, there is an increasing trend towards utilizing resources to collect data and drive insight. The front line in the battle for the consumer is being fought store by store; companies that understand the drivers of consumer purchases will create considerable value. Consider adjacencies, shelf position, price gaps and secondary space and the effect this has on sales and buying patterns. For some brands this may be the most effective use of their retail dollar. Ultimately, each company must decide how it will approach the store-level environment to support its brand. Direct sales forces, outsourced dedicated teams, or third-party syndicated sales forces all have their strengths and weaknesses. By defining goals and considering the seven principles listed above, companies can best determine the most effective merchandising approach and resource allocation. When deciding to outsource, look for partners that will offer a customized solution rather than an offthe-shelf model. The winning companies are the ones that focus their efforts to drive maximum value.


Food Processing Equipment Inc.

New & Refurbished Equipment for the Food Processing Industry FEATURING PRODUCTS FROM: • Butcher Boy • Sipromac • Jaccard • Torrey • Mainca • Lumar Ideal • Daniels • Enviro.Pak • QMS International





e-mail: 52 Carrier Dr. Unit 14 Rexdale, ON M9W 5R1 Tel: 416-675-5566 1-800-461-3068 Fax: 416-675-7431



Grocery News

Environmental Monitoring Solutions for the Food and Grocery Industry By Joe Heinzelmann


nvironmental monitoring is a critical part of all food safety programs. Facilities can be required by different governing bodies to have programs that address the issues of food safety as it relates to environmental contamination. For example, new regulations in the human food preventive controls rules in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) make recommendations that facilities should have an environmental monitoring program as part of their PC rules. Neogen provides the tests to rapidly, accurately and easily complete your environmental monitoring program.

found in all living cells; thus, in and of itself, ATP is not a hazardous contaminant. However, detection of its presence after equipment has been cleaned is an indicator that food, bacteria, or other organisms have been left behind and shows that the cleaning process was not sufficient. To assist with this, Neogen has developed AccuPoint Advanced, the industry leading ATP hygiene monitoring system.

Additional testing, including testing for foodborne pathogens such as Listeria or Salmonella, or aerobic plate count (APC), can also be important in an environmental monitoring program. A well-designed environmental monitoring program can be used to As a whole, environmental monitoring is directed at identify hotspots, check the validity of food safety microbiological hazards and essentially proves that Neogen’s AccuPoint programs, and indicate trends:® control, trending out of a facility is successfully verifying that its preventive ading diagnostic tests provide the building blocks for great Advanced ATP or requiring corrective action. control (early warning), controls are consistently implemented and are ring programs. Utilizing allergen, ATP and pathogen detection system consistently effectively working to significantly minimize or a world-class environmental monitoring program with Neogen, Neogen offers various yielded the detection highest systems to accomplish prevent previously defined hazard(s) from occurring. this kind ofpercent testingrecoveries including lateral flow, molecular ostic company. and DNA based solutions An environmental contains and the most – all which could be part of ANSR® ection – easy-to-use, rapid diagnosticsmonitoring using Reveal® or program a facility’s environmental monitoring program. several aspects including sanitation monitoring as consistent readings – tools for validation and verification for the environment using well as monitoring for pathogens or any other form of as tested by NSF d Veratox® ctively Implementing contamination or recontamination that could occur Best Practices for Effe International itoring Program an ATP Hygiene Mon – sanitation verification that provides real-time results using in a food production facility. It also requires a facility For more information, contact Neogen at dvanced Download our free Best Practices to conduct validation and verification activities, as for Effectively Implementing an 800-234-5333 or ATP Hygiene Monitoring Program appropriate to the nature of the preventive controls to y at handbook! ensure a clean facility.

nmental Monitoring

6.indd 1

These validation and verification efforts are based 800-234-5333 • 517-372-9200 on hazard analysis,(USA/Canada) written food safety plan, SSOPs, • etc. and show that efforts to limit microbiological hazards are in fact working. Because of the variation in facilities, processes, and products produced, the specifics of the procedures needed to ensure a clean facility are very different from one facility to another. That being said, methods of validation and verification could include sanitation monitoring, which tests surfaces after sanitation efforts have been complete for adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is a molecule

7/18/2016 8:35:30 AM

Environmental Monitoring Neogen’s industry-leading diagnostic tests provide the building blocks for great environmental monitoring programs. Utilizing allergen, ATP and pathogen detection systems you can build a world-class environmental monitoring program with Neogen, a world-leading diagnostic company. • Pathogen Detection – easy-to-use, rapid diagnostics using Reveal® or ANSR® • Allergen Tests – tools for validation and verification for the environment using Reveal 3-D and Veratox®

• ATP Testing – sanitation verification that provides real-time results using AccuPoint® Advanced

Learn more today at

800-234-5333 (USA/Canada) • 517-372-9200 •

ctively Implementing Best Practices for Effe itoring Program an ATP Hygiene Mon

Neogen’s AccuPoint® Advanced ATP system consistently yielded the highest percent recoveries and the most consistent readings as tested by NSF International Download our free Best Practices for Effectively Implementing an ATP Hygiene Monitoring Program handbook!



RICK SPRAGUE President, Sprague Foods Limited

_ Established in in the Bay of Quinte in 1925, Rick is now the fourth generation leading Sprague Foods Limited into the future with a state of the art facility in Belleville, Ontario.

HERE ARE 5 REASONS WHY RICK THINKS THAT THE BAY OF QUINTE IS PERFECT FOR BUSINESS 1. LOWER OVERHEADS. It’s less expensive to buy and maintain facilities and you’ll find a variety of hassle-free investment-ready building sites. 2. OUR LOCATION. We’re situated between Toronto & Montreal with access to the U.S. border nearby, and international connections by air and sea. 3. SUPPLY CHAIN. Our multinational and SME food processors have attracted top suppliers here in agriculture, packaging, warehousing, shipping and more. 4. KEY LABOUR. Food processors enjoy support from our corporate and college training programs, job fairs along with workforce support and funding. 5. START-UP IS EASIER HERE. The Bay of Quinte offers support from our highly experienced economic development team, so you can start producing today.

Quinte Economic Development Commission

“ I couldn’t picture our business being located anywhere else, it’s been an integral part of our success for almost a century. ” Truly,

Learn more and connect with us online. QUINTEDEVELOPMENT.COM 1 866 961 7990 / /    

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Adapting: the Key to Better Results The Mandate


ne of our long-time clients is a worldwide leader in the food industry. Our partnership started with a warehouse management solution in the early 1990s. We have since become an integral link in their production chain. They later approached us for our help in adapting their operations to the needs of the retail sector, in response to the fundamental market shifts caused by the arrival of bigbox stores. As a result, we have been a key player in their expansion and optimization strategy for many years.

In day-to-day terms, this involves:

•M  anaging all the client’s raw materials and suppliers (500 pallets a day, 33 shuttles of raw materials and trailers dispatched every 45 minutes)

• A maximum of 15 minutes every hour to prepare orders and ship products to the client • 12 production lines, 420 SKUs and KPIs that require meticulous reporting and controlled temperature zones storage • Total compliance with supply chain requirements and standards, including a 36-hour quarantine on every product • Receiving and shipping of 700,000 cases of products every day • 2,000 deliveries to destinations across the country

The Solution

Become an extension in the production and laboratory chain, develop packaging and repackaging solutions consistent with retailers’ requirements and ensure that our client can retain a strong global presence in the food industry sector.

The Operation

Promotional Packaging For special deals throughout the year, we manage packaging operations and in-package promotional inserts at our distribution centres. We supply the necessary material and human resources and ensure personnel are thoroughly trained for quality and performance purposes. Ensures fast, easy handling that puts the brand in the spotlight for maximum on-shelf visibility in a superstore environment.

Warehouse Management Systems Integration Our warehouse management systems are aligned with the client’s own inventory solutions. This gives us real-time access to their information so we can anticipate their needs.

The Results

In addition to helping the client increase their market share in superstores, we have cemented their leadership position in Canada and around the world with innovative, performance-driven solutions in our distribution centres. These solutions have also helped us maintain our high quality standards.



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Factoring for start-ups: Building business from the ground up by Tina Capobianco, J D Factors

What is factoring?

As a start-up company, it might seem like your first few months (or years) in business are met with never-ending cash-flow demands. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. But what if we told you about a financing option that would enable your small business to function effectively, without incurring debt? An option that allowed you to successfully fund all-important items like payroll, advertising, vendors and equipment in the crucial growing stages of your new business? Allow us to introduce you to factoring.

In simplest terms, factoring is the sale of accounts receivable, which gives your small business immediate access to working capital, without incurring debt. The purchase and sale of these invoices (which usually bear a net-30 day or longer payment term) at a discount, can remedy a start-up’s never-ending cashflow dilemmas.


SMARTER PACKAGING SOLUTIONS Samuel Packaging Systems Group is your complete supplier for all your packaging and unitizing needs from metal and plastic strapping to stretch film equipment and all the way to tray sealing and thermoforming machines.

How will factoring improve cash flow? The sale of your accounts receivable through factoring will provide you, as the small-business owner, with immediate cash that you can use to grow various areas of your business. Consider your endless list of expenses: everything from product launches, maintaining inventory and marketing; insurance, rent and legal fees; equipment purchases, upgrades and maintenance; and so much more. Factoring will provide you with cash advances of 70 to 95 per cent of the invoice, and by choosing J D Factors, we’ll collect payment for the invoices and accept any credit risk on your behalf.

Is factoring right for me? You might be asking yourself, “Who factors?” Most commonly, small- to medium-sized businesses across North America are turning to factoring to increase their cash flow. Factoring is also ideal for startups with growth potential, who may not be able to access capital from conventional banking methods. Companies that may have had their bank lines reduced (or eliminated) and need to maintain cash flow will also turn to factoring. As well as companies who have the potential to grow quickly, but lack the financial resources to make it happen.

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Where do I sign up? J D Factors is one of North America’s leading factoring companies, providing full-service accounts receivable financing and credit management, including purchase order financing. The process starts with completing a J D Factors application and providing supporting documents. Then, a term sheet is prepared based on your individual needs, within 24 hours of submitting your application. Once approved, J D Factors will process your account for potential funding within three to six days of receiving your first set of invoices. Following the first funding, you will gain access to our online website, and receive next-business-day funding on your invoices, with proof of delivery.

Contact J D Factors to get started: Every business is unique; our team at J D Factors will take the time to get to know you and your

small business. Together, we can create a custom program based on your individual needs. Our team’s experience covers a broad range of industries, with the strength to grow your startup business. Contact our team today, then rest easy knowing that our expert Account Executives will take care of your financing needs, while you maintain focus on your ever-growing business. Tina Capobianco is the Vice President of the Mississauga Office of J D Factors, located at 315 Matheson Blvd. E. 1-800-263-0664 or 905-501-5000



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Insight® Enhances the Shopping Experience for Retailers and Shoppers

Insight offers approximately 17% case energy savings vs. other Hussmann models, and feature standard LED lights that save up to 71% in energy compared to fluorescent lights, as well as high efficiency night curtains that cut case energy use by an additional 24% when closed.


ussmann recently introduced Insight, a new display case platform that addresses important food retail concerns around food quality, sustainability, retail performance and merchandising. Insight is the new standard in display case technology that holds more accurate product temperatures, has better energy efficiency and is easier to install, clean and service. “We wanted Insight to directly answer the most pressing needs of food retailers and the most important desires of customers shopping in their stores,” said Mike Higgins, Sr VP Marketing, Strategic Planning and Business Development. “So before designing the new product, we consulted with both retailers and shoppers. The result is a new medium temperature refrigerated display case platform for produce, meat and dairy that will change retailer expectations of a “standard refrigerated display case.” Insight merchandisers include the AdvantaChill™ Performance Package, a combination of breakthrough technologies for air flow, fans, coils, and lighting working together to provide a stable temperature zone within the display case. By developing a case platform that looked at these functional needs holistically we were able to maximize food quality, freshness and shelf life. Insight cases adhere to a tight temperature range with little variation throughout the entire performance cycle, even during defrost.

Improving retail performance was one of the areas of concern for the majority of the food retailers we talked with in the early development stages of Insight. For easier installation, Insight cases have integrated, foamed-in-place structural components, making them more robust than traditional external frame designs. A seamless, one-piece plastic bottom and backwall mounted coil result in very few food waste collection points. The cases include flip-up fan plenums, easy to remove components and an anti-clog drain strainer. All components within the splash zone are IP67 rated so they can be sprayed with water and other cleaning liquids. Standard built-in features keep food “In Sight” of your shoppers. Insight enhances merchandising effectiveness by attracting, guiding and influencing shoppers with integrated improvements in design, styling, lighting, layout, textures, display flexibility and overall aesthetic consistency. For example, food retailers can choose between an ellipse and faceted styling option to align with their overall store image. “We designed Insight for today’s food retailing needs based on input received from food retailers and their customers. Insight delivers best-in-class product temperature performance, cleanability and serviceability for your food retail business.” stated Mike Higgins.

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You Provide the Catch, We’ll Keep it Fresh Lure Your Customers in with Packaging from Flair • Vacuum and retort pouches with multiple size and gauge options • Lidding and thermoforming films • Stand up pouches with reclosure features • Vibrant graphics with up to 10 color rotogravure printing

Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation Canada 403 207 3226 | USA 920 574 3121 |



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BUILD YOUR OWN DIRECTORY We are pleased to have evolved into a fully online resource.

Go to: and build customized directories across 8 industries. Explore 1,000’s of company profiles. Export your own customized directory. Some usage stats for our database: • • • • • • • •

2.9 million page views annually (Plex data) 2.74 million impressions on web banners 185,000 unique visitors annually (Plex data) 2x higher click through rate than industry average (Adpeeps) 260% greater Time on Site than industry average (Alexa) 82% of users on desktop as primary use is in office 8.7 pages viewed per visit (Plex data) e-readership: 60% Canadian, 22% USA, 17% Asia/Europe (Issuu)

Trademarking made easy For a FREE report on easily trademarking your brand head to:, click the link, Trademark Factory® will take it from there.


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Trademarking Made Easy by Andrei Mincov, Trademark® Factory


t’s common knowledge that a brand is one of the most valuable assets of any successful business and that to protect its brand, the business must register it as a trademark. However, until recently, trademarking used to be a tedious and unpredictably expensive process. There used to be only three options for business owners when it came to trademarking. You could file trademarks yourself, which almost invariably leads to self-represented applicants receiving a letter (called “office action”) from the Trademarks Office listing reasons why a trademark application does not meet their standards. Most people have no idea how to respond to these and abandon their trademark applications at this stage. Another option was to use a typical law firm. The problem with this option is that law firms live and die by billable hours. The more problems your applications encounters, the happier they are. They’ll send you their two-page schedule of fees with prices for every little step of the process. This way, you won’t know your budget until the whole process is over, which usually takes fourteen to eighteen months. And when you pay all of their invoices for all the steps they have taken, there is still no guarantee that your trademarks will be registered. You are buying their time, not the result. The third option was to use online trademark filing websites. They have automated the filing process to make it easier for business owners to file trademark applications. They will help you file trademark applications for next to nothing, but all you’re getting is software that makes it simpler for you to figure out how to fill out the forms. But guess what? If something goes wrong, and it happens more often than not, they will send you to one of their affiliated law firms, and those lawyers will charge you an arm and a leg to fix

the application they’ve just filed for you. Andrei Mincov, a former intellectual property lawyer with 20 years of experience, knew there HAD to be a better way… Meet Trademark Factory®, the only firm in the world where licensed lawyers and trademark agents help brand owners from around the world register trademarks for a single all-inclusive flat fee with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Trademark Factory® offers a unique combination of convenience through web automation, complete predictability of the budget, and professional startto-finish do-it-for-you service only offered by top full-scope intellectual property law firms—backed by unique 100% money-back guarantee. No more hourly rates, no more invoices for reporting trivial updates or docketing office actions. No more paying for time. No more unpredictability! Currently, Trademark Factory® files trademarks in Canada, the U.S., European Union and Australia— with plans to add more countries soon. Every year, over 50,000 trademark applications are filed in Canada and almost 500,000 trademarks are annually filed in the U.S.

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As a business owner, you owe it to yourself and to your business to protect your brand. Every day that you spend waiting for that perfect moment to trademark your brand, you are increasing the risk of some unscrupulous charlatan trademarking YOUR brand before you do. Here are some of the frightening consequences if that happens: • you will be legally prevented from using your brand anywhere outside of the geographical area where you are already known to a substantial number of customers; • you will be facing a horrible choice between either spending a fortune on rebranding or spending another fortune in legal fees asserting ownership of your brand; • you will waste tens of thousands of dollars in a legal fight over unauthorized use of your brand; and


“...a unique combination of convenience through web automation, complete predictability of the budget, and professional start-to-finish doit-for-you service only offered by top full-scope intellectual property law firms.” • y ou will find it very difficult, if not impossible, to expand, franchise, or sell your business. The trademarking process starts with a comprehensive trademark search that will discover whether your brand is trademarkable. And most firms charge upwards of $300 per trademark for such searches.

We have a better deal for you: Would you be interested in receiving a FREE, no obligation, no-strings-attached, registrability report that would give you a clear answer if you can trademark your brand? Could you use an actionable blueprint about your brand protection strategy, so you can either go ahead and protect it or pivot and come up with a different name you can actually own?

If your answer is YES, then head to:, click the link right now, fill

out the form, and order your free trademark search. Trademark Factory® will take it from there.






















CA$H FOR INVOICES! Factoring with J D Factors … A quick and simple process used to improve cash flow and eliminate bad debts

Why J D Factors? • Cash for Invoices within 24 hours • Strong Reputable • No Up-Front Application Fees • Highest Advances in the Industry • Competitive Rates • Free Credit Checks on your Customers • Non-Recourse

J D Factors has been turning Invoices into Cash for over 25 years

(Credit Guarantee) Programs

• Free Invoice Processing • Collection Services Included • Customized Online Reports • Dedicated Account Executives • Real Time Reporting—Online Access

What Our Factoring Programs Do For Our Clients: • • • • •

Improve Cash Flow and Reduce Credit Risk Reduce employee workload by outsourcing credit checking, invoice processing, and collection duties Utilize the credit strength of their customers to help create a strong credit standing of their own Receive invoice payments by direct deposit when money is most needed Have ready and available cash to pay suppliers and efficiently grow the business

Charting a Path to Growth 1-800-263-0664

Canadian Food & Grocery 2017

Agrivalue Processing Business Incubator

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry 4301 - 65 Ave Leduc AB T9E 8T2 Canada Mgmt: Dan Graham Mfg: Est: Government

Tel: 780-980-4866

Rev: $ M

• Food Processing • Certification • Technology • Commercialization • Agri-Food • Concept Dvlp. • Business Development • Production Mgmt

Fax: 780-980-4250 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

The Agrivalue Processing Business Incubator is a modern, federally inspected food processing building consisting of 8 processing suites. At 75,000 sq. ft., the facility helps to grow the capacity of the food processing industry in Alberta through the creation of new value added processors, trained food industry personnel and products for export. At the same time, it lowers risk for new food processors by providing facility, technical, business and marketing support. Bring your own equipment! Mfg: Labs:

Agropur Dairy Cooperative - Island Farms

2220 Dowler Place PO Box 38 Victoria BC V8T 4H3 Canada Mgmt: Al Snedden Mfg: Al Snedden Est: 1946 Rev: $ M

Tel: 250-360-5200

Fax: 250-360-5220 Sales: Art Paulo Admin: Staff: 500+


Air Products


7201 Hamilton Blvd. Tel: 610-481-4911 Allentown PA 18195 800-654-4567 USA Fax: 800-272-4449 Mgmt: Mktg: Mr. Christopher Johnson Mfg: D. Tennier/ J. Hoferica Admin: Est: 1940 - Public Rev: $100+ M Staff: 500+ • Industrial Gases • Nitrogen • Oxygen • Blending

• Chemicals • Chillers • Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-Food Serv.

• Equip-Froz Bev. • Equip-Leasing • Equip-MeatRoom • Equip-Pizza

Whether your freezing, chilling, cooling or packaging applications include bakery goods, fruit and vegetables, poultry, meats, ready meals or anything in-between, Air Products' Freshline® solutions offer you the high-purity gases and equipment, the international supply capability, and - most important - the unmatched industry experience and technical support to help you succeed. Mfg: Y Labs: Y


Aliya's Food Limited

6364 Roper Road NW Edmonton AB T6B 3P9 Canada CEO: Noorudin Jiwani Ops: Anis Jiwani Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 780-467-4600 866-467-4600 Fax: 780-466-0006 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

Y R N O W ECT O R s R S I n U o D O i t Y M c D u O r L T t s n i BUI E CUS r o f E ge FR a p t x e Air Liquide Canada All-Can Pro Logistics, INC. n e e S • Dairy Products • Ice Cream • Yogurt/Products

• Ethnic-Indian • Ethnic Foods • Frozen Foods • Manufacturer

From our first horse-and-buggy stocked with milk bottles back in 1944, Island Farms has built a reputation for good things from good people close by. Though we’ve grown and changed over the years, our commitment to producing top quality dairy products has never waivered. As part of the Agropur family, the largest dairy cooperative in Canada, we now deliver more than 600 fresh dairy products to families throughout British Columbia.

Aliya's Foods Ltd. operates a state-of-the-art, federally inspected (CFIA/USDA), HACCP approved food manufacturing facility. Since 2000 it has sold over 250 million Samosas , making it the largest manufacturer of ready to eat Samosas. As Aliya's continues to grow, it has established channels of distribution for leading mainstream supermarkets and grocery retailers and food service providers.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

1250 Boul. Rene Levesque West Tel: 514-933-0303 Suite 1700 Montreal QC H3B 5E6 Canada Fax: Mgmt: Mr. Joseph Sejean Bus Dev: Mrs. Stephanie Mortenson Mfg: Stephan Frehner Admin: Est: 1911 Rev: $ M Staff: 500+

5-57 Cannifton Road Belleville ON K8N 4V1 Canada Pres: Mr. Richard Belanger Mfg: Est:

Are cold chain management, carbonation, inerting, pH control, modified atmosphere packaging or quick-freezing important for your food business? At every stage of production to the final consumer, Air Liquide Canada's highly qualified specialists will adapt solutions for your individual processes. Find out how our fresh approach to food processing can benefit your business: Contact your local food specialist: West – Stephanie Mortenson 780-410-8851; ON/QC/Maritimes – Stephan Frehner 416-702-8107.

All-Can Pro Logistics Inc has been providing complete Third Party Logistics (3PL) and fulfillment services to an array of clients for over 30 years. From multi-national corporations to smaller homebased businesses, All-Can is capable of providing successful, personalized solutions for businesses of any size. All-Can is BRC (British Retail Consortium) Certified for Storage and Distribution.

• Refrigeration • Modified Atmos. Pkg • Blending • Chillers

Mfg: Y Labs:

• Equip-Froz Bev. • Equip-MeatRoom • Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-Baking

• Equip-Pizza • Industrial Gases • Nitrogen • Oxygen

• Logistics • Warehouse • Inventory • Refrigeration

Mfg: Labs:

Rev: $ M

• Transportation

Tel: 613-966-0796 866-670-7039 Fax: 613-967-8948 Sales: Peter Hill Admin: Staff:


BUILD YOUR OWN DIRECTORY Go to: and follow the prompts to explore thousands of company profiles across 8 industries in 3 sectors and start building your own custom directories. Publishers Note We are pleased to publish the Canadian Food & Grocery Industry Guide. Reaching 3 million page views annually, this is a fully online resource. Free Listings & Directories available at Fred Haynes, Ph.D., Publisher

Some usage stats for our database: • • • • • • • •

2.9 million page views annually (doubled annually past 3 years) (Plex data) 2.74 million impressions on web banners (doubling annually) 185,000 unique visitors annually (doubling year over year) (Plex data) 2x higher click through rate than industry average (adpeeps) 260% greater Time on Site than industry average for B2B directories (Alexa) 82% of users on desktop indicating primary use is B2B work at office 8.7 pages viewed per visit (Plex data) e-readership: 60% Canadian, 22% USA, 17% Asia/Europe (Issuu)

Canadian Food & Grocery Industry Guide  

The national directory of the food and grocery industry in Canada. Comprehensive through providing free profiles for Canadian based manufact...

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