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WE BUILD CONNECTIONS FOR GROWTH We live in an ever-changing world full of exciting possibilities where it’s important to build meaningful connections. At CROSSMARK, we passionately forge strong bonds on many levels. Whether it’s linking consumers to brands, or insights to ideas, these connections fuel growth for our valued clients and customers. As a trusted partner, we nurture these connections with a smart, inventive approach and talented people that make it personal. Our team builds genuine relationships every day through their spirit of collaboration and excellence.

Take A Closer Look At Our Approach

Retail Merchandising

• Product Selling and On-shelf Availability

• Speed to Shelf on Innovation

• Shelf Planograms and Resets

• Pricing Audits and POS

Headquarter Representation

• Logistic Services • Customer Relationship Management

• Joint Business Planning • Category Management • Administrative Services


Consumer Engagement

• Experiential Marketing • In Store Demonstrations • Store Level Data Insight


We help our customers expand their global reach with our proven ability to manage international shipments and our access to the world’s largest commercial markets, including our 10 facilities approved to export beef to China.


Efficiently transporting our WAREHOUSING

client’s products cross country and cross border – offering both standard and expedited service – we enable

Beyond our specialized,

our customers to extend their markets


while ensuring the safety, quality and

warehouses that ensure your

freshness of their products.

product is always stored safely at exactly the right temperature, we also offer manufacturer-specialized services like case picking and beef aging.

Our business is knowing yours. We know a lot happens between the beginning and end of your supply chain. As Canada’s leader in temperature sensitive, end-to-end supply chain solutions, we make sure we are experts in all of it. With our constantly evolving products and services, and knowledge of your business, we don’t just know your story, we help you write it.







Performance Driven


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Insight Enhances the Shopping Experience


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Retail Coverage More Important than Ever


Are Your A/Rs Keeping You Up At Night?


Key to Immunity and Anti-Aging


Environmental Monitoring Solutions


tasteU.S. Produce from the U.S.


Why Measure Customers Shopping Experience?



Publisher’s update on our online resource: • 3.1 million page views annually (Plex data) • 2.93 million impressions on web banners • 240,000 unique visitors annually (Plex data) • 2x higher click through rate than industry average (Adpeeps) • 270% greater Time on Site than industry average (Alexa) • 82% of users on desktop as primary use is in office • 8.6 pages viewed per visit (Plex data) • e-readership: 60% Canadian, 22% USA, 17% Asia/Europe (Issuu)

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can get you

le of a pineapp

With Federated Insurance, your loonie goes further.

Cyber Breach Coverage

Identity Theft Coverage

Legal Assist Services

Hole-In-One Insurance

Sewer Backup

Debris Removal

Employee Fidelity

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Visit ONELOONIE.CA/CFIG today to learn more about the $1 bundle to complement your Federated Insurance policy. Federated Insurance Company of Canada is the insurer of Federated Insurance policies. Terms, conditions, and exclusions apply.


Trade Shows 2018

This sourcing guide print edition is distributed to all listed industry contacts and at retailer and industry events, reaching key decision makers & purchasers all year long. Look for us at these events:

Food Regulatory and Quality Assurance Summit


Oct 18-19, 2017 Toronto, ON visit web

Upcoming food regulatory changes will transform the way Canadian food companies do business. Arm yourself with the latest guidelines, best practices and tools to meet Canada’s new regulatory regime. Attend this event to keep your company prepared and navigate the changes.

Oct 23-24, 2017 Toronto, ON Toronto Congress Centre

Canada’s leading national grocery retailing show where you can establish face-to-face communication to build and maintain business relationships. Retailers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, service providers, global CPG brands, local SMEs, attend this conference & exhibition in Toronto.

April 23-24, 2018 Vancouver, BC Vancouver Convention Centre


May 2-4, 2018 Montreal, QC Palais des Congres

Bonus Natural Health Shows Feb 22-25 2018 Vancouver, BC Vancouver Convention Centre

Sep 13-16, 2018 Toronto, ON Toronto Convention Centre

Western Canada’s only grocery retail focused tradeshow and conference helps you to network and engage with key grocery stakeholders to drive partnerships and collaboration in your business. This national event takes place annually in Vancouver bringing together Retailers, Manufacturers, Service Providers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Global CPG brands, Local SMEs and everything in between. If if’s grocery, it’s here.. A must attend food and equipment event for North America. Brings together exhibitors and buyers from around the world. Alternates between Montreal and Toronto. Showcasing the North Americal agri-food business. Over 750 exhibitors and 14,000 professionals attend.

Western Canada’s largest natural health and organics trade event. Hundreds of natural health manufacturers, distributors, and brokers. 65,000 square feet of innovative products, and a wide range of educational seminars. CHFA West is your chance to network, learn and grow your business. CHFA East is Canada’s largest conference and trade show for the natural health and organics industry. It’s the place to meet the industry’s top manufacturers, distributors and brokers, faceto-face. With more than 650 exhibits, there’s always something new to discover.

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Accessories 166 Accounting 166 Ads Clearance 166 Advertising 166 Advisory Services 166 Advocacy 166 Agri-Food 166 Agriculture 166 Air Conditioning 166 Air Fresheners 166 Alarm Monitoring 166 Amino Acids 166 Analytical Testing 166 Anti-inflammatory 166 Antioxidants 166 Appetizers 166 Apple Butters 166 Aprons 166 AR Financing 166 Asian Food 166 Association 166 Assurance & Accounting 166 ATM Machines 166 Audio Visual 166 Audits & SOPs 166 Automation 166 Baby/Infant Products 166 Bags 166 Baked Goods 166-167 Baking Ingredients 167 Banking 167 Barcode Systems 167 Barriers 167 Bars - Various 167 Beans 167 Bee Products/Beeswax 167 Beverage Containers 167 Beverages 167 Bio Chemicals 167 Bio Oil 167 Biodegradable Products 167 Biscotti 167

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Blending 167 Body Care 167 Botanicals 167 Bottling 167 Boxes 167 Brand Management 167 Branding 167-168 Bread 168 Bread - Organic 168 Broker 168 Broths 168 Bulk Food Bins/Items 168 Bulk Ingredients/Raw 168 Business Analytics 168 Business Development 168 Butter 168 Buying Group 168 Cabinets 168 Cake Decor 168 Candles - Various 168 Canned Food/Meat 168 Caribbean Food 168 Cart Control 168 Carton Sealers 168 Cartons - Folding 168 Carts/Baskets 168 Case Protectors 168 Cash Processing 168 Casters 168 Category Management 168 CCTV 168 Cellophane 168 Cereal 168-169 Certification 169 Checkouts 169 Cheese - Various 169 Chemicals 169 Chili 169 Chillers 169 Chocolate 169 Chutney 169 Cider 169 Cleaning Products 169

Clinical Trials 169 Clip Strips 169 Closures 169 Co-packer 169 Cocoa 169 Coconut Products 169 Coding/Marking 169 Coffee 169 Cold & Flu Remedies 169 Cold Storage 169 Commercialization 169 Communication 169 Compressor Systems 169 Computer Systems 169 Concept Development 169 Condiments 169-170 Confectionary 170 Construction 170 Consulting - various 170 Consumer Products 170 Consumer Response 170 Containerboard 170 Containers 170 Contract Manufacturing 170 Contract Research 170 Conveyor Belts 170 Cookies 170 Coolers - Walk in 170 Cost Accounting 170 Crackers 170 Cresting 170 CRM 170 Croutons 170 Curry Sauces 170 Curtains 170 Custom Blending 170 Custom Neck Ties 170 Custom Products 170 Customs Brokerage 170 Dairy Products 170-171 Data Collection 171 Data Loggers 171 Deli 171

Dental Products 171 Design 171 Desserts 171 Diabetic Health 171 Diapers 171 Diet Products 171 Digestive Aids 171 Direct Sales 171 Dispensing Systems 171 Display CasesĂĽ 171 Distributor 171 Doors 171 Dough 172 Dried Food/Fruit 172 Due Diligence 172 Ecommerce 172 Economic Development 172 Efficacy Assessments 172 Eggs/Products 172 Electronic Data 172 Encapsulation 172 Enclosures 172 Energy Bars/Drinks 172 Energy Savings 172 Engineering 172 Enterprise Risk 172 Entrees 172 Enzymes/Products 172 Equipment-Various 172-174 Ethnic - European 174 Ethnic - Indian 174 Ethnic - Italian 174 Ethnic Foods 174 Exporting 174 Extracts 174 Fabrication 174 Factoring 174 Fair Trade 174 Fencing 174 Fibre 174 Film 174 Finance 174 Fish 174

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Ideal for a wide variety of grocery packaging sizes and styles. Great durability! Made from ABS plastic.

Features & Benefits Organizes Product Presentation • Keeps merchandise facing customers

Saves Time and Cost • Pulls out for fast, no-hassle loading

Helps Reduce Shrinkage • Prudent addition to retailer’s theft deterrence strategy


Fits Many Sizes LOCKS BACK for easy loading


Patented in the U.S. and Canada

Meat & Deli

Bagged Salad

• Adjustable dividers accommodate a variety of product widths

Multiple Mounting Options • Mounting options include crossbar and shelf mounted

Bagged Cheese


Other Great Merchandisers Our Pushers keep your Products up front where customers will buy them! • • • • • •

Our pushers fit popular shelving systems and are maintenance free Slide-and-lock mechanism for easy lateral adjustability Compatible with all our Shelf Dividers Made from durable high-impact styrene Available in white, black and custom colors (minimum order quantity required) Available in 6 to 22” lengths

s Work with r all ou s! r e d i iv D Canadian & U.S. patent pending 1 800 410-0264

Easily adjust to any product size

Pulls out for easy restocking and product rotation


Rapid Index Fittings 174 Fixture Installation 174 Flavours 174 Flax/Products 174 Floor Advertising 174 Flooring 174 Flour 174 Flowers 174 Food & Beverage 174 Food Additive 174 Food Assembly Lines 174 Food Bars 174 Food Colours 174 Food Grade Lubricant 175 Food Ingredients 175 Food Processing 175 Food Quality Testing 175 Food Recall Services 175 Food Service Packing 175 Food Supplements 175 Forensic Services 175 Forklifts 175 Formulations 175 Fragrances 175 Freeze Dried 175 Freezers 175 Frozen Foods 175 Fruit/Fruit Products 175 Fryers 175 FSC/SFI Certified 175-176 Fuel Services 176 Functional Foods 176 Garbage Bags 176 Garlic Products 176 Gas Equipment 176 Gasoline 176 Gates 176 Gelatin 176 General Merchandise 176 Genomics 176 Gift Baskets 176 Gift Wrap 176

Look up item and refer to X-index.

Ginseng 176 Gloves 176 GLP/GMP Compliance 176 Glucosamine 176 Gluten Free 176 GMO 176 Goat - Dairy 176 Gondola Shelving 176 Gourmet Food 176 Government 176 Grain Processing 176 Grains 176 Granola Bars 176 Greens & Maca Foods 176 Grinders 176 Gum 176 HACCP 176 Hair Care 176 Halal Certificate 176 Handling 176 HDPE 176 Health & Safety 176-177 Health 177 Heating Systems 177 Hemp Products 177 Herbal Remedies 177 Herbs 177 Homeopathics 177 Honey 177 Hors D’oeuvres 177 Horticultural 177 Household Products 177 Human Resources 177 Humidification 177 Hydrocolloids 177 Hygiene 177 Ice Cream 177 Ice Cream Machines 177 Ice Systems 177 Icing 177 Identification 177 Importer 177

Industrial Gases 177 Industrial Products 177 Information 177 Ingredients 177 Insect Repellent 177 Insolvency 177 Inspection 177 Installation 177 Insulated Covers 177 Insurance 177 Internet 178 Inventory 178 Investigative Services 178 Invoice Financing 178 Jam/Jelly 178 Jerky 178 Juices/Juicers 178 Ketchup 178 Knives 178 Kosher/Parve 178 Lab - Instruments 178 Labels/Labeling 178 Lactose 178 Laundry Products 178 Leasing 178 Legal 178 Legal Trademark 178 Legumes 178 Lentils 178 Licorice 178 Lifting Devices 178 Lighting 178 Liquids 178 Literature Display 178 Logistics 178 Lollipops 178 Loss Prevention 178 Machines 178 Maintenance 178-179 Manufacturer 179 Manufacturing - Supplies 179 Maple Products 179

Maple Syrup 179 Maraschino Cherries 179 Margarine 179 Marinades 179 Marketing Services 179 Material Handling 179 Meal Replacement 179 Meat - various 179-180 Meat Room 180 Media Services 180 Merchandising Systems 180 Metal Detection 180 Microbiology 180 Milk Free 180 Millwrighting 180 Minerals/Salts 180 Mixers 180 Mixes 180 Modular Belts 180 Molasses 180 Monitoring 180 Moulds 180 MSM 180 Name Badges 180 Natural Health Products 180 Network Systems 180 Night Covers 180 Nitrogen 180 Noodles 180 Nut-free 180 Nutrition Bars 180 Nuts 180 Oatmeal 180 Odour Control 180 Office Products 180-181 Oils - Various 181 Olives 181 Omega-3 Products 181 Operations Management 181 Ordering Systems 181 Organic Products 181 Outsourcing 181

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Innovative Testing Solutions.

Find out more about Romer Labs testing solutions: Romer Labs, Inc., 130 Sandy Drive, Newark, DE 19713, USA T 302 781 6400,,


Rapid Index Ovens 181 Oxygen 181 Packaging - varous 181-182 Pallets/Pallet Trucks 182 Paper Products 182 Party Supplies 182 Pasta - Various 182 Pastry 182 Pathogens Detection 182 Patty Machines 182 Payroll Services 182 Peanut Products 182 Pectin 182 Peer Networking 182 Perishable Foods 182 Personal Care 182 Pest Control 182 Pet Care/Food 182 Pharmaceuticals 182 Phosphates 182 Pick/Pack Service 182 Pie Crusts/Filling 182 Pizza 182 Plastic Film / Plastics 182 POP Displays 182 Popcorn 182 POS (Point of Sale) 182 Potato Chips 182-183 Powders - Various 183 Pre-Pack Applications 183 Preparation Tables 183 Preservatives 183 Pricing/Tags 183 Printing/Printers 183 Private Label Contract 183 Process Development 183 Processor 183 Produce 183 Product Demonstration 183 Product Development 183 Product Display 183 Product Evaluation 183

Look up item and refer to X-index.

Product Licence 183 Production Management 183 Promotional Products 183 Pulses 184 Pumps 184 Quality Assurance 184 Quinoa 184 Racks/Rails 184 Raisins 184 Recruitment 184 Recycling 184 Refrigerated Cases 184 Refrigerated Food 184 Refrigeration 184 Regulatory Affairs 184 Rentals 184 Research & Development 184 Retail Management 184 Rewards Program 184 Rice Products 184 Risk Management Plan 184 Robots 184 RollingHandBaskets Kartwheels 184 Rotisseries 184 Safety Assessments 184 Salad Dressings 184 Sales/Services 184 Salts 184 Sanitation 184-185 Sauces 185 Sausages 185 Saws 185 Scales 185 Scanning 185 Seafood 185 Seasonal Merchandise 185 Seasonings 185 Security 185 Seeds 185 Selling Group 185 Services 185

Shade Structures 185 Shelf Management 185 Shelf Talkers 185 Shopfitting 185 Shrink Management 185 Side Dishes 185 Signage 186 Sinks 186 Site Licence 186 Slicers 186 Smokehouses 186 Snack Food 186 Software 186 Solar Rooftop 186 Solutions 186 Soup 186 Soy Products 186 Space Management 186 Specialty Crops 186 Specialty Foods 186 Spices 186 Sports Nutrition 186 Spreads 186 Starches 186 Steamers 186 Stevia/Products 186 Stock Trucks 186 Storage Systems 186 Store Fixtures 186-187 Strapping 187 String 187 Stuffers 187 Succession Planning 187 Sunflower Seeds 187 Supplements 187 Supply Chain Solutions 187 Support Services 187 Sushi Items 187 Sweeteners 187 Syrup 187 Tableware 187 Tags 187

Tax Advice 187 Teas - Various 187 Technology 187 Temperature Monitoring 187 Tenderizers 187 Thermometers 187 Timing Belts 187 Tinctures 187 Tissue Paper Products 187 Tofu 187 Tomatoes/Products 187 Traceability 187 Trade Guide 187 Trade Promotion 187 Trader 187 Tradeshow 187 Trailers 187 Training/Education 187-188 Transition Planning 188 Translation 188 Transportation Services 188 Trays 188 Troubleshooting 188 Turnstiles 188 Uniforms 188 US Ag/Food Products 188 Vacuum Packaging 188 Valuation 188 Vegetarian/Vegan 188 Vehicles/Fleets 188 Vinegars 188 Wall Units 188 Warehouse 188 Waste Management 188 Water 188 Weighing Systems 188 Wheat Free 188-189 Whole Grain 189 Wholesaler 189 Windows/Doors 189 WMS Systems 189 Wrapping 189

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RICK SPRAGUE President, Sprague Foods Limited

_ Established in in the Bay of Quinte in 1925, Rick is now the fourth generation leading Sprague Foods Limited into the future with a state of the art facility in Belleville, Ontario.

HERE ARE 5 REASONS WHY RICK THINKS THAT THE BAY OF QUINTE IS PERFECT FOR BUSINESS 1. LOWER OVERHEADS. It’s less expensive to buy and maintain facilities and you’ll find a variety of hassle-free investment-ready building sites. 2. OUR LOCATION. We’re situated between Toronto & Montreal with access to the U.S. border nearby, and international connections by air and sea. 3. SUPPLY CHAIN. Our multinational and SME food processors have attracted top suppliers here in agriculture, packaging, warehousing, shipping and more. 4. KEY LABOUR. Food processors enjoy support from our corporate and college training programs, job fairs along with workforce support and funding. 5. START-UP IS EASIER HERE. The Bay of Quinte offers support from our highly experienced economic development team, so you can start producing today.

Quinte Economic Development Commission

“ I couldn’t picture our business being located anywhere else, it’s been an integral part of our success for almost a century. ” Truly,

Learn more and connect with us online. QUINTEDEVELOPMENT.COM 1 866 961 7990 / /    



IF IT’S GROCERY, IT’S HERE. For Exhibiting Info Contact: Rolster Taylor, | (416) 492 4878

Grocery News

Take a bigger bite of Canada’s $120 billion grocery business at Grocery Innovations Canada and Grocery & Specialty Food West! Grocery Innovations Canada and Grocery and Specialty Food West are Canada’s only trade shows and conferences catered to the grocery industry. It is the meeting place where retailers look to discover innovative products, network and join forces with exhibitors to explore endless opportunity. GIC and GSFW are simply must attend events for anyone in the grocery sector!

Reasons to Attend Market your Business • Expose your brand to thousands of retailers and decision makers all in one place through the Exhibition, New Product Showcase, Retailer Connect, Sponsorships and additional networking opportunities.

Make the Leap in Innovation • Stay up to speed with the latest grocery trends and innovations by taking part in the Top 10 Most Innovative Products Contest!

Mark your Calendars • Grocery Innovations Canada 2017 takes place on October 23rd – 24th, 2017 at the Toronto Congress Centre North Building • Grocery & Specialty Food West 2018 takes place on April 23-24, 2018 at the Vancouver Convention Centre West Building • Grocery Innovations Canada 2018`s dates are October 22nd – 23rd, 2018

Mingle Face-to-Face with Buyers across Canada • National and regional chains, independent, franchised and corporate retailers come here to look for your unique products and services!

Maximize your Potential • Targeted morning conference sessions, afternoon trade show and evening events will bring exhibitors and retailers together over three days to encourage collaboration.




WHERE GROCERY GATHERS For Exhibiting Info Contact: Rolster Taylor, | (416) 492 4878 GROCERY INNOVATIONS CANADA




Grocery News

Insight® Enhances Shopping Experience


ussmann’s new multi-deck platform for medium temperature display cases, INSIGHT, was designed based on input on the most pressing needs of food retailers and the most important desires of customers shopping in their stores. Insight addresses important food retail concerns in four major areas: Food Quality, Sustainability, Retail Performance and Merchandising. The AdvantaChill™ Performance Package, a combination of breakthrough technologies for air flow, fans, coils, and lighting working together to provide a stable temperature zone with the display case. By developing a case platform that looked at these functional needs holistically we were able to maximize food quality, freshness and shelf life. Insight cases adhere to a tight temperature range with little variation throughout the entire performance cycle … even during defrost.

When it comes to sustainability and retail performance, Insight offers approximately 17% case energy savings vs other Hussmann models and include standard features such as LED lights that save up to 71% in energy compared to fluorescent lights and optional integrated high efficiency night curtains that cut case energy use by an additional 24% when closed. Insight has foamed-in-place structural components make the easier to install and a seamless, one-piece plastic bottom and backwall mounted coil make it easier to clean. Insight is the new standard in display case technology that holds more accurate product temperatures, has better energy efficiency and is easier to install, clean and service. In today’s food retail environment, there is more


Food Processing Equipment Inc.

New & Refurbished Equipment for the Food Processing Industry FEATURING PRODUCTS FROM: • Butcher Boy • Sipromac • Jaccard • Torrey • Mainca • Lumar Ideal • Daniels • Enviro.Pak • QMS International






52 Carrier Dr. Unit 14 Rexdale, ON M9W 5R1 Tel: 416-675-5566 1-800-461-3068 Fax: 416-675-7431

Grocery News

“Insight® addresses important food retail concerns in four major areas: Food Quality, Sustainability, Retail Performance and Merchandising.”

Insight has many standard, built-in features that keep food “IN SIGHT” of your shoppers and enhances merchandising effectiveness by attracting, guiding and influencing shoppers around your store. Insight features additional integrated improvements in design, styling, lighting, layout, textures, display flexibility and overall aesthetic consistency that enhances the shopping experience. Shoppers have many options when it comes to where they shop so it is important that grocery stores differentiate themselves from their competition by creating an environment within their store that will attract shoppers .. and keep them coming back. Hussmann’s Insight merchandisers are more energy efficient, maintain more consistent product temperatures, have design and merchandising flexibility, and are easier to clean and service.

emphasis on the fresh, healthy perishable food across the produce, meat, deli and dairy departments. Whether shoppers are looking for a convenient prepared meal or pre-prepped food to cook at home, refrigerated display cases along the perimeter of the store need to be more flexible, more mobile and more versatile in their display configurations, operating performance and design footprints. With Insight, temperature can be adjusted and controlled based on the type of product that you want to display so a standard multi-deck around the perimeter can be adjusted to accommodate those seasonal or meal kit cross merchandising opportunities.


engineered for


sto re f i x t u re s • s hel v in g • d isp l ays • d eco r MO N T REA L





phone 1 844–649–1001



Grocery News

Retail Coverage More Important Than Ever By Jon Davies, Vice President, Business Development, CROSSMARK Canada


oday’s Canadian CPG industry is robust and dynamic but in a state of constant change. With Amazon driving an increasing demand for online delivery, traditional retailers are having to adapt to attract consumers into their stores. As all companies are feeling the constant pressure of increased costs in their business, there has been a dramatic shift in the ways in which winning organizations are deploying their sales resources. While it may be tempting to cut or eliminate a field staff, this can have a dramatic impact on your sales and the way your brand is positioned to consumers. Retailers today are cutting in-store service staff and their ability to maintain distribution and proper branding continues to diminish. Successful companies are looking instead to smarter retail deployment that will directly impact their sales and provides them with a competitive edge against their consumers. To understand your brand needs, start by thinking like a category manager and what is most important to consumers in the retail environment. Category managers will focus on three key ideas: 1. Does it build traffic? 2. Does it increase basket size?

3. Does it improve profitability? If you understand the category manager’s goals for the category, your retail deployment strategy should be used to help support and enhance these objectives. Store level execution can be the weak link in the plan and your brand will suffer if your message is not being delivered correctly to the consumer. Deploying reps to retail will ultimately ensure the category plan is executed. At store level, for instance, the traditional approach of bi-weekly or monthly coverage at all major stores no longer can be justified in most categories. Retail needs vary greatly at different times of the year and every store requires a customized approach that maximizes value. The expansion of POS data availability has allowed companies to target distribution gaps and provide value to retailers by increasing their on-shelf availability Retailers primary concern is around the shopper experience and all companies should ensure their approach and strategy are designed to meet this goal. Retailers are open to store level coverage as long as it helps support their overall market strategy and product availability. Talk to your category manager about how you can help him execute his plan to both of your benefit.

Grocery News While every category and company has unique needs, there are some basic principles manufacturers should follow when considering retail coverage needs: 1) Insights – Store-level and market data is becoming more available in Canada every day and should be the beginning of any coverage plan. Understand what stores offer the best opportunities and then target and quantify the value. 2) Target – Each store is unique and offers different opportunities or challenges. Define a strategy for growth in each channel and banner, then find the stores that will require or allow this interaction. 3) Focus – Clearly define the activities that need to be performed; be sure to follow up on the results. Simple and straightforward goals will result in better success and measurable results. If the sales upside cannot be defined, manufacturers should question why the work should be performed. 4) Measure Return – While most sales and marketing activities are constantly measured on their return on investment, many companies continue to regard their retail coverage as a cost of doing business. In reality, every activity should be defined and measured to ensure there is positive return. In addition, sales return should be measured in different banners and channels to determine if a redeployment of resources can lead to more effective activities.


5) Embrace Retailers – The most effective retail coverage occurs when manufacturers work in concert with retailer strategy and approach. The most effective shopping experiences come when manufacturers and retailers partner together. The mutual goal always should be to increase sales and delight shoppers. The fight for consumer attention is most important at the store level and you work with retailers to design a plan that will be most advantageous to your brand. It is more important than ever to ensure that that plan is executed at store level in the right way. It is important to always refine your coverage to ensure you are utilizing resource most efficiently. Ultimately, each company must decide how it will approach the store-level environment to support its brand. Direct sales forces, outsourced dedicated teams, or third-party syndicated sales forces all have their strengths and weaknesses. By defining goals and considering the principles listed above, companies can best determine the most effective merchandising approach and resource allocation. When deciding to outsource, look for partners that will offer a customized solution rather than an off-the-shelf model. The winning companies are the ones that focus their efforts to drive maximum value.

LOBSTER • Whole Lobster • Lobster Tails • Lobster Meat

PELAGICS • Mackerel • Capelin • Sardines • Sardinella • Herring

GROUNDFISH • Greenland Halibut • Pacific Hake • White Fish Fillets

OTHER SHELLFISH • Snow Crab • Scallops • Whelk

SPECIALTY ITEMS • Blue Whiting • Catfish • Dogfish • Monkfish • Red Fish • Salmon • Skate wings • Squid

Phone: + 1.506.386.3100 Fax: + 1.506.389.3110 Email: Sign up to receive our Newsletter & Price List Partner Seafood Inc. - 999 Aviation Avenue, Suite 201, Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada E1A 9S5

“lavera” comes from Latin and means “the real thing”. “lavera” products are true natural cosmetics, as the name suggests, and uses plant ingredients from controlled organic cultivation wherever possible. All products are designed for sensitive skin and are free from chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances, aromas and PEG. Some 300 organic extracts are obtained from natural sources such as flowers, freeze-dried fruits and herbs, hence a high level of quality control is possible, which has been confirmed many times by top ratings from independent testing bodies. “Product quality is our ultimate objective” explains owner Thomas Haase. Today, lavera is no. 1 of all certified natural cosmetics brands in Germany in terms of sales volume, and employs approximately 386 employees. The product portfolio comprises around 350 products, ranging from skin care, body care and color cosmetics – all at an affordable price and certified by NATRUE!

Happy Birthday! lavera Naturkosmetik is turning 30 this year!

- proud partner

Since 2011, True Natural Sunscreens have been top-rated in the Environmental Working Group’s yearly Guide to Sunscreens. We are proud to have 4 of our all natural sunscreens receiving the top score in the 2017 guide. True Natural sunscreens are formulated for the North American market to be All Natural, 100% mineral-based, nanoparticle-free, gluten & gmo free, biodegradable and cruelty free. All sunscreens provide UVA and UVB protection, feel light and non-greasy on the skin, and offer protection up to SPF 50. True Natural’s self-tanning line is a customer favorite! Get a gorgeous tan that’s streak-free and lasts up to one week. The safest way to get a tan without the danger of uv exposure or spray tan inhalation risks!

Lavera & True Natural Services in North America

True Nature Group has been proudly servicing health food stores & spas in Canada for the past 20 years. • Warehouses in Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC • Free Shipping with $300 and up, Free Testers, Promotional Materials & Staff gifts

Phone: 877.515.8783

Email: Website:


Grocery News

Are Your Accounts Receivables Keeping You Up At Night?


ew customer orders are a business owner’s dream. But the sleepless nights come when you’re waiting on payments. Getting paid on time, and earlier than ever before, is possible. In B2B, you likely invoice clients for large orders and collect on 30, 60 or 90-day terms. The quicker you turn these invoices into cash, the faster you can grow your business operations. If your business is in high growth, you may have a lot of your money tied up waiting for those payments to come through. Or there could be times when customers don’t pay up on time, leading to poor cash flow and working capital that is stretched to the max. Your receivables have just caused a chain reaction of problems. • Problem One: Fulfilling orders. You get a big

order but your money is tied up. Do you say no to that new customer? • Problem Two: Paying suppliers & taking advantage of discounts. You have your own accounts payable, but can’t pay on time. And suppliers will often provide timely discounts, but you don’t have the working capital to take advantage. • Problem Three: Paying your staff. Low cash can lead to payroll problems and your valuable staff walking out the door. The resulting turnover costs and headaches can be greater than ever expected.

Can’t My Bank Help? Not Always… Most business owners will first approach their bank for short-term financing, but banks could easily reject

Dynamise Botanicals Inc. For all your liquid needs Custom Manufacturing, Blending, Filling, Private-Labelling and Packaging services Liquid Supplements, Tincture Extracts Essential Oils, Cosmetics, Spa Products

Removes Bio-Film and reduces labor Compatible with the leading cleaning solutions, sanitizers, and belt coatings. Designed to work on all types of flat conveyor surfaces. PVC, Urethane, Neoprene, Nylon, Nitrile, Polyester, Stainless steel, and Interlock. 515-523-5803 ISO 9001 Certified. Barrie, Ontario Shipping Worldwide

Grocery News your request if it doesn’t comply with their criteria. Without great credit, enough collateral, positive cash flow and a proven track record, getting working capital from a traditional lending institution is extremely tough, whether you’re a large enterprise or a newer SMB. Even if you are approved, by the time you receive your funds, your working capital might be exhausted long ago. B2Bs have faced this dilemma for years, but there’s a financing option some business owners haven’t discovered called “Accounts Receivable Factoring” that can help solve these cash flow problems.

How Does Factoring Work? If you’ve never heard of Accounts Receivable Factoring before, you’re not alone. But it’s been a standard financing practice in Europe and other developed nations for years. Factoring can give you cash up front for your sales, helps you spend less time and employee expenses on collections, and ultimately helps you graduate to a

traditional bank loan option. The factoring process is so beneficial that many clients will choose to work with us alongside their banks for various financing options, depending on their needs. We know that growth-oriented B2B owners don’t wake up in the morning thinking fondly about collecting on their accounts receivable. So as a business partner, we lighten your worries through financing solutions that put cash in your pocket. And better yet, it will help you get a good night’s sleep.

We want to help your business grow and we know there’s more to consider than just your finances. But if you’re looking to find the right financing for your business growth and operations, give us a call at 1-800-263-0664


Environmental Monitoring Neogen’s industry-leading diagnostic tests provide the building blocks for great environmental monitoring programs. Utilizing allergen, ATP and pathogen detection systems you can build a world-class environmental monitoring program with Neogen, a world-leading diagnostic company. • Pathogen Detection – easy-to-use, rapid diagnostics using Reveal® or ANSR® • Allergen Tests – tools for validation and verification for the environment using Reveal 3-D and Veratox®

• ATP Testing – sanitation verification that provides real-time results using AccuPoint® Advanced

Learn more today at

800-234-5333 (USA/Canada) • 517-372-9200 •

ctively Implementing Best Practices for Effe itoring Program an ATP Hygiene Mon

Neogen’s AccuPoint® Advanced ATP system consistently yielded the highest percent recoveries and the most consistent readings as tested by NSF International Download our free Best Practices for Effectively Implementing an ATP Hygiene Monitoring Program handbook!

Grocery News

Environmental Monitoring Solutions for the Food & Grocery Industry By Joe Heinzelmann Environmental monitoring is a critical part of all food safety programs. Facilities can be required by different governing bodies to have programs that address the issues of food safety as it relates to environmental contamination. For example, new regulations in the human food preventive controls rules in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) make recommendations that facilities should have an environmental monitoring program as part of their PC rules. Neogen provides the tests to rapidly, accurately and easily complete your environmental monitoring program. As a whole, environmental monitoring is directed at microbiological hazards and essentially proves that a facility is successfully verifying that its preventive controls are consistently implemented and are effectively working to significantly minimize or prevent previously defined hazard(s) from occurring. An environmental monitoring program contains several aspects including sanitation monitoring as well as monitoring for pathogens or any other form of contamination or recontamination that could occur in a food production facility. It also requires a facility to conduct validation and verification activities, as appropriate to the nature of the preventive controls to ensure a clean facility. These validation and verification efforts are based on hazard analysis, written food safety plan, SSOPs, etc. and show that efforts to limit microbiological hazards are in fact working. Because of the variation in facilities, processes, and products produced, the specifics of the procedures needed to ensure a clean facility are very different from one facility to another. That being said, methods of validation and verification could include sanitation monitoring, which tests

surfaces after sanitation efforts have been complete for adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is a molecule found in all living cells; thus, in and of itself, ATP is not a hazardous contaminant. However, detection of its presence after equipment has been cleaned is an indicator that food, bacteria, or other organisms have been left behind and shows that the cleaning process was not sufficient. To assist with this, Neogen has developed AccuPoint Advanced, the industry leading ATP hygiene monitoring system. Additional testing, including testing for foodborne pathogens such as Listeria or Salmonella, or aerobic plate count (APC), can also be important in an environmental monitoring program. A welldesigned environmental monitoring program can be used to identify hotspots, check the validity of food safety programs, and indicate trends: control, trending out of control (early warning), or requiring corrective action. Neogen offers various detection systems to accomplish this kind of testing including lateral flow, molecular and DNA based solutions – all which could be part of a facility’s environmental monitoring program.

For more information, contact Neogen at 800-234-5333 or



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represents over 40 producer associations, bringing Canadians high-quality, nutritious food and beverages, year round! tasteU.S. is proud to have partnered with Longo’s, DoubleTree by Hilton, Marché Restaurants and Pickle Barrel—bringing an amazing selection of U.S. products to your local grocery store or favorite restaurant. Meet us and our cooperators at SIAL Canada, CPMA, and other trade shows across the country. In fiscal year 2016, U.S. agricultural exports to Canada surpassed $20 billion, representing 61% of Canada’s global imports of agricultural products. Canada is the top export destination for U.S. high-value consumer food products (HVP). The export category was valued at $16 billion in 2016 and represents 80% of all U.S. exports to Canada. U.S. export of high-value consumer food products to Canada accounts for over one-fourth of all U.S. HVP food exports, double the value of Mexico, the second leading market, or equal to the combined Asian markets of Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, China, and Taiwan. The category includes raw meats, pre-packaged products, fresh and processed fruits and vegetables, snack foods and prepared foods. The USA brand, tasteU.S. was created by the U.S. agricultural partners active in the Canadian market. tasteU.S. consists of U.S. industry and commodity groups that are committed to promoting their trend-setting products in Canada. The tasteU.S. initiative aims to educate both the food service industry and consumers alike on the value of buying U.S. origin. tasteU.S. represents American farmers and ranchers committed to bring Canadian a selection of products that are of highquality, healthy, nutritious, and of good dollar-value throughout the year. As stated by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) staff at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa, “Canadian food service operators and retailers that source from the U.S. can be assured that products meet USDA approved standards and every effort has been made to meet food safety compliancy.”

For more information and to stay connected, visit our website and follow us on twitter:


Blue Diamond Almond Growers – Brewers Association – California Agricultural Export Council – California Fig Advisory Board – California Dried Plum Board – California Cherry Marketing Research Board – California Cling Peach Growers Advisory Board – California Pear Advisory Board – Florida Department of Citrus – Florida Tomato Committee – Food Export Midwest – Food Export Northeast – Ginseng Board of Wisconsin – Intertribal Agricultural Council – Mohair Council of America – National Association of State Departments of Agriculture – National Sunflower Association – National Watermelon Promotion Board – New York Wine and Grape Foundation – Northwest Wine Promotion Coalition – Organic Trade Association – Pear Bureau Northwest – Southern United States Trade Association – Sunkist Growers – Synergistic Hawaii Agriculture Council –, & U.S. Apple Export Council – U.S. Grains Council – U.S. Livestock Genetics Export – USA Rice – Washington Apple Commission – Washington State Fruit Commission/Northwest Cherries – wastatefruit. com & Western United States Agricultural Trade Association – Wine Institute –

tasteU.S. producer associations:

Almond Board of California – & American Peanut Council – American Pistachio Growers– American Seed Trade Association – American Sheep Industry Association – American Soybean Association – American Sweet Potato Marketing Institute – Bard Valley Date Growers –


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Why is it important to measure the customers shopping experience? Ravinder Sangha, Halo Metrics


n the new world of retailing consumers can make purchases anywhere so why should they come into your store? The fact is that people still enjoy shopping in bricks and mortar stores for several reasons including the opportunity for socializing, the ability to touch and feel the products they want to purchase, and to experience something unique while in the store.

How do you measure the success of your experience driven initiatives?

Experience is the key term. Retailers who create in store experiences with their displays or hold in store events and have product available to try, test, or taste are winning over customers. It makes sense. With people being as connected as ever and posting everything on social media they want to share their experiences and even show them off.

Online stores have had a great advantage with the analytics that are available to measure how customers interact with the website and tracking their every movement through to purchase. These include a key set of metrics used to measure the customer experience. But now we have the technology to put bricks and mortar stores on an even playing ...cont. on page 32

Retail business is driven by sales data and rightly so. But some measures of performance need a new view or even a new way to be able to measure the true success of the bricks and mortar store.

Retailers using sales transactions as a proxy to measure visitor traďŹƒc are underestimating their numbers on average by 90%!

Start using Ripple Metrics and get traďŹƒc data you can trust!

Ripple Metrics uses a patented process to keep visitor information private while delivering web like visitor analytics for your bricks and mortar stores. Period Summary Total Daily TruCount visitors

Week of Mon, 3 Apr 2017 to Sun 09 April 2017: 6,674 ( Week of Mon, 10 Apr 2017 to Sun 16 Apr 2017: 6,520 (

1%) 4%)

% First Time Visitors

Week of Mon, 3 Apr 2017 to Sun 09 April 2017: 39% ( Week of Mon, 10 Apr 2017 to Sun 16 Apr 2017: 54% (

3%) 25%)

Average Length of Stay

Week of Mon, 3 Apr 2017 to Sun 09 April 2017: 16m ( Week of Mon, 10 Apr 2017 to Sun 16 Apr 2017: 15m (

10%) 6%)

Busiest Day: Sat, 12 Nov

Week of Mon, 3 Apr 2017 to Sun 09 April 2017: 1,474 ( Week of Mon, 10 Apr 2017 to Sun 16 Apr 2017: 1,322 (

5%) 6%)

Average Visit Frequency

Week of Mon, 3 Apr 2017 to Sun 09 April 2017: 4.0 Week of Mon, 10 Apr 2017 to Sun 16 Apr 2017: 2.0

6,772 40%


1,399 visitors

4.1 days

( (

3%) 106%)

For over 28 years Halo Metrics has been providing solutions that enhance the honest consumer’s shopping experience while protecting the bottom line of retailers across Canada. With Ripple Metrics we are able to provide TRUcount based visitor analytics that help businesses measure the shopping experience and more. For product information visit or contact Halo Metrics Inc. 1.800.667.3390

4, 2017


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Why measure customer experience? “...we...provide accurate shopper traffic counts, and recognize new customers versus returning customers, measure frequency of visits, and capture average stay time and more.� field as online stores. Using specialized sensors we can anonymously track shopper movement within the store, provide accurate shopper traffic counts, and recognize new customers versus returning customers, measure frequency of visits, and capture average stay time and more. These metrics are important in measuring the success of your experience driven initiatives. Retailers relying on sales transactions alone as a proxy for shopper traffic are severely underestimating this data. Ripple Metrics offers TRUcount traffic data that is extremely accurate and is the foundation of

from page 31

experiential metrics designed to help measure the shopper experience. Now you can accurately track sales conversion, traffic in the store, and the customer journey. With this data you can optimize staffing schedules, understand the impact of your marketing efforts, and improve the store layout, all in an effort to improve the shopping experience and overall sales. Ravinder Sangha, Marketing Manager for Halo metrics Inc.

Visit to learn more.

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

A&M Gourmet Foods Inc. 6813 Steeles Ave. West Toronto ON M9V 4R9 Canada Mgmt: Irina Vialykh Mfg: Est: 2007 - Private • Manufacturer • Importer • PrivateLabelContract • Oils - Various

ABI LTD Tel: 416-745-4545

Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Dairy Products • Spreads • Snack Food • Nut-free


• Gluten Free • Vegetarian • Food Safety • Food Service

Unit 1-8900 Keele St. Concord ON L4K 2N2 Canada Pres: Alex Kuperman Mfg: Est: 1989 - Private • Equip-Baking • Mixers • Ovens • Equip-Packaging

Rev: $ M

Tel: 905-738-6070 800-297-8666 Fax: 905-738-6085 Mktg: Aaron Burke Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Installation • Machines • Robots

A&M Gourmet Foods, proudly Women Owned certified business, is a manufacturer of savory and sweet Dips & Spreads, flavored Vegan Mayonnaise and on-the-go Breakfast and Snacks. Most of our products are part of our “better for you” product line and are GMO Free, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and Low in Sodium. Our company is also an importer of Expeller Pressed Pure & Virgin Sunflower oils as well as Buckwheat grouts and flour. Our facility is nut free and is SQF Level 3 certified.

An industry leader in the development and integration of highcalibre technologies for the automation of every stage of the baking process, from ingredients handling through to packaging. ABI LTD provides stand-alone equipment and mid-range production lines for retail bakeries, while at the same time designs and integrates full endto-end production lines for many of the world's largest industrial baking centres. The company boasts a network of satisfied customers from all over the globe.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Abate Packers Ltd. RR#1, 7597 Jones Base Line Arthur ON N0G 1A0 Canada Mgmt: Joe Abate Mfg: Est:

Adel Corp Tel: 519-848-2107

Rev: $ M

Fax: 519-848-2793 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Meat-Products • Meat-Poultry

21 Silk Crt Richmond Hill ON L4B 4A4 Canada Mgmt: Maria Isaza Mfg: Carlos Lopez Est: 1999

Tel: 905-763-7831

Rev: $ M

Fax: 905-763-1574 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• PrivateLabelContract • Design • Household Prod's

We are a primary processor producing and distributing a full line of quality Ontario meat products. Specializing in rabbit meat products,Air Chilled roaster chicken products and game birds. Cornish hens, pheasant, partridge, guinea fowl, quail, goose, duck and Mature chicken. Also able to do traditional halal processing.

Adel Corp’s core business is international trade and marketing in the Agri-food sector. We manufacture our own brands and third party brands, including private label for retail and foodservice. We offer a full line of food and household cleaning products, develop tailored made product formulas and label designing according to market requirements, contract manufacturing for private labeling, and container consolidation so our customer can have flexible volumes and no stocking.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Abbey Packaging Equipment Ltd. 5030 South Service Rd. Burlington ON L7L 5Y7 Canada Pres: Robert McNaught Mfg: Est: 1990 • Packaging • QA/QC • Equip-Packaging • Inspection

Advance Wire Products Ltd. Tel: 905-681-3010

Fax: 905-681-3018 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Metal Detection • Packaging-Materials • Weighing Systems • X-Ray Service

• Equip-QC • Pkg-Pouch Filling

19095 - 24th Avenue Surrey BC V3S 3S9 Canada Mgmt: Bruce Davis Mfg: Est: 1953

Rev: $ M

Tel: 604-541-4666 888-421-4666 Fax: 866-515-4641 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Merchandising Systms • Logistics • Consulting • Design • Engineering

Abbey Packaging is a complete sales and service provider for a selected group of specialized equipment manufacturers in the Food, Pharmaceutical, Beverage and Industrial/Chemical sectors. We provide solutions for Inspection, Weighing & Filling, Horizontal and Vertical Bag-makers, Specialty Coffee Packaging, Automated Packaging Solutions and Technical Services.

With AWP, you get our in store consulting, design, engineering, and logistics expertise included in one service with proven merchandising solutions for all departments. North America's leading designer and manufacturer of innovative merchandising solutions for the retail grocery, convenience, and pharmacy market, working to solve merchandising challenges since 1953. Products include: orchard bins, pull-out shelves, sliding scale holders, carousels, bulk bins, and more.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Ag-West Bio Inc.

Agropur Dairy Cooperative

101 - 111 Research Drive Saskatoon SK S7N 3R2 Canada Pres: Wilf Keller Mfg: Brad Bly Est: 1989 - Non-Profit

Tel: 306-975-1939

Rev: $ M

• Agri-Food • Business Analytics • Agriculture • Communication • Association • Commercialization • Business Development • Due Diligence

Fax: Mktg: Mike Cey Admin: Staff: 1–10 • EconomicDevelopment • Workshops

4600 Armand-Frappier St Saint-Hubert QC J3Z 1G5 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1938 • Cheese-Various • Ice Cream • Dairy Products • Yogurt/Products

Tel: 450-878-2333 844-878-2333 Fax: Mktg: Véronique Boileau Admin: Rev: $100+ M Staff: 500+

• Manufacturer • Organic Products • Beverages • Butter

• Health Products • Distributor

Ag-West Bio is Saskatchewan's bioscience industry association. Our goal is to move research to market and grow biobusiness in the province. We support the commercialization of technologies in the areas of sustainable crop production, food processing, health, environment, and bioproducts. Our many conferences and seminars help create connections between research and business, and build the community. Ag-West Bio is funded by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture & Growing Forward II.

Agropur is a North American dairy industry leader founded in 1938. With sales of nearly $6.0 billion in 2016, the Cooperative is a source of pride to its 3,345 members and 8,000 employees. Agropur processes more than 5.9 billion litres of milk per year at its 39 plants across North America and boasts an impressive roster of brands and products including Natrel, Québon, OKA, Farmers, Agropur Signature, Agropur Grand Cheddar, Island Farms, biPro, and the Ultima Foods joint venture’s iögo and Olympic brands.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Y Labs:

See ad pg. 2

Agri-food Management Institute (AMI) 105-100 Stone Rd., West Guelph ON N1G 5L3 Canada Mgmt: Ashley Honsberger Mfg: Est: 2007

Tel: 519-822-6618 Fax: Mktg: Juli De Lange Admin: Rev: $0–1 M Staff: 1–10

• Business Management • Peer Networking • Business Service • Succession Planning • Transition Planning

Agropur Dairy Cooperative - Island Farms 2220 Dowler Place Tel: 250-360-5200 PO Box 38 Victoria BC V8T 4H3 Canada Fax: 250-360-5220 Mgmt: Al Snedden Sales: Dora Kessenheimer Mfg: Al Snedden Admin: Est: 1946 Rev: $ M Staff: 500+ • Dairy Products • Ice Cream • Yogurt/Products

The Agri-food Managment Institute promotes new ways of thinking about agribusiness management and aims to increase awareness, understanding and adoption of beneficial business management practices by Ontario agri-food and agri-based producers and processers. AMI develops business management tools, information, resources, and training for producers, processors, and advisors, as well as creates linkages to existing resources and conducts industryled research.

From our first horse-and-buggy stocked with milk bottles back in 1944, Island Farms has built a reputation for good things from good people close by. Though we’ve grown and changed over the years, our commitment to producing top quality dairy products has never waivered. As part of the Agropur family, the largest dairy cooperative in Canada, we now deliver more than 600 fresh dairy products to families throughout British Columbia.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Agrivalue Processing Business Incubator Alberta Agriculture and Forestry 4301 - 65 Ave Leduc AB T9E 8T2 Canada Mgmt: Dan Graham Mfg: Est: Government

Tel: 780-980-4866

Rev: $ M

Fax: 780-980-4250 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Food Processing • Certification • Technology • Commercialization • Agri-Food • Concept Dvlp. • Business Development • Production Mgmt

Air Liquide Canada 1250 Boul. Rene Levesque West Tel: 514-933-0303 Suite 1700 Montreal QC H3B 5E6 Canada Fax: Mgmt: Mr. Joseph Sejean Bus Dev: Mrs. Stephanie Mortenson Mfg: Stephan Frehner Admin: Est: 1911 Rev: $100+ M Staff: 500+ • Refrigeration • Modified Atmos. Pkg • Blending • Chillers

• Equip-Froz Bev. • Equip-MeatRoom • Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-Baking

• Equip-Pizza • Industrial Gases • Nitrogen • Oxygen

The Agrivalue Processing Business Incubator is a modern, federally inspected food processing building consisting of 8 processing suites. At 75,000 sq. ft., the facility helps to grow the capacity of the food processing industry in Alberta through the creation of new value added processors, trained food industry personnel and products for export. At the same time, it lowers risk for new food processors by providing facility, technical, business and marketing support. Bring your own equipment!

Are cold chain management, carbonation, inerting, pH control, modified atmosphere packaging or quick-freezing important for your food business? At every stage of production to the final consumer, Air Liquide Canada's highly qualified specialists will adapt solutions for your individual processes. Find out how our fresh approach to food processing can benefit your business: Contact your local food specialist: West – Stephanie Mortenson 780-410-8851; ON/QC/Maritimes – Stephan Frehner 416-702-8107.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Air Products Canada, LTD

Allegro Industries Ltd.

2233 Argentia Rd, Suite 203 Tel: 610-481-4911 Mississauga ON L5N 2X7 800-654-4567 Canada Fax: 800-272-4449 Mgmt: Mktg: Mr. Christopher Johnson Mfg: D. Tennier/ J. Hoferica Admin: Est: 1940 - Public Rev: $100+ M Staff: 500+ • Industrial Gases • Nitrogen • Oxygen • Blending

• Chemicals • Chillers • Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-Food Serv.

• Equip-Froz Bev. • Equip-Leasing • Equip-MeatRoom • Equip-Pizza

10A Centennial Rd. Orangeville ON L9W 1P8 Canada Mgmt: Erik Nielsen Mfg: Est: 1993 • Fabrication • Equip-Food Proc. • Food Processing • Equip-MatrlHdlg

Tel: 519-942-2343x21

Rev: $ M

Fax: 519-942-1922 Mktg: Erik Nielsen Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Smokehouses

Whether your freezing, chilling, cooling or packaging applications include bakery goods, fruit and vegetables, poultry, meats, ready meals or anything in-between, Air Products' Freshline® solutions offer you the high-purity gases and equipment, the international supply capability, and - most important - the unmatched industry experience and technical support to help you succeed.

Designer & manufacturer of world class equipment throughout North America. As a major player in the Food Service Industry, Allegro continues to expand and explore new concepts and technologies while maintaining the highest quality standards. Allegro has earned a reputation as a Smart Solutions Provider and High Quality Equipment Manufacturer.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Labs:


Aliya's Food Limited 6364 Roper Road NW Edmonton AB T6B 3P9 Canada CEO: Noorudin Jiwani Ops: Anis Jiwani Est:


Alte-Rego Corporation

Rev: $ M

Tel: 780-467-4600 866-467-4600 Fax: 780-466-0006 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Ethnic-Indian • Ethnic Foods • Frozen Foods • Manufacturer

36 Tidemore Ave. Toronto ON M9W 5H4 Canada Mgmt: Devin Sidhu Mfg: Est: 1988 - Private • Bags • Packaging • Equip-Packaging • Modified Atmos. Pkg

Tel: 416-740-3397 Fax: 416-741-9991 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 100–500

• Garbage Bags • Packaging-Materials • Printed Packag Mat'l • Plastic Film • Vacuum Packaging • Plastics • Packaging-Consulting

Aliya's Foods Ltd. operates a state-of-the-art, federally inspected (CFIA/USDA), HACCP approved food manufacturing facility. Since 2000 it has sold over 250 million Samosas , making it the largest manufacturer of ready to eat Samosas. As Aliya's continues to grow, it has established channels of distribution for leading mainstream supermarkets and grocery retailers and food service providers.

Choose from the widest selection available from our off-the-shelf industrial products to our custom manufactured high performance specialty film and bag products. Offering: MAP Packaging, Liners, Wicketted bags, Printed Bags, Bread Bags, Fresh Produce and vegetable Packaging, Zip Closure bags, and PTO Liners for Poultry & Meats. ISO-22000: HACCP certified; PacSecure Certified

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

All-Can Pro Logistics, INC. 5-57 Cannifton Road Belleville ON K8N 4V1 Canada Pres: Mr. Richard Belanger Mfg: Est: • Logistics • Warehouse • Inventory • Refrigeration

Rev: $ M

Amerlux Tel: 613-966-0796 866-670-7039 Fax: 613-967-8948 Sales: Peter Hill Admin: Staff:

• Transportation

178 Bauer Drive Tel: 973-882-5010 Oakland NJ 07436 USA Fax: 973-882-8970 Pres: Chuck Campagna, Pres. Mktg: Bill Plageman Mfg: Don Knickerbocker Admin: Bill Plageman Est: 1984 Rev: $100+ M Staff: 100–500 • Lighting

All-Can Pro Logistics Inc has been providing complete Third Party Logistics (3PL) and fulfillment services to an array of clients for over 30 years. From multi-national corporations to smaller homebased businesses, All-Can is capable of providing successful, personalized solutions for businesses of any size. All-Can is BRC (British Retail Consortium) Certified for Storage and Distribution.

Amerlux® is a global leader in lighting, product innovation, manufacturing, and creative solutions. No one understands supermarket lighting like Amerlux® does. Since we opened our doors in 1984, we've known that produce, floral, meats and bakery are high profit areas that require the finest, most strategic lighting solutions. We know how critical the right light, color and temperature are to help position not only these "power alleys" but your dry goods, cash wrap and cooler aisles as well.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Ampac - A division of ProAmpac

Arbutus Ridge Farms Ltd.

1041 boul. des Entreprises Ouest Tel: 450-628-4288 Terrebonne QC J6Y 1V2 Canada Fax: 450-628-8842 Mgmt: Guy Lanoue Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: Private Rev: $ M Staff: 500+ • Packaging • Manufacturer

Arbutus Farms Fresh Deli Foods Tel: 250-715-1388 #301 - 5301 Chaster Rd. Duncan BC V9L 0G4 Canada Fax: 250-715-1822 Mgmt: Don McMurray Mktg: Debra McMurray Mfg: Kirk Brown Admin: Est: 1997 - Private Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50 • Deli Salads • Deli/Meats • Spreads • Dips

• Manufacturer • Food Processing • Meal Replacement

Flexible packaging for food, petcare, lawn and garden and parapharmaceutical industries in a peanut free facility. Instead of painting ourselves green, ProAmpac prefers to develop intelligent and innovative flexible packaging to enhance the way we live. Things like constant research and development to improve our products and refine our processes through responsible flexible packaging.

Manufacturer of fresh deli salads and dips as well as hot case deli foods. No added preservatives. Servicing Western Canada

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Apple Valley Foods Inc 14 Calkin Drive PO Box 516 Kentville NS B4N 3X3 Canada Pres: Jeff Sarsfield Mfg: Est: Rev: $ M

Arctic Chiller Ltd. Tel: 902-679-4701 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Pie Crusts • Pie Filling • Baked Goods

2100 Steeles Ave. East Brampton ON L6T 1A7 Canada Pres: Angelo Troiano Ops: Murray Weightman Est:

Tel: 905-789-9988 800-339-8982 Fax: 905-789-9989 Mktg: Mark Rogan Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Water-Bottled • Branding

Apple Valley Foods Inc. is one of the largest pie producers in Canada. Nothing can beat the flavor of our homemade-like pies and we are proud to share that passion with customers across North America. Within Canada, we distribute from coast to coast. In the USA, products are distributed through our parent company, Harlan Bakeries Inc. of Indiana. Our top selling pies contain apples that are sourced predominately from Annapolis Valley and also from Ontario. Our apples are never frozen.

Wouldn't you rather promote your company instead of someone else's? At Arctic Chiller, we fully believe in maximizing your company's marketing potential. Enhance your brand and wow your customers with Custom Label Bottled Water. Being a healthy alternative to sugary juices and carbonated beverages, bottled water is the perfect option when showing your customers you value their health and well being.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Aptus Systems Inc. 101 - 8680 Cambie Rd. Richmond BC V6X 4K1 Canada Mgmt: Mimi Yee Mfg: Mimi Yee Est: 1995 - Private • Cash Registers • Checkouts • Computer Systems • Consulting

Arctica Showcase Inc.

Rev: $0–1 M

• Inventory • Labels/Labeling • Logistics • Ordering Systems

Tel: 604-273-8989 877-273-8878 Fax: 604-273-8181 Mktg: Mimi Yee Admin: Staff: 1–10 • Scales • Software • Barcode Systems

88 Talbot St. E. Tel: 905-772-5214 PO Box 129 800-839-5536 Cayuga ON N0A 1E0 Canada Fax: 905-772-7280 Mgmt: Mr. Kirk Bessey Sales: Mr. Chris Schotsman Mfg: Mr. Kirk Bessey Admin: Jennifer Zuidema Est: 1985 - Private Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50 • Refrig'd Cases • Store Fixtures • Equip-Food Serv. • Product Display

• Cabinets • Refrig'd Food

Aptus Systems Inc. is a POS/ERP solutions provider to SMB . Winpos-3000 is a fully integrated sales, purchasing, inventory management and accounting functions for multiple users and environments. Mobile PC cloud solution is a perfect match to SMB as an affortable SAAS option. Aptus offers pre and post sales service support servicing customers in N. America and Asia Pacific.

The designers and engineers at ARCTICA SHOWCASE INC. have pushed their creative limits to manufacture the best possible cases to display and preserve perishable foods. They aimed for elegance, but practicality; efficiency, without compromising quality; durability, without huge expense; ease of maintenance and high standards for cleanliness.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Arranti Inc.

ASIAN FAMILY Specialty Foods

44 Crawford Crescent Tel: 905-854-7421x225 Campbellville ON L0P 1B0 888-980-8422 Canada Fax: 905-854-7422 Mgmt: Jeffrey Herrington Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: Private Rev: $5–10 M Staff: 10–50 • Brand Management • Labels/Labeling • Sports Nutrition • Film


• Design • Printed Packag Mat'l • Packaging-Blistering • Branding • Packaging-Consulting • Packaging • Pkg-Pouch Filling

div of Le Kiu Importing/Asian Foods Tel: 604-681-6111 550 Malkin Avenue, PO Box 4129 888-833-8111 Vancouver BC V6A 3X6 Canada Fax: 604-681-4356 CEO: Mr. Calvin V LOUIE Sales: Mr. Ray Kawazoe Mfg: Admin: Mr. Jerry Chang Est: 1946 - Private Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 10–50 • Ethnic Foods • Beverages • Sauces • Condiments

• Noodles • Snack Food • Asian Food • Branding

• Business Development • Canned Food/Meat • Gluten Free • Natural Health Prod.

ARRANTI is an innovative Total Packaging Solutions company of talented experts with over 30 years industry experience. We offer unique and advanced packaging techniques primarily for the Sports and Fitness Nutrition trade. From Holographic Shrinks and Digital Labels with the latest finishes, to Bar-Wrap film and Stand-up Pouches of all styles...we produce leading-edge looks for lasting impact. If you are seeking a trusted source who delivers packaging that outperforms, get in touch today and let's explore possibilities.

Asian Family Foods - a division of Le Kiu Importing ,- specializes in Asian product lines.. Since the arrival of our great grand father in 1897 to Canada, the traditional family recipes are the foundation for each product creations that has been passed down to the succeeding generations. , entering its fifth generation., find your favorite Asian specialty foods from countries throughout the Asia Pacific.Using the finest ingredients under the strictest global standards .Products are in the top 10 of AC Nielsen rankings .

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited 120 South Town Centre Blvd. Markham ON L6G 1C3 Canada Pres: Stephen Bryant Ops: Allison Posen Est: Public Rev: $100+ M • Insurance • Equip-Baking • Containers • Food Service

• Equip-Mixers • Packaging • Baked Goods • Baking Ingredients

AstaReal, Inc. Tel: 905-305-5953 Fax: 905-948-2710

Sales: Allison Posen Admin: Staff: 500+ • Bread • Bread - Organic • Canned Food/Meat • Business Service

3 Terri Lane, Unit 12 Burlington NJ 08016 USA Mgmt: Arun Nair Mfg: Est: 2004 - Private • Antioxidants • Nutraceuticals • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Greens & Maca Foods

Tel: 609-386-3030 877-227-8287 Fax: 609-386-3033 Mktg: Yasuko Kuroda Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: • Kosher/Parve • Organic Products • Anti-inflammatory • Sports Nutrition

Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited is a full service insurance brokerage with a full range of insurance products. Allison Posen specializes in providing commercial insurance for the food industry. (Vendor of Record with DCI)

Fuji Chemical Industries USA, Inc. and AstaReal, Inc. are wholly owned subsidiaries of Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd., Japan. Our ingredients include AstaReal® Natural Astaxanthin and TocoTrol™ Tocotrienols. Fuji’s unique spray dried excipients include FMELT®, for creating fast melting tablets, and Fujicalin®, proprietary DCPA for creating prebiotic/probiotic tablets with extended shelf life and compressible pharmaceutical grade tablets.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N

Arvo Group Inc. Official Partner of HappyOrNot Tel: 905-464-3734 360 Bay St. Toronto ON M5H 2V6 Canada Fax: Partner: Vic Rempel Sales: Vic Rempel Mfg: Admin: Est: 2009 - Private Rev: $ M Staff: • Data Collection

Asti Holdings Ltd. (Golden Bonbon) 2 - 3-320 Stewardson Way Tel: 604-523-6866 New Westminster BC V3M 6C3 Canada Fax: 604-523-6880 Mgmt: Marco Mazzucco Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50 • Nougat • Manufacturer • Confectionary • Ethnic Foods

• Chocolate • Gluten Free • Kosher/Parve • Internet

• PrivateLabelContract

HappyOrNot® is the global leader in instant customer & employee satisfaction reporting. Our innovative feedback & intelligent data analytics reporting service helps our clients to improve their customer experience, relationships & employee engagement. HappyOrNot is used extensively in many industries and sectors around the world. You can currently find the service in over 2000 clients and 100 countries and we have collected and reported on over a quarter billion feedbacks.

Golden Bonbon Almond Nougat is Canada's best-selling nougat brand. An all-natural product: no artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives are used. Our nougat is cholesterol-free and made fresh to order. It is kosher and halal certified.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Astro Marketing 1641 Langstaff, Unit # 5 Concord ON L4K 5X8 Canada Pres: Reeven Garber Mfg: Est:

Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd. Tel: 416-665-7580 800-665-2266 Fax: 905-760-7576 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Promotion • Brand Management • Importer

111 Progress Ave. Scarborough ON M1P 2Y9 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Bill Cooper Mfg: Est: 1945 • Packaging • Containerboard • Printed Packag Mat'l • Manufact'gSupplies

Rev: $ M

Tel: 416-298-8101 800-268-5620 Fax: 416-297-2218 Mktg: Mr. Luis Prior Admin: Staff:

• Packaging-Materials • Food Service • Paper Products

ASTRO MARKETING is an innovative promotional products distributor with a personal approach and a commitment to accountability. We will help you create strong bonds with your employees, prospects and clients utilizing promotional products. The right product choice has the power to engage all senses as well as begin and strengthen relationships. The products we recommend are useful, create recall of your message and have staying power unlike any other advertising medium.

At Atlantic Packaging, we're focused on providing customers with a total package solution through our innovative products and services and unrivaled customer service. For over 65 years, we've been delivering the sustainable products our customers rely on including 100% FSC certified paper. From containerboard and corrugated manufacturing, to supply and inventory management, to decorative packaging products, our expertise is seeing beyond the box.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Atesco Industrial Hygiene Ltd 10529 Glenwood Cres., East Surrey BC V4N 1V9 Canada Mgmt: Peter Adamski Mfg: Est: Rev: $ M

Aurora Importing & Distributing Tel: 604-496-2004 Fax: 604-496-2004 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Cleaning Products • Distributor • Sanitation

815 Gana Court Mississauga ON L5S 1P2 Canada Mgmt: Anthony Morello Mfg: Anthony Morello Est: • Importer • Chocolate • Oils - Various • Vinegars

Tel: 905-670-1855 Fax: 905-670-0236 Mktg: Mr. Tony Angelucci Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Pasta-Various • Ethnic Foods • Condiments • Gluten Free

• Beverages • Dried Food

Atesco Industrial Hygiene Ltd. is a supplier of Hygiene, Sanitation and Safety Equipment (brushes, brooms, squeegees, etc.), Metal Detectable and X-Ray visible products (bandages, pens & markers, mixing and handling equipment, safety knives), Stainless Steel mixing & handling tools, Foot Mats (disinfection, anti-fatigue, magnetic), Shoe Cover Dispensers, and PPE for the whole Food Industry.

Aurora, with warehouses located in Montreal and Toronto, imports and sells approximately 4,000 food and houseware items to buyers in Canada, the United States and other countries.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Atlantic Grocery Distributors Ltd. 1 Hope Avenue PO Box 807 Bay Roberts NL A0A 1G0 Canada Mgmt: David J. Powell Mfg: David J. Powell Est: Rev: $ M

Automation Associates, Inc. Tel: 709-786-9720 800-563-5118 Fax: 877-855-5521 Mktg: Adam Powell Admin: Staff: 100–500

• Distributor • Wholesaler

Creators of RF Pathways Warehouse Mgmt Soln Tel: 905-565-6560 211-6705 Tomken Rd. 866-823-6114 Mississauga ON L5S 1R6 Canada Fax: 905-565-6570 Pres: John Heppler Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: Private Rev: $5–10 M Staff: 10–50 • Software • Scanners • Inventory • Warehouse

• Cold Storage • Logistics • Supply Chain Solut'n • Traceability

• Pick/Pack Serv • Barcode Systems

Newfoundland and Labrador owned and operated, Atlantic Grocery Distributors Ltd. and Fowlows Atlantic Wholesale Ltd. have been growing to serve our community better. We know what is required to be successful in Newfoundland and Labrador and invite you to join our team. We provide the best in foodservice and retail distribution.

Designs and creates the Warehouse Management Software and Supply Chain Mobility solution RF Pathways. We are dedicated to a wide variety of vertical markets, including Distribution, Manufacturing, Food Processing and Third Party Logistics. RF Pathways integrates Wireless, Bar Code and RFID technologies capturing Inventory transactions in real time. RF Pathways can provide date and lot code traceability and more. Lower costs and improve your warehouse efficiency with RF Pathways.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Barco Materials Handling 24 Kerr Crescent Puslinch ON N0B 2J0 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Bob Baranski Mfg: Est: Private


Barr Plastics Inc. Tel: 519-763-1037

Fax: 519-763-7353 Sales: Mr. Philip Baranski Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Pallets • Boxes

31192 South Fraser Way, Unit A Abbotsford BC V2T 6L5 Canada Mgmt: Lane Barrett Mfg: Est: 1968 Rev: $ M • Tanks • Pumps • Fittings • Distributor

• Containers • Plastics • Storage Systems • Waste Mgmt

Tel: 604-852-8522 800-665-4499 Fax: 604-852-8022 Mktg: Ethan Sztuhar Admin: Staff: 10–50 • Manufacturer • Material Handling

Family-owned manufacturer of crates, shipping pallets and skids specializes in supplying high-quality food-grade wooden packaging - backed up by a rigorous multi-step quality assurance program and an inspection station to ensure complete customer satisfaction with every single pallet and skid produced at the Barco factory.

BARR Plastics Inc. serves as a prime solution for all your materials and liquid handling needs in the food industry. Top brands of foodgrade bins, containers, totes and a wide range of plastic tanks are just some examples of the products BARR provides, customizable with all the necessary pumps and accessories to suit your quality process. Make it. Store it. Profit. With BARR. Call us today!

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Barilo's Fine Sausages

Bee Maid Honey

1265 Maple Hill Court Tel: 905-953-9914 Newmarket ON L3Y 9E8 Canada Fax: 905-953-9949 Mgmt: Alex Barilo Mktg: Mfg: Edward Barilo Admin: Est: 2005 Rev: $10–50 M Staff: • Sausages • Meat-Pork • Meat-Poultry • Meat-Products

• Direct Sales • Deli/Meats • Distributor • Manufacturer

• Food Quality Testing • Food Safety • Traceability • Vacuum Packaging

625 Roseberry Street Winnipeg MB R3H 0T4 Canada CEO: Guy Chartier Mfg: Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 204-786-8977 866-788-8030 Fax: 204-783-8468 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Honey • Spreads • Dips

Barilio's Fine Sausages provides a full range of Premium Deli Meats to support the growing HMR (Home Meal Replacement) marketdemand. We manufacture and distribute throughout Canada and the USA. We have grown from a family run business which started 45 years ago in Eastern Europe to presently operating an aided technology facility located in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. We are Federally inspected with a HACCP system in place recognized by CFIA.

You may think all honey is the same, and to a certain extent you are absolutely right. But the colour, flavour and texture of honey vary naturally depending on the floral source of the pollen. These natural variances create the unique products found in the Bee Maid Honey line up, which will always have one thing in common—they’re 100% pure, natural Canadian Honey. Classed as Canada No. 1 White Honey, Bee Maid Honey products are in demand around the world.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Barlean's 101-19130 24 Ave Surrey BC V3R 2S8 Canada Mgmt: Lisa Nielsen Mfg: Patty Rolls Est: 1989 - Private • Anti-inflammatory • Coconut Products • Flax/Products • Natural Health Prod.

Bel Par Industries Ltd. Tel: 800-445-3529 Fax: 800-551-9879 Mktg: Karyn Shaffer Admin: Rev: $50–100 M Staff: 100–500 • Fish Oil Supp • Greens & Maca Foods • Oils - Various

12160-103A Ave. Surrey BC V3V 3G8 Canada Pres: Bill Tymkiw Mfg: Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 604-581-5291 888-423-5727 Fax: 604-581-3112 Mktg: Nick Ryley Admin: Staff:

• Store Fixtures • Product Display • Checkouts

Family owned and operated since 1989, Barlean's is recognized internationally for the freshest and highest quality organic Flaxseed Oils, Fish Oils, Green Superfoods and other premium supplements in both liquid, powders and softgels. First Non-GMO Project Verified Flax Oil! Barlean's is committed to providing a range of dietary supplements that meet or exceed our customer's expectations and we have a history of building long-term partners. (CHFA Mbr)

Dedicated to producing quality store fixtures for over 60 years, BELPAR has earned the reputation of an uncompromising commitment to quality and value. Our store fixtures, checkouts, and displays have been used for every grocery and retail application imaginable throughout Canada and the World. If you have gone shopping - most likely you have utilized a BELPAR product!

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Beneco Packaging 2280 Drew Rd. Mississauga ON L5S 1B8 Canada Pres: Carol Jiang Mfg: Est: 2004 • Packaging • Design • Boxes • Packaging-Carton

Best Cooking Pulses Inc. Tel: 905-677-2888 Fax: 905-677-8858 Sales: Richard Martin Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Printed Packag Mat'l

110 - 10th Street NE Tel: 204-857-4451 Portage la Prairie MB R1N 1B5 Canada Fax: 204-239-6885 Mgmt: Margaret Hughes Mktg: Margaret Hughes Mfg: Admin: Est: 1936 - Private Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50 • Fibre • Pulses • Legumes • Organic Products

• Gluten Free • Peanut Free • Vegetarian • Baking Ingredients

Beneco packaging, where innovation, speed, quality and service give you the custom printed box packaging solutions you require – delivered on time and on budget. Beneco designs and manufacturers superior quality wholesale box packaging solutions for corporations working across a wide range of industries such as: Food and confectionary box packaging supplies; Cosmetic and personal care box packaging; Pharmaceutical box packaging.

Best Cooking Pulses, Inc. (BCP) is a Canadian, family-owned agrifoods business that has been active in the international pulse trade since 1936. ‘Best’ products include naturally polished green and yellow split peas, whole peas, chickpeas, lentils, pulse flours (pea, chickpea, lentils and beans), pea fiber, pea bran meal, and roasted split peas. 'Best' pulse products are gluten-free, kosher, halal, vegan/vegetarian and available natural (conventional) or certified organic (Can, EU, US).

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Labs:

Berg Chilling Systems 51 Nantucket Boulevard Toronto ON M1P 2N5 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1972

Best Gourmet Coffee Wholesalers Ltd. Tel: 416-755-2221 Fax: 416-755-3874 Sales: Peeter Nielander Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Chillers • Equip-Refridge • Freezers

20091 - 113B Ave. Maple Ridge BC V2X 0Z2 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Mike Li Mfg: Seth Lang Est: 1989 - Private

Rev: $ M

Tel: 604-465-5112 800-792-2322 Fax: 604-465-5227 Mktg: Seth Lang Admin: Sanni Sang Staff:

• Coffee • Beverages • Organic Products • Distributor

Berg has provided process chilling and freezing solutions to the food industry. Berg will supply equipment for chilled water supply, propylene glycol supply, sterilizers, cold room chillers, brine cooling, blast freezer refrigeration,wort cooling, fermentation temperature control, tank jacket cooling, juice cooling, carcass chilling, ingredient temperature control, dough & batter temperature control, spiral freezer cooling. Berg also has a line of industrial ice machines that can provide 5-50 tons of ice per day.

Best Gourmet Coffee is and has always been both family owned and operated, manufacturing coffee in B.C. for over 20 years. Our business is built on the sound principles of family, hard work and accountability. Over the years our business has grown, but one thing remains the same, our coffee is still the best coffee in town. At Best Gourmet Coffee, we use only the finest 18 screen 100% Arabica and Certified Organic green coffee beans, grown within 10 degrees of the equator.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Bernardin Ltd. 845 Intermodal Dr., Unit 1 Brampton ON L6T 0C6 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est:

Big Chief Meat Snacks Inc. Tel: 888-430-4231 Fax: 905-793-9798 Mktg: Catherine Shaw Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Canned Food/Meat

3900 - 52 Avenue NE Calgary AB T3J 3X4 Canada Mgmt: Mary Bendzik Mfg: Est: 1971

Tel: 403-264-2641 Fax: 403-262-9053 Mktg: Mr. Paul Bendzik Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Meat-Products • Jerky

For over 100 years, home canning has been an exclusive focus for Bernardin Ltd. it's no wonder Bernardin continues to be Canada's trusted leader in home canning products. We understand that home canning is no longer a survival necessity, but a way of showing individual flare and creativity.

Big Chief Meat Snacks was founded by William Klein in 1971. A master butcher, William Klein brought old world skills honed in Germany to craft a new world taste sensation. Big Chief tantalizing meat snacks are made by Big Chief Meat Snacks Inc., an Alberta based company headquartered in Calgary.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Bill Beauty & Health Products Ltd. 120 Silver Star Blvd. Toronto ON M1V 4V8 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 2005 - Private • Supplements • Bee Products • Fish Oil Supp • Antioxidants

Bizerba Canada Inc. Tel: 416-298-1228 866-857-1228 Fax: 416-298-1230 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

Rev: $ M • Soy Products • Vitamins • PrivateLabelContract • Anti-inflammatory


• Manufacturer • Omega-3 Products

6411 Edwards Blvd Mississauga ON L5T 2P7 Canada Mgmt: Ian Longley Mfg: Est: 1866 - Private • Slicers • Vacuum Packaging • Equip-Baking • Equip-Deli

Tel: 905-816-0498 888-747-3577 Fax: 905-816-0497 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 50–100

Rev: $ M

• Equip-MeatRoom • Labels/Labeling • Metal Detection • Ovens

• Rotisseries • Tenderizers • Weighing Systems

Bill Beauty & Health Products Ltd. is a Toronto-based nutraceutical and natural skin care products manufacturer. Taking nature’s best resources, Bill Beauty focuses on integrating health and beauty in all of their specialty products. Our products are manufactured in an 85,000+ SF state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, with complete inhouse laboratories and equipment. Manufactured dosage forms include tablet, coating, capsules, softgels, and gummies. We have multiple softgel lines to service any private label requests.

Bizerba is a worldwide operating technology company having a leading market position in professional system solutions in the field of weighing, information, communication and foodservice technology. Bizerba is 'No. 1' in customer service and innovation, and is a global leader of high-tech software.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: N Labs:

Bioenterprise Corporation 120 Research Lane, Suite 200 Guelph ON N1G 0B4 Canada Mgmt: Dave Smardon Mfg: Doug Knox Est: 2003 - Non-Profit • Commercialization • Agriculture • Support Services • Consulting

Rev: $ M

Blue Giant Equipment Corporation Tel: 519-821-2960 866-464-4524 Fax: 519-821-7361 Mktg: Jennifer Kalanda Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Due Diligence • Technology

• Pallet Trucks • Equip-LoadDock • Equip-MatrlHdlg • Vehicle Restraints

Bioenterprise Corporation is a national, non-profit business accelerator offering commercialization services to support the creation, growth, and expansion of agri-businesses. Since 2003, Bioenterprise has focused exclusively on agri-tech, providing companies with scientific and technical expertise, industry knowledge, business services and global connections. Mfg: N Labs: N

Tel: 905-457-3900 800-872-2583 Fax: 905-457-2313 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Lifting Devices

Blue Giant is a global leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of loading dock systems and material handling equipment, including dock levelers, ground-level lifts, vehicle restraints, touch controls, dock and door guards, door seals and shelters, and HVLS fans. By effectively identifying market trends and recognizing product development opportunities, Blue Giant has made strategic decisions that keep the company at the forefront of innovation. Mfg: Y Labs:

BioFen by Hair Grow Technology 1510 Sutherland Dr. Brooks AB T1R 1C2 Canada Pres: Mr. Gerry Freundl Mfg: Est: 2001 - Private Rev: $0–1 M • Hair Care • Distributor • Wholesaler • Manufacturer

85 Heart Lake Road South Brampton ON L6W 3K2 Canada Mgmt: Jeff Miller Mfg: Est: 1963

BNE Contractors Inc. Tel: 403-363-0003 866-424-7745 Fax: 403-363-0005 Mktg: Joshua Freundl Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Marketing Services

440 Sheldon Dr Cambridge ON N1T 2C1 Canada Mgmt: Chris Henderson Mfg: Paul Giangualano Est: 1992 - Private

Tel: 519-743-7324 888-738-6606 Fax: 519-743-6850 Sales: Craig Corner Admin: Mrs. Deborah Peacock Rev: $5–10 M Staff: 10–50

• Construction • Maintenance • Warehouse • Food Safety

Bio-Fen Plus™ is a natural health product used in the treatment of hereditary androgenic alopecia (AGA) in adults (male and female pattern baldness.) It contains scientifically calculated proportions of extracts known to inhibit the enzyme responsible for causing baldness. Additional Health Claims issued by the NNHPD of Health Canada for Prostate & Cholesterol Health.

BNE Contractors Inc. is an industry leader in providing high performance floor solutions for concrete floors in food production facilities, commercial, retail, industrial and institutional environments. Celebrating over 20 years of successful installations, BNE continues to be a leader in high-performance coatings (including CFIA and VOC compliant systems), polished concrete, epoxy and sealers, concrete floor repair and restoration services.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Y Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

BNX Shipping Toronto Inc.

Brass Monkey Installations

3-4-6255 Cantay Rd., Unit #4 Tel: 905-676-0909 Mississauga ON L5R 3Z4 Canada Fax: 905-612-0388 Mgmt: Jimmy Lee Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: 2002 Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50 • Distributor • Logistics • Warehouse

112 Saunders Rd., Unit 6 Barrie ON L4N 9A8 Canada Mgmt: Brian Palmer Mfg: Est: 2002 - Private • Construction • Distributor • Equip-MeatRoom • Equip-Refridge

Tel: 705-722-5967 Fax: 705-726-5191 Sales: Carlos Marques Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Freezers - Walk in • Coolers - Walk in • Display Cases

Storage & Warehousing. Dry food storage specialize; Easy access: HWY 10 & 401; Reasonable price with best service; 5 loading docks & 1 drive in door; Long or short term available; Storage, Distributing, Pick & Pack, Container devanning; Service in multilanguage.

For over a decade Brass Monkey Installations has been offering unsurpassed workmanship, high quality products and an unwavering commitment to customer service, Brass Monkey Installations Ltd. has grown to be recognized as leaders and the experts in the sales, service and installation of cold storage systems. Brass Monkey Installations Ltd has the in-house resources to resolve the most complex of issues to perfecting the smallest of details.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Y Labs:


Bremner Foods Ltd.

100-880 Belgrave Way Delta BC V3M 5Y8 Canada Mgmt: Greg Reid Ops: Chris Hanna Est: 1981 - Private • Food Safety • Packaging-Carton • Manufacturer • Cartons-Folding

Tel: 604-521-4715 888-267-7754 Fax: 604-527-8514 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 50–100 • Packaging • Boxes

4626 88th St Delta BC V4K 3N3 Canada Mgmt: Terry Bremner Mfg: Est: 2001 - Private • Fruit • Food&Beverage • Fruit Juice • Frozen Food-Fruit

Tel: 604-940-1375 Fax: 604-940-1385 Mktg: Chandra Burr Sales: Chandra Burr Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Natural Health Prod. • Organic Products • Producer • Functional Foods

• Antioxidants

Boxmaster is one of the longest established box manufacturers in B.C. We recently re-located to a new facility in Delta, B.C. We have been successfully supplying corrugated packaging for many industries for over 30 years, with products ranging from simple RSCs to custom made die-cut boxes and displays. We have recently progressed to having a completed food safe manufacturing process. Boxmaster is now the first (IFS) PAC secure certified box manufacturer in B.C.

Bremner's is your local farmer and producer of premium fruit products. Bremner’s, a Family Tradition Since 1979. The Bremner family prides itself on producing the highest quality farm produce and premium quality products and is committed to using only the finest ingredients. The Bremner name is your guarantee of quality and freshness. (CHFA Mbr)

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Brascon Stainless Steel Fabricators Inc. 5670 Timberlea Blvd. Mississauga ON L4W 4M6 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: Private • Security • Shopfitting • Loss Prevention • Case Protectors

Tel: 416-575-6053 877-427-2726 Fax: 866-792-2724 Bus Dev: Mr. Frank Kontgen Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50

• Turnstiles • Checkouts • Racks/Rails • Cart Control

• Design • Fabrication • Manufacturer • Equip-Stainless

Brencar 207-15272 Croydon Drive South Surrey BC V3Z 0Z5 Canada Mgmt: Stu Spear Mfg: Est: 1999 - Private

Tel: 604-531-5122 855-531-5122 Fax: 604-531-5106 Mktg: Dwight Murton Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 1–10

• Bulk Food Bins/Items • Store Fixtures • Cabinets • Custom Products

Brascon is the designer and manufacturer of The Entech, Canada's most reliable anti-theft entrance gate. The Entech allows customers to freely enter a store but prevents thieves from exiting with merchandise. The gate has proven results with over 20 years on the market and thousands of units installed across Canada and the USA. Retailers experience immediate results with a decrease in theft and quickly recoup their initial investment. We also manufacture access gates, cart corrals, turnstiles, railings and portable posts.

Since 1999 Brencar is Canada's primary source for bulk food bins and bulk food merchandising systems. Our experience, creativity, design and implementation of over 4000 installations across Canada is a direct result of our commitment to providing the best service and products available to the retailer. We offer proven solutions at affordable prices so that our clients receive a system with long term profitability. (CHFA Mbr)

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Brian Quinn's Meats RR #2, 3998 Country Rd. #1 Yarker ON K0K 3N0 Canada Mgmt: Brian Quinn Mfg: Est: 1977 - Private • Meat-Products • Meat-Pork • Jerky • Sausages


BroadGrain Tel: 613-377-6430 Fax: 613-377-1520 Mktg: Brian Quinn Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Meat-Poultry

900-18 King St. East Toronto ON M5C 1C4 Canada CEO: Zaid Qadoumi Mfg: Est: • Finance • Consulting • Risk Management • Agri-Food

Tel: 416-504-0070 877-804-0070 Fax: 416-504-0080 Bus Dev: Jason Phillips Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: • Energy Savings

Brian Quinns Meats Ltd. was established in June of 1976. Since then, we have established ourselves as a first class, top quality operation. We are an abattoir / wholesale company owned and operated by Brikan Quinn. All meat processed at Quinn's Meats is done under Ontario government inspection. We buy all of our livestock from local feedlots & farmers.

We are a team of experienced financial professionals with a deep understanding of hedging, operational challenges and the financial markets, with a passion for creating and applying innovative financial tools that are tailored for the specific needs of our clients’ businesses. Our team has combined experience in implementing over $10 billion of financial transactions across diverse industries, with a particular focus on foreign exchange and commodity risk management.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Brite Belt International, LLC PO Box 400 Wall Lake IA 51466 USA Mgmt: John Morrow Mfg: Asa Fisher Est: 1992 - Private

BTS LifeScience Limited Tel: 515-523-5803

Rev: $0–1 M

Fax: 712-664-2717 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

• QA/QC • Sanitation • Equip-Cleaning • Equip-Sanitation

5-950 Finley Ave. Ajax ON L1S 3V2 Canada Owner: Ray Miliauskas Mfg: Est: Private

Tel: 647-894-2872 Fax: 416-900-2871 Mktg: Mrs. Susan Su Admin: Mrs. Susan Su Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Food&Beverage • Stevia/Products • Natural Health Prod.

The patented Brite Belt™ conveyor cleaning and sanitizing system is a product designed to clean, condition and sanitize conveying belt surfaces in order to save time and money, as well as to improve employee safety and swab test results. The Brite Belt™ system has been tested in multiple industries for over two decades and has unique applications in many phases of processing. Brite Belt™ has received excellent market acceptance throughout multiple industries.

Rebaudioside A Stevia products. Most cost effective clean tasting Stevia available. Compliant with Health Canada, FDA and EU guidelines for Food and Beverage. Compliant with Natural Health Product (NHP) guidelines.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

See ad pg. 24

Brittles 'n More & The Fudgery Shoppe 2-180 Frobisher Drive Waterloo ON N2V 2A2 Canada Pres: Michael Mceachern Mfg: Rhys Carter Est: 1992 - Private

Tel: 519-884-3505 Fax: 519-884-9854 Bus Dev: Michael Mceachern Admin: Michael Mceachern Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50

• Confectionary • Chocolate • Maple Products

Buhler Inc. PO Box 9497 Minneapolis MN 55441 USA Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1957 - Private

Tel: 763-847-9900 Fax: 763-840-9911 Mktg: Heather Rossow Admin: Rev: $100+ M Staff: 100–500

• Equipment • Installation • Grain Processing • Grinders

Brittles 'n More is one of Canada's largest manufacturers of fudge and candy products; we sell to wholesale and retail customers anywhere in Canada. To become a retailer of our products please contact us at our head office in Waterloo Ontario.

Bühler is a specialist and technology partner for plant, equipment, and services for processing basic foods and for manufacturing advanced materials. Bühler offers a complete range of equipment for the pelleting of wood and other biomass, from drying through to bagging of the pellets – consulting and engineering included.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Butchers and Packers Supplies 12225 Fort Road Edmonton AB T5B 4H2 Canada Mgmt: Scott Kelly Mfg: Kim Kelly Est: Private • Scales • Aprons • Carts/Baskets • Chillers

Caldic Canada Inc.

Tel: 780-455-4128 800-780-0277 Fax: 780-452-0905 Mktg: Ed Bordador Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Equip-Deli • Equip-Refurbish • Heating Systems • Jerky

• Maintenance • Vacuum Packaging

6980 Creditview Rd. Mississauga ON L5N 8E2 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Judi Hogg Est: 1989 - Private • Antioxidants • Baking Ingredients • Nutraceuticals • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls

Tel: 905-812-7300 800-263-1939 Fax: 905-812-7308 Mktg: Kathleen Koe Admin: Steve Owen Rev: $50–100 M Staff: 100–500

• Vitamins • Grains • Personal Care • PrivateLabelContract

• Pro/Prebiotics • Pet Care/Food • Proteins • Oils - Various

Butchers and packers. Supplier provides products and services for the operation of supermarkets and restaurants.

Caldic is a total ingredient solution provider with leadership in wellness. We are NHP licenced and fully integrated from R&D through liquid and dry blending to custom packaging to meet our customer's specific needs. We provide ingredients for the success of customers in a wide variety of industries including food and beverage, baking, dairy, pharmaceuticals, sports nutrition, personal care, nutraceuticals and pet food.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Butter Buds Food Ingredients 2330 Chicory Rd. Racine WI 53403 USA Mgmt: Mfg: Est: • Ingredients • Butter • Cheese-Various • Dairy Products

Rev: $ M

Calkins & Burke Ltd. Tel: 262-598-9900 800-426-1119 Fax: 262-598-9999 Mktg: Stephen Berman Admin: Staff:

• Flavours • Food Ingredients

800 - 1500 West Georgia St Vancouver BC V6G 2Z6 Canada Mgmt: Charna Jones Mfg: Est: • Seafood-Products • Fruit • Produce/Fruit&Veg • Honey

Rev: $ M

Tel: 604-669-3741 800-669-7992 Fax: 604-669-9732 Mktg: Peter Wei Admin: Staff: 50–100

• Mushrooms • Manufacturer

Butter Buds Food Ingredients uses proprietary enzyme modification technology to "unlock" the hidden, potent flavor in butter, cream, cheese and other flavorful fats, delivering highly concentrated flavor in convenient powdered form.

A leader in providing food products to major retail, food distributors manufacturers throughout the world. In 1914 C.A. Calkins saw the potential in pioneering Pacific Rim trade and founded the company to achieve this. Over 100 years of supplying North America and international markets with seafood has created new opportunities in a rich variety of other food products. A well established team travels the globe, developing unique products and packaging concepts with supply partners and government authorities.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

C.W. Shasky & Associates Ltd. 2880 Portland Dr. Oakville ON L6H 5W8 Canada Pres: Mike Shasky Mfg: Est: 1984

Cambrian Solutions Inc. Tel: 905-829-9414

Fax: 905-829-2890 Bus Dev: Daryl Lunney Sales: Jim Shasky Rev: $ M Staff:

• Broker • Importer • Food Service

300-627 Lyons Lane Oakville ON L6J 5Z7 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Peter Jobling Ops: Ms. Catherine Graham Est: 1995 - Private • Flavours • Sweeteners • Phosphates • Organic Products

Tel: 905-338-3172 Fax: 905-338-0648 Mktg: Miss Sarah Burgess Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Pectin • Oils - Various • Proteins • Preservatives

• Freeze Dried • Purees • Fibre • Gluten Free

C.W. Shasky & Associates Ltd. is an Award-Winning Foodservice Sales & Marketing Company. One of Canada’s most influential & privately owned/operated Foodservice partners. We offer solution selling as a national agent, a traditional broker, or a broker with an add-in supply solution for the distributor community. Our philosophy has earned us a reputation for results at both the operator and distributor level.

Cambrian Solutions offers an ingredient portfolio that caters industry wide; meat, bakery, confectionery, dairy, spice house, blenders, dessert, gluten-free, and beverage manufacturers. We have a full line of functional, certified organic, and Non-GMO ingredients from world class processors and manufacturers. Non-GMO, clean label, natural preservatives, certified organic, gluten-free, vegetable proteins; we are at the forefront of food trends!

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: Y

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Can-Clean Pressure Washers Ltd.

Canada Cartage

Division of Roy Turk Industrial Sales Ltd. Tel: 416-742-2777 106 Vulcan Street 877-999-8875 Toronto ON M9W 1L2 Canada Fax: 416-742-1322 Pres: Mr. Andrew Turk Mktg: Ms. Regielyn Visto Ops: Mr. Dave McFarlane Admin: Est: 1968 Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100 • Equip-Cleaning • Equip-Sanitation • Equip-Washing • Maintenance


• Equip-Food Serv. • Pumps • Chemicals • Accessories • Vacuum Machines • Cleaning Products • Equipment-WaterTreat

1115 Cardiff Blvd Missisauga ON L5S 1L8 Canada CEO: Jeff Lindsay Mfg: Est: 1914 • Distributor • Logistics • Supply Chain Solut'n • Transportation

Tel: 905-564-2115 800-268-2228 Fax: 905-795-4253 Mktg: Karen Hazan Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 500+

• Warehouse

Clean Pressure Can-Clean Washers has been selling High Pressure Washers since 1986. Based in Toronto they go that extra mile to ensure you get the highest quality parts and service. Can-Clean also designs and installs custom made high pressure washers, including Natural Gas and All Electric Units for large plants and Food Companies.

Founded in 1914, Canada Cartage is the country's largest provider of outsourced fleet solutions, providing dedicated equipment and drivers to both small and large firms. Canada Cartage also provides a complete range of supply chain, logistics, and home delivery services under its subsidiary companies Direct Distribution Centres and Vanguard Delivers.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: N Labs: N

Canada Beef Inc. 146-6715 8 St NE Calgary AB T2E 7H7 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est:

Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited Tel: 403-275-5890

Rev: $ M

Fax: 403-275-9288 Mktg: Duane Ellard Admin: Staff:

• Consulting • Manufacturer • Meat-Products • Product Demo • Deli/Meats • Process Development

6605 Hurontario St., Ste. 400 Mississauga ON L5T 0A3 Canada CEO: Mr. Dave Emerson Mfg: Est: 1920

Tel: 905-454-6900 Fax: 905-454-6988 Mktg: Mr. Mark Gerard Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Distributor • Ingredients • Fibre • Chemicals

As the organization dedicated to the Canadian beef brand globally Canada Beef works with all aspects of the trade to build understanding around Canadian beef.

One of the largest independent distributors in Canada & the 6th largest distributor in North America. Over 5,000 commodity& specialty products for a wide range of markets. Supplier partners currently include over 30 of the world's largest. CCC's distribution services span Canada from East to West resulting in total lower delivery costs.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:

Canada Bread Company Ltd.

Canadian Analytical Laboratories Inc.

10 Four Seasons Place Tel: 416-622-2040 Etobicoke ON M9B 6H7 888-661-6645 Canada Fax: Mgmt: Mktg: Mfg: Sales: Todd Newstead Est: Rev: $100+ M Staff: 500+ • Baked Goods • Bread • Manufacturer

1060 Tapscott Rd. Toronto ON M1X 1E7 Canada Mgmt: Ashish Brahmbhatt Mfg: Christian Sood Est: 1986 - Private • Analytical Testing • Liquids • Homeopathics • Digestive Aids

Tel: 416-286-3332 Fax: 416-286-3885 Mktg: Christian Sood Sales: Christian Sood Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Tinctures • Amino Acids • Powders • Beverages • Cold & Flu Remedies • Capsules • Fibre

Canada Bread is a leading manufacturer and marketer of valueadded flour based products, including fresh bread, rolls, bagels, frozen partially baked or par-baked breads and bagels. The Company markets products under a number of leading brand names, including Dempster’s®, Olafson’s, POM®, and Ben’s®. Canada Bread employs approximately 6,400 people at its operations in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom and its common shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol CBY.

CAL is a Canadian Contract Analytical Testing facility. Our laboratories have been strategic partners with the most successful Natural Health Product companies for the last 25 years. CAL specialises in the Analytical Chemistry and Microbiology of Natural Health Products. CAL is Health Canada approved, US FDA and Australian TGA registered. CAL maintains a Precursor Class A and Controlled Drug Substance License including approval to conduct cannabis testing. CAL is a trusted name in the industry.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:



Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Canadian Bison Association Suite 200 - 1660 Pasqua St. PO Box 3116 Regina SK S4P 3G7 Canada Mgmt: Terry Kremeniuk Mfg: Est: Non-Profit

Canadian Gold Seafood Company Tel: 306-522-4766

Rev: $ M

Fax: 306-522-4768 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Bison Meat/Prods • Trade Promotion

209 Aerotech Dr. Tel: 902-471-6681 Halifx International Airport Enfield NS B2T 1K3 Canada Fax: 902-873-4535 Pres: Doug McRae Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Brent Davis Est: 1995 Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 10–50 • Seafood-Frozen

Not-for-profit organization representing producers & marketers that are active in producing & marketing bison domestically & internationally. The CBA supports its members by complementing their strategies to grow the industry & increase the profile of bison in the marketplace through promotional strategies including trade show participation, promotional material development & education.

Canadian Gold Seafood Company specializes in the procurement, processing, storage, and distribution of some of Nova Scotia's seafood treasures. Since inception, we have concentrated on the consistent supply of quality seafood to customers around the world.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery Guide 4917 Prospect Avenue Victoria BC V9E 1J5 Canada Mgmt: Dr. Fred Haynes Mfg: Est: 1991 - Private

Tel: 250-708-0427 888-502-6666 Fax: Mktg: Sales: Mr. Brian Kelly Rev: $0–1 M Staff: 1–10

• Publication • Information • Trade Guide

Canadian Organic Spice & Herb Co. Inc. 115 Main ST Watson SK S0K 4V0 Canada Mgmt: Colleen Haussecker Mfg: Est: 2013 - Private • Herbs • Spices • Organic Products • Seasonings

Tel: 306-287-1980 855-700-8219 Fax: 888-700-8219 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

Rev: $ M

• Gluten Free • Health Products • Oatmeal • Specialty Foods

• Vegan

Empower your business by including yourself in Canada's national directory. Benefit from 12 months exposure in 3 formats: on-line database, e-book & print. A favourite resource of retailers and industry across Canada. Distributed at key trade show events. Ebook at: Other titles include: Natural Health Products, Seafood Buyers Guide, Drug Development, Life Sciences & Renewable Energy.

Canadian Organic Spice & Herb Co. Inc. is the manufacturer of the retail brand Splendor Garden and offers bulk organic spices, herbs and seasonings along with Organic , gluten free oats for sale.We are able to offer you a superior product for every step in the supply line—growing to processing is controlled first hand by our supplier to provide you with highest quality products. Our organic growers use only, organic, non-GMO products.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Gold Beverages Canada Hwy 210 Tel: 204-424-5479 PO Box 150 Marchand MB R0A 0Z0 Canada Fax: 204-424-5012 Mgmt: Peter Dejong Mktg: Peter Dejong Mfg: Peter Dejong Admin: Est: 1985 - Private Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 10–50 • Water-Bottled • Water-Mineral • PrivateLabelContract • Exporting

• Kosher/Parve • Beverages

Canadian Prairie Bison 660 Main St. Tel: 306-468-2316 PO Box 74 Canwood SK S0J 0K0 Canada Fax: 306-468-2327 Mgmt: Roger Provencher Mktg: Roger Provencher Mfg: Roger Provencher Admin: Est: 2001 - Private Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 1–10 • Meat-Products • Bison Meat/Prods

Canadian Gold Artesian Water, bottled at source, from an aquifer deep within the pristine, protected Canadian wilderness. Sands/minerals provide a filtration offering an incredible taste. Our water has absolutely no nitrates; is enriched with calcium /magnesium with a zero sodium rating. Our premium water unparalleled in purity, quality and taste. Pic a Pop beverages and Prairie Crystal; Touch natural Sparkling water, 4 x gold Medal Award for best Sparkling the World.

Established in 2001 and has a membership of over 200, spanning from Alberta to Ontario. Our producers raise the healthiest red meat on the market today. Our Bison are completely natural. Canadian Prairie Bison is an assertive force from Western Canada, known for worldwide marketing strategies and innovations for Natural Bison raised by our Western Canadian members.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk Inc. 103, 3402 Highway 12 Lacombe AB T4L 1A7 Canada Mgmt: Steven Lundy Mfg: Est: 1999 - Private

Tel: 403-786-9900 877-844-2231 Fax: 403-786-9909 Mktg: Admin: Ms. Jackie Fisher Rev: $ M Staff:

• Bison Meat/Prods • Meat-Products • Marketing Services • Distributor


Canature Processing Ltd. 5292 272 St. Langley BC V4W 1S3 Canada Pres: Anna Qin Ops: John Milne Est:

Tel: 604-856-3886 Fax: 604-381-0898 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

Rev: $ M

• Pet Care/Food • Freeze Dried

Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk Inc. is a 100% Canadian owned and operated private marketing and distribution company located in West Central Alberta. "The Heart of Canada's Bison Country". We're specialized in marketing premium all natural specialty meat from the Prairies.

Canature Processing Ltd. is a forward thinking company using top quality innovative technology. We utilize state-of-the-art freeze drying techniques to manufacture top quality freeze dried products to serve the pet food market. We offer private label dry pet foods for market sales. We also conduct joint product development to fulfill the diverse requirements from our customers and partners.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Thermos Products Inc. 370 King St., West, Ste. 302 Tel: 416-757-6231 PO Box 11 800-669-7065 Toronto ON M5V 1J9 Canada Fax: 416-757-6230 Mgmt: Mktg: Barbara Bluteau-Zetchus Mfg: Admin: Est: Rev: $ M Staff: • BeverageContainer • Manufacturer

Canda Six Fortune Enterprise Co. Ltd. 8138 North Fraser Way Burnaby BC V5J 0E7 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1985 - Subsidiary • Importer • Distributor • Food Service • Ethnic Foods

Tel: 604-432-9000 Fax: 604-432-6601 Mktg: Ms. Gloria Zhang Admin: Jina Wang Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Asian Food • Rice Products • Food&Beverage • Noodles

• Snack Food • Frozen Foods • Coconut Products • Sauces

Founded in 1904, Thermos L.L.C. is the leading manufacturer worldwide of insulated and beverage containers, children's lunch kits and other innovative consumer products.

Canda Six Fortune is a reliable and dependable supplier of Asian dry grocery, frozen foods and general merchandise. With over 30 years of experience we strive to be the premier ethnic importer in Canada, working directly with Independent Markets, Grocery Chains and Restaurants. Located in Vancouver and Toronto we are eager to establish new opportunities. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! “Recreating the World’s Most Authentic Tastes”

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N

Canadian Trade House 201, 4216 10 St. NE Tel: 403-237-8829 Calgary AB T2E 6K3 800-829-4098 Canada Fax: 403-237-8830 Mgmt: Andrew Darlington Bus Dev: Richard Woods Mfg: Admin: Est: 1995 Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50 • Importer • Distributor • Beverages-Smoothie • Deli Salads

• Frozen Foods • Ethnic-Indian • Pizza • Deli/Meats

CanEngrave Signage and Printing 14914 Kew Dr. Surrey BC V3R 4Y1 Canada Mgmt: Darrell Atkinson Mfg: Katrina Starr Est: • Brand Management • Promotion • Marketing Services • Printing/Printers

Tel: 604-580-2201 Fax: 604-580-2203 Mktg: Admin: Carol Wierzbicki Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• PrivateLabelContract • Signage • Manufacturer • Name Badges

• Bags • Custom Products

The Canadian Trade House Ltd is an importer and nationwide food distributor. Our head office is in Calgary, Alberta. An additional sales team is based in Toronto, Ontario. From these two locations, we service all major retailers, food service operators, hotels and convenience store chains across Canada. We have CFIA approved warehouses in Calgary and Toronto offering truckload to single case distribution nationwide.

From A to Z CanEngrave has you covered for all your corporate branding and recognition needs.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Canterbury Coffee Corporation 1-8080 North Fraser Way Burnaby BC V5J 0E6 Canada Mgmt: Eric Lightheart Mfg: John Gray Est: 1981 - Private • Coffee • PrivateLabelContract • Teas-Various • Equip-Food Serv.

Cardtronics Canada Ltd.

Tel: 604-431-4400 888-273-8684 Fax: 604-456-0602 Bus Dev: Gary Senez CFO: Richard Ostereicher Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Grinders • Beverages • Beverages-Smoothie • Syrup

• Food Service • Organic Products • Fair Trade • Kosher/Parve

B1-2285 St. Laurent Blvd Ottawa ON K1G 4Z5 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est:

Tel: 877-687-6727 Fax: 866-303-6925 Bus Dev: Joseph Arrage Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• ATM Machines

Canterbury Coffee is a leading North American specialty roaster of premium 100% Arabica coffee, with roasting facilities on both sides of the country. We provide our customers, both operators and retailers, with high-quality coffee, associated products and services, in order to deliver the ultimate coffee experience to consumers. Canterbury also produces OneCoffee - a 99% biodegradable, organic & fair trade single-serve coffee - along with private label singleserve coffees.

Cardtronics is the first choice for top brands and large merchants who want to make an impact with their financial kiosk programs. Cardtronics is uniquely suited to maximize the lifetime value of the financial kiosks placed in your locations and increase the foot traffic those kiosks generate. No other company offers the scope of service that we do. Cardtronics offers complete turnkey solutions including monitoring, processing, maintenance, and cash management.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Labs:

Canworld Foods Ltd. 10 Shorncliffe Rd., Unit 2 Toronto ON M9B 3G3 Canada Mgmt: Michael Costa Mfg: Est:

Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison Tel: 416-233-1900

Rev: $ M

Fax: 416-233-1915 Mktg: Michael Costa Admin: Staff:

• Food Service • Meat-Pork

305-295 Midpark Way SE Calgary AB T2X 2A8 Canada Pres: Jonathan Harding Ops: Mr. Chad Bullinger Est: 2002 - Private

Tel: 403-215-2323 Fax: 403-266-3213 Sales: Mr. Kevin Lamar Admin: Roseline Pang Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Bison Meat/Prods • Meat-Products

Founded in 1976 and specializing in the export of Canadian pork products to Asia, Canworld has since grown to supply a wide range of fresh and frozen pork products worldwide.

Premium Gourmet Quality, Federally Inspected, HACCP approved, vegetable fed, additive and preservative free, Carmen Creek bison products offer a safe, flavorful eating experience for health conscious consumers. Carmen Creek bison are raised by Carmen Creek Approved Producers.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Cardinal Meat Specialists Ltd. 155 Hedgedale Rd. Brampton ON L6T 5P3 Canada Mgmt: Brent Cator Mfg: Est:

Cart Connection Canada Inc. Tel: 905-459-4436 800-363-1439 Fax: 905-459-8099

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Meat-Products

200-5925 Airport Rd. Mississauga ON L4V 1E1 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: • Casters • Equipment • Equip-MatrlHdlg • Equip-Refurbish

Tel: 905-533-0750 800-533-0947 Fax: 905-533-0860 Sales: David Freeland Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Equip-Rentals • Loss Prevention • Manufact'gSupplies • Rentals

• Shelving

Cardinal Meat Specialists Ltd. is a Canadian, family owned company operating since 1966. Our business philosophy mirrors that of our family values and we operate within these precious beliefs every day. We market and manufacture the highest quality, portion controlled meat products, specializing in burgers at one facility, and a wide range of innovative and fully cooked meats at another. Both facilities are HACCP recognized, utilizing leading technologies and production methods.

The Cart Connection Canada Inc. specializes in providing shopping carts and related products to retailers across Canada. With an array of product lines including New, EcoGreen and Previously-Owned Shopping Carts – the Cart Connection strives to reduce the total cost of ownership for all retailers. Products and Services Include: Shopping Carts, Hand Baskets, Material Handling Carts, Repair and Maintenance, Part Replacement

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Cascades Tissue Group 404 Marie-Victorin Blvd. Kingsey Falls QC J0A 1B0 Canada Pres: Mr. Jean Jobin Mfg: Est: • Manufacturer • Food Safety • Hygiene • Sanitation

Tel: 819-363-5100 800-567-1022 Fax: 819-363-5155 Mktg: Thierry Trudel Sales: Tanya Campbell Rev: $ M Staff: 500+

• Cleaning Products • Food Service • Paper Products • Tissue Paper Prd


Cayuga Displays Inc. 88 Talbot St. East Tel: 905-772-5214 PO Box 130 Cayuga ON N0A 1E0 Canada Fax: 905-772-3179 Mgmt: Chris Schotsman Mktg: Chris Schotsman Mfg: Admin: Est: 1980 - Private Rev: $ M Staff: • Store Fixtures • Shelving • Racks/Rails • Tables

• Product Display • Refrig'd Cases • Food Bars

Cascades Tissue Group is the 4th largest producer of tissue paper in North America and the 2nd largest in Canada. The group employs approximately 2000 people located in some 17 manufacturing and converting facilities located in Canada and in the United States.

Cayuga designs and manufactures store fixtures and displays including refrigerated cases, hot cases, shelves, racks, tables, dry cases, carts, wagons, accessories and custom millwork. Focus is on fresh departments including bakery, produce, floral, delicatessen, meat, seafood as well as grocery. Our markets include grocery stores, bakeries, delicatessens, food service institutions, and other food related retailers.

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Mfg: Y Labs:

CashTech Currency Products 1040 Cardiff Blvd. Mississauga ON L5S 1P3 Canada Mgmt: Matt Lombardi Mfg: Est:

Tel: 905-696-4831 800-268-5457 Fax: 905-696-0733 Mktg: Ms. Robin Steinberg Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Equipment • Services • Cash Processing • Ops. Mgmt.

CB Powell Limited 2475 Skymark Ave., Unit 1 Mississauga ON L4W 4Y6 Canada Mgmt: Colin Glaysher Mfg: Est: 1945 - Private • Brand Management • Marketing Services • Sales/Services • Logistics

Tel: 905-625-4000 800-769-2750 Fax: 905-625-9413 Mktg: Stan Atkinson Sales: Pam Tetford Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Customs Brokerage

CashTech provides retail cash solutions and precision equipment and services across Canada. Our polymer ready currency counters, coin and cheque processing equipment and supplies are used by retailers Nationwide. Purely agnostic in our solution set, we provide retailers with the cash management solution which provides them with the greatest ROI.

We are a full service,sales and marketing agency covering all classes of trade. Our menu of services includes buy/sell, commission brokerage and logistics. We can customize our services depending on client needs. Our Management Team is made up of talented and experienced professionals who are highly focused on building brands. We have over 70 years of experience and success in the Canadian consumer packaged goods industry.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Caster Town Ltd. 14219 Yellowhead Trail Tel: Also Calgary & Vancouver 844-750-8696 Edmonton AB T5L 3C4 Canada Fax: Mgmt: Mr. Oscar Alvarado Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: 2001 Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50 • Casters • Material Handling • Accessories • Equip-MatrlHdlg

• Shelving • Stock Trucks

CCS Inc. Pharmaceuticals 1060 Tapscott Rd. Toronto ON M1X 1E7 Canada Mgmt: Christian Sood Mfg: Christian Sood Est: 2005 - Private • Food Supplements • Herbal Remedies • Herbs • Homeopathics

Tel: 416-286-9882

Rev: $0–1 M

Fax: 416-286-9894 Mktg: Christian Sood Admin: Staff:

• QA/QC • Regulatory Affairs • Vitamins • Warehouse

From heavy duty industrial, to all sizes of commercial medium and light-duty casters, rigs and wheels, our large in-stock selection will allow us to fit your application. We also stock a full selection of quality material handling products along with Metro brand shelving and systems.

CCS Pharmaceuticals is a contract storage and fulfillment house that provides regulated storage and pick and pack services to the natural health product, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. CCS offers 24-hour security monitored, temperature monitored. GMP compliant warehousing and kit assembly for Canadian and international customers. Site has been EL for OTC re-works, import and distribute and an SL for natural health products. An ideal partner with on-site QC and lab services.

Mfg: Labs: N

Mfg: N Labs: Y


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Cdn. Corrugated & Containerboard Association (CCCA) Tel: 905-458-1247 3 - 1995 Clark Blvd. Brampton ON L6T 4W1 Canada Fax: 905-458-2052 CEO: Mr. Allen Kirkpatrick Mktg: Kate Menard Mfg: Admin: Ms. Catherine Ashworth Est: 2001 - Non-Profit Rev: $0–1 M Staff: 1–10 • Association

Champ's Mushrooms Inc. 3151 260 Street Aldergrove BC V4W 2Z6 Canada Pres: Tony Vuu Ops: Mr. Jas Dhaliwal Est: 1998 - Private

Tel: 604-607-0789 866-242-6771 Fax: 604-607-0787 Sales: Mr. Michael Richmond CFO: Mr. Gerrit van der Horst Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Mushrooms • Transportation

CCCA's mission is "To lead by advancing the competitiveness of the Canadian paper packaging industry; by embracing sustainability in all its forms (environmentally responsible, economically viable, and socially desirable); by protecting the health and safety of our stakeholders; and to communicate this to our customers, governments, and the public at large." Website: Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council:

Founded in 1998 by the Quach family with the belief that they could innovate the best controlled & operated mushroom agency in the world. As a prominent leader in the mushroom marketing genre, Champ's Mushrooms consistently provides leading concepts in distribution & quality control for the mushroom industry. Champ's also provides leading freight services in Pacific Northwest with trucks in operation 365 days of the year. Contact Michael (ext.215) for mushroom sales and Jas (ext.202) for transportation services.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Ceridian Canada Ltd.

Champion Products Corp.

675 Cochrane Drive, North Tower Tel: 905-947-7200 Markham ON L3R 0B8 877-237-4342 Canada Fax: 905-947-7244 Pres: Paul Elliott Mktg: Ms. Kristina Cleary Mfg: Comm: Elissa Zaks Est: Private Rev: $ M Staff: 500+ • Business Development

2601 Wyandotte St East Windsor ON N8Y 0A5 Canada Mgmt: Ashok Sood Mfg: Est: 1991 - Private • Equip-Cleaning • Equip-Washing • Odour Control • Packaging-Materials

Tel: 519-252-5414 855-242-6776 Fax: 519-252-5030 Mktg: Amit Sood Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Paper Products • Maintenance • Household Prod's • Health & Safety

• Garbage Bags • Food Serv. Packing • Dispensing Sys. • Cleaning Products

At Ceridian, we create innovative technology that organizations around the world use to attract, develop, manage and pay their people. Our award-winning Dayforce solution helps our customers manage compliance, make better decisions, build great teams and drive engagement with their employees. Ceridian has solutions for organizations of all sizes. Ceridian. Makes Work Life Better™. For more information call 1-877-237-4342 or visit

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company distributing to the hospitality and food service sectors, caterers, clubs, banquet halls, institutional buyers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, machine shops, janitorial firms and facility restoration companies. Handles 7,000+ products including many MRO items such as paper/poly bags, boxes, other packaging products, food service disposables, paper products, toiletries, cleaners, janitorial equipment, vacuum cleaners and personal safety supplies.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N

CFIG 401-105 Gordon Baker Road North York ON M2H 3P8 Canada CEO: Mr. Thomas A. Barlow Mfg: Est: 1962 - Non-Profit

Chantler Packaging Inc. Tel: 416-492-2311 800-661-2344 Fax: 416-492-2347 Mktg: Ms. Nancy Kwon Admin: Mr. Thomas Shurrie Rev: $ M Staff:

• Association

880 Lakeshore Rd. E. Mississauga ON L5E 1E1 Canada Mgmt: Ian Ferguson Mfg: Doug White Est: 1930 - Private • Bags • Manufacturer • Packaging • Brand Management

Tel: 905-274-2654x235 800-565-5245 Fax: 905-274-9522 Sales: Grant Ferguson Admin: Beverley Ferguson Rev: $ M Staff:

• Concept Dvlp. • Printed Packag Mat'l • Film • Plastics • Modified Atmos. Pkg • Packaging-Consulting

The Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers' is a non-profit trade association, founded in 1962 with the purpose of furthering the unique interests of Canada's independent & franchised grocers across Canada through progressive partnerships with retailers, suppliers, consumers. Two annual trade shows/conferences: in Toronto; in Vancouver.

Canadian manufacturer of flexible plastic packaging specializing in fresh, frozen and prepared foods. Products include bags, sheets, pouches and pallet covers. Offering high quality flexographic printing and a variety of closures. Our proprietary PrimePro® Shelf Life Extension Technology prolongs the freshness of fresh fruits and vegetables by absorbing the ethylene gas given off by ripening produce. Makers of flexible RPC covers which can be custom printed. Chantler Packaging Inc. was established in 1930.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

See pg. 14, 15, 17

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Chapman's Ice Cream PO Box 379 Markdale ON N0C 1H0 Canada Mgmt: Mary Breedon Mfg: Est: • Ice Cream • Dairy Products • Kosher/Parve • Pro/Prebiotics


Chemroy Canada Inc. Tel: 800-265-9110 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Yogurt/Products • Frozen Foods • Gluten Free

106 Summerlea Road Brampton ON L6T 4X3 Canada Mgmt: Andres Pugi Mfg: Shirley Irvine Est: 1967 • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Fibre • Enzymes/Products • Proteins

Tel: 905-789-0701 Fax: 905-789-7170 Mktg: Junayd Mustapha Sales: Shirley Irvine Rev: $ M Staff:

• Baking Ingredients • Dairy Products • Food Ingredients • Nutraceuticals

• Sweeteners • Vitamins • Confectionary • Pet Care/Food

Canada's largest independent ice cream manufacturer, but we'll never outgrow the community of Markdale, Ontario in which we live and work. All products are made with 100% Canadian Milk!

Chemroy Canada Inc. established in 1967, is a leading specialty ingredient distributor providing technical and functional ingredients to the Canadian Food Industry. We provide food system solutions to the dairy, cultures, beverage, bakery, savory, confectionery and pet food market sectors. Chemroy is a privately held and operated company with three offices and warehousing across Canada. Trust Chemroy's hands-on expertise to deliver the quality ingredients you need. Visit our website to learn more.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Chase Global Foods Inc. 27-2020 Wentworth St. Whitby ON L1N 9A8 Canada Pres: Ms. Lisa Tomasi Mfg: Est: 1984 - Private • Deli/Meats • Meat-Pork • Meat-Beef • Pizza

Chesher Equipment Ltd. Tel: 905-432-8474 800-263-1964 Fax: 905-432-8476

Mktg: Tamara Lopez Sales: Mr. Josh Woodruff Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Pasta-Various • Pasta Sauces • Vegan • HACCP

• Sales/Services • Grains

2-6599 Kitimat Rd. Mississauga ON L5N 4J4 Canada Owner: Chris Koehler Mfg: Est: 1967 • Blending • Equip-Baking • Equip-Food Serv. • Equip-Pizza

Rev: $ M

• Steamers • Equip-Concession • Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-Mixers

Tel: 905-363-0309 800-668-8765 Fax: 905-363-0426 Mktg: Megan Koehler Sales: Ben Heppes Staff: 10–50 • Ovens • Equip-Cooking • Equip-Refridge • Fabrication

National food sales company established in 1984. We are “Meat Specialists” with particular expertise in pizza-toppings, bacon, and deli-style meats. We have “A World of Experience in the Food Industry” and products diverse enough to supply the requirements of many categories throughout the food industry. Products range from deli meats, fully-cooked beef & pork pizza toppings, dry-cured pepperoni, fresh & pre-cooked bacon, to fully-cooked & raw beef Donair meat across Canada.

Chesher functions as a national wholesale distributor of equipment and parts and also acts as a manufacturer’s sales agent. Distributed brands include ACP Inc. (Amana), Antunes, APW Wyott, Bakers Pride, Cres Cor, LAINOX, Nilma, Rotor, Sunkist, Varimixer, and Vitamix and acts as a Manufacturer’s agent for B.K.I., B.S.I., Norlake and Wood Stone. Chesher’s sales team is comprised of accredited chefs so that we can provide customers with solutions and a unique consultative sales approach.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

Chef Pieter Inc. 4 - 20543 96th Ave. Langley BC V1M 3W3 Canada Owner: Pieter Van Meenen Mfg: Est:

Chicago Metallic - CMBB Bakeware Canada Inc. Tel: 778-989-8385 Fax:

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Dips • Salsa • Gluten Free • Vegan

84 Easton Rd. Brantford ON N3P 1J5 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1898 - Private

Rev: $ M

Tel: 519-756-2800x227 800-265-8445 Fax: 519-756-1541 Sales: Sharon Butler Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Bakeware • Equip-Baking • Equip-Cleaning • Equip-Food Serv.

Chef Pieter’s artisanal dips are freshly crafted by hand, packed full of flavour, and made with love. He sources the finest, sustainable, local ingredients – only those he feeds to his own family. He also focuses on creating products to suit all dietary needs and preferences including gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and raw vegan. Try Chef Pieter Van Meenen’s hand-crafted, gluten free, gourmet artisan cheese dips and salsa. They’re so addiptive!

Chicago Metallic Bakeware – Bundy Baking Solutions Chicago Metallic is a family-owned company and an integral part of the Bundy Baking Solutions team. With over 300 styles of commercial baking pans manufactured, Chicago Metallic provides high quality bakeware for all your needs. After years of proudly serving the Canadian market, we’ve identified a range of best-sellers that are stocked and available in Brantford Ontario for quick shipping. Discover Bundy Chicago Metallic the “Legendary Brand”.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs: N


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Cider Keg (The) Uncle Tom's Farm Inc. 1398 Vittoria Rd. Vittoria ON N0E 1W0 Canada Mgmt: Cheryl Peck Mfg: Est: 1990 • Cider • Beverages • Fruit Juice • Vinegars

Tel: 519-426-0705

Rev: $1–5 M • HACCP • Agri-Food • PrivateLabelContract • Specialty Foods

Fax: 519-428-0211 Mktg: Cheryl Peck Admin: Staff: 1–10 • Manufacturer • Jam/Jelly • Apple Butters • Salsa

Clayton Innovative Steam 13 Edvac Dr., Ste. 19 Brampton ON L6S 5W6 Canada Mgmt: Glen Adgey Mfg: Est: 1930

Tel: 905-791-3322 Fax: 905-790-0583 Mktg: Ms. Cindy Noakes Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Steamers • Equip-Food Proc.

Everything Apple: -Fresh Apple Cider 2L & 4L sizes, all Ontario product. -Eight flavours of Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Ciders: from Apple to Apple/Strawberry/Rhubarb plus two grape based flavours. -Sweet and Savoury Preserves, Cider Vinegar, Mulling Spices *SQF 7.1, level 2 / HACCP certification, Private Labelling. *Fully Integrated 5th generation family farm. Your source for certified local Ontario farm fresh cider products.

Clayton Industries has established a world-wide reputation as a leading manufacturer of equipment for industrial process steam generation both fired boilers and unfired waste heat boilers. Their unique controlled circulation, counter-flow design offers many operational advantages and benefits over conventional boilers. Clayton Industries' design principles and the use of the latest technology in its control systems make them the favorite choice in today's high efficiency energy markets.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

CiMa-Pak Corporation 7290 Torbram Rd., Unit 3 Mississauga ON L4T 3Y8 Canada Mgmt: Sonja Berg Mfg: Est: 1999 • Trays • Food Serv. Packing • Equip-Packaging • Vacuum Packaging

Cloverdale Cold Storage Ltd. Tel: 905-612-0053

Rev: $1–5 M

Fax: Mktg: Tim Dawson Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Equipment • Distributor

3188 - 188th St. Surrey BC V3Z 9V5 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Ian Cameron Mfg: Est: Private

Tel: 604-541-8271 Fax: 604-541-8273 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Cold Storage • Logistics • Supply Chain Solut'n

Founded in 1999, CiMa-Pak is a prominent leader in food packaging, namely tray sealing of prepared foods either seal only or vacuum / gas seal. Complete systems suitable for most prepared food applications. Large selection of CPET and APET trays available. Vacuum chambers and shrink wrapping equipment for low to high volume packaging.

Four ultra modern cold storage facilities, comprising 100,000 pallet positions, with storage temperatures of -28°C. Serving the frozen food industry throughout the lower mainland area of British Columbia. Call to ask about our "Daily Storage Billing" format.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Cinelli Esperia Corporation® 380 Chrislea Road Woodbridge ON L4L 8A8 Canada Mgmt: Albert Cinelli Mfg: Est: 1972

Rev: $ M

CM Machine Services Ltd. Tel: 905-856-1820 800-665-3626 Fax: Mktg: Nick Cardillo Admin: Staff:

• Equip-Baking • Machines • Equip-Mixers

I-55 Stafford Dr. Brampton ON L6W 1L3 Canada Mgmt: Carlos Matos Mfg: Est: • Equip-Baking • Equip-Cooking • Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-Food Serv.

Tel: 905-793-3994 Fax: 905-230-3995 Mktg: Sales: Jorge Estrela Rev: $ M Staff:

• Equip-MatrlHdlg • Equip-Mixers • Equip-Packaging • Equip-Prep

• Equip-Refridge • Equip-Refurbish • Equip-Sanitation • Equip-Stainless

G. Cinelli - Esperia Corporation® develops a variety of bakery machinery with the objective of increasing efficiency, reducing manual labour, and attaining the highest end-product quality. A family owned and operated business, we manufacture a variety of bakery machinery. Our machines are developed to cope within the harshest of working environments around the globe.

CM Machine Services Ltd. Provides Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication and Food Processing Equipment Machine Repairs and represents a large number of international companies including: Rühle (Ruehle), HTS, Henkelman, Lance, Gesame, Vortron, Daniels Food Equipment, Fatosa, Freund, IVO Cutlery, Gaser, Sipromac, Braylx, Busch, Ramon, Dimaq, Patty-O-Matic and more...

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

CMR Home Entertainment 3737 Cote Vertu Montreal QC H4R 2C9 Canada Mgmt: Rick Washko Mfg: Est:


Conagra Brands, Inc. Tel: 514-956-7482

Fax: 514-956-7450 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Audio Visual

5055 Satellite Drive Mississauga ON L4W 5K7 Canada Mgmt: Ian Roberts Mfg: Est: • Packaged Food • Canned Food/Meat • Snack Food • Sauces

Tel: 416-679-4200 800-461-4556 Fax:

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Keith Gillespie Admin: Staff: 100–500

• Seasonings • Appetizers • Side Dishes

CMR provides retailers a way to profitably enhance their product lines by offering various forms of media at a great value and low prices to consumers.

At ConAgra Foods, we believe in the power of great food. Food you turn to every day, food you count on as part of your life. We make food that does more than satisfy your hunger, it actually gives you less to worry about & more to look forward to.That’s what we do: We make great food, everyday food, in extraordinary ways. It's the food you love & the brands you know best: Hunt’s®, Orville Redenbacher’s® Healthy Choice® VH® Chef Boyardee® POGO® Snack Pack® PAM® Aylmer® Del Monte® Fruit/Vegetables.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Coldmatic Refrigeration 61 Baywood Rd. Etobicoke ON M9V 3Y8 Canada Mgmt: Mark Galea Mfg: Mark Galea Est: 1947 - Private • Refrigeration • Freezers • Product Display • Storage Systems

Concept Store Fixtures International Tel: 416-744-7600 Fax: 416-744-7601

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Mark Galea Admin: Mark Galea Staff: 50–100

• Doors

429 des Industries Le Gardeur QC J5Z 4W8 Canada Owner: Mathieu Grenier Mfg: Est:

Tel: 450-582-3017 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Refrigeration • Installation • Accessories

With a proud reputation for quality and services, Coldmatic has become a leader in providing the bakery, convenience store, pharmaceutical and fast food markets with precision made temperature controlled merchandisers, coolers and freezers.

Concept Store Fixtures is a leading manufacturer of replacement parts, shelves and skin kits for all major brands of OEM refrigerated cases for the supermarket industry. Originally focused on reskinning refrigerated display cases, we have expanded our product lines and now perform glass door retrofits, and LED retrofits to multi-deck and glass door cases.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Complete POS 14-5225 Orbitor Drive Mississauga ON L4W 4Y8 Canada Mgmt: Theo Mavrokefalos Mfg: Est:

Congebec Inc. Tel: 855-460-2378

Rev: $ M

Fax: 905-625-8780 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• POS • Equipment

5500 72nd Ave SE Calgary AB T2C 4X5 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1974 - Private

Tel: 403-720-6045x2104 Fax: Bus Dev: Jim Hanna Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Warehouse • Distributor • Logistics

Complete POS experts have proven we know that it is better to disintermediate intuitively than to expedite virally. The dot-com, mission-critical structuring factor can be summed up in one word: compelling. We have proven we know that it is better to disintermediate intuitively than to expedite virally. The dot-com, mission-critical structuring factor can be summed up in one word: compelling.

Congebec is the largest provider of refrigerated services in Quebec, the second largest in Canada and we are continuing to expand. We are the sole provider of food service logistics Montreal and in Quebec City. The company has more than eleven modern facility locations in Quebec, Boucherville, Ste-Julie, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Calgary. They are all located near major highways, port facilities and warehouses of major grocery chains.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Contact Canada (ON) 36 William St. Cardinal ON K0E 1E0 Canada Mgmt: Brian Kelly Mfg: Est:

Continental Store Fixture Group Tel: 613-671-2081 Fax: 613-671-2082 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Information • Communication • Publication

201-2052 192 St Surrey BC V3Z 0N2 Canada Mgmt: Don Nicola Mfg: Est: 1963

Tel: 778-545-1646 800-663-4674 Fax: 778-545-1199 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

Rev: $ M

• Store Fixtures • Accessories • RollingHandBaskets

Empower your business by including yourself in Canada's national industry directory. Benefit from 12 months exposure in three formats: on line database, e-book & print. A favorite resource of retailers and industry across Canada. Distributed at key trade show events. E-book at: Visit our portal for guides on Drug Development, Life Sciences, Natural Health Products, Seafood, Renewable Energy, BC Food Processors & Medical Technology.

Continental Store Fixture Group has been servicing the retail fixture industry for over 40 years. We service customers world wide with our products and services. With over 3 million dollars worth of inventory it allows us to service most clients' requirements with rapid response and delivery schedules. We have a complete custom millwork division that produces quality work.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Continental Importers 2014 Ltd. 1856 Pandora St. Vancouver BC V5L 1M5 Canada Pres: Jose Valgao Mfg: Est: • Oils - Various • Vinegars • Spices • Legumes

Cottage Country Candies & Snacks Tel: 604-253-3115 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff:

Rev: $ M

• Dried Fruit • Salts • Nuts • Beans

• Pasta Sauces • Salsa • Spreads • Tomato/Products

279 Sumach Dr. Burlington ON L7T 0B5 Canada Pres: Jack Scholtens Mfg: Est: 1910 - Private Rev: $ M • Confectionary • Nuts • Dried Food • Snack Food

• Trail Mix • Chocolate • Gum • Health Products

Tel: 905-631-2999 Fax: 905-631-3222 Mktg: Jack Scholtens Admin: Staff: • Peanuts • Popcorn • Lollipops • Seeds

Continental Importers offers hundreds of Mediterranean, Italian and Portugese ingredients, prepared and packaged to suit the needs of retailers, wholesalers, delicatessens, supermarkets, and restaurants.

Cottage Country does custom packaging and labelling of candies, nuts, dried fruit, baking ingredients and other fine foods. Fulfilling the contracts for private label products. Cottage Country is a family owned company whose name has been associated with candy since 1910. All our products are packed fresh and delivered fresh.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Continental Ingredients Canada Inc. 1170 Invicta Dr. Oakville ON L6H 6G1 Canada Mgmt: Christine Infilise Mfg: Maureen Taylor Est: 1994 - Private • Seasonings • Blending • PrivateLabelContract • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls

Tel: 905-815-8158 877-909-7779 Fax: 905-815-9194 Sales: Rick Hames Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Baking Ingredients • Flavours • Chocolate • Dairy Products

• Sweeteners • Sports Nutrition • Omega-3 Products • Antioxidants

Country Meat Packing Ltd. 1188 Hwy 8 Tel: 519-621-6829 Dundas ON L9H 5E1 Canada Fax: 519-622-5306 Mgmt: Wendy Denhollander Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50 • Meat-Products

CIC specializes in the design & application of functional ingredient systems to impart the desired body, texture & taste characteristics to processed food, beverage & dairy products. Our fully equipped laboratory and pilot plant allow us to use our knowledge and expertise to assist you in the design and selection of custom blended products and ingredients to fit your product parameters.

Country Meat Packing Ltd. (CMP) is one of only five plants in Ontario to achieve HACCP-Advantage Certification - a recent program offered by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) for non-federally registered small-tomedium sized food processors. CMP processes Canadian and European style deli products and sells them wholesale to a customer base which spreads across all of Ontario Canada.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Courtyard Display Systems Inc. C-100 Four Valley Drive Vaughan ON L4K 4T9 Canada Pres: Peter Slight Mfg: Est: 1995 - Private • Tables • Carts/Baskets • Store Fixtures • Product Display


Crofters Food Ltd. Tel: 905-695-2040

Fax: 905-695-0738 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50

• Design • Bulk Food Bins/Items • Manufacturer • Bags

7 Great North Road Parry Sound ON P2A 2X8 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1989 - Private

Tel: 705-746-6301

Rev: $ M

Fax: 705-746-2733 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Organic Products • PrivateLabelContract • Manufacturer

Courtyard Display Systems Inc. creates fixturing concepts with high merchandising value as well as being operationally efficient for fresh departments of large retail food chains. because of our expertise in branded retail merchandising solutions, we help you establish industry leading concepts that produce results. If you need fresh ideas for your produce, bakery, or floral departments, call us now.

Established in 1989 Crofter’s is a family-owned company with 24 years experience in fruit product manufacturing; specializing in organic, reduced sugar fruit spreads. Crofter’s state-of-the-art plant is SQF Edition 7 Level 2 certified and every measure is taken to ensure raw materials and finished products are safe and of the highest quality. Our on-site laboratory tests for the absence of herbicide and pesticide residues using a new more powerful HPLC MS/MS and also carries out microbiological and grading controls.

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Mfg: Y Labs:

Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company 35 Alwright Ct. Waterville NB E7P 0A5 Canada Mgmt: Ryan Albright Mfg: Mike McCartney Est: 2006 - Private • Potato Chips • Gluten Free • Wheat Free • Snack Food

Tel: 506-375-2447 Fax: 506-375-2448 Mktg: Jaime Nevers Sales: Brook Dickinson Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Natural Health Prod. • Distributor • Gourmet Food • Potatoes/Products

• Confectionary

Crosby Molasses Company Limited PO Box 2240 Saint John NB E2L 3V4 Canada Pres: James Crosby Mfg: Est: 1879 - Private

Tel: 506-634-7515 Fax: 506-634-1724 Mktg: Bridget Oland Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Molasses • Sweeteners • Syrup • Co-packer

Covered Bridge kettle cooked potato chips and Pop It kettle corn are made just down the road from the Longest Covered Bridge in the World in Hartland, New Brunswick. Each batch of our delicious snacks are cooked with care, one at a time to ensure that rich and unique flavour is guaranteed in each bite. Our products are made with all natural ingredients and are certified gluten free for a quilt free, mouth-watering snack!

Supplier of fancy and blackstrap molasses, custom blends, and other sweeteners, to retail and industrial markets. Distribution in Canada, the New England states and other international locations. Crosby's also co-manufactures a variety dry and liquid sugar-based products under both private label and national brands. Crosby's is an independently-owned 5th generation family business. A Canadian company.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Cowan Insurance Group 705 Fountain St North Tel: 519-650-6360 PO Box 1510 866-912-6926 Cambridge ON N1R 5T2 Canada Fax: 519-650-6366 Mgmt: Bus Dev: David Black Mfg: Admin: Est: 1927 - Private Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500 • Insurance • Loss Prevention • Consulting • Broker

• Risk Management

CROSSMARK Canada Inc. 300-5580 Explorer Drive Mississauga ON L4W 4Y1 Canada CEO: Chris Terrio Mfg: Est: 1999 • Broker • Data Collection • Distributor • Logistics

Tel: 905-366-6333 Fax: 905-366-6334

Rev: $ M

Bus Dev: Jon Davies Admin: Staff: 500+

• Product Demo • Supply Chain Solut'n • Merchandising Systms • Warehouse

Cowan Insurance Group provides insurance and risk management products and services to businesses, organizations and individuals. Cowan is one of the largest privately-owned insurance brokerages in Canada, specializing in business and personal insurance. In addition our consulting team assists employers with their retirement and group benefits requirements.

CROSSMARK is a leading sales and marketing services company in the consumer goods industry. We expertly guide our clients along "The Way to Market" by delivering growth solutions. CROSSMARK can assist manufacturers with any part of their supply chain, from full logistic services to professional and detailed HQ Sales Management to extensive store level coverage. We excel as the key point of contact for all service needs and target costeffective entry points across Canada.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

See IFC, pg. 20, 21


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Crown Custom Metal Spinning Inc. 1880 Kipling Ave. Toronto ON M9W 4J1 Canada Pres: David Vella Mfg: Est: 1981

Cummins-Allison ULC Tel: 416-243-9333

Fax: 416-243-0112 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Equip-Baking • Equip-Pizza • Racks/Rails

3350 Ridgeway Dr., Unit 3 Mississauga ON L5L 5Z9 Canada Mgmt: Harry Patrinos Mfg: Est:

Tel: 905-814-6184 800-499-6191 Fax: 905-814-6182 Mktg: Harry Patrinos Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Cash Processing

We manufacture and sell a variety of cookware and bakeware. Products include knock down racks, welded racks, cake rings, sauce pots, a variety of new pizza pans, custom made products and so much more!

Cummins Allison is a global leader providing currency counters, sorters and scanners, check deposit and casino ticket processing, plus coin sorter and coin counting solutions for customers in the financial, retail, gaming, vending, law enforcement and government markets. Innovative and useful products result from recognizing customer needs, and meeting them by using advanced technologies and design expertise.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

CSS North America Inc.

D & M Plastics Inc.

516-2275 Lakeshore Blvd West, Tel: 416-848-7280 Toronto ON M8V 3Y3 800-282-6803 Canada Fax: 866-482-4864 CEO: Mr. Deni Kosumov Bus Dev: Mr. Roman Kosumov Mfg: Admin: Est: 2004 - Private Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50 • Lighting • Equip-Refridge • Equipment-Electrical • Equip-Cleaning

Bldg 2, 4843 - 45A St. Lacombe AB T4L 2E1 Canada Mgmt: Mark Nicholas Mfg: Est: 1994

Rev: $ M

Tel: 403-782-4606 800-558-7476 Fax: 403-782-3281 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Moulds • Manufacturer

Distributor of sophisticated supermarket technologies. Our company specializes in LED Retrofit, Nebulization System, Refrigeration Equipment, Energy-Saving Refrigeration Blinds, Hi-Spectrum Display Lighting, Professional Refrigeration and HVAC Cleaning. Our products and services improve supermarket product marketability, increase sales, reduce energy consumption, allow for efficient energy use, provide excellent ROI, decrease product loss and contribute to safer and healthier environment.

D&M Plastics Inc. is a rotational moulding and manufacturing facility located in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada. We serve a broad range of customers involved in municipal operations, oil patch, industry, institutions, and agriculture. We also serve custom and OEM clients and take pride in our involvement with their success.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

CT Control Temp Ltd. 4340 Dawson St. Burnaby BC V5C 4B6 Canada Pres: Dean Gabriele Mfg: Est:

Dana Industries Inc.

Rev: $ M

Tel: 604-298-2000 877-231-5729 Fax: 604-421-5858 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Refrigeration • Heating Systems • Air Conditioning • Equip-Refridge

109 Woodbine Downs Blvd., Unit 1 Tel: 416-798-0880 Toronto ON M9W 6Y1 888-998-0880 Canada Fax: 416-798-4114 Pres: John Ricci Mktg: Roopjot Derose Mfg: Sales: Mr. Frank Borges Est: 1993 - Private Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50 • Shelf Talkers • Signage • Pricing/Tags • POS

• Technology • Store Fixtures • Manufacturer • Merchandising Systms

• Printing/Printers • Fixture Install. • Shelving • Carts/Baskets

CT Control Temp specializes in refrigeration, commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, plumbing and building controls. We design, engineer, install, sell, service, and maintain HVAC, refrigeration, and building control equipment, providing preventive maintenance and ongoing support.

Dana Industries is proud to introduce Dana Total Retail Solutions™. We are a full service provider and have full in-house capabilities. We are manufacturers and marketers of shelf signage programs and store fixture components. We go from concept, to design, to prototyping, to full conversion and in-store execution. We are a onestop shop for all your retail needs.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Dare Foods Limited 2481 Kingsway Drive Kitchener ON N2C 1A6 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: • Cookies • Crackers • Confectionary • Bread


David Roberts Food Corp. Tel: 519-893-5500 800-668-3273 Fax: 519-893-8369

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Mr. Tom Hare Admin: Staff: 500+

• Gluten Free • Peanut Free • Whole Grain • Custom Products

2351 Upper Middle Rd.E. Tel: 905-502-7700 Oakville ON L6H 6P7 800-361-4028 Canada Fax: 905-502-7701 Mgmt: Mktg: Bob Dilella Mfg: Admin: Est: 1987 - Private Rev: $50–100 M Staff: 50–100 • Nuts • Dried Food • Snack Food • Ingredients

A Canadian, family-owned company with a 120-year history of providing quality products that make every snacking, entertaining and lunchbox occasion better. A pioneer in offering peanut-free food solutions, Dare continues to develop delicious new cookies, candies, fruit snacks, crackers and fine breads to satisfy changing needs of Canadians. Key brands include Breton, Bear Paws, Dare Candy Co, RealFruit, Whippet, Simple Pleasures, Boulangerie Grissol and Wagon Wheels. Six plants and over 1,100 employees in N. America.

We offer a complete line of products to meet the needs of the food service industry as well as the retail market in both branded and private label products. We have complete listing of raw and processed commodities to service the industrial and baking industries.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Dart Canada (Solo Cup) 2121 Markham Road Toronto ON M1B 2W3 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: • Tableware • Plastics • Paper Products • Party Supplies

Dawn Food Products Ltd.

Tel: 416-293-2877 800-465-9696 Fax: 416-332-3489 Sales: Brad Manning Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Packaging

275 Steelwell Rd Brampton ON L6T 0C8 Canada Mgmt: Glen Anderson Mfg: Est: • Baked Goods • Ingredients • Packaging • Candles

Tel: 289-505-4640 866-277-3663 Fax:

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Cleaning Products

Dart Canada is the leading supplier of single-use tableware and foodservice products under the Solo® and Dart® brands. Exclusively focused on the manufacture of convenience products for the consumer/retail, foodservice and packaging markets, Dart Canada has broad expertise in plastic, paper, and foam offerings. We continually strive to be our customers' first choice for single-use products.

Headquartered in Jackson, Dawn has more than 40,000 customers, offers over 4,000 products, and includes over 40 locations and 3,500 Team Dawn members worldwide. We are committed to the simple ideals of using only the best ingredients, testing each and every batch, and personally supervising every aspect of our operations to guarantee outstanding quality and consistency.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

David Food Processing Equipment

Dealers Ingredients Inc.

52 Carrier Drive, Unit 14 Tel: 416-675-5566 Rexdale ON M9W 5S5 800-461-3058 Canada Fax: 416-675-7431 Mgmt: Tanya Hemming Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: Rev: $ M Staff: • Direct Sales • Equip-Refurbish • Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-MatrlHdlg

• Equip-MeatRoom • Equip-Prep • Equip-Food Serv. • Equip-Stainless

• Grinders • Importer • Maintenance • Equip-Mixers

1995 Clark Blvd. Brampton ON L6T 4W1 Canada Pres: Mr. Chuck Harvey Mfg: Est: 1976 - Private • Butter • Cheese-Various • Dairy Products • Gluten Free

Tel: 905-458-7766 Fax: 905-458-7709 Mktg: Debra Tomotsugu Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Oils - Various • Powders • Food Ingredients • Natural Flavours

• Product Development • Salts • Fibre • Proteins

David Food Processing provides extensive range of equipment solutions to all your processing needs.

Supplier of quality, natural food ingredients & solutions to improve product quality and performance for over 40 years. With expertise in R & D, Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Regulatory System, we are committed to producing healthy, nutritious, cost-effective, label-friendly solutions. Products: Award-Winning Profi, High Protein Plant-Based Composite (HPPC); Natralein Pea & Brown Rice Proteins; Butter Buds Functional Dairy Concentrates & Flavours; OneGrain Salt Replacer; Oils & Shortenings; Dairy.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N

See ad pg. 18


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Debut Products

Derlea Brand Foods Inc.

742-1489 Marine Dr Tel: 604-362-1551 West Vancouver BC V7T 1B8 Canada Fax: 604-922-4944 Mgmt: Mktg: Dave Schulz Mfg: Admin: Est: Rev: $ M Staff: • Organic Products • Vegan

1739 Orangebrook Court Pickering ON L1W 3G8 Canada Pres: Salvatore Geraci Mfg: Est: 1984 • Garlic Products • Tomato/Products • Produce/Fruit&Veg • Spices

Tel: 905-839-7212 888-430-7777 Fax: 905-839-7217 Mktg: Ms. Susan Goldie Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Herbs • Spreads

At Debut Products we represent and distribute the very best in health and wellness products. We’re picky about what we distribute…looking out for premium, organic and sustainable ingredients. We love to ‘debut’ new products to the marketplace – ones that have met our rigorous qualifications.

For nearly a quarter of a century Derlea Brand Foods has been providing consumers and suppliers with fresh, authentic Garlic, Ginger and Sun Dried Tomato products in convenient formats. From the very beginning, Derlea has been synonymous with high quality and authentic flavour, and remains a market leader to this day.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Dempsey Corporation


47 Davies Ave. Toronto ON M4M 2A9 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Benjamin Dempsey Mfg: Est: Private Rev: $ M • Distributor • Fibre • Pectin • Broths

• Flavours • Starches • Hydrocolloids • Potatoes/Products

Tel: 416-461-0844 Fax: 416-461-7048 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50 • Freeze Dried • Vitamins • Antioxidants • Seasonings

603-7 St Thomas Street Toronto ON M5S 2B7 Canada Mgmt: Alicja Wojewnik Mfg: Est: 2002 - Private • Consult-Regulatory • QA/QC • Site Licence • Labels/Labeling

Rev: $ M

• Product Licence • GLP/GMP Compl. • Importer • Translation

Tel: 416-361-3400 866-647-3279 Fax: 416-361-3304 Sales: Peter Wojewnik Admin: Staff: • Product Development • Training/Education • Efficacy Assess • Consumer Response

We are a full-service distributor of specialty products. We have focused our efforts on building a comprehensive product line accross our three divisions; food ingredients, specialty chemicals, skin care and promotional gift-with-purchase products. . Our headquarters are in Toronto, with branch offices across Canada, the US and France. The infrastructure of our distribution model is supported by a myriad of registrations, certifications and licences.

dicentra is a professional consulting firm that specializes in addressing all matters related to safety, quality and compliance for all product categories in the health sciences and food industries. We evaluate, implement, and provide all the necessary support for your products and operations to gain market access and build confidence in your brand.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: N Labs:

Denninger's Foods of the World 284 King St E Hamilton ON L8N 1B7 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Curtis Murray Mfg: Est:

Tel: 905-528-8468 800-520-3868 Fax: 905-528-2320 Bus Dev: Mary Aduckiewicz Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Meat-Products • Manufacturer

DIGI Canada Inc. 87 Moyal Court Concord ON L4K 4R8 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: • Labels/Labeling • Scales • Vacuum Packaging • Wrapping

Tel: 888-587-8221 Fax: 905-879-4008 Mktg: Nicolae Berbec Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: • Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-Food Serv. • Equipment • Equip-Deli

• Equip-Leasing • Odour Control • Packaging • POS

Denninger’s has 5 retail locations, a manufacturing plant and a warehouse employing approximately 300 people across Southern Ontario. Our retail stores offer a range of gift baskets, catering services and freshly prepared meals. Along with its signature sausages and meats, “Denninger’s Own” line prepared foods now features a wide selection of ready-made soups and appetizers.

DIGI Canada Inc. offers a complete line of equipment and supplies for all your meat, bakery, deli, seafood and produce departments and electronic labels synchronized with your DIGI scales or directly with your POS. We provide across the store solutions. DIGI Canada's range of weighing and labeling systems are used extensively within the Canadian food industry. We realize the importance of quality through innovation and employ the latest technology to continually expand and upgrade our product range.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Direct Plus Food Group


Distribution Canada Inc. (dci)

2355 - 52 Avenue SE, Bay #1 Tel: 403-215-6080 Calgary AB T2C 4X7 800-663-4746 Canada Fax: 403-215-6099 Mgmt: Mktg: Courtenay Lewis Mfg: Admin: Est: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50 • Distributor

102-3425 Harvester Road Burlington ON L7N 3N1 Canada Pres: Marc Fortin Mfg: Est: 1981

Tel: 905-681-3933 Fax: 905-681-0314 Mktg: Admin: Michele Vermeltfoort Rev: $ M Staff:

• Selling Group

From the snack counter to the deli, our products help satisfy your customers. We provide service to approximately 12,000 independently owned and operated retail locations, as well as leading national and regional retailers in Canada. Our service allows us to build strong relationships across Canada and establish solid foundations for direct retail business results. We distribute a wide variety of brands including Grimm's Fine Foods, McSweeney's, Quality Fast Foods, Duso's, Hygaard and Harvest Meats.

Distribution Canada Inc. is a national organization of independent grocers that fosters collaborative selling relationships between its shareholders, manufacturers and key stakeholders in the Canadian grocery industry.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N

Discovery Organics

Diversey Inc.

880 Malkin Ave Tel: 604-299-1683 Vancouver BC V6A 2K6 877-299-1683 Canada Fax: 877-299-1693 Owner: Annie Moss/ Randy Hooper Mktg: Ops: Damien Bryan Admin: Est: 1999 - Private Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50 • Distributor • Organic Produce • Fair Trade • Produce/Fruit&Veg

#8-11,-3755 Laird Road Mississauga ON L5L 0B3 Canada Mgmt: Mrs. Jessica Arsenault Mfg: Est: • Cleaning Products • Sanitation • Hygiene • Food Safety

Tel: 403-464-2211 800-668-7171 Fax: 403-668-8533 Mktg: Mr. Shane McKay Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Consulting • Equip-Cleaning • Odour Control • Equip-Food Serv.

• Air Fresheners • Chemicals

In business since 1999, Discovery Organics is an independently owned Canadian distributor for Certified Organic and Fair Trade produce. We passionately work to promote Certified Organic and Fair Trade by building relationships with small scale farmers here at home, as well as abroad. We serve hundreds of customers, including natural food retailers and wholesalers across Western Canada and the Canadian North.

Our focus is to simplify the lives of our customers and to provide them with the products, solutions and expertise to make their facilities the safest and cleanest facilities in the world.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

distrib-u-tec Software 1921 Kent Rd. Kelowna BC V1Y 7S6 Canada Mgmt: June Nicolay Mfg: Est: 1996 - Private • Computer Systems • Data Collection • Inventory • Labels/Labeling

DJS Enterprises Tel: 250-860-0829 Fax: 250-860-0876 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Software • Training/Education • Traceability • Barcode Systems

• EDI • WMS Systems • POS • Cost Accounting

2700 14th Avenue, Unit 6 Markham ON L3R 0J1 Canada Mgmt: Darrell Shulman Mfg: Est: • Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-Packaging • Bottling • Carton Sealers

Tel: 905-475-7644 Fax: 905-475-7645 Sales: Jeff Zoltak Sales: Mr. Lawrence Hanlon Rev: $ M Staff:

• Equip-Baking • Equip-Mixers • Equip-Refurbish • Lab-Instruments

• Pkg-Pouch Filling • Tableting • Tanks

distrib-u-tec software is an integrated Food Industry specific ERP Software suite, built and supported manufacturer direct through primarily North America. Sales available world-wide. WMS, MRP, POS, WEB-Order and Mobility systems are available to compliment the comprehensive Base Suite.

DJS Enterprises began in 1991 buying and selling high quality, reasonably priced New, Used and Reconditioned Process and Packaging Equipment for the Pharmaceutical, Vitamin, Food and Confectionery Industries. Today we offer a full range of Good Quality Equipment including Tablet Presses, Capsule Fillers, Stainless Steel Powder Mixers, Granulators, to name a few. We also carry a full range of Packaging Equipment.

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Double D Beverage Co. 2-15621 Marine Dr. White Rock BC V4B 1E1 Canada Mgmt: Andrew Drayson Mfg: Est: 2005 - Private • Beverages • Energy Drinks • Beverages-Soda • Gluten Free

DuraFast Label Company Tel: 604-542-6363 Fax: 778-438-2137

Rev: $1–5 M

Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Supplements

2-53 Queen's Plate Drive Toronto ON M9W 6P1 Canada Pres: Basat Khalifa Mfg: Est: 2006 - Private • Sales/Services • POS • Labels/Labeling • Marketing Services

Tel: 866-299-0066 Fax: 416-981-3071 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $5–10 M Staff: 1–10

• Logistics • Equipment • Computer Systems

DD Beverage Co is a private Canadian company out of British Columbia, that was founded in 2005. The company was created to not only give consumers great tasting beverages, but functional beverages with high amounts of quality ingredients, and innovative packaging. Products include the proven brand Beaver Buzz Energy Drink, Crim City Soda, and Bear 'n Beaver (Natural Craft Soda).

DuraFast Label Company is a division of Sector Nine Distribution Limited. We specialize in serving the "do-it-yourself" label printing market both for industrial and product label printing. We sell all major brands of label printers and printing equipment and supplies.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Drake Meat Processors Box 29, 112 Francis Street Drake SK S0K 1H0 Canada Mgmt: Kelly Ediger Mfg: Peter Nicholson Est:

Rev: $ M

Dure Foods Ltd. Tel: 306-363-2117 800-667-1364 Fax: 306-363-2119 Mktg: Greg Jantz Admin: Staff: 50–100

• Meat-Pork • Meat-Products • Bison Meat/Prods • Jerky

120 Roy Blvd. Brantford ON N3R 7K2 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Hunter Malcolm Mfg: Est: 1978 - Private • Formulations • Packaging • PrivateLabelContract • Custom Blending

Tel: 519-753-5504 Fax: 519-753-9772 Mktg: Mr. Hunter Malcolm Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Fibre • Functional Foods • Gluten Free • Peanut Free

• Proteins • Supplements

Drake Meats products are now available throughout Western Canada under the Homestead Cabin label. The product lines have expanded from a few sausage recipes to fresh packed sandwiches, beef jerky, a full line of fresh sausages, smoked hams, marinated kabobs, and a variety of beef, pork, and bison burgers. There are now over 200 product varieties. Our long list of customers include Superstore, Costco, Co-op, Calgary Co-op, Sobey's, IGA, and many others.

A Canadian family company formulating, blending and packaging dry powder products for over 30 years. GFSI (BRC) Certified; CFIA - Dairy Registered; NHP Site Licensed.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Du Bois Wild Rice Ltd. PO Box 1762 Winnipeg MB R3C 2Z9 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Lorne Williams Mfg: Est: 1915 - Private

Duso's Fresh Pasta & Sauces Tel: 204-339-5079 Fax: 204-339-5079 Mktg: Ms. Susan McPherson Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Rice Products • Exporting • Organic Products • Gourmet Food • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls

200-1625 Kebet Way Port Coquitlam BC V3C 5W9 Canada Mgmt: Adrian Duso Mfg: Est:

Tel: 604-464-8101 Fax: 604-464-8220 Mktg: Raeanne Schachter Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Pasta-Various • Pasta Sauces

Du Bois Wild Rice Ltd. is a fourth generation family farm (Williams Wild Rice Farm - est. 1915) and lake side processing plant that is certified organic and traditional lake wild rice. All wild rice is graded according to voluntary Canadian wild rice grading standards.

Federally Inspected and HACCP Certified facility based in Western Canada. For 36 years, Duso's has been producing superior quality fresh pasta, sauce, HMR, and fresh soup in a variety of formats to retail, food service, and c-chain.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Dynamic Coating & Cleaning Inc. 325 Annagem Blvd. Mississauga ON L5T 3A7 Canada Pres: Daniel McCaffery Mfg: Est:


EB Box Company

Tel: 905-362-0783 866-312-3700 Fax: Mktg: Gail Rockett Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Flooring

3-20 Pollard Street Richmond Hill ON L4B 1C3 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1972

Tel: 905-889-5600 Fax: 905-889-5602 Bus Dev: Mr. Irfan Rajabali Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Boxes • Packaging-Carton • Manufacturer • Cartons-Folding

Specializing in performance floor coatings for the food and manufacturing sectors, Dynamic Coating & Cleaning Inc., has been providing professional and quality workmanship to our clients for over thirty years. Our in-depth industry knowledge combined with the application of tested and superior products has made us a leader in this specialized field.

Our commitment to quality and customer service has allowed us to forge many successful long-term relationships with our clients. Our in-house die cutting, printing, windowing and gluing capabilities allows us to produce a variety of boxes including computer software, cosmetics, food products, educational, electronics, toys, pharmaceutical, automotive parts, bakery, take-out, business card boxes and various other manufactured goods.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

EAM-Mosca Canada Ltd. 170 William Smith Dr. Whitby ON L1N 9N3 Canada Pres: Mike Gratz Mfg: Est: 1982

Eberspaecher Climate Control Systems Tel: 905-665-8225

Fax: 905-665-8188 Mktg: Comm: Marie King Rev: $50–100 M Staff: 100–500

• Material Handling • Packaging • Strapping

6099A Vipond Dr. Mississauga ON L5T 2B2 Canada Mgmt: Mr. John Dennehy Mfg: Est: 1973 - Private

Tel: 905-670-0960 800-387-4800 Fax: 905-670-0728 Mktg: Mr. John Giglio Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Heating Systems • Equip-MatrlHdlg • Logistics

Worldwide industry leader in strapping systems, Mosca specializes in incorporating innovative sealer technology and industry specific features into high-end systems. EAM-Mosca has manufacturing facilities in Whitby, Ontario and Northeast Pennsylvania, US; and sales and service offices throughout North and South America. EAM-Mosca offers stainless steel, corrosion resistant strapping systems and enamel surfaced systems both in various configurations.

Espar's Mobile Flex-Cool portable cooling containers are perfect for transporting everything from food to medical and pharmaceutical supplies. Available in a variety of sizes they are easy to clean and comply with health and safety standards. Espar's product family includes a variety of adaptable heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions that can be used on city buses, transport trucks, mobile work units, school buses and many other types of vehicles.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Earth's Own Food Company Inc. 601-4180 Lougheed Hwy Burnaby BC V5C 6A7 Canada Pres: Rex Sheehy Mfg: Est: • Beverages - Rice • Soy Products • Beverages-Almond • Gluten Free

Tel: 604-291-0910 888-401-0019 Fax: 604-291-0994 Bus Dev: Lauren Rebar Sales: Danielle Pearson Rev: $ M Staff:

• Organic Products • Wheat Free

ECKERT Machines 3841 Portage Rd. Niagara Falls ON L2J 2L1 Canada Mgmt: Paul Eckert Mfg: Est: 1959 - Private • Equip-Washing • Vacuum Packaging • Equip-Food Proc. • Vegetable Peelers

Tel: 905-356-8356 Fax: 905-356-1704 Mktg: Sandra Fajta Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Equip-MatrlHdlg • Food Processing

One of North America's largest marketers of fresh soy beverages and is the dairy-free (soy) category leader in most major grocery outlets in Canada. (CHFA Mbr)

ECKERT Machines provides the highest quality machinery for food processing applications. We represent manufacturers of equipment for the fresh-cut, frozen, canned, bakery, snack food and beverage industries. Since 1959, ECKERT Machines has been helping processors meet the challenges of changing consumer demands with a full complement of machinery to enhance the processor's viability by improving product cost, quality and food safety.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Eco Guardian

Edica Naturals Ltd

17665 Leslie Street, Unit 13 Newmarket ON L3Y 3E3 Canada Mgmt: Anil Abrol Mfg: Est: Private • Biodegrad. Prods. • Distributor • Manufacturer • Bags

Tel: 905-235-4015 Fax: 905-235-4995 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $5–10 M Staff: 1–10

• Tableware • Paper Products

18351 McCartney Way Richmond BC V6W 0A1 Canada Mgmt: Ann Barnes Mfg: Est: • Baking Ingredients • Gluten Free • Organic Products • Nut-free

Tel: 788-995-3390 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Vegan • Wheat Free • Yeast Free

ECO Guardian is an environmentally conscious manufacturing and distribution company that promotes social awareness through the sale of compostable, reusable, recycled and biodegradable products made from renewable resources.

Edica Naturals is a company that reflects the founders' collective family value vision of healthy food that: nourishes the body, reduces health risks and is grown with care and sustainability for generations to come.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: N Labs:

EcoDurable Products by Colnuck 1660 118 Street SW Edmonton AB T6W 1Y2 Canada Mgmt: Patricia Salazar Mfg: Est: 2011 - Private

Rev: $ M

Edlong Dairy Technologies Tel: 866-594-2247 866-594-2247 Fax: 866-594-2247 Mktg: Tony Towers Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Bags • Importer • Custom Products

225 Scott St. Elk Grove Village IL 60007 USA Mgmt: Mr. Dave Booth Mfg: Est: 1914 - Private • Beverages • Cheese-Various • Cookies • Crackers

Tel: 847-631-6700 888-698-2783 Fax: 847-439-0053 Mktg: Ms. Michelle Finley Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Dairy Products • Desserts • Flavours • Frozen Foods

• Baked Goods • Nutraceuticals • Salad Dressings • Seasonings

EcoDurable Products™ is the leading supplier of a large variety of custom-made reusable bags and other innovative items made from different environmentally friendly materials such as non-woven polypropylene, woven polypropylene, PET, polyester and organic cotton.

Edlong Dairy Technologies is represented in Canada by Quadra Ingredients. Customer satisfaction, fast service and the highest quality dairy flavours sets Edlong apart. Specialties are cheese, butter, milk, cream, cultured, sweet dairy, masking and mouthfeel flavours. Many Edlong flavours contain no dairy, so they are great for vegan applications. Their food scientists can assist with recommendations for applications and samples can be received within 24 hours. Call Eric Gaudreault at Quadra Ingredients,

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: N Labs:

Edible Impressions 5109 Harvester Rd., Unit 3B Burlington ON L7L 5Y9 Canada Mgmt: Michael Bousfield Mfg: Est: 2005 - Private • Botanicals • Bulk Food Bins/Items • Confectionary • Desserts

Elco Fine Foods Limited Tel: 416-908-2227 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 1–10

• Dried Food • Energy Drinks • Gluten Free • Gum

• Health Products • Natural Health Prod. • Supplements • Vitamins

120-13100 Mitchell Road Richmond BC V6V 1M8 Canada Pres: David Dueck Mfg: Est: • Teas-Various • Crackers • Sauces • Beverages

Tel: 604-324-1551 888-894-6464 Fax: 604-324-1553 Mktg: Kim Tan Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Licorice • Spices

At Edible Impressions, we manufacture Vitamin Strips in both adult or children doses and confectionery strips that are meant to freshen your breath. All of our products are formulated with the highest quality of ingredients to produce the best Edible Film to our clients. We are able to create specific formulations of Edible Films to meet client specifications. We are constantly developing new types of films and flavours to offer more options for our clients.

For over 40 years Elco Fine Foods has been working to bring Canadians the highest quality food and beverages from countries around the world - Germany, Finland, Sweden, Spain and Thailand just to name a few. Some of Elco's most popular brands Dilmah tea from Sri Lanka, Good For You line of Swedish muesli, Panda Licorice from Finland, Hero tropical nectars, Asian Home Gourmet spice pastes and sauces, Finn Crisp rye and multi-grain crackers, Gerolsteiner mineral water and more.

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Elite International Foods Inc. 3823 29 St NE Calgary AB T1Y 6B5 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1997 - Private • Beverages • Condiments • Ethnic Foods • Food&Beverage

EM Bakery Equipment Ltd.

Tel: 403-291-0660 866-999-0660 Fax: 403-291-0661 Mktg: Adrian Feddema Admin: Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 10–50 • Gluten Free • Organic Products • Pasta-Various • Specialty Foods


• Confectionary • Snack Food

2209 Springer Ave. Burnaby BC V5B 3N1 Canada Mgmt: Mark Uncao Mfg: Est: 1982

Tel: 604-294-3500

Rev: $ M

Fax: 604-294-3755 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Equip-Baking • Equip-Mixers • Ovens

Elite International Foods Inc. is focused on providing our customers with unique quality products and building strong customer relationships with outstanding service.

EM serves a variety of baking production applications including supplying and servicing small artisan bakeries, institutional organizations, and supermarket chains. Our baking equipment selection represents quality machinery produced by quality manufacturers with decades of combined experience in the baking industry. This coupled with our own market experience provides our clients with modern dependable machinery backed by solid and productive organizational support.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Ellis Packaging Ltd. 1830 Sandstone Manor Pickering ON L1W 3Y1 Canada Pres: Cathie Ellis Ops: Glen Sterling Est: 1985 - Private

Embassy Flavours Ltd. Tel: 416-798-7715

Rev: $ M

Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff: 100–500

• Packaging-Blistering • Paperboard • FSC/SFI Certified

1-2-5 Intermodel Dr. Brampton ON L6T 5V9 Canada Pres: Martino Brambilla Mfg: Est: 1979 - Private • Baking Ingredients • Baking Mixes • Flavours • Extracts

Tel: 905-789-3200 800-334-3371 Fax: 905-789-3201 Mktg: Olga Jovnyruk Admin: Shawn O'Shaughnessy, CMO Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 50–100

• Vanilla/Products • Teas-Various • Coffee • Manufacturer

• PrivateLabelContract • Exporting

Providing new perspective to meet the unique challenges of the personal care, food and confectionary industries. The Pickering plant (which is fondly referred to as the "mothership") is an 85,000 sq. ft., ISO-certified facility that specializes in high-quality folding cartons for the food, liquor, personal care, neutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. With speed to market and an everchanging landscape, Pickering has the latest in manufacturing equipment offering both printing processes.

Specializing in baking ingredients and flavour design, Embassy’s distinctive approach combines the expertise of certified flavourists and bakery specialists under one roof resulting in superior product design and innovation. Manufactured in its BRC Certified facility, Embassy’s bakery ingredients and flavour creations are produced to the highest quality and food safety standards.

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Ellis Packaging West Inc. 136 Victoria Road South Guelph ON N1E 5P6 Canada Pres: John Clarke Mfg: Scott Dostal Est: 1985 - Private

Tel: 519-822-7060 800-265-2664 Fax: 519-822-9378 Mktg: Brian Hayward Admin: Ms. Ingrid Treusch Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 50–100

• Packaging-Carton

Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions Retail Solutions Tel: 519-720-2249 145 Sherwood Dr. Brantford ON N3T 1N8 Canada Fax: 519-756-3689 Mgmt: Jeffrey Stroud Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: Public Rev: $ M Staff: • Refrigeration • Air Conditioning • Alarm Monitoring • Compressor Syst

• Equip-Refridge • Solutions

The Guelph plant is an FSC & SFI, ISO Standard production facility dedicated to the high quality orientated Confectionary market while offering the Lean Manufacturing required for the Food & Beverage industries. In house manufacturing specialties include Hot Foil Stamping, Cello Windowing along with paperboard Clamshell & Produce Tray Forming.

Single source HVAC, refrigeration, and facility management solutions to the world's leading supermarkets and retail chains, dramatically increasing our customers' profitability.

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Mfg: N Labs:



Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Enershield Air Barriers 16821 113 Ave. Edmonton AB T5M 2X2 Canada Mgmt: Mike Launer Mfg: Ben Higgins Est: • Energy Savings • Barriers • Doors • Equip-Leasing

Erie Meat Products Ltd. Tel: 866-464-3667

Rev: $ M

• Equip-LoadDock • Equip-Sanitation • Food Safety • Heating Systems

Fax: 780-482-4074 Mktg: Mike Launer Admin: Staff: 10–50 • Insect Repellent • Manufacturer • Odour Control • Temp Monitoring

3180 Wharton Way Mississauga ON L4X 2C1 Canada Pres: Simon Rosen Mfg: Est: 1977 • Meat-Products • Meat-Beef • Meat-Pork • Meat-Poultry

Tel: 905-624-2285 Fax: 905-625-8815

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff: 100–500

• Deli/Meats

Manufacturer of Air Curtain (Air Barriers) for many types of businesses in the retail, commercial & industrial sectors since 1998. We specialize in Air Curtains - 100% of our strategic focus is on the Air Door technology; we believe a product should do what it is advertised to do - save energy and provide a cleaner, more comfortable environment for both employees & customers. Enershield Air Barriers can create up to a 90% unobstructed seal on open doorways - eliminating plastic curtains.

Specializing in further processing of meat products, including poultry, beef and pork. At its HACCP-certified facilities, Erie Meats produces 100 different products, including a wiener line, ground chicken and turkey, boneless chicken breasts, deli meats and breaded and battered products. In Canada, the company's customers include industrial clients, foodservice customers and national retailers.

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:

Enterprise Paper Co. Ltd. 95 Brigantine Drive Coquitlam BC V3K 6Y9 Canada Partner: Dave Leeson Mfg: Est: 1972 - Private • Labels/Labeling • Paper Products • Equip-Sanitation • Food Serv. Packing

Etalex Inc.

Tel: 604-522-6295 888-522-6295 Fax: 604-522-6297 Mktg: Dave Leeson Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Gloves • Packaging • Packaging-Carton • Packaging-Materials

• Pkg-Pouch Filling • Printed Packag Mat'l • Vacuum Packaging • Cleaning Products

8501 Jarry St., East Anjou QC H1J 1H7 Canada Mgmt: Jean Piuze Mfg: J-F Rousseau Est: 1966 - Private • Store Fixtures • Gondola Shelving • Wall Units • Product Display

Tel: 514-351-2000 800-351-3125 Fax: 514-351-2100 Sales: Mr. Alain Charbonneau Admin: J-Y Majeau Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 100–500 • Shelving • Storage Systems • Racks/Rails

Enterprise Paper is one of the fastest growing paper and packaging distributors in Canada. We offer new and innovative ideas at competitive pricing. We are known for our knowledgeable sales representatives, customer service and our state-of-the-art warehouse system; as well, we offer friendly and reliable quality service.

Founded in 1966, Etalex is the reference in the manufacturing of commercial shelving, furniture, and storage systems in Canada. Etalex provides a complete range of well-established and innovative products that will accommodate any store environment. We recognize the importance of custom-made solutions and fabrication.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Epsilon Chemicals Ltd. 1926 - 94 Street Tel: 780-438-3040 Edmonton AB T6N 1J3 800-361-6348 Canada Fax: 780-438-3033 Mgmt: Peter Dunn Mktg: Peter Dunn Mfg: Peter Dunn Admin: Ms. Tracey Minnikin Est: 1990 - Private Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 10–50 • Cleaning Products • Equip-Cleaning • Equip-Sanitation • Equip-Washing

• Sanitation • Chemicals

See ad pg. 21

Ethical Bean Coffee Co. 1315 Kootenay St. Vancouver BC V5K 4Y3 Canada CEO: Lloyd Bernhardt Ops: Viren Malik Est: 2003

Tel: 604-431-3830 877-431-3830 Fax: 604-431-3834 Mktg: Lauren Archibald Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Rewards Program • Teas-Various • Fair Trade

The FOOD PLANT SANITATION GROUP of Epsilon Chemicals Ltd. is in the business of solving sanitation problems for the food industry by offering complete consultation service as well as: a complete line of chemical cleaners, chemical sanitizers, presaturated hard surface wipes, hygiene monitoring equipment, automated cleaning systems, and cross contamination prevention equipment.

Lloyd Bernhardt and Kim Schachte established the Ethical Bean Coffee Company in Summer 2003 in Vancouver B.C. Ethical Bean has quickly evolved into the Lower Mainland's fastest growing Certified Fair Trade coffee supplier and BC's only 100% Transfair Canada Certified Fair Trade coffee roaster. (CHFA Mbr)

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Euro Can Pet Products 367 Victoria St. New Hamburg ON N3A 2K5 Canada Pres: Mauro Trinchini Mfg: Est: 1989


Everest Enterprises Tel: 519-662-6325 888-290-7606 Fax: 519-662-1083 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Pet Care/Food

#3, 401 33 St. NE Calgary AB T2A 1X5 Canada Mgmt: Brad Gunning Mfg: Est: 2011 - Private

Tel: 403-277-1886 Fax: 403-276-9963 Sales: Brad Gunning Admin: Brad Gunning Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 1–10

• Coffee • Capsules • Beverages

We combine all natural ingredients with industry-leading quality standards to create healthy treats your dog will love. An innovator and best-in-class manufacturer, Eurocan markets some of North America's most trusted brands, including Barnsdale Farms and BULLWRINKLES. Our products are available in pet specialty stores, large retail outlets, grocery stores and other retailers.

Everest Enterprises; offers 130+ varieties of Keurig Hot 2.0 Compatible Coffees, Tea's, Cappuccino's, Hot Choco's and Ciders. These major brands are Cake Boss, Guy Fieri, Skinny Girl, Torani, Hurricane, Barnie's, Brooklyn, Tootsie, Stash, Java Factory, Hamilton Mills and Donut Shop. $250 minimum / Courier Service, Freight included threshold, Direct to store delivery. 250+ Flavours of Monin and Davinci Syrups, smoothies and puree's.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

Euro-Excellence, division of Regal

Everland Natural Foods

1625 Bldv Dagenais West Tel: 450-632-9440 Laval QC H7L 5A3 800-461-3876 Canada Fax: 450-977-0827 Mgmt: Mr. Nicolas Libbrecht Mktg: Mr. Ibanne Puchulutéguy Mfg: Admin: Est: 1985 Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 10–50 • Importer • Distributor • Chocolate • Gourmet Food

• Confectionary • Cookies

7442 Fraser Park Drive Burnaby BC V5J 5B9 Canada Mgmt: Rajinder Bagga Mfg: Mr. Kulwant Bagga Est: 2005 - Private • Kosher/Parve • Organic Products • Sweeteners • Salsa

Tel: 604-254-9480 Fax: 604-253-0939 Mktg: Rattan Bagga Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50

• Sauces • Spreads • Supplements • Peanut Butter

• Juices/Juicers • Nutraceuticals • Oil & Vinegar • Ethnic Foods

Founded in 1985, Euro-Excellence originally specialized in importing high-end chocolate. Over the years, the company has significantly expanded and diversified its catalog to offer a wide range of gourmet products divided in 4 categories: Cookies, Chocolate, Confectionery and Fine Food. Since its acquisition in November 2016, Euro-Excellence is a division of Regal Confections Inc., the largest distributor of confectioneries in Canada.

A Canadian private company manufacturing BC Kosher and QAI certified organic and natural foods. We make cruelty-free, healthy vegan/vegetarian foods such as premium grains, dried fruits, coconut products, specialty oils, natural sweeteners, condiments & supplements.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

European Fine Foods Co. Inc. 1191 Crestlawn Dr. Mississauga ON L4W 1A7 Canada Mgmt: Margarete Szczepanik Mfg: Est: 1986 • Distributor • Importer • Exporting • Beverages

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium Tel: 905-206-0964

Fax: 905-206-0781 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Confectionary • Cereal • Condiments • Cookies

• Desserts • Jam/Jelly • Ethnic-European • Kosher/Parve

625 2nd Avenue East Tel: 519-376-0470 PO Box 396 866-323-4362 Owen Sound ON N4K 5P7 Canada Fax: 519-376-6092 Mgmt: Bren de Leeuw Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: 1986 Rev: $ M Staff: • Business Service • Association • Food&Beverage • Agri-Food

European Fine Foods Co. Inc. is an importer and distributor of quality European food products, specializing in Eastern European brands. Our own, Canadian-made, BABCI brand of preserves and condiments such as mayonnaise and mustards is a favourite among ethnic and specialty customers.

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) is a unique not-forprofit organization dedicated to helping Canadian Manufacturers. EMC offers consortium members a broad range of services and programs to help them become more competitive. Their investment is returned in lower costs, better opportunities to compete for business and lower stress in dealing with the day-to-day complexities of running a manufacturing operation.

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Mfg: N Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Excelsior Foods Inc. 178 - 180 Milvan Drive Toronto ON M9L 1Z9 Canada Mgmt: Daniel Violante Mfg: Est: 1953 • Seasonal Merch. • Pasta-Various • Biscotti • Ethnic Foods

Extreme Reach Canada Tel: 416-740-8500 800-845-5636 Fax: 416-740-8506 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Manufacturer • Tomato/Products • Oil & Vinegar • Organic Products

• Beverages • Cookies • Chocolate • Specialty Foods

635 Queen St E Toronto ON M4M 1G4 Canada Mgmt: Anna Haine Mfg: Est: 1997 - Private • Ads Clearance • Analytical Testing • Consulting • Digestive Aids

Tel: 416-964-7539 800-463-6456 Fax: Mktg: Sales: Ashley Allinson Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Personal Care • Beverages

Established in 1953, Excelsior Foods has long been providing Canadians with the perfect cup of espresso. Excelsior Bar Extra Espresso is the #1 brand of domestically produced espresso in Canada. Excelsior Foods also imports and nationally distributes a wide array of fine Italian food products.

MIJO, established in 1978, is a technology-based, people-driven company. Offering an ever-expanding suite of integrated services, MIJO provides final broadcast, print and digital media materials to the Advertising, Entertainment, and Broadcast industries. For more information, visit (CHFA Mbr)

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N

Exchange Solutions 1200-36 Toronto Street Toronto ON M5C 2C5 Canada Pres: Steven J. Hoffman Ops: Larry Richardson Est: 1996 • Rewards Program • Marketing Services • Consulting • Ecommerce

Falesca Importing Ltd. Tel: 416-646-7000 Fax: 416-646-7050 Sales: Mr. Xavier Torres Admin: Shane O'Neil Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Communication • Data Collection

113 Charles Street North Vancouver BC V7H 1S1 Canada Pres: Tania Gallina Mfg: Est: 1965 - Private Rev: $ M • Ethnic Foods • Importer • Distributor • Pasta-Various

• Tomato/Products • Oil & Vinegar • Produce/Fruit&Veg • Cookies

Tel: 604-929-5711 Fax: 604-929-7661 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50 • Beverages • Organic Products

Exchange Solutions delivers intelligent customer engagement programs that maximize profitability. We help companies identify each customers’ “behavior gaps”, then use individualized incentives to motivate incremental, and profitable, customer behavior change. Our cloud-based platform and data-driven approach deliver quicker results and better ROI than traditional customer engagement or loyalty programs.

Falesca Importing Ltd. is a family-owned and operated business that has been importing and distributing European gourmet foods since 1965. In addition to importing European foods, our company also specializes in the roasting of coffee beans for espresso and drip coffee machines and we take pride in manufacturing chocolate Easter eggs.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Export Packers Company Limited 107 Walker Dr Brampton ON L6T 5K5 Canada Mgmt: Peter Kwong Mfg: Est: 1937 - Private • Seafood-Products • Frozen Foods • Frozen Food-Fruit • Meat-Products

FANUC Canada, Ltd. Tel: 905-792-9700

Fax: 905-792-3569 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $100+ M Staff: 100–500

• Meat-Poultry • Fruit Juice

6774 Financial Dr. Mississauga ON L5N 7J6 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Peter Fitzgerald Mfg: Est: Private

Tel: 905-812-2300 800-326-8387 Fax: 905-812-2350 Mktg: Ms. Tanya Proietti Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Robots • Automation

Export Packers has been building its international reputation for innovation and quality in the import/export and marketing of food commodities. We operate five key business segments: International Trading, Domestic Food Service, Retail, Asian and Fresh Seafood. We continuously strive to be a premiere diversified international food company, delivering a commitment of quality, price and a level of customer service no one else can match, in a culture that is performance driven.

FANUC Canada is a subsidiary of FANUC America and FANUC Corporation in Japan. FANUC provides industry-leading CNC systems, robotics, and ROBOMACHINEs. With over 4 Million CNC's and 400,000 robots installed worldwide, FANUC’s innovative technologies and proven expertise help manufacturers maximize efficiency, reliability and profitability.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Farleyco Marketing Inc. 30 East Wilmot St. Richmond Hill ON L4B 1A4 Canada Mgmt: Patsy Pope Mfg: Est: 1989


Farmer Direct Co-operative Ltd. Tel: 905-709-2650 Fax: 905-709-8731 Mktg: Patsy Pope Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Distributor • Sales/Services

1024 Winnipeg St Regina SK S4R 8P8 Canada Mgmt: Chad Campbell Mfg: Est: 2002 • Organic Products • Flax/Products • Hemp Products • Beans

Tel: 306-352-2444 Fax: 306-352-2443 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 1–10 • Grains • Pulses • Legumes • Lentils

• Oil Seeds/Plants • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Food Ingredients

Farleyco Marketing is a master distributor and sales agency offering full retail coverage to all types of commercial outlets, from chain warehouses to small independent drug stores. We supply a full marketing and sales program for the Canadian marketplace.

Farmer Direct Co-operative Ltd. is the only company in North America to combine all three attributes of farmer-ownership, fair trade and organics under one brand. Farmer Direct Co-op’s 60+ organic family farm members grow grain, legume and oilseed crops such as hempseed, flaxseed, lentils, peas, beans and ancient grains. Farmer Direct Co-op supplies bulk organic products to retailers and distributors in 25 lb. and 50 lb. bags and to food manufacturers and wholesalers in 2000 lb. totes, truckloads and rail cars.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

Farm Credit Canada

Farmer Johns Herbs

Agribusiness and Agri-Food 1800 Hamilton St., PO Box 4320 Regina SK S4P 4L3 Canada CEO: Michael Hoffort Mfg: Est: Rev: $ M

Tel: 855-230-6821 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Finance

116 Bessie North Rd. Canning NS B0P 1H0 Canada Owner: John Lohr Mfg: Est:

Tel: 902-582-3252 Fax: 902-582-1619

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Spices • Herbs • Teas-Various

The food business is unique. Your financing should be too. Grow with a lender who understands Canadian food. With over 100,000 customers, big and small, and a portfolio that tops $30 billion, Farm Credit Canada can help build your business success story.

Our farm philosophy is to produce what we believe to be the worlds finest summer savory and use it to create great food products! We are always working on new projects and are proud to announce a line of 6 new tea products! Old world and modern flavours are combined in inventive and enjoyable herbal teas using Summer Savory. Summer Savory contains oregano oil, and so do our teas. We are currently certified with Atlantic Certified Organic and now package 30 organic herbs and spices.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:

Farm Fresh Poultry Co-op. Inc. 191 John Street, Box 729 Harriston ON N0G 1Z0 Canada Mgmt: Ken Moffett Mfg: Mike Pyne Est:

Tel: 519-338-3200 800-648-3276 Fax: 519-338-3276 Mktg: Eric Rae Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Meat-Poultry

Fazio Foods International Ltd. 1050 Glen Dr. Vancouver BC V6A 3M6 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1988 - Private • Salad Dressings • Oils - Various • Sauces • Spreads

Tel: 604-253-2668 Fax: 604-253-5535

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Felix Lau Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Dips • PrivateLabelContract

Processor of a full line of high quality air chilled poultry products (both fresh and frozen). Our products cater to a wide variety of tastes for the discerning poultry consumer. All of our poultry is naturally air chilled for superior flavour, with no water added.

Trusted name in the food industry serving domestic and international customers for over 15 years. Canadian owned and operated, we offer a full line of cooking oils, mayonnaise, salad dressings, sauces, spreads, and dips. We can make your customized formula. We can make our products with your private label brand.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Federated Insurance

Fielding Group Ltd.

255 Commerce Dr Tel: 844-628-6800 PO Box 5800 Winnipeg MB R3P 1B3 Canada Fax: 204-783-4443 Mgmt: Rick Hurlin Mktg: Karen Hamilton Mfg: Rick Hurlin Admin: Karen Hamilton Est: 1920 - Private Rev: $100+ M Staff: 100–500 • Insurance • Risk Management • Information • Loss Prevention

• Services • Solutions

3043 Universal Drive Mississauga ON L4X 2E2 Canada Mgmt: Jim Fielding Mfg: Est: 1981

Tel: 905-624-9609 Fax: 905-624-8510 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff:

• Chocolate • Cookies • Crackers

Federated Insurance is a 100% Canadian-owned direct writing commercial insurance specialist that has been serving Canadian businesses of all sizes for over 95 years. With over 100 dedicated Commercial Insurance Specialists across the country, Federated Insurance can design customized and comprehensive programs specific to the needs of grocers, manufacturers, and wholesalers in the food industry.

Importer, distributor, wholesaler and exporter of chocolate and gourmet items. Uniquely packaged items for gourmet, gift baskets, hotels. Canadian and imported items.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:

See ad pg. 5

Fentimans North America 2286 Holdom Ave. Burnaby BC V5B 4Y5 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est:

Fiera Foods Tel: 877-326-3248

Fax: 877-326-3250 Mktg: Miss Karyssa Veltri Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Beverages • Beverages-Soda

50 Marmora St. Toronto ON M9M 2X5 Canada CEO: Boris Serebryany Mfg: Est:

Tel: 416-746-1010

Rev: $ M

Fax: Mktg: COO: Alex Garber Staff:

• Baked Goods • Frozen Foods

Every bottle of Fentimans is created using our special "Botanical Brewing" recipe which utilizes infusion, boiling, and the natural process of fermentation.

Perpetual innovation > We are innovation leaders in Bagels, Puff Pastries, Danish Pastries, Croissants, Artisan Breads, Rolls, Sandwich Carriers, Filled Cookies, Muffins and Cakes. Solutions, speed and versatility > Our strengths include always finding solutions no matter how challenging; Delivering products and programs quickly to provide our customers an edge in the market; On time deliveries and after sale service.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Field Farms Ltd. & Sara's Natural RR 1, 4922 Lasalle Line Petrolia ON N0N 1R0 Canada Mgmt: Toni Felder Mfg: Est: • Organic Products • Meat-Products • Frozen Foods • Flour

Filbitron Systems Group Tel: 519-882-2976

Rev: $ M

• Flax/Products • Deli/Meats • Fair Trade • Broker

Fax: 519-882-3988 Mktg: Rita Felder Admin: Staff: • Ethnic Foods

178 Torbay Road Markham ON L3R 1G6 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Mario Massarella Mfg: Est: 1982 • Software • Data Collection • Computer Systems • Network Systems

Tel: 905-477-0450 Fax: 905-477-5189 Mktg: Mr. Mario Massarella Admin: Mr. Mario Massarella Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Shelf Mgmt Systems • Supply Chain Solut'n • Audits & SOPs • Category Mgmt

• Inventory • Automation • CRM • Technology

Field Farms Ltd. is devoted to offering organic and specialty grains to the world market by meeting the needs of their customers and the challenging demands of today's market. By offering a healthy alternative, they have the best interest of not only their customers but also the markets they serve and the environment in mind.

The leading Canadian Supplier of In-Store, Field Sales Automation for the CPG Industry. Based on Tablet Computers the WriteTRAC system has a proven, high level Return on Investment. It is easy to use as a data collection and delivery solution. In-Store Photos of displays add to the accurate reporting available to Field and Brand Managers. WriteTRAC has is especially powerful for the Brokerage Market. The ability to collect and monitor In-Store data for multiple brands and categories is one of the true strengths of the System.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Fine Choice Foods Ltd. 23111 Fraserwood Way Richmond BC V6V 3B3 Canada Pres: Mr. Charles Lui Mfg: Est: 1986 - Private • Appetizers • Asian Food • Custom Products • Ethnic Foods


Fladgate Packaging Systems Ltd. Tel: 604-522-3110 Fax: 866-372-7744 Sales: Emily Tang Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Food&Beverage • Frozen Foods • Gourmet Food • Noodles

• PrivateLabelContract • Refrig'd Food • Seafood-Products • Vegetarian

30-7651 Francis Rd. Richmond BC V6Y 1A3 Canada Mgmt: Mike Fladgate Mfg: Est: 2006 - Private Rev: $1–5 M

Tel: 604-612-7778 Fax: Mktg: Mike Fladgate Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Packaging-Blistering • Equipment

Fine Choice Foods is a Canadian-owned, family run business dedicated to delivering quality Asian foods for the North American market since 1986. We offer a large range of products including Spring Rolls, Potstickers, Gyoza Dumplings, and Wontons to innovative items such as Pizza Egg Rolls, and Apple Cinnamon Spring Rolls. We are a large capacity, high efficiency plant who can work with custom products and Private Label projects.

Fladgate Packaging Systems has more than 25 years supplying Machinery to the Food, Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Packaging Industries. We represent industry leading Packaging Machinery and QA Asssurance Equipment for the four Western Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Fire in the Kitchen Spice Co. 2461 Concession Rd 3 Palgrave ON L0N 1P0 Canada Mgmt: Christian Horner Mfg: Est: Private

Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation Tel: 855-712-0649

Fax: Mktg: Mark Venton Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Marinades • Seasonings • Spices

4100 72 Avenue SE Tel: 403-207-3226 Calgary AB T2C 2C1 Canada Fax: 403-235-2753 Mgmt: Corporate Headquarters Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: 1992 Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500 • Packaging • Packaging-Materials • Printed Packag Mat'l • Film

• Vacuum Packaging • Packaging-Consulting

We have an incredible selection of dry rub marinades and specialty seasonings for the Food Service Industry. Whether you are preparing food for take-out or dine in, our products will enhance your customer’s food experience, guaranteed. Our seasonings are perfect for beef, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, fish and wild game, also great for soups, salads, pastas, sandwiches, veggies and dips.

For 25 years, Flair has led the industry in high quality packaging films for fresh, frozen, fully cooked, and retorted food products, in addition to a variety of non-food applications.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

First Spice Mixing Company 98 Tycos Dr. Toronto ON M6B 1V9 Canada Pres: Julianna Schlosser Mfg: Est: • Spices • Meat-Products • Seasonings • Meat-Poultry

Rev: $ M

• Seafood-Products • Snack Food • Dips • Salad Dressings

Flair also utilizes state-of-the-art printing systems to provide the richest, most attractive, most consistent graphics possible. From general packaging needs to unique packaging challenges, Flair has you covered!

Flamingo Foods Ltd. / Scardillo Cheese Tel: 416-787-1201 800-268-1679 Fax: 416-787-5035 Mktg: Admin: Staff: • Ethnic Foods • Product Development • Functional Foods • Food Safety

7865 Venture Street Burnaby BC V5A 1V1 Canada Mgmt: Kathy Scardillo Mfg: Est: 1980

Tel: 604-420-9892

Rev: $ M

Fax: 604-420-9895 Mktg: Kathy Scardillo Admin: Staff:

• Cheese-Various

Serving the Food Industry Since 1940 in: Custom Seasoning Blends; Functional Food Ingredients; Processing Aids; Ingredient Supplier; Research & Development; Troubleshooting; Formula & Technical Information. First Spice is committed to total food safety with the mission of maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

A family owned and operated business since 1959 and now the largest independent cheese makers in B.C. Specializing in Italian cheese, we also produce a large selection of other cheese types.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Flavorcan International Inc. 145 Dynamic Dr. Scarborough ON M1V 5L8 Canada Pres: Brad Gorassi Mfg: Est: 1987 - Private • Extracts • Flavours • Ingredients • Baking Ingredients

Flow Water Inc. Tel: 416-321-2124

Fax: 416-321-8231 Mktg: Michael Lockyer Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Botanicals • Gluten Free • Kosher/Parve • Seasonings

• Spices • Manufacturer

51 Jefferson Ave. Toronto ON M6K 1Y3 Canada Mgmt: Michael Lines Mfg: Est:

Tel: 844-356-9426 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Water-Spring

Recognized as a leader in its industry, supplying high quality, custom designed flavor to many of the top companies in allindustries. Flavorcan International Inc. is a Canadian owned & operated company. All manufacturing is conducted in Canada. Products include Flavors, Vanilla, Essential Oils, Spice Oleoresins, Spice Hydroresins, Natural Extracts, Seasonings and Colors. We specialize in spray dry flavours. We are nut free , FSC22000, Kosher & Organic.

Flow is a 100% natural Canadian spring water, mindfully sourced in an eco-friendly box and packed with electrolytes, essential minerals and an alkaline Ph.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Flexstar Packaging Inc. 13320 River Rd. Richmond BC V6V 1W7 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Dale Ince Est:

FMS Solutions Holdings, LLC

Rev: $ M

Tel: 604-273-9277 800-663-1177 Fax: 604-273-4889 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 50–100

• Packaging

8028 Ritchie Highway, Ste. 212 Tel: 615-294-4055 Pasadena MD 21122 877-435-9400 USA Fax: 410-761-9237 Mgmt: Robert Graybill, Pres Sales: Mark Ehleben, VP Ops: Jon Cline, VP CFO: Dave Goggin Est: 1974 - Private Rev: $ M Staff: • Accounting • Business Service • Consulting • Payroll Services

FLEXSTAR Packaging Inc. manufactures custom flexo printing for laminated rollstock, Stand Up Pouches (SUP), pattern cold seal, high barrier lamination for the coffee, cereal, snacking nuts, dried fruits and other food items. We also have a full graphic department in house with a FTP site.

FMS was Founded in 1974 to meet the accounting and payroll needs of independent grocers. FMS services over 3,500 stores in Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean with accounting and payroll outsourcing along with accounting and payroll software specifically designed for the grocery retail industry. FMS is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland with additional offices in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, New Jersey, Texas, Oregon, and in 2016 opened its first Canadian office just outside of Toronto, Ontario.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

Floating Leaf Fine Foods Floating Leaf Fine Foods 28-Christopher Street, group 525 RR5 Box 30 Winnipeg MB R2C 2Z2 Canada Mgmt: Murray Ratuski Mfg: Est: 2007 - Private Rev: $10–50 M

Foley Dog Treat Company Inc. Tel: 204-989-7696 866-989-7696 Fax: 204-943-4719 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Rice Products • Organic Products • Vegan • Proteins

B-1945 Bollinger Rd Nanaimo BC V9S 5W9 Canada Mgmt: Cheryl Foley Mfg: Cheryl Foley Est: 2010 - Private

Tel: 250-753-3647

Rev: $1–5 M

Fax: 250-753-3677 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Wholesaler • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Pet Care/Food • PrivateLabelContract

For over 70 years, the Ratuski family has provided North American kitchens with world-class wild rice products. This wild rice complements almost any meal with its rich, nutty flavor. We use our experience, expertise and good judgement to produce premium wild rice products and serve the needs of our retail, food service, bulk, export and private label clients with excellence. Co-Packing Services: We have the capacity to co-package in our Winnipeg facility and is accredited with BRC, Kosher, & Organic.

We manufacture and wholesale premium grain free dog treats. We use antibiotic and hormone free meats and antioxidant and Omega 3 and 6 rich fruits and vegetables in producing our dog treats. We source our supplies within Canada where possible.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Foley's Candies Limited Partnership 11520 Horseshoe Way Richmond BC V7A 4V5 Canada CEO: Andrew Elliott Mfg: Est:


Food Process Systems, Inc.

Tel: 604-274-2131 Fax: 604-275-1682 Sales: Jay Mann Sales: Phil Pitzey Rev: $ M Staff:

• Confectionary • PrivateLabelContract • Baking Ingredients • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls

930 Development Dr. PO Box 327 Lodi WI 53555 USA Mgmt: Carolyn Thompson Mfg: Est: 1989 - Private

Tel: 608-592-7793

Rev: $ M

Fax: 608-592-5921 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Equip-Packaging • Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-MatrlHdlg • Equip-Stainless

Foley's Candies has been manufacturing fine quality chocolate for more than 40 years in Vancouver, BC. (CHFA Mbr)

Since 1989 Food Process Systems has been designing and building custom processing solutions for poultry, seafood, meat, dairy, and snack food producers. Our focus is sanitary design and innovative material handling concepts, especially vibratory technology.

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:

Food Development Centre

Food Processing Development Centre

Agriculture Tel: 204-239-3150 810 Phillips St., PO Box 1240 800-870-1044 Portage la Prairie MB R1N 3J9 Canada Fax: 204-239-3180 CEO: Patty Rosher Mktg: Roberta Irvine Mfg: Admin: Est: 1977 - Government Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50 • Research & Dev. • Agri-Food • Analytical Testing • Beverages

• Flax/Products • Gluten Free • Natural Health Prod. • Omega-3 Products

• Process Development • Sauces • Vacuum Packaging

6309 - 45 St. Leduc AB T9E 7C5 Canada Mgmt: Wanda Aubee Mfg: Est: Government

Tel: 780-986-4793 Fax: 780-986-5138 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

Rev: $ M

• Process Development

A Special Operating Agency of Manitoba Agriculture, the Food Development Centre provides contract research and development services for the value-added agricultural products processing sector. We have a CFIA-registered pilot plant where clients and staff work together to develop high quality processed foods and ingredients.

The Food Processing Development Centre is a modern, fully equipped pilot plant and product development laboratory facility. It is staffed with experienced food scientists, engineers and technologists. Centre services are designed to strengthen and expand the capability of Alberta's food processors to meet the challenges of the marketplace through application of new technology and the development of new or improved products and processes.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Labs:

Food Distribution Guy 2785 Lindholm Crescent Mississauga ON L5M 4P7 Canada CEO: Richard Baker Mfg: Est:

Food Processing Human Resources Council Tel: 416-768-7648 Fax:

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Branding • Marketing Services • Sales/Services • Business Development

201-3030 Conroy Road Otttawa ON K1G 6C2 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 2009 • Information • Training/Education • Certification • Food Allergens

Tel: 613-237-7988 877-963-7472 Fax: 613-237-9939

Rev: $ M • Food&Beverage • Food Processing • HACCP • Health & Safety

Mktg: Dayna Poulin Admin: Staff: • QA/QC • Sanitation • Agri-Food

Food Distribution Guy is Canada’s first independently operated marketing - brand management service dedicated to the food and beverage sector. Our mandate is to help our clients Get Listed and Stay Listed within Canada's grocery industry. We offer business development support for new product launches and new market entry.

FPHRC represents the learning needs for Canadian food and beverage processors and manufacturers. We focus on addressing your skills and training requirements in a variety of areas including; food safety, worker certification, leadership, wage subsidy assistance, and more. As a not-for-profit organization, the council aims to ensure that Canadian processors are equipped with affordable learning tools and resources to face the future confidently, knowing that your workers are highly skilled.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Food Supplies Company Inc. 355 Rayette Road, Unit 10 Concord ON L4K 2G2 Canada Pres: Mr. Stephen Clark Ops: Mr. Bob Kelly Est: 1993 - Private • Ingredients • Seasonings • Knives • Signage

Foodland Ontario

Tel: 905-669-2886 800-387-1098 Fax: 905-669-1671 Mktg: Mr. Joe Etter Admin: Mr. Mohsin Masood Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Pricing/Tags • Casings • Health & Safety • Thermometers

• Merchandising Systms • Equipment • Marinades • Product Demo

1 Stone Rd., W., 3rd Fl. Guelph ON N1G 4Y2 Canada Mgmt: Barbara Smith Mfg: Est: Government Rev: $ M • Marketing Services • Meat-Products • Dairy Products • Fruit

• Honey • Organic Products • Organic Produce • POS

Tel: 519-826-3946 877-424-1300 Fax: 519-826-3460 Mktg: Admin: Staff: • Meat-Poultry • Vegetable

Enhancing The Food Experience since 1993, Food Supplies is a full service provider to the Retail, Processor and Food-service markets across North America. We offer a vast array of food ingredients, merchandising solutions and food-service equipment and supplies, with a focus on Custom Idea Generation (CIG)™ for our valued customers.

A successful marketing program that offers retailers a competitive edge. The Foodland Ontario symbol has tremendous recognition with consumers looking and asking for Foodland Ontario by name.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

Food Supplies Company Inc. (Western-Canada) #204 - 9489 200th St. Langley BC V1M 3A7 Canada Mgmt: Skylar Auer Mfg: Est: 1993 - Private • Equipment • Ingredients • Seasonings • Knives

Tel: 604-888-9042 800-387-1098 Fax: 604-888-1385 Mktg: Admin: Ms. Rebecca Wilson Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50 • Signage • Pricing/Tags • Casings • Health & Safety

• Merchandising Systms • Product Demo • Product Display • Shelf Mgmt Systems

FoodPack Inc. 7700 Pine Valley Drive PO Box 72083 Woodbridge ON L4L 8N8 Canada Pres: Frank Celebre Mfg: Est: 1994 - Private Rev: $5–10 M • Bags • Broker • Packaging • Containers

• Deli/Meats • Food Service • Wrapping • Paper Products

Tel: 416-659-4149 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10 • Trays

A full-service provider to the retail, processor and food service markets across North America supplying custom merchandising equipment and food ingredient solutions.

FoodPack Inc. is a Packaging Solutions Provider specializing in packaging for the Canadian market. Food Packaging - plastic, foam, paper and foil containers and trays, plastic bags, paper wrapping & bags, glass containers, paper cups and cartons.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Foodcon PO Box 247 Paris ON N3L 3G2 Canada Mgmt: Don Plumstead Mfg: Est: 1975 - Private

Foothills Creamery Tel: 519-442-4911 Fax: 519-442-1629 Mktg: Don Plumstead Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Design • Consulting • Engineering • Construction

2825-Bonnybrook Road SE Tel: 403-263-7725 Calgary AB T2G 4N1 800-661-4909 Canada Fax: 403-237-5051 Mgmt: Don Bayrack Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: 1969 - Private Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 50–100 • Butter • Ice Cream • Warehouse • Accessories

• PrivateLabelContract

Over 40 years experience in the Design and Construction of Food Processing Plants. Services provided include: Preliminary Site Evaluation, Conceptional Design and Budget Costing; Zoning and Site Plan Applications; Final drawings, Engineering, Approvals and Building Permits; HACCP Plans; Building Construction, Renovations and Maintenance; and Trade Tendering.

Owned and operated by Albertans, Foothills Creamery has been producing quality products at its plant in Calgary since 1969. Foothills has grown to become recognized as a supplier of superior quality dairy products throughout Alberta and western Canada.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Fortress Technology Inc. 51 Grand Marshall Drive Toronto ON M1B 5N6 Canada Pres: Steve Gidman Mfg: Est: 1996 - Private • Metal Detection • Inspection • Food Safety • HACCP

Frobisher International Enterprise Ltd. Tel: 416-754-2898

Fax: 416-754-2976 Mktg: Kelly Sharpe Sales: Steve Mason Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• QA/QC • Food Quality Testing • Traceability • Manufacturer


• Equipment • Packaging • Equip-Packaging

1380 Cliveden Ave. Delta BC V3M 6K2 Canada Mgmt: Andy Cheslock Mfg: Est: 1999 • Seafood-Frozen • Seafood-Products • Appetizers • HACCP

Tel: 604-525-3333

Rev: $ M

Fax: 604-525-1111 Sales: Wayne Kolins Admin: Staff:

• Sushi Items

Never Obsolete Commitment: Fortress Detectors are always supported with parts, service and upgrades. Metal Detectors from Fortress Technology are customized to your application, easy-to-use, ultra-sensitive and high-speed systems. Equipped with powerful digital signal processing technology, the Fortress series of metal detectors provide fast, accurate detection of ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel metals. They comply with stringent HACCP, FSMA, BRC, SQF regulations and much more.

After supplying quality seafood for more than 20 years, Frobisher International Enterprise, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, is proud to introduce a new line, Ocean Mama. This new brand features an extensive line of Ocean Wise recommended products, that are now available, as well as other outstanding ethnic products for food service and retail markets that are developed from quality sources by our international Award- Winning Chef.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Fresh is Best Salsa Company 12 - 1425 Cariboo Place Kamloops BC V2C 5Z3 Canada Mgmt: Colin McGaffin Mfg: Est: 1999

From Farm to Table Canada Inc. Tel: 250-377-7555

Fax: 250-377-8148 Mktg: Admin: Lisa Graham-McGaffin Rev: $ M Staff:

• Salsa • Tortilla Chips • Dips

1721 Bishop St. Unit 1 - 3 Cambridge ON N1T 1N5 Canada Mgmt: Becky Smollett Mfg: Est: 2011 - Private • Gluten Free • Popcorn • Gourmet Food • Snack Food

Tel: 519-621-1163 Fax: 519-621-9107 Mktg: Bruce Dean Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Nut-free • Packaged Food • Specialty Foods • Whole Grain

In December of 1999 Fresh Is Best® Salsa Company opened their first store in Kamloops BC. Today you can find Fresh Is Best® Salsa and Fresh Is Best® Tortilla Chips in numerous retailer deli departments throughout Canada. Fresh Is Best® Salsa Company manufactures Fresh Is Best® Taco Shells, Fresh Is Best® Guacamole, Fresh Is Best® Garlic Spinach Dip and Fresh Is Best® Layer Dip. The full line of specialty products are also available at 2 Fresh Is Best® Salsa Co. retail outlet shops Kamloops, Vancouver.

At From Farm To Table Canada we manufacture popcorn popped to perfection. Working directly with Ontario growers who supply us with Pesticide Free and GMO Free corn. Local Food Plus. Meets school nutrition guidelines in all provinces.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Fresh Selections by Pasta Kitchen 103-350 Creditstone Rd Concord ON L4K 3Z2 Canada Mgmt: Michael Smith Mfg: Mrs. Leah Kuhne Est: 1986 - Private • Manufacturer • Refrig'd Food • Pasta-Various • Side Dishes

Tel: 905-760-0000 877-681-9147 Fax: Mktg: Mrs. Biljana Jordanoska Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Food Service • Modified Atmos. Pkg • PrivateLabelContract • Product Development

• QA/QC • Food Safety • Food Quality Testing • EDI

Frozen Coconut 102-1455 Ellis St. Kelowna BC V1Y 5A3 Canada Mgmt: Ryan Geni Mfg: Est: • Frozen Foods • Ice Cream • Desserts • Organic Products

Tel: 250-215-2246

Rev: $ M

Fax: Bus Dev: Kevin Carta Admin: Staff:

• Gluten Free • Nut-free

Pasta Kitchen has been providing consumers with meal solutions since 1986. Our fully cooked entrées and side dishes, which are sold fresh to retailers and foodservice operators, are table ready in minutes saving consumers time without sacrificing quality. Food safety and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us and we are strongly committed to upholding the highest standards of food safety and product quality.

Frozen Coconut gets its creamy flavor and texture from fair trade, organic, raw (flash heated) coconut milk. Frozen Coconut also has more coconut milk and less water than their competitors. For sweetness, 100% Agave syrup is used. And there's just a touch of Canadian Sea Salt to round out the flavors.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Futurpreneur Canada

Garland Canada

133 Richmond St., W., Ste. 700 Tel: 416-408-2923 Guelph ON M5H 2L3 800-464-2923 Canada Fax: 877-408-3234 Mgmt: Bus Dev: Daniel Graham Mfg: Admin: Est: Rev: $ M Staff: • Business Development

1177 Kamato Road Mississauga ON L4W 1X4 Canada Pres: Mary Chiarot Mfg: Est: • Distributor • Equip-Baking • Equip-Cooking • Equip-Deli

Tel: 905-624-1419 888-442-7526 Fax: 905-624-5669

Rev: $ M

• Equip-Food Serv. • Equip-Leasing • Equip-Pizza • Equip-Refridge

Mktg: Luis DaSilva Admin: Staff: • Steamers • Equip-Washing • Ovens • Fryers

Futurpreneur Canada has been fueling the entrepreneurial passions of Canada’s young enterprise for nearly two decades. We are the only national, non-profit organization that provides financing, mentoring and support tools to aspiring business owners aged 18-39. Our internationally recognized mentoring program hand matches young entrepreneurs with a business expert from a network of more than 2,800 volunteer mentors.

Garland Canada represents Manitowoc Foodservice leading brands within Canada, including Cleveland, Convotherm, Dean, Delfield, Frymaster, Garland, Lincoln, Merco, Merrychef, and U.S. Range. Garland Canada is dedicated to bringing value to foodservice operators by equipping them with real-world answers and solutions that enhance menus, service, profits and efficiency.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

G. E. Barbour Inc. 165 Stewart Avenue Sussex NB E4E 2G1 Canada Pres: Ms. Sylvia MacVey Ops: Mr. Gary Lajoie Est: 1867 • Peanut Butter • Teas-Various • Teas-Organic • Spreads

Gatekeeper Systems Canada Tel: 506-432-2300 Fax: 506-432-2323 Bus Dev: Mr. Jeff Rose Sales: Mr. Michael Trecartin Rev: $ M Staff:

• Spices • Herbs • Seasonings • Baking Ingredients

• Extracts • Organic Products • Kosher/Parve • Gluten Free

272 Galaxy Blvd. Etobicoke ON M9W 5R8 Canada Mgmt: Dave Wieder Mfg: Est: 2000

Tel: 416-798-8719 888-525-3564 Fax: 416-798-1978 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Carts/Baskets • Security • Equipment

Merchants of flavour since 1867. A family-owned company, Barbours is proud to produce King Cole teas, Barbours Nut Butters, spices & baking products, and we are a trusted partner in private label & co-manufacturing. We pride ourselves on our ability to capture opportunities with companies pursuing growth through customized partnership arrangements. We provide responsive, flexible service, established supply chains & an agile scheduling/processing & shipping capability to help others succeed.

Gatekeeper Sytems' product suite of intelligent cart solutions offer retailers innovative technology for stores to minimize merchandise loss and reduce asset and labor expenditures. Gatekeeper's loss prevention and cart containment solutions utilize locking wheel technology to reduce shrink by putting an end to cart based shoplifting and shopping cart loss.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

GAMMA Genuine Himalayan Crystal Salt 10&11-3625 Weston Road Toronto ON M9L 1W6 Canada Mgmt: Martha Angel Mfg: Est: Private • Manufacturer • Salts • General Merch. • Natural Health Prod.

Tel: 416-748-7700 866-725-8526 Fax: 416-748-7704 Mktg: Maria Angel Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Organic Products • Homeopathics

GBS Food Service Equipment 2871 Brighton Road Oakville ON L6H 6C9 Canada Mgmt: Paul Douglas Mfg: Mr. Rupert Boreland Est: 1974 • Equip-Cooking • Equip-Deli • Equip-Baking • Equip-Washing

Tel: 905-829-5534x222 888-402-1242 Fax: 905-829-9914 Mktg: Granett Douglas Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Equip-Food Serv. • Rotisseries • Fryers • Ovens

• Steamers • Refrig'd Cases • Chillers • Product Display

GAMMA Genuine Himalayan Crystal Salt is a Canadian company based in Toronto, with a manufacturing facility in Pakistan. We specialize in Himalayan Crystal Salt for internal and external use for healthier and natural living. We strongly emphasize on Fair Trade practices. Our products are tested and certified by Fisher Environmental Laboratories Toronto, Canada a chemical analysis is posted on our website. (CHFA Mbr)

GBS offers a complete line of high quality equipment for the HMR department. From highly efficient combi-ovens to visually impacting rotisseries GBS can assist in the implementing of virtually any hot meal strategy. GBS carries a comprehensive offering of display merchandising, heated or refrigerated, full serve or self, and compliments this durable equipment with coast to coast service and support on a 24/7 basis. Since 1974 GBS is your one stop HMR resource.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Gemsys Money Handling Systems Inc 1108 South Service Rd. W. Oakville ON L6L 5T7 Canada Mgmt: Jack Lord Mfg: Brady Metcalfe Est: 1988 - Private • Cash Processing • Security • Equipment • Ops. Mgmt.

Rev: $ M

Tel: 905-847-9388 800-465-0465 Fax: 905-847-3071 Mktg: Jack Lord Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Services


Genpak 285 Industrial Pkwy S. Aurora ON L4G 3V8 Canada Mgmt: Andy Pattenden FdSafe: Trish Mulholland Est: • Containers • Packaging • Food&Beverage • Food Safety

Tel: 905-727-0121x381 Fax:

Rev: $ M

Bus Dev: Bill Reilly Sales: Todd Chumley Staff:

• Packaging-Materials

Since 1988 GEMSYS has been recognised as a leading supplier and innovator of money handling and cash management solutions. Today's fast paced business environment requires efficient cost effective and accurate cash management processes that reduce labour costs, improve security and reduce risk.Gemsys WEBSAFE cash management solutions, Bill and Coin recyclers are helping Canadian businesses acheive these goals. Call today for a no obligation cash assesment.

No matter what part of the foodservice industry you are in, Genpak has you covered when it comes to food containers and packaging. From plastic dinnerware and paper drinking cups to microwave safe containers, to go containers, catering supplies and compostable products. We produce some of the best containers, flexible or rigid packaging and food safe items you'll ever need.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

GEMSYS Money Handling Systems Inc. 38 E. 5th Ave. Vancouver BC V5T 1G8 Canada Mgmt: Kevin Whelan Mfg: Est: 1988

Tel: 604-876-6042 877-876-6042 Fax: 604-876-0299 Mktg: Admin: Mr. Peter Jersak Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Cash Processing

Get Sauced & Spiced Inc. 9620 - 58 Ave. Edmonton AB T6E 6C1 Canada Pres: Melissa Hecht Mfg: Est: 1988

Tel: 780-462-2418

Rev: $ M

Fax: 780-466-3135 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Sauces • Dips • Seasonings • Antipasto

Canada's largest supplier of money-handling equipment. Introducing Gemsys Websafe: a cloud based loss prevention and cash management solution that reduces in store cash handling by 98%. It is a cash management solution that counts, validates & secures all incoming cash at the POS.. It is a customizable cash management solution which fits the unique requirements of each store location. Gemsys also provides sales and service for coin and currency counters, counterfeit detectors and related systems.

Get Sauced offers a vast array of attractive, national award winning, gourmet sauces, dip mixes, seasonings, vegan antipasto and yogurt dip mixes. Catering to the retail, private label and food service markets, Get Sauced specializes in creating custom specialty foods with robust flavour profiles. Unsurpassed in quality, excellent customer service and competitive pricing, Get Sauced takes pride in our proven track record for "going the extra mile" for our customers and never missing a deadline.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

General Ingredient Inc. 15-565 Edward Ave Tel: 905-883-1200 Richmond Hill ON L4C 9W8 866-712-7906 Canada Fax: 905-883-1205 Mgmt: Ben Kun Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: 1997 - Private Rev: $5–10 M Staff: 10–50 • Food Colours • Food Additive • Antioxidants • Sweeteners

• Food Ingredients • Baking Ingredients • Ingredients • Distributor

Gia Foods Ltd. 110-1700, No.6 Road Richmond BC V6V 1W3 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Puneet Khanna Mfg: Peter Khanna Est: Private • Beans • Rice Products • Sauces • Spices

Tel: 604-715-7423 Fax: 604-278-7423 Bus Dev: Peter Khanna Admin: Ms. Motaza Amin Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50

• PrivateLabelContract • Lentils • Natural Health Prod.

General Ingredient Inc. is one of the largest and most comprehensive nutritional, food addictive raw materials suppliers and have conducted accounts for and supplied products to nutraceutical and food addictive industries. Our high quality materials are the key to our success.

At Gia Foods, Ltd, we provide a wide range of services, allowing us to customize representation of our client’s products in the marketplace. We offer total business management including: logistics, warehousing, distribution, marketing and sales management. Entrust us with your business and we can assure you will be satisfied working with Gia Foods, Ltd. and Khanna International Trading.

Mfg: Labs: Y

Mfg: Y Labs: Y


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Givaudan Canada Co. 2400 Matheson Blvd., East Mississauga ON L4W 5G9 Canada Mgmt: Magda Ghali Mfg: Est: Private

GLH Vending Tel: 905-282-9808 Fax: 905-282-9972 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

Rev: $ M

• Fragrances • Flavours

PO Box 2391 Kelowna BC V1X 6A5 Canada Mgmt: Duncan Hill Mfg: Est: 1991

Rev: $ M

Tel: 250-861-3634 800-668-8363 Fax: 250-861-5598 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Equip-Vending

Givaudan is one of the most respected companies in the fragrance and flavour industry. Its rich heritage dates back to 1796, making it the first company to establish itself as a creator of tastes and scents.

Established in 1991, GLH/NUCO Vending has steadily grown to become one of Canada's largest vending operators, our reputation built through innovative revenue solutions and quality service. With headquarters in Kelowna, BC and Concord, ON, we have assembled a strong national infrastructure allowing us to service any city in Canada. As a result of this intense geographic footprint, we also provide the team to service contract locations of other vending companies.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:

Glass Protection Solutions 13-71 Strada Dr Woodbridge ON L4L 5V8 Canada Mgmt: Ms. Daiana Diruscio Mfg: Est:

Global Reach Confections and More

Tel: 416-548-4737 866-945-2771 Fax: Mktg: Ms. Daiana Diruscio Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Windows/Doors • Security • Installation

202-4848 275 St. Langley BC V4W 0A3 Canada Mgmt: Bram Eigenraam Mfg: Est: 2010 Rev: $ M • Confectionary • Importer • Distributor • Household Prod's

• Snack Food • Cookies • Mixes • Cheese-Various

Tel: 604-533-8822 800-667-4418 Fax: 604-857-3388 Sales: Susie Soretato Admin: Staff: 10–50 • Beverages • Sauces • Spices • Vegetable

Glass Protection Solutions is a service provider in the field of Window Film and Perimeter Security, focusing on perimeter protection with the installation of security window film. We specialize in the areas of Safety & Security Window Films as well as Solar Control Films.

Importers and distributors of fine european foods and global confections. Globally sourced - locally delivered - personally enjoyed.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Glenwood Labels

Globe POS Systems Inc.

117 - 15 Braid St. Tel: 604-522-8980 New Westminster BC V3L 5N7 800-663-0988 Canada Fax: 604-522-8980 Mgmt: Alan Heard Mktg: Mfg: Sales: Ralph Schletz Est: 1969 - Private Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50 • Labels/Labeling • Packaging-Carton • Tags • Barcode Systems

• Design • Printing/Printers • Shelf Talkers • Software

• Scanners

294 Walker Dr., Unit 12 Brampton ON L6T 4Z2 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Paul Leduc Mfg: Mr. Paul Leduc Est: 1970 - Private • Barcode Systems • Category Mgmt • Communication • Computer Systems

Tel: 416-900-4050 Fax: 905-695-9101 Bus Dev: Mr. Darrell Allinson Admin: Mrs. Lauren Cascone Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 1–10

• Consulting • Direct Sales • Logistics • Loss Prevention

• POS • Network Systems • Scales • Security

Manufacturer of quality custom labels since1969. We are proud to offer solutions for all your labeling needs. From attention getters/shelf labels and tags/scale labels/nutritional facts/cooking instructions and any format of custom labels we make them all. As well we sell thermal printers and ribbons/ Toner /Custom printed packing tape/retail hang tags/boxes along with in house graphics team to assist or design any new project. Quality - Service - Price Glenwood is Your Label & Packaging Supermarket.

Globe POS has been providing system solutions since 1970. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by offering outstanding products and service. We offer an easy to use, easy to manage point of sale system, Scales, Security Camera, Networking, Smart WIFI and many other Technology Solutions

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Goat's Pride Dairy at McLennan Creek 30854 Olund Road Abbotsford BC V4X 1Z9 Canada Mgmt: JoAnn Dykstra Mfg: Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 604-854-6261 855-610-1004 Fax: 604-852-1093 Mktg: JoAnn Dykstra Admin: Staff:

• Goat-Dairy


Golden Boy Foods Ltd. 7725 Lougheed Hwy Burnaby BC V5A 4V8 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Joe Meehan Mfg: Est: 1979 • Peanut Butter • Nuts • Trail Mix • Dried Fruit

Tel: 604-433-2200 Fax: 604-433-0051 Sales: Mr. Dan Brochu Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Legumes • Lentils • PrivateLabelContract • Raisins

• Seeds • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls

Our fine goat milk, yogurts and cheeses are hand made on our farm in the beautiful Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada. We believe in the small family farm, humane and loving treatment of our animals and sustainable farming practices. Visit our on farm store.

Golden Boy Foods is a leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of more than 400 Private Label and Branded food products, including baking nuts, snacking nuts, peanut butter, other nut butters and dried fruit. Our products are found on the shelves of leading grocery retailers, distributed by top food service brands and utilized by major industrial bakeries and manufacturers. Based in Burnaby British Columbia, we are a growing company with 6 manufacturing facilities throughout Canada and the United States.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

GoGo Quinoa 632 Stinson St. Laurent QC H4N 2E9 Canada Pres: Martin Bilodeau Mfg: Est:

Golden Bright Enterprises Ltd.

Rev: $ M

Tel: 438-380-3330 888-336-8602 Fax: 866-847-6906 Mktg: Fabiola Pinto Admin: Staff:

• Quinoa • Gluten Free • Vegan • Grains

106-7073 Venture St Delta BC V4G 1H8 Canada Mgmt: Danny Gunara Mfg: Est:

Tel: 604-940-8508 Fax: 604-940-8719

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Roserny Gunara Admin: Staff:

• Fruit Snacks • Water-Bottled • Dried Food

We are headquartered in a twenty thousand square feet facility in the neighborhood Ville St-Laurent, in Montreal and continue to grow our line by developing and manufacturing products that incorporate local ingredients and fulfill our customers tastes and needs. GoGo Quinoa ™ range now includes more than 40 references organic, gluten free and vegan made from quinoa and other Andean grains and distributed throughout Canada.

A wholly Canadian owned trading and import company that brings in the world’s unique food products into Canada, such as Nekta Kiwifruit juice and Waiwera Infinity Water from New Zealand. Furthermore, with our 20 years experience in the flexible packaging market, we are also able to complement our customers with products like HDPE & LDPE plain and printed T-shirt bags, Roll Bags, Recloseable Bags, Softloophandle bags, Die cut bags, Fold over bags, garbage bags etc.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Golden Acres Honey 1101 - 6th Ave. N Tel: 403-443-7705 PO Box 42 Three Hills AB T0M 2A0 Canada Fax: 403-443-7910 Owner: Rick Belt Mktg: Rick Belt Mfg: Admin: Est: Rev: $ M Staff: • Honey • Organic Products

Golden Valley Foods Ltd. 3841 Vanderpol Court Abbotsford BC V2T 5W5 Canada Mgmt: Marion Juhasz Mfg: Frank Curtis Est:

Tel: 604-857-0704 888-299-8855 Fax: 604-607-5504

Rev: $ M

Sales: Craig Ansell Admin: Staff:

• Eggs/Products • Wholesaler

Golden Acres Honey, in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada is a packager and seller of the finest Canadian Honey. We are also Kosher, and organically certified as packagers by Pro-cert Canada Inc.

Founded by Peter Funk in 1950 as an egg production, grading and wholesale operation. Today, Golden Valley Foods is the dominant player in British Columbia's egg business, handling approximately 80 per cent of the province's egg production through grading and wholesaling of eggs and egg products to major grocery and food service outlets.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Gorman-Rupp Pumps 70 Burwell Rd. St. Thomas ON N5P 3R7 Canada Mgmt: Robert Furneaux Mfg: Est:

Grace Foods Canada Inc. Tel: 519-631-2870 Fax: 519-631-4624 Sales: Mike Cosgrove Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Pumps • Manufacturer

70 West Willmont St. Richmond Hill ON L4B 1H8 Canada Pres: Mr. Lucky Lankage Mfg: Gary McFarlane Est: 1992 • Caribbean Food • Coconut Products • Manufacturer • Distributor

Tel: 905-886-1002 888-234-7223 Fax: 905-886-1798 Mktg: Ilisa Chacon Sales: Julian Weerasinghe Rev: $ M Staff:

• Beverages • Teas-Various • Jam/Jelly • Soup

• Canned Food/Meat • Dairy Products • Spices • Seasonings

For over 50 years, Gorman-Rupp of Canada Limited has manufactured high performance, high quality pumps and pumping systems required for lasting service in the municipal, water, wastewater, sewage, industrial, construction, petroleum, fire and OEM markets. Gorman-Rupp's extensive line of pump products include self-priming centrifugal pumps, standard centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, trash pumps, priming assisted pumps, and rotary gear pumps.

Grace, Caribbean's leading food manufacturer & distributor, has provided authentic Caribbean food products to generations of Caribbean people earning the name 'Grace, the Good Food People'. Today, while we are still largely a Caribbean food company, we have expanded into Canada, the US & the UK, so our people never have to miss the taste of the Caribbean.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Gosal Trucking Ltd. 7745 Anvil way Surrey BC V3W 6A2 Canada Mgmt: Kal Gosal Mfg: Est: 1996 - Private

Graceland Fruit, Inc.

Rev: $ M

Tel: 604-592-2111 800-641-4421 Fax: 604-592-2112 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Transportation

1123 Main St. Frankfort MI 49635 USA Mgmt: Mfg: Chris Walrad Est:

Tel: 231-352-7181 800-352-7181 Fax: 231-352-4711 Mktg: Brent Bradley Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Fruit • Dried Food • Produce/Fruit&Veg

Gosal Trucking Ltd. is a transportation business in operation since 1996 and servicing all of Canada and the Western United States. We are a Canadian/US Customs Bonded Carrier.

Graceland Fruit, Inc. is a Michigan based fruit ingredient processor. We offer specialty infused fruits such as cranberries, cherries, blueberries, apples, mango, lemon peel, and orange peel in both dried and soft-n-frozen forms. Our products can be used as inclusions in a variety of applications ranging from soft bakery items, cereals and cereal bars, ice creams, and snack mixes and can also be purchased by consumers online and in numerous retail locations.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Gowling WLG (Ottawa) 2600-160 Elgin St Ottawa ON K1P 1C3 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Lewis Retik Mfg: Est: 1887

Grain-Free JK Gourmet Inc. Tel: 613-783-8849 Fax: 613-788-3618 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 500+

• Legal

635 Petrolia Rd. Toronto ON M3J 2X8 Canada Mgmt: Steven Bager Mfg: Est: 2001 - Private • Manufacturer • PrivateLabelContract • Baked Goods • Biscotti

Rev: $1–5 M • Cereal • Chocolate • Cookies • Energy Bars

Tel: 416-782-0045 800-608-0465 Fax: 416-785-0686 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10 • Flour • Gluten Free • Gourmet Food • Health Products

The Gowling WLG Advertising and Product Regulatory law group offers expertise and experience on a full range of issues affecting the manufacturing, processing, marketing, advertising, sale and distribution of food and natural health products. From product labelling and regulatory compliance to advice on multi-level marketing, and regulatory licensing, we provide clients with expert advice and innovative solutions. (CHFA)(LSO)

Grain-Free JK Gourmet manufactures and distributes 100% glutenfree, all-natural, paleo-friendly products, produced in our dedicated, non-dairy, kosher facility. JK Gourmet's best-in-category line includes: finely-ground Almond Flour and Baking Mixes, Granola, Bars, Snacks, and Chocolates. We use only honey or organic coconut nectar to sweeten our products, and absolutely no artificial ingredients or preservatives. All grain-free, always delicious!

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Grainworks, Inc.

Granny Lyn's Kitchen, Ltd.

PO Box 30 Vulcan AB T0L 2B0 Canada Mgmt: Dwayne Smith Mfg: Est: 1989 - Private • Baking Ingredients • Flax/Products • Flour • Grains


Tel: 800-563-3756 Fax: 403-485-6459 Mktg: Doreen Smith Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff: • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Organic Products • Whole Grain

48 Homestead Lane Tel: 705-789-0102 Huntsville ON P1H 2N8 Canada Fax: 705-789-4334 Mgmt: Lynda McLeod Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: 2016 - Private Rev: $0–1 M Staff: 1–10 • Baked Goods • Biscotti • Bread • Cookies

• Desserts • Gluten Free • Ice Cream • Jam/Jelly

• Pet Care/Food • Cake Decor • Maple Products • Ready-to-eat Food

Grainworks, Inc. is a certified organic farm, warehousing and milling facility. The warehousing and milling facility is located at Vulcan, AB. We supply certified organic grains, beans, flours, flakes and mixes. (CHFA Mbr)

Homemade custom celebration cakes, decorated cookies, brownies & cupcakes to tempt the palette and please the eye. We use local ingredients whenever possible, and organic if offered. Canine Connoisseur, a division of Granny Lyn's Kitchen, Ltd. also offers artisan wholesome baked goods for your best friend. Made from all natural, human grade ingredients; without soy, corn, preservatives, or colourants.

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Grand & Toy Ltd. 33 Greenbelt Dr. Don Mills ON M3C 1M1 Canada Mgmt: Stan Dabic Mfg: Est:

Granny's Poultry Tel: 800-387-0102 416-391-8100 Fax: 416-445-8631 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Office Products • Distributor

750 Pandora Ave. E Winnipeg MB R2C 4G5 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Darcy Ballance Est: 1979

Tel: 204-488-2230 800-832-6122 Fax: 204-488-2796 Mktg: Jason Wortzman Admin: Rev: $100+ M Staff: 100–500

• Meat-Poultry • Frozen Foods • Exporting

Grand & Toy is Canada's business-to-business office solutions company, with 1500 Associates in 18 commercial sales offices, seven distribution centres, three customer care centres and over 20 stores and business centres, from coast to coast. From Office Supplies and Technology Products, to Paper, Office Furniture, Facility Supplies and a wide range of innovative Business Services, Grand & Toy capitalizes on emerging technologies and business trends to provide you with the best products and services possible.

Farmer-owned cooperative that has been serving Western Canada for over 50 years. Our network of 200 producers and team of 480 employees are dedicated to producing high-quality, innovative chicken and turkey products that are nutritious and delicious. Granny's Poultry is proud to offer a full range of natural fresh and frozen poultry products. Granny's mandate is to develop nutritional products that can help consumers eat better and live healthier.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Granny Appleton Foods 279 Sumach Dr. Burlington ON L7T 0B5 Canada Pres: Jack Scholtens Mfg: Est: 1910 - Private • Baking Ingredients • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Organic Products • Dried Fruit

Grant Thornton Tel: 905-631-2999

Rev: $ M

• Dried Food • Croutons • Flax/Products • Fruit

Fax: 905-631-3222 Mktg: Admin: Staff: • Fruit Snacks • Health Products • Soup • Soy Products

50 Bay St. 12th Floor Toronto ON M5J 2Z8 Canada CEO: Kevin Ladner Ops: Dave Peneycad Est:

Tel: 416-366-4240 Fax: 416-360-4944

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Sheila Scott HR: Sharon Healy Staff:

• Accounting

Granny Appleton by Scholtens. Every day best selling Candies, Nuts, Trail Mixes, Pantry Foods, Baking Needs. Packed Fresh, Delivered Fresh , right to your door. We ship Coast to Coast.

Grant Thornton—a leading Canadian accounting and business advisory firm, providing audit, tax and advisory services to private and public organizations. To complement our technical knowledge and expertise, we have professionals who are dedicated to developing in-depth industry knowledge.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Grauman Packaging Ltd.

Green Chocolate Works LTD

4699 Keele St., Unit 4 Tel: 416-739-1818 Toronto ON M3J 2N8 877-723-5701 Canada Fax: 416-739-1919 Pres: Joseph Grauman Sales: Wendy Southgate Mfg: Admin: Erika Grauman Est: 1996 - Private Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 1–10 • Aprons • Bags • Branding • Design

• Distributor • Importer • Packaging • Paper Products

• Cellophane • Ecommerce • Gift Wrap • Packaging-Carton

102-85 Schooner St Coquitlam BC V3K 7A8 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Trent Thibert Mfg: Est: 2003 - Private Rev: $ M • Chocolate • Manufacturer • PrivateLabelContract • Wholesaler

• Product Development • Confectionary • Organic Products • Custom Products

Tel: 604-540-1400x31 Fax: 604-540-1422 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50 • Fair Trade • Gluten Free • Vegan • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls

Importers & distributors of retail packaging for over 25 years. We specialize in custom made/ printed packaging for fine food stores, bakeries & take-out. We offer a wide variety of bags - paper, plastic, reusable -, boxes, tins, decorative labels, ribbons & wrapping tissue. Many items are also available from stock and can be imprinted in small quantities. Because of our in-house hot stamping facilities we guarantee fast turn around and excellent quality.

Chocolate manufacturer - private label, organic and our own brands; distributor of bulk organic chocolate,organic fair trade chocolate, gluten free chocolate, gelato and baking ingredients.

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Great Jack's (Langdon Sales) 13-1750 Plummer St. Pickering ON L1W 3M1 Canada Mgmt: Sandi McLeod Mfg: Est:

Green Dolphin Systems Corp. Tel: 905-769-6038

Rev: $ M

Fax: 905-492-6537 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Pet Care/Food

8-6305 Northam Drive Mississauga ON L4V 1W9 Canada Mgmt: Nicholas Plessas Mfg: Est: 1997 • Research & Dev. • Biodegrad. Prods. • Chemicals • Cleaning Products

Rev: $ M

• Insect Repellent • Laundry Products • Pet Care/Food • Hygiene

Tel: 905-673-0707 866-384-2202 Fax: 416-679-0780 Mktg: Admin: Staff: • Sanitation

Great Jack’s specializes in creating healthy and yummy treats for all our beloved pets. Our ultimate goal is to keep our lovely pets healthy while continuing to give them the royal treatment! We also help our beloved mentors and partners in crime by selling their much better known merchandises!

Green Dolphin Systems was incorporated in 1997, and since its inception has been engaged in the advancement of ecology and "green" products. As a North American innovator of a comprehensive line of products using eco-safe biodegradable formulations, Green Dolphin takes pride in its on-going research and development. We continue to improve and expand the scope of the product offering to ensure that we supply our customers with the most effective high performance eco-safe products available.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Great Little Box Company 11300 Twigg Place Richmond BC V6V 3C1 Canada Mgmt: Luigi Scaglione Mfg: Nick Reiach Est: 1982 - Private • Design • Labels/Labeling • Manufacturer • Packaging

Tel: 604-301-3700 800-661-3377 Fax: 604-301-3745 Mktg: Ms. Doree Quayle Admin: Rev: $50–100 M Staff: 100–500

• Containers • Product Display • Paper Products

Groupe Robert 20 Marie-Victorin Blvd. Tel: 514-521-1011 Boucherville QC J4B 1V5 800-263-0022 Canada Fax: Mgmt: Mr. Réjean Lacharité Mktg: Caroline Lacroix Mfg: COO: Mr. Jean-Luc Meunier Est: 1946 - Private Rev: $100+ M Staff: 500+ • Packaging • Logistics • Co-packer • Cold Storage

• Dairy Products • Consumer Products • Containers • Ecommerce

• EDI • Equip-LoadDock • Equip-MatrlHdlg • Equip-Packaging

Our name can be deceiving. We not only design & manufacture custom & stock corrugated boxes, we also produce point-ofpurchase displays, paperboard and rigid boxes, pressure senstive labels and flexible packaging, foam protective packaging and distribute shipping supplies all under one great 250,000 square foot roof. With over 300 employees across four offices in BC and Washington, GLBC has grown to be Western Canada's largest full service packaging company.

Groupe Robert proudly upholds a tradition of excellence that has made it a leader in the North American transportation industry. We are a Supply Chain Partner who offers to our clients a portfolio of services: General and Specialized Transportation, Distribution Centres and Logistics Solutions. Our Transportation Divisions offer Truckload, Less-than-Truckload, Intermodel, Cross-border, Dedicated carrier, Dry goods, Refrigerated, Heated, Container chassis, Tanker, Flatbed, Dry Bulk, Liquid Bulk, Dry Freight.

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Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Growers Intern'l Organic Sales Inc. 22nd Fl., 333 Main St. Winnipeg MB R3C 4E2 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Richard Reimer Mfg: Est:

Habasit Canada Limited

Tel: 204-956-2090x424

Rev: $ M


Fax: 204-943-2455 Mktg: Mr. Lorne Lix Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Organic Products • Agriculture • Grains

2275 Bristol Circle Oakville ON L6H 6P8 Canada Mgmt: Richard Stevens Mfg: Est:

Tel: 905-827-4131 800-770-6750 Fax: 905-825-2612 Mktg: Mr. Rick Usher Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Conveyor Belts • Modular Belts • Timing Belts

Western Canada's premier supplier of organic grain. Through our GIOSI owned & operated facilities we can provide you with various options on product and transportation. Organic products handled include red spring wheat, durum wheat, hard white wheat, malting barley, milling and feed oats, feed peas, milling and food rye, feed barley, spelt & more.

As a member of the Habasit Group since 1967, Habasit Canada is serving the Canadian Marketplace from its Oakville, ON and Brossard, QC locations. Habasit is the worldwide market leader in the light-weight belting industry. Our key objective is to offer superior solutions for our customers. Based on over 60 years of experience you always receive the best solution for your application.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

H Cold Storage Inc. 21771 Fraserwood Way Richmond BC V6W 1J5 Canada Mgmt: June Lee Mfg: Est: • Cold Storage • Food Service • Logistics • Transportation

Hagensborg Chocolates Tel: 604-473-9333

Rev: $ M

Fax: 604-473-9383 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Warehouse • Supply Chain Solut'n

103 - 3686 Bonneville Place Burnaby BC V3N 4T6 Canada Mgmt: Shelley Wallace Mfg: Est: 2006

Tel: 604-215-0234

Rev: $ M

Fax: 604-215-0235 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Chocolate • Gourmet Food • Organic Products • Specialty Foods

We are a privately owned multi-temperature warehousing company that provides a full menu of integrated services. Whether you need cross docking, trans-loading, short-term or long-term storage at multi-temperature storage, H Cold Storage can handle your needs. If you require order assembly, packaging, labeling, sorting, container handling, export paperwork preparation, or whatever your customer needs, H Cold Storage is your solution.

Hagensborg Chocolates is a boutique Vancouver, BC based chocolate company that has been sweetening the world with the finest ingredients since 2006. We produce three lines of All Natural and Trans Fat Free gourmet chocolate and harvest ethically from sustainable cocoa plantations in regions renowned for exceptional taste, quality, and values. Our goal is to provide quality chocolate and make you giggle at the same time.

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H. Moore Printing Services Ltd 10-4180 Morris Drive Burlington ON L7L 5L6 Canada Owner: Alex Moore Mfg: Est:

Tel: 905-333-4482 800-830-4677 Fax: 905-333-4483 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Labels/Labeling • Printing/Printers

Halenda's Fine Foods 915 Nelson Street Oshawa ON L1H 5N7 Canada Mgmt: Christine Hobson Mfg: Est: 1980 - Private • Meat-Products • Meat-Pork • Meat-Poultry • Sausages

Tel: 905-576-6328 Fax: 905-576-7169 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Distributor • Frozen Foods

H. Moore Printing is proud to produce prime pressure-sensitive labels using state of the art digital and flexographic printing technologies. With a focus on quality, competitive pricing, and unrivalled customer service, H. Moore Printing transcends the traditional supplier-customer relationship, becoming your printpartner to help your product succeed in the market.

Halenda’s is a family based Provincial processor with two production plants. We are a proud member of the Ontario Independent Meat Processors . We have seven full service retail butcher/deli locations and are the parent company of the Meat Depot –a distribution company that has been supplying fresh/frozen and processed meat across Ontario.

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Canadian Food & Grocery 2018


Hanes Hummus

8629 - 126 Ave. Tel: 780-474-4989 Edmonton AB T5B 1G8 800-353-7864 Canada Fax: 780-477-3489 Mgmt: Steve Unrau Mktg: Larry Buchholz Mfg: Admin: Est: 1927 - Private Rev: $5–10 M Staff: 10–50 • Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-Deli • Refrig'd Cases • Freezers

• Spices • Scales • Grinders • Stuffers

• Casings • Vacuum Machines • Bags • Wrapping

Halford's is a food equipment and supplies company specializing in Butcher shops and Restaurant equipment, raw spices, sausage and jerky seasonings, supplies and more. Visit today and see how we can help your next venture.

Mfg: Labs:

Tel: 306-262-1462 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Dips • Spreads • Producer • Condiments

Hanes Hummus is becoming one of the best gourmet companies in Canada, offering a distinctive product in an otherwise generic and saturated market. Yohannes Petros continues to hand select ingredients, making and testing his final products to guarantee the highest quality and the most delicious hummus available on the North American market. Hanes Hummus will continue to cater their products to the consumer that values gourmet food that is healthy, delicious and original. Mfg: Labs:

Halo Metrics Inc. #183 - 21300 Gordon Way Richmond BC V6W 1M2 Canada Mgmt: John Petruskavich Mfg: Est: 1988 • Cash Processing • Store Fixtures • Loss Prevention • Merchandising Systms

PO Box 402 Saskatoon SK S7K 3L3 Canada Pres: Yohannes Petros Mfg: Est:

Hans Dairy Inc. Tel: 604-273-4456 Fax: 604-273-4459 Mktg: Ravinder Sangha Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50

• Peg Hooks • Product Demo • Shrink Mgmt • Signage

• Distributor • Manufacturer

3400 American Drive Mississauga ON L4V 1C1 Canada Mgmt: Sarab Hans Mfg: Mandeep Hans Est: 1997 • Dairy Products • Yogurt/Products • Ethnic Foods • Beverages

Tel: 905-671-3200

Rev: $ M

Fax: 905-671-3205 Mktg: Mandeep Hans Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Desserts

Halo Metrics is Canada's leading supplier of retail security solutions. Our technology continues to evolve we can now provide valuable analytics about shopper behaviour and related insights. With our solutions you will protect your product from theft while protecting your shoppers experience and learning about their behaviour!

Hans Dairy is the largest Ontario dairy specializing in South Asian dairy products. With over a decade of service in the Greater Toronto Area, we have developed a strong product line, a solid reputation & lasting relationships with the S. Asian community. Our mission, from the very start has been to offer dairy products that provide our customers with a little taste of home.

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See ad pg. 33

Handtmann Canada Ltd. 654 Colby Dr. Waterloo ON N2V 1A2 Canada Mgmt: Tom Kittle Mfg: Est: • Meat-Products • Dairy Products • Baked Goods • Manufacturer

Happy Days Dairies Ltd. Tel: 519-725-3666

Rev: $ M

Fax: 519-746-0803 Mktg: Graham Dalziel Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Equipment • Vacuum Machines

691 Salmon River Rd. Salmon Arm BC V1E 3E9 Canada Owner: Donat Koller Mfg: Est: 1993 - Private • Dairy Products • Goat-Dairy • Yogurt/Products • Organic Products

Tel: 250-832-0209 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Cheese-Various • Spreads • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • PrivateLabelContract • Natural Health Prod.

Worldwide supplier to the meat processing trade and meat industry, Handtmann enjoys an excellent reputation and occupies the internationally leading position in this market. This outstanding situation was achieved by, among other things, specializing and concentrating on filling, portioning and linking equipment.

Established in 1993, Happy Days Dairies Ltd. produces 100% Canadian goat dairy products and Organic Cow dairy products in Western Canada. Offering a complete product line of fluid goat milk, goat and organic cow cheese, yogurt, goat and organic cow milk kefir and ice cream. Vendor to major distributors, vendor to retail (limited), vendor to manufacturer (Ingredient), and private label.

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Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Happy Planet Foods Inc. 601-4180 Lougheed Hwy Burnaby BC V5C 6A7 Canada Mgmt: Rex Sheehy Mfg: Mr. Roland Lavasseur Est: 1994 - Private • Beverages-Smoothie • Juices/Juicers • Soup • Chili

Hee-Haw HorseRadish

Tel: 800-811-3213 Fax: 604-291-0981 Mktg: Ms. Natasha Questrel Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Gluten Free • Manufacturer • Organic Products • Exporting


• Vegetarian

2120 Fair St. Victoria BC V8R 2H1 Canada Mgmt: Pam Davington Ops: Graham Davington Est:

Tel: 250-415-1931 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Sauces

Canada's top manufacturer of organic and all natural beverages and foods that will astonish your taste buds and nourish your body. Started in 1994 with an armful of organic carrots, they are committed to producing high-quality, nutritious foods and connecting consumers to the people who grow and produce their food. They strive for sustainability by supporting the communities they live in, through local sourcing and giving back to non-profit organizations. (CHFA Mbr)

Hee-Haw HorseRadish is small-batch / handmade in Victoria BC and comes in Damn Hot & Double Damn Hot varieties because we know HOT is what Real Horseradish Lovers CRAVE & DEMAND! Even our Damn Hot SeaHorseRadish Cocktail Sauce will singe your nose hairs. Hee-Haw DELIVERS on Heat, Taste and 100% Premium Quality!

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

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Hardy Sales Ltd.

Heidelberg Foods Ltd.

27417 Gloucester Way Langley BC V4W 3Z8 Canada Mgmt: Steve Hardy Mfg: Est: • Distributor • Broker • Meat-Products • Deli/Meats

Tel: 604-856-3911 800-587-6328 Fax: 604-856-3912

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Paul Murnaghan Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Seafood-Products • Baked Goods

1035 Reitzel Place, RR 1 St. Jacobs ON N0B 2N0 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Terry Cliche Est: 2005 • Deli/Meats • Packaged Food • Ready-to-eat Food • PrivateLabelContract

Tel: 519-664-3512 Fax: 519-664-3620 Sales: Mr. Dean Buist Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Sausages • Meat-Products • Meat-Pork • Meat-Turkey

• Snack Food

Distributor and broker of perishable food products to meat, deli, seafood and bakery departments of Western Canada's leading retailers.

Located in the Mennonite heartland of Ontario between the world famous St. Jacobs Farmers Market and the town of St Jacobs. We create and manufacture a variety of traditional European style processed meats. Our modern facility blends the newest technologies with true old world craftsmanship and time proven recipes. Federally registered and CFIA regulated processing facility. Our Noah Martin Country Store brand products are enjoyed nationally and can be found at chain grocery stores, delis and independents.

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Harvest Corporation 249 Watline Ave. Mississauga ON L4Z 1P3 Canada Mgmt: Conrad Fuchs Mfg: Est: 1986 - Private • Equip-Baking • Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-Mixers • Slicers

Hela Spice Canada Inc. Tel: 905-568-2002 888-925-6644 Fax: 905-568-2024 Sales: Conrad Fuchs Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Ovens

119 Franklin St. Tel: 905-852-5100 PO Box 1479 877-435-2649 Uxbridge ON L9P 1N6 Canada Fax: 905-852-1113 Pres: Paul Hoogenboom Mktg: Eric Nummelin Mfg: Admin: Est: Rev: $ M Staff: • Spices • Custom Blending

Since 1964 our family has striven to deliver only the highest quality equipment and services to the food industry. This commitment led to the opening of the facilities in Mississauga, Ontario in 1986. We have since then expanded twice, increasing our product lines and square footage each time. We are proud to be representing high quality manufacturers such as KONIG, GLIMEK, OLIVER, ERIKARECORD, DAHLEN and more.

Our main activity is the design and formulation of custom blends, spice mixtures and seasoning blends for the meat, poultry, bakery and other sectors of the food industry. Hela Spice Canada’s commitment is to provide our consumers with outstanding quality of value-added, spice and food ingredient blends with the highest level of food safety. We are committed to deliver this promise by meeting our customer’s highest expectations.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Henkel Consumer Goods Canada, Inc. 2515 Meadowpine Boulevard Mississauga ON L5N 6C3 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Peter Guenther Mfg: Est: 1876 - Public Rev: $100+ M • Personal Care • Laundry Products • Hair Care • Air Fresheners

Hewitt Material Handling

Tel: 905-814-6511 800-263-5043 Fax: 905-814-5391 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 500+

• Industrial Prod's

425 Millway Ave. Tel: 905-669-6590 Concord ON L4K 3V8 800-563-5438 Canada Fax: Mgmt: Michel Lauzon Mktg: Dave Leduc Mfg: Frank Jurca Admin: Dave Leduc Est: 1981 Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500 • Equip-MatrlHdlg • Forklifts • Logistics • Pallet Trucks

• Racks/Rails • Space Mgmt • Vehicles/Fleets

Henkel in North America Henkel markets a wide range of well-known consumer and industrial brands in North America, including Dial® soaps, Purex® laundry detergents, Right Guard® antiperspirants, got2b® hair products, and Loctite® adhesives. Visit for more information.

Hewitt Material Handling, is the authorized dealer in Ontario for Caterpillar, Mitsubishi and Jungheinrich lift trucks. In addition, we provide a full range of parts and service as well as material handling equipment. Our product line also includes Kalmar, Manitou, Royal and Cushman. As well, we offer service racking and storage products dealer.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N


Henry & Sons Inc. PO Box 3146 Paso Robles CA 93447 USA Pres: Mark Henry Mfg: Mark Henry Est: 1980

Hidden Garden Foods Ltd. Tel: 800-752-7507 Fax: 805-472-2626

Rev: $ M

Sales: Cris Thurber Admin: Ellison Umber Staff:

• Packaging • Equip-Food Proc.

7622 Winston Street Burnaby BC V5A 2H4 Canada Mgmt: Catherine Anderson Mfg: Est: 2013 - Private • Jam/Jelly • Condiments • Cookies • Vinegars

Tel: 778-279-6006 Fax: 778-279-3006

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Specialty Foods

We've become the most respected source of new and used vacuum stuffer equipment and replacement Vemag parts. We're dedicated to achieving continuous improvement in customer satisfaction and delivering cost effective vacuum stuffer parts that perform at the highest levels. Our company also manufactures and maintains an extensive inventory of all replacement parts for our line of AC vacuum stuffers. We also manufacture and maintain a variety of over 2000 replacement Vemag parts.

All of our products are made with high quality and natural ingredients. We don't add any preservatives or artificial ingredients to our food, and we keep our ingredient lists short and clean. Our goal is to create delicious food that you can feel good about eating. We make each of our products by hand in small batches, taking the time and care to deliver true artisan quality foods. The Trugs products can add that "special something" to every day meals and snacks or contribute to the elegance of your next entertaining effort.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Hertel Meats Ltd. 8750 Bland Rd Port Alberni BC V9Y 8N7 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Ron Caldwell Mfg: Est: 1967

High Liner Foods Tel: 866-723-9698 Fax: 250-723-0493 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Meat-Products • Meat-Pork • Sausages

100 Battery Point, P.O. Box 910 Tel: 902-634-8811 Lunenburg NS B0J 2C0 Canada Fax: 902-634-6228 CEO: Henry Demone Mktg: Mrs. Heather Pagliuca Mfg: Admin: Mrs. Heather Pagliuca Est: 1899 Rev: $ M Staff: 500+ • Seafood-Frozen • Seafood-Products • Fish • Seafood-Salmon

The reputation and success of Hertel Meats can be directly attributed to the old fashioned family work ethic of the founders, Thomas and Helena Hertel. Due to the dedication of himself and his family, the name "Hertel's" has become synonymous with top quality, freshness and service. Tom's son in law, Ron Caldwell, has been the general manager for the past 25 years

High Liner Foods Incorporated is one of North America’s largest commodity and value-added seafood companies servicing the Canadian foodservice market. High Liner is one of the largest processors and marketers of prepared seafood and is the leader in frozen value-added products. Our products are sold under High Liner Foodservice Signature®, High Liner Foodservice® and Mirabel® brands.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Hillphoenix/AMS Group


Hollandia Greenhouses

AMS Group Tel: 519-759-0201 1185 Colborne Street East 800-265-0782 Brantford ON N3T 5M1 Canada Fax: 519-759-8551 Mgmt: Mr. John Harper Mktg: Mr. Barry Campbell Mfg: Mr. John Harper Sales: Mr. Barry Campbell Est: 1958 - Public Rev: $ M Staff: • Distributor • Refrig'd Cases • Humidification • Product Display

19731 Richardson Rd. Pitt Meadows BC V3Y 1Z1 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1952 - Private

Tel: 604-460-1886 Fax: 604-460-1875 Sales: Laura Armstrong Sales: Dimitri Orlov Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Flowers

Since 1958 AMS ( Formally VOS) has satisfied a growing list of customers with quality re-manufactured refrigerated display cases, close the case,slide lids,re-skinning kits, energy upgrades ie.SweatMiser, EC motors, Leds, Anthony doors and parts , all supermarket replacement parts at competitive prices. Your one stop shop for parts and service for the Canadian market. We stock and supply all Hillphoenix and Anthony parts on site with next day delivery on most parts.

Hollandia Greenhouses began in Maple Ridge BC in 1952, growing from a 2-acre family business to a 12 acres operation in Pitt Meadows with annual production in excess of 20 million blooms. Today, Hollandia hires 70+ employees to service a customer-base ranging from online consumers, retail florists and bouquet makers to flower wholesalers, distributors and grocery chains.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

Hino Motors Canada, Ltd. 2-6975 Creditview Road Mississauga ON L5N 8E9 Canada Mgmt: Edith Gerodiaz Mfg: Est:

Hollymatic Corporation Tel: 905-670-3352x233

Rev: $ M

Fax: 905-363-0377 Mktg: Edith Gerodiaz Admin: Staff: 100–500

• Vehicles/Fleets • Wholesaler • Retail Mgmt.

600 E. Plainfield Rd. Countryside IL 60525 USA Mgmt: Rob Kovacik Mfg: Est: 1937 - Private • Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-MeatRoom • Equip-Stainless • Grinders

Tel: 708-579-3700 Fax: 708-579-1057 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: • Equip-Mixers • Patty Machines • Saws • Patty Paper

• Tenderizers • Stuffers • Vacuum Packaging

Hino Motors Canada Ltd., is the exclusive distributor of Hino products in Canada, and is part of the Toyota Group of Companies. Hino Canada's head office is located in Mississauga, Ontario with regional representatives located in Quebec and Vancouver. More than 40 years of history in Canada, Hino is well known as a supplier of high quality, medium duty, single axle straight trucks which range from 14,500 lbs GVW to 35,000 lbs GVW.

From grinding to cutting to tenderizing to forming to portioning, to stuffing, to vacuum tumbling and vacuum packaging. Hollymatic has such a wide range of quality equipment for the food processing and grocery industries. They are experts with over 130 combined years of experience.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

Hobart Food Equipment Group 801-105 Gordon Baker Rd North York ON M2H 3P8 Canada Mgmt: Dave Sherman Mfg: Est: 1910 - Public • Installation • Maintenance • Ovens • Refrigeration

Honey Bunny Inc. Tel: 416-447-6432 866-334-2371 Fax: 866-651-1102

Rev: $ M

• Rotisseries • Scales • Security • Slicers

Mktg: Mark Schilling Admin: Staff: 100–500 • Steamers • Vacuum Packaging • Equip-Baking • Equip-Cleaning

PO Box 289 Guy AB T0H 1Y0 Canada Pres: Gilbert Wolfe Mfg: Est: 2006 • Condiments • Honey • Organic Products • Bee Products

Tel: 780-925-2282 Fax: 780-925-2943

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Exporting • Manufacturer

Hobart is the leading worldwide supplier of equipment, systems and service to the world’s food industry. Hobart offers the broadest line of equipment including cooking, food preparation, refrigeration, bakery systems, warewashing and waste systems, and weighing, wrapping and labeling systems. Headquartered in North York, Ontario with branch offices in Halifax, Nova Scotia; Montreal, Quebec; Toronto, Ontario; Edmonton, Alberta; and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Honey Bunny used honey for Canada's largest producer of organic honey - Wolfe Honey Company. We have a honey and condiment line in innovative, stand up pouches. We also have organic bee pollen and "Buzz Balm" lip balm.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

HoneyBar Products Int Inc. 3258 Hawthorne Rd. Ottawa ON K1G 3W9 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Wayne Spalding Mfg: Est: 1989 - Private • Organic Products • Snack Food • Bars-Various • Manufacturer

Hubert Company

Tel: 613-723-3118 800-851-7776 Fax: 613-723-0109 Mktg: Mr. Wayne Spalding Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Honey • Kosher/Parve • Natural Health Prod. • Distributor

• Packaging • Granola Bars • Energy Bars • PrivateLabelContract

20 Valleywood Drive, Suite 108 Tel: 905-752-3025 Markham ON L3R 6G1 888-835-7929 Canada Fax: 905-752-3034 Mgmt: Ms. Tracey Scanlon Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: Rev: $ M Staff: • Merchandising Systms • Bakeware • Shelf Mgmt Systems • Signage

• Product Display • Equip-Food Serv. • Store Fixtures • Tableware

• Preparation Tables • Equip-Deli • Equip-Cooking • Equip-Baking

Manufactures natural and certified organic granola bars. They are held together with only honey and contain a variety of nuts, seeds, fruits. etc. (CHFA Mbr)

The Hubert Company is the leading global provider of merchandising solutions and supply products to the food industry. In North America, our customers include retail gorcery businesses, hotels, restaurants, and other food service operations. We source products worldwide to find the innovations you need. Hubert stocks over 30,000 products in our half-million square foot warehouse and introduces over 3,000 new products each year. We specialize in creating visual displays that turn passive lookers into active buyers.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Honeywell 7065 Tranmere Drive, Unit 3 Mississauga ON L5S 1M2 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est:

Huer Foods Inc. Tel: 905-673-9333 800-268-6936 Fax:

Rev: $ M

Sales: Marco Ottavino Admin: Staff:

• Data Collection • Computer Systems • Scanners • Printing/Printers

5543 275th St. Langley BC V4W 3X9 Canada CEO: Ryan Storey Ops: Dwayne Brunsch Est: 1986

Tel: 604-626-4888

Rev: $ M

Fax: 604-626-4889 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Distributor • Confectionary • Snack Food

A leading manufacturer of high-performance image-and laser- based data collection hardware, including rugged mobile computers and bar code scanners. Our product portfolio is one of the broadest in the AIDC industry, providing you with solutions for vertical markets such as retail; healthcare; and transportation and logistics. We complement our innovative products with advanced software, service and professional solutions that enable customers to effectively manage data and assets.

Huer Foods is the leading national confectionary distributor in Canada offering a fully integrated sales, marketing and distribution service to manufacturers from around the world. Huer Foods offers an unmatched selection of quality gummy, confectionary and healthy snack items to Canadian retailers from some of the world’s best manufacturers. We serve all significant channels including grocery, drug, convenience, discount and speciality. We offer both branded, private label and bulk confectionary to retailers.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Howell Data Systems 160 Pennsylvania Avenue, Unit #5 Tel: 905-761-1712 Vaughan ON L4K 4A9 800-410-6871 Canada Fax: 905-761-9131 Mgmt: Paul Howell Mktg: Paul Howell Mfg: Admin: Est: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100 • POS

Hunter's Dressed Meats 1834 Hutchinson Road Dunnville ON N1A 2W7 Canada Mgmt: Adam Langeraap Mfg: Est: • Meat-Products • Meat-Pork • Sausages • Asian Food

Tel: 905-774-5900 877-850-0022 Fax: 905-774-8511 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Deli/Meats

Total point of sale solutions for grocery stores, quick service food retail, and specialty retail industries. Complete ticketing and concession solutions for theatre and entertainment event industries.We'll show you the benefits of having ONE integrated solution that manages pricing and reporting at your registers and scales throughout your store.

Hunter's Dressed Meats is a wholesale outlet and premier producer of fresh pork cuts, BBQ pigs and smoked & cured meats. They deliver throughout the Niagara area & the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Husky Foods

Iceberg Cold Storage Limited

155 Rainbow Creek Dr. Vaughan ON L4H 0A4 Canada Mgmt: Nick Mattiace Mfg: Est: 1967 • Distributor • Importer • Chocolate • Confectionary


Tel: 905-850-8288 Fax: 905-850-8296 Mktg: Mrs. Leanne Kavanagh Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Ethnic Foods • Baked Goods • Cookies • Wafers

• Jam/Jelly • Teas-Various • Juices/Juicers • Bread

870 Bradford Street Winnipeg MB R3H 0N5 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Darrel Fingland Mfg: Est: 1985 - Public • Ethnic Foods • Frozen Foods • Gourmet Food • Ice Cream

Tel: 204-783-6133 Fax: 204-783-7483 Mktg: Mr. Darrel Fingland Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Meat-Beef • Meat-Lamb • Meat-Pork • Meat-Poultry

• Meat-Products • Seafood-Frozen

Husky Foods is one of Canada's most established importers of specialty foods. Husky is committed to the brands they represent through dedication, passion and partnership. Over the past years, Husky Foods has developed brands such as RITTER SPORT, TCHIBO and TAYLORS OF HARROGATE, which have now become prominent players within their categories. Vendor to retailer - nationwide. We offer warehouse and direct to store delivery across Canada.

Iceberg Cold Storage Limited is a public frozen food warehouse operating under the guidelines of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. We have been servicing retail, food-service, producers, processors, manufacturers and distributors since 1985. Our operation is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and is HACCP approved and registered with CFIA.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N

Hussmann Canada Inc.

ICOM Refrigeration Corporation

5 Cherry Blossom Rd., Bldg 1, Unit 3 Tel: 519-653-9980x141 Cambridge ON N3H 4R7 866-599-3299 Canada Fax: 519-653-1805 Mgmt: Sales: Lianne Tombol Mfg: Admin: Est: 1906 Rev: $ M Staff: • Equip-Refridge • Refrig'd Cases • Refrigeration • Lighting

• Food Safety

12225 Fort Road Edmonton AB T5B 4H2 Canada Mgmt: Scott Kelly Mfg: Est: 1991 - Private • Refrigeration • Refrig'd Cases • Heating Systems • Freezers

Tel: 780-473-4076 Fax: 780-457-6836 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $5–10 M Staff: 10–50

• Fixture Install. • Carts/Baskets

Providing innovative products, services and solutions for preserving and merchandising fresh foods. It is recognized throughout the world as a leader in manufacturing, selling, installing, and servicing display equipment and refrigeration systems. It also provides a variety of services to help food retailers become more efficient and effective. Hussmann serves several key markets in the food industry, including supermarkets, mass merchants, convenience stores, drug stores, dollar and discount stores, and foodservice operations.

ICOM Refrigeration Corporation provides leading refrigeration systems for commercial operations. Commercial refrigeration specializing in grocery stores and Restaurants.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

See IBC, pg. 3, 18

I-D Foods Corporation 1800 Autoroute Laval Laval QC H7S 2E7 Canada CEO: Fulvio Bussandri Mfg: Est: 1948 • Asian Food • Beverages • Coffee • Condiments

Ideon Packaging

Rev: $ M • Cookies • Crackers • Croutons • Desserts

Tel: 450-687-2680 800-361-9157 Fax: 450-682-4797 Mktg: Gilles St Aubin Sales: Diane Dault Staff: 100–500 • Ethnic Foods • Fish • Fruit Snacks • Gourmet Food

11251 Dyke Rd. Richmond BC V7A 0A1 Canada Mgmt: Mike Nunn Mfg: Chris McDonald Est: 2001 - Private • Packaging • Packaging-Carton • Distributor • Product Display

Tel: 604-524-0524 Fax: 604-524-0523 Sales: Matt Dwane Admin: Mrs. Kari Mortensen Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Equip-Packaging • Beverages-Soda • POP Displays • POS

• Shelf Talkers • Sign Hanging

I-D Foods Corporation is one of Canada's largest imported specialty and natural food companies. I-D Foods offers warehouse delivery and/or direct to store delivery across Canada. Distribution centers and sales offices in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, Quebec City and Ottawa. For more information, please contact our website:

B.C. owned manufacturer of corrugated boxes, folding-carton, POP, single-face laminate, & high-graphic packaging, We love providing solutions to your packaging needs. Corrugated containers, stock boxes, protective packaging, single-face lamination, POP, folding cartons? Yes, we do all that. Need advice on automating your packaging line? We do that as well. It all comes down to one thing, WOWing the Customer! That is the Ideon way!

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Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

IDL - Instachange Displays Limited 1-360 Harry Walker Parkway South Newmarket ON L3Y 9E9 Canada Mgmt: Ops: Jon Bailey Est: 1977 Rev: $ M • Shelf Mgmt Systems • POP Displays • Sign Hanging • Lit.DisplayProducts

iMetal Inc.

Tel: 289-279-1100 877-579-1882 Fax: 289-279-1111 Sales: David Gilbert Admin: Staff: 50–100

• Product Display

1150 Barmac Drive North York ON M9L 1X5 Canada Mgmt: Danny Zoldos Mfg: Est: 1964 • Dairy Products • Case Protectors • Equip-Stainless • Store Fixtures

Rev: $ M

Tel: 416-745-0011 877-745-0011 Fax: 416-745-0017 Mktg: Danny Zoldos Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Racks/Rails

IDL - Instachange Displays Ltd is your one stop source for visual merchandising and P.O.P. display products and accessories. With over 1500 innovative standard products to choose from, combined with our custom capabilities, you can rely on us for all your display product needs.

iMetal Incorporated has been providing quality manufactured products for the hotel, restaurant, grocery, hospital, and construction industries since 1963. We’re well organized and equipped to manufacture to the most demanding specifications. Our 40,000 square foot facility is equipped with modern manufacturing technologies, including Parametric CAD/CAM Engineering, CNC punch presses, brake presses, lathes, milling machines, a 5-axis waterjet and the latest technology.

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Mfg: Labs:

Igloo Refrigeration Ltd. 124 Norfinch Drive Toronto ON M3N 1Y4 Canada Owner: Stan Snieg Mfg: Est: 2000 - Private • Equip-Baking • Equip-Cooking • Equip-Deli • Equip-Food Serv.

Imprint Plus Tel: 416-663-3051 Fax: 416-663-5793 Mktg: Ms. Lina Muasher Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Equip-Pizza • Equip-Prep • Equip-Washing • Freezers

• Grinders • Equip-Mixers • Ovens • Refrig'd Cases

260-21320 Gordon Way Richmond BC V6W 1J8 Canada CEO: Marla Kott Ops: Ellen Flanders, Founder Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 800-563-2464 800-563-2464 Fax: 604-278-7149 Sales: Cathy Cena Admin: Staff:

• Name Badges • Signage

Vendor to Retail Nationwide. Commercial refrigeration products pertaining to the food service industry: supermarkets, bakeries, deli & butcher shops.

Imprint Plus™ is North America’s #1 Name Badge and Signage Supplier. We design, develop, manufacture and distribute identification products. Our signature product is The Reusable Name Badge, a “Do-It-Yourself” and customizable name badge system that includes proprietary components and copyrighted design software. With over 35,000 customers worldwide, our products can help you save and enhance your branding image.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

ILC - Micro-Chem Inc. 62-6535 Millcreek Dr Mississauga ON L5N 2M2 Canada Pres: Roger Mathur Mfg: Est: 1969

IMS Identification Multi Solutions Inc. Tel: 905-858-8630 800-668-1958 Fax: 905-858-0771

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Analytical Testing • Food Quality Testing • Food Safety • QA/QC

9000 Henri-Bourassa West St-Laurent QC H4S 1L5 Canada Mgmt: Jean Ethier Mfg: Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 514-336-3213 888-336-3213 Fax: 514-745-2923 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Labels/Labeling • PrivateLabelContract • Equip-Packaging

Serving the Food, NHP (Natural Health Products) and Animal Feed Industries since 1969 as an independent, Canadian owned laboratory. Our team of highly trained and experienced staff specializes in Nutritional Chemistry, and Microbiology related analyses for Food Labelling, Safety and Shelf Life Studies. ILC provides value added consultations on plant hygiene, HACCP and other regulatory requirements. ISO 17025 : 2005 (CAN - P-4E) registered and accredited by S.C.C

IMS meet all your needs when it comes to labels, barcode scanners, label printer, label applicator printers and labelling software. IMS allows you to optimize your packaging line.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Indonesian Trade Promotion Center 567 Seymour St. Vancouver BC V6B 3H6 Canada Mgmt: Rafika Arfani Mfg: Est: • Organic Products • Spices • Coffee • Teas-Organic

InfraReady Products (1998) Ltd.

Tel: 604-696-6322 Fax: 604-559-5022

Rev: $ M


Mktg: Natalia Chandra Admin: Verry Jap Staff:

• Juices/Juicers • Fruit Snacks • Snack Food

1438 Fletcher Rd. Saskatoon SK S7M 5T2 Canada Mgmt: Mark Pickard Mfg: Atin Parmar Est: 1998 - Private • Baking Ingredients • Baking Mixes • Flour • Food Ingredients

Tel: 306-242-4950 800-510-1828 Fax: 306-242-4213 Mktg: Mark Pickard Sales: Mark Pickard Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Functional Foods • Grains • Halal Certif. • Kosher/Parve

• Legumes • Whole Grain

We provide Indonesian made products and supplier information, such as organic spices, organic premium coffee and tea, organic coconut sugar/oil, snack, juices and more.

InfraReady Products is a specialty processor of a wide variety of conventional and organic plant derived products. Sourcing high quality raw products, their infrared cooking technology supplies food manufacturers with wholesome, healthy and ready to use ingredients. Key product attributes make our products ideal for use in bakery goods, breakfast cereals, baby foods, soups, snack foods, meat products, specialty and ethnic dishes.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Industrial Bakery Equipment PO Box 1283 Battle Creek MI 49016 USA Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 2007 - Private Rev: $ M

Ingenia Natural Products Inc., d.b.a. ORIGANA Tel: 260-710-0063 Fax: 269-965-9010 Mktg: Todd Mick Admin: Staff:

• Equip-Food Serv. • Carts/Baskets • Equip-Baking

3-11771 Horseshoe Way Richmond BC V7A 4V4 Canada Mgmt: Dickens Cheung Mfg: Est: 1985 - Private • Teas-Various • Herbs • Manufacturer • Packaging

Tel: 604-271-0138 Fax: 604-271-0139 Bus Dev: Dickens Cheung Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50

• PrivateLabelContract • Custom Products • Exporting • Nutraceuticals

• HACCP • GLP/GMP Compl. • QA/QC • Research & Dev.

We specialize in food service equipment, wire carts, and various wire and sheet metal related products. Capabilities encompass both standard steel and stainless steel wire and sheet metal. Industries we currently serve: Baking, food processing, seafood, government/military, dietary suppliment, restaurant, hotel, snack food and retail grocery store.

Founded in 1985, Origana is a closely-knit, family-owned business, and we continue to remain true to our beliefs in exceptional quality and service to our valued customers. We also believe in continual investment in research & development - with the ultimate goal of discovering synergistic benefits of Oriental Tradition/Wisdom and Western Innovation to bring about the best products for the health and wellness of our customers.

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Inform Food Brokerage 2286 Holdom Ave. Burnaby BC V5B 4Y5 Canada Pres: Napoleon Veltri Mfg: Est: 1984

INKAS® Security Group Tel: 604-324-0565 Fax: 604-324-1215

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Broker

3605 Weston Road Toronto ON M9L 1V7 Canada Mgmt: Rita Simkin Mfg: Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 416-744-3322 877-464-6527 Fax: 416-744-3535 Mktg: Roman Shimon Admin: Staff: 50–100

• POS • Security

We use strategic planning to establish the short and long term goals and objectives for both our principals and our organization. While many brokers think only in the short term, we work at establishing long term relationships with our strategic partners.

Offers customers an integrated suite of security, merchant services and point of sale solutions, cash management, armed courier & manufacturing of security products. Currently INKAS® offers integrated financial & security solutions that strengthen customer’s overall profitability through increased revenue, reduced costs, risk mitigation, valuables security and transport. Our customer base consists of thousands of financial institutions, retailers, government agencies, armored transport & ATM companies.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018


Instore Products Limited

355, rue Melançon Saint-Jérôme QC J7Z 4J8 Canada Mgmt: Valérie Charest Mfg: Est: 2005

Rev: $ M

Tel: 450-304-4377 877-688-4377 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Consulting • Food Safety

5181 Everest Drive Missisauga ON L4W 2R2 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1990 • Carts/Baskets • Cart Control • Maintenance • Bags

Tel: 647-777-4441 Fax: 905-625-0670 Sales: Adam Moneypenny Admin: Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 100–500

• PrivateLabelContract

Innovaltech is a Canadian company that offers consulting services to agribusiness and biotechnology companies. Our mission is to provide support for food and biotechnology companies as system optimization of production and technological innovation and ensure compliance with industry standards for quality and safety and reduction of production costs.

Instore Group of Companies is a leading supplier of shopping carts, compartmentalized shopping bins, BYOB reusable shopping bags and shopping cart maintenance. We are committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and services. We understand that our customers are the driving force behind our business. We strive to provided not only the best products but also the best customer service.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Insta-Fence Temporary Fence Solutions Garden & Security Fence Sales and Rentals Tel: 866-233-6246 206 Arvin Avenue Hamilton ON L8E 2L8 Canada Fax: 905-662-4811 Mgmt: Mktg: Mr. Ray Sadulla Mfg: Admin: Est: 1999 - Subsidiary Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50 • Fencing • Shade Structures • Barriers • Enclosures

• Racks/Rails • Security • Seasonal Merch. • Equip-Rentals

• Loss Prevention • Merchandising Systms • Storage Systems

Int'l Bar Coding Systems & Consulting Inc. 1940 Barnes St. Penticton BC V2A 4C3 Canada Mgmt: Chris Pedersen Mfg: Est: 1993 - Private • Barcode Systems • Consulting • Inventory • Labels/Labeling

Tel: 250-493-3201 800-661-5570 Fax: 250-493-3257 Mktg: Matt Pedersen Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50

• Identification • Tags • POS • Business Service

• Cash Registers • Computer Systems • Data Loggers • Equip-Packaging

INSTAFENCE - Your #1 choice for Temporary Fence Solutions. Proudly 100 % manufactured in North America, We have years of experience with: Garden Center Fencing & Complete Outdoor Markets (Cashier Tents, Outdoor Shelving, Hanging Units); Outdoor Merchandise Security; Shading Structures; Crowd Control and Visitor Traffic Control

International Bar Coding Systems & Consulting Inc. (IBC) is a full service solution provider for inventory management, Point-of-Sale, and Enterprise Computing. With custom label printing in house, IBC has the hardware, software, services and consumables for bringing technology into your business. With over 20 years’ of experience, IBC’s expertise is utilized by SMB’s, Fortune 500's, and Governments everywhere.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Institute of Food Processing Technology Conestoga College Tel: 519-748-5220x4502 850 Fountain St., South Cambridge ON N3H 0A8 Canada Fax: 519-650-3166 Mgmt: Luis Garcia Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: 2010 - University Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50 • Training/Education • Food Safety • Automation • Contract Research

• HACCP • Packaging • Process Development • Product Development

• Research & Dev. • Robots • Sanitation • Technology

Intelligrated 110-7025 Langer Drive Mississauga ON L5N 0E9 Canada Mgmt: Steve McElweenie Mfg: Est: 2001 - Private • Automation • Material Handling • Engineering • Equipment

Tel: 866-936-7300 Fax: 513-701-5680 Mktg: Karen Salles Admin: Rev: $100+ M Staff: 500+

• Equip-MatrlHdlg • Equip-Packaging • Robots • Supply Chain Solut'n

• Software

Our mandate is to develop multi-skilled graduates with leadership and plant-floor expertise, and to partner with the food and beverage manufacturing industry to achieve technological solutions that will increase competitiveness. We offer continuous learning opportunities through education and training programs that meet the needs of the food & beverage manufacturing sector. Areas covered include food safety, food processing, electronic instrumentation, automation, robotics, packaging, sanitation, and plant supervision.

Intelligrated® is a leading North American-based, single-source provider of intelligent automated material handling solutions that drive fulfillment productivity for retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers around the world. Through a broad portfolio of automation equipment, software, service and support, Intelligrated solutions give businesses a competitive edge and optimize operational performance through increased flexibility, efficiency and accuracy.

Mfg: N Labs: Y

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Intercity Packers Ltd. 1575 Kootenay Street Vancouver BC V5K 4Y3 Canada Mgmt: Danny Ransom Mfg: Est: 1973 - Private • Meat-Products • Meat-Poultry • Seafood-Frozen • Deli/Meats


Intersteam Technologies Tel: 604-291-7791

Fax: 604-291-0456 Sales: Ming Jung Admin: Rev: $50–100 M Staff: 100–500

• Cheese-Various • Appetizers

3-12 Bigwin Road Hamilton ON L8W 3R4 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1997

Tel: 800-281-4413

Rev: $ M

Fax: 905-526-8721 Sales: Elle Robillard Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Steamers • Food Safety • Equipment • Cleaning Products

Intercity Packers is licensed in BC, Ontario and Alberta to distribute internationally acclaimed Certified Angus Beef TM and Whitestripe Lamb to Foodservice operators and retail food stores.

Leading supplier of Steam and Vapour Cleaning and Disintection Systems in Canada. Brands include SteamKing 1500, MondoVap with TANCS, Blue Evolution S+ with UV-C Sanitation, Magic Vapour & Sioux Industrial Steam. Proud suppliers to McDonald’s, Tim Hortons and many other leading organizations in the hospitality industry. We also supply to health care, long term care, education, municipalities, the mining industry, & more.

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:

International Herbs (B.C.) Ltd. 4151 - 184th Street Surrey BC V3S 0L5 Canada Mgmt: Rick Brar Mfg: Est:

Tel: 604-576-2345 888-992-2345 Fax: 604-574-3689 Mktg: David Lluncor Admin: Sheree Peters Rev: $ M Staff:

• Herbs • Produce/Fruit&Veg

Intertrade Gourmet 107 - 84 North Bend St Coquitlam BC V3K 6H1 Canada Mgmt: Sharon Schmidt Mfg: Est: • Gourmet Food • Antipasto • Beverages • Chocolate

Rev: $ M

• Cider • Coffee • Condiments • Confectionary

Tel: 604-942-9387 800-667-9387 Fax: 604-942-9381 Mktg: Sharon Schmidt Admin: Staff: 1–10 • Cookies • Crackers • Distributor • Gift Baskets

International Herbs takes great pride in the wide array of specialty products that we present to our customers. Our comprehensive line of products includes (but is not limited to): fresh culinary herbs, edible flowers, baby vegetables, baby lettuces and gourmet salads.

With our years of experience, we have established a dominant position in the Gourmet Food Industry. We strive to bring unique quality products to the market at competitive prices.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

International Pacific Sales 22111 Fraserwood Way Tel: 604-273-7035 Richmond BC V6W 1J5 800-525-5155 Canada Fax: 604-273-6720 Pres: Laura Driscoll Sales: Daren Forster Mfg: Admin: Charmaine Leaney Est: 1969 Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50 • Broker • Food Service • Marketing Services • Product Development

Interweigh Systems Inc. 51 Bentley St. Markham ON L3R 3L1 Canada Mgmt: Bryn Savage Mfg: Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 416-491-7001 800-268-3269 Fax: 905-940-1711 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Weighing Systems • Scales • Equip-Packaging • Labels/Labeling

Started in 1969 as Canada's first strictly food service brokerage house, International Pacific Sales has been an industry leader ever since [IPS now brokers in retail/grocery as well]. The company is also famous for its "Culinary Centre", a state of the art test kitchen. This is used by the customers to work on new menu ideas, to hold meetings and even used for photo shoots. Our company - like our Culinary Centre - is dedicated to "Thought for Food."

Interweigh Systems designs complete industrial weighing and labeling solutions based on the data provided by weighing scale. While we carry stand-alone scales and printers we also supply floor scales, drum scales, pallet scales and hopper fillers, We also focus on the creation of manufacturing and warehousing information systems for the food, automotive and shipping industries.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Intouch Insight 400 March Rd. Ottawa ON K2K 3H4 Canada Mgmt: Ravi Puvan Mfg: Est: 1992

Ishida Canada Inc. Tel: 800-263-2980x7910 Fax: Mktg: Lindsay Sykes Admin: Rev: $5–10 M Staff: 50–100

• Data Collection • Ops. Mgmt. • Software

12692 82nd Ave. Surrey BC V3W 3G1 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Bill Taylor Mfg: Est: 1996 • Scales • Wrapping • Labels/Labeling • Film

Tel: 888-517-1556 Fax: 778-578-2928 Mktg: Mr. Michael O'Brien Admin: Mr. Jamie Frank Rev: $ M Staff: • Slicers • Equip-Pizza • Packaging • Support Services

• Pre-PackApplications

Get better insights into your operations with Intouch Insight data capture and analytics programs. Measure food health and safety, merchandising, and brand standards as often as you need. View performance reports in real-time, flag issues and fix them before they impact your customers.

Leader in the design, manufacture & installation of weighing and packing line solutions. Appreciating & understanding the challenges faced by retailers & pre-pack facilities, Ishida Canada uses its unique expertise and experience to develop the perfect solutions for any type of environment. Scale products include: Price Computing, Portioning, Label Printing & Production Scales, Package Wrapping Machines, CFIA Approved Film, Quality Labels, Frozen Meat Slicers, Pizza Presses, Griddles and Dough Sheeters.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Iron Apple International 30 Oland Court Darmouth NS B3B 1V2 Canada Mgmt: Hugh Latimer Mfg: Est:

Island Independent Buying Group

Rev: $ M

Tel: 902-407-0706 844-485-3330 Fax: Mktg: Chelsea Putnam Admin: Staff:

• Food Safety • Training/Education • Pest Control • Hygiene

3110 Hope Road Chemainus BC V0R 1K4 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Rob Dekker Mfg: Est: 1997 - Private

Tel: 250-246-1828 Fax: 250-246-1591

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Wholesaler

Food and Beverage Preventive Controls Plans (PCP) Specialists, Trucking Food Safety Program, Staff Training, Advisory Audits, Sanitation, Pest Control, Employee Hygiene Programs.

Island Independent Buying Group is a locally owned and operated purchasing organization that is committed to quality service and excellent value. Proud supplier of Country Grocer.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Irving Consumer Products 100 Midland Drive Dieppe NB E1A 6X4 Canada Mgmt: Kevin Lake Mfg: Est: Rev: $ M

Italian Home Bakery Tel: 888-326-5757 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Tissue Paper Prd

271 Attwell Drive Toronto ON M9W 5B9 Canada Mgmt: Pat Moncada Mfg: Est: 1955 - Private

Tel: 416-674-4555 800-442-6977 Fax: 416-674-0558

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff: 100–500

• Bread

Irving Consumer Products is part of J.D.Irving, Limited, a familyowned company that employs more than 15,000 people in North America and operates in a variety of business segments such as forestry, food, ship building, transportation and more. At Irving Consumer Products, we make some of North America’s top-selling tissue brands, including Royale and Majesta in Canada and Scotties Facial Tissue in the USA.

Italian Home Bakery, a proud member of the Toronto baking community, is pleased to offer its wide variety of finely crafted European style breads.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

ITALPASTA Limited 116 Nuggett Court Brampton ON L6T 5A9 Canada Mgmt: Frank P. DeMichino Mfg: Est: 1989 - Private


J&K Poultry Tel: 905-792-9928 800-361-8983 Fax: 905-792-2381 Mktg: Ms. Laura Dal Bo Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Pasta-Various

771 East Cordova Street Vancouver BC V6A 1M2 Canada Mgmt: Jerry Dawson Mfg: Est: 1966

Rev: $ M

Tel: 604-253-8292 800-253-9119 Fax: 604-253-3110 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Ethnic Foods • Meat-Poultry

Located in Brampton, Ontario, Italpasta is sold in retailers across Canada and is a leader in the food service and private label sectors. We proudly use only 100% Canadian Grade #1 durum semolina in our process. The finest semolina combined with modern Italian technology and made with the utmost care – that’s our secret to creating perfectly 'al dente' pasta…for pasta lovers. Italpasta also markets an extensive range of imported food product essential elements to creating a truly Italian-inspired meal.

J & K Poultry is a further processor and distributor of poultry in the Greater Vancouver and Whistler Areas. We have been in business for over 40 successful years. Unlike a single processing plant, we are not subject to the product and size constraints of one day's production, enabling us to carry a constant supply of fresh and frozen product sized for our customer's needs.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Ivanhoe Cheese

J.D. Smith and Sons Limited

11301 Hwy 62 Tel: 613-473-4269 RR 5 800-268-0508 Madoc ON K0K 2K0 Canada Fax: Mgmt: Margaret Holden Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: 1870 Rev: $ M Staff: • Butter • Cheese-Various

180 Basaltic Road Vaughan ON L4K 1G8 Canada Mgmt: Mike Nichols Mfg: Est: • Vehicles/Fleets • Warehouse • Logistics • EDI

Tel: 905-669-8980 Fax: 905-669-8981 Mktg: Mike Nichols Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Pallets • Pick/Pack Serv • Labels/Labeling • Shrink Mgmt

Ivanhoe Cheese began as a small dairy cooperative in 1870, located in the hamlet of Ivanhoe, Ontario. For over a century, we specialized in artisan aged cheddar. In 1986, we became a private company, expanding our manufacturing operation and our palette with a variety of specialty cheeses. We came full circle in 2008 when Ivanhoe joined with Ontario's largest dairy cooperative, Gay Lea Foods.

J.D. Smith offers a unique blend of integrated third-party distribution and logistic services - services that combine the pride of a family owned company with leading edge technology. Our wellbalanced and integrated infrastructure includes a network of modern warehousing facilities, an extensive, well-maintained fleet, and best of breed I.T. systems.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

J & J Display Sales 2230 Meadowpine Blvd. Mississauga ON L5N 6H6 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Stewart Hinton Mfg: Est: • Store Fixtures • Scanning Hooks • Shelf Mgmt Systems • Shelving

Jack Link's Canada Company Tel: 905-814-5252 888-846-6548 Fax: 905-814-8147 Mktg: Mr. Ashok Suresh Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Storage Systems • Packaging • Labels/Labeling

2430 Meadowpine Blvd., Suite #109 Mississauga ON L5N 6S2 Canada Mgmt: Mike Rakic Mfg: Est: Rev: $ M

Tel: 905-542-2185 866-464-3617 Fax: 905-542-7454 Mktg: Mike Rakic Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Jerky • Snack Food • Meat-Products

We design, supply and install store fixtures; supply merchandising accessories, selling aids and point-of-purchase displays. We provide a one-stop source for all your fixturing needs.

Anywhere you eat Jack Link's Jerky you tap into a side of you that is wild and free. Our jerky isn't just a snack, it's an experience. There are over 100 authentic Jack Link's snacks to choose from.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Jakeman's Maple Products 454414 Trillium Line Beachville ON N0J 1A0 Canada Owner: Bob Jakeman Mfg: Est: Private

JBS Canada

Tel: 519-539-1366 800-382-9795 Fax: 888-308-9456 Sales: Chad Jakeman Sales: Mary Jakeman Rev: $ M Staff:

• Maple Syrup • Maple Products • Cookies

5101 11th St. SE Calgary AB T2H 1M7 Canada Mgmt: Rob Meijer Mfg: Est: Rev: $ M

Tel: 800-322-8396 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff: 500+

• Meat-Beef • Processor • HACCP

We are a family owned 5th generation family producing some of the finest maple syrup in Ontario. All the sap is collected and transported to our sugar shanty (next to our country store) where it is then boiled in our modern, high efficiency natural gas fired steam finishing pan. The maple syrup is graded and then bottled for use throughout the year. Votes "best tasting maple syrup in Canada"-National Post. Granulated maple sugar, a natural sweetner for baking, cooking or sprinkling on fruit, desserts etc.

JBS Food Canada is one of Canada's largest beef processors. Based in Brooks, Alberta, our beef processing facility is federally inspected and HACCP-approved with state-of-the-art food safety interventions. We supply fresh boxed beef items including Prime, AAA, AA, A and ungraded, as well as variety meats, beef trim and ground beef.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Jan K. Overweel Limited

JD Factors Corporation

3700 Steeles Ave.West, Ste. 702 Tel: 905-850-9010 Woodbridge ON L4L 8K8 800-308-2544 Canada Fax: 905-850-9277 Mgmt: Patrick Pelliccione Mktg: Giovanna Varricchione Mfg: Admin: Est: 1998 Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500 • Baked Goods • Cheese-Various • Chocolate • Confectionary

• Cookies • Deli/Meats • Ingredients • Oil & Vinegar

• Pasta-Various • PrivateLabelContract • Manufacturer • Distributor

315 Matheson Blvd. E. Mississauga ON L4Z 1X8 Canada Mgmt: Tina Capobianco, VP Mfg: Est: 1989 • Banking • Finance • AR Financing • Invoice Financing

Tel: 905-501-5000 800-263-0664 Fax: 800-939-2305

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Dina Savaglio Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Factoring

Jan K Overweel Limited specializes in the importation & distribution of Italian, Dutch, English, Swiss, Spanish and Canadian cheeses, deli, confectionary & grocery products. Our EMMA branded products range from olive oils, vinegars, tomatoes to preserved vegetables. We have acquired and added CASA ITALIA Italian Style Deli Products & MILANO Premium Biscuits to our family of products.

Our company JD Factors is The Premier Factoring Company in North America. Factoring, or the sale of accounts receivable, gives your company immediate access to working capital for things such as payroll, marketing, paying vendors, and purchasing equipment and inventory, without incurring debt. JD Factors has been helping small to medium size companies for over 25 years. We have very Competitive Rates & Exceptional Customer Service. For more info call 1-800-263-0664.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Jarvis Canada Ltd. 3915A - 78th Ave. S.E. Calgary AB T2C 2J6 Canada Mgmt: Sean Dougherty Mfg: Est: 1963 • Distributor • Meat Room • Chemicals • Warehouse

See ad pg. 24

JD Farms Specialty Turkey

Rev: $ M • Aprons • Blades • Equipment • FoodGradeLubr'nt

Tel: 403-236-5350 800-661-8493 Fax: 403-279-8005 Sales: Sean Dougherty Admin: Staff: 1–10 • Knives • Saws • Robots

24726 52 Ave. Langley BC V2Z 1E2 Canada CEO: Mr. Jason Froese Mfg: Est: 1979 • Food Processing • Meat-Turkey • Gluten Free • Agri-Food

Tel: 604-856-2431 Fax: 604-856-2437 Mktg: Ms. Janice McWilliams Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50 • Pet Care/Food

Jarvis Canada Ltd. is Canada's direct link to Jarvis Products Corp, a leading manufacturer of Production Slaughter and Processing Equipment for the meat industry. We have been providing sales and service for 50 years to the Canadian Meat Industry. We continue to strive towards customer satisfaction.

Turkeys at JD Farms are fed a natural diet of grain, vitamins & minerals without any anitbiotics or animal by-products. Our turkeys are raised in spacious, well-ventilated barns with free access to fresh water & a constant supply of fresh feed. The turkeys must pass a stringent certification program ensuring our customers only receive the very best! Come visit our country store & bistro where you can enjoy a delicious turkey sandwich or hot lunch. If you have a cat or dog, check out our premium raw dog food & pet treats!

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Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Jelly Belly Candy Company Canada Ltd. 1 Jelly Belly Lane Fairfield CA 94533 USA Mgmt: Scott Bjaanes Ops: Dennis Spiller, VP Est: 2014

Tel: 416-453-0031 800-323-9380 Fax: 707-428-0819

Rev: $10–50 M

Mktg: Rob Swaigen Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Confectionary


JNE Retail Equipment Inc. 4433 Manitoba Road SE. Calgary AB T2G 4B9 Canada Mgmt: Kristin Lie Ops: Kristin Lie Est: 1984 • Carts/Baskets • Accessories • Stock Trucks • Equip-MatrlHdlg

Tel: 403-243-2705

Rev: $ M

• Shelving • Wall Units • Checkouts • Doors

Fax: 403-243-1433 Mktg: Jim Evans Admin: Staff: • Store Fixtures • Racks/Rails • Merchandising Systms • Equip-Rentals

Jelly Belly Candy Company manufacturers high quality confections including the flagship Jelly Belly jelly bean brand, candy corn, chocolates, licorice and gummies, Sunkist Fruit Gems, and Sport Beans.

Total Store Solutions, we carry a full range of Quality items in the following categories: Wire & Plastic Shopping Carts, Shopping Cart Accessories & Replacement Parts, Stock Trucks & Material Handling Systems, Hand Baskets & Stands, Fun Childrens Carts, Special Needs & Motorized Carts, Cart Corrals, Display Fixtures, Traffic Doors, Cooler Shelving, Custom Store Shelving, Checkout Counters. Majority of our Products Manufactured in Canada & US. A Cari-All & Wanzl Representative Western Canada.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Jessies Jams

Johnson Inc. Insurance

2528 Stirling Marmora Rd., Box 573 Stirling ON K0K 3E0 Canada Mgmt: Ms. Mary Ann Rutledge Mfg: Est: 1986 - Private Rev: $ M

Tel: 613-395-2393 Fax: 613-395-3403 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Diabetic Health • Vegan • Manufacturer • Wholesaler

10 Factory Lane PO Box 12049 St. John's NL A1B 1R7 Canada Pres: Ken Bennett Mfg: Est: Rev: $ M

Tel: 709-737-1500 800-563-1650 Fax: 709-737-1580 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Automobile • Insurance

Manufacturer of original recipe Gourmet Award Winning No Sugar Added, Gluten Free, Vegan, All Natural dessert sauces and spreads.

For more than 125 years, we have been delivering high quality home and auto insurance and plan benefits to Canadians. Today, we are one of the country's leading and fastest growing providers of insurance products and benefits. We believe our success is a direct result of our focus on doing what's right for our customers and our employees.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Jet Label & Packaging Ltd 9445 - 49 St. Edmonton AB T6B 2L8 Canada CEO: Darrell Friesen Mfg: Rod Froment Est: 1998 • Labels/Labeling • PrivateLabelContract • Tags • Barcode Systems

Rev: $ M

• Branding • Coding/Marking • Design • Equip-Packaging

Johnston Equipment Tel: 780-440-5135 866-440-5135 Fax: 780-465-7837 Sales: Mr. Steve Smith Admin: Staff: 50–100 • Manufacturer • Pricing/Tags • Wrapping • Traceability

5990 Avebury Road Tel: 905-217-6000 Mississauga ON L5R 3R2 800-668-5586 Canada Fax: 905-502-6158 Mgmt: Mr. Shaun Lewis Mktg: Ms. Leah Young Mfg: COO: Mr. Luc Beauchemin Est: 1954 - Subsidiary Rev: $100+ M Staff: 500+ • Equipment • Equip-MatrlHdlg • Equip-LoadDock • Equip-Leasing

• Equip-Rentals • Shelf Mgmt Systems • Carts/Baskets • Industrial Prod's

• Installation • Maintenance • Certification

Jet Label is your all-in-one solution for your labelling needs. We are western Canada's largest label manufacturer and printer. Using both digital and flexo print technology, we offer a complete selection of stocked and customizable labels, printed tape, thermal transfer labels, serving all major industries such as agriculture, airline, beverage, chemical, forestry, food processing, grocery, pharmacy and more. With the best label presses in Canada, Jet customers receive the highest quality of labels possible.

When you need to move, manage, store and protect goods, Johnston Equipment provides Complete Solutions across 13 locations Canadawide. Complete Solutions begin with Raymond forklifts. Then it involves our large, highly-skilled technician base who can service any brand of forklift using Ideal Maintenance (with access to over 7 million parts!). Complete Solutions also includes nationally accredited operator training and safety programs and can improve cost-management with leasing programs financed by Johnston.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Johnston Equipment

Jones Food Store Equipment Ltd.

5990 Avebury Rd. Tel: 905-712-6000 Mississauga ON L5R 3R2 800-668-5586 Canada Fax: 905-712-6002 Pres: Michael Marcotte Sales: Mike Timmons Mfg: Admin: Est: Private Rev: $100+ M Staff: 500+ • Forklifts • Pallet Trucks • Rentals

2896 Norland Avenue Burnaby BC V5B 3A7 Canada Mgmt: Randi Jones Mfg: Est: 1971 Rev: $ M • Refrigeration • Refrig'd Cases • Product Display • Shelf Mgmt Systems

• Checkouts • Store Fixtures • Air Conditioning • WI Boxes

Tel: 604-294-6321 800-294-6321 Fax: 604-294-4087 Mktg: Darren Jones Admin: Staff: • Humidification

Materials handling is more than just handling materials. When you partner with Johnston Equipment, you partner with Canada's largest and most accomplished materials handling solutions experts. Our main focus is working with you to configure proven solutions that immediately increase your company’s efficiencies and boost productivity.

Jones Food Store Equipment specializes in supermarket equipment, refrigeration systems and commercial food storage facilities, and offers expert services to its clients. JFSE has been doing business with major food retailers as well as independent retailers, servicing supermarkets to grocery stores.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Johnston Wholesale 2286 Dorman Road Nanaimo BC V9S 5G2 Canada Mgmt: Earle Johnston Mfg: Est: 1963 - Private • Health Products • Personal Care • Cold & Flu Remedies • Cleaning Products

Jones Packaging Inc. Tel: 250-758-3341 Fax: 250-758-7321 Bus Dev: Brad Johnston Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Toothpaste • Vitamins • General Merch. • Diapers

• Air Fresheners • Natural Health Prod. • Tissue Paper Prd • Laundry Products

3000 Page Street London ON N5V 5H3 Canada Mgmt: Richard Pileski Mfg: Richard Pileski Est: 1882 - Private • Packaging • Food Safety • PrivateLabelContract • Packaging-Carton

Tel: 519-451-2100 Fax: 519-451-2107 Mktg: Elyse Michaud Admin: Elyse Michaud Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Printing/Printers • Labels/Labeling • Packaging-Consulting

Three generation family owned and operated Wholesale Distribution Company, selling national brands of Health and Beauty and General Merchandise items to the Independent Grocery Retailer, for over 50 years.

Jones takes our customers' packaging from concept to consumer. This integrated approach includes the services of our Printed Packaging team, which offers design, structural and product development support in addition to full production capabilities for folding cartons, pressure sensitive labels, inserts and leaflets, and intelligent packaging. We help maximize your brand’s shelf presence, while providing instant assurance of quality, safety and regulatory compliance requirements.

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Mfg: Y Labs:

Jon Jen Soap Co. 310 - 200 Consumers Rd. North York ON M2J 4R4 Canada Mgmt: Michael Korman Mfg: Michael Korman Est: 2010 - Private

JP Olsen Enterprises Inc. Tel: 416-493-8786 Fax: 416-497-2557 Mktg: Michael Korman Admin: Rev: $5–10 M Staff: 1–10

• Personal Care

PO Box 84632 Surrey BC V3W 6Y7 Canada Pres: Johan Olsen Mfg: Est: 2004 - Private • Waste Mgmt • Recycling • Equipment • Equip-Leasing

Tel: 604-584-2622

Rev: $ M

Fax: 604-398-2370 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Equip-MatrlHdlg

Jon Jen Soap Co. produces Red Burst Brand Soap Body Bars with Baking Soda Natural Oils. See . We produce Red Burst Hyaluronic Facial Pre Post Shave skin balms in 3 new SKU's of Scent Free, Mint Breeze and Royal Evening Spice. Products are positoned in HBA and shave aisles. Full merchandising programs are available with national distribution. email for more information or 416-493-8786.

JP Olsen Enterprises is a progressive Canadian supplier of recycling solutions. We are the factory appointed distributor for Bramidan balers in Canada. Compacting used packaging and waste at the source has a major impact on operating costs; saving you time, space and manpower, allowing your staff to concentrate on their jobs – in a tidy, hygienic working environment. Vertical Balers for Recyclable Material, Cardboard and Plastic Balers. Small foot print stock room balers, low ceiling balers, large volume balers.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

JS Software 108 Avonlea Way Spruce Grove AB T7X 4R5 Canada CEO: David Gould Ops: Linda Gulbe Est: 1983


KeepRite Refrigeration Tel: 866-828-4300

Rev: $ M

Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Software • POS

159 Roy Blvd. Brantford ON N3R 7K1 Canada Pres: David Teeter Mfg: Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 519-751-0444 800-463-9517 Fax: 519-753-1140 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Refrigeration • Air Conditioning

J.S. Software Inc. was founded in 1983 and has developed a sophisticated integrated software package for the retailing industry. Many of our customers are grocery supermarkets, liquor stores, general retail and other packaged goods businesses that require POS (Point-Of-Sale) software. All of our packages are integrated or can be run as a stand-alone system.

National Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Products Canada Corp., is a leading North American manufacturer of commercial refrigeration products marketed under the KeepRite Refrigeration brand name. These products include specialized applications in food storage and processing, industrial process cooling, including evaporator coils, condensing units, condensers, heat transfer and heat recovery and air conditioning products.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

K.B. Honey Ltd. #15 - 5684 Landmark Way Cloverdale BC V3S 7H1 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1884 - Private

Kellogg Canada Inc. Tel: 604-532-9757

Rev: $ M

Fax: 604-533-3595 Mktg: Diane Stubson Admin: Staff:

• Honey • Eggs/Products • Bee Products • Meat-Poultry

5350 Creekbank Road Mississauga ON L4W 5S1 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1906 - Subsidiary

Tel: 905-290-5200 888-876-3750 Fax: 905-290-5399

Rev: $ M

Sales: John Howse Admin: Staff:

• Cereal

K.B. Honey Ltd. distributes beeswax, honey, eggs, cheese, and bee pollen. We are proud to present 100% pure Canadian Honey in our products. We offer only unadulterated Canadian Honey that grades out to Canada #1 White or Amber.

Driven to enrich and delight the world through foods and brands that matter, Kellogg Canada is the leading producer of ready-to-eat cereal in Canada and a wholly owned subsidiary of Kellogg Company. To learn more about our responsible business leadership, foods that delight and how we strive to make a difference in our communities around the world, visit To learn more about Kellogg Canada’s efforts in these areas, please visit

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Kawartha Dairy Limited 89 Prince St Tel: 705-738-5123 PO Box 904 Bobcaygeon ON K0M 1A0 Canada Fax: 705-738-3136 Mgmt: Shaun Dunn Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: 1937 - Private Rev: $ M Staff: • Kosher/Parve • Dairy Products • Ice Cream

Kentville Research and Development Centre 32 Main Street Kentville NS B4N 1J5 Canada Mgmt: Dr. Mark Hodges Mfg: Est: 1911 - Government

Tel: 902-365-8500 Fax: 902-365-8477 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Research & Dev. • Pest Control • Functional Foods • Genomics

Family owned! Bobcaygeon based, Kawartha Dairy manufactures a full line of dairy products, including our brand of premium ice cream.

One of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's (AAFC) national network of 20 research centres. The Centre's programs are unique in addressing problems throughout the Canadian horticultural and food system, but with a focus on the regional needs of Atlantic Canada. In the Centre's field and laboratories, work is conducted on primary production, crop protection, soil and water evaluation, livestock and forage management, post-harvest storage, food quality assessment, and consumer safety.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs: Y


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Kerr Bros. Limited 956 Islington Ave. Toronto ON M8Z 4P6 Canada Pres: Ryan Martic Mfg: Est: 1895

Kienna Coffee Roasters Tel: 416-252-7341

Rev: $ M

Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Confectionary • Caramel • Chocolate • Coconut Products

4049 74th Avenue SE Calgary AB T2C 2H9 Canada Mgmt: Leona Leach Ops: Mr. Randall Leach Est: 1999 - Private

Tel: 403-444-9300 866-295-2241 Fax: 403-272-9301 Mktg: Mr. Robert Lehnert Admin: Miss Jenny Yeung Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Coffee

Kerr's specializes in gourmet toffee, creamy caramels, scotch mints (peppermint, spearmint, licorice), panned candy, fruit puree filled candy, fruit taffy, chocolate-center crunch candy, maple kisses, molasses kisses, dark chocolate sea salt caramels and a wide array of lollypops including natural fruit flavor lollypops, sour pops and fizzy soda pops. Our delicious candy is also available in our Light no sugar added line. Celebrating 123 "sweet" years in Canada!

Kienna Coffee Roasters is a family run business that has been roasting coffee in Calgary Alberta since 1999. While many coffee roasters are being left behind Kienna has solidified their place in the market by developing the KiennaCUP adapter for Keurig brewers. The KiennaCUP allows consumers to use Kienna’s bio-degradable coffee pods in their single serve machine - virtually eliminating all waste. The KiennaCUP and Kienna coffee pods are now available from coast to coast.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Ketchum Manufacturing 1245 California Ave. Brockville ON K6V 7N5 Canada Mgmt: Claude Lalonde Mfg: Est:

Kimberly-Clark Inc. Tel: 613-342-8445

Rev: $ M

Fax: 613-342-7550 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Signage • Manufacturer • Distributor

50 Burnhamthorpe Rd., W. Mississauga ON L5B 3Y5 Canada Mgmt: Thomas Falk Mfg: Est:

Tel: 905-277-6500 Fax: 905-277-6591 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 500+

Rev: $ M

• Tissue Paper Prd • Hygiene

Ketchum manufactures and distributes custom printed signage for every area of the grocery store. We sell direct to food suppliers and grocer stores or distributors.

Kimberly-Clark is about well-known brands, innovation, technology, and leadership. We're a global team of more than 57,000 people, organized into three global segments - Consumer Tissue, Personal Care and Business-to-Business - who share a passion for finding new ways to improve people's lives.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Kidd Bros Honey/Western Sage Honey #15-5684 Landmark Way Cloverdale BC V3S 7H1 Canada Pres: Diane Stubson Mfg: Est: 1884 • Honey • Spreads • Bee Products • Natural Health Prod.

Tel: 604-532-9757 Fax: 604-533-3595 Mktg: Chelsea Thomson Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Health Products • Food Processing • Producer • Baking Ingredients

• Sweeteners • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Gluten Free

King Business Services Corp. (King Corp) 1130-21331 Gordon Way Richmond BC V6W 1J9 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Don Eldridge Mfg: Est: 1969 - Private • POS • Support Services • Business Service • Checkouts

Tel: 604-214-2700 877-678-7788 Fax: 604-214-2701 Mktg: Mr. Don Eldridge Admin: Pam Cunningham Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Computer Systems • Equipment • Installation • Labels/Labeling

• Scales • Scanners

Canada's oldest honey company! Since 1884 Kidd Bros Honey has brought raw, natural, unpasteurized honey to the tables of Canadian families. Still made with the same care & devotion to this day K.B. has added a new line called Western Sage Honey's. These are unique flavoured honeys; infused with natural pure extracts so you can actually taste the blueberry in our Blueberry Honey, the lemon in our Lemon Honey. As well as other bee products such as Pollen, Propolis & Bee Magic.

King Corp is a POS system integration and services Company which sources solid software solutions and couples them with best of class hardware to meet the requirements of today’s retailer. King Corp’s large customer base of multi-lane grocery, high volume specialty retailers and private liquor stores allows us to service smaller communities throughout BC providing the independent retailer with the latest in POS systems and support.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Kingman Industries (2012) Ltd. #288 1538 Cliveden Ave Delta BC V3M 6J8 Canada Mgmt: Dave Simpson Mfg: Est: 1988 • Energy Savings • Equip-Refridge • Curtains • Night Covers

Klassic Coconut

Tel: 604-540-6525 888-267-8994 Fax: 604-540-6526 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Doors • Windows/Doors • Pest Control • Freezers


• Industrial Prod's • Insulated Covers • Refrigeration • Store Fixtures

14 Boswell Street Simcoe ON N3Y 4K2 Canada Mgmt: Peter DeWaard Mfg: Est: 1986 - Private

Tel: 905-768-1152 Fax: 905-768-3251 Sales: Mr. Pete Dewaard Jr. Admin: Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 10–50

• Coconut Products

Since 1988, Kingman Industries has been a leader in manufacturing the highest quality strip doors, strip curtains, dividers and related PVC covers and rolls. We also provide Canadian distribution for energy savings ideas for grocery stores, including night covers for horizontal and vertical display cases, swing doors to separate public and employee only areas, air curtains to reduce heat/air conditioning loss through customer entrances, and non-zapping fly traps for food preparation areas. Call us today for a quote!

For over 30 years Klassic Coconut has striven to be the best in all areas of the industry. What started as a small operation, selling to a single market, has risen to become one of the largest importers of desiccated coconut, and manufacturers of sweetened and toasted coconut on the continent. Only because of continual commitment to quality, service and self evaluation has Klassic Coconut been able to meet and exceed the demands of a rapidly changing food industry.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Kingspan Insulated Panels Ltd. 12557 Coleraine Dr. Caledon ON L7E 3B5 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1969

Tel: 905-951-5600 866-442-3594 Fax: 905-951-3944 Sales: Tony Robinson Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Doors • Refrigeration • Warehouse

Kool-Down Beverage Corp. #101 - 20119 113B Ave. Maple Ridge BC V2X 0Z1 Canada Mgmt: John Steele Mfg: John Steele Est: Private • Beverages • Beverages-Smoothie • Equip-Froz Bev. • Mixers

Tel: 604-460-2800 Fax: 604-460-2811 Mktg: John Steele Admin: John Steele Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 1–10

• Mixes • Slushies • Custom Blending • Dispensing Sys.

• Formulations • Manufacturer • Pkg-Pouch Filling • Syrup

Kingspan Group is a leading manufacturer of a range of sustainable products for the construction industry. The Group's principal activities comprise the manufacture of insulated panels, rigid insulation boards, raised access floors, steel frame and timber frame off-site solutions, environmental and renewable fuel & water storage solutions and hot water systems.

Kool-Down Beverage is a non-alcoholic cocktail drink mix manufacture and brand owner to Kool-Down Cocktail Mixes, PinkParrot Martini Mixes & Rimming Sugars and Party with the Parrot Mixes. We manufacture both retail and foodservice mixes in bottles, bags and pouches. Look for the retail products at most large grocers and at foodservice distributors or order direct at

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Kirkwood Diamond Canada 1155 North Service Rd., W., Unit 8 Tel: 905-849-4346 Oakville ON L5M 3E3 Canada Fax: 905-849-4347 CEO: Gordon Haist Mktg: Andrew Green Mfg: Sales: Peter Kirkwood Est: Rev: $ M Staff: • Beverages • Wine

KOOLJET 1444 Bell Mill Side Rd. Tillsonburg ON N4G 4G9 Canada Mgmt: JD Wasir Mfg: Est: 2001 - Private

Rev: $5–10 M

Tel: 519-688-6803 866-748-7786 Fax: 519-688-5962 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Refrigeration

Kirkwood Diamond Canada is a national sales and marketing agency representing international and domestic producers of premium wines, spirits, beers, ciders and ready-to-drink products.

KOOLJET design & manufacture custom designed Packaged, through-the-wall refrigeration systems for all kind of perishable products. KOOLJET Refrigeration Systems are mono-block design, whereby the end-user cuts a hole in the cold storage wall and mounts the unit in the opening. KOOLJET also builds Blast Freezers, Hydrocoolers, Wine chillers, Medical and Process Industrial Chillers and Dehumidifiers.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Korea Food Trading 8500 Keele St. Vaughan ON L4K 2A6 Canada Mgmt: S. Park Mfg: Est: 2002 • Asian Food • Food Ingredients • Frozen Foods • Ginseng

Kraft Heinz Canada ULC Tel: 905-532-0325

Rev: $ M

Fax: 905-532-0430 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Snack Food • Noodles • Dried Food

PO Box 1200 Don Mills ON M3B 3L6 Canada Mgmt: Av Maharaj Mfg: Est: Public • Beverages • Cheese-Various • Coffee • Desserts

Tel: 416-441-5000 888-572-3806 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff:

Rev: $ M

• Jam/Jelly • Nuts • Peanut Butter • Salad Dressings

• Spreads • Side Dishes • Pasta-Various • Sauces

Korea Food Trading is a Leader in Asian Food Wholesale and Distribution. From Food Service to Retail, we supply thousands of private and national branded products that connect Eastern and Western, Manufacturers to Customers, and Generations to Generations.

The Kraft Heinz Company (NASDAQ: KHC) is the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world. A globally trusted producer of delicious foods, the Kraft Heinz Company provides high quality, great taste and nutrition for all eating occasions. The Company's iconic brands include Kraft, Heinz, Classico, Jell-O, Kool-Aid, Maxwell House, Ore-Ida, Philadelphia, Weight Watchers Smart Ones. The Kraft Heinz Company is dedicated to the sustainable health of our people, our planet and our Company.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Korex Logistics Canada Ltd. 117-6951 72nd St. Delta BC V4G 1K7 Canada Mgmt: Jaeho Kim Mfg: Est: 2006 - Private • Broker • Business Service • Distributor • Exporting

Krinos Foods Canada Tel: 604-940-1470

Fax: 604-940-1472 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50

• Importer • Logistics • Pallets • Dried Food


• Asian Food • Noodles

198 - 12759 Vulcan Way Richmond BC V6V 3C8 Canada Mgmt: Robert McGowan Mfg: Est: 1965 - Private • Distributor • Manufacturer • Importer • Ethnic Foods

Tel: 604-247-0011 Fax: 604-247-0021

Rev: $ M

• Frozen Foods • Cheese-Various • Pasta-Various • Beans

Mktg: Admin: Staff: 50–100 • Yogurt/Products • Condiments • Confectionary • Beverages

Korex Logistics was incorporated in 2006 with main focusing on 3PL in the fastest growing industry. Korex Logistics has been expanding their business scope to various areas not only trucking, ocean/air service, warehousing but also Customs brokerage, Fairs & Exhibitions, Parcel deliveries and Project cargo. Now it was expanded their services to the North America opening new branch offices in Vancouver & Toronto in order to meet their customers’ needs.

Krinos Foods is North America's largest importer, distributor and manufacturer of Greek specialty foods with production facilities and warehouses in New York, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Krinos Foods imports and manufactures over 500 frozen, refrigerated and dry foods including cheeses, olive oil, pasta, beans, peppers, yogurt, condiments and confectionery items. We also import a variety of quality beverages including coffees and teas.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: N

KOTRA Toronto 800-2 St. Clair Ave., West Toronto ON M4V 1L5 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est:

Kriscor & Associates Tel: 416-368-3399x228 Fax: 416-368-2893 Bus Dev: Di Leo Michele Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Trade Promotion

5588 Quartermain Cres. Mississauga ON L5M 5V2 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Rob Kowal Mfg: Est: 2006 - Private • Organic Products • Cereal • Ingredients • Fibre

Tel: 416-566-3826

Rev: $ M

Fax: Mktg: Mr. Rob Kowal Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Sweeteners • Food Ingredients

Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency. Key Industries: Parts and Materials, Auto Parts, Displays, Semiconductors,Tourism and Leisure, Aerospace, Medical/Bio, Finance, ICT, Fine Chemicals, Logistics and Distribution, Cultural Contents, New and Renewable Energy.

Kriscor & Assoc. is an industry leader in helping manufacturers find ways of introducing ingredients that provide nutritional solutions to their product line-up. We are a manufacturers' representative and act as a sales/marketing liaison between our suppliers and our customers. We offer Frutafit Inulin and Frutalose oligofructose from Sensus; and Cereal ingredients from Weetabix North America.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 101

Kruger Products L.P.

L'Orignal Packing Ltd.

1900 Minnesota Court, Ste. 200 Tel: 905-812-6900 Mississauga ON L5N 5R5 Canada Fax: 905-812-6910 Mgmt: Steve Turner Mktg: Steve Turner Mfg: Admin: Est: Private Rev: $ M Staff: • Tissue Paper Prd • Paper Products

2567 County Road 17 L'Orignal ON K0B 1K0 Canada Mgmt: Christine Bonneau Mfg: Est: 1971 • Wholesaler • Distributor • Meat-Products • Meat-Pork

Tel: 613-675-4612 Fax: 613-675-2900 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Meat-Beef • Deli/Meats • Meat - Chicken

Kruger Products L.P. is the leading Canadian manufacturer and distributor of tissue and paper towel products for both consumer, inhome use and commercial, away from home use. We manufacture and distribute a wide range of products, including bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper towels, napkins and pre-moistened wipes.

43 years servicing the food service industry, specializing in meat. Extension of territory from Ottawa to Cornwall to the Quebec border. We service all customers whether small or big. Homemade smoke products and BBQ sausages.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

KUKA Robotics Canada 6710 Maritz Dr. Unit 4 Mississauga ON L5W 0A1 Canada Mgmt: Chris Claringbold Mfg: Est: 2009 - Subsidiary

L.B. Maple Treat Corp Tel: 905-670-8600

Fax: 905-670-8604 Sales: Yarek Niedbala Admin: Rev: $5–10 M Staff: 10–50

• Equip-MatrlHdlg • Equip-Packaging • Robots

#8-5608 Goring Street Burnaby BC V5B 3A3 Canada Mgmt: Mrs. Lyne Chayer Mfg: Est: Public

Tel: 604-731-4422 800-661-3520 Fax: 604-731-4413 Mktg: Ms. Gloria Du Faut Sales: Ms. Gloria Du Faut Rev: $100+ M Staff: 50–100

• Maple Products

KUKA Robotics Canada Ltd, with its parent company, KUKA Roboter GmbH, a member of KUKA AG, ranks among the world’s leading suppliers of industrial robots. Core competencies are development, production and sale of industrial robots, controllers and software. The company is the market leader in Germany and Europe and number 3 in the world. KUKA Roboter GmbH employs 3400 people worldwide. In 2013, sales totaled 754,1 million Euro. 28 subsidiaries provide a presence in the major markets of Europe,

Produce an Extensive Line of Maple Syrup, maple sugar and maple products as tea, coffee, cookies and candies. Licensed "AAA" Syrup Producer, HACCP, BRC, Kosher, US & CN Kosher, Bio Swiss and CEE . Head Office Granby QC - Western division is Vancouver.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Kuusoft Software Corp. 235-5589 Byrne Rd. Burnaby BC V5J 3J1 Canada CEO: Geoffry Fang Mfg: Est: 2002

Specialize in private label for large companies. Bulk sizes totes, barrels and pails also available.

L.H. Gray & Son Limited

Rev: $ M

Tel: 604-639-7055 866-546-8838 Fax: 604-637-7558 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Signage • Software • Product Display • Design

644 Wright St. Strathroy ON N7G 3H8 Canada Mgmt: Scott Brookshaw Mfg: Est: 1934 - Private

Tel: 519-245-0480 Fax: 519-245-5829 Mktg: Mike Walsh Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Eggs/Products

NexSigns Digital Signage Solutions for all grocery and specialty food stores.

L.H. Gray & Son Limited produce, grade and distribute fresh Gray Ridge Egg Farms branded egg products to tables across Ontario. With grading facilities in Strathroy and Listowel, we distribute products to markets throughout Windsor, Sarnia, London, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Timmins and Sault Ste. Marie. Our farming facilities are at Ridgetown, Moorefield and Winchester, Ontario.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

L.N. Reynolds Co. Ltd. 10160 Hurontario St. Brampton ON L7A 0E4 Canada Mgmt: Bruce Reynolds Mfg: Est: 1950

Label Pak Printing Inc. Tel: 905-840-3700

Fax: 905-840-3808 Mktg: Bruce Reynolds Admin: Rev: $50–100 M Staff: 10–50

• Meat-Pork • Importer • Exporting

Unit 340 - 6165 Highway 17A Glenwood Commerce Centre Delta BC V4K 5B8 Canada Mgmt: Ken Gallie Mfg: Est: Private • Labels/Labeling • Packaging • Manufacturer • Nutraceuticals

Tel: 604-943-1588 877-943-1588 Fax: 604-943-1589 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Printing/Printers • Supplements • Snack Food • Powders

• Vitamins • Meat-Products • Beverages • Cookies

We can offer a full range of porcine products from primals to trimmings, ribs, offal's, sundries and fancy meats and competitive prices in both trailer load and LTL qualtities, fresh or frozen.

From providing a digital solution for your new product launch, to a long run solution that would require up to 10 colours, we have a solution. Pressure sensitive labels, folding cartons, standup pouches printed digitally or rotor gravure, paper foil pouch material, or wide web film. We get you to market fast, with rapid turnarounds and achieve all this on budget without sacrificing quality. We are here to help you gain the marketing advantage you need to be competitive.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Y Labs:

La Fourmi Bionique

See ad pg. 18

Layfield Flexible Packaging

5530 Rue Saint-Patrick, Ste. 1109 Tel: 514-769-4246 Montreal QC H4E 1A8 Canada Fax: 514-769-7802 Mgmt: Genevieve Gagnon Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: Rev: $ M Staff: • Granola Bars • Cereal

11115 Silversmith Place Richmond BC V7A 5E4 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Mark Rose Mfg: Mr. Brien Green Est: 1978 - Private • Packaging • Manufacturer • Packaging-Materials • Printed Packag Mat'l

Tel: 604-275-5588 800-558-8275 Fax: 604-275-7867 Mktg: Ms. Nina Wang Sales: Mr. Brien Green Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Film • Bags • Vacuum Packaging • Wrapping

• Packaging-Consulting • Printing/Printers • Equip-Packaging • Modified Atmos. Pkg

Since 2004 La Fourmi Bionique has crafted unique gourmet granola cereal blends and promotes local, natural, organic and fair trade ingredients, sulfite free, non GMO.

Layfield has been supplying the food, consumer and retail market with flexible packaging products: rollstock, stand-up pouches, flatbottom bags, box liners, shrink film, lidding film and cold seal bar wrappers for over 35 years. Layfield is the largest film extruder in the Pacific Northwest and offers local rotogravure (high-definition) printing. Layfield is ISO 9001:2008 and PACSecure HACCP certified for quality assurance. Visit or call 1-800-558-8275 for more information.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

La Maison Beausoleil Inc. 42 Otho Street Neguac NB E9G 4H3 Canada Mgmt: Amédée Savoie Mfg: Est: 1999 - Private

Tel: 506-776-4545 866-269-6873 Fax: 506-776-4548 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $5–10 M Staff: 10–50

• Seafood-Products

Le Groupe Chagall inc 2051, Leonard-de-Vinci Tel: 450-649-1001 Sainte-Julie QC J3E 1Z2 800-871-7118 Canada Fax: 450-649-4507 Mgmt: Jean-Francois Courchesne Mktg: Genevieve Monette Mfg: Guy Cardinal Admin: Est: 1992 - Private Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500 • Design • Store Fixtures • Product Display • Manufacturer

• Merchandising Systms • Shopfitting • Shelving

In less than a decade the BeauSoleil oyster has become the standard by which all other oysters are measured. BeauSoleil oysters are now first choice of seafood connoisseurs around the world and for good reason: Taste. Every BeauSoleil oyster gives you a generous mouthful of firm, sweet and tangy flavour. In a word, delicious! Ask for them by name: BeauSoleil.

Chagall Design is a design firm that specializes in the creation of retail environments and merchandising solutions for grocery, convenience and pharmacy markets. From the conception through the manufacture of store fixtures, decor and displays, our products are engineered to evolve in a market that is constantly changing. We create the design that sells. Products & services include: store layout, technical plans, store fixtures like produce tables, shelving, ice table, bakery units and many more.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Y Labs:

See ad pg. 19

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 103

LeadBetter Foods Inc. 255 Hughes Road Orillia ON L3V 2M2 Canada Mgmt: Philip Leadbetter Mfg: Est:

Ledcor Group Tel: 705-325-9922 Fax: 705-325-9982 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Deli/Meats

1200-1067 Cordova St W Vancouver BC V6C 1C7 Canada CEO: Dave Lede Mfg: Est:

Tel: 604-681-7500

Rev: $ M

Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Construction • Communication

Leadbetter Foods produces a wide variety of products, from our naturally smoked side bacon, our extra lean deli trim peameal bacon, to a wide variety of marinated items, including 6 different flavoured chicken breasts. All our products are vacuum packaged for extended shelf life and consumer convenience.

At our heart, we’re a diversified construction company, made up of teams of people who are proven in their industries. All working to design, build, transport, operate, and maintain projects all over North America. In other words, Ledcor is the partner that your project needs. From modest to massive, we move it forward.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Leader's Edge Consulting 929 Doumac Ave. Victoria BC V8Y 1M3 Canada Mgmt: Phil Ohl Mfg: Est: 1999 - Private

Lee Kum KEE(USA) Inc. Tel: 250-216-2307

Rev: $0–1 M

Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Business Development

3660 Midland Ave., Suite 309 Scarborough ON M1V 0B8 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est:

Tel: 416-857-1808 800-654-5082 Fax: 416-847-1802 Mktg: Catherine Hou Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Sauces • Condiments

Which boost does your business need? - Improved and accelerated results? An engaged and inspired workforce? More effective leaders and managers? We support companies focused on continuous improvement engaged in an on-going process of growth. Achievement is not done in isolation but rather with deliberate action, precision, consistency, and a coach.

Lee Kum Kee offers over 220 varieties of sauces and condiments in over 100 countries and regions across the five continents. Products include Sriracha mayo, Srirach chili, Panda MOS, Smart Choices, Panda hoisin sauce & Panda oyster sauce. Armed with a unique management culture, stringent quality control, superb and innovative products, and its century-long reputation, Lee Kum Kee has achieved recognition and won numerous prestigious awards.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Leading Brands of Canada, Inc. 101-33 West 8th Avenue Vancouver BC V5Y 1M8 Canada Mgmt: Ralph McRae Mfg: Est: 1983 - Subsidiary • Health Products • Beverages • Antioxidants • Fruit

Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. - Asian Foods Tel: 604-685-5200

Fax: 604-685-5245 Bus Dev: Mr. Thor Matson Admin: Marilyn Kerzner Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 10–50

• Food Quality Testing • Energy Drinks • Natural Health Prod. • Nutraceuticals

• Organic Products • Sports Nutrition • Vitamins

22-403 East Kent Avenue N Vancouver BC V6A 3X2 Canada CEO: Calvin Louie Mfg: Est: 1946 - Private Rev: $10–50 M • Distributor • Cold & Flu Remedies • Asian Food • Ethnic Foods

• Herbal Remedies • Importer • Natural Health Prod. • Pharmaceuticals

Tel: 604-681-6111 888-833-8111 Fax: 604-681-4356 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50 • Brand Management • Gluten Free • Product Development • Beverages

Leading Brands creates, designs, bottles, distributes and markets its own proprietary premium beverage brands such as TrueBlue® Blueberry Juice, TrueBlack, PureBlue®, PureRed® and PureBlack® SuperJuices and HappyWater® via its unique Integrated Distribution System (IDS)™.

LE KIU Importing Co., Ltd, wholesale division: Asian Foods, Canadian importer/distributor, international & Canadian domestic foods, pharmaceutical, HABA & GM National coverage major Western & Eastern Canada ethnic & mainstream retailer, wholesaler & food service groups. Privately Canadian owned, not a subsidiary/division of retail groups such as HY Louie, Loblaws, T&T Supermarkets or any other retail groups. Site & Fish import license, cultural & ethnic media management, brand & marketing.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Y Labs: N



Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Leo-Chem Enterprises Inc. 330 Winston Rd. Oakville ON L6L 4W5 Canada Mgmt: J. Douglas Cuss Ops: Rob Cuss Est: 1989 - Private

LFT Group Brands Tel: 905-338-3010

Rev: $ M

Fax: 905-338-1368 Bus Dev: Todd Henry COO: Rob Cuss Staff: 1–10

• Foam Control • Milk Free • Process Development • Food Processing • Natural Flavours • Distributor • Dairy Products

344 - 255 Newport Dr. Port Moody BC V3H 5H1 Canada Mgmt: Munu Hicken-Gaberria Ops: Munu Hicken-Gaberria Est: 2007 - Private • Cleaning Products • Personal Care • PrivateLabelContract • Laundry Products

Tel: 604-629-5869 Fax: 604-608-5424 Mktg: Admin: Keena Hicken-Gaberria Rev: $ M Staff:

• Hair Care

Leo-Chem Enterprises Inc., has been serving Canadian needs for the supply of natural flavour systems, both dairy and non-dairy; natural fibres; encapsulation and tableting aids for over 28 years. Our newest products include DyStar organic foam control agents (WSDA certified) as well as conventional foam control agents (Kosher and Halal certified) utilized in food processing. Products are available across Canada from our Canada-wide distribution system. (CHFA Mbr)

LFT Group Brands is the brand owner of 'Live for Tomorrow'. A range of EcoLogo certified cleaning products for household and commercial applications. A range of personal care products (specialty soaps, shampoo, conditioners, lotions and personal amenities) are are also available. Private label manufacturing is available.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Les Cuisines Gaspesiennes Lte 85 rue du Port Matane QC G4W 3M6 Canada CEO: Enrico Carpinteri Ops: Alain Tremblay Est:

Rev: $ M

Linde Canada Limited Tel: 418-562-5757 888-260-5757 Fax: 418-562-6887 Mktg: Pierre Longpre Sales: Jacques Breton Staff:

• Deli/Meats

5860 Chedworth Way Mississauga ON L5R 0A2 Canada Mgmt: Drew Sansom Mfg: José Goldman Est: • Chemicals • Automation • Beverages • Equipment

Rev: $ M

• Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-Refridge • Equip-Stainless • Industrial Gases

Tel: 905-501-2500 866-262-7554 Fax: 905-501-1717 Mktg: Suzan Doucet Admin: Staff: 100–500 • Manufact'gSupplies

Over the years, Les Cuisines Gaspesiennes has become a major North American producer. Not only are our products sold in supermarkets in cities and towns across Quebec, they’re also distributed elsewhere in Canada. Just like our consumers in Quebec, our neighbors appreciate two things: the taste of our deli meats, and their consistent freshness. These are two essential qualities for anyone who likes good food.

Premier supplier of gases, welding equipment & safety products with 73 stores, a fleet of trucks & drivers & dedicated customer service and sales teams. Our 1,000+ expertly trained employees are dedicated to safely supplying a full range of liquid & compressed industrial & specialty gases, welding, cutting & scientific equipment, safety products & accessories.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Lesters Foods Limited 2105, boulevard Industriel Laval QC H7S 1P7 Canada Pres: Henry Mizrahi Mfg: Est:

Little Miss Chief Gourmet Products Inc Tel: 450-629-1100 800-268-4797 Fax: 450-629-1710

Rev: $ M

Sales: Serge Huard Admin: Staff:

• Deli/Meats • Meat-Beef • Seasonings

#128 - 2440 Old Okanagan Hwy Westbank BC V4T 1X6 Canada Mgmt: Ellen Melcosky Mfg: Est: 1995 Rev: $0–1 M

Tel: 250-768-6977 Fax: 250-768-9946 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Seafood-Salmon • Seafood-Products • Wholesaler • Fish

Lester is one of Canada's largest meat processing companies. For 85 years, Canadians have been enjoying the great taste of Lesters hot dogs. Lesters remains a leader in the development of new products and leads the industry in customer service satisfaction.

Markets gourmet Wild Pacific smoked salmon, (wine marinated) in Okanagan white wine. Export ready. LMC uses traditional Aboriginal recipes to develop products unique in flavor, texture & quality. Uniqueness based on my exclusive "brining recipe" which came to me from my mother & grandmother. A truly Aboriginal Canadian product!

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 105

Little Qualicum Cheeseworks Ltd. 403 Lowry's Rd. Parksville BC V9P 2B5 Canada Mgmt: Clarke Gourlay Mfg: Nancy Gourlay Est: 2001 - Private • Cheese-Various • Dairy Products • Agriculture • Agri-Food

Lorelyn's Gourmet Desserts

Tel: 250-954-3931 877-248-4353 Fax: 250-954-3981 Mktg: Raymond Gourlay Admin: Raymond Gourlay Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Wine • Hors D'oeuvres • Coffee • Meat-Beef

• Meat-Pork

55A Avenue Rd., Unite W603 Toronto ON M5R 3L2 Canada Pres: Lorelyn Martin Mfg: Est: • Baked Goods • Cookies • Gluten Free • Vegan

Tel: 416-888-3735 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff:

Rev: $ M

• Nut-free

Home to Little Qualicum Cheeseworks and Mooberry Winery, Morningstar Farm provides a unique opportunity to experience a functioning dairy farm. Visitors are welcome to explore the barns, walk the trails, and meet a variety of farm animals up close. A full range of artisan cheeses are made on-site along with a line of specialty fruit wines, all available for tasting in their farm store which also features a cafe and other local foods.

We carry a variety of products ranging from cookies, muffins, cakes and brownies. These desserts are gluten-free, vegan (free of all animal products such as dairy and egg), nut-free, school friendly, Kosher, and Halal. Lorelyn's Gourmet Desserts is locally produced in Toronto, Canada and caters to both food service and retail markets. Visit for more info.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Loblaw Companies Limited 1 Presidents Choice Circle Brampton ON L6Y 5S5 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Andrew MacIssac Mfg: Est: 1919

Lumsden Bros. Tel: 905-459-2500

Fax: Mktg: Mr. Suren Theivakadacham Sales: Mr. George Hampson Rev: $ M Staff:

• Food&Beverage • General Merch. • Health Products • Cleaning Products

4980 Tahoe Blvd. Missisauga ON L4W 0C7 Canada Mgmt: Gino Vecia Mfg: Est:

Tel: 905-238-7124x5189 Fax: 800-263-5260 Sales: Gino Vecia Admin: Gino Vecia Rev: $ M Staff:

• Distributor

Loblaw Companies Limited (Loblaw) is Canada's largest food retailer and a leading provider of drugstore, general merchandise and financial products and services. Through our portfolio of store formats, we are committed to providing Canadians with a wide, growing and successful range of products and services to meet their everyday household demands. We are known for the quality, innovation and value of our food offering.

We are a progressive Canadian food distribution group committed to offering our customers quality products and services in a mutually beneficial partnership with our independent operators, franchisees, dedicated employees and suppliers.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Localize Services Ltd. 203-10359 104th St. Edmonton Alberta AB T5J 1B9 Canada CEO: Meghan Dear Mfg: Est: 2011 - Private

M.A.P. International Freight Incl Tel: 888-737-7768 Fax: Mktg: Jennifer Rollins Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Scanners • Data Collection

Division Manitoulin Global Forwarding Tel: 416-524-4275 7035 Ordan Drive Mississauga ON L5T 1T1 Canada Fax: Mgmt: Mark Albert Sales: Mr. DJ Watson Mfg: Admin: Mark Albert Est: 1991 - Private Rev: $50–100 M Staff: 500+ • Logistics • Supply Chain Solut'n • Exporting • Frozen Foods

• Meat-Products • Asian Food • Cheese-Various • Dairy Products

• Gourmet Food • Juices/Juicers • Kosher/Parve • Meat-Pork

Localize is a shelf labeling service which identifies local and regional food producers in grocery stores. In just seconds, a shopper can scan the label’s QR code to get the full product story directly in their hands. We present the data in a central place, making it easy to make empowered decisions based on what matters most to them.

We are a full service international logistics company specializing in all aspects of the food industry; offering door to door service worldwide via ocean, air and truck including but not limited to freight negotiations; frozen and chilled cargo, marine insurance, door deliveries and customs clearance.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Macdonalds Consolidated 1020 64 Ave NE Calgary AB T2E 7V8 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: Rev: $ M

Maheu&Maheu Pest Management Tel: 403-730-3584 800-933-7515 Fax: 866-435-7378 Mktg: Jim Garand Admin: Staff:

• Wholesaler

A-177 Exter Road London ON N6L 1A4 Canada Mgmt: Mike Hendrickson Mfg: Est: 1933

Tel: 800-463-2186 Fax:

Rev: $10–50 M

Mktg: Admin: Staff: 100–500

• Pest Control

Macdonalds Consolidated has an extensive range of both National Brand and Private Label products; a full mix of fresh Meat; extremely high quality Produce at competitive prices; an exclusive line of Dairy products from Lucerne; and a comprehensive Grocery Program. They use purchasing power and low prices as a selling feature for their independent retail clients, and list approximately 18,000 SKUs, 4000 of which are well-known private-label brands such as Lucerne, Edwards, Safeway and Family Foods.

Maheu&Maheu Pest Management is a mid-size Canadian owned pest management company, established in 1933. Maheu&Maheu is considered a pest management leader in Industrial, Agricultural & Commercial pest management. We are full service pest Management Company, strategically located throughout Canada, providing rodent, insect and bird control, fumigations and controlled atmospheres. As the Canadian contingent for the Food Protection Alliance, we also have the ability to service accounts all across NA.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

Mad About Food Inc. 292 East 1st Avenue Vancouver BC V5T 1A6 Canada Pres: Allyson Nelson Mfg: Est: 2000

Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd. Tel: 604-736-2510 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Sauces • Curry Sauces • Pasta Sauces • Salsa

459 Enfield Road Burlington ON L7T 2X5 Canada Pres: Doris Valade Mfg: Est: 1982 - Private • Spices • Seasonings • Herbs • Ingredients

Tel: 905-632-2062 888-456-6252 Fax: 905-632-8119 Mktg: Tammy Raspberry Admin: Meghan Hughes Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Manufacturer • Distributor • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Blending

• Food Additive • Garlic Products • Gelatin • Marinades

We produce our Jules + Kent and Umi’s Kitchen products in our own Vancouver production facility. This facility enables a level of quality control and recipe development we could not have any other way. We have carefully selected and have been distributing for several years, the other brands we offer – Rufus Teague BBQ Sauces, Black Ace Licorice and the Cocolico dessert sauces and confections.

Our companies mission is to provide quality supplies, ingredients, spices and seasonings to the meat/food industry, and to exceed customer expectations with professional follow up through superior customer service, and innovative product development.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mad Mexican 405 Jane St. Toronto ON M6S 2E2 Canada Owner: Jose Hadad Mfg: Est:

Maplehurst Bakery / Ready Bake Foods Inc. Tel: 647-352-2555

Rev: $ M

Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Salsa • Dips

2095 Meadowvale Blvd. Mississauga ON L5N 5N1 Canada Pres: Roy Benin Mfg: Est: • Frozen Foods • Baked Goods • Bread • Dough

Tel: 905-567-0660 Fax:

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Dan Eldridge Admin: Staff:

• Food Service • Pie Crusts • Cookies

Authentic Mexican recipes proudly prepared in Canada with premium and locally sourced ingredients. The first time you try our products you will note the craftsmanship and artistry that went into making our gourmet salsas, dips, nachos and more.

Maplehurst Bakery is a manufacturer of frozen baked products including bread, rolls, pies, cookies, cakes, donuts and other sweet goods.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 107

Marc Angelo Foods 125 Edilcan Drive Concord ON L4K 3S6 Canada Mgmt: Joe Mannara Mfg: Est: 1993

Marquis Milling and Grain / Nunweiler's Flour Tel: 905-738-7979 888-422-9656 Fax: 905-738-5833

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Meat-Products • Seafood-Products

PO Box 310 Rosthern SK S0K 3R0 Canada Owner: Mr. Russ Schroeder Mfg: Mr. Russ Schroeder Est: Private • Mixes • Organic Products • Flour • Food Processing

Tel: 306-212-7173 888-726-2253 Fax: Sales: Ross Nunweiler Admin: Mr. Russ Schroeder Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Grains • Custom Blending • Baking Mixes • Baking Ingredients • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls

Using old world, family-inspired recipes along with the wonders of modern technology, we currently produce over 30 varieties of exceptional products.

Since 1988 we have been milling whole grain flour using a unique process called "impact" or hammer milling. We produce a low temperature milled flour with no additives and no preservatives. Put simply, whole grains milled into fresh whole grain flour. We believe that food is at its nutritional peak when it is fresh and minimally processed. Unlike refined flours, we do not blend lower quality grains into our flour. Only premium quality Certified Organic Grains are used in our milling process.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mario's Gelati Ltd. 88 East 1st Avenue Vancouver BC V5T 1A1 Canada Mgmt: Mr. M. L. Mfg: Est: 1976 - Private

Matt & Steve's Tel: 604-879-9411

Rev: $ M

Fax: 604-879-0435 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Ice Cream • Frozen Foods • Desserts • Manufacturer

3490 Laird Rd. #4 Mississauga ON L5L 5Y4 Canada Mgmt: Matt Larochelle Mfg: Est:

Tel: 905-828-9397 Fax: 905-828-1246 Mktg: Steve McVicker Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Beans

Since 1976, Mario's Gelati has been bringing the foodservice, retail and hospitality industries the very finest in Italian Ice Cream and ice cream products. Beginning in Italy, the family business has grown to offer a unique and exciting product range of novelties, gelato cakes, restaurant specialty portions, bulk gelato, ice cream & sorbetto. Vegan, no-sugar, yogurt and non-dairy options are also available as well as co-packing opportunites. Mario's Gelati is your number one provider for frozen desserts.

Matt and Steve’s tasty beverage company® was founded in 2000. We Started with two employee’s (Matt and Steve) and one product, ("THE EXTREME BEAN™"). Since those modest days Matt and Steve’s has grown to thousands of clients and numerous products in the retail and foodservice sector throughout North America.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Marketing Impact Ltd. 50 Planchet Rd. Concord ON L4K 2C7 Canada Pres: Michael Vogler Mfg: Est: 1986 - Private • Clip Strips • Design • Store Fixtures • Floor Advertising

Maxill Inc. Tel: 905-738-0888 800-410-0264 Fax: 905-738-1334 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Loss Prevention • Product Display • Manufacturer • Merchandising Systms • Peg Hooks

80 Elm St. St. Thomas ON N5R 6C8 Canada Mgmt: John Shaw Mfg: Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 519-631-7370 800-268-8633 Fax: 519-631-3388 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Dental Products • Manufacturer

Marketing Impact is North America’s premier supplier of retail merchandising and display products. Since opening our doors in 1986, our focus has been on maximizing sales and simplifying inventory management on the shelves and floors of retail environments. From cutting-edge custom displays to common merchandising products and accessories, we are the supplier of choice for retailers of all kinds.

Maxill is a manufacturer of infection control products, medical and dental disposables, oral hygiene and oral preventative products. We are a Canadian based company since 1987. Maxill firmly believes that we can offer you similar or better quality product for a lower price and a higher service level than what you are currently receiving. maxill is a 100% totally customer driven company. We guarantee and stand behind every product that we sell, every order that is shipped and every customer that places their trust with us.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

See ad pg. 9


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Maxim Truck & Trailer 1860 Brookside Blvd. Winnipeg MB R3C 2E6 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: Private

McCormick Canada Tel: 204-790-6599 888-242-6126 Fax: Mktg: Harry Dornn Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 500+

• Transportation

600 Clarke Rd. London ON N5V 3K5 Canada Mgmt: J. DiCecco Mfg: Jerry Nelemans Est: 1893 - Public • Manufacturer • Distributor • Spices • Seasonings

Tel: 800-265-4988x3234 Fax: 519-673-0089 Mktg: Cheryl Radisa Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 500+ • Honey • Herbs • Baking Ingredients • Marinades

• Meat-Products • Organic Products • Sauces • Asian Food

Maxim Truck & Trailer sells, leases, rents and services transportation equipment for the food service industry. We sell and lease International Trucks and Great Dane Trailers. We have 15 locations across Canada allowing us to service national customers.

McCormick is the global leader in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of spices, seasonings and flavours to the entire food industry. Customers range from retail outlets and food service providers to food processing businesses. Founded in 1893, McCormick has approximately 600 employees.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Maxxam Analytics

McCowan Design & Manufacturing Limited

Food Science & Safety Services Tel: 905-817-5700 6740 Campobello Road 800-563-6266 Mississauga ON L5N 2L8 Canada Fax: Mgmt: Robert Wiebe Bus Dev: Bryan Chubb Mfg: Sales: Waylon Sharp Est: 1969 - Public Rev: $ M Staff: 500+ • Analytical Testing • Antioxidants • Contract Research • QA/QC


• Chemicals • Labels/Labeling • Research & Dev.

1760 Birchmount Rd. Toronto ON M1P 2H7 Canada Mgmt: Anthony Ruffolo Mfg: Steve Amygdalidis Est: 1932 - Private • Cabinets • Checkouts • Design • Exporting

Tel: 416-291-7111

Rev: $10–50 M

• Store Fixtures • Manufacturer • Merchandising Systms • Shelving

Fax: 416-291-0180 Mktg: Sales: Jeff Weiler Staff: 10–50 • Signage • Storage Systems • POP Displays • POS

Maxxam Analytics is the Canadian market leader in analytical services and solutions to the energy, environmental, food and DNA industries and a member of the Bureau Veritas Group of companies – a world leader in testing, inspection and certification services. Our Food Science & Safety Services group is the ideal partner for food quality testing and safety programs for national and multi-national food processors and retailers.

McCowan Design & Manufacturing Limited is Canada's leading supplier of service counters, pay point/cash counters, POS displays, shelving systems, forecourt merchandisers, security cabinets, tobacco display ban solutions, waste units and signage for convenience stores, gas bars, pharmacies, food & beverage and specialty retailers.

Mfg: N Labs: Y

Mfg: Y Labs:



McLean Hallmark Insurance Group Ltd.

1290 Fewster Dr. Mississauga ON L4W 1A4 Canada Mgmt: Nick McCall Mfg: Est: 1956 - Private • Baking Ingredients • Chocolate • Training/Education • Baked Goods

Tel: 905-602-9622 Fax: 905-602-8262 Sales: Mr. Tony Cannataro Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50

• BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Cookies • Food Colours • Printed Packag Mat'l

• PrivateLabelContract • Seasonal Merch. • Sugar • Wholesaler

10 Konrad Crescent Markham ON L3R 8T7 Canada Pres: Daryn McLean Mfg: Est: 1948

Tel: 905-475-4070 800-492-4070 Fax: 905-944-0273

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Cassidy Allison Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Risk Management • Insurance

At McCall's - Bakers Warehouse you will find 20,000 square feet of space filled with thousands of quality cake decorating, baking, chocolate making supplies and sugar decorations. Our goal at McCall's is to bring you all the latest in quality brand name products and baking supplies at great wholesale prices.

At Hallmark Insurance Group, our food and manufacturing experts will help you design a risk management plan to help your manufacturing business reduce the total cost of risk. Hallmark Insurance Group provides solutions for manufacturers to tackle the following issues: Supply Chain (disruption), Product Recall, Transportation, Product Contamination, Directors' & Officers', Manufacturers E&O.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 109

MD Packaging Inc. 250 Shields Court, #6 Markham ON L3R 9W7 Canada Mgmt: Chris Heming Mfg: Est: • Automation • Equipment • Packaging • Carton Sealers

Merchant Retail Solutions ULC Tel: 403-671-9927 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-MatrlHdlg • Equip-Packaging • Food&Beverage

• Pkg-Pouch Filling • Scales • X-Ray Service

5 Revere Dr., Ste. 206 Northbrook IL 60062 USA Mgmt: Ed Stepp Mfg: Est: 2000 - Private • Equip-Cooking • Equip-Deli • Gondola Shelving • Equip-MatrlHdlg

Tel: 847-849-2987 800-524-4526 Fax: 847-897-0772 Mktg: Karen Bubrowski Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Forklifts • Equip-Mixers • Pallet Trucks • Refrig'd Cases

• Security • Shelving • Storage Systems • Store Fixtures

MD Packaging is Canada's foremost distributor of packaging automation equipment for the manufacturing sectors in food, pharmaceutical, consumer goods and industrial products industries. Product Inspection focuses on vision systems, checkweighers, X Ray, and Metal Detection. Robotic case packing and palletizing solutions, bagging and filling systems, scales and fillers are part of MD Packaging's product and service lines.

Merchant Retail Solutions ULC offers asset disposition services focused on generating higher recoveries for surplus furniture, fixtures and equipment. We specialize in the food industry, retailing, and wholesaling. Contact us if you are vacating a location and need to monetize unwanted assets. We can provide an upfront guarantee for all of your unwanted fixtures and equipment plus perform the scope of work required to vacate your location broom clean.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N

Meadowfresh Dairy 1373 Kebet Way Port Coquitlam BC V3C 6G1 Canada Mgmt: Kim Simpson Mfg: Est:

Mérieux NutriSciences - Silliker Canada Co. Tel: 604-472-0786

Rev: $ M

Fax: 604-472-0787 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Dairy Products

90 Gough Rd. - Unit 4 Markham ON L3R 5V5 Canada Mgmt: Greg Forster Mfg: Est: 1967 - Private Rev: $ M • Safety Assessments • QA/QC • Analytical Testing • Certification

• Contract Research • Microbiology • Training/Education • Quality Auditing

Tel: 905-479-5255 Fax: 905-479-4645 Mktg: Admin: Staff: • Quality Consulting • Regulatory Affairs

Local BC based company that processes, packages, and distributes a wide range of dairy products for the Western Canadian market place. Our customers are made up of both industrial CDC permit and nonpermit based food processors who produce and distribute food products to Canadian and foreign markets. We also work with food service companies such as, food retailers, hotels, restaurants, caterers, bakeries and coffee shops. Meadowfresh has been in operation for over just under 20 years.

Mérieux NutriSciences (Silliker Canada Co.), helps advance science and solutions for food safety, quality and nutrition. Committed to customer excellence with almost 100 locations worldwide, Mérieux NutriSciences provides consulting, testing, auditing, research, sensory and training services to companies throughout the supply chain.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Melitta Canada Inc. 150-50 Ronson Drive Toronto ON M9W 1B3 Canada CEO: Marty Miller Mfg: Est: 1908 - Private

Metro Compactor Service Inc.

Rev: $ M

Tel: 416-243-8979 800-565-4882 Fax: 647-260-0589 Mktg: David Viola Comm: Donna Gray Staff:

• Coffee • Paper Products • Accessories

145 Heartlake Rd St Brampton ON L6W 3K3 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Junior Calvano Mfg: Mr. Junior Calvano Est: 1974 - Private • Recycling • Equipment • Waste Mgmt • Containers

Tel: 416-743-8484x141 888-968-7491 Fax: 416-740-8687 Mktg: Mr. Yivgeni Matoussov Sales: Shannon Marriott Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Manufact'gSupplies • Ops. Mgmt.

For over 100 years, everything Melitta has done has been done with one goal in mind... to make the perfect cup of coffee. From our premium and super premium line of gourmet roast & ground, whole bean and single serve coffees to our coffee filters, our promise is all about quality. Premium Beans. Perfectly Roasted. Delicious Coffee.

Metro Compactor Service; part of the Metro Group is a leading Canadian waste equipment company. With the largest fleet in Canada our 24/7 service really is 24/7. 40 years in the industry means that we’ve seen it all and our technicians are ready to tackle any issue – everyone is certified to Canadian Safety Standards. We have the experience and expertise to right-size your equipment and help you choose cost effective solutions for your waste equipment needs. Contact Metro today to see how we can make your day better.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Mettler-Toledo LLC. 2915 Argentia Rd. - Unit #6 Mississauga ON L5N 8G6 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Paul Gaw Mfg: Mr. James Fenker Est: Public • Scales • Wrapping • Software • Equip-MeatRoom

Michel Saint-Arneault Inc. Tel: 800-638-8537 Fax: 800-625-4579 Mktg: Patricia Tetzlaff Sales: Jerry Stoll Rev: $100+ M Staff: 500+

• Equip-Deli • Equip-Baking • Food Quality Testing • Equip-Pizza

• Deli/Meats • Data Collection • Fruit • Produce/Fruit&Veg

4605 Thibault Saint-Hubert QC J3Y 3S8 Canada Mgmt: Marc Dumas Mfg: Est: 1973 - Private

Rev: $ M

Tel: 450-445-0550 800-565-0550 Fax: 450-445-5687 Mktg: Marc Dumas Admin: Staff: 50–100

• Potatoes/Products

Food retail businesses make use of multiple weighing and food labeling solutions for handling fresh goods (such as meats, vegetables, fruits and cheeses). We offer networked scales and software, which can integrate backroom, counter, self-service and checkout functions and can incorporate fresh goods item data into a supermarket’s overall food item and inventory management system.

Healthy food is a top priority at Saint-Arneault, a family-owned business located in Saint-Hubert on the south shore of Montreal, Quebec. Our products contain no trans fats, no cholesterol, and no preservatives. The company was established in 1973, in Montreal by Michel Saint-Arneault. Plant is kosher and SQF certified.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:


MFG Tray (Molded Fiber Glass Tray Co) 6175 US Highway 6 Linesville PA 16424 USA Mgmt: Linda Noles Mfg: Est: 1952 - Private

Rev: $10–50 M

Tel: 814-683-4500 800-458-6090 Fax: 814-683-4504 Sales: Linda Noles Admin: Staff: 100–500

• Manufacturer • Material Handling • Containers • Trays

Millennium Pacific 3752 Arthur Dr. Delta BC V4K 3N2 Canada Mgmt: Shirvan Bakhtiyari Mfg: Est: 1999

Tel: 604-940-4440 Fax: 604-940-1118 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Tomato/Products • Ethnic Foods

Molded Fiber Glass Tray, MFG Tray, is a leading manufacturer of high-strength, glass-reinforced composite containers, trays, boxes, flats and totes for food service, confectionery and pharmaceutical processing, as well as in material handling in the metalworking, plastics and electronics assembly industries. The company continually develops customized solutions for specific food handling and prep challenges and applications.

A family-run 30 acre modern hydroponic greenhouse located in Delta, B.C. We grow high quality Tomatoes our specialty are Yellow & Red TOV, beefsteak, Cherry Tomatoes, grape tomatoes, and Three Color Cocktail Tomatoes. Production available from March until November. A few years ago we expanded our portfolio, and added a large variety of Ethnic products from the Middle East, Europe and the Mediterranean region. We are a wholesale distributor and we currently supply large number of stores across Canada.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:

Micaelense Home Bakery Ltd. 498 Gilbert Ave. Toronto ON M6E 4X5 Canada Mgmt: Tony Rebelo Mfg: Est: • Baked Goods • Bread • Pastry • Cookies

MiMi Foods Tel: 416-923-6266

Rev: $ M

Fax: 416-784-0751 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• PrivateLabelContract

1260 Creditstone Rd. Vaughan ON L4K 5T7 Canada Owner: Mike Primucci Mfg: Mike Primucci Est: 2001 • Food Service • Bread • Baked Goods • Dough

Tel: 905-660-0010 Fax: 905-660-3342 Mktg: Mike Primucci Admin: Mrs. Lina Roberts Rev: $5–10 M Staff: • Frozen Foods • Manufacturer • Pizza • Custom Products

Micaelense is a manufacturer and wholesaler of over 100 varieties of European style breads and pastries from Calabrese, Portuguese corn bread, focaccia, 12 grain, whole wheat, cranberry grain, pumpernickel, egg, sourdough and much more...

MiMi Foods was established in 2001, in response to the needs of the ever growing Pizza industry. Realizing this niche, and in order to service these needs, MiMi Foods created a consistent, high-quality product for companies in the Food Service & Grocery industries to easily attain a Pizza Dough and Pizza Program, to service their evermore quality demanding customers. Ask us to develop your own customized product and program, to differentiate yourself with your competitor!

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 111

Minotaur Software Ltd. 202 Main St. N Brampton ON L6V 1P1 Canada Partner: Judith Kirkness Mfg: Est: 1985 - Private • Software • Computer Systems • Traceability • Data Collection

MMIS Inc. Tel: 905-458-7575 Fax: 905-458-5585 Sales: Wendy Pineo Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Inventory • Ops. Mgmt. • Ordering Systems • Barcode Systems

• EDI • Accounting • Food Processing • Scales

340 Industrial Parkway South Aurora ON L4G 3V7 Canada Mgmt: Dr. Alexander Zetzl Mfg: Mr. Trevor Tanner Est: 1979 - Private • Casings • Equip-Food Proc. • Smokehouses • Vacuum Machines

Tel: 905-841-1717 877-873-6647 Fax: 905-841-1733 Sales: Bill de Vos CFO: Mr. Christopher Zetzl Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Packaging • Food Ingredients • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Spices

• Gluten Free • Seasonings • Custom Blending • HACCP

Minotaur Software has over 30 years experience helping small to mid-sized food, meat and beverage processors achieve end-to-end lot traceability, through the application of fully integrated office, plant and warehouse enterprise software. We offer one system for accounting, manufacturing, inventory control including handheld scanning, QC , Order Entry/Invoicing, EDI and more. Calculate accurate costs, monitor yields and profitability. Contact us to find out how one system is a better way!

Since 1979, MMIS INC. has been proudly serving the needs of the food industry from coast to coast with quality packaging materials, equipment, accessories, ingredients, and professional service. For close to 40 years, MMIS Inc. has been the exclusive Canadian agent for quality artificial casings from Walsroder. MMIS Mondo also supplies a comprehensive range of value-added ingredients and custom blends for the food / pet food industry.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Misty Mountain Specialties 130-13900 Maycrest Way Richmond BC V6V 3E2 Canada Mgmt: Mr. David Lee Kwen Mfg: Est: 1997

MNP LLP Tel: 604-273-8299

Fax: 604-273-8124 Mktg: Ms. Helen Zhang Admin: Ms. Brenda Eng Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Mushrooms • Produce/Fruit&Veg

2000-330 5 Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 0L4 Canada Mgmt: Glen Fraser, VP Mfg: Est: 1945 • Assur.&Accounting • Enterprise Risk • Food Recall Services • Consulting

Tel: 403-444-0150 Fax: 403-444-0199

Rev: $ M • Finance • InvestigativeService • Forensic Services • Tax Advice

Mktg: Judith Szarmach Admin: Staff: • Insolvency • Succession Planning • Valuation

Misty Mountain Specialties deals in wild and domestic mushrooms and other specialty forest products. Some of the items that we carry are matsutake, chanterelle, porcini, morel, cremini, shiitake, portabella, wild fiddlehead greens, wild berries, and sea asparagus. Misty Mountain Mushrooms has fine specialty produce available to cater to specific tastes. Most are available year round, but please check with the specific product for availablity.

MNP is a leading national accounting, tax and business consulting firm for Canada’s food and beverage processing industry. We understand your needs from the farm gate to the consumer plate and have invested more time and resources into understanding food and beverage processing than any other firm. With more than 1,000 food and beverage clients, MNP delivers a diverse suite of services to take advantage of opportunity and maximize results.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Miwe Canada Inc. 10-3055 Lenworth Dr. Mississauga ON L4X 2G3 Canada Pres: Ben Garisto Mfg: Est:

Mojo Jojo Pickles Tel: 905-614-0505 Fax: 905-614-0504 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-Food Serv. • Equip-Mixers • Equip-Prep

2-11011 - 124 St. Edmonton AB T5M 0J5 Canada Owner: Johwanna Alleyne Mfg: Est: 2011 - Private

Tel: 780-479-2831 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $0–1 M Staff: 1–10

• Pickles • Agri-Food • Beverages-Soda • Canned Food/Meat

With high-performance products, comprehensive expertise in baking processes, highly competent consulting and first-class service, MIWE has been a leader in the world of baking for over 95 years. See for yourself.

Canadian manufacture of high quality pickles, preserves, and acidified foods.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: N


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Molinaro's Fine Italian Foods Ltd. 2345 Stanfield Rd., Unit 50 Mississauga ON L4Y 3Y3 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Peter Busca Mfg: Mr. Frank Mantella Est: 1964

Tel: 905-275-7400 800-268-4959 Fax: 905-275-6701 Mktg: Frank Molinaro Admin: Emma Rechechi Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Pizza

Mosaic Sales Solutions 101-2700 Matheson Blvd E Mississauga ON L4W 4V9 Canada Pres: Jeff Rogers Mfg: Jacqueline McCloskey Est: 1947 - Private • Merchandising Systms • Product Demo • Direct Sales • Marketing Services

Tel: 905-238-8422 800-847-2209 Fax: Mktg: Jeff Rogers Comm: Meaghan Murray Rev: $100+ M Staff: 100–500

• Seasonal Merch. • Training/Education • Outsourcing • Concept Dvlp.

• Consulting • Sales/Services • Design

Since 1964, Molinaro's has risen to become one of the leading manufacturers of quality italian foods operating from a 105,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility. We manufacture both branded and private label products for the retail and food service sectors. Manufacturer of deli and frozen pizza, pizza crust, doughballs, pizza kits, and calzones and strombollis.

Mosaic Sales Solutions is North America's leader in outsourced Sales Merchandising, Experiential Marketing, Retail Marketing Activation and Digital, Social Media and PR. Utilizing our "People as Media" approach, we design programs that drive sales at every point along the path to purchase.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N


Mosur Machine Co. Ltd.

2700 Jean Baptiste Deschamps Tel: 613-677-2324 Lachine QC H8T 1E1 Canada Fax: Mgmt: Mr. Bruce Gonsalves Mktg: Ms. Kathy Mercer Mfg: Ms. Kathy Mercer Admin: Ms. Kathy Mercer Est: 2007 Rev: $ M Staff: • Herbs • Juices/Juicers • PrivateLabelContract • Beverages

• Formulations • Herbal Remedies • Maple Products • Nutraceuticals

• Packaging • Product Development

7040 Torbram Rd., Unit 7 Mississauga ON L4T 3Z4 Canada Mgmt: Lucy Ferraro Mfg: Est: 1963 - Private • Equip-Food Proc. • Agri-Food • Installation • Maintenance

Tel: 905-677-1404 866-329-6319 Fax: 905-678-6689 Sales: Robert Henderson Sales: Alicia Dias Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Equip-Stainless • Manufacturer • Vegetable Peelers • Preparation Tables

• Equip-Washing • FoodGradeLubr'nt

Monfitello, a facility for filling food and beverages in tubes. We provide private labeling and co- packaging .We are certified for organics and fill many products from maple syrup, chocolate , honey and many types of energy drinks and supplements in liquid form.

For more than 53 years, Mosur Machine Co. Ltd. has provided custom solutions to the food processing industry. Mosur manufactures custom stainless steel solutions. We provide: Fruit washing/ peeling systems ,Vegetable peeling, cuttingknife/washing/drying systems. Cook/Chill Systems, Rotary Screens, Dry bean hydration. Vacuum waste transfer. Control feed systems, belt and vibratory. Representing: Lyco, Kronen, Formit/EKKO, JAXFood Grade Lubs, Layton Mfg., , Food-Life, Tenrit Foodtec.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Y Labs:

Morris Lee Ltd

Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee

321 Cityview Blvd. Unit #4 Vaughan ON L4H 3M3 Canada Partner: Jim Lee Mfg: Jim Lee Est: 2015 - Private • Refrigeration • Refrig'd Cases • Freezers • Bottling

Tel: 905-832-0909 844-574-0909 Fax: 905-832-0906 Mktg: Jim Lee Comm: Mr. Jerry Babin Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-LoadDock • Equip-MeatRoom • Equip-Sanitation

• Equip-Stainless • Equipment-WaterTreat • Pharmaceuticals • Waste Mgmt

2531 Stanfield Rd Mississauga ON L4Y 1S4 Canada Pres: Fred Schaeffer Mfg: Est:

Tel: 905-279-9100 800-387-9398 Fax: 905-279-9821 Bus Dev: Bill VandenBygaart Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Teas-Various • Manufacturer

Morris/Lee Ltd Distributes Acorn Vac Vacuum Condensate Removal System. Vacuum Systems reduce remodeling time and cost as no concrete cutting or trenching is required. Vacuum accumulators located below case coolers and produce displays receive condensate and water and move it to roll on overhead vacuum lines discharge to sanitary draws. JR Smith SS Trench Drains and drainage products including Floor drains, Floor Sinks, Cleanouts, Grease interceptors, and Roof Drains.

Established in 1912, Mother Parkers has grown into one of the largest private label coffee and tea manufacturers in North America. Firmly rooted in tradition, family owned Mother Parkers skillfully combines technology and new product innovation with our values of integrity, trust and honesty.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 113

Mountain Meadows Food Processing (2004) Ltd. 25211 SH 651 Sturgeon County AB T0G 1L1 Canada Mgmt: Caryll Carruthers Mfg: Est: 2004 - Private Rev: $ M

Tel: 780-961-2470 800-961-2470 Fax: 780-961-3995 Sales: Norm Carruthers Admin: Staff:

• Spreads • Peanut Free • Kosher/Parve • Gluten Free

Murray Market Access 6415 - 64th St. Delta BC V4K 4E2 Canada Pres: Blake Murray Mfg: Est: 1985

Tel: 604-952-6025 Fax: 604-940-8071

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Marketing Services

The best tasting alternative to peanut butter, completely nut and peanut free! NoNuts Peabutter, which is high in protein, is an excellent and nutritious spread, ideal for school lunches, especially for schools restricting peanut and tree nut products.

Murray Market Access is a full-service boutique sales and marketing agency that offers expertise across Western Canada to a small number of high-end clients within the retail grocery industry. Murray Market Access is dedicated to service. A service that is personalized. It is one of the main reasons that clients choose us.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Mountain Sky Soaps

Musicworks Ltd

PO Box 119 Tel: 250-359-6850 Crescent Valley BC V0G 1H0 866-309-4552 Canada Fax: 250-359-6881 Mgmt: Sales: Raynald Losier Mfg: Admin: Est: 1993 - Private Rev: $0–1 M Staff: 1–10 • Personal Care • Body Care

207-860 Lasalle Blvd Sudbury ON P3A 1X5 Canada Pres: Mr. Kevin Whyte Mfg: Mr. Jamie Clark Est: 1999 - Private

Tel: 705-522-4565x201 877-464-4242 Fax: 705-479-9599 Bus Dev: Mr. Brian La Roche Admin: Mrs. Shannon Tolsma Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50

• Signage • Audio Visual

Produces Canadian made, natural bar soaps, liquid soaps, lip balms, body butters and massage bars. Mountain Sky is family owned, sustainable, authentic. Mountain Sky products contain tantalizing original combinations of essential oils, natural colours, food based exfoliants and only vegetable oils. Our vegetable soaps and products are ideal for those who are highly sensitive to synthetic detergents, artificial fragrances, and toxic preservatives. We do not animal test our products.

Musicworks Ltd., is a background music and AV service provider. We specialize in enhancing public space ambiance through specific music, audio, and visual media design. Our goal is to transform the way businesses appeal to their patrons by personalizing their experience to reflect a brand’s identity through atmosphere. Musicworks recognizes the importance of creating the perfect visual and auditory experience for commercial spaces.

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mountain Top Foods Ltd. PO Box 58 Nanton AB T0L 1R0 Canada Mgmt: Jason Calvert Mfg: Est: 2001

Namaste Foods, LLC Tel: 403-242-0455

Fax: 403-646-2283 Mktg: James Ducs Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Meat-Pork • Meat - Chicken

P.O. Box 3133 Coeur d'Alene ID 83816 USA Mgmt: Daphne Taylor Mfg: Daphne Taylor Est: 2000 • Baking Ingredients • Gluten Free • Kosher/Parve • Organic Products

Tel: 866-258-9493 Fax: 208-904-3702 Mktg: Kris Taylor Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50

• Soup • Pasta-Various • Mixes

Mountain Top Foods is a family owned food processing company. We are focused on manufacturing superior quality food products for both retail and food service markets. Our facility is capable of producing a wide variety of products, including numerous specialty products under the customer's private label. Products include: Tandoori Chicken Bites, Thai Sweet Chili Chicken, Tempura Chicken w/Orange Ginger Sauce, Sweet & Sour Pork, Boneless Dry Pork Ribs, and more.

Namaste Foods Gluten and Priority Allergen Free Products. Namaste Foods was borne out of passion, pure and simple – a passion for helping people and for making great food. We are a women-owned business that has been crafting healthier, ‘better for you’ food since the year 2000. Our Founder, Daphne Taylor and all our staff are deeply committed to our families, our communities and of course, good food! Food that everyone can enjoy – together – the way friends and families have been doing for generations.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

See ad pg. 20


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Nanton Water & Soda Ltd. PO Box 1041 Nanton AB T0L 1R0 Canada Mgmt: Brad Wallace Mfg: Est: 1982 - Private • Beverages • Water-Spring • Exporting • Distributor

National Resource Partners Inc. Tel: 403-646-2284

Fax: 403-646-5449 Mktg: Brad Wallace Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50 • Manufacturer • Wholesaler

1005-185 The West Mall Toronto ON M9C 5L5 Canada Mgmt: Steve Sampson Mfg: Est: 2004 - Private

Tel: 416-620-4545x228 Fax: 416-620-7091 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Recruitment

Nanton Water & Soda Ltd. is a privately held corporation, registered in the Province of Alberta. Together with the shareholders, Brad Wallace owns Nanton Water & Soda Ltd.

NRP Search is a recruitment firm specializing in sales, category management, trade marketing, brand managers, digital and new media management, executive management and operational roles in CPG.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

National Deduction Recovery 12 Evita Crt. Thornhill ON L4J 8K6 Canada Mgmt: Cheryl Pomerantz Mfg: Est: Rev: $ M

National Sunflower Association Tel: 416-879-1824 Fax: 905-763-1021 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Audits & SOPs • Consulting

2401 46th Avenue SE, Ste. 206 Tel: 701-328-5100 Mandan ND 58554-4829 888-718-7033 USA Fax: Mgmt: John Sandbakken Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Tina Mittelsteadt Est: Non-Profit Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10 • Association

For the past 15 years, National Deduction Recovery Inc. (NDR) has reconciled and recovered over 150 million dollars of Post Audit Claims for Food Manufacturers. Cheryl Pomerantz, the Director of NDR and Jayne Arvanitis, Manager of Commercial Claims, have put together the first comprehensive training manual on Post Audit claims. Additional services include Post Audit Claim reconciliation and recovery training, Sales documentation and Vendor Agreement analysis, plus Trade Spend and deduction process consulting.

The National Sunflower Association (NSA) is a non-profit commodity organization working on problems and opportunities for the improvement of all members. Membership in the NSA includes growers and the support industry. There are four general categories of NSA activities: Market Development and Promotion, Production Research, Education, and Policy Issues.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

National Importers Inc. 120-13100 Mitchell Rd Richmond BC V6V 1M8 Canada Mgmt: Claude Gauthier Mfg: Est: 1947 - Private • Importer • Distributor • Ethnic Foods • Asian Food

NATURAL HEALTH DISTRIBUTION LTD. Tel: 604-324-1551 888-894-6464 Fax: 800-665-5722

Rev: $ M

• Snack Food • Baby/Infant • Teas-Various • Crackers

Sales: Claude Gauthier Admin: Staff: • Sauces • Seafood-Products • Wholesaler • Confectionary

12- 80 West Beaver Creek Rd. Tel: 800-339-1932 Richmond Hill ON L4B 1H3 Canada Fax: 905-707-5102 Mgmt: Ms. Tania Leinster Mktg: Fred Stewart Mfg: Fred Stewart Admin: Ms. Tania Leinster Est: 1998 - Private Rev: $5–10 M Staff: • Business Management • Regulatory Affairs • Distributor • Exporting

• Importer • Wholesaler • Natural Health Prod. • Warehouse

• Inventory • Pick/Pack Serv • Ecommerce • Websites

Founded in 1947, National Importers is a privately owned, full service, Sales, Marketing and Distribution Company, servicing North America's Grocery, Mass, Club, Drug and Specialty Channels. Strategic partnerships with specialty food brokers and distributors helps ensure efficient, seamless distribution for our products throughout the US and Canada.

Natural Health Distribution Ltd. (NHD) operates in 3 distinct areas: Distribution & Fulfillment Center; Export Consolidation Services; Import, Licensing, and Consulting Services. NHD associates have been involved in the natural lifestyle industry for over half a century. Our goal is to bring you our experience, science and innovation to the forefront for the benefit of all our customers. NHD sources natural health products, natural lifestyle products and environmentally friendly products from around the world.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: N Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 115

Natural Pastures Cheese 635 McPhee Ave. Courtenay BC V9N 2Z7 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Doug Smith Mfg: Est: 2000 - Private • Cheese-Various • Dairy Products • Ethnic Foods • Gourmet Food

Nature's Choice Foods Limited

Tel: 250-334-4422 866-244-4422 Fax: 250-334-2922 Mktg: Admin: Mr. Doug Smith Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Greens & Maca Foods

PO Box 93 Maple Ridge BC V2X 7E9 Canada Mgmt: Herb Hanna Mfg: Est: 1991 - Private

Tel: 604-465-2100

Rev: $ M

Fax: 604-465-4372 Mktg: Herb Hanna Admin: Staff:

• Organic Products • Coffee • Spices • Herbs

Our 15 award winning specialty cheeses are hand made by our Swiss Master cheese maker, Paul Sutter. We only use milk from selected dairy farms located in Vancouver Island's picturesque Comox Valley. Natural Pastures Cheese Co. now makes a variety of cheeses from 100% locally produced Water Buffalo milk, including our fresh Mozzarella di Bufala.

Specializes in natural and organic culinary spices, herbs and blends. We also offer sundried tomatoes, vanilla beans, dried mushrooms and much more.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Naturally Homegrown Foods Ltd. 1-4945 184th St. Surrey BC V3Z 1B5 Canada Pres: Kirk Homenick Mfg: Fred Noordham Est: 2002

Nature's Path Foods Inc.

Tel: 604-372-1751x301 Fax: 604-372-1751 Sales: Kevin Burk Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Potato Chips • Manufacturer

9100 Van Horne Way Richmond BC V6X 1W3 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1985 - Private • Organic Products • Vegetarian • Gluten Free • Cereal

Tel: 604-248-8777 888-808-9505 Fax: 604-248-8760

Rev: $ M

• Snack Food • Granola Bars • Tortilla Chips • Salsa

Mktg: Arjan Stephens Admin: Staff: 100–500 • Bread

Naturally Homegrown Foods Ltd. is a BC based premium snack food company. It produces a line of kettle-style cooked chips under the Hardbite brand name. The product range is derived from all natural NON-GMO premium potatoes and other root vegetables that are cooked slowly and in small batches to ensure quality. Hardbite chips are dressed in only the most aromatic, natural spices. Hardbite chips can be found in leading retail locations in Canada and the USA.

Founded in 1985, our family run company produces organic foods from three certified organic manufacturing plants. All our brands (Nature's Path, Que Pasa, EnviroKidz, Love Crunch and Qi'a) are 100% certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. We deliver delicious food products that focus on promoting the health and vitality of both our consumers and our Earth. By supporting certified organic agriculture, we can all leave the Earth better than we found it.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Naturally Nutritious Food (2008) Inc. Box 220 Spalding SK S0K 4C0 Canada Mgmt: Eric Leicht Mfg: Est: 1990

Tel: 306-287-3954 Fax: 306-287-3972 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Organic Products • Baking Ingredients • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Exporting • Flax/Products • Ingredients

Natures Pop Sales 2127 Kaslo Court Kelowna BC V1Y 8B9 Canada Mgmt: Wade Ohm Mfg: Est:

Tel: 250-868-8572

Rev: $ M

Fax: 250-868-8572 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Beverages • Fruit Juice

Our company is unique because we grow, harvest, process and ship our own product which is 100% organic. For our clients this means less handling and more control of quality organic products.

Our family started this company back in 1995 on a garage in Kelowna, BC. Our goal was and still is to produce the very best non alcoholic beverages on the market. We started selling the Okanagan Applessence brand in 1997 with our flagship flavor; sparkling apple. Now over the last several years, we have grown dramatically. We now produce 5 refreshing flavors and produce around 10 000 cases annually. We currently sell our beverages in about 300 locations across Western Canada.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

NEBS Business Products Ltd. 330 Cranston Crescent Midland ON L4R 4V9 Canada Mgmt: Karen Schaus Mfg: Est: 1976

Neogen Tel: 866-749-6327

Rev: $ M

Fax: 800-461-3325 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Printing/Printers • Design • Manufacturer • Distributor

620 Lesher Place Lansing MI 48912 USA Mgmt: Ed Bradley Mfg: John Nelson Est: 1982 - Public • Food Safety • Food Quality Testing • Sanitation • Analytical Testing

Tel: 517-372-9200 Fax: 517-372-0108 Mktg: Gerry Broski Admin: Traci Read Rev: $100+ M Staff: 500+ • ATP Monitoring • Biotechnology • Equip-QC • Equip-Sanitation

• Food Allergens • Microbiology • Lab-Instruments

Building on our legacy as Canada's leading supplier of short run printing products, NEBS has evolved into a trusted and valued company specializing in the design, manufacturing and distribution of personalized business products since 1976.

Neogen Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets food and animal safety solutions. Neogen (NASDAQ: NEOG; was founded in 1982, and has grown to more than 1,000 employees in multiple U.S. and international locations. Neogen has earned repeated mention as one of the 200 best small companies in America by Forbes Magazine.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Nelson-Jameson, Inc. 2400 East Fifth Street Marshfield WI 54449 USA Mgmt: Murray Smith Mfg: Murray Smith Est: 1947 • Aprons • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Carts/Baskets • Chemicals


See ad pg. 28, 29

Nestlé Canada Inc. Tel: 715-387-1151 Fax: 715-387-8746 Mktg: John Leonhardt Admin: Lon Krause Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Cleaning Products • Equip-Cleaning • Equip-Sanitation • Flavours

• Food Safety • Gloves • Dried Fruit

25 Sheppard Ave. West Toronto ON M2N 6S8 Canada Pres: Shelley Martin Mfg: Est: Public • Baby/Infant • Beverages • Chocolate • Coffee

Tel: 416-218-3030 800-563-7853 Fax: 416-218-2654

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff: 500+

• Confectionary • Frozen Foods • Ice Cream • Pizza

Nelson-Jameson, Inc. is a trusted source of food processing supplies since 1947. Products include safety & personnel production & material handling, sanitation & janitorial, processing & flow control, laboratory & QA/QV, bulk packaging and ingredients. Request our Buyers Guide or visit our website for our wide variety of products used every day in food processing, along with specialty items.

Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company. We enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future by offering products and services for all stages of life, every moment of the day, and by helping people care for themselves and their families.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:

Nemfood Corp. 96 Covington Dr. Hamilton ON L8E 2Y4 Canada Mgmt: Danny Corp Mfg: Est:

Newco Enterprises Inc. Tel: 905-547-6688

Rev: $ M

Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Frozen Foods • Rice Products • Noodles • Sauces

402-5723 - 10th Street NE Calgary AB T2E 8W7 Canada Mgmt: Gerald Newcomen Mfg: Marty Newcomen Est: 1996 - Private • Antioxidants • Body Care • Chocolate • Digestive Aids

Tel: 403-295-9568 800-726-4155 Fax: 403-295-9566 Mktg: Vicky Alberto Sales: Brandon Newcomen Rev: $5–10 M Staff: 10–50

• Food Supplements • Functional Foods • Natural Health Prod. • Oils - Various

• Personal Care • Salts • Supplements • Weight Management

Nem Food offers frozen traditional spring rolls and gyoza complimented with tangy dipping sauces as well as shrimp chips and rice noodles. The Nem line will soon expand into ready-to-eat frozen meals, gyoza fun shapes for children and a variety of prepared fried rice and noodle dishes.

Revolutionizing chemical-free skin care, supplements, and food products with Sulforaphane. Using broccoli's most powerful antioxidant, Sulforaphane, the proof is in the products. Over 2 decades creating high quality, safe & most effective natural products in North America. BroccoFusion Ointment featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network, May 2012, for skin tag elimination. The journey continues with innovative BroccoGen 10, Brocco-Chocco & BrainMaintain+ products.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 117

Newport Gourmet Foods Inc. 3097 Universal Drive Missisauga ON L4X 2E2 Canada Mgmt: Anthony Battaglia Mfg: Est: • Gluten Free • Organic Products • Kosher/Parve • Gourmet Food

Nimbus Water Systems Inc. Tel: 905-614-1096

Fax: 905-614-1097 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Beverages

112 Oakdale Road Tel: 416-398-2028 Toronto ON M3N 1V9 800-508-7125 Canada Fax: 416-398-2267 CEO: Peter Bozzo Mktg: Anthony Bozzo Mfg: Admin: Mr. Steve Robinson Est: 1986 - Private Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 50–100 • Water Purification • Sales/Services • Maintenance • Water Machines

Newport Gourmet Foods Inc. is a distribution and import company specializing in unique, gluten free, organic, kosher, gourmet food and beverages from around the world. Responsiveness to our clients means taking on orders large or small with the same degree of commitment to service. Whether it be logistics, marketing, promotional material, quality assurance, our staff is committed to providing prompt, professional and courteous service to each client.

Providing water treatment equipment sales and service across Canada including: Bottleless® coolers; water dispensing machines for purchase and revenue share and whole store solutions. Service to all makes and models. Employees coast to coast. Nimbus belongs to many associations including: the Canadian Water Quality Association (CWQA), the CFIG and ADAQ. Nimbus technicians are certified by CWQA and Nimbus complies with all regulatory requirements.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: Y

Nielsen Canada

Noraxx Inspections Inc.

160 McNabb Street Markham ON L3R 4B8 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Steve Churchill Mfg: Mr. Rick Winslow Est: Public • Marketing Services • Category Mgmt • Consulting • Health Products

Tel: 905-475-3344 Fax: Mktg: Mr. Carman Allison Admin: Ms. Gillian Mosher Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Household Prod's • Packaged Food • Shelf Mgmt Systems • Space Mgmt

5650 Keaton Cres - B Mississauga ON L5R 3G3 Canada Mgmt: Al Brewer Mfg: Est: 2003 • Consulting • Training/Education • Supply Chain Solut'n • Analytical Testing

Tel: 905-502-8222

Rev: $ M

• Certification • Food Quality Testing • Food Safety • Hygiene

Fax: 905-502-0111 Mktg: Neil Buchmann Admin: Staff: • PrivateLabelContract • QA/QC • Sanitation • Business Service

Whether you’re eyeing markets in the next town or across continents, we understand the importance of knowing what consumers watch and buy. That’s our passion and the very heart of our business. We continue to develop better solutions to help you meet the needs of today’s consumers, and find out where they’re headed next, providing insights that can help you drive profitable growth.

Noraxx Inspections Inc. specializes in food safety for retail chains and restaurants, both corporate and franchised. We are a Canadian company that creates and implements Food Safety and Quality Management Programs for our customers across the country. From HACCP/GMP audits to customized franchise auditing programs, our goal is to help you monitor and improve your food safety and quality assurance programs.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:


Nilfisk Canada 240 Superior Blvd. Mississauga ON L5T 2L2 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1906

Nord Gear Limited Tel: 800-668-8400 Fax: 800-263-5111 Mktg: Chris Obermair Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Equip-Cleaning

41 West Drive Brampton ON L6T 4A1 Canada Mgmt: Jude May Mfg: Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 905-796-3606 800-668-4378 Fax: 905-796-8130 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Manufacturer

Founded in Denmark in 1906, Nilfisk is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment, offering a complete line of floor care products including automatic scrubbers, sweepers, carpet extractors and vacuums under the Advance, Clarke and Viper brand names.

NORD was founded in 1965 and now has net sales of more than 350 million dollars. Our successful climb to the elite list of gearmotor manufacturers is due to our strategy to listen to and work with closely with our customers. Together with the help of our customers we have created optimal drive solutions and have had solid growth as a company as well.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Norstar Corporation 6 Vansco Rd Etobicoke ON M8Z 5J4 Canada Mgmt: Bob Davey Mfg: Est:

Northern Lights Foods Tel: 416-253-6666 Fax: 416-253-6647 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Packaging • Printed Packag Mat'l • Packaging-Materials • Equip-Packaging

PO Box 250 Air Ronge SK S0J 3G0 Canada Pres: Mr. Jean Poirier Mfg: Est:

Tel: 306-425-3434 Fax: 306-425-3363 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Agri-Food • Rice Products

Our mission and our sole mantra is to supply the food industry with the smartest, most efficient, and most cost-effective packaging solutions available. We combine an unparalleled knowledge of highly sophisticated food preservation processes with a proven track record for creating the right type of flexible packaging applications. We match the complex needs of our customers with the unique strengths or our suppliers, which is why … the best in the business use Norstar!

Northern Lights Foods, is a locally owned company that markets the organic wild rice grown by members of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band and other growers throughout Canada's North. Besides covering the Canadian market, our product is exported throughout Europe, Asia, The Middle East and the USA.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

North American Produce Buyers Limited 336-165 The Queensway Toronto ON M8Y 1H8 Canada Pres: Howard Davidson Mfg: Est:

Northern Nutraceuticals Inc.

Tel: 416-255-4436 Fax: 416-255-0243 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Fruit

420 4th Avenue Tel: 306-872-4820 PO Box 40 Spalding SK S0K 4C0 Canada Fax: 306-872-4822 Mgmt: Kevin Johnson Mktg: Kathy Johnson Mfg: Admin: Est: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10 • Oils - Various • Flax/Products • Omega-3 Products • Hemp Products

• Organic Products • Kosher/Parve

North American Produce Buyers is a trusted buyer and wholesaler of international produce, serving Canadian food retailers for over 50 years. Our mission is: “To procure and wholesale the highest quality fresh produce from around the world.” By focusing on our mission, we have become one of the largest importers of Chilean produce in Canada. Our commitment to our partners is rewarded through their loyalty and abundant supply of deliciously perfect fruits.

Northern Nutraceuticals is located in the heart of Western Canadian farmland which produces the finest in grains, oilseeds and specialty crops for world-wide markets. Our processing plant is certified organic and Kosher accredited. We are a family-run operation. It's our desire to provide your company with quality products you can rely on.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Northern Financial Group 362 Queen St S Mississauga ON L5M 1M2 Canada Mgmt: Louie Carnevale Mfg: Est: Rev: $ M

Northern Quinoa Production Corp. Tel: 905-812-8811 Fax: 905-812-7811 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Finance • Insurance

3002 Millar Ave. Saskatoon SK S7K 5X9 Canada Pres: Mr. Nicholas Kelley Mfg: Mr. Shaun Stevenson Est: 1994 - Private

Tel: 306-933-9525 866-368-9304 Fax: 306-933-9527 Bus Dev: Mr. Michael Dutcheshen Admin: Mrs. Cindy Fiddler Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Quinoa • Gluten Free • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Kosher/Parve

Northern Financial Group has been advising individuals and businesses on their insurance and investment needs since 1987. Our commitment is to understand each client’s needs and provide the best solution with guaranteed service.

Northern Quinoa Production Corporation (NorQuin) is a vertically integrated company located in Saskatchewan, Canada that processes and distributes Canadian grown quinoa. We have been a supplier to both consumers and wholesalers worldwide since 1994. NorQuin does not allow any GMO or gluten containing products in their facility. NorQuin is also Kosher certified COR 541 by the Kashruth Council of Canada.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Northern Uniform 2230 Algonquin Rd. Sudbury ON P3E 4Z6 Canada Mgmt: Chad Laframboise Mfg: Est: 1901 119

Nova Cold Logistics Tel: 705-522-7368 888-496-6784 Fax: 705-522-1812 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Rentals

635 Wilkinson Ave Dartmouth NS B3B 0H4 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Mike Harper Mfg: Est: 1990 - Private • Cold Storage • Warehouse • Transportation • Logistics

Tel: 902-468-1328 Fax: 902-468-6430 Sales: Mr. Thomas Heath Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Handling

Northern Uniform has been serving the retail and wholesale laundry market in Ontario since 1972. Northern Uniform is proud to be the first uniform rental company in North America to successfully attain their ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System certification.

Quality your clients will appreciate you for:

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N

Northfork Bison Distributions Inc. 8715 rue Lafernie St. Leonard QC H1P 2B6 Canada Mgmt: Rocco Verelli Mfg: Est:

Tel: 514-643-4447 888-422-0623 Fax: 514-643-2227 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Bison Meat/Prods • Distributor • Packaging

HACCP approved, CFIA licensed, Online inventory, Minutes from Port of Halifax, Rail access, CFIA re-inspection facilities, Local drayage, Local transportation, Cooler, Freezer, Sharp freezer.

NSF International 125 Chancellors Way Guelph ON N1G 0E7 Canada Mgmt: Lise Smedmor Mfg: Est: 1995 - Non-Profit • Training/Education • Labels/Labeling • Food Safety • Quality Consulting

Tel: 519-821-1246

Rev: $ M

Fax: 519-836-1281 Mktg: Lise Smedmor Admin: Staff: 50–100

• Quality Auditing • QA/QC • Consulting • Process Development • Packaging

Northfork Bison Ranch is committed to providing our worldwide customers with the very best quality, Canadian Bison meat products. Our Bison are raised in a clean and natural environment without the use of any chemicals, hormones or steroids.

NSF International’s global food services provide expertise and accredited services across all supply chain sectors, including agriculture, animal feed and welfare, produce, processing, distribution, quality management software, retail and restaurants. NSF in Canada includes food safety and quality consulting, auditing and certification, training, quality and technical services, and innovative solutions for the food and beverage industry to help processors and manufacturers improve their people, process and

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N

Northwest Refrigeration 363 Kaska Road Sherwood Park AB T8A 4E9 Canada Mgmt: Don Lorenz Mfg: Est:

Tel: 780-464-0312 877-464-0313 Fax: 780-449-1324 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Distributor • Refrig'd Cases

NuStart Marketing Ltd. 2931 - 152A St., Unit B South Surrey BC V4P 3K4 Canada Mgmt: Don Budnarchuk Mfg: Est: • Ethnic Foods • Crackers • Chocolate • Soy Products

Tel: 604-531-5790 Fax: 604-531-5706 Mktg: Anika Tutti Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Tofu • Rice Products • Broker • Organic Products

• Vegan • Brand Management • Consulting • Business Development

Arneg Canada's mission is to produce and distribute the best refrigeration cases possible. The company is the leader in the Canadian market but also in the compatible export markets of North & South America.

NuStart Marketing Ltd is a Brand Management Company providing service to US manufacturers seeking distribution into the Canadian marketplace. With offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal we are able to give attention to detail to our principals. We also represent Canadian companies exporting their product to the US and Asia. We advise on all facets of the business from packaging requirements to distribution and selling coverage models. (CHFA Mbr)

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018


OCR Canada Ltd.

203-120 Research Lane Guelph ON N1G 0B4 Canada Mgmt: William Rowe Mfg: William Rowe Est: 2002 - Private • Clinical Trials • Regulatory Affairs • Analytical Testing • Consulting

Tel: 519-341-3367 877-557-7722 Fax: 888-531-3466 Mktg: Jennifer Andrews Admin: Rev: $5–10 M Staff: 50–100 • Food Quality Testing • Health Products • Nutraceuticals • QA/QC

• Product Demo • Supplements

100-25 Royal Crest Ct. Markham ON L3R 9X4 Canada Mgmt: Mrs. Lesley English Mfg: Est: 1981 - Private • Data Collection • Barcode Systems • Printing/Printers • Scanners

Tel: 905-475-5505x233 800-853-7226 Fax: 905-475-0566 Sales: Tony Mastrangeli Admin: Miss Alana Tufford Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 50–100

• POS • Cash Registers • Network Systems • Inventory

• Traceability • Temp Monitoring • Technology • WMS Systems

Nutrasource Diagnostics is a contract research organization and consulting firm specializing in regulatory consulting, product testing, clinical trials and human diagnostic tests. We have helped numerous companies bring their novel products to market by successfully navigating the complex regulatory pathway. We are the exclusive providers of the International Fish Oil Standards Program (IFOS) and the International Krill Oil Standards Program (IKOS). (LSO)

With over 35 years of experience, OCR Canada is a recognized leader in mobile computers, POS, and wireless infrastructure. Check out scanning and barcode printers, inventory tracking solutions and wireless networks in store, field, production, transport & distribution. OCR offers a broad range of barcode and wireless LAN equipment and on-site service and repair of barcode printers, POS and wireless systems. Experienced, informed and trusted professionals. Ask us for a free quote today!

Mfg: N Labs: Y

Mfg: N Labs: N

Oakrun Farm Bakery 1770 Fiddlers Green Road Ancaster ON L9G 3L1 Canada Mgmt: Tony Tristani Mfg: Est: 1978

Oh Naturals Tel: 905-648-1818 855-427-9982 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $100+ M Staff: 100–500

• Baked Goods • Desserts

9-700 33 St. NE Calgary AB T2A 5N9 Canada Mgmt: Ops: Rhonda Goldberg Est:

Tel: 403-471-7075 Fax: Mktg: Rhonda Goldberg CFO: Charanjit Parmar Rev: $ M Staff:

• Snack Food • Gluten Free • Fruit Snacks

Oakrun Farm Bakery operates a single facility in Ancaster, Ontario. Centrally located in key the Ontario market; 1 hour from the U.S. The bakery has expanded to over 237,000 sq. ft. in size and operates 11 production lines producing over 400 skus. We are an efficient, high-volume producer of baked and unbaked fresh and frozen products. The plant is Kosher certified as well as organic through the OCCP. Highest BRC rating (A).

Oh! Naturals offers delicious , affordable, tasty flavoured fruit and vegetable snacks for all ages. We manufacture Snacks that are Gluten Free, Vegan, Peanut Free and, Preservative Free. OH! Natural Banana Chips are made from real, 100% ripe bananas. Oh! Naturals Flavoured Banana Chips include (Chocolate, Strawberry, and Natural). OH! Natural’s Sweet Potato fries are made from real 100% Sweet Potatoes. include ( Mesquite BBQ, Lime Chilli and Salt and Pepper)

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Ocean Brands 100-3600 Lysander Lane Richmond BC V7B 1C3 Canada Mgmt: Eiman Raouf Mfg: Est: 1962

OK Frozen Dough Tel: 604-242-0030 877-506-1294 Fax: 604-242-0029 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Seafood-Products • Pasta Sauces

4145 Spallumcheen Place Armstrong BC V0E 1B6 Canada CEO: Bruce Glaicar Mfg: Est: 1994

Tel: 250-546-0311 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Dough • Bread

Ocean's is a leading seafood brand in Canada, internationally known for its leadership in product innovation, quality management and sustainability. Ocean Brands continues to find new innovative products made of the highest quality. Try our new, authentic pasta sauces made in the heart of Italy!

OK Frozen Dough is a proud Western Canadian manufacture of quality frozen bread and bun dough; using Canadian wheat milled in British Columbia by Rogers Foods. Supplying grocery and bakery businesses with a quality product is priority at OK Frozen Dough.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 121

Okanagan Specialty Fruits inc. PO Box 1533 Summerland BC V0H 1Z0 Canada Pres: Neal Carter Mfg: Est: 1996 - Subsidiary

Olive-it International Inc. Tel: 250-404-0101

Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $0–1 M Staff: 10–50

• Produce/Fruit&Veg • Treefruit Traits • Biotechnology

PO Box 793 Cobourg ON K9A 4S3 Canada Pres: Michael McGillen Ops: Megan Johnson Est: 2002 - Private

Tel: 289-252-1943 Fax: 289-252-0913 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

Rev: $1–5 M

• Olives • Manufacturer • Bars-Various

Okanagan Specialty Fruits (OFS) is a small, dynamic agricultural biotechnology company specializing in the development of tree fruit varieties with novel attributes to benefit producers and consumers. Founded in 1996 in Summerland, BC by orchardist Neal Carter, OSF's flagship project is the nonbrowning Arctic® apple. Arctic apples offer benefits throughout the supply chain by reducing food waste, increasing convenience and offering new and enhanced products.

Manufacturers of 27 different gourment hand stuffed olives, chemical free, clean Kosher products. Dirty martini mix, cherry juice, cocktail onions in vermouth, cocktail cherries & muffuletta.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: N Labs:

Old Country Seeds - Franchi Seeds Canada 106 - 4480 West Saanich Rd. Tel: 778-350-9905 PO Box #8 Victoria BC V8Z 3E9 Canada Fax: Mgmt: Jeff Wright Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: 1783 Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10 • Seeds • Horticultural • Agriculture • Distributor

OMCAN 3115 Pepper Mill Ct. Mississauga ON L5L 4X5 Canada Mgmt: Craig Hirst Mfg: Est: 1951 • Equip-Food Serv. • Equip-Food Proc. • Product Display • Equip-Prep

Tel: 905-828-0234 800-465-0234 Fax: 905-607-0234 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 50–100

Rev: $ M

• Food Safety • Importer • Equip-Refridge • Knives

• Equip-MatrlHdlg • Tables • Sinks • Food Service

We are your Canadian home and source of vegetable and herb seeds from Franchi Sementi: a family business from Bergamo, Italy, run by the 7th generation of the Franchi family. Old Country Seeds is a national online and mail order agent, as well as wholesale agent from BC to Ontario and the Territories. Racks of different sizes available for retailers interested in carrying this award-winning brand. Please inquire about subscriptions and a bookings sheet.

For over 60 years, Omcan has delivered quality products and services to the North American food service industry. Today we are proud to offer over 4,500 globally sourced food equipment and smallwares, to help our customers prepare, cook and serve. We have a robust distribution network with products available in one of our four distribution centers.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

Old Dutch Foods Ltd. 7800 Fraser Park Drive Burnaby BC V5J 5L8 Canada Mgmt: Bev Mui Mfg: Est: 1954

Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc. Tel: 604-430-9955 Fax: 604-430-9957

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Bev Mui Admin: Staff:

• Potato Chips • Snack Food • Dips

795 Pharmacy Avenue Toronto ON M1L 3K2 Canada Mgmt: Ms. Natalie Dennis Mfg: Ms. Tina Bodfield Est: 1992 - Private • Natural Health Prod. • Antioxidants • Botanicals • Extracts

Tel: 416-297-6900 800-651-3172 Fax: 416-297-6611 Mktg: Admin: Dr. Gordon Chang Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Glucosamine • Health Products • Herbs • Manufacturer

• Nutraceuticals • Omega-3 Products • Pet Care/Food • Research & Dev.

Old Dutch is a strong leader in taste, quality, innovation and industry standards. Our windmill stands for a great snacking tradition, and a commitment to better snack products. Making and delivering great taste snacks throughout Western Canada. For over 50 years, our windmill has stood for quality and trust.

Omega Alpha is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, founded 1992 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Great care and pride is taken in producing herbal products of the highest quality possible, from herbs in a natural, whole and uncut form. (CHFA Mbr)

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Omega Food Importers Co. Ltd. 2-395 Pendant Drive Mississauga ON L5T 2W9 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1998 • Importer • Ethnic Foods • Chocolate • Confectionary

Ontario Food Terminal Board

Tel: 905-212-9252 877-690-2827 Fax: 905-212-9484 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Cookies • Water-Mineral • Juices/Juicers • Distributor

165 The Queensway Toronto ON M8Y 1H8 Canada Mgmt: Bruce Nicholas Mfg: Est: • Wholesaler • Fruit • Produce/Fruit&Veg • Flowers

Tel: 416-259-5479

Rev: $ M

Fax: 416-259-4303 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Product Demo

Omega Food Imports Co. Ltd. is located in Mississauga, ON. Our goal is to provide customers with carefully selected, high quality European food products.

Canada's Largest Wholesale Fruit and Produce Terminal serving all Provinces and some of the Norther States. 450 Farmers Market tenants providing local fruits, vegetables and floral products. 22 Warehouse tenants provide imported and local fruits and vegetables. 5,000 buyers registered to purchase at the terminal.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Omori Machinery Co., Ltd. 28 Simpson Rd. Bolton ON L7E 1G9 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Gordon Olsen Mfg: Paul Brannen Est: 2012 • Equipment • Equip-Baking • Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-MeatRoom

Ontario Ginseng Growers Assn. Tel: 905-857-7880x236

Fax: 905-857-7883 Mktg: Mr. Gordon Olsen Admin: Mr. Gordon Olsen Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Equip-Packaging • Equip-Stainless • Packaging • Equip-Refurbish

• Wrapping • Distributor

1283 Blueline Road, Box 587 Tel: 519-426-7046 Simcoe ON N3Y 4N5 Canada Fax: 519-426-9087 Mgmt: Rebecca Coates Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: Non-Profit Rev: $0–1 M Staff: 1–10 • Ginseng • Association

Omori Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of packaging stretch and flow wrapping equipment worldwide. Omori North America Inc. is a major supplier in equipment, film, and tray distribution along with systems integration to solve your packaging needs. We provide superior quality solutions resulting in reliable and efficient packaging. Omori equipment is renowned for speed, package quality, durability, low maintenance cost and reliability.

The Ontario Ginseng Growers Association is a nonprofit organization of producers of 'Panax quinquefolius' who grow, harvest and sell the root. The Association supports research into new varieties of ginseng, new production methods, disease control and harvesting advances. It also develops strategic marketing directions for the industry as a whole.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Ontario Agri-Food Technologies 120 Research Lane, Suite 200 Guelph ON N1G 0B4 Canada Pres: Dr. Tyler Whale Mfg: Est: 1997 - Non-Profit • Research & Dev. • Advocacy • Contract Research • Product Evaluat'n

Rev: $ M

Ontario Independent Meat Processors Assoc. Tel: 519-826-4195 866-464-4524 Fax: 519-821-7361 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Business Development • Agri-Food

B1-52 Royal Road Guelph ON N1H 1G3 Canada Mgmt: Laurie Nicol Mfg: Est: 1980 - Non-Profit • Association • Food Processing • Meat-Products • Deli/Meats

Tel: 519-763-4558 Fax: 519-763-4164 Mktg: Heather Nahatchewitz Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10 • Meat-Poultry • Meat-Lamb • Meat-Turkey • Meat-Pork

• Meat-Beef • Bison Meat/Prods

Ontario Agri-Food Technologies pro-actively supports the continued development and adoption of new agri-food technologies stimulating improvements in farm and food processing, industrial sustainability and profitability. Dedicated to providing leadership and coordination in utilizing technology to generate wealth and sustainability for the agricultural and food industries in Ontario.

Ontario Independent Meat Processors (OIMP) is the representative voice of the independent meat and poultry processor in Ontario, working closely with agricultural and commodity organizations and various levels of government since 1980. The association’s membership includes meat and poultry processors, retailers and wholesalers, industry suppliers, and not-for-profit organizations that support OIMP’s objectives.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

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Ontario Natural Food Co-op 5685 McLaughlin Rd. Mississauga ON L5R 3K5 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Randy Whitteker Mfg: Est: 1976 • Organic Products • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Gluten Free • Dairy Products

Open Systems, Inc.

Tel: 905-507-2021 800-387-0354 Fax: 905-507-2848 Mktg: Mr. John Landsborough Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Cleaning Products • Functional Foods • Personal Care • Baby/Infant

• Biodegrad. Prods. • Oils - Various

4301 Dean Lakes Blvd. Shakopee MN 55379 USA CEO: Dr. Michael Bertini Mfg: Est: • Software • Accounting • Distributor • Regulatory Affairs

Rev: $ M

• Warehouse • Business Analytics • CRM • Ecommerce

Tel: 952-403-5700 800-328-2276 Fax: 952-496-2495 Mktg: Admin: Staff: • Production Mgmt • Inventory

Co-operatively leading the natural, organic food industry for over 40 years, Ontario Natural Food Co-op (ONFC) is a full line distributor with over 4500 grocery, refrigerated, frozen, bulk, and household items. ONFC serves as a member-owned and directed wholesaler for its members. Customers include natural food stores, retail coops, buying clubs, local independent community grocery stores, daycares, hospitals and non-profit organizations. (CHFA Mbr)

Whether you want to upgrade your legacy software or start from scratch, TRAVERSE Food is your food processing software, your food distribution software, and your food management software allin-one at an affordable price. We currently serve food processors and distributors needing bakery software, meat processing software, as well as software specifically tailored for frozen foods, fresh produce, seafood, and other specialty food industries.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Ontario Pork 655 Southgate Drive Guelph ON N1G 5G6 Canada Mgmt: Ken Ovington Mfg: Est:

OperationSafety Tel: 519-767-4600 877-668-7675 Fax: 519-829-1769 Mktg: Stacey Ash Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Research & Dev. • Training/Education

1081 Abbott St. Milton ON L9T 5P5 Canada Mgmt: Jocelyne Vaillancourt Mfg: Est:

Tel: 866-932-9403 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Training/Education • Safety Assessments

Ontario Pork represents the 1,600 farmers who market hogs in the province in many areas, including research, government representation, environmental issues, consumer education & food quality assurance. The pork industry in Ontario accounts for 1 in 8 jobs, & it is estimated that total industry output from farm gate sales is worth $5.6 billion to the Ontario economy. Ontario farmers produce some of the highest quality pork in the world and abide by strict on-farm food safety regulations.

OperationsSafety specializes in providing Employers with customized affordable Safety solutions. Whether it be our On-Line Training, WSIB Workwell Support, Safety 24-7 or Contractor 24-7, all of our programs are designed to provide our Clients with greater return on investments than just simply reducing accidents. OperationSafety wants to “partner” with your organization in its quest to create a Culture of Safety Excellence.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Ontario Seed Company Ltd. PO Box 7 Waterloo ON N2J 3Z6 Canada Mgmt: Scott Uffelman Mfg: Est:

Orbis Canada Limited Tel: 519-886-0557

Rev: $ M

Fax: 519-886-0605 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 50–100

• Horticultural • Seeds

39 Westmore Drive Etobicoke ON M9V 3Y6 Canada Mgmt: Don Ogden Mfg: Est: 1968 - Private

Tel: 416-745-6980 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $100+ M Staff: 10–50

• Containers • Product Display

Now into our fifth generation of family ownership, Ontario Seed Company is proud to be a 100% Canadian owned and operated business. From our formation in 1894 in a humble store in downtown Waterloo, Ontario Seed Company has steadily grown into a large integrated business that sells a wide range of horticultural products.

Manufactures a comprehensive array of ergonomic, handheld and automatable crates, totes, bins, pallets, dollies, dolly systems, and containers.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Organic Products Lanka Inc. 531-1300 Marlborough Court, Oakville ON L6H 2S2 Canada Pres: Mr. Rasmin Peiris Mfg: Mr. Ramesh Peiris Est: 2001 - Private • Teas-Organic • Teas-Various • Spices • Herbs

Orkin Canada Tel: 905-337-0629

Fax: 905-337-0629 Mktg: Ms. Ramani Peiris Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Beverages • Gift Baskets • Wholesaler • PrivateLabelContract

• Packaging-Materials

5840 Falbourne St. Mississauga ON L5R 4B5 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: • Pest Control • Food Safety • Odour Control • Air Fresheners

Tel: 905-502-9700 800-800-6754 Fax: 905-502-9510 Mktg: Mr. Kevin Eyre Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 500+

• Audits & SOPs • Hygiene • Waste Mgmt • Cleaning Products

Natures Cup Tea is a brand from Organic Products Lanka Inc., which is a Federally Incorporated in Canada. We are importer & wholesaler of Organic and Specialty Teas from Sri Lanka, India, China, Japan & Kenya. We supply Herbs and Spices for tea blends. We offer Private Label Tea packing in Tea Bags, Pyramid Tea Bags, Pouch and tin cans. Professional Training and services offered by Certified Tea Specialist, Specialty Tea Institute, New York. Most of our teas are certified 100% Organic by SKAL/NOP-USDA/EU/JAS.

With more than a century of pest control experience, Orkin Canada knows better than anyone what it takes to eliminate and prevent pests. Orkin Canada is Canada's largest pest control provider and a leader in the development of fast, effective and environmentally responsible pest control solutions. Our Integrated Pest Management programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients. We work with our clients to provide an environmentally friendly long-term solution to managing pests.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Organika Health Products 13480 Verdun Place Richmond BC V6V 1V2 Canada Mgmt: Jordan Chin Ops: Helena Brown Est: 1990 - Private • Antioxidants • PrivateLabelContract • Greens & Maca Foods • Natural Health Prod.

Ortai Inc. Tel: 604-277-3302

Rev: $ M

• Omega-3 Products • Functional Foods • Organic Products • Supplements

Fax: 604-277-3352 Mktg: Sales: Aaron Chin Staff: 100–500 • Vitamins • Bee Products • Coconut Products • Health Products

12 St Andres Crt. Thornhill ON L3T 2N4 Canada Pres: Haim Blumenstein Mfg: Est: 2003 • Importer • Bags • Boxes • Carts/Baskets

Tel: 416-818-3425

Rev: $ M

• Checkouts • Product Display • Floor Advertising • Security

Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff: • Shade Structures • Shelving

As a proudly Canadian, privately owned and operated company for over 25 years, Organika is committed to providing quality, purity and potency from the raw ingredient to the finished product. Organika's growth reflects our globally competitive clinical research and leading formula development. Organika has evolved to be a world-class supplement, food manufacturer, contract manufacturer, and distributor of superior health products, selling to retail food stores around the globe.

Our objective is to help small, medium and large businesses obtain supplies directly from China and save money. Our service includes sourcing and delivery of a wide variety of products as per our customers requirements. We have established our own network of factories in China that not only supply us with products, but work together as a group. This allows us to control quality and pricing. At the same time, we do our own shipping and logistics.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Labs:

ORITE Ingredient Ltd. 150 Milner Ave., Unit 17 Toronto ON M1S 3R3 Canada Mgmt: Donald Luo Mfg: Donald Luo Est: 2009 - Private • Amino Acids • Bee Products • Botanicals • Organic Products

Otimo Brazilian Cheese Puffs Tel: 647-351-1133

Rev: $ M

• Extracts • Glucosamine • Importer • Ingredients

Fax: 647-438-2828 Mktg: Donald Luo Admin: Edwin Luo Staff: 1–10 • Nutraceuticals • Powders • Sports Nutrition • Supplements

S&B Gluten Free Inc. 203-14301 256 Street Maple Ridge BC V4R 0B9 Canada CEO: Silvia Martinelli Mfg: Est: 2012 - Private Rev: $ M • Frozen Foods • Ethnic Foods • Gluten Free • Nut-free

• Natural Flavours • Appetizers • Baking Ingredients • Food Service

Tel: 604-475-8899 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10 • Manufacturer • PrivateLabelContract • Gourmet Food

ORITE Ingredient is a wholesaler and distributor of bulk ingredients for the Nutraceutical, Functional Food, and Animal Health industries. With a commitment to excellence, we are striving to deliver customers the finest quality products and services. We always step ahead in sourcing top quality ingredients and bring them to our customers. (CHFA Mbr)

A line of naturally gluten-free frozen products based on a traditional Brazilian recipe “pão de queijo”. When baked and served warm, its soft and moist on the inside and crusty on the outside making a perfect snack for any occasion.Our recipe has been used for centuries in Brazil and is extremely popular due to its flavor and unique texture. Flavors- Original, Jalapeno,Garlic&Herbs,Sun-dried Tomato&Basil and the Manioc Flour as an ingredient – Its unique and it is Gluten free,dairy-free,egg free and NON-Gmo.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 125

Oxford Food Group 4881 Main St. PO Box 220 Oxford NS B0M 1P0 Canada CEO: David Hoffman Mfg: Milton Wood Est:

Parmalat Canada Tel: 902-447-2100x2001 Fax: 902-447-3245 Sales: Matthew Bragg COO: Ragnar Kamp Rev: $ M Staff:

• Food Processing • Frozen Foods • Fruit • Appetizers

405 The West Mall, 10th Floor Toronto ON M9C 5J1 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: Public Rev: $ M • Dairy Products • Fruit Juice • Cheese-Various • Spreads

Tel: 416-626-1973 Fax: 416-620-3123 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 500+

• Food Ingredients • Margarine • Yogurt/Products

Oxford Frozen Foods is the world's largest supplier of frozen Wild Blueberries and Canada's largest processor of frozen carrot products. We also produce onion rings and a variety of battered vegetable appetizers, cranberries, diced onion and diced rutabaga.

With over 120 years of brand heritage in the Canadian dairy industry, Parmalat Canada is committed to the heath and wellness of Canadians and markets a variety of high-quality food products that help them keep balance in their lives. Producing milk and dairy products, fruit juices, cultured products, cheese products and table spreads with such respected brands as Beatrice, Lactantia, Astro, Black Diamond, Balderson, Galbani and President.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Pallet Renew Inc. 5819 Campus Road Mississauga ON L4V 1A1 Canada Mgmt: Heidi Doering Simpson Mfg: Est: 1989 Rev: $ M

Pasta Oggi Tel: 905-672-2679 800-588-3229 Fax: 905-671-2655 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Packaging • Manufacturer • Distributor • Supply Chain Solut'n

8790 Champ D’eau Montreal QC H1P 2Y8 Canada Mgmt: Stefan Cataldo Mfg: Est: • Pasta-Various • Frozen Foods • Vegan • Gluten Free

Rev: $ M

Tel: 514-852-6444 844-867-6444 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Peanut Free

We offer our customers innovative solutions to create, manage and maintain their pallet pools, including pallet sales, repair, purchase, rental, sortation and management services.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Pasta Oggi produces organic, gluten and peanut free, kosher fresh frozen pastas across Canada and the United States. Going above and beyond, we are also Vegetarian and Vegan certified, and GMO-free. Discover our products and you will see how our food can satisfy even the most demanding tastes and the most stringent dietary needs.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Pan-Oston Ltd.

Pasta Romana Foods Inc.

660 Neal Dr. Tel: 705-748-4811 PO Box 267 800-563-9182 Peterborough ON K9J 6Y8 Canada Fax: 705-748-9213 Mgmt: Greg Butler, Pres. Mktg: Glen Bonner, V.P. Mfg: Glen Bonner, V.P. Admin: Glen Bonner, V.P. Est: 1977 - Private Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 50–100 • Checkouts • Store Fixtures • Buying Group • POS

• Equip-Refurbish • Fixture Install. • Security • Manufacturer

11430 Albert Hudon Montreal QC H1G 3J8 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Michael Filippone Mfg: Est: 1996 • EDI • Pasta-Various • Pasta Sauces • Gourmet Food

Tel: 514-494-4767 888-766-2620 Fax: 514-494-5148 Sales: Patrick Filippone Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Natural Health Prod. • Refrig'd Food • Frozen Foods

Pan-Oston, "your complete retail solution", is focused on providing its customers through high quality, competitively priced products, creatively designed to meet delivery expectations. For over 30 years now, Pan-Oston has been the industry's leading full service provider of customer metal and wood fixtures.

At Pasta Romana, traditional know-how meets culinary chic. From fresh pasta to hearty meals and gourmet side dishes, discover the nec plus pasta of Italy - delicious cuisine that tastes like trendy restaurant food but can be savored at home with family and friends. Buon pranzo! Our foods are prepared in true homestyle tradition in small batches without artificial colour or flavours.

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Mfg: Y Labs: Y


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

PBR Laboratories Inc. 9960 - 67th Avenue NW Edmonton AB T6E 0P5 Canada Mgmt: Dr. Rajeshwar Singh Mfg: Dr. Ram Mehta Est: 1984 - Private • Contract Research • Research & Dev. • Nutraceuticals • Antioxidants

Pemberton & Associates Inc. Tel: 780-450-3957 866-450-3957 Fax: 780-450-3960 Mktg: Admin: Dr. Rajeshwar Singh Rev: $0–1 M Staff: 10–50

• Commercialization • Microbiology

3610 Nashua Dr., unit 1 Mississauga ON L4V 1X9 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Bill Froggatt Mfg: Est: • Equip-Baking • Equip-Cleaning • Equip-Concession • Equip-Cooking

Tel: 905-678-8900 800-668-6111 Fax: 905-678-8989 Mktg: Mr. Bill Froggatt Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-Food Serv. • Equip-MeatRoom • Equip-Prep

• Equip-Sanitation • Equip-Washing • Blending

PBR provides analytical and contract research services to food and agriculture, biotech and environmental industry sectors in the areas of screening for food pathogens and allergens, water microbiology, detection and identification of bacterial and fungal (mold) species, nutritional labelling, crop disease, soil fertility enhancement, environmental monitoring and bioremediation. Laboratory operates in compliance with ISO17025, GLP guidelines with professional staff having Ph.D's and other post graduate degrees.

Whether you are in convenience food, portion control, baking, dairy, fish, meat, poultry or specialty processing you can depend on Pembertons for the finest equipment and support. For over 70 years, Pembertons has been supplying Canadian food processors with cutting edge technology, equipment, parts and supplies as well as providing service and repairs.

Mfg: N Labs: Y

Mfg: Labs:

Pearson Packaging Systems 8120 W. Sunset Highway Spokane WA 99224 USA Mgmt: Rich Gardner Ops: Mr. Leo Robertson Est: • Equip-Packaging • Automation • Packaging-Carton • Carton Sealers

PepsiCo Foods Canada

Tel: 509-838-6226 800-732-7766 Fax: 509-747-8532 Mktg: Susann Ferrari Sales: Ann Long Rev: $ M Staff:

• Packaging

5550 Explorer Dr., 8th Floor Mississauga ON L4W 0C3 Canada Pres: Marc Guay Ops: Anne-Marie Renaud Est: Public • Cereal • Cookies • Nuts • Potato Chips

Tel: 289-374-5000 Fax: Mktg: Christine Kalvenes Comm: Sheri Morgan Rev: $ M Staff: 500+

• Salsa • Snack Food • Granola Bars • Tortilla Chips

• Rice Products • Oatmeal • Sunflower Seeds • Popcorn

Specializes in the design, production, integration and service of secondary packaging automation solutions. As a systems provider, Pearson offers a full line of customizable machinery that erect, pack, seal, and palletize top-loaded cartons and cases. Focused on minimizing total cost of ownership, Pearson Packaging Systems is dedicated to a solution-driven partnership. For over fifty years, a diverse set of high-volume manufacturers and distributors has relied on our engineered systems and continuous service support.

Comprised of Frito Lay Canada and Quaker. The company operates 8 plants and employs more than 5,500 Canadians. Frito Lay Canada is the country’s largest snack food manufacturer and brands include Lay's, Doritos, Tostitos, Sunchips, Ruffles, Munchies, and Cheetos. The Quaker brand portfolio includes a wide range of wholesome cereals, oatmeal, rice and corn snacks and snack bars, and features other brands such as Life (cereal), Quaker Chewy (granola bars), Harvest Crunch (cereal) and Crispy Minis (rice cakes).

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

PECO Pallet, Inc. 2 Bridge Street, Suite 210 Irvington NY 10533 USA Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1997 - Private


Peter Piper Pepper Tel: 914-376-5444 Fax: 914-376-7376 Mktg: Adrian Potgieter Admin: Rev: $100+ M Staff: 100–500

• Pallets

802-145 Jameson Ave. Toronto ON M6K 2X4 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 2012 - Private

Tel: 416-305-2015 Fax: Mktg: Christopher Jared Admin: Rev: $0–1 M Staff: 1–10

• Gluten Free • Noodles • Sauces • Spices

PECO Pallet is simply the best rental pallet provider in North America, and the company’s passionate commitment to quality and service has saved its customers millions of dollars. PECO’s superior quality wood block pallets are used to ship products to retailers and distribution centers throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. PECO Pallet is based in Irvington, New York, and maintains over 1,500 service centers throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. PECO now provides both GMA (48x40) and half pallet (48x20) sizes in Canada.

We are a Canadian company based out of Mississauga committed to bringing innovative fair trade products to Canada. We offer high quality tropical spices from India, a line of soy sauce product from Thailand, and Tibetan noodles made by Tibetans living in exile in India.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:


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Picard Ovens Inc.

PK Chem Industries Ltd.

240, boulevard Industriel Tel: 819-395-5151 Saint-Germain de Grantham QC J0C 1K0 855-395-5252 Canada Fax: 819-395-5343 Mgmt: Mr. Andre Francoeur Bus Dev: Mr. Thomas Hinton Ops: Mr. Francis Picard CFO: Mr. Vincent Tourigny Est: 1957 - Private Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100 • Ovens • Equip-Baking • Equip-Cooking • Equip-Food Proc.

• Equip-Food Serv. • Equip-Packaging • Equip-Prep • Food Processing

• Food Serv. Packing • Freezers

124-2 Automatic Rd Brampton ON L6S 6K8 Canada Mgmt: Kiran Nayyar Mfg: Est: 2003 - Private • Ingredients • Sweeteners • Amino Acids • Antioxidants

Tel: 905-595-1550 844-344-1550 Fax: 905-595-1553 Mktg: Andy Nayyar Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 1–10

• Baking Ingredients • Vitamins • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • MSM • Glucosamine • Nutraceuticals • Liquids

For over 50 years we have had a constant focus on improving customers' productivity and profit margins. Sipromac, Presided by Dave Couture; a visionary leader, who has a dynamic, hands-on approach and extensive industrial experience, recently had the immense pleasure of announcing the acquisition of Picard Ovens on March14, 2014. "The combination of Picard Ovens and Sipromac will provide a broader scope of equipment and is expected to result in greater efficiencies" quoted Mr. Gilles Picard.

PK Food Additives Corp. involves business regarding food additives like sweeteners: Xylitol, Maltitol, Mannitol, Sorbitol, Preservatives, Citric Acid, Sodium, Benzoate, Glycerine.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Labs:

Piller's Fine Foods 443 Wismer St. Waterloo ON N2K 2K6 Canada CEO: Mr. Willy Huber Mfg: Mr. Raik Meissner Est: 1957

Planet Foods Inc. Tel: 519-743-1412 800-265-2628 Fax: Sales: Mr. Sean Moriarty Admin: Mr. Trent Hilpert Rev: $ M Staff: 500+

• Deli/Meats • Sausages • Snack Food • Meat-Products

4040E 80th Avenue SE Calgary AB T2C 2J7 Canada Mgmt: Tony Franco Mfg: Est: 1995 • Natural Health Prod. • Organic Products • Sports Nutrition • Beverages

Tel: 403-281-7911 Fax: 403-537-5690 Mktg: Trudi-Ann Webster Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50 • Gluten Free • Teas-Various • Coffee • Rice Products

• Energy Drinks • Fair Trade • Ethnic Foods • Snack Food

In 1957, Wilhelm Huber opened a small butcher shop in Waterloo using family recipes and traditional European sausage-making methods. Piller's has become one of North America's largest producers of European sausages and deli meats, famous for awardwinning products such as Black Forest Ham and air-dried salamis. Piller’s still uses the same natural aging, curing, and smoking process that had customers lining up outside Wilhelm Huber’s butcher shop over 60 years ago.

Planet Foods (Division of Horizon Group) is an innovative and unique distributor of natural and organic healthy brands. Our commitment is to True brand development(TM) of quality products in all specialty and conventional markets.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Pinnacle Foods Canada Corp. 2000 Argentia Rd., Plaza 5, Ste. 500 Tel: 905-821-8500 Mississauga ON L5N 2R7 Canada Fax: 905-821-9492 Mgmt: David Johnston Mktg: Dan Hua Mfg: Admin: Est: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50 • Frozen Foods • Baking Mixes • Pickles • Meat-Products

• Baking Ingredients

Platinum Naturals Ltd. 11 Sims Crescent Richmond Hill ON L4B 1C9 Canada Pres: Ms. Suk-Hi Creighton Ops: Mr. Doug Carey Est: 1996 - Private • Cold & Flu Remedies • Digestive Aids • Vitamins • Nutraceuticals

Tel: 800-668-5028 Fax: 800-565-4586 Mktg: Ms. Kristyn Long Admin: Ms. Catharina Chau Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Sports Nutrition • Vegan • Supplements • Weight Management

Pinnacle Foods is a Top 1000 Company ranked on Fortune Magazine’s 2011 Top 1000 companies list. We are a leading producer, marketer and distributor of high-quality branded food products, many of which have been trusted household names for decades. Headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey. Brands include: Duncan Hines Grocery Division, Birds Eye Frozen Division, and Specialty Foods Division.

Established in 1996, Platinum Naturals is an award-winning, Canadian manufacturer and distributor of high quality supplements. Our proprietary Omega Suspension Technology™ (OST®) is what sets us apart from the rest. OST improves absorption by suspending the active ingredients in oil to deliver results our customers can feel. Platinum Naturals products never contain binders, fillers, artificial colours or preservatives. (CHFA Mbr)

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

PMD Solutions Plus

Prairie Harvest Canada Ltd.

109-87 Émilien Marcoux Tel: 450-971-5985 Blainville QC J7C 0B4 Canada Fax: 450-971-5986 Mgmt: Marie-Claude Jodoin Mktg: Caroline Chantal Mfg: Admin: Est: 1995 Rev: $5–10 M Staff: • Direct Sales • Distributor • Extracts • Flavours

• Equip-Baking • Equip-Cooking • Product Display • Baking Ingredients

• Desserts • General Merch. • Bakeware • Cake Decor

12538 126th St., NW Edmonton AB T5L 0X3 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Carlo Facchin Mfg: Est: 1996 - Private

Tel: 780-454-4004

Rev: $ M

Fax: 780-452-7238 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Gluten Free • PrivateLabelContract • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Sauces • Organic Products • Pasta-Various

PMD Solutions Plus is a Canadian leader in product distribution and marketing. We distribute the 2 leading European Cake Decorating brands WonderCakes and ScrapCooking as well as the #1 Silicone brand - Silikomart. We offer complete distribution services to our Canadian customers, from cake decorators to major retail chains.

Prairie Harvest is a full scale dry pasta producer located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Products available for Retail, Foodservice, Industrial & Private label.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

PNP Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Prairie Meats LP

9388 North Fraser Crescent Tel: 604-435-6200 Burnaby BC V5J 0E3 Canada Fax: 604-435-6213 Mgmt: Mr. Glen North Mktg: Mr. Rob Lamothe Mfg: Mr. Warren Brent Admin: Est: 1999 - Private Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500 • Manufacturer • Encapsulation • Tableting • PrivateLabelContract

• Nutraceuticals • Sports Nutrition • Food Supplements • Powders

• Vitamins • Minerals/Salts • Liquids • Film

2326 Millar Avenue Saskatoon SK S7K 2Y2 Canada CEO: Gene Dupuis Ops: Ryan Coquet Est: 1983

Tel: 306-244-4024 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 100–500

• Sausages • Meat-Pork • Meat-Products • Seafood-Products

Highly accredited CMO of nutraceutical & pharmaceutical products for the domestic & int'l market. Highly skilled personnel can custom manufacture dry dosage formulas to client specifications. Services include formulation, blending, tableting, encapsulation, bottling, blister packaging, cartoning, stick packaging, & pouching. Our experienced clinical trial division can help in all facets of clinical trial preparation, including fabrication of placebo & active dosage forms and clinical bottle and labeling. NSF Certified.

Prairie Meats is a family-owned company that has built an enviable reputation for personalized service and quality products. In addition to local favorites, you can choose from a full line of over 1,700 products. Full selection of fresh and frozen meats, including halal and organic selections, and a great selection of smoked meats. Enjoy salads, sides, and deli meats. The Chef’s Table is a new line of ready-to-enjoy meals developed by chef Layne Ardell.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Y Labs:

Pouch Makers Canada Inc. 9-855 Matheson Blvd E Mississauga ON L4W 4L6 Canada Mgmt: Smit Jani Mfg: Est: 2014 - Private • Computer Systems • Consulting • Ops. Mgmt. • Packaging

Praxair Canada Inc. Tel: 844-667-6824

Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff:

• BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • PrivateLabelContract • Contract Mfg • Food Quality Testing • Food Safety

1200-1 City Centre Dr Mississauga ON L5B 1M2 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est:

Tel: 905-803-1600

Rev: $ M

Fax: 905-803-1698 Mktg: Robert Douglas Admin: Staff:

• Chillers • Freezers • Equip-Baking

Pouch Makers Canada Inc is on of the largest stock holder for non printed (stock) products in North America. Our wide range of products include stock and custom stand up pouches, side gusset bags, flat bottom pouches, retort pouches, quad sealed bags, three side seal bags, pillow pouches, jerky bags, coffee bags with valves, printed plastic cups for cold beverages, printed paper cups for hot beverages.

For decades Praxair has been an industry leader in cryogenic freezing and chilling systems for bakery applications. We offer a line of standard equipment designs, or we can design and build a system tailor made to meet your specific need. In either case, every piece of equipment we provide for your bakery bears the Praxair name and our reputation for quality engineering.

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:

See ad pg. 7

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 129

Precision Label and Tag Inc. 9 - 1250b Reid Street Richmond Hill ON L4B 1G3 Canada Mgmt: Rob Weller Mfg: Rob Weller Est: 1987 - Private • Labels/Labeling • Pricing/Tags • POS • Identification

Primex Manufacturing Ltd. Tel: 905-764-3745

Fax: 905-764-7523 Mktg: Susan Lambert Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Advertising • Brand Management • Printed Packag Mat'l • Printing/Printers

• PrivateLabelContract • Security • Supply Chain Solut'n

20160 - 92A Ave. Langley BC V1M 3A4 Canada Mgmt: Donovan Hammersley Mfg: Est: 1971

Rev: $ M

Tel: 604-881-7875 877-881-7875 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Design • Enclosures • Plastics

For almost 30 years, we at Precision Label & Tag Inc. strive towards becoming leaders in quality and customer service, all the while as a respected member of a vast and highly competitive industry. Two main issues drive our team, these are: quality printing matched with superior customer service!.

Primex Manufacturing Ltd. (Primex) is a molder of plastic injection products. From its roots as a small custom injection molder and through the combination of Primex’s predecessor companies, Vanguard Plastics, Premo Plastics and VPL Enterprises Ltd., Primex has developed broad capabilities in the design, engineering and mold fabrication of a number of proprietary, patented in-house plastic products. At Primex, we design and build enclosures solutions that match your project needs and business objectives.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

PreGel Canada

Prinex Media Inc.

221 Don Hillock Dr. Aurora ON L4G 0K2 Canada Mgmt: Luca Costella Mfg: Est: 2008 • Extracts • Flavours • Ingredients • PrivateLabelContract

Tel: 905-727-3068 Fax: Mktg: Tatiane Banks Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Training/Education • Baking Ingredients • Confectionary • Desserts

• Ethnic-Italian • Gluten Free • Ice Cream • Kosher/Parve

7485 Bath Road Mississauga ON L4T 4C1 Canada Mgmt: Amit Gogia Mfg: Est: • Advertising • Brand Management • Branding • Co-packer

Tel: 905-673-8787

Rev: $ M

• Concept Dvlp. • Product Display • Labels/Labeling • Manufacturer

Fax: 905-565-1080 Bus Dev: Amit Gogia Admin: Staff: • Packaging-Carton • POP Displays • Printing/Printers

PreGel Canada is the Canadian division of PreGel, a global specialty dessert ingredient company headquartered in Reggio Emilia, Italy, founded in 1967 by Luciano Rabboni. PreGel stands globally as the largest manufacturer and distributor of ingredients for gelato, sorbetto, frozen yogurt, soft serve, pastries and more, and has a presence on every continent. Our company has a long history of successes and novelties worldwide, consistently leading the market with innovative product lines and varied offerings.

Prinex Media Inc. is your answer to promoting your products through Point of Purchase displays and retail packaging. We specialize in Floor, Shelf, Pallet and Countertop POP displays, Retail Packages and Custom Character Cutouts. We design, print, manufacture, co-pack and distribute all under one facility. We have a “Library of stock dies” to choose from hence saving you a lot of costs. We are always available to help with providing samples or recommendations on any potential upcoming projects.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Premiere Moisson 189 Harwood Blvd. Tel: 450-455-2827 Vaudreuil-Dorion QC J7V 1Y3 844-463-6760 Canada Fax: 450-455-7199 Mgmt: Mktg: Ops: Dave Lamothe Comm: Manon Kirouac Est: Rev: $ M Staff: • Baked Goods • Pastry • Bread - Organic

Prinova Group 285 E Fullerton Ave Carol Stream IL 60188 USA Pres: Don Thorp Mfg: Est: 1978 - Private • Amino Acids • Antioxidants • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Extracts

Tel: 630-868-0300 Fax: Mktg: Nina Hughes-Likins Admin: Rev: $100+ M Staff: 100–500 • Flavours • Nutraceuticals • Proteins • Sports Nutrition

• Supplements • Vitamins

At Premiere Moisson we strive to develop, produce and bring to market baked goods, pastries, charcuteries, ready-to-eat offerings and gourmet specialties intended for consumers and recognized for quality, originality, and authenticity. Our Gourmet artisan breads and pastries are made with natural, premum quality ingredients. All are offered frozen, bulk or individually wrapped. Organic, kosher and non-GMO certified products.

Prinova has been providing high-quality ingredients, flavours and value-added solutions to help you successfully navigate the marketplace for 30+ years. At our head office in the USA, we have a full service R&D lab and particle-size-reduction facility to provide technological support on new and existing products. Discover how our extensive product portfolio, global purchasing power, and market expertise makes sourcing simple, strategic and successful.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Pro Line Nutrition Ltd. 2619 Clarke Street Port Moody BC V3H 1Z4 Canada CEO: Amar Parmar Ops: Neera Dhugga Est: 1999 - Private • PrivateLabelContract • Manufacturer • Encapsulation • Tableting

Professional Ingredients Inc. Tel: 604-939-4100 866-939-4100 Fax: 604-939-4151

Rev: $ M

• Packaging • Bottling • Formulations • Meal Replacement

Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50 • Powders • Supplements • Sports Nutrition

330 Queen St. South Mississauga ON L5M 1M2 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Tony Hodgson Mfg: Est: • Ingredients • Baking Ingredients • Broker • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls

Tel: 905-829-5050 Fax: 905-829-4204 Mktg: Mr. Tony Hodgson Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Organic Products • Dried Food • Fruit • Nuts

• Juices/Juicers • Purees

Pro Line Nutrition is a dedicated custom manufacturing company that excels in offering our customers competitive pricing, high quality products with fast and efficient service. From strict quality control procedures, sourcing & testing raw materials to finished products. We are Health Canada Site Licensed & GMP compliant, Canada owned and operated.

At Professional Ingredients, we pride ourselves in our commitment to customer service, integrity, and market knowledge. We represent manufacturers that are focused on supplying consistent, competitively priced, quality products.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Labs:

Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd. 475 Valley Rd Box 100A RR 3 Saskatoon SK S7K 3J6 Canada CEO: Wallace Hamm Mfg: Est: 1990 - Private Rev: $ M

Progress Therapeutics Inc. Tel: 306-382-1299 Fax: 306-382-0683 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Certification • Organic Products

8-1151 Gorham St Newmarket ON L3Y 8Y1 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 2012 - Private Rev: $ M

Tel: 905-477-4553 Fax: 905-836-0006 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Importer • QA/QC • Regulatory Affairs • Business Development

Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd. is one of North America's foremost certifier's of organic products. With a client base including producers, processors and traders from across Canada and the United States, Pro-Cert is fast becoming a prominent player in the certification field. Offering certification to the National Organic Program (NOP), the Canada Organic Regime (COR), and the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS), giving international access and global recognition to brands we certify.

Progress Therapeutics offers a full suite of services required to market your foreign manufactured healthcare products in Canada. -Regulatory Submissions -Market analysis for your products in Canada -Importation, Warehousing, Sales and Distribution -Ongoing Quality Assurance and Pharmacovigilance Contact us to see how we can assist you in achieving your goals in the Canadian market.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: N Labs:

Pro-Western Plastics Ltd. 30 Riel Drive Tel: 780-459-4491 St. Albert AB T8N 3Z7 Canada Fax: 780-459-4089 Mgmt: Mr. Greg Karbonik Mktg: Mr. Greg Karbonik Mfg: Real Chamberland Admin: Mr. Greg Karbonik Est: 1969 - Private Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 100–500 • Packaging • Containers • Equip-Packaging • Manufacturer

ProMinent Fluid Controls Ltd. 490 Southgate Dr. Guelph ON N1G 4P5 Canada Mgmt: Garth deBruyn Ops: Latchman Boodram Est:

Tel: 519-836-5692x3001 888-709-9933 Fax: 519-836-5226 Sales: Todd Reeves Admin: Ella Knapp Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Equipment-WaterTreat • Pumps • Manufacturer • Water Purification

Pro-Western Plastics Ltd. manufactures open head Plastic Pails primarily for the food industry. We have a full range of products including a unique tamper evident line. We have enjoyed a Superior AIB rating since 2002. ISO 9001:2008.

PFC provides solutions for process water disinfection & water conservation through the application of our components and systems for water treatment & chemical feed and process measurement. Our innovative products allow for the safe & effective handling of all water treatment chemicals & sanitizers for process water disinfection. These components include Ozone, UV, Chlorine Dioxide, PAA & chlorine. Unparalleled metering pump portfolio that matches our water treatment process controllers & sensors.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 131

Promising Health Inc. 2700 - 14th Avenue, Unit 8 Markham ON L3R 0J1 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Jonathan Shulman Mfg: Est: 1996 - Private • PrivateLabelContract • Encapsulation • Packaging • Tableting

Punch Tools Inc. Tel: 905-475-8322 Fax: 905-475-8334 Mktg: Mr. Jonathan Shulman Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Manufacturer • Nutraceuticals • Supplements • Natural Health Prod.

• Formulations • Weight Management • Sports Nutrition

11 - 211 Schoolhouse St. Coquitlam BC V3K 4X9 Canada Mgmt: Jim McKinlay Mfg: Est: 1980 - Private

Rev: $ M

Tel: 604-521-6444 800-668-4996 Fax: 604-521-3143 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Equipment • Material Handling • Equip-Packaging • Racks/Rails

Promising Health Inc. offers Private Labeling and Contract Manufacturing and Packaging services, specializing in Herbal Supplements and Nutraceuticals. Promising Health can process your own raw materials or supply you from their extensive domestic and international sources. From small to large production runs, they can service all your needs. Call or e-mail them for a quotation. NNHPD Site Licenced facility.

Punch Tools provides innovative engineered equipment solutions in stainless steel to bring your production equipment creations to life. From prototyping through to production runs our staff will work with you to deliver the best product. Our facility has grown to include 3 CNC milling centers, 2 CNC lathes and a wire EDM. This modern equipment has helped us to stay competitive on the world stage and expand our range of capabilities beyond traditional industries.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Y Labs:

Promolux Lighting Intl.

QBD Modular Systems

PO Box 40 Tel: 250-743-1222 Shawnigan Lake BC V0R 2W0 800-519-1222 Canada Fax: 250-743-1221 Pres: Mr. Mark Granfar Mktg: Mr. Trevor Brien Mfg: Mr. Trevor Brien Admin: Est: 1985 - Private Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50 • Lighting • Food Safety • Merchandising Systms • Night Covers

• Refrig'd Cases • Enclosures • Consulting • Product Display

• Equip-Food Serv. • Refrigeration • Retail Mgmt. • Equip-Baking

31 Bramsteele Road Brampton ON L6W 3K6 Canada Mgmt: Jeff Jaffer Mfg: Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 905-459-0709 800-663-3005 Fax: 905-459-1478 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 100–500

• Product Display • Refrig'd Cases • Freezers

Promolux now offers LED as well as UL approved safety coated versions of all our supermarket display case lamps for superior food safe lighting. Promolux is internationally recognized as a leader in true color definition, low radiation lighting ideal for merchandising and maintaining shelf life in meat, seafood, produce, bakery, dairy, floral, deli, and other retail displays where color is critical.

We are manufacturers of commercial refrigeration products for over 20 years, catering to food service and beverage industry. Our manufacturing capabilities vary from custom to mass production.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Prospect Media Group Ltd. 300-129 Spadina Avenue #300 Tel: 416-348-7386 Toronto ON M5V 2L3 Canada Fax: 416-351-9606 Pres: David Maples Mktg: Ms. Jessica Ellis Ops: Libby Wells Admin: Est: 1998 - Private Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 10–50 • Marketing Services • Media Services

QMS International Inc. 1833 Folkway Drive Mississauga ON L5L 2X1 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1993 • Equip-Mixers • Patty Machines • Vacuum Packaging • Grinders

Tel: 905-820-7225 Fax: 905-820-7021 Mktg: Tanya Hemming Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff:

• Packaging • Equip-Refurbish • Slicers • Tying Machines

• String • Distributor

Prospect Media is a media &marketing services company focused on providing retailers with analytics and advertising and sampling options for targeted distribution to consumers throughout Canada. Our products and services include analytics, flyers, digital and social media, mobile, direct mail, newspaper ROP and specialty products, and the Baby Brands Gift Bag. We work with Retailers and Consumer Packaged Goods Companies.

QMS International provides sales, service and parts for food processing machinery. We specialize in string tying machines. In addition, we sell new and reconditioned machines of all varieties: Tying machines, slicers, mixers, vacuum packaging, saws, dicers, stuffers, and mixer grinders. Our trained technicians will help keep your equipment in top condition with excellent service.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N

See ad pg. 18


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Quadra Ingredients 1100 Blair Rd. Burlington ON L7M 1K9 Canada Mgmt: Christine Infilise Mfg: Est: 1976 - Private • Ingredients • Natural Health Prod. • Phosphates • Starches

R-J Machinery Inc. Tel: 905-336-9133 800-665-6553 Fax: 905-336-9263 Mktg: Eric Gaudreault Comm: Kate Longridge Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Hydrocolloids • Preservatives

44 Torbay Road Markham ON L3R 1G6 Canada Mgmt: Ray Raamat Mfg: Est: 1982 • Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-Food Serv. • Equip-Stainless • Labels/Labeling

Tel: 905-475-1046

Rev: $ M

• Packaging • Equip-Packaging • FoodAssembly • Carton Sealers

Fax: 905-475-0944 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10 • Bottling • Conveyor Belts • Pumps • Weighing Systems

Quadra offers a wide range of specialty ingredients to various industries including Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical, Nutritional and Functional Foods, Health and Wellness, and Personal Care. Our specialized Sales and Marketing team provides strong technical support and extensive market knowledge.

R-J Machinery is one of Canada's foremost filling and packaging equipment dealers, specializing in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. A leading supplier of innovative packaging solutions, the company boasts an extensive equipment range.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Quik's Farm Ltd.

R.E. Morrison Equipment Inc.

8340 Prest Rd. Chilliwack BC V4Z 0A6 Canada Owner: Harry Quik Mfg: Est: 1990 - Private

Tel: 604-795-4651 Fax: 604-795-3224

Rev: $ M

Sales: Leo Quik Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Flowers

Unit 21 - 3615 Laird Rd. Mississauga ON L5L 5Z8 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Ray Ralph Mfg: Adamark Systems Est: 1985 • Distributor • Equipment • Manufacturer • Vacuum Machines

Tel: 905-828-6301 800-668-8736 Fax: 905-828-3674 Sales: Mr. Matthew Harwood Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Equip-Packaging • Vacuum Packaging

Quik’s Farm Ltd. offers full service, consumer ready floral products to add extra punch to your retail displays. From a full line of everyday bouquets and arrangements, to specialty holiday programs, we are sure to have something that fits your budget and clientele.

Distributor and Manufacturer of Vacuum Systems and Vacuum Pumps, Air Knife Drying systems and Air Filtration products. Specializing in OEM Vacuum and Blower replacement pumps, Canadian sales, engineering, service, parts and inventory of equipment.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Quinte Economic Development Commission 284 B Wallbridge-Loyalist Rd. Tel: 613-961-7990 PO Box 610 Belleville ON K8N 5B3 Canada Fax: 613-961-7998 CEO: Chris King Sales: Vicki Bristow Ferguson Mfg: Mike Hewitt Admin: Est: 1994 Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10 • Support Services • Construction • Consulting • Human Resources

• Banking • Training/Education • Government • Advisory Services

Raimac 54 East 69th Avenue Vancouver BC V5X 4R2 Canada Mgmt: Harley McCaffery Mfg: Est: • Compressor Syst • Equip-Baking • Equip-Concession • Equip-Deli

Tel: 604-324-1466 888-477-7701 Fax: 604-327-1334 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

Rev: $ M

• Equip-Food Serv. • Equip-MeatRoom • Equip-Refurbish • Equip-Stainless

• Equip-Washing • Grinders • Butter • Design

Be part of a large and growing food processing cluster that includes multi-nationals, locally grown, and a variety of specialty processors. Our programs help to establish and grow food processing businesses in the communities of Bay of Quinte, Ontario (Belleville, Quinte West & Brighton . Located in a low cost region with a large, loyal and highly skilled workforce, well-developed infrastructure, and an effective development process which can fast track company start-up and growth.

Raimac has been a reliable partner to Western Canadian grocery store owners for more than 85 years. We have all the equipment and fixtures a large or small retail outlet may need, but we can also help you design the layout of your store, provide valuable advice on efficiency planning, and install and service major equipment.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

See ad pg. 13

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 133

Rational Canada

Redbud Supply Inc.

107-2410 Meadowpine Blvd. Tel: 877-728-4662 Mississauga ON L5N 6S2 Canada Fax: 905-567-2977 Mgmt: Mrs. Janet Magno Mktg: Mrs. Janet Magno Mfg: Admin: Est: 1973 - Private Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 10–50 • Equipment • Equip-Deli • Equip-Cooking • Equip-Food Proc.

• Equip-Food Serv.

PO Box 81187 Ancaster ON L9G 4X2 Canada Pres: Everett DeJong Mfg: Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 905-304-7958 888-733-2830 Fax: 888-733-2850 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Horticultural • Developer • Distributor

RATIONAL sees itself as a specialist in hot food preparation in the world’s professional kitchens. This clear self-image is the basis of a success story that dates back over 40 years. RATIONAL’s primary corporate objective has always been to offer the maximum possible benefits to its customers. Regular innovation has guaranteed its leading position by far in terms of technology and market share. Rapid growth has increased its share of the world market to 54%.

Redbud Supply is a family owned and operated business that knows plant material and understands how it can be sold in the retail marketplace. Utilizing our years of experience, we source, develop, and distribute a wide variety of high quality horticultural products to retailers across the country. We establish strong relationships with our suppliers in order to consistently provide the best products to our customers.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:

REA JET Canada 260 Sheldon Drive, Unit A Cambridge ON N1T 1A8 Canada Mgmt: Moe Hassan Mfg: Est: 2009 • Branding • Consulting • Direct Sales • Distributor

RedFrog Enterprises Ltd. Tel: 519-894-3300

Rev: $1–5 M

• Labels/Labeling • Packaging • Barcode Systems • Printing/Printers

Fax: 519-894-3301 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10 • Coding/Marking

203-11945 95A Ave. Delta BC V4C 3W1 Canada Pres: Young Youn Mfg: Est: 2006

Tel: 604-587-9907 Fax: 866-246-5657 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Confectionary • Snack Food • Crackers

REA JET Canada is a supplier of marking & coding systems for the manufacturing industry. We at REA manufacture at our facility located in Germany, and provide support internationally. Our Canadian office is located in the city of Cambridge, Ontario which is just west of Toronto. We provide various technologies of printing systems from large character, small character, high resolution, HP ink jet printers, as well as laser systems.

RedFrog Enterprises Ltd. is a food producer and importer with business in Confectionery products, Seasoning and Sauce, and Frozen products since 2006 in Vancouver B.C.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Rea UltraVapor Inc. 1-7500 HWY 27 Woodbridge ON L4H 0J2 Canada Pres: Lowell Fisher Mfg: Est: • Equipment • Food Safety • QA/QC • Steamers

Redpath Sugar Ltd.

Rev: $ M

Tel: 289-371-0204 888-860-4377 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Sanitation

95 Queens Quay East Toronto ON M5E 1A3 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Peter Toppazzini Mfg: Est:

Tel: 416-366-3561 800-267-1517 Fax: 416-866-4783 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Sugar • Syrup

Distributor of REA dry steam cleaning and sanitizing equipment for use in the food industry. Helping to reduce the use of chemicals and ensure a higher level of cleanliness. From large food manufacturer's to in-store bakeries, deli counters and butcheries. Bacterial control and detail cleaning.

Redpath Sugar provides sugar products to Canadians across Canada & to other food manufacturers & food service distributors. We also operate a dry blending & packaging plant in Niagara Falls, ON where we produce major national & private label sugar containing products. Products include: Granulated Sugar– Special Fine, Instant Dissolving Sugar, Dark Brown Sugar, Demerera Sugar, Turbinado Sugar, Quickset for Jam®, Sugar Cubes, Cinnamon Sugar, Organic Granulated Sugar, & more.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Reinhart Foods

Retail Merchants' Assoc.of Canada "RMA"

1101-235 Yorkland Blvd Toronto ON M2J 4Y8 Canada Mgmt: Scott Singer FdSafe: Mrs. Edna Smith Est: • Pie Filling • Baking Ingredients • Vinegars • Coconut Products

Tel: 416-645-4910 Fax: 888-519-0079

Rev: $ M

• Mara. Cherries • Fruit-Glace • Raisins • Dates

Mktg: Debra Burgess Admin: Staff: • Dried Food • Ingredients • Manufacturer

204-10 Milner Business Court - Suite 204 Scarborough ON M1B 3C6 Canada Pres: Ralph Moyal Mfg: Richard Griffiths Est: 1910 Rev: $ M • Advertising • Advocacy • Business Service • Cash Processing

• Energy Savings • Equip-Office • Finance • Food&Beverage

Tel: 416-293-2100x226 Fax: 416-293-2103 Sales: Stuart Himmel Admin: Staff: • Gasoline • Insurance • Pharmaceuticals • POS

Supplier of culinary vinegars and vinegar based cleaners. Also apple cider, baking products including fruits. Reinhart's production facility is located in Stayner, 90 miles North of Toronto. This facility houses production facilities for all of our product lines as well as a modern warehouse. This is the site upon which John Reinhart founded the company, and Reinhart Foods remains committed to the area.

RMA is a not for profit association assisting independents since 1910. (Retailers and associations.) RMA has a diversified Independent membership from coast to coast in the food and nonfood industries and is dedicated to their success. RMA offers a broad range of programs and services designed to keep members in business. RMA offers Advertising opportunities on our website and newsletters. TO JOIN, e-mail or visit, Click on MEMBERSHIP follow prompts.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Reiser (Canada) Co. 1549 Yorkton Court, Unit #4 Burlington ON L7P 5B7 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Wayne Bryant Mfg: Est: • Packaging • Equip-Food Serv. • Equip-Deli • Equip-Food Proc.

Retail Resource Services Inc. Tel: 905-631-6611 Fax: 905-631-6607 Sales: Mr. Wayne Bryant Admin: Georgina Cantlon Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Bread • Dairy Products • Deli/Meats • Cookies

• Pizza • Snack Food • Seafood-Products

5301 - 44 Street Beaumont AB T4X 1J1 Canada

Tel: 780-909-2593

Fax: 780-929-2566 Mgmt: Jim & Taylor Mackelvie Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Jill Skelly Est: 1927 Rev: $ M Staff: • Distributor • Importer • Frozen Foods • Broker

For 50 years, Reiser has been a leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment solutions for the sausage, meat, poultry, seafood, prepared food, bakery and cheese industries. During that time, the company has gained recognition for its high-quality equipment, innovative engineering, and outstanding service and support. Today, this total commitment to its customers positions Reiser as the one supplier that processors can trust for better, smarter solutions.

Original brokerage est. in 1927 by CWL (Charles) & CHM (Hibbard) Mackelvie in WPG. Man. J.C. (Jake) Mackelvie joined the firm in 1955 followed by J.H. (Jim) Mackelvie in 1966, and T.J. (Taylor) Mackelvie in 2005, marking the fourth generation. The company has operated primarily in the Prairie provinces and B.C., and utilizes a specialized network for the balance of Canada.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N

Retail Advantage Inc. 18 Nevilles Street, Unit F New Hamburg ON N3A 4G7 Canada Mgmt: Stephen Row Mfg: Est: 1989 - Private • Labels/Labeling • Pricing/Tags • Shelf Talkers • Signage

Richardson Oilseed Limited Tel: 519-662-4142 800-567-4467 Fax: 519-662-4261 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Tags • Paper Products • Pet Care/Food

2800 One Lombard Place Winnipeg MB R3B 0X8 Canada Mgmt: Tim Winters Mfg: Est: 1957

Tel: 204-934-5961 866-217-6211 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 500+

• Oils - Various

Retail Advantage Incorporated sells and supports many sign merchandising products. Sign holders, card stock, paper and labels for laser printers. Retail Advantage also distributes products for your PET CATAGORIES. Pet tags, pet toys, pet fetch games, pet clothing and pet tag connectors. Pet tag personalization products and services. Call or email for free brochures and samples.

Richardson Oilseed Limited is a vertically integrated, innovative manufacturer of oils, margarines and shortenings supplying retail, foodservice, food processors and industrial bakeries worldwide. We offer products in a variety of packaging formats under our brands as well as customer private label brands. Our extensive manufacturing experience offers customers private label options from product formulation to graphic design to final production and delivery.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 135

Richmond Traders Inc 153 Eddystone Ave Toronto ON M3N 1H5 Canada Mgmt: Adib Farah Mfg: Est: • Importer • Baking Ingredients • Banking • Beans

RJT Blueberry Park Inc. Tel: 416-292-5008 Fax: 416-292-5009 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

Rev: $ M

• Gum • HACCP

25990 48th Ave. Langley BC V4W 1J2 Canada Mgmt: Tina Chow Mfg: Est: 2007

Tel: 604-381-4562 Fax: 604-381-4563 Mktg: Frederick Lee Sales: Frederick Lee Rev: $ M Staff:

• Fruit

Richmond Traders is uniquely positioned to meet market demand by utilizing our vast experience in the food business and serve the varying needs of our clients. We have satisfied customers throughout North America by globally sourcing and supplying superior products at competitive prices supported by our outstanding customer service. Our global network of suppliers employ the most advanced production and quality assurance systems and have been carefully chosen after meeting our stringent quality and product standards.

Blueberries have become very popular in recent years because they are not only delicious, but also contain a high level of anti-oxidants. Since the company’s establishment, its professional team has successfully cultivated 40 acres of blueberry bushes and created a variety of high quality, healthy blueberry products in order to satisfy growing customer demand. To that end, it utilizes advanced technology and outstanding processing equipment.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Riverbend Plantation Gourmet 3027 Millar Ave. Saskatoon SK S7K 6G5 Canada CEO: Mrs. Grace Whittington Ops: Mrs. Grace Whittington Est: Private • Specialty Foods • Jam/Jelly • Chocolate • Co-packer

RJW Consulting Canada Ltd. Tel: 306-382-7036 Fax: 306-978-0005 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

Rev: $ M

• Sauces • Spreads

1027 51st Street Delta BC V4M 3Z9 Canada Mgmt: Dr. RJ (Ron) Wasik Mfg: Est: 1978 Rev: $ M

Tel: 604-943-0553 Fax: 604-943-0563 Mktg: Admin: Janice Wasik Staff:

• Consulting

Riverbend Plantation is a family owned and operated Saskatoon Berry orchard and on-farm gourmet food processor. We have an assortment of products based on saskatoons and other fine ingredients - from sweet spreads through savoury sauces that we’re sure will be a great addition to any meal. We hope you enjoy our wonderful products - feel free to call us with your comments, suggestions and orders anytime. Private label and toll processing also undertaken at our facility.

Industries: Meat processing; food service; bakery; pasta; infant formula; fresh produce; importing. Expertise: Food safety; crisis management; sanitation; product development; quality assurance; quality control; trouble shooting; team building; cost reduction; shelf life; validation; verification; Safe Foods for Canadians legislation; importer compliance; contract laboratory.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

RiverFresh Wild BC Seafood 680 Athabasca St. West Kamloops BC V2H 1C4 Canada Mgmt: Nikki Johnston Mfg: Est: • Seafood-Salmon • Seafood-Frozen • Seafood-Products • Fish

Rogers Foods Tel: 778-471-8225

Fax: 778-471-5804 Mktg: Admin: Ashley Leonard Rev: $ M Staff:

• Smokehouses • Food Processing • Processor • Minerals/Salts

• Wholesaler • Soup • Sausages • Sauces

#104 - 3999 Henning Drive Burnaby BC V5C 6P9 Canada Mgmt: Brad Duggan Mfg: Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 604-434-4900 866-590-4900 Fax: 604-294-4800 Sales: George Bradley Admin: Jessica Cote Staff: 50–100

• Flour • Cereal

RiverFresh salmon are carefully harvested, immediately iced and transported to government inspected processing plants. As part of our sustainability strategy, we use selective fishing practices that target only the healthy stocks, leaving the weaker ones unharmed to complete their life cycle. By purchasing our products, consumers are making a responsible and sustainable choice.

Rogers Foods Ltd. produces and sells a variety of high quality “branded” and “private label” flour and cereal products for the grocery/retail, bakery/food, export and feed markets. Consumer products are distributed from the Rogers Foods plant throughout Western Canada and into Ontario. Industrial size bagged and bulk flour products are distributed throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

RollCo inc. simple, easy, fast 2152 Mahon Ave. North Vancouver BC V7M 2T8 Canada Mgmt: Peter van den Berg Mfg: Est: 2013 - Private Rev: $0–1 M • Consulting • Equipment • Warehouse • Handling

Ronald A. Chisholm Limited Tel: 604-341-6977 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Logistics

3300 - 2 Bloor St W Toronto ON M4W 3K3 Canada Mgmt: Mr. David Harar Mfg: Mr. David Harar Est: Private • Bison Meat/Prods • Meat-Pork • Fish • Dairy Products

Tel: 416-967-6000 Fax: 416-967-6000 Mktg: Mr. David Harar Sales: Mr. David Harar Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Organic Products

Reducing handling costs by providing non-conventional, yet proven solutions that enhances safety, efficiency and productivity for businesses that handle modular goods & operate in a warehouse-toretail environment. Collaborating closely with like-minded people around the world gives us the ability to think differently and provide solutions that are new to some, yet proven by others. Every handling matters. Not some of the time. It matters all of the time.

Frozen Meat for retail and further processing: Bison, Pork; Fish; Dairy Products: Cheese, Milk Powder & Blends, Milk Fats, Proteins; Nutraceutical Ingredients; Whey Derivative, Ice Cream; Egg Products.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:

Rollover Premium Pet Food Ltd.

Rosemount Sales & Marketing Inc.

Box 5007, #12 - 11 Avenue SE Tel: 403-652-4300 High River AB T1V 1M3 800-616-9267 Canada Fax: 403-652-4785 Mgmt: Belinda Elyzen Mktg: Belinda Elyzen Mfg: Admin: Est: 1988 Rev: $ M Staff: • Pet Care/Food

1-725 Bridge St. W. Waterloo ON N2V 2H1 Canada Mgmt: Steve Doherty Mfg: Est: • Meat-Poultry • Meat-Products • Deli/Meats • Frozen Foods

Tel: 519-746-6669 888-434-8034 Fax: 519-746-7076 Mktg: Keri Halliday Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Hors D'oeuvres • Broker • Sales/Services • Meat-Lamb

• Meat-Beef

Rollover Premium Pet Food Ltd. is the original North American manufacturer of fully cooked semi - soft dog food. We offer a wide selection of flavors and formulations to meet all dietary requirements; from our original line to our Wheat-free line and most recently our new completely grain free line. In addition, we offer a unique assortment of stuffed treats and chews made directly from our food.

Since 1988 Rosemount has successfully represented manufacturers of premium quality products for both the food service and retail sectors. Rosemount Sales has partnered with manufacturers that offer our customers truly superior quality products. All the products we sell have proven premium features over competitive brands.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Romer Labs, Inc. 130 Sandy Dr. Newark DE 19713 USA Mgmt: Michael Prinster Mfg: Tim Lawruk Est: 1982 • Consulting • Analytical Testing • Food Quality Testing • Food Safety

Rothsay Biodiesel Tel: 636-583-8600 Fax: 800-769-1380 Mktg: Jennifer Manion Sales: Sebastian Kowalczyk Rev: $ M Staff:

• Hygiene • Sanitation • Food Allergens • Microbiology

• Pathogens Detection • GMO

880 Hwy 5 West PO Box 65647 Dundas ON L9H 6Y6 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1953 - Private Rev: $ M

Tel: 519-780-3341 Fax: Sales: Greg Drennan Admin: Staff: 100–500

• BioDiesel • Bio Oil • Bio Chemicals

Romer was founded in Washington, MO, in 1982. Over the years, we have become a leading provider of diagnostic solutions for the agricultural, food and feed industry. Today, Romer Labs offers a broad range of innovative diagnostic solutions covering mycotoxins, food pathogens, food allergens, gluten, GMO, veterinary drug residues, and other food contaminants.

Has commercially been producing biodiesel since 2004 from its Montreal facility using rendering animal fats and restaurant grease. Canada's leading rendering company. Collects edible and inedible food by-products from meat processing plants, grocery stores and restaurants. Recycles 6.7 million kg/day of product into animal feed inputs, chemicals and diesel.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

See ad pg. 11

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Rotobale Compaction Solutions Inc. 7232 Arthur Rd. #5 West Kenilworth ON N0G 2E0 Canada Mgmt: Stephanie Butler Mfg: Steve Sequeira Est: 1964 • Equip-Sanitation • Equip-MatrlHdlg • Equip-Leasing • Waste Mgmt

Ryder System, Inc.

Tel: 519-323-3673 Fax: 519-323-3618 Mktg: Stephanie Butler Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• PrivateLabelContract • Manufacturer

300-6755 Mississauga Rd., Ste. 201 Mississauga ON L5N 7Y2 Canada Mgmt: Jerry Brown Mfg: Est: 1933 - Public Rev: $100+ M

Tel: 905-826-8777 800-297-9337 Fax: Mktg: Stacey Sarris Admin: Staff: 500+

• Leasing • Supply Chain Solut'n • Transportation

Rotobale Compaction Solutions Inc. is the leading manufacturer of waste and recycling compaction equipment throughout Canada.

Leading Fortune 500 global provider of transportation & supply chain management solutions with over 80 years of experience. Our product offerings range from full-service leasing, commercial rental & programmed maintenance of vehicles to integrated services such as dedicated contract carriage & carrier management. Ryder offers comprehensive supply chain solutions, consulting, lead logistics management services, warehousing solutions & e-business solutions that support customer’s entire supply chains.

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:

RTS Retail

S.A. Chocolate Aliments Inc.

1027 Industrial Place St. Clements ON N0B 2M0 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Darren Norley Mfg: Est: 1897 - Private • Carts/Baskets • Product Display • Containers • Cart Control

Tel: 519-699-0022 800-663-2803 Fax: 519-699-0027 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Case Protectors • Concept Dvlp. • PrivateLabelContract • Equip-Sanitation

• Fixture Install. • Gas Equipment • Material Handling

3109 Astor Dr. Burnaby BC V3J 1K2 Canada

Tel: 778-895-6549 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

Owner: Terry Tyson Mfg: Est: • Chocolate • Cocoa • Confectionary • Kosher/Parve

• Nut-free • Purees • Importer • Organic Products

• Fair Trade

RTS Retail is the leading manufacturer of kiddie themed shopping carts, cart corrals, shopping cart sanitation stations, demo/sampling stations and all custom fixtures-wood, plastic and metal.

SA Chocolate Aliments Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Luker Chocolate Products in Canada.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Ryder Material Handling 210 Annagem Blvd. Mississauga ON L5T 2V5 Canada Pres: Thomas Ryder Mfg: Est: Rev: $ M

S.K.S. Novelty Co. Ltd. Tel: 905-565-2100 800-268-2125 Fax: 905-795-9311 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 50–100

• Material Handling • Rentals • Maintenance • Sales/Services

30 Sanford Fleming Dr. Collingwood ON L9Y 4V7 Canada Mgmt: Brian Robinson Mfg: Est:

Tel: 800-668-2377 Fax: 866-835-8437 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Party Supplies

J.H. Ryder Machinery is the premier material handling dealer in Canada. One-stop shopping for all your material handling needs; 13 locations across Ontario and Quebec; Offering unmatched customer service, quality and value since 1930; Largest and most diversified rental fleet; Complete service solutions including maintenance programs, parts supply, as well as operator training; sales of new and used trucks.

SKS Novelty & Party Supply Co. Ltd. is Canada's largest importer, distributor and wholesaler of balloons and party supplies. We supply over 35,000 party related items to wholesalers, retailers and resellers from coast to coast. Our customers can choose from a vast selection of fun merchandise including Balloons, Decorations, Napkins, New Years Supplies, Masks, Makeup, Costumes, Wigs, Hats and Disguise Item. We also import many many other hard to find items all related to the party industry.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:


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S.M. Products (BC) Ltd. 3827 River Rd West Delta BC V4K 3N2 Canada Mgmt: Carl Nordmann Mfg: Gordon Nesbitt Est: 1974

SAI Global Tel: 604-946-7665

Fax: 604-946-0176 Mktg: Robert Kaczynski Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Fish • Seafood-Salmon • Seafood-Products • Spot Prawns

Assurance Services 200-20 Carlson Court Toronto ON M9W 7K6 Canada Pres: Chris Jouppi Mfg: Est: 1994 - Public Rev: $100+ M • Food Safety • Training/Education • Quality Auditing • Certification

• QA/QC • Supply Chain Solut'n • Audits & SOPs • Consulting

Tel: 416-401-8700 800-465-3717 Fax: 416-401-8650 Mktg: Sales: Paul Damaren Staff: 500+ • Food Allergens • Gluten Free • Equip-Packaging • Risk Management

S.M. Products (B.C.) Ltd. has grown to become one of the largest buyers, processors and marketers of Wild Pacific Halibut in North America. We have expanded our product line to provide our customers with a variety of seafood items. Producing over 25 million pounds of fresh and frozen seafood annually ensures a steady supply of product throughout the various seasons. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff are available around the clock 24/7 to meet the needs of our Fleet and Valued Customers.

SAI Global Assurance Services audits, certifies and registers your product, system or supply chain through independent assessment to reduce risk and enhance service and product quality. And we provide the training your business need to improve performance and help you succeed. In 2008 SAI Global acquired QMI, North American leader in Quality Management Systems since 1984 with more than 14,000 certifications. SAI Global's services for the food industry include GFSI, HACCP, GMP and many other programs.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: Y

Sabine's Collections 6745 Invader Crescent Mississauga ON L5T 2B6 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1987


Saksco Gourmet Basket Supplies

Rev: $ M

Tel: 905-856-4822 855-387-8880 Fax: 905-850-9292 Sales: Craig Gietzen Admin: Staff:

• Baked Goods • Bread

4-6221 Kennedy Blvd. Mississauga ON L5T 2S8 Canada Mgmt: Toprak Alpsoykan Mfg: Est: 1987 - Private • Distributor • Wholesaler • Coffee • Teas-Various

Tel: 905-795-9400 800-668-4390 Fax: 905-795-9402 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

Rev: $ M

• Bulk Food Bins/Items • Chocolate • Confectionary • Cookies

• Gourmet Food • Kosher/Parve • Snack Food • Gift Baskets

Sabine's Collections offer 30 years of artisan bread-making expertise in every Baguette Crisp. Manufactured the old fashioned way, with slow fermentation for flavor and crust development, our exquisite range of double-baked Crisps and Bites use only the finest grains, seeds and dried fruit. All our Baguettes are sliced, double baked (NOT fried), cooled, seasoned and packaged to the highest manufacturing standards.

Saksco has been serving the Gift basket industry in Canada since 1987. We are amongst the top distributors for gourmet food items and other supplies for gift baskets in Canada. Our product selection is not only limited to gift basket supplies as we also offer ready made gift baskets with great customization services. You can either go Online and buy products at or visit us in store.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

Sable & Rosenfeld 12 Lawton Blvd. Toronto ON M4V 1Z4 Canada Pres: Myra Sable Mfg: Est: • Gourmet Food • Appetizers • Condiments • Sauces

Samuel Packaging Systems Group Tel: 416-929-4214 Fax: 416-929-6727 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Kosher/Parve

735 Oval Court Burlington ON L7L 6A9 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1974 - Private • Packaging • Shrink Mgmt • Vacuum Packaging • Barcode Systems

Tel: 800-607-8727 Fax: 905-639-2290 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $100+ M Staff: 100–500

• Labels/Labeling • Wrapping

For over 40 years Sable & Rosenfeld has created and distributed exceptional gourmet foods. Our wide variety of specialties includes cocktail garnishes, appetizers, condiments, and sauces, many of which are all-natural and kosher. Our proud heritage began in 1970 when the company was co-founded by Myra Sable and former partner, Carol Rosenfeld. Today, the Sable & Rosenfeld team has grown to over 200 dedicated associates supporting production and sales distribution internationally.

Samuel Packaging Systems Group distributes packaging equipment and strapping supplies, delivering the support, training and maintenance required to keep your production lines moving.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

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Sargent Farms

Saunders Family Farm

189 Mill St Milton ON L9T 1S3 Canada Mgmt: Marc Oliver Mfg: Est: 1943 • Meat-Products • Meat-Poultry • Meat - Chicken • Equip-Food Proc.

Tel: 905-878-4401 Fax: 905-878-8998

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff: 100–500

• Distributor

4825 Dell Rd. Windermere BC V0B 2L2 Canada Mgmt: Faith Saunders Mfg: Est: 2009 - Private

Tel: 250-342-9283 Fax:

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Jam/Jelly

Established in 1943 Sargent Farms has continually grown and evolved into a primary processor of fresh chicken. Our plant and offices are located just a few minutes off the 401 in Milton Ontario. Sargent Farms was the first provincially inspected primary processing plant to be HACCP Advantage Certified (2004). Provide highest quality fresh chicken products.

Saunders Family Farm has been providing fresh produce and preserves to local communities around the Columbia Valley in British Columbia. We’ve become a household name because of our jams and jellies.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Sask. Food Industry Development Centre 2335 Schuyler Street Saskatoon SK S7M 5V1 Canada Mgmt: Dan Prefontaine Mfg: Brev Chesky Est: 1997 - Non-Profit • Training/Education • Food Safety • Research & Dev. • Meat-Products

Schinkel's Legacy

Tel: 306-933-7555

Rev: $ M

• Snack Food • Ethnic Foods • Condiments • Health Products

Fax: 306-933-7208 Mktg: Carmen Ly Admin: Staff: 10–50 • Organic Products • Pet Care/Food • Cereal • Manufacturer

19 McGregor Place Chatham ON N7M 5J4 Canada Owner: Tim Schinkel Mfg: Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 519-351-0818 800-813-3178 Fax: 519-351-2242 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Meat-Products • Sausages

The Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc. (Food Centre) is a leader in providing expertise and resources to assist entrepreneurs and agri-businesses in bringing innovations to commercialization. Our expertise includes food and process development, interim processing, extrusion, pulse innovation, food safety training and skills development, technology transfer and pathfinding. Our federal facility is accredited and set up to process a variety of food products destined for world markets.

We are a company known for our dedication and service. We strive to provide a high quality product at a fair price. Our quality story begins by sourcing our ingredients from as local as possible with all of our meat ingredients from Ontario. Our facility has always been Gluten free and MSG free. In addition we currently produce a number of sodium reduced products. We use only natural hardwood smoke to give our products that final touch of flavour.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Labs:

Saskatchewan Food & Ingredient Processors As 8B - 3110 8th St. E. # 389 Saskatoon SK S7H 0W2 Canada Pres: Alister Muir Mfg: Est: Non-Profit


Rev: $ M

Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Association • Food Processing

Scholtens Inc. 279 Sumach Drive Burlington ON L7T 0B5 Canada Mgmt: Jack Scholtens Mfg: Est: • Packaging • Wholesaler • PrivateLabelContract • Printing/Printers

Tel: 905-631-2999

Rev: $ M

Fax: 905-631-3222 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Distributor • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Confectionary

The Saskatchewan Food Processors Association was formed in 1990 as a nonprofit organization designed to strengthen the food processing industry in Saskatchewan.

Cottage Country by Scholtens. Every day best selling Candies, Nuts, Trail Mixes, Pantry Foods, Baking Needs. Packed Fresh, Delivered Fresh , right to your door. We ship Coast to Coast.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

SciCorp International Corp. 1273 North Service Rd., E Unit F2 Oakville ON L6H 1A7 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: Rev: $ M

Scott-Bathgate Ltd. Tel: 905-829-1749 Fax: 905-829-5859 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Waste Mgmt • Odour Control

7118 Venture St. Delta BC V4G 1H6 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1903 - Private • Confectionary • Baked Goods • Nuts • Popcorn

Tel: 604-946-8684 Fax: 604-946-8685 Sales: Gary Flockhart Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Distributor • Importer

Waste Management® Odor Disposer has been formulated and is distributed under license by SciCorp International Inc. as part of Waste Management’s consumer products program. Waste Management Odour Disposer is an all natural garbage and compost odour eliminator. No toxins and no masking. From industrial applications made available for the home.

Proudly Canadian since 1903, Scott-Bathgate is a manufacturer and importer of confectionery and specialty grocery products. With manufacturing facilities in our Winnipeg head office and Delta, B.C., and warehouse/distribution/sales centers in Regina, Edmonton and Calgary, we offer our own Nutty Club, Food Club and Engedura brands of popcorn, nuts, candy and grocery items, along with domestic and imported product lines.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Scotsburn Ice Cream Company 332 Willow St Truro NS B2N 5A5 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est:

Scotty's Refrigeration Inc.

Tel: 902-895-8430 800-511-6455 Fax: 902-893-1136 Mktg: John MacKay, VP Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Dairy Products • Ice Cream • Distributor

171 Hachborn Rd. Brantford ON N3S 7W7 Canada Pres: Scott Hardman Mfg: Est:

Tel: 519-720-0800 888-323-3060 Fax: 519-720-0809 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Refrigeration • Installation

Scotsburn Creamery was founded on April 12, 1900, when a small group of local farmers met in the village of Scotsburn, NS and decided to establish a creamery in order to manufacture butter from an available supply of milk.

Scotty’s Refrigeration works with retail, commercial and industrial clients across Canada, installing and servicing refrigeration, HVAC, food service and ice making equipment. Our years of experience provide us with valuable insight and practical business knowledge of a diverse client list, including supermarkets, retail, food processing, restaurants, hospitality, industrial, warehouse and food service.

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:

Scott Process Equipment & Controls Inc. 15 Southgate Dr. Guelph ON N1G 3M5 Canada Mgmt: Lad Rudik Mfg: Est: 1995 - Private • Grinders • Labels/Labeling • Equip-Mixers • Slicers

Rev: $5–10 M • Chemicals • Gloves • Knives • Smokehouses

Tel: 519-836-6902 888-343-5421 Fax: 519-836-3225 Sales: Jeff Moyaert Admin: Staff: 10–50 • Tumblers • Stuffers • Temp Monitoring • Exporting

Scoular 140-1500 Quebec Ave. Saskatoon SK S7K 1V7 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Ben Friesen Mfg: Mr. Richard Collette Est: 1893 - Private • Baking Ingredients • Beans • Confectionary • Flax/Products

Tel: 306-659-3401

Rev: $ M

Fax: 306-664-3321 Mktg: Jared Froese Admin: Julie Girouard Staff: 500+

• Organic Products • Specialty Crops • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Whole Grain • Canola • Grains

A leading supplier and service provider of advanced food processing equipment specializing in the Manufacturing of Smokehouses and Smoke Generators. Exclusive Canadian Dealer for Lutetia Tumblers for De-Frosting / Marinating / Curing / Cooking / Chilling / IQF / Coating / Salting and Injectors and MADO Grinders / Band Saws / Bowl Choppers and Knife Sharpening equipment. Also a Value added Re-seller of Frey for piston and vein Stuffers.

Scoular is the largest processor and exporter of sunflower and pulses in Canada We are Kosher certified, HACCP and ISO 9001. Our products include : in-shell confection, sunflower seeds, confection and bakery kernels, sunflower chips, whole/ground brown and golden flax, chickpeas, lentils, peas, beans, canola and other special crops. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: N

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Second Harvest

Sensormatic Canada Ltd.

1450 Lodestar Rd. #18 Toronto ON M3J 3C1 Canada CEO: Mrs. Debra Lawson FdSafe: Ms. Lori Nikkel Est: 1985 - Non-Profit • Inventory • Distributor • Logistics • Agri-Food

Tel: 416-408-2594 Fax: 416-408-2598 Mktg: Tonia Krauser Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Cold Storage • Food&Beverage • Food Service • Waste Mgmt

7 Paget Road Brampton ON L6T 5S2 Canada Mgmt: Robert Miller Mfg: Est: 1880

Tel: 905-792-2858 Fax: 905-792-4034

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff: 50–100

• Security • Monitoring

Second Harvest is a charity that rescues fresh, surplus food, that would otherwise go to waste, from grocery stores, manufacturers, distributers, farmers, restaurants and hotels. The food is delivered daily to more than 200 social service agencies feeding people experiencing hunger across Toronto. Since 1985 Second Harvest has rescued and delivered 100 million pounds of good food, thus preventing 50 million pounds of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. Second Harvest’s vision: No Waste. No Hunger.

Because we've been on the forefront of security and monitoring technology for over 125 years, you can count on us to remain there. As security systems become more and more sophisticated, you can also rest assured that Sensormatic will continue to offer the unparalleled service you've come to expect.

Mfg: N Labs: N

Mfg: Labs:

Select Food Products Limited

Seoul Trading Corp.

120 Sunrise Ave. Tel: 416-759-9316 Toronto ON M4A 1B4 800-699-8016 Canada Fax: Pres: Andrew Mitchell Bus Dev: Amanda Mitchell-Hanna Mfg: Admin: Est: 1941 - Private Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 100–500 • PrivateLabelContract • Sauces • Salad Dressings • Salsa

• Condiments • Mustard • Ketchup • Co-packer

• Pasta Sauces

#1 - 1560 Broadway St. Tel: 604-468-7790 Port Coquitlam BC V3C 2M8 Canada Fax: 604-468-7780 Mgmt: Sales: Woo Hwang Mfg: Admin: Est: 2003 - Private Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 10–50 • Importer • Wholesaler • Beverages • Bulk Food Bins/Items

• Frozen Foods • Dried Food • Asian Food • Noodles

• Sauces • Seafood-Frozen • Snack Food

100% Canadian family-owned food manufacturer with over 75 years of experience in the sauce and condiment space. We manufacture a wide variety of BBQ, ketchup, mayo, mustard, salsas, salad dressings, gravies and specialty sauces and condiments. We are a private label manufacturer for Foodservice, Co-Pack and Industrial customers in Canada, the US and globally. We package portion cups, pouches, retail and foodservice bottles in glass and plastic. SQF level 2, edition 7 certified, Organic and non-GMO certified.

Seoul Trading Corp. is a leading distributor of Asian food in Canada. We deal with over 5,000 items including Korean and other world's popular foods, fishery products, and housewares. We supply the products to conventional supermarkets, multicultural stores and restaurants. We strive to provide high quality and safe food to our valuable customers.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

Sensitech Canada 6-1 Valleywood Dr. Markham ON L3R 5L9 Canada Mgmt: Michael H. Khadori Mfg: Est:

Septimatech Group Inc. Tel: 905-479-7222 866-871-6664 Fax: 905-479-7385 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Data Collection • Software

106 Randall Drive Waterloo ON N2V 1K5 Canada Mgmt: Gord Beaton Mfg: Est: 1993 - Private

Tel: 519-746-7463 888-777-6775 Fax: 519-746-3464 Mktg: Gord Beaton Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Packaging • Equip-Packaging • Equip-MatrlHdlg • Manufacturer

Sensitech® takes a broad approach to cold chain management that includes integrating state-of-the-art data collection instruments, secure data management software, in-depth analytic capabilities, and experienced experts in every facet of the food industry. Our cold chain technologies, combined with our commitment to cold chain quality, set us apart and, more importantly, can help your bottom line.

Septimatech Group Inc. is a technology-driven service company to the global packaging industry. Our line of products includes quick changeover Change Parts, Feed Screws, Guide Rails, Label Handling Systems, and 5S Lean Storage Carts. Septimatech provides a full range of quick change container handling enhancement components and systems to the pharmaceutical, personal care, chemical, home care, food, distilling, wine, and beverage industries.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Serve Canada Food Equipment 40 East Pearce St Richmond Hill ON L4B 1B7 Canada Mgmt: Paul LeClerc Mfg: Est: 1972 • Equip-Deli • Ice Systems • Equip-Pizza • IceCream Machines

Rev: $ M

Shelf Talkers Manufacturing Inc. Tel: 905-731-0601 800-263-1455 Fax: 905-731-7687 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Equip-Concession • Equip-Froz Bev.

2230 Meadowpine Blvd. Mississauga ON L5N 6H6 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Scott Weakley Mfg: Est: 1998 - Private • Clip Strips • Labels/Labeling • Peg Hooks • Pricing/Tags

Tel: 905-814-5577x225 888-755-0750 Fax: 905-279-0390 Mktg: Mr. Ashok Suresh Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Scanning Hooks • Shelf Mgmt Systems • Signage • Shelf Talkers

• Store Fixtures • Equip-Deli

Serve Canada is a leading provider of "Add-On" food concepts for the fast food industry. A core belief at Serve Canada is that our customers expect more than just product, they're looking for solutions to maximize profitability in their business. Our concepts provide just that and our customers depend on it.

Shelf Talkers Manufacturing Inc. (STM) is a leading supplier and manufacturer of point of purchase display accessories and components such as Shelf Talkers, Wobblers, Sign Holders, Aluminium Display Frames, Deli Pricing & Acrylic Holders. Their automated, high-speed die cutting, folding and heat sealing capabilities ensure fast turn around of a high quality, competitivelypriced product. With thousands of products in stock, STM is your reliable source for all Food and Grocery POP needs.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Shafer-Haggart Ltd. 938-1100 Melville Street Vancouver BC V6E 4A6 Canada Mgmt: James Lonsdale Mfg: Est: 1934 - Private • Seafood-Products • Fruit • Rice Products • Tomato/Products

Shell Canada Ltd. Tel: 604-669-5512 888-779-7111 Fax: 604-669-9554 Bus Dev: Bridgette Bloy Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Vegetable • Broker • Oils - Various • Pet Care/Food

• Canned Food/Meat • Trader

400 - 4th Avenue S.W. Calgary AB T2P 0J4 Canada Pres: Michael Crothers Mfg: Est:

Tel: 403-691-3111 877-656-3111 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Leanne Geale Rev: $ M Staff:

• Gasoline • Fuel Services

Shafer-Haggart Ltd. (1934) is a privately owned corporation with all partners actively involved in day-to-day operations, allowing us unique flexibility and responsiveness. We are QMPI and proud of our Quality Assurance programs. Whether our brands, your private label, or bulk, we are your specialist in shelf stable canned and dry goods.

Shell has been active in Canada since 1911 and is now one of the country’s largest integrated oil and gas companies. Shell Canada's Upstream businesses explore for and extract natural gas, and market and trade natural gas and power. Our Downstream business refines, supplies, trades and ships crude oil worldwide and manufactures and markets a range of products, including fuels, lubricants, bitumen and liquified petroleum gas (LPG) for home, transport and industrial use.

Mfg: Labs: Y

Mfg: Labs:

She Devil Delights 9009 Kalamaila Rd. Coldstream BC V1B 3C2 Canada Owner: Heather Bottoms Mfg: Est: • Condiments • Dips • Gluten Free • Spreads

Sherway Group Tel: 250-309-4667 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Preservatives • Chili

1055 Courtney Park Dr. E. Mississauga ON L5T 1M7 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Paul Rockett Mfg: Mr. Paul Rockett Est: 1977 • Logistics • Ops. Mgmt. • Supply Chain Solut'n • Warehouse

Tel: 905-364-3303 Fax: 905-364-3301 Mktg: Mr. Paul Rockett Admin: Mr. Paul Rockett Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 100–500

• Cold Storage • Transportation • Co-packer

We currently have more than 200 stores carrying She Devil Delights products including Hellish Relish. Hellish Relish is a moreish mixture of fresh seasonal chili peppers and onions, cooked up with mustard seed, vinegar, salt and a sprinkle of sugar (or Xylitol™) to create a sweet and sassy taste sensation that you can enjoy on almost anything OR straight out of the jar! Locally made GMO free Gluten free, preservative free and additive free.....we even have a sugar free! Sinfully delicious!

40 YEARS YOUNG! Sherway Group has always provided our customers with THE RIGHT FIT: one-stop warehousing and transportation management solutions that are customized to meet our client's very specific requirements. We are a privately owned company with over 1.5 millions square feet of storage space and asset-based transportation division. We service Canada coast-tocoast. Servicing North American food manufacturers and importers for over 40 years.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

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SIAL Canada

Silver Resonance Inc.

2120 Sherbrooke est, suite 901 Montreal QC H2K 1C3 Canada Mgmt: Xavier Poncin Mfg: Est: 2001 • Tradeshow • Food&Beverage • Workshops • Agri-Food

Tel: 514-289-9669 Fax: 514-289-1034 Mktg: Marie-Christine Siviere Admin: Stefan Guignard Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Baked Goods • Baking Mixes • Beverages • Cheese-Various

• Eggs/Products • Equip-Baking • Equip-Cooking • Equip-Deli

PO Box 88007 Edmonton AB T6R 0M5 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 2013 - Private • Health Products • Minerals/Salts • Natural Health Prod. • Supplements

Tel: 800-518-9125

Rev: $ M

Fax: 866-611-6548 Mktg: Curtis Dueck Admin: Staff:

• Vitamins • Baby/Infant • General Merch. • Personal Care

SIAL Canada, the International Food & Beverage Tradeshow, collocated with SET Canada, the National Food Equipment and Technology Tradeshow, cater to international food industry Professionals looking for trends and innovations. This trade show represents the industry's most important meeting place, each year reuniting over 928 agri-food exhibitors from 50 countries and 17,300 professionals from 60 countries. The next edition takes place at the Toronto Enercare Center May 2nd to May 4th 2017.

Silver Resonance Inc. provides structured silver to health food stores. Structured silver is the leading silver technology for antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal uses. Beyond Silver comes in two forms: structured silver liquid for internal use and structured silver gel with organic aloe vera for topical application.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

Sika Canada Inc. 601 Delmar Ave. Pointe-Claire QC H9R 4A9 Canada Mgmt: Carl DeLeon Mfg: Gary Sharratt Est: 1957 - Public • Flooring • Equipment • Manufacturer • Construction

Simply Protein Tel: 514-697-2610 800-933-7452 Fax: 514-697-3087 Mktg: Alain Pommerleau Admin: Rev: $100+ M Staff: 100–500

• Equip-MeatRoom • Warehouse • Troubleshooting • Tanks

• Research & Dev. • Hygiene • Freezers • Food Safety

301-721 Bloor St West Toronto ON M6G 1L5 Canada Pres: Cathy Richards Mfg: Est: 2002 • Nutrition Bars • Granola Bars • Bars-Various • Energy Bars

Tel: 800-547-5790 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: • Vegan • Vegetarian • Gluten Free

Sika Canada Inc. offers a complete range of flooring solutions developped for the food and beverage industry. Sikafloor NA PurCem Series represents Sika's latest generation of polyurethanecement systems featuring heavy-duty, steam cleanable toppings, medium-duty, self-levelling screeds, detailling mortars, high-build coatings and system topcoats. Formulated for extreme service condittions, Sikafloor NA PurCem products will also meet the most demanding hygienic requirements.

Wellness Foods is a female founded and managed company that was started in 2002 by Cathy Richards. Cathy created SimplyProtein because she couldn't find a filling and nutritious snack that didn't upset her stomach. “Our mission is to make healthy snacks for busy people,” says Cathy. SimplyProtein® products are high protein, gluten free, and contain only 4g of sugar or less. All of our snacks are free from artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols, making them the perfect snack without the guilt.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Labs:

Silani Sweet Cheese Ltd. 14-661 Chrislea Rd. Woodbridge ON L4L 0C4 Canada Pres: Mike Talarico FdSafe: Amanpreet Malhi Est:

Skjodt Barrett Foods Tel: 905-792-3811

Rev: $ M

Fax: 905-792-7693 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 100–500

• Cheese-Various

5 Precidio Court Bramptom ON L6S 6B7 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Dan Skjodt Mfg: Mr. Mike Durham Est: 1985 - Private • Fruit Fillings • Icing • Sauces • Marinades

Tel: 905-671-2884 877-600-1200 Fax: 905-671-2885 Mktg: Mr. Mike Bell Sales: Mr. Mike Durham Rev: $100+ M Staff: 100–500

• Caramel • Baby/Infant • PrivateLabelContract • Fruit Snacks

• Jam/Jelly • Organic Products • Beverages-Smoothie

Proudly owned and operated by three grandsons of the original founders, Silani Cheese is steeped in family honour and valued traditions – traditions that have helped make Silani Ontario’s fastest growing specialty cheese company. By combining traditional master workmanship and the most advanced technologies, Silani Cheese has perfected the art of creating flavourful masterpieces!

Creating great food is our passion! Recognized and trusted as leaders of quality and innovation for over 28 years, we provide product development, manufacturing and packaging expertise across a broad range of product categories. We aim to enrich people's lives every day with great tasting, convenient, healthy foods

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Solar Gold Dried Fruit 18 Ballyronan Rd. Toronto ON M3B 1V3 Canada Pres: Michael Drainie Mfg: Est: 1995 - Private • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Dried Food • Dried Fruit • Ethnic Foods

Sparks Egg Farms Tel: 416-383-0860

Rev: $0–1 M

Fax: 416-383-0860 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Fruit Snacks • Health Products • Snack Food • Produce/Fruit&Veg

R.R. #6 RR 6 LCD 9 Calgary AB T2M 4L5 Canada Pres: Mr. Muneer Gilani Mfg: Est: 1976 - Private Rev: $ M

Tel: 403-285-3447 855-328-3447 Fax: 403-285-8060 Mktg: Todd McKinley Admin: Staff:

• Eggs/Products

Award winning dried fruit: Mango, Pineapple, Banana/Lime & Tropical Mix. 100% Natural - no added sugar or sulfites. Colourful, recloseable, stand-up bags. Excellent direct-to-store pricing. Free delivery. (CHFA Mbr)

Sparks Egg Farms is a leading supplier of farm fresh eggs to Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding areas. Purchased by the Gilani Family in 1976, Sparks has played a principal role in the Alberta Egg industry for more than 40 years and we continue to invest in growing our industry’s egg market. The Grading Station handles egg's from a variety of Alberta Egg Producers.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Solar Provider Group 105-1 Atlantic Ave Toronto ON M6K 3E7 Canada Mgmt: Sebastian Seyfarth Mfg: Est:

Sperling Industries Ltd. Tel: 888-989-4677 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Installation • Solar Rooftop

51 Station St. Tel: 204-626-3401 PO Box 100 877-626-3401 Sperling MB R0G 2M0 Canada Fax: 204-626-3252 Mgmt: Jeff Nicolajsen Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100 • Equip-Food Proc.

OSP’s staff has a combined total experience of more than 45 MW of installed solar capacity on over 350 rooftop installations. Our team’s internationally successful business model enhances the income of property owners while reducing Ontario’s carbon footprint. Leasing unused roof areas and financial structuring. Design of solar arrays, cabling and inverters.Construction and interconnection of solar installation

Our company designs, manufactures, and installs equipment and buildings for the beef and hog processing industry. As part of our global business plans, Sperling Industries is committed to global expansion of its operations through strategic alliances and a real interest in existing and upcoming projects in the sector.Our international reach includes production of small to large equipment and facilities in Canada, United States, Australia, Mexico and China.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

SP Sales 7032 Wellington Rd. CR 124 Tel: 855-568-8080 Guelph-Eramosa ON N1H 6J3 Canada Fax: 519-568-8781 Owner: Stephen Phippen Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: Rev: $ M Staff:

Spice Mantra 104 - 18515 53 Avenue Surrey BC V3S 7A4 Canada Mgmt: Puneet Bhalla Mfg: Est: 2009

Tel: 604-595-4862 Fax: 604-595-5412 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 1–10

• Sales/Services • Distributor

Representing Manufacturers of Commercial Food Service Equipment for the Food Service & Hospitality Industry.

Spice Mantra's ready-to-eat foods are designed to provide a wholly authentic taste for both the consumers of similar ethnicity as well as consumers with discerning palates who value flavour and convenience, while maintaining the best "all natural ingredients".

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 145

Spolumbo's Sausages 1308 - 9th Ave., SE Calgary AB T2G 0T3 Canada Mgmt: Tom Spoletini Mfg: Mike Palumbo Est:

Stickling's Specialty Bakery Ltd. Tel: 403-264-6452 Fax: 403-515-8497 Mktg: Admin: Tony Spoletini Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Sausages • Deli/Meats • Gluten Free

637 The Queensway Unit 11 Tel: 705-741-0777 PO Box K9J7J6 Peterborough ON K9J 7J6 Canada Fax: 705-741-3499 Mgmt: Mr. Michael Walter Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: 1939 - Private Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50 • Organic Products • Wheat Free • Yeast Free • Baked Goods

• Cookies • Bars-Various • PrivateLabelContract

Spolumbo's federally inspected, lean, all natural, gluten-free pork and poultry sausage. With over 20 years experience, taste the lifelong passion in over 2 dozen varieties.

Stickling's Bakery is a family business for 3 generations. Our Master Bakers are committed to produce a variety of bakery products from fresh stoneground grains. Therefore all of our products are made from whole grain flour which reflects in a healthy natural product. (CHFA Mbr)

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: N

Stemmler Meats & Cheese Inc. 3031 Lobsinger Line Heidelberg ON N0B 2M1 Canada Mgmt: Kevin Stemmler Mfg: Est: 1985 - Private • Deli/Meats • Sausages • Cheese-Various • Gluten Free

Structural Panels Inc. Tel: 519-699-4590

Fax: 519-699-5463 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Lactose • Meat-Products

4741 County Road 45 N Tel: 905-372-0195 PO Box 129 Baltimore ON K0K 1C0 Canada Fax: 905-372-0198 Mgmt: Bus Dev: Lee Rogers Mfg: Admin: Est: 1987 Rev: $ M Staff: • Manufacturer • Cold Storage • Construction • Energy Savings

• Freezers • Lifting Devices • Refrigeration • Storage Systems

We are a company that prides itself on quality of product first, Lean, safe and health conscioius. All the meat products we make are Gluten, Lactose and M.S.G. FREE. We also have a good selection of Nitrate Free Products. To ensure safety, we use only high quality government inspected meat and products "all of our products using Reverse Osmosis Water".

Structural Panels Inc. is an all-Canadian manufacturer of high quality, steel-skinned sandwich panels designed for walls, partitions, ceilings, soffits, and other value-added interior and exterior projects. Our custom panels and accessories have been used in commercial, industrial and residential projects across the country. Our CFIA accepted ISOWALL® and ROCKWALL™ panels are particularly well-suited for industries requiring clean rooms, fire resistance, controlled temperature environments, and/or high wash-down areas.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Sterling Press & Packaging Inc. 850 Greenwood Avenue, P.O. Box 190 Selkirk MB R1A 2B1 Canada Mgmt: Jim Hickson Mfg: Est: 1989 Rev: $ M • Packaging • Pricing/Tags • Printing/Printers • Signage

Sugarplum Desserts Ltd. Tel: 204-482-8999 888-233-8999 Fax: 204-482-4555 Mktg: Colin Hickson Admin: Staff:

• Advertising • Product Display • Floor Advertising

Bldg 5 - 20381 62nd Ave. Langley BC V3A 5E6 Canada Mgmt: Tony Hartzenberg Mfg: Est:

Tel: 604-534-2282 Fax: 604-534-2280 Mktg: Ms. Bev Wagner Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Desserts

Sterling Packaging is the premier provider of folding cartons to food and beverage manufacturers. With one manufacturing focus, our decades of experience, and our commitment to quality, we efficiently provide innovative folding carton packaging, delivered to you in days, not weeks. Sterling Packaging-"Saving your world one box at a time!"™

Sugarplum Desserts is proud to be a local, family-owned and operated BC company. We have grown steadily since our debut in 1984 and now serve more than 60 varieties of delicious desserts. Our specialties include a wide selection of baked cheesecakes, mousse cakes, layered cakes, ready-to-bake cookie dough, and thaw-andserve baked cookies. We make the majority of our desserts from scratch at our modern facility in Langley, BC. Our scrumptious desserts feature high quality, natural ingredients.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Summer Kitchen Fine Foods Inc. 4-1444 Dupont St Toronto ON M6P 4H3 Canada Mgmt: Mary Fabiano Mfg: Est: • Chutney • Condiments • Gourmet Food • Ethnic Foods

Sunrise Foods International Inc. Tel: 416-621-8641

Fax: 416-621-4934 Mktg: Mary Fabiano Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Salad Dressings • Salsa • Sauces • Seasonings

306 Queen Street Suite 200 Saskatoon SK S7K 0M2 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Glen Neufeld Mfg: Est: 1999 - Private

Tel: 306-931-4576 Fax: 306-931-6770 Sales: Mr. Jake Neufeld Admin: Rev: $100+ M Staff: 10–50

• Cereal • Grains • Pulses • Specialty Crops

Summer Kitchen draws from the 4 corners of the globe to create an eclectic product line of award winning, savoury condiments, sauces, marinades, salad dressings, salts and spices. Let us introduce you to our world where quality is our standard and flavour is our specialty!

Sunrise Foods International is a Canadian exporter/importer of certified organic and conventional agri-food commodities. We have established, and are striving to maintain, a strong reputation in international trade based on our philosophy of competitive pricing, top quality products and personalized service. Trade experience covers six continents: North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and Australia.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Sundance Seafood Ltd. 1 - 17350 - 56th Avenue Surrey BC V3S 1C3 Canada Owner: Mike Denike Mfg: Est: 1990

Sunshine Farms

Tel: 604-576-7445 877-504-7070 Fax: 604-576-7465 Mktg: Ainsley Denike Admin: Ainsley Denike Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Seafood-Salmon • Fish

30043 Jane Road RR 5 Thamesville ON N0P 2K0 Canada Mgmt: John Jaques Mfg: Est: Rev: $ M

Tel: 519-692-4416 Fax: 519-692-5590 Mktg: Adrian Jaques Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Pickles • Organic Products

Sundance Seafood Ltd. began the business of selling Wild Pacific Salmon in 1990, since that time we have built a reputation of excellence that satisfies the discerning tastes of a primarily Asian market. Adhering to the highest standards of quality control, our fishermen properly handle and clean the fish they catch to maximize its freshness.

Sunshine Pickles is a family run processing company that manufactures a full line of specialty pickles. They also produce a complete line of Certified Organic Pickles. Because they are farm based, their produce can go from field to jar in one day to ensure absolute freshness. No additive, preservatives or colours are used as their motto is "Just like Grandma's". (CHFA Mbr)

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd. 200 Shields Court Markham ON L3R 9T5 Canada Pres: Rich Pelzer Mfg: Est:

Sunshine Pickles Tel: 905-475-0422 Fax: 905-475-9775

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Cereal • Nutrition Bars • Granola Bars • Sports Nutrition

30043 Jane Rd. Thamesville ON N0P 2K0 Canada Owner: Adrian Jaques Mfg: Est: Private

Tel: 519-692-4416

Rev: $ M

Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Pickles • PrivateLabelContract

Sunny Crunch Foods is uniquely positioned to deliver targeted nutritional products for a variety of markets - sports nutrition, health and wellness diet, meal replacement and nutraceuticals. We are an acknowledged leader in the manufacturing of healthy foods and nutritionally balanced food products.

Sunshine Pickles grows and processes a variety of conventional and certified organic products. We also do co-packing and private label products.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 147

Sunwest Print Corp.

Superior Technologies

109-1680 Broadway Port Coquitlam BC V3C 2M8 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 2011 - Private

Tel: 604-552-5534 800-465-2235 Fax: 604-552-5516 Mktg: Alex Hansen Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Printing/Printers • Labels/Labeling • Tags

Weighing & Controls Inc. Tel: 204-661-6482 1673 Dugald Rd. 866-668-9431 Winnipeg MB R2J 0H3 Canada Fax: 204-663-4934 Mgmt: Mr. Les Leiman Mktg: Trish Forde Mfg: Sales: Bryan Melnyk Est: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50 • Scales • Weighing Systems • Computer Systems • Software

• Training/Education • Maintenance

Sunwest Print Corporation is a vertically integrated pressure sensitive label and tag manufacturer with multiple locations throughout Western Canada and the Western United States. We care about each individual project and bring our experience and innovation to the table to ensure that we meet our customer's expectations and provide the value and security that is required from today's manufacturer.

Superior Technologies Weighing & Controls Inc., a privately owned company, was founded 30 years ago as Superior Scale. The first Legal for Trade electronic pitless truck scales was designed and installed in Canada by Superior Scale in 1979. Today, their computerized Legal for Trade systems primarily serve the heavy industrial sector.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Super Poly Ltd. 9311-28 Ave. Edmonton AB T6N 1N1 Canada Mgmt: Eddie Chan Mfg: Est: 1986 - Private

Surety Food Safety Group Inc.

Rev: $ M

Tel: 780-462-4712 800-787-7659 Fax: 780-462-4721 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Packaging

166-2325 Hurontario St., Mississauga ON L5A 4K4 Canada Pres: Steve Burns Ops: Steve Burns Est: 1997 - Private • Audits & SOPs • Certification • Consulting • Food Safety

Tel: 905-542-0055 Fax: Bus Dev: Steve Burns Admin: Steve Burns Rev: $0–1 M Staff: 1–10

• Supply Chain Solut'n • Training/Education

Thank you for considering Super Poly Ltd. as your plastic packaging supplier. We carry a wide assortment of agricultural, industrial, retail and commercial packaging in stock. We can both custom make packaging for any odd-size requirements you may have, and can custom print graphics or logos to add impact and grow your brand.

Food safety specialists delivering practical outcome-based solutions for the Canadian foodservice, hospitality and healthcare marketplace. Services include: Assessing Your Needs; Education, Training, and Certification Programs; GMP/SOP and HACCP Systems Development; Audits and Quality Management services..

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: N Labs: N

Super-Pufft Snacks Corp. 880 Gana Court Mississauga ON L5S 1N8 Canada Pres: Yousif Al-Ali Ops: Flavio Giro Est: 1946 - Private

Surface Renewal Systems Ltd. Tel: 905-564-1180

Fax: 905-564-9038 Sales: David Terry Admin: David Terry Rev: $50–100 M Staff: 100–500

• Snack Food • Potato Chips • Popcorn

105-16 Fawcett Rd. Burnaby BC V3K 6X9 Canada Mgmt: Fergus Kilmartin Mfg: Est: 2004

Tel: 604-628-6515 Fax: 604-628-6521 Sales: Fergus Kilmartin Admin: Cristin Kilmartin Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 1–10

• Construction • Flooring

We offer imaginative recipes made with the finest ingredients. We acquire technologies ahead of the marketplace and take measured risks to generate big ideas. Products include: potato chips (continuous fried & kettle), canister potato crisps, popcorn (air & kettle), extruded snacks and pop chips. We produce all these products for most Canadian retailers, many USA retailers and over 30 countries around the world.

Surface Renewal Systems provides long-lasting high performance flooring using a resinous system. Our flooring system can be used in food and beverage processing plants, pharmaceutical facilities, retail/supermarkets, industrial facilities and commercial kitchens. Our floors are seamless, anti-slip, easy to clean and they do not require stripping or waxing. We offer a one hour cure time down to -29°C and we are NSF certified.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Sweda Canada Inc. 4101 Yonge Street Ste. 500 Toronto ON M2P 1N6 Canada Mgmt: Mario Emard Mfg: Est:

SYSPRO Canada Tel: 416-614-0199 800-461-1563 Fax: 416-614-1009

Rev: $ M

Sales: Steve Vrzovski Admin: Staff:

• POS • Computer Systems • Software

215-4400 Dominion Street Burnaby BC V5G 4G3 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 604-451-8889 888-259-6666 Fax: 604-451-8834 Mktg: James Moffat Admin: Staff:

• Software

Sweda is a multi-national organization whose primary focus is on developing and supporting POS software solutions for the Retail industries in North America. Sweda POS software solutions are found in the majority of Canadian Grocery retailers and distributors. Sweda has in fact the largest share of the Canadian grocery market. We continue to build its strength on retail expertise, superior products, top quality services and support, and a strong experienced management team.

SYSPRO is a leading independent ERP software developer. We offer a solution-focused application to mid-market manufacturers and distributors who need visibility and control over their business. Our solutions and services harness the power of business critical information, delivering competitive, cutting edge ERP software and services, that simplify the success of over 14 000 companies across the world and in many prominent food processors and distributors across Canada.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd. RR 1, Box 31, Site 6 Red Deer AB T4N 5E1 Canada Mgmt: John Schalkwyk Mfg: Est: • Cheese-Various • Dairy Products • Eggs/Products • Gift Baskets

T-Brothers Food & Trading Ltd. Tel: 403-340-1560

Fax: 403-342-6831 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Ethnic Foods • Deli/Meats • Frozen Foods • Honey

• Cookies • Chocolate • Oil & Vinegar • Jerky

100-88 Brigantine Dr Coquitlam BC V3K 6Z6 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1994 - Private • Asian Food • Household Prod's • Wholesaler • Importer

Tel: 604-540-0306 Fax: 604-540-0542

Rev: $10–50 M

Sales: Jennifer Lee Admin: Staff: 100–500

• Exporting

Sylvan Star Cheese, Award Winning Gouda from the Heart of Alberta! All our cheese is made at our own Cheese Farm in Red Deer, from the milk of only our own cows. Sylvan Star Cheese is made from heat treated milk, which contains no additives, no antibiotics and also very important: our cheese is LACTOSE FREE! We produce Gouda, Edam, and Gruyere cheese at our farm.

In 1995 in Delta, BC, T-Brothers Food & Trading Co. opened for business. The main service of T-Brothers, at that time, was to manufacture authentic Korean Kimchi. One of Korea's most recognized foods. Over the years, T-Brothers has expanded to importing and wholesaling Korean food products to Canadians. At TBrothers, we strive to provide Canadians with quality products.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: N

SYNQ Security + Access Technology 205-620 Finlayson St Tel: 778-440-2005 Victoria BC V8T 5C8 888-943-7238 Canada Fax: Mgmt: Miss Crystal Derry Mktg: Mr. Chris Stonier Mfg: Chris Martin/ Mike O'Brien Sales: Nolan Wheeler Est: 2012 - Private Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50 • Loss Prevention • Ops. Mgmt. • Shrink Mgmt • Software

• Barcode Systems • Carts/Baskets • Equip-Deli • Product Display

• Labels/Labeling • CCTV • Security

Taipak Enterprises Ltd. 125-23000 Fraserwood Way Richmond BC V6V 3C7 Canada Mgmt: Charanjit Hayre Mfg: Est: 2003 • Packaging • Packaging-Blistering • Equip-Packaging • Food Service

Tel: 604-522-1218 Fax: 604-522-1208 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Bags

SYNQ Technology specializes in loss prevention for natural health retailers. We manufacture security gates designed to work seamlessly with our cameras and security tags to create a fully integrated security system that is easily managed by smartphone or PC. Our fully customizable labels & tags and EAS systems are tailored to complement any retailers specific needs.

Taipak is a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging materials. We provide total solutions all flexible packaging needs. With latest digital technology, Taipak is able to custom print flexible packaging in low volume with fast turnaround. We also provide in-house artwork design and contract packaging services including stick packs, liquid sachets, tea packaging, and Easysnap sachet. For more information, please visit our website:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 149

Talbot Consultants International 2430 Whidby Lane Sidney BC V8L 2K3 Canada Mgmt: Richard Talbot Mfg: Est:


Fax: 778-426-3124 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Marketing Services • Consulting • Business Analytics • Data Collection

404-1688 - 152nd St. Surrey BC V4A 4N2 Canada Pres: Dimitri Siouras Mfg: Est: • Organic Products • Oils - Various • Specialty Foods • Frozen Foods

International market research, analysis and strategy development corporation providing consulting services to governments, property owners, developers and retailers world-wide.

Tel: 778-840-2626 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Ethnic-European • Salts • Kosher/Parve • Packaged Food

• Spices • Olives

Taste Of Greece takes pride in offering High Quality, Great Tasting, and Healthy Luxury Products from Greece and the World's Best! We offer Premium Award Winning Greek Olive Oils, Gourmet Specialty Foods, Sea Salts, and Unique Specialty Gift Items. Just arrived is our new line of Frozen Foods, Pistachio Butter, Bouquets of Oregano and Tea bunches, Fire Roasted Red Peppers, and various Greek Spice Mixes.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Tamsco Food Systems Inc. 50 Copernicus Blvd. Brantford ON N3P 1K5 Canada Mgmt: Robert Thorp Ops: Mr. Chris Thorp Est: Private

Teriyaki Experience Tel: 519-751-1818

Rev: $ M

Fax: 519-512-2601 Mktg: Donna Booker Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Meat-Poultry • Seafood-Salmon

100-700 Kerr St. Oakville ON L6K 3W5 Canada Pres: Nick Veloce Mfg: Est: 1986 - Private

Tel: 905-337-7777x241

Rev: $ M

Fax: 905-337-0331 Mktg: Ms. Renate Fox Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Asian Food • Sauces

We are the only producer of charbroiled fresh to market protein products, including chicken, meat and seafood. All our products are pasteurized and carry a 45 day fresh shelf life. We are CFIA inspected and HACCP certified.

Recognized as the healthy alternative to traditional fast food, Teriyaki Experience serves fast, fresh, healthy, Japanese and Asianinspired food in over 120 franchised restaurant locations worldwide. The brand has a line of 4 signature Canadian-made, Asian-inspired stir-fry sauces available for home use through grocery and other retailers.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Tartine Tarts Inc. 358 E Kent Ave., S., Unit 106 Vancouver BC V5X 4N6 Canada Mgmt: Jo-Ann Turford Mfg: Est:

Terminix Canada Tel: 604-327-8278

Rev: $ M

Fax: 604-327-8275 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Pie Crusts

8620 Commerce Court Burnaby BC V5A 4N6 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est:

Tel: 604-432-9422 877-837-6464 Fax: 604-432-9425

Rev: $ M

Sales: John Poschner Admin: Staff:

• Pest Control

Tartine Tarts makes lovely pastry products from family heritage recipes and pure ingredients. All our products taste and look both authentic and delicious. We supply a variety of pastry shells, filled pot pies, quiche, tarts and pies to premium grocery stores both in Canada and the US. Our product is strictly clean-label.

Commercial, Industrial, Residential Pests, Rodent & Wildlife Control. When it comes to pest control, you can count on Terminix Canada. Our National Accounts network, covering coast-to-coast services, is skilled and equipped to protect homes and business against pests, rodents, birds and more!

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Tetra Pak Canada Inc.

Thai Away Home

2902-777 Bay Street Tel: 647-775-1837 PO Box 133 800-263-2260 Toronto ON M5G 2C8 Canada Fax: 647-775-1838 Mgmt: Mktg: Ms. Rachael Doll Mfg: Admin: Est: Rev: $ M Staff: • Packaging-Carton • Equip-Food Proc.

3315 Cambie St. Vancouver BC V5Z 2W6 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Mike Hariwong Mfg: Est: 2004 - Private • Ethnic Foods • Curry Sauces • Sauces • Entrees

Tel: 604-873-8424 Fax:

Rev: $0–1 M

Mktg: Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Natural Health Prod. • Asian Food • Gourmet Food

Our company produces carton packages for food and liquid food (our best known product in Canada is the "juice box", or Tetra Brik Aseptic carton, to be exact). We also produce food and liquid food processing equipment - systems needed to heat treat food to make it safe to package and consume.

Taste the Exotic. All natural, authentic Thai Coconut Curry sauces made with fresh Thai herbs in 350ml pouches - fresh or frozen.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: N

TFB & Associates Ltd. 7300 Warden Ave, Ste. 210 Markham ON L3R 9Z6 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Bob Riddell Mfg: Est: 1988 • Distributor • Beverages • Cereal • Confectionary

Thai Indochine Trading Inc. Tel: 905-940-0889

Rev: $ M

Fax: 905-940-0913 Sales: Mr. Matt Riddell Admin: Staff:

• Flax/Products • Health Products • Oils - Various • Organic Products

• Rice Products • Specialty Foods • Cold & Flu Remedies • Importer

50 Travail Rd. Markham ON L3S 3J1 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Mr. Ted Takounseun Est: • Importer • Beverages • Sauces • Condiments

Rev: $ M

• Canned Food/Meat • Frozen Foods • Noodles • Dried Food

Tel: 416-292-2228 866-939-8484 Fax: 416-291-8800 Mktg: Eric Chow Admin: Staff: 10–50 • Mixes • Snack Food

TFB & Associates Limited imports specialty foods, confectionery and natural food products from around the world for distribution to warehouse and direct-to-store across Canada. (CHFA Mbr)

We specialize in importing the highest-quality foods, beverages, and kitchenware. Most of out products come from Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, China and other parts of Asia. We distribute the goods to out clients at wholesale costs. We serve customers all across Canada from our head office in Toronto, Ontario.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

TFI Food Equipment Solutions 52 Armthorpe Road Brampton ON L6T 5M4 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Willian Moyer Mfg: Paul Susi Est: 1954 - Private

Rev: $10–50 M

The Clean-Volt Advantage Tel: 905-790-2211 800-387-2529 Fax: 905-790-2217 Mktg: Paul Susi Admin: Staff: 50–100

• Distributor • Equip-Food Serv. • Merchandising Systms • Training/Education

c/o Kamarm Group Inc. 124 Copperfield Manor SE Calgary AB T2Z 4R9 Canada Mgmt: Justin Milne Mfg: Est: 2011 - Private Rev: $ M

Tel: 403-805-1010 855-526-2765 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Equipment-Electrical

Exclusive distributor for the Henny Penny Corporation, Taylor Company and Franke Coffee systems. TFI offers a complete line of food service equipment and merchandising programs that include concept development and training.

CLEAN~VOLT™ is a proven, effective method of ensuring consistent operation of electrical equipment by improving Power Quality. Protect from Catastrophic events while cleaning the daily activity created by your equipment. Gain control of your expenses with The CLEAN~VOLT™ ADVANTAGE.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 151

The Creamery Plastic Products Ltd. 8989 Charles Street Chilliwack BC V2P 2V8 Canada Mgmt: Tony Rapaz Mfg: Est:

The Garlic Box Inc. Tel: 604-792-0232

Fax: 604-792-1890 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Chillers • Equip-Food Serv.

54 London Rd., Box 430 Hensall ON N0M 1X0 Canada Mgmt: Jackie Rowe Mfg: Est: 1998 - Private • Gourmet Food • Garlic Products • Pickles • Seasonings

Tel: 519-262-2470 888-772-9994 Fax: 519-262-2466 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Condiments • Salad Dressings • Spreads • Salts

• Manufacturer • Distributor • Food Processing • Produce/Fruit&Veg

Keep cold food cold with our sturdy, stackable buffet chillers designed to take industry standard containers. Ted Reader, "King of the Q" award winning Canadian chef and author has this to say about the Ice Chiller: "The Ice Chillers are great. Congrats on the studies done. Great product, it works well for our catering, it keeps things cold for a long time."

Situated in the fertile farmland of Ontario, The Garlic Box™is Canada’s leading premier company of gourmet garlic food products made with select cold-climate garlic. The Garlic Box, founded in 1998, is the recipient of the Premier's Agri-Innovation Award for Leadership Excellence for the innovative process of IQF (individually quick freezing) whole, peeled Ontario garlic cloves for consumer and industrial food use year-around. Fresh bulk garlic and garlic scapes (or packaged) and private label available.

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

The Elite Meat Company 220 Clements Rd., W., Unit #1 - 11 Ajax ON L1S 3K5 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: Private Rev: $ M • Co-packer • Consumer Products • Custom Products • Gluten Free

• HACCP • Meat-Beef • Meat-Lamb • Meat-Poultry

The Greenlid - Autom River Inc. Tel: 905-427-9229 Fax: 905-427-6861 Sales: Peter Daly Admin: Staff: 10–50 • Meat-Turkey • Meat-Pork • Processor • Sausages

107-358 Dufferin St Toronto ON M6K 1Z8 Canada Mgmt: Morgan Wyatt Mfg: Est: 2013 - Private

Tel: 647-348-9222

Rev: $0–1 M

Fax: Mktg: Jackson Wyatt Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Containers • Waste Mgmt

The Elite Meat Company is a family owned, federally inspected, HACCP and SQF Level 2 certified, meat processing facility, located in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. Our product categories include Canada's gold standard Peameal Bacon, our NEW - Traditional, Real Bacon and Gluten Free Breakfast Sausage. We supply ground, diced and strips of red and white raw meat proteins for further processor's, food service and retail applications. We produce a wide variety of traditional and European sausage, and all Canadian pork cuts.

The Greenlid is the first fully compostable compost bin. No more worrying about leaking plastic bags or cleaning a dirty bin. Just fill the Greenlid with compost and when it’s full, dispose the entire container and contents in your municipal collection bin or home compost pile and start fresh with a new clean Greenlid container. The Greenlid is made entirely in Canada from recycled paper pulp that is made leak proof through proprietary additives and is an accepted item in municipal organic waste collection programs.

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Mfg: Y Labs:

The Erb Group of Companies 290 Hamilton Road New Hamburg ON N3A 1A2 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: • Transportation • Logistics • Refrigeration • Vehicles/Fleets

Rev: $ M

The Grocery People (TGP) Tel: 519-662-2710 800-665-2653 Fax: 519-662-3316 Sales: Dale Bauman Admin: Staff: 500+

• Warehouse • Distributor • EDI

14505 Yellowhead Trail Edmonton AB T5L 3C4 Canada Pres: Jim Bailey Ops: Nancy Ralph Est: 1992 • Distributor • Wholesaler • Dairy Products • Frozen Foods

Tel: 780-447-5700

Rev: $ M

Fax: 780-452-7759 Mktg: Judy Jackiw Admin: Adele Kostura Staff: 10–50

• Confectionary • Meat-Products • Produce/Fruit&Veg

The Erb Group of Companies plays a major role in North American refrigerated transportation. The first words of our corporate Mission Statement are: "Service, Satisfaction, Success" and we are committed to these goals for each customer.

The Grocery People (TGP) is a department within Federated Cooperatives Limited (FCL) based out of Edmonton, Alberta. TGP’s responsible for supporting independent businesses across Western Canada. TGP offers foodservice, retail and marketing advice and programs to their growing family of independents. To learn more about TGP visit their website at

Mfg: N Labs:

Mfg: Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

The Little Potato Company 11749 180 Street Edmonton AB T5S 2H6 Canada CEO: Angela Santiago Mfg: Mr. Sandford Gleddie Est: 1996 - Private

The Stonemill Bakehouse Ltd.

Tel: 780-414-6075 855-516-6075 Fax: 780-960-2020 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Potatoes/Products • Produce/Fruit&Veg • Vegetable

365 Passmore Ave Toronto ON M1V 4B3 Canada Pres: Gottfried Boehringer Ops: Dave Evans Est: 1982 - Private • Antioxidants • Baked Goods • Bread • Organic Products

Tel: 416-757-0582 877-517-8198 Fax: 416-757-5131

Rev: $ M

• Flax/Products • Frozen Foods • Health Products • Kosher/Parve

Mktg: Admin: Staff: 50–100 • Broker • Business Service • Exporting • Distributor

The Little Potato Company is North America’s leader in the breeding, growing, and marketing of proprietary Creamer potatoes. Since 1996, we have worked with growers to supply quality product year-round that tastes great, is highly nutritious and is super convenient. The entire product line – including fresh Creamer potatoes in a 1.5 or 3 lb package and value-added microwave and roasting kits – can be found throughout Canada.

The Stonemill Bakehouse, "Treat Your Body Better" ™ Award winning, functional health & wellbeing breads made using artisan techniques. At Stonemill our DNA is our flavorful organic rye sourdough with its low acidity which creates the full - bodied and moist inside texture of our breads. A family operated business with over 100 years of baking heritage.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

The Oppenheimer Group Ste. 101, 11 Burbidge St. Coquitlam BC V3K 7B2 Canada Mgmt: Walt Breeden Mfg: Est:

Thermo Design Insulation Ltd. Tel: 604-461-6779 Fax: 604-468-4780

Rev: $ M

Mktg: James Milne Admin: Staff: 100–500

• Produce/Fruit&Veg

3520 56th Ave Edmonton AB T6B 3S7 Canada Mgmt: Ryan Rantucci Mfg: Est: 1980 • Construction • Distributor • Equip-Froz Bev. • Maintenance

Tel: 780-468-2077 Fax: 780-465-2683 Sales: Brent Glesby Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Refrigeration • Refrig'd Cases • Agri-Food • Design

• Engineering

At Oppenheimer we have a reputation of year-round service in several key categories, and we continue to evolve and diversify our product mix in response to the changing marketplace.

Thermo Design Insulation Ltd. is a specialty sub-contractor, servicing food, beverage, climate controlled, commercial and industrial clients for over 35 years. 8 offices and 300 employees across Canada: INSULATED METAL PANELS (IMP); SPECIALTY DOORS; FRP HYGEINIC WALL FINISHES; INSULATION FOR PIPING, PRESSURE VESSELS, FOUNDATIONS AND UNDER-SLAB CONCRETE.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

The Oxford Connection 500 Dundas Street Tel: 519-539-2382 PO Box 1539 Woodstock ON N4S 0A7 Canada Fax: 519-539-3275 Mgmt: Brad Hammond Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: 1901 Rev: $0–1 M Staff: 1–10 • EconomicDevelopment • Government

THM Group PO Box 118 Barrie ON L4M 4S9 Canada Partner: Bob Lacey Ops: Teresa Gavin Est: 1997 - Private • Marketing Services • Internet • Technology • Communication

Tel: 705-792-2115x221 866-233-7464 Fax: 705-792-2119

Rev: $ M

• Advertising • Business Service • Consulting • Dental Products

Bus Dev: Tracy Myers Admin: Tracy Myers Staff: 1–10 • Network Systems • Office Products • Peer Networking • Services

The Oxford Connection is an Economic Development partnership between the communities of Woodstock, Ingersoll, Tillsonburg and surrounding areas. Located in Oxford County in the heart of southwestern Ontario, this close-knit group of communities is strategically located within a two hour drive of five US-Canada border crossings. An abundance of land and excellent opportunities in modern and affordable business parks await, along with a skilled and stable work force.

SECURITY IN THE CLOUD - THM Group provides secure cloud backup offering a complete backup and recovery solution. Protect your Data from Ransomware, NO LINE COSTS - "NEWT" Our Business Phone System provides a fully managed digital voice solution providing all the benefits of a cloud solution with the security of having gear on site and a 100% managed service. ON-HOLD VOICE PRODUCTIONS - Professional Script Writing.

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Mfg: Y Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 153

Thomas Canning ( Maidstone) Ltd RR #1 - 326 South Talbot Rd. Maidstone ON N0R 1K0 Canada CEO: Bill Thomas Mfg: Est:

TMF Foods - Peameal Bacon of Canada Inc. Tel: 519-737-1531

Fax: 519-737-7003 Mktg: Bill Thomas Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Tomato/Products • Organic Produce

46 Community Avenue Stoney Creek ON L8E 2Y3 Canada Pres: Dan Davies Mfg: Dan Davies Est: 1980 - Private

Tel: 905-664-2126 800-263-1378 Fax: 905-662-2284 Mktg: Dameion Albanese Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Meat-Pork • Meat-Products • Meat-Poultry • Meat-Turkey

Thomas Canning is operated by a third generation of the Thomas family, with Jack, Bill and Bob Thomas managing the operation. Thomas Canning is addressing consumer demands for environmental accountability and integrity through a program of sustainable field and factory practices.

TMF Food's Award Winning Fully-Cooked products are available across Canada. TMF has been helping the foodservice industry treat its customers to a tasty range of top-quality, affordable pork and beef products from peameal bacon and ribs to pot roast and more.

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Tillsonburg Custom Foods 20 Vance Dr. Tillsonburg ON N4G 4W9 Canada Mgmt: Ed Lamers Mfg: Est: 2009

Tofutti-Cholac Foods Tel: 519-688-9670

Rev: $ M

Fax: 519-688-1104 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Frozen Foods • Packaged Food

166 Saunders Rd. - Unit 7 Barrie ON L4N 9A4 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Ian Hawes Mfg: Mr. Greg Clarke Est: 1988 - Private • Kosher/Parve • Soy Products • Gluten Free • Frozen Foods

Tel: 705-726-1933 800-956-6624 Fax: 705-726-4252 Mktg: Mr. Ian Hawes Admin: Mr. Ian Hawes Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 1–10

• Ethnic Foods

Tilsonburg Custom Foods produces individually quick frozen chicken breasts and wings. The business also stores and does some repackaging of fruit and vegetables.

Established in 1988, Tofutti-Cholac Foods is a distributor of nondairy ice cream style frozen desserts and soy based cream cheese, sour supreme and slices. All products are casein free. Tofutti is available nationally in most major chains, independents and health food stores. Cholesterol-lactose free. Just great taste.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Tiras Dairies Inc. 3712 - 42 Ave. Camrose AB T4V 4W3 Canada Mgmt: Olga Payne Mfg: Olga Payne Est: 2001 - Private

ToLink Inc. Tel: 780-608-2487

Rev: $1–5 M

Fax: 780-608-2492 Mktg: Olga Payne Admin: Olga Payne Staff: 1–10

• Cheese-Various • Dairy Products • Manufacturer

C112-3600 Steeles Avenue East, Markham ON L3R 9Z7 Canada Mgmt: Gabriel Lam Mfg: Est: 2006 - Private Rev: $0–1 M

Tel: 416-800-2735 Fax: Mktg: Peter Chau Sales: Gabriel Lam Staff: 1–10

• Analytical Testing • Training/Education • Nutraceuticals • Formulations • Product Development • Design • Research & Dev.

Tiras Dairies Inc. is a federally inspected processing plant located in Camrose, AB. We process cow's milk into authentic Feta Cheese and Saganaki Cheese.Also produce Rocky Mountain Quark Cheese.

ToLink specializes in laboratory operation. Services include instrument repair, preventive maintenance, qualification, customized training and consulting from procurement QBD to interfacing with regulatory agencies. Our expertise is in Chromatography IC/HPLC/GC/GCMS; Spectroscopy Raman/NIR/FT-IR/UV-VIS; Dissolution and Ultra Purify water system. We sell and service portable Raman, NIR, Dissolution apparatus, HPLC/GC parts, Ultra Purify water cartridges, TOC, capillary column and lab furniture.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Toolbox Solutions Inc. 126 Devon Rd., Unit 2 Brampton ON L6T 5B3 Canada Mgmt: Marenos Papadopoulos Mfg: Est: 1999 - Private

Total Cleanse Tel: 905-458-9262 888-550-8665 Fax: 905-789-9807 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Category Mgmt • Merchandising Systms • Shelf Mgmt Systems

1080 Dovercourt Rd. Toronto ON M4T 1M9 Canada Owner: Rebecca Malen Mfg: Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 647-230-3699 844-858-6825 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Juices/Juicers

ToolBox works with retailers and manufacturers who currently have challenges with their business process and struggle to get to the right answer quickly. They understand that if they could identify an opportunity or threat more rapidly, they would know their consumer better, and improve business performance. What makes ToolBox unique, is by combining proven business process and intelligent, actionable, role-based insights - built by retail industry leaders. This empowers our customers and helps them win at retail.

Total Cleanse has been designed from the ground up to provide you with a unique variety of fresh, high quality cleanses that will not only aid in detoxify your body but help contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Toppits Foods Ltd. 301 Chrislea Rd. Vaughan ON L4L 8N4 Canada Mgmt: Brandon Gremont Mfg: Est: 1976

Total Health Ctre (Reena Enterprises)

Rev: $ M

Tel: 905-850-8900 888-401-3474 Fax: 905-850-8910 Mktg: Jennifer Mavrou Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Frozen Foods • Seafood-Products

"Natural Health Product Solutions" tm 1060 Tapscott Rd. Toronto ON M1X 1E7 Canada Mgmt: Dr. Christian Sood, Ph.D Mfg: Est: 1983 - Private Rev: $ M • Vitamins • Energy Drinks • Diet Products • Glucosamine

• Minerals/Salts • Nutraceuticals • Oils - Various • Powders

Tel: 416-286-6062 Fax: 416-286-0146 Sales: Ms. Jane Shi Admin: Staff: 50–100 • Sports Nutrition • Capsules

From humble beginnings selling dry goods in South Africa in 1899, Toppits has changed and expanded significantly over the years. Today, we are an importer and supplier of frozen foods to the Canadian foodservice, retail and manufacturing industries, specializing in seafood. Now a fourth generation family business, Toppits is committed to sharing our knowledge through education, and strives to instill in our partners the same enthusiasm for food that we have.

Total Health is a Canadian Contract Manufacturer of Natural Health Products serving the NHP industry for over 25 years. The products manufactured in our facility have been sold in a variety of market channels from direct marketing to retail outlets in domestic and international markets. Total Health's R&D team includes PH.D's in natural products chemistry and toxicology. Total Health's compounding department is lead by certified pharmacists. (CHFA Mbr)

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Torizon Logistics Inc. 251-165 The Queensway Toronto ON M8Y 1H8 Canada Pres: Randy Steinberg Ops: Marta MacLean Est: Private

Touche Bakery Inc.

Rev: $ M

Tel: 416-259-9498 866-971-0101 Fax: 647-258-0186 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Logistics

4-2110 Williams Parkway east Brampton ON L6S 5X6 Canada Mgmt: Allan Swartz Mfg: Est: 2004 - Private • Baked Goods • Biscotti • Cookies • Desserts

Tel: 647-484-7500x403 Fax: 905-458-2100 Mktg: Allan Swartz Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Frozen Foods • Gourmet Food • PrivateLabelContract • Co-packer

• Kosher/Parve • Nut-free • Peanut Free • Food Service

An industry leading third-party logistics company that has been providing exceptional customer service and customized logistics solutions for a myriad of industries, specializing in refrigerated and fresh produce freight. We leverage the experience within our organization and the relationships we have cultivated over the years to ensure success for our clients. With our vast network of operators and proven infrastructure we assist in taking the worry out of freight, allowing you to focus on your business.

We produce quality products, with unique tastes and textures. Quality ingredients are used throughout the process. High level of quality control is present throughout our manufacturing. We are HACCP certified, kosher, dairy, and totally peanut,tree-nut and sesame free. Packaging for grocery, bakery and foodservice.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs: N

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Trademark Factory® 300-1055 W. Hastings St. Vancouver BC V6E 2E9 Canada Mgmt: Andrei Mincov Mfg: Est: 2011

TransCold Distribution Ltd. Tel: 778-869-7281 Fax: 888-767-7078 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Legal Trademark

1460 Cliveden Avenue West Tel: 604-519-0600 Delta BC V3M 6L9 877-519-0600 Canada Fax: 604-519-0606 Mgmt: John Coughlan Mktg: John Coughlan Mfg: Melissa Coughlan Admin: John Coughlan Est: 2002 - Private Rev: $100+ M Staff: 100–500 • Frozen Foods • Distributor • Direct Sales • Ice Cream

• Kosher/Parve • Transportation • Asian Food • Desserts

• Freezers • Manufacturer • PrivateLabelContract • Wholesaler

Your brand is valuable—and you need to protect it! Trademark Factory® is the only firm in the world that offers trademarking services with a predictable result for a predictable budget. Our licensed lawyers and trademark agents can help you trademark your brand with a free comprehensive trademark search, for a single allinclusive flat fee, with a 100% money-back guarantee. We say, If it's worth promoting, it's worth protecting. So if you value your brand, you need to trademark it with Trademark Factory®!

TransCold Distribution Ltd. strives to meet the everyday distribution needs of companies everywhere in Western Canada. TransCold Distribution Ltd. offers both warehouse delivery and/or direct to store delivery throughout Western Canada. All TransCold trucks are dedicated 100% frozen at -20°C. TransCold Distribution Ltd. also offers instore order takers and merchandisers as required by our customers.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Trailcon Leasing Inc. 15 Spar Drive Brampton ON L6S 6E1 Canada Pres: Al Boughton Mfg: Est: 1992 - Private • Trailers • Equip-Leasing • Leasing • Rentals

Transplace Canada

Rev: $ M

Tel: 905-670-9061 855-762-3777 Fax: 905-670-9066 Mktg: Isabella Devine Sales: Mike Krell, VP Staff: 100–500

• Refrigeration

1185A North Service Road East Oakville ON L6H 1A7 Canada Mgmt: Tom Coates Ops: John Kelly Est: 1986 - Private Rev: $50–100 M

Tel: 800-387-7108 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff: 50–100

• Transportation • Consulting • Logistics

Trailcon is one of the largest trailer & intermodal equipment rental, leasing & service leaders nationwide. Its fleet, exceeding 7,000 units, consists of dry vans, refrigerated/heated trailers, intermodal containers, chassis, & storage trailers, offering short-term rentals & long-term leases of its equipment to a variety of industries A dedicated Fleet Maintenance Program services its fleet & over 10,000 customer-owned units Offering in-house 24/7 Call Centre & locations in Brampton, Cornwall, Edmonton, Calgary & Vancouver.

Transplace is a North American non-asset based logistics services provider offering manufacturers, retailers, chemical and consumer packaged goods companies the optimal blend of logistics technology and transportation management services. The company is the premier provider of managed transportation, consulting & TMS solutions; and intermodal, truck brokerage, and cross-border trade services.

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Mfg: N Labs:

TrainCan, Inc. 101-85 Scarsdale Road Toronto ON M3B 2R2 Canada Mgmt: Jim Kostuch Mfg: Est: 2001 - Private • Advertising • Training/Education • Food Safety • HACCP

Tree of Life Canada Inc.

Rev: $ M

Tel: 416-447-9588 888-687-8796 Fax: 416-646-0877 Mktg: Jim Kostuch Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Health & Safety • Quality Consulting

6030 Freemont Blvd. Mississauga ON L5R 3X4 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: Private

Tel: 905-507-6161 800-263-7054 Fax: 905-507-2727 Bus Dev: Mr. Chris Powell Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Distributor • Confectionary

TrainCan provides approved food safety certification across Canada across the foodservice and hospitality, retail grocery/C-store and food manufacturing industries as well as public health inspectors and educators.

Nationally executed direct to store, and direct warehouse distributor of Natural/Organic, Confectionary, Perishable, and Grocery/Specialty products including diabetic, kosher, vegetarian, gluten free and frozen foods. Leaders in marketing strategies and trend analysis, Tree of Life is capable of handling special projects to optimize performance of any section. (CHFA Mbr)

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Mfg: N Labs: N


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Trenton Cold Storage


21 Albert St. PO Box 100 Trenton ON K8V 5R1 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1902 - Private Rev: $ M

Tel: 613-394-3317 Fax: 613-394-3263 Sales: Greg Callaghan Admin: Staff: 100–500

• Cold Storage • EDI

1650 Brigantine Drive, Unit 500 Tel: 604-529-7913 Coquitlam BC V3K 7B5 Canada Fax: 604-540-8160 Mgmt: Mrs. Jadina Irving Sales: Mrs. Jadina Irving Mfg: Mrs. Jadina Irving Admin: Est: 1902 - Private Rev: $100+ M Staff: 100–500 • Bottling • Closures • Cartons-Folding • Liquids

• Vitamins • Sports Nutrition • Beverages • Natural Health Prod.

Specializes in temperature controlled supply chain solutions, including warehousing, order picking/assembly & freight consolidation across Canada. TCS has six facilities in the Trenton, ON area with facilities in Toronto, ON & Edmonton, AB for a combined storage capacity of over 120,000 pallet positions & temperature controlled storage ranging from -5 to +55°F.

TricorBraun is one of the packaging industry's largest suppliers of glass & plastic containers, closures, dispensers and tubes in North America, with expertise in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets. TricorBraun has global sources for quality packaging components. TricorBraun Design & Engineering is a fully integrated studio providing award-winning design. TricorBraun has over 40 locations in North America, including Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. (CHFA Mbr)

Mfg: N Labs: Y

Mfg: N Labs: N

Tri-Mach Group Inc. 23 Donway Ct. Elmira ON N3B 0B1 Canada Mgmt: Krystal Darling Mfg: Est: 1985 - Private • Millwrighting • Fabrication • Machines • Equip-Food Proc.

Trimpac Sysco Inc.

Rev: $ M

Tel: 519-744-6565 877-874-6224 Fax: 519-744-6829 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 50–100

• Automation • Food Safety • Design • Manufacturer

620 Malkin Ave. Vancouver BC V6A 2K2 Canada Mgmt: Jonathan Burke Mfg: Est: 1980 • Meat-Products • Meat-Beef • Meat-Pork • Meat-Lamb

Tel: 604-688-2508x232 888-282-6328 Fax: 604-688-4538 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Meat-Poultry

Through innovative & quality manufacturing, Tri-Mach Group Inc. has become an industry leader in the food, beverage and personal health care industries. They are a multi-trade, turn-key solution provider specializing in millwrighting, stainless steel fabrication, custom machining, equipment installations & relocations, design engineering and electrical services. Tri-Mach Group’s reputation is the key to their success. Their name is built on commitment to food safety, personal service, and best-in-class manufacturing.

Over the 30 years in business Trimpac has successfully reached many milestones and has grown with not only their customers but also within the industry. In 2008 Trimpac Meat Distributors Inc. took one of their biggest steps and was acquired by SYSCO Corporation of Houston Texas, the worldwide leader in foodservice distribution. This new relationship only strengthened their drive to service customers with unwavering quality and secure their passions for the meat industry.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Tri-V Pet Foods Ltd. 46152 Fifth Ave. Chilliwack BC V2P 1M9 Canada Mgmt: Clifford Jones Mfg: Ron Molnar Est: 1972

Trinity Plastic Products Inc.

Rev: $ M

Tel: 604-792-4914 800-661-4710 Fax: 604-792-4273 Mktg: Ron Molnar Admin: Ashley Chhina Staff: 10–50

• Pet Care/Food

5181 Everest Dr. Mississauga ON L4W 2R2 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Doug McDermot Mfg: Est:

Tel: 905-600-2504 Fax: 905-625-2235

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Plastics • Bags

We at Tri-v Pet Foods Ltd. have always strived to be at the forefront of this rapidly changing forum. Unique and exciting new products coupled with rich eye catching packaging are just two of the reasons that Tri-V Pet Foods Ltd. remains as Western Canada's sole surviving canned pet food company.

Compartmentalized shopping system under the names Greenbox System & Bin Shoppin™. Consumer products; Compostable Paper Bags.

Mfg: Y Labs: Y

Mfg: Labs:

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 157

Troll Bridge Creek Inc.

Turkey Farmers of Canada

212 George St. Tel: 519-820-9663 PO Box 743 Arthur ON N0G 1A0 Canada Fax: CEO: Keith Harris Mktg: Mfg: Admin: Est: 2009 - Private Rev: $0–1 M Staff: 1–10 • Beverages • Health Products • Juices/Juicers • Maple Syrup

• Natural Health Prod. • Specialty Foods • Amino Acids • Anti-inflammatory

• Energy Drinks • Food&Beverage • Milk Free • Pro/Prebiotics

202-7145 West Credit Ave., Bldg. 1 Mississauga ON L5N 6J7 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Phil Boyd Mfg: Est: 1974 - Non-Profit Rev: $ M

Tel: 905-812-3140 Fax: 905-812-9326 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Association • Agriculture • Meat-Turkey

The producer of KiKi Maple Sweet Water Beverages, one of Canada's new Superfoods, made from 100% pure Canadian Maple Sap. We have been providing consumers with this uniquely iconic Canadian beverage since 2009. KiKi Maple Sweet Water is established in some of the finest whole/health food retailers. Maple sap contains over 80 nutrients, minerals, vitamins and 60+ antioxidants. Now in a variety of pleasantly refreshing flavours. Now sold worldwide in "Good For You" food retailers.

Turkey Farmers of Canada (TFC) is a national organization representing Canada’s 500+ turkey farmers. Created in 1974 under the federal Farm Products Agencies Act, the Agency encourages cooperation throughout the Canadian turkey industry, promotes the consumption of turkey meat, and oversees the supply management system for turkey in Canada. Information on how to prepare and serve Canadian turkey is available at

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

True North Seafood Company

Turnstile Security Systems

874 Main Street Tel: 506-456-6600 Blacks Harbour NB E5H 1E6 877-407-5577 Canada Fax: Mgmt: Mr. Ian White Mktg: Andrew Lively Mfg: Admin: Est: 1985 Rev: $100+ M Staff: 500+ • Seafood-Salmon • Seafood-Frozen • Seafood-Products

40 Erin Park Dr. Erin ON N0B 1T0 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Michelle Lustig Est: • Turnstiles • Gates • Security • Racks/Rails

Tel: 519-833-9494 888-371-2222 Fax: 888-371-7922 Mktg: Kathy Venneman Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 1–10

• Cart Control

Providing fresh, naturally-raised, farmed Atlantic salmon to the U.S. and Canada for over 30 years. Our family-run company is the largest producer of fresh Atlantic salmon in North America, and we are a premier supplier of certified sustainable Atlantic salmon to leading supermarkets and restaurants across North America. Our salmon is harvested, processed and shipped daily, 52 weeks a year, typically arriving to our customers up to a week faster than other farmed or wild salmon.

The management of Turnstile Security Systems Inc. decided to manufacture turnstiles, gates and railings in 1981 after several years of installing and servicing similar products. For over 30 years our goal has been to provide our customers with the highest quality security products for crowd access control with unsurpassed customer service.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

Trumps Food Interest Ltd. 646 Powell St. Vancouver BC V6A 1H4 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Susan Smith Est: 1987 - Private • Desserts • Wholesaler • Cookies • Crackers

TWD technologies Tel: 604-732-8473

Fax: 604-732-8433 Mktg: Heather Angel Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50

• GLP/GMP Compl. • Gluten Free • Halal Certif. • Kosher/Parve

905 Century Drive Burlington ON L7L 5J8 Canada Mgmt: Scott Wilson Mfg: Est: 1994 • Consulting • Food Safety • Construction • Design

Tel: 905-634-3324 Fax: 905-634-4071 Mktg: Shelley Marr Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Engineering

Purveyor of innovative wholesale dessert that sets the precedence in the culinary community while delivering the highest standard in customer service. Since 1987 we have offered a range of 200 products from the everyday collection of bars, cookies, loaves to high end individual desserts, cakes, tarts, & special occasion cakes. We service hotels, country clubs, cafes, restaurants, institutional food service, food distribution & grocery stores in our state of the art, GMP accredited facility.

TWD technologies is a leading engineering, procurement and construction management company providing project development, execution and specialty engineering services for the industrial world. Our services extend from the earliest stages of pre-project development through to startup, and include: Engineering, Project Management & Execution, Process Safety Management (PSM) & Responsible Care, Reliability, Procurement, and more.

Mfg: Y Labs:

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U-Be-Livin-Smart Inc. 19/20-15 Connie Crescent Concord ON L4K 1L3 Canada CEO: Tim Sinclair Ops: Paul Do Est: 2012

Unifiller Systems Inc. Tel: 647-930-1570 888-808-0150 Fax: 647-930-1523 Mktg: Tim Sinclair Comm: Sherri Harrison Rev: $ M Staff:

• Vitamins • Baked Goods • Confectionary • Produce/Fruit&Veg

7621 MacDonald Rd. Delta BC V4G 1N3 Canada Mgmt: Mark Soares Mfg: Mr. Kuno Kurschner Est: 1988

Tel: 604-940-2233 Fax: 604-940-2195 Mktg: S. Bal /S. Macpherson Comm: Sonia Bal Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Equip-Baking • Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-Food Serv.

At U-Be-Livin-Smart we’re all about living – smart. How we eat. What we eat. The way we do business. How we contribute and make our mark on the world. Our mission is to provide the best of all nutrient-dense, great tasting products to people in North America, while at the same time feeding underprivileged / undernourished people in the communities our products are sold. Enjoy our Nutrient Dense products; Vitamins, Muffins, and Healthy Snacks. Nutrient Dense. Deliciously Smart!

Unifller is a Delta, B.C. based company that designs and manufactures portioning, depositing and fully automated equipment for the bakery and food processing industries. We design, manufacture and sell our equipment to customers in order to help them meet the needs of modern production requirements.

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UNFI Canada, Inc. 8755 Keele Street Concord ON L4K 2N1 Canada Pres: Peter Brennan Ops: Andrew Cote Est: • Organic Products • Kosher/Parve • Gluten Free • Wheat Free

Unilever Canada Tel: 905-738-4204 800-247-0087 Fax: 800-229-2083 Bus Dev: Rachel Rawson Admin: Rev: $100+ M Staff: 100–500

• Yeast Free • Teas-Organic • Teas-Various • Stevia/Products

• BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Beverages • Bars-Various • Spices

1400-160 Bloor Street East Toronto ON M4W 3R2 Canada Pres: John Leboutillier Mfg: Est:

Tel: 416-964-1857 800-387-0691 Fax: 416-963-5197

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff: 100–500

• Personal Care • Hair Care

UNFI Canada is Canada's largest distributor of organic, natural, kosher, specialty and ethnic products. Our distribution network provides coast to coast service throughout Canada. (CHFA Mbr)

Unilever products are bought 160 million times a day and used 2 billion times a day in over half the households on the planet. Our brands include Dove, Knorr, Magnum ice-cream, Lipton tea, Axe/Lynx deodorant, Hellman’s mayonnaise and Omo, Persil and Surf. We employ over 160,000 people in more than 180 countries.

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Unico (Primo) 8000 Keele St. Concord ON L4K 2A4 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: • Pasta Sauces • Sauces • Tomato/Products • Condiments

UniPac Packaging Products Ltd. Tel: 905-669-9637 800-268-1915 Fax: 905-669-3585 Mktg: Mr. Ralph Younes Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100 • Beans • Pasta-Various • Rice Products • Oils - Various

11133 184 St. Edmonton AB T5S 2L6 Canada Pres: Lyle McDermid Mfg: Est: • Vacuum Packaging • Packaging • Casings • Custom Blending

Rev: $ M

• Food Ingredients • HDPE • Marinades • Material Handling

Tel: 780-466-3121 800-661-3860 Fax: 780-466-3441 Sales: Greg Urbonas Admin: Staff: • Patty Paper • Seasonings • Spices • Trays

Chances are you have bought one of Sun-Brite Canning Limited's products. The Ruthven facility produces canned tomatoes, sauces, condiments, beans and pastas, just to name a few. Its brand names include Unico and Primo, and its client list includes Campbell's and Heinz. Its products make there way to stores from the Maritimes to Victoria Island.

UniPac is committed to providing customers with unsurpassed service, along with comprehensive advice to address your food processing challenges. Our industry experience is the added value we include with all our products.

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United States Department of Agriculture/FAS PO Box 866 Stn B Ottawa ON K1P 5T1 Canada Mgmt: Jeff Zimmerman Mfg: Est: 1862 - Government • Business Service • US Gov'tTradeService • Beverages • Cereal

UrbanZen Tea Inc.

Tel: 613-688-5267

Rev: $ M

Fax: 613-688-3124 Mktg: Sonya Jenkins Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Condiments • Confectionary • Cookies • Crackers

• Dried Food • Meat-Beef • Meat-Lamb • Meat-Pork

6355 Danville Rd., Unit #11 Mississauga ON L5T 2L4 Canada Mgmt: Mr. John Palacios Ops: Ms. Alice Yu Est: 2004 - Private • Teas-Organic • Teas-Various • Beverages • Digestive Aids

Tel: 905-565-9618 Fax: 905-565-6322 Mktg: Mr. David Phan Sales: Ms. Chanel Chan Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Antioxidants

Through the taste U.S. initiative, the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) of the United States Department of Agriculture in Canada works with over 40 diverse associations, representing several thousand growers, processors, and producers, to offer healthy, fresh and safe products at a good value. The FAS/USDA office in Canada works at connecting Canadian buyers with U.S. agricultural / food associations and businesses.

UrbanZen Tea's mission is to grow, manufacture, and create authentic bottled tea products. Starting with using hand-picked organic whole leaves from an award winning tea plantation right thru to our finished product of ready to drink bottled green teas. UrbanZen Tea is "Freshly Brewed Infused Whole Leaf Green Tea with Juice".

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See ad pg. 31

UNITEX Sales Ltd. 102-30720 Simpson Rd. Abbotsford BC V2T 6C7 Canada Pres: Bob Johnson Mfg: Est: 1996 - Private • Bags • Aprons • Cresting • LAB Coats

Van-Whole Produce Ltd. Tel: 604-855-1850 800-758-1449 Fax: 604-855-1859 Mktg: Mr. Jim Bugg Admin: Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 10–50

• Custom Neck Ties • Branding • General Merch. • Party Supplies

• Promotion • Uniforms • Custom Products • Name Badges

830 Malkin Avenue Vancouver BC V6A 2K2 Canada Mgmt: Leonard Jang Ops: Keith Liu Est: 1984

Tel: 604-251-3330 Fax: 604-251-3691 Sales: Samuel Chui Admin: Benjamin Shuen Rev: $ M Staff:

• Wholesaler • Logistics • Storage Systems

Amplify your brand with branded corporate apparel + uniforms, work wear and promotional products from UNITEX Sales Ltd. With over 30 years of industry experience providing corporate apparel, work wear clothing, grocery store uniforms, pharmacy and spa uniforms, security uniforms + clothing, active wear, safety wear, bike uniforms, custom caps + hats, public safety uniforms and promotional products, our job is to make you proud of your brand. We make you look good!

Since opening its doors in 1984, Van-Whole Produce has become widely recognized as one of Western Canada's leading produce wholesalers, with distribution routes throughout B.C. and as far east as Quebec.

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Univar Canada Ltd. 64 Arrow Road Weston ON M9M 2L9 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Willy St. Cyr Mfg: Est: 1950 - Public • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Vitamins • FoodGradeLubr'nt • Baking Ingredients

Vancouver Hino Truck Sales Tel: 416-740-5300 Fax:

Rev: $100+ M

• Sweeteners • Minerals/Salts • Nutraceuticals • Organic Products

Mktg: Admin: Staff: 500+ • Pet Care/Food • Proteins • Starches • Foam Control

4975 Regent St. Burnaby BC V5C 4H4 Canada Mgmt: Brad Boulanger Mfg: Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 604-291-1745 800-661-0339 Fax: 604-291-0697 Sales: Jerry Ma Sales: Martin Torres Staff: 1–10

• Automobile • Transportation

Supplier of food ingredients for food processing and chemicals for plant maintenance. Servicing all food industry sectors: dairy, meats, bakery, beverage, prepared foods, savoury and confectionary.

Hino is one of the world's largest suppliers of Class 3 to Class 7 medium duty commercial trucks. As a member of the Toyota family, these trucks have the same commitment to quality and performance the world has come to expect from Toyota passenger cars.

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Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

VC999 Canada

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

153 Sylvestre St-Germain QC J0C 1K0 Canada Mgmt: Remi Boudot Mfg: Est: 2002 • Equip-Packaging • Automation • Equip-Deli • Equip-MeatRoom

Tel: 819-395-4555 Fax: 819-395-6444 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Labels/Labeling • Modified Atmos. Pkg • Packaging • Pkg-Pouch Filling

• Vacuum Machines • Vacuum Packaging

4890 Victoria Ave., N. Tel: 905-562-0320x624 PO Box 4000 Vineland Station ON L0R 2E0 Canada Fax: CEO: Jim Brandle Mktg: Cheryl Lennox Ops: Gary Moffatt Admin: Lana Culley Est: Rev: $ M Staff: • Horticultural • Fruit • Research & Dev. • Genomics • Business Development • New Crops • Commercialization • Equip-Packaging

• Specialty Crops • Vegetable

VC999 Packaging Systems is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of Vacuum Chamber Machines, Thermoform (rollstock) Packaging Machines, Tray Sealer, Skin Packaging, and Flow Wrapper Machine Systems as well as other Packaging Robotics, Vision Inspection Systems, Conveyer/Converger Systems, Weighing, Labeling and Product Scanning. Our dedicated and highly experienced team of packaging consultants can assist you in the designing the right machine systems for your packaging operations.

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is a world-class research centre dedicated to horticultural science and innovation. Located in Canada's Niagara Region, Vineland's mission is to deliver innovative product and production solutions that address the needs of the horticulture industry and advance Canada's research and commercialization agenda. We are an independent, not-for-profit organization, funded in part by Growing Forward 2, a federalprovincial-territorial initiative. (LSO)

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VersaCold Logistics Services 3371 No. 6 Road Richmond BC V6V 1P6 Canada Mgmt: Douglas Harrison FdSafe: Moses Akingbade Est: 1946 • Cold Storage • Transportation • Distributor • Logistics

Vitala Foods Tel: 800-563-2653

Fax: 905-850-6224 Mktg: Leslie Murray Admin: Rev: $100+ M Staff: 500+

• Supply Chain Solut'n • EDI • Temp Monitoring • HACCP

• Food Safety • Space Mgmt • Loss Prevention • Pick/Pack Serv

PO Box 4110, Sumas Way PO Tel: 604-557-5483 Abbotsford BC V2S 8R1 Canada Fax: 604-557-1480 Mgmt: Bill Vanderkooi Mktg: Miss Jas Gill Mfg: Admin: Mrs. Misty Kitt Est: 2007 - Private Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 1–10 • Eggs/Products • Dairy Products • Food Processing

With the ability to combine Warehousing, Transportation, 3rd Party Logistics, Transportation Management & 4PL, Distributor Services and North America Transportation Solutions (VNATS) into one integrated offering, VersaCold is the one-stop, end-to-end, supply chain solution that no other Canadian supplier can match. Our supply chain analysis capabilities can help our customers identify gaps, improve efficiencies, and align supply chain strategy with business drivers and corporate goals. To learn more, visit

We make dairy and egg products that are innovative, healthy, and truly traceable. We manage the value chain – feed, farm, freight and food – like no one else. We believe it’s what’s on the inside that counts, which is why we take outstanding care with what we feed our animals. We also believe it’s important to know your food. Did you know that the Vitala Cows live at the EcoDairy, Canada’s first demonstration farm of its kind? So please support Vitala and experience the difference. You can buy Vitala Eggs from Safeway.

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See ad pg. 1

VIC Store Fixtures Inc. 1440 West Notre Dame Victoriaville QC G6P 7L7 Canada Mgmt: Domynique Canin Mfg: Est:

Voortman Cookies Limited

Rev: $ M

Tel: 819-758-0626 888-758-0626 Fax: 819-758-8256 Mktg: Admin: Staff: 100–500

• Store Fixtures • Fixture Install. • Shelving • Product Display

4475 North Service Rd., Ste. 600 Burlington ON L7L 4X7 Canada CEO: Douglas MacFarlane Mfg: Est: Rev: $ M

Tel: 905-335-9500 Fax: 905-332-5499 Mktg: Ken Cross Admin: Staff: 100–500

• Cookies

In choosing VIC as a business partner you profit from a vast experience in the conception and building of evolutive fixtures. It is our capability of combining materials and techniques in diverse production that allows us to propose unique solutions of exceptional value.

Voortman Cookies offers high quality products at affordable prices. Our purpose is to delight consumers across North America with a unique selection of delicious cookies at an affordable price. We deliver products of consistently high quality with a fresh, homebaked taste.

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W.G. Pro Manufacturing 2110 Williams Parkway East #6 Brampton ON L6S 5X6 Canada Pres: Karl Wirtz Mfg: Est: 1993 Rev: $ M • Co-packer • Warehouse • Logistics • PrivateLabelContract

Watson Gloves Tel: 905-790-3377 Fax: 905-790-3375 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

• Baked Goods • POP Displays • Brand Management

7955 North Fraser Way Burnaby BC V5J 0A4 Canada Mgmt: Marty Moore Mfg: Mr. Harn Mann Est: 1918 - Private

Tel: 604-874-1105 800-663-9509 Fax: 604-875-9009 Mktg: Michele Moore Admin: Michele Moore Rev: $ M Staff: 100–500

• Gloves • Food Safety • Manufacturer • Distributor

WG Pro handles co-packaging projects for a large number of customers in the food and confection industries. Our facilities are set up to provide just the right environment for food and confections, be it ambient, frozen, or refrigerated temperatures. We also have separate facilities for nut-free and peanut-free products, eliminating the risk of cross contamination with non-restricted products.

Watson Gloves is western Canada's largest glove distributor. The company was founded in 1918 in Vancouver and remains a landmark in the city. Today Watson Gloves both produces leather gloves in it's factory and distributes over 1400 different styles from around the world. We have 3 branch offices and warehouses in Burnaby, Calgary and Mississauga to serve you, wherever your store is in Canada. We have racking and signage for your retail needs or many different glove styles for staff usage. Contact us for details.

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W.T. Lynch Foods Ltd. 72 Railside Rd. North York ON M3A 1A3 Canada Pres: Mr. Scott Lynch Mfg: Doug Nolan Est: 1942 • Sauces • Baking Ingredients • Beverages • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls

Weber Marking Systems of Canada Tel: 416-449-5464

Rev: $ M

• Desserts • Diet Products • Honey • Jam/Jelly

Fax: 416-449-9165 Mktg: Jamie Peters Admin: Staff: 100–500 • Kosher/Parve • Pie Filling • Salad Dressings • Syrup

6180 Danville Road Mississauga ON L5T 2H7 Canada Mgmt: Mark Quinn Mfg: Est:

Rev: $ M

Tel: 905-564-6881 800-265-9974 Fax: 905-564-6886 Mktg: Lucy Moreira Admin: Staff: 10–50

• Labels/Labeling • Equipment • Coding/Marking

W.T. Lynch Foods Limited has grown steadily to become one of the biggest independently owned food manufacturing companies in Canada. Today, Lynch Foods manufacturers over 1,000 items for the Foodservice and Consumer Goods Industries under both Lynch Corporate labels and Custom private labels.

Weber Marking Systems of Canada provides high-quality labels, labelling and coding equipment. Our 24,000-square-foot, state-ofthe-art, high-efficiency manufacturing and administration facility is capable of supporting all of your company's labelling and coding requirements. With a Canada-wide network of sales, service and technical support specialists, along with our commitment to quality, we have established our position as a leader in the industry for over 80 years.

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Warwick Salt Inc. 807 boul. Pierre Roux East Victoriaville QC G6T 1T7 Canada Mgmt: Chantal Bourque Mfg: Est: 1983

Wedlock Paper Converters Ltd. Tel: 819-758-5229 800-291-5229 Fax: 819-758-5220 Mktg: Chantal Bourque Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Salts

2327 Stanfield Dr. Mississauga ON L4Y 1R6 Canada Mgmt: Sean Wedlock Mfg: Est:

Tel: 905-277-9461 800-388-0447 Fax: Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Packaging

Established in 1983, Warwick Salt has shown a constant progression over the years, due to the development of solid expertise and excellent partnerships with its various customers. At Warwick Salt, customers needs is our priority. With this in mind, we have developed a wide range of products meant to meet the highest standards of quality in the industry.

We are a major supplier of flexible packaging materials to retail manufacturers including salt and sugar refineries, flour mills, bakeries, coffee roasters, pet food manufacturers as well as cat litter and charcoal products throughout Canada and the United States. Products & services include: DURA-PAK , Dry Bond Laminating, Printing, Rotary Window Die Cutting, The S-O-S Bag, High Speed Label Application, and Tin Tie Closure.

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WELLBAKE Equipment Inc. 30 Mills Road, Unit N Barrie ON L4N 6H4 Canada Mgmt: Ops: Steve Svenningson Est: • Equip-Baking • Equip-Mixers • BulkIngred/RawMat'ls • Slicers

Westberry Farms Ltd. Tel: 705-722-4100

Fax: 705-722-4102 Sales: Steve Svenningson Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Equipment • Equip-Food Proc. • Equip-Packaging • Equip-Pizza

• Equip-Prep • Equip-Refridge • Equip-Washing

34488 Bateman Rd Abbotsford BC V2S 7Y8 Canada Pres: Parmjit Bains Ops: Simran Bains Est: 1993

Tel: 604-850-0377 Fax: 604-855-1625 Mktg: Admin: Satwinder Bains Rev: $5–10 M Staff: 10–50

• Fruit • Dried Food • Fruit Snacks

Our mission at WELLBAKE Equipment Inc. is to meet and exceed the needs of our clients with utmost quality of products, service and support. WELLBAKE customers are mainly found among wholesale bakeries, and foremost among specialized bakeries. Our make-up lines offered are top-of-the-line for croissants and pastries, depositing, topping and forming, cookie, biscuit and cracker lines, baguette and flat bread lines.

Westberry Farms is a family owned and operated company that produces, packs and markets high quality Canada Grade A Blueberries. From a base of 300+ acres we produce in excess of 3 million pounds of fruit annually. Westberry Farms' fresh blueberries are hand-picked, carefully graded in inspected, quickly pre-cooled and shipped within 24 hours of harvest.

Mfg: Labs:

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Wellesley Apple Products 3800 Nafziger Road North Wellesley ON N0B 2T0 Canada Mgmt: Kevin Jantzi Mfg: Est: 1922

Western Refrigeration & Beverage Equipment Tel: 519-656-2400

Fax: 519-656-3370 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Apple Butters • Cider

1232 36 Ave NE Calgary AB T2E 6M8 Canada Mgmt: Daryl Hornberger Mfg: Est: • Refrigeration • Ice Systems • Equipment • Equip-Deli

Tel: 403-250-9656 888-443-1946 Fax: 403-291-9213 Mktg: Daryl Hornberger Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Equip-Food Serv. • Equip-Froz Bev. • Equip-Refridge • Equip-Concession

• IceCream Machines • Refrig'd Cases • Ovens • Freezers

Direct and wholesale distribution. In business since 1922. Making all pure and natural no sugar added apple products. Apple Butter, Apple Syrup, Pure Sweet Apple Ciders, Using Ontario grown apples.

Canada’s Leading Food Store Equipment Distributor Since 1946. Western Refrigeration provides complete turnkey equipment packages which include: equipment sales, store design, installation, product training and warranty coverage. We are committed to providing top quality products, exceptional service and innovative business solution to help drive our customers’ success.

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Mfg: Labs:

Wendell Estate Honey Main St. 6 Tel: 204-796-0017 PO Box 25 866-498-2626 MacNutt SK S0A 2K0 Canada Fax: Mgmt: Mktg: Martin Neuhofer Mfg: Admin: Est: 2012 - Private Rev: $1–5 M Staff: 1–10 • Honey

Western Rice Mills Ltd. 6231 Westminster Hwy. Richmond BC V7C 4V4 Canada Pres: John Chiang Mfg: Est: 1964 - Private • Rice Products • Organic Products • Sushi Items • Asian Food

Tel: 604-321-0338 Fax: 604-321-0331 Mktg: Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Snack Food • Confectionary • Frozen Foods • Cookies

• Juices/Juicers • Pasta-Various • Spices • Packaging

Wendell Honey produces some of the finest honey in the world. Wendell Estate Honey is rich, flavourful and creates an overall experience unique to the brand. Raw, unheated, unadulterated honey from the producer.

Western Rice Mills Ltd. is a family-run business with humble beginnings 43 years ago. Today, we are a major rice and food products distributor to the food industry. Founded by President, Baldwin Chiang, and now under the leadership of his son, John Chiang; the company has enjoyed steady and consistent growth.

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Western Sage Honey

Weston Foods Inc.

15 - 5684 Landmark Way Cloverdale BC V3S 7H1 Canada Mgmt: Diane Stubson Mfg: Est:

Tel: 604-532-9757

Rev: $ M

Fax: 604-533-3595 Mktg: Diane Stubson Admin: Staff: 1–10

• Bee Products • Honey

1425 The Queensway Etobicoke ON M8Z 1T3 Canada Mgmt: Jeff O'Neill Mfg: Al Forsyth Est: 1882 - Public • Baked Goods • Frozen Foods • Bread • Gluten Free

Tel: 416-252-7323 Fax: 416-252-5159 Mktg: Andrea Hunt Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Cookies • Pastry

Western Sage Honey is proud of offering 100% Canadian Honey in all of our products. We offer only unadulterated Canadian Honey that grades out to Canada #1 White or Amber.

Founded in 1882, George Weston Limited has become one of Canada’s largest publicly traded companies by consistently providing quality and value to its customers. Through its operating subsidiaries, it is one of North America’s largest food processing and distribution groups. The Weston Foods operating segment is a leading fresh and frozen baking company in Canada and is engaged in frozen baking and biscuit manufacturing in the United States.

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Mfg: Y Labs:

Western Scale Co. Ltd. 1670 Kingsway Ave. Port Coquitlam BC V3C 3Y9 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1962 - Private • Scales • Weighing Systems • Equip-MatrlHdlg • Equipment

Westrow Food Group Tel: 604-941-3474 Fax: 604-941-4020 Mktg: Mr. Pierre Gaudreau Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 50–100

• Equip-Stainless • Industrial Prod's • Labels/Labeling • POS

• Services • Certification • Data Collection • Equip-Prep

114-20171 92A Ave. Langley BC V1M 3A5 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1983 • Broker • Consulting • Distributor • Baked Goods

Tel: 604-888-8151

Rev: $ M • Beverages-Smoothie • Deli/Meats • Desserts • Ethnic Foods

Fax: 604-888-5115 Mktg: Hamud Mirza Admin: Staff: 50–100 • Frozen Foods • Meat-Products • Pickles • Produce/Fruit&Veg

Western Scale designs, manufactures, and sells state of the art industrial weighing equipment across Canada and around the world. For over 50 years, Western has been an industry pioneer, providing our customers with superior scale systems to weigh, monitor, and control material throughout processing. Western Scale supplies retail & POS scales, professional service, and Legal-For-Trade certifications to the Grocery Industry along with industrial weighing and labelling systems for the Food Processing Industry.

Westrow Food Group is a national Canadian perishable foods brokerage specializing in the perimeter retail departments: Meat, Seafood, Frozen, Produce, Deli & HMR and Bakery. Our Key Account Executives & Retail Merchandisers have practical working knowledge of major and regional accounts throughout the nation with offices in Toronto, Calgary, & Vancouver. We offer intelligent, cost effective and creative approaches to selling your perishable food products.

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Mfg: N Labs:

Western Spring and Wire Ltd. 55 Keith Road Winnipeg MB R3H 0H7 Canada Mgmt: Joe Jonker Mfg: Mr. Matt Jonker Est: 1980 - Private • Distributor • Product Display • Racks/Rails • Clip Strips

Whistler Water Inc.

Tel: 204-694-7128 800-667-4733 Fax: 204-694-7129 Mktg: John Unett Sales: Mr. George Cunha Rev: $5–10 M Staff: 10–50

• Store Fixtures • Design • Fabrication • POP Displays

• Shelving

3600 Bainbridge Ave. Burnaby BC V5A 2T4 Canada Mgmt: Mr. Bruce Gemmell Mfg: Est: 1991 - Private • Water-Bottled • Water-Spring • Beverages-Soda • Beverages

Tel: 604-606-1903 877-659-2837 Fax: 604-420-1555 Sales: Peter App Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Bottling

Vendor to distributor. All success is built on quality. It is as true for your business as it is for ours. This is how Western Spring and Wire became a leader in wire forming technology with products that span almost every industry from coast to coast. Manufacturing facilities in Ontario and Manitoba. Sales offices in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario.

Whistler Water’s source lies north of Whistler, B.C., deep in the heart of the Canadian wilderness and British Columbia’s rugged Coast Mountains. Here, among many of the world’s largest icecaps and glaciers, rises majestic Place Glacier. Place Glacier is an ancient glacier formed by snow that fell thousands, maybe even millions, years ago. Today, it feeds the underground aquifer that supplies our glacial spring water. The glacial watershed is lined with white-grey granite rock, formed through the cooling of magma many years ago.

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Mfg: Y Labs: Y


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

WIBERG Corporation 931 Equestrian Court Oakville ON L6L 6L7 Canada Pres: Mr. Richard Welzel Mfg: Est: Private • Spices • Ingredients • Seasonings • Food Additive

Wilson Display Ltd. Tel: 905-825-9900 Fax: 905-825-0070 Sales: Mary Chaloub Admin: Staff: 50–100

Rev: $ M

• Blending • Custom Blending • Equip-MeatRoom • Equip-Food Proc.

• Equip-Refurbish

1645 Aimco Blvd. Tel: 905-625-9200 Mississauga (Toronto) ON L4W 1H8 800-388-8357 Canada Fax: 905-625-3199 Mgmt: Elizabeth Wilson Mktg: Ms. Alisha Mathison Mfg: Admin: Est: 1910 - Private Rev: $10–50 M Staff: 100–500 • Store Fixtures • Shelving • Merchandising Systms • Checkouts

• Product Display • Gondola Shelving • Installation • Manufacturer

• POP Displays • Sign Hanging • Wall Units

WIBERG Corporation is a food ingredient manufacturing company dealing in spice and food ingredient blends, food ingredients, additives and food processing equipment.

Wilson Display Ltd. is Canada's leading full service store fixture supplier. We provide complete store fixture packages & national installation services. Wilson Display designs, value engineers, manufactures & imports standard/specialty/custom store fixtures for grocery/convenience stores, mass merchants, gas bars, pharmacies & other specialty retailers. Our products include: mixed material and gondola shelving systems; perimeter/freestanding fixtures; metal/tubular/wire/wood merchandising systems.

Mfg: Y Labs:

Mfg: Y Labs:

WILD Flavors (Canada) Inc. 7315 Pacific Circle Mississauga ON L5T 1V1 Canada Mgmt: Mfg: Est: 1931 - Private

Wilson's Truck Lines Inc. Tel: 905-670-1108 800-263-5286 Fax: 905-670-0076

Rev: $ M

Sales: Scott Olstad Admin: Staff:

• Flavours • Sports Nutrition • Exporting • Manufacturer • Product Development

111 The West Mall Etobicoke ON M9C 1C1 Canada Pres: Mr. Marc Mousseau Mfg: Est: 1937 - Private

Tel: 416-621-9020 Fax: 416-621-0784 Mktg: Mr. Marc Mousseau Admin: Rev: $ M Staff:

• Transportation • Trailers

Canadian subsidiary of the Wild Group of Companies servicing the snack, bakery, beverage sectors: Cheese powders; Flavors; Seasonings; Spray-Dried Ingredients; Sauces; Batters.

In 1937, the Wilson family business was started with just six trucks and a single-minded dedication to providing a higher caliber of transportation services. Wilson's Truck Lines is a premier provider of road transportation solutions to some of Canada's leading grocery chains.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: N Labs:

Wilkinson Foods International Ltd. 100-2333 North Sheridan Way Mississauga ON L5K 1A7 Canada Pres: Joe Wilkinson Mfg: Est:

Windset Farms Tel: 905-286-1619

Fax: 905-286-1315 Sales: David Forgan Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Trader • Meat-Products

3660-41B St. Delta BC V4K 3N2 Canada Mgmt: Steven Newell Mfg: Est: 1980

Tel: 604-940-7700 Fax: 604-940-7711

Rev: $ M

Mktg: Admin: Staff: 100–500

• Produce/Fruit&Veg • Agri-Food

Wilkinson Foods International has over 10 years of experience as a meat trading company. Our knowledgeable team of meat professionals is capable of sourcing fresh and frozen products from packers around the globe. We can distribute products worldwide.

Headquartered in Delta, BC, Windset Farms® delivers quality, award-winning produce using responsible and sustainable growing practices. Providing its customers with the freshest and most flavorful produce possible, Windset's 710 acres of greenhouse facilities across British Columbia, California and Mexico combine state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive greenhouse standards to ensure optimal growing conditions and year-round availability. Non-GMO Project Verified!

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Mfg: Labs:

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Wine Lovers Agency 5925 Annette St. Toronto ON M6S 2C4 Canada Pres: Pino Piscitelli Mfg: Est: 1985 • Wine • Distributor • Racks/Rails • Accessories

WorkSafe BC Tel: 416-551-6898 Fax: 416-551-6490 Mktg: Jennifer Clarke Admin: Rev: $ M Staff: 10–50

• Gondola Shelving • Shelf Mgmt Systems • Shelving

PO Box 5350 Stn Terminal Vancouver BC V6B 5L5 Canada Mgmt: Gerry Paquette Mfg: Est:

Tel: 604-231-8888 888-967-5377 Fax: 604-233-9777 Mktg: Admin: Staff:

Rev: $ M

• Business Service • Insurance

Leading distributor of imported wines in Ontario, Canada. Centrally located in Toronto, we have been proudly bringing fine wines to Ontario consumers for over 30 years in all distribution channels, including LCBO retail; Wines & Vintages, & LCBO Consignment/Private Ordering. Our wine selection is a diverse collection of high-value wines we've discovered all over the world, spanning a number of regions from Italy, Spain, France, Chile, South Africa, USA, Canada. Racking & preservation also a specialty.

WorkSafeBC is dedicated to promoting workplace health and safety for the workers and employers of this province. We consult with and educate employers and workers and enforce the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Wine Marketing Association of Ontario for VQA Wines of Ontario Tel: 905-562-8070 4890 Victoria Avenue North Vineland ON L0R 2E0 Canada Fax: 905-562-1993 Mgmt: Mktg: Sylvia Augaitis Mfg: Admin: Est: Rev: $ M Staff: • Wine • Association

YoFiit 167 Applewood Cr. Vaughan ON L4K 4K7 Canada Pres: Marie Amazan Mfg: Est: • Energy Bars • Nutrition Bars • Bars-Various • Fibre

Tel: 647-997-7846

Rev: $ M

• Cereal • Sports Nutrition • Organic Products • Beverages

Fax: Mktg: Admin: Staff: • Milk Free

The Wine Marketing Association of Ontario is dedicated to promoting the VQA wines of Ontario - both the vintners and the unique qualities of our authentic VQA wines that are made exclusively from 100% Ontario-grown grapes. Wine Country Ontario is dedicated to promoting Ontario’s wine-growing regions from the wines and wineries themselves to the complete experience of each destination: local cuisine, year-round activities and warm hospitality.

YoFiit™ was created with the mission to provide sustainable, plantbased, transparent & nutrients-dense products to active individuals whether they are students, professionals, athletes, parents or kids. We pride ourselves in having developed a dynamic process that allows for the optimal combination of the health support pillars such as protein, fibre, fatty-acids, probiotics and trace minerals. YoFiit is a leader in innovative products with the first high protein / high omega 3 chickpea milk alternative in the world.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

Wood Enterprises #3-3225 McCallum Rd. Abbotsford BC V2S 7W5 Canada Owner: Peter Guenther Mfg: Est: 1986 • Cleaning Products • Equip-Cleaning • Health & Safety • Food Safety

Zast Foods Corporation

Rev: $ M

• Agriculture • Containers • Distributor • Equip-MatrlHdlg

Tel: 604-859-4583 855-859-4583 Fax: 604-859-4573 Mktg: Admin: Staff: • Garbage Bags • Gloves

6C-222 Islington Ave Toronto ON M8V 3W7 Canada Pres: Ryan Pennie Ops: Jayne Hughes Est: • Snack Food • Fruit • Frozen Food-Fruit • Popcorn

Tel: 416-539-9278

Rev: $ M

• Salsa • Seasonings • Sweeteners • Teas-Organic

Fax: 416-539-9299 Mktg: Admin: Staff: • Teas-Various • Tortilla Chips • Vegetable • Spices

Wood Enterprises was established in 1986 with the goal to provide a wide range of limited use protective apparel and safety products to multiple industries. Each customer, whether large or small, is very important to us and we strive to provide a personal touch that many competitors do not. If you are an existing customer, we hope you are aware of how important you are to us. If you are not yet one of our valued customers, we ask for the opportunity to prove our level of commitment to excellence.

Zast Foods creates original and co-packed food brands for today’s on-the-go consumer. Look for our products in food service outlets like movie theatres and event venues along with grocery, convenience and club stores. Our line of high quality products offers great taste and convenience. From Cineplex Big Screen Snax that offer the great taste of movie popcorn and nachos wherever you are to nudefruit, our line of local frozen fruit, and Cookin' Greens, we have something to please your tastes.

Mfg: Labs:

Mfg: Labs:

166 Cross Index Accessories Can-Clean Pressure Washers Caster Town Ltd. Concept Store Fixtures Intern Continental Store Fixture Gr Foothills Creamery JNE Retail Equipment Inc. Melitta Canada Inc. Wine Lovers Agency Accounting FMS Solutions Holdings, LL Grant Thornton Minotaur Software Ltd. Open Systems, Inc. Ads Clearance Extreme Reach Canada Advertising Precision Label and Tag Inc. Prinex Media Inc. Retail Merchants' Assoc.of C Sterling Press & Packaging I THM Group TrainCan, Inc.

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 KeepRite Refrigeration 45 49 53 54 72 95 109 165

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Advocacy Ontario Agri-Food Technolo Retail Merchants' Assoc.of C

122 134

Agri-Food Ag-West Bio Inc. Agrivalue Processing Busine BroadGrain Cider Keg (The) Uncle Tom' Excellence in Manufacturing Food Development Centre Food Processing Human Res JD Farms Specialty Turkey Little Qualicum Cheesework Mojo Jojo Pickles Mosur Machine Co. Ltd. Northern Lights Foods Ontario Agri-Food Technolo Second Harvest SIAL Canada Thermo Design Insulation Lt Windset Farms

34 34 43 52 65 71 71 94 105 111 112 118 122 141 143 152 164

Air Conditioning CT Control Temp Ltd. Emerson Commercial & Resi Jones Food Store Equipment

Air Fresheners Diversey Inc. Henkel Consumer Goods Ca Johnston Wholesale Orkin Canada

59 84 96 124

Alarm Monitoring Emerson Commercial & Resi


Amino Acids Canadian Analytical Laborat ORITE Ingredient Ltd. PK Chem Industries Ltd. Prinova Group Troll Bridge Creek Inc.

45 124 127 129 157

Analytical Testing Canadian Analytical Laborat Extreme Reach Canada Food Development Centre ILC - Micro-Chem Inc. Maxxam Analytics Mérieux NutriSciences - Silli Neogen Noraxx Inspections Inc. Nutrasource Romer Labs, Inc. ToLink Inc.

45 66 71 88 108 109 116 117 120 136 153

Anti-inflammatory AstaReal, Inc. Barlean's Bill Beauty & Health Produc Troll Bridge Creek Inc.

37 39 41 157

Antioxidants AstaReal, Inc. Bill Beauty & Health Produc Bremner Foods Ltd. Caldic Canada Inc. Continental Ingredients Cana Dempsey Corporation General Ingredient Inc. Leading Brands of Canada, I Maxxam Analytics Newco Enterprises Inc. Omega Alpha Pharmaceutica Organika Health Products PBR Laboratories Inc. PK Chem Industries Ltd. Prinova Group The Stonemill Bakehouse Lt UrbanZen Tea Inc.

37 41 42 44 54 58 75 103 108 116 121 124 126 127 129 152 159

Otimo Brazilian Cheese Puff Oxford Food Group Sable & Rosenfeld

124 125 138

Apple Butters Cider Keg (The) Uncle Tom' Wellesley Apple Products

52 162

Aprons Butchers and Packers Suppli Grauman Packaging Ltd. Jarvis Canada Ltd. Nelson-Jameson, Inc. UNITEX Sales Ltd.

44 80 94 116 159

AR Financing JD Factors Corporation


SAI Global Surety Food Safety Group In

138 147

Automation FANUC Canada, Ltd. Filbitron Systems Group Institute of Food Processing Intelligrated Linde Canada Limited MD Packaging Inc. Pearson Packaging Systems Tri-Mach Group Inc. VC999 Canada

66 68 90 90 104 109 126 156 160

Automobile Johnson Inc. Insurance Vancouver Hino Truck Sales

95 159

Baby/Infant Products National Importers Inc. Nestlé Canada Inc. Ontario Natural Food Co-op Silver Resonance Inc. Skjodt Barrett Foods

114 116 123 143 143

Bags Alte-Rego Corporation CanEngrave Signage and Pri Chantler Packaging Inc. Courtyard Display Systems I Eco Guardian EcoDurable Products by Col FoodPack Inc. Grauman Packaging Ltd. Halford's Instore Products Limited Layfield Flexible Packaging Ortai Inc. Taipak Enterprises Ltd. Trinity Plastic Products Inc. UNITEX Sales Ltd.

35 47 50 55 62 62 72 80 82 90 102 124 148 156 159

Baked Goods Apple Valley Foods Inc Arthur J. Gallagher Canada L Canada Bread Company Ltd. Dawn Food Products Ltd. Edlong Dairy Technologies Fiera Foods Grain-Free JK Gourmet Inc. Granny Lyn's Kitchen, Ltd. Handtmann Canada Ltd. Hardy Sales Ltd. Husky Foods Jan K. Overweel Limited Lorelyn's Gourmet Desserts Maplehurst Bakery / Ready McCall's Micaelense Home Bakery Lt MiMi Foods Oakrun Farm Bakery Premiere Moisson Sabine's Collections Scott-Bathgate Ltd. SIAL Canada Stickling's Specialty Bakery

36 37 45 57 62 68 78 79 82 83 87 94 105 106 108 110 110 120 129 138 140 143 145


Advisory Services Quinte Economic Developm

Agriculture Ag-West Bio Inc. Bioenterprise Corporation Growers Intern'l Organic Sal Little Qualicum Cheesework Old Country Seeds - Franchi Turkey Farmers of Canada Wood Enterprises


34 41 81 105 121 157 165

56 63 96

Antipasto Excelsior Foods Inc. Get Sauced & Spiced Inc. Intertrade Gourmet

66 75 91

Appetizers Conagra Brands, Inc. Fine Choice Foods Ltd. Frobisher International Enter Intercity Packers Ltd.

53 69 73 91

Asian Food ASIAN FAMILY Specialty Canda Six Fortune Enterprise Fine Choice Foods Ltd. Hunter's Dressed Meats I-D Foods Corporation Korea Food Trading Korex Logistics Canada Ltd. Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. - A M.A.P. International Freight McCormick Canada National Importers Inc. Seoul Trading Corp. T-Brothers Food & Trading Teriyaki Experience Thai Away Home TransCold Distribution Ltd. Western Rice Mills Ltd.

37 47 69 86 87 100 100 103 105 108 114 141 148 149 150 155 162

Association Ag-West Bio Inc. Cdn. Corrugated & Containe CFIG Excellence in Manufacturing National Sunflower Associati Ontario Ginseng Growers As Ontario Independent Meat Pr Saskatchewan Food & Ingred Turkey Farmers of Canada Wine Marketing Association

34 50 50 65 114 122 122 139 157 165

Assurance & Accounting MNP LLP


ATM Machines Cardtronics Canada Ltd.


ATP Monitoring Neogen


Audio Visual CMR Home Entertainment Musicworks Ltd

53 113

Audits & SOPs Filbitron Systems Group National Deduction Recover Orkin Canada

68 114 124

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 The Stonemill Bakehouse Lt Touche Bakery Inc. U-Be-Livin-Smart Inc. W.G. Pro Manufacturing Weston Foods Inc. Westrow Food Group

152 154 158 161 163 163

Bakeware Chicago Metallic - CMBB B Hubert Company PMD Solutions Plus

51 86 128

Baking Ingredients Arthur J. Gallagher Canada L Best Cooking Pulses Inc. Caldic Canada Inc. Chemroy Canada Inc. Continental Ingredients Cana Edica Naturals Ltd Embassy Flavours Ltd. Flavorcan International Inc. Foley's Candies Limited Part G. E. Barbour Inc. General Ingredient Inc. Grainworks, Inc. Granny Appleton Foods InfraReady Products (1998) Kidd Bros Honey/Western S Marquis Milling and Grain / McCall's McCormick Canada Namaste Foods, LLC Naturally Nutritious Food (2 Otimo Brazilian Cheese Puff Pinnacle Foods Canada Corp PK Chem Industries Ltd. PMD Solutions Plus PreGel Canada Professional Ingredients Inc. Reinhart Foods Richmond Traders Inc Scoular Univar Canada Ltd. W.T. Lynch Foods Ltd.

37 40 44 51 54 62 63 70 71 74 75 79 79 89 98 107 108 108 113 115 124 127 127 128 129 130 134 135 140 159 161

Baking Mixes Embassy Flavours Ltd. InfraReady Products (1998) Marquis Milling and Grain / Pinnacle Foods Canada Corp SIAL Canada

63 89 107 127 143

Banking JD Factors Corporation Quinte Economic Developm Richmond Traders Inc

94 132 135

Barcode Systems Aptus Systems Inc. Automation Associates, Inc. distrib-u-tec Software Glenwood Labels Globe POS Systems Inc. Int'l Bar Coding Systems & Jet Label & Packaging Ltd Minotaur Software Ltd.

36 38 59 76 76 90 95 111

Cross Index 167

OCR Canada Ltd. REA JET Canada Samuel Packaging Systems SYNQ Security + Access Te

120 133 138 148

Barriers Enershield Air Barriers Insta-Fence Temporary Fenc

64 90

Bars - Various HoneyBar Products Int Inc. Olive-it International Inc. Simply Protein Stickling's Specialty Bakery UNFI Canada, Inc. YoFiit

86 121 143 145 158 165

Beans Continental Importers 2014 Farmer Direct Co-operative Gia Foods Ltd. Krinos Foods Canada Matt & Steve's Richmond Traders Inc Scoular Unico (Primo)

54 67 75 100 107 135 140 158

Bee Products/Beeswax Bill Beauty & Health Produc Honey Bunny Inc. K.B. Honey Ltd. Kidd Bros Honey/Western S Organika Health Products ORITE Ingredient Ltd. Western Sage Honey

41 85 97 98 124 124 163

Beverage Containers Canadian Thermos Products


Beverages Agropur Dairy Cooperative ASIAN FAMILY Specialty Aurora Importing & Distribu Best Gourmet Coffee Wholes Canadian Analytical Laborat Canadian Gold Beverages Ca Canterbury Coffee Corporati Cider Keg (The) Uncle Tom' Double D Beverage Co. Edlong Dairy Technologies Elco Fine Foods Limited Elite International Foods Inc. European Fine Foods Co. Inc Everest Enterprises Excelsior Foods Inc. Extreme Reach Canada Falesca Importing Ltd. Fentimans North America Food Development Centre Global Reach Confections an Grace Foods Canada Inc. Hans Dairy Inc. I-D Foods Corporation Intertrade Gourmet Kirkwood Diamond Canada Kool-Down Beverage Corp.

34 37 38 40 45 46 48 52 60 62 62 63 65 65 66 66 66 68 71 76 78 82 87 91 99 99

Kraft Heinz Canada ULC Krinos Foods Canada Label Pak Printing Inc. Leading Brands of Canada, I Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. - A Linde Canada Limited Monfitello Nanton Water & Soda Ltd. Natures Pop Sales NestlĂŠ Canada Inc. Newport Gourmet Foods Inc. Organic Products Lanka Inc. Planet Foods Inc. Seoul Trading Corp. SIAL Canada TFB & Associates Ltd. Thai Indochine Trading Inc. TricorBraun Troll Bridge Creek Inc. UNFI Canada, Inc. United States Department of UrbanZen Tea Inc. W.T. Lynch Foods Ltd. Whistler Water Inc. YoFiit

100 100 102 103 103 104 112 114 115 116 117 124 127 141 143 150 150 156 157 158 159 159 161 163 165

Beverages - Almond Earth's Own Food Company


Beverages - Rice Earth's Own Food Company

66 78 79 154

Bison Meat/Products Canadian Bison Association Canadian Prairie Bison Canadian Rangeland Bison Carmen Creek Gourmet Biso Drake Meat Processors Northfork Bison Distribution Ontario Independent Meat Pr Ronald A. Chisholm Limited

46 46 47 48 60 119 122 136

Blades Jarvis Canada Ltd.


Blending Air Liquide Canada Air Products Canada, LTD Chesher Equipment Ltd. Continental Ingredients Cana Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd Pemberton & Associates Inc. WIBERG Corporation

34 35 51 54 106 126 164

Body Care Mountain Sky Soaps Newco Enterprises Inc.

113 116

Botanicals Edible Impressions Flavorcan International Inc. Omega Alpha Pharmaceutica ORITE Ingredient Ltd.

62 70 121 124

Bottling DJS Enterprises Morris Lee Ltd Pro Line Nutrition Ltd. R-J Machinery Inc. TricorBraun Whistler Water Inc.

59 112 130 132 156 163

Boxes Barco Materials Handling Beneco Packaging Boxmaster EB Box Company Ortai Inc.

39 40 42 61 124

Brand Management Arranti Inc. Astro Marketing CanEngrave Signage and Pri CB Powell Limited Chantler Packaging Inc. Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. - A NuStart Marketing Ltd. Precision Label and Tag Inc. Prinex Media Inc. W.G. Pro Manufacturing

37 38 47 49 50 103 119 129 129 161


Beverages - Smoothie Canadian Trade House Canterbury Coffee Corporati Happy Planet Foods Inc. Kool-Down Beverage Corp. Skjodt Barrett Foods Westrow Food Group

47 48 83 99 143 163

Beverages - Soda Double D Beverage Co. Fentimans North America Ideon Packaging Mojo Jojo Pickles Whistler Water Inc.

60 68 87 111 163

Bio Chemicals Rothsay Biodiesel


Bio Oil Rothsay Biodiesel


Biodegradable Products Eco Guardian Green Dolphin Systems Corp Ontario Natural Food Co-op

62 80 123

BioDiesel Rothsay Biodiesel


Biotechnology Neogen Okanagan Specialty Fruits in

116 121


Excelsior Foods Inc. Grain-Free JK Gourmet Inc. Granny Lyn's Kitchen, Ltd. Touche Bakery Inc.

Branding Arctic Chiller Ltd.


168 Cross Index Arranti Inc. ASIAN FAMILY Specialty Food Distribution Guy Grauman Packaging Ltd. Jet Label & Packaging Ltd Prinex Media Inc. REA JET Canada UNITEX Sales Ltd.

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 37 37 71 80 95 129 133 159

Bread Arthur J. Gallagher Canada L Canada Bread Company Ltd. Dare Foods Limited Granny Lyn's Kitchen, Ltd. Husky Foods Italian Home Bakery Maplehurst Bakery / Ready Micaelense Home Bakery Lt MiMi Foods Nature's Path Foods Inc. OK Frozen Dough Reiser (Canada) Co. Sabine's Collections The Stonemill Bakehouse Lt Weston Foods Inc.

37 45 57 79 87 92 106 110 110 115 120 134 138 152 163

Bread - Organic Arthur J. Gallagher Canada L Premiere Moisson

37 129

Broker C.W. Shasky & Associates L Cowan Insurance Group CROSSMARK Canada Inc. Field Farms Ltd. & Sara's Na FoodPack Inc. Hardy Sales Ltd. Inform Food Brokerage International Pacific Sales Korex Logistics Canada Ltd. NuStart Marketing Ltd. Professional Ingredients Inc. Retail Resource Services Inc. Rosemount Sales & Marketin Shafer-Haggart Ltd. The Stonemill Bakehouse Lt Westrow Food Group Broths Dempsey Corporation Bulk Food Bins/Items Brencar Courtyard Display Systems I Edible Impressions Saksco Gourmet Basket Sup Seoul Trading Corp.

44 55 55 68 72 83 89 91 100 119 130 134 136 142 152 163


42 55 62 138 141

Bulk Ingredients/Raw Materials AstaReal, Inc. 37 Caldic Canada Inc. 44 Chemroy Canada Inc. 51 Continental Ingredients Cana 54 Du Bois Wild Rice Ltd. 60 Farmer Direct Co-operative 67 Foley Dog Treat Company In 70

Foley's Candies Limited Part Golden Boy Foods Ltd. Grainworks, Inc. Granny Appleton Foods Green Chocolate Works LTD Happy Days Dairies Ltd. Kidd Bros Honey/Western S Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd Marquis Milling and Grain / McCall's MMIS Inc. Naturally Nutritious Food (2 Nelson-Jameson, Inc. Northern Quinoa Production Ontario Natural Food Co-op PK Chem Industries Ltd. Pouch Makers Canada Inc. Prairie Harvest Canada Ltd. Prinova Group Professional Ingredients Inc. Ronald A. Chisholm Limited Scholtens Inc. Scoular Solar Gold Dried Fruit UNFI Canada, Inc. Univar Canada Ltd. W.T. Lynch Foods Ltd. WELLBAKE Equipment Inc Business Analytics Ag-West Bio Inc. Open Systems, Inc. Talbot Consultants Internatio Business Development Ag-West Bio Inc. Agrivalue Processing Busine ASIAN FAMILY Specialty Ceridian Canada Ltd. Food Distribution Guy Futurpreneur Canada Leader's Edge Consulting NuStart Marketing Ltd. Ontario Agri-Food Technolo Progress Therapeutics Inc. Vineland Research and Innov Business Management Agri-food Management Instit NATURAL HEALTH DIST Business Service Agri-food Management Instit Arthur J. Gallagher Canada L Excellence in Manufacturing FMS Solutions Holdings, LL Int'l Bar Coding Systems & King Business Services Corp Korex Logistics Canada Ltd. Noraxx Inspections Inc. Retail Merchants' Assoc.of C The Stonemill Bakehouse Lt THM Group United States Department of WorkSafe BC

71 77 79 79 80 82 98 106 107 108 111 115 116 118 123 127 128 128 129 130 136 139 140 144 158 159 161 162

34 123 149

34 34 37 50 71 74 103 119 122 130 160

34 114

34 37 65 70 90 98 100 117 134 152 152 159 165

Butter Agropur Dairy Cooperative Butter Buds Food Ingredients Dealers Ingredients Inc. Foothills Creamery Ivanhoe Cheese Raimac

34 44 57 72 93 132

Buying Group Pan-Oston Ltd.


Cabinets Arctica Showcase Inc. Brencar McCowan Design & Manufa

36 42 108

Cake Decor Granny Lyn's Kitchen, Ltd. PMD Solutions Plus Candles - Various Dawn Food Products Ltd. Canned Food/Meat Arthur J. Gallagher Canada L ASIAN FAMILY Specialty Bernardin Ltd. Conagra Brands, Inc. Grace Foods Canada Inc. Mojo Jojo Pickles Shafer-Haggart Ltd. Thai Indochine Trading Inc.

79 128


37 37 40 53 78 111 142 150

Canola Scoular


Capsules Canadian Analytical Laborat Everest Enterprises Total Health Ctre (Reena Ent

45 65 154

Caramel Kerr Bros. Limited Skjodt Barrett Foods Caribbean Food Grace Foods Canada Inc. Cart Control Brascon Stainless Steel Fabri Instore Products Limited RTS Retail Turnstile Security Systems

98 143


42 90 137 157

Carton Sealers DJS Enterprises MD Packaging Inc. Pearson Packaging Systems R-J Machinery Inc.

59 109 126 132

Cartons - Folding Boxmaster EB Box Company TricorBraun

42 61 156


Butchers and Packers Suppli Courtyard Display Systems I Dana Industries Inc. Gatekeeper Systems Canada ICOM Refrigeration Corpora Industrial Bakery Equipment Instore Products Limited JNE Retail Equipment Inc. Johnston Equipment Nelson-Jameson, Inc. Ortai Inc. RTS Retail SYNQ Security + Access Te

44 55 56 74 87 89 90 95 95 116 124 137 148

Case Protectors Brascon Stainless Steel Fabri iMetal Inc. RTS Retail

42 88 137

Cash Processing CashTech Currency Products Cummins-Allison ULC Gemsys Money Handling Sy GEMSYS Money Handling Halo Metrics Inc. Retail Merchants' Assoc.of C

49 56 75 75 82 134

Cash Registers Aptus Systems Inc. Int'l Bar Coding Systems & OCR Canada Ltd.

36 90 120

Casings Food Supplies Company Inc. Food Supplies Company Inc. Halford's MMIS Inc. UniPac Packaging Products

72 72 82 111 158

Casters Cart Connection Canada Inc. Caster Town Ltd.

48 49

Category Management Filbitron Systems Group Globe POS Systems Inc. Nielsen Canada Toolbox Solutions Inc.

68 76 117 154

CCTV SYNQ Security + Access Te


Cellophane Grauman Packaging Ltd. Cereal European Fine Foods Co. Inc Grain-Free JK Gourmet Inc. Kellogg Canada Inc. Kriscor & Associates La Fourmi Bionique Nature's Path Foods Inc. PepsiCo Foods Canada Rogers Foods Sask. Food Industry Develop Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd.


65 78 97 100 102 115 126 135 139 146

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 Sunrise Foods International I TFB & Associates Ltd. United States Department of YoFiit

146 150 159 165

Certification Agrivalue Processing Busine Food Processing Human Res Johnston Equipment Mérieux NutriSciences - Silli Noraxx Inspections Inc. Pro-Cert Organic Systems Lt SAI Global Surety Food Safety Group In Western Scale Co. Ltd.

34 71 95 109 117 130 138 147 163

Checkouts Aptus Systems Inc. Bel Par Industries Ltd. Brascon Stainless Steel Fabri JNE Retail Equipment Inc. Jones Food Store Equipment King Business Services Corp McCowan Design & Manufa Ortai Inc. Pan-Oston Ltd. Wilson Display Ltd.

36 39 42 95 96 98 108 124 125 164

Cheese - Various Agropur Dairy Cooperative Butter Buds Food Ingredients Dealers Ingredients Inc. Edlong Dairy Technologies Excelsior Foods Inc. Flamingo Foods Ltd. / Scard Global Reach Confections an Happy Days Dairies Ltd. Intercity Packers Ltd. Ivanhoe Cheese Jan K. Overweel Limited Kraft Heinz Canada ULC Krinos Foods Canada Little Qualicum Cheesework M.A.P. International Freight Natural Pastures Cheese Parmalat Canada SIAL Canada Silani Sweet Cheese Ltd. Stemmler Meats & Cheese In Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd. Tiras Dairies Inc. Chemicals Air Products Canada, LTD Can-Clean Pressure Washers Canada Colors and Chemical Diversey Inc. Epsilon Chemicals Ltd. Green Dolphin Systems Corp Jarvis Canada Ltd. Linde Canada Limited Maxxam Analytics Nelson-Jameson, Inc. Scott Process Equipment & Chili

34 44 57 62 66 69 76 82 91 93 94 100 100 105 105 115 125 143 143 145 148 153

35 45 45 59 64 80 94 104 108 116 140

Cross Index 169

Happy Planet Foods Inc. She Devil Delights

83 142

Chillers Air Liquide Canada Air Products Canada, LTD Berg Chilling Systems Butchers and Packers Suppli GBS Food Service Equipmen Praxair Canada Inc. The Creamery Plastic Produc

34 35 40 44 74 128 151

Chocolate Asti Holdings Ltd. (Golden Aurora Importing & Distribu Brittles 'n More & The Fudge Continental Ingredients Cana Cottage Country Candies & Euro-Excellence, division of Excelsior Foods Inc. Fielding Group Ltd. Grain-Free JK Gourmet Inc. Green Chocolate Works LTD Hagensborg Chocolates Husky Foods Intertrade Gourmet Jan K. Overweel Limited Kerr Bros. Limited McCall's Nestlé Canada Inc. Newco Enterprises Inc. NuStart Marketing Ltd. Omega Food Importers Co. L Riverbend Plantation Gourm S.A. Chocolate Aliments Inc. Saksco Gourmet Basket Sup Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd.

37 38 43 54 54 65 66 68 78 80 81 87 91 94 98 108 116 116 119 122 135 137 138 148

Chutney Summer Kitchen Fine Foods


Cider Cider Keg (The) Uncle Tom' Intertrade Gourmet Wellesley Apple Products Cleaning Products Atesco Industrial Hygiene Lt Can-Clean Pressure Washers Cascades Tissue Group Champion Products Corp. Dawn Food Products Ltd. Diversey Inc. Enterprise Paper Co. Ltd. Epsilon Chemicals Ltd. Excelsior Foods Inc. Green Dolphin Systems Corp Intersteam Technologies Johnston Wholesale LFT Group Brands Loblaw Companies Limited Nelson-Jameson, Inc. Ontario Natural Food Co-op Orkin Canada Wood Enterprises

52 91 162

38 45 49 50 57 59 64 64 66 80 91 96 104 105 116 123 124 165

Clinical Trials Nutrasource


Clip Strips Marketing Impact Ltd. Shelf Talkers Manufacturing Western Spring and Wire Ltd

107 142 163

Closures TricorBraun


Co-packer Crosby Molasses Company L Groupe Robert Prinex Media Inc. Riverbend Plantation Gourm Select Food Products Limite Sherway Group The Elite Meat Company Touche Bakery Inc. W.G. Pro Manufacturing

55 80 129 135 141 142 151 154 161

Cocoa Continental Ingredients Cana S.A. Chocolate Aliments Inc.

54 137

Coconut Products Barlean's Canda Six Fortune Enterprise Grace Foods Canada Inc. Kerr Bros. Limited Klassic Coconut Organika Health Products Reinhart Foods

39 47 78 98 99 124 134

Coding/Marking Jet Label & Packaging Ltd REA JET Canada Weber Marking Systems of

95 133 161

Coffee Best Gourmet Coffee Wholes Canterbury Coffee Corporati Embassy Flavours Ltd. Everest Enterprises I-D Foods Corporation Indonesian Trade Promotion Intertrade Gourmet Kienna Coffee Roasters Kraft Heinz Canada ULC Krinos Foods Canada Little Qualicum Cheesework Melitta Canada Inc. Nature's Choice Foods Limit Nestlé Canada Inc. Planet Foods Inc. Saksco Gourmet Basket Sup

40 48 63 65 87 89 91 98 100 100 105 109 115 116 127 138

Cold & Flu Remedies Canadian Analytical Laborat Johnston Wholesale Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. - A Platinum Naturals Ltd. TFB & Associates Ltd.

45 96 103 127 150

Cold Storage Warehousing

Automation Associates, Inc. Cloverdale Cold Storage Ltd. Groupe Robert H Cold Storage Inc. Nova Cold Logistics Second Harvest Sherway Group Structural Panels Inc. Trenton Cold Storage VersaCold Logistics Services

38 52 80 81 119 141 142 145 156 160

Commercialization Ag-West Bio Inc. Agrivalue Processing Busine Bioenterprise Corporation PBR Laboratories Inc. Vineland Research and Innov

34 34 41 126 160

Communication Ag-West Bio Inc. Contact Canada (ON) Exchange Solutions Globe POS Systems Inc. Ledcor Group THM Group

34 54 66 76 103 152

Compressor Systems Emerson Commercial & Resi Raimac

63 132

Computer Systems Aptus Systems Inc. distrib-u-tec Software DuraFast Label Company Filbitron Systems Group Globe POS Systems Inc. Honeywell Int'l Bar Coding Systems & King Business Services Corp Minotaur Software Ltd. Pouch Makers Canada Inc. Superior Technologies Sweda Canada Inc.

36 59 60 68 76 86 90 98 111 128 147 148

Concept Development Agrivalue Processing Busine Chantler Packaging Inc. Mosaic Sales Solutions Prinex Media Inc. RTS Retail

34 50 112 129 137

Condiments ASIAN FAMILY Specialty Aurora Importing & Distribu Elite International Foods Inc. European Fine Foods Co. Inc Hanes Hummus Hidden Garden Foods Ltd. Honey Bunny Inc. I-D Foods Corporation Intertrade Gourmet Krinos Foods Canada Lee Kum KEE(USA) Inc. Sable & Rosenfeld Sask. Food Industry Develop Select Food Products Limite

37 38 63 65 82 84 85 87 91 100 103 138 139 141

170 Cross Index She Devil Delights Summer Kitchen Fine Foods Thai Indochine Trading Inc. The Garlic Box Inc. Unico (Primo) United States Department of Confectionary Asti Holdings Ltd. (Golden Brittles 'n More & The Fudge Chemroy Canada Inc. Cottage Country Candies & Covered Bridge Potato Chip Dare Foods Limited Edible Impressions Elite International Foods Inc. Euro-Excellence, division of European Fine Foods Co. Inc Excelsior Foods Inc. Foley's Candies Limited Part Global Reach Confections an Green Chocolate Works LTD Huer Foods Inc. Husky Foods Intertrade Gourmet Jan K. Overweel Limited Jelly Belly Candy Company Kerr Bros. Limited Krinos Foods Canada National Importers Inc. Nestlé Canada Inc. Omega Food Importers Co. L PreGel Canada RedFrog Enterprises Ltd. S.A. Chocolate Aliments Inc. Saksco Gourmet Basket Sup Scholtens Inc. Scott-Bathgate Ltd. Scoular TFB & Associates Ltd. The Grocery People (TGP) Tree of Life Canada Inc. U-Be-Livin-Smart Inc. United States Department of Western Rice Mills Ltd.

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 142 146 150 151 158 159

37 43 51 54 55 57 62 63 65 65 66 71 76 80 86 87 91 94 95 98 100 114 116 122 129 133 137 138 139 140 140 150 151 155 158 159 162

Construction BNE Contractors Inc. Brass Monkey Installations Foodcon Ledcor Group Quinte Economic Developm Sika Canada Inc. Structural Panels Inc. Surface Renewal Systems Lt Thermo Design Insulation Lt TWD technologies

41 42 72 103 132 143 145 147 152 157

Consulting Advance Wire Products Ltd. Aptus Systems Inc. Bioenterprise Corporation BroadGrain Canada Beef Inc. Cowan Insurance Group Diversey Inc.

33 36 41 43 45 55 59

Exchange Solutions Extreme Reach Canada FMS Solutions Holdings, LL Foodcon Globe POS Systems Inc. Innovaltech Int'l Bar Coding Systems & MNP LLP Mosaic Sales Solutions National Deduction Recover Nielsen Canada Noraxx Inspections Inc. NSF International NuStart Marketing Ltd. Nutrasource Pouch Makers Canada Inc. Promolux Lighting Intl. Quinte Economic Developm REA JET Canada RJW Consulting Canada Ltd. RollCo inc. simple, easy, fast Romer Labs, Inc. SAI Global Surety Food Safety Group In Talbot Consultants Internatio THM Group Transplace Canada TWD technologies Westrow Food Group

66 66 70 72 76 90 90 111 112 114 117 117 119 119 120 128 131 132 133 135 136 136 138 147 149 152 155 157 163

Consulting - Regulatory dicentra


Consumer Products Groupe Robert The Elite Meat Company

80 151

Consumer Response dicentra Containerboard Atlantic Packaging Products



Containers Arthur J. Gallagher Canada L Barr Plastics Inc. FoodPack Inc. Genpak Great Little Box Company Groupe Robert Metro Compactor Service In MFG Tray (Molded Fiber Gl Orbis Canada Limited Pro-Western Plastics Ltd. RTS Retail The Greenlid - Autom River Wood Enterprises

37 39 72 75 80 80 109 110 123 130 137 151 165

Contract Manufacturing Pouch Makers Canada Inc.


Contract Research Institute of Food Processing Maxxam Analytics Mérieux NutriSciences - Silli Ontario Agri-Food Technolo

90 108 109 122

PBR Laboratories Inc. Conveyor Belts Habasit Canada Limited R-J Machinery Inc. Cookies Dare Foods Limited Edlong Dairy Technologies Euro-Excellence, division of European Fine Foods Co. Inc Excelsior Foods Inc. Falesca Importing Ltd. Fielding Group Ltd. Global Reach Confections an Grain-Free JK Gourmet Inc. Granny Lyn's Kitchen, Ltd. Hidden Garden Foods Ltd. Husky Foods I-D Foods Corporation Intertrade Gourmet Jakeman's Maple Products Jan K. Overweel Limited Label Pak Printing Inc. Lorelyn's Gourmet Desserts Maplehurst Bakery / Ready McCall's Micaelense Home Bakery Lt Omega Food Importers Co. L PepsiCo Foods Canada Reiser (Canada) Co. Saksco Gourmet Basket Sup Stickling's Specialty Bakery Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd. Touche Bakery Inc. Trumps Food Interest Ltd. United States Department of Voortman Cookies Limited Western Rice Mills Ltd. Weston Foods Inc.


81 132

57 62 65 65 66 66 68 76 78 79 84 87 87 91 94 94 102 105 106 108 110 122 126 134 138 145 148 154 157 159 160 162 163

Coolers - Walk in Brass Monkey Installations


Cost Accounting distrib-u-tec Software


Crackers Dare Foods Limited Edlong Dairy Technologies Elco Fine Foods Limited Fielding Group Ltd. I-D Foods Corporation Intertrade Gourmet National Importers Inc. NuStart Marketing Ltd. RedFrog Enterprises Ltd. Trumps Food Interest Ltd. United States Department of

57 62 62 68 87 91 114 119 133 157 159

Cresting UNITEX Sales Ltd.


CRM Filbitron Systems Group Open Systems, Inc.

68 123

Croutons Granny Appleton Foods I-D Foods Corporation Curry Sauces Mad About Food Inc. Thai Away Home

79 87

106 150

Curtains Kingman Industries (2012) L


Custom Blending Dure Foods Ltd. Hela Spice Canada Inc. Kool-Down Beverage Corp. Marquis Milling and Grain / MMIS Inc. UniPac Packaging Products WIBERG Corporation

60 83 99 107 111 158 164

Custom Neck Ties UNITEX Sales Ltd.


Custom Products Brencar CanEngrave Signage and Pri Dare Foods Limited EcoDurable Products by Col Fine Choice Foods Ltd. Green Chocolate Works LTD Ingenia Natural Products Inc. MiMi Foods The Elite Meat Company UNITEX Sales Ltd.

42 47 57 62 69 80 89 110 151 159

Customs Brokerage CB Powell Limited Dairy Products A&M Gourmet Foods Inc. Agropur Dairy Cooperative Agropur Dairy Cooperative Butter Buds Food Ingredients Chapman's Ice Cream Chemroy Canada Inc. Continental Ingredients Cana Dealers Ingredients Inc. Edlong Dairy Technologies Foodland Ontario Grace Foods Canada Inc. Groupe Robert Handtmann Canada Ltd. Hans Dairy Inc. Happy Days Dairies Ltd. iMetal Inc. Kawartha Dairy Limited Label Pak Printing Inc. Leo-Chem Enterprises Inc. Little Qualicum Cheesework M.A.P. International Freight Meadowfresh Dairy Natural Pastures Cheese Ontario Natural Food Co-op Parmalat Canada Reiser (Canada) Co. Ronald A. Chisholm Limited


33 34 34 44 51 51 54 57 62 72 78 80 82 82 82 88 97 102 104 105 105 109 115 123 125 134 136

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 Scotsburn Ice Cream Compa Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd. The Grocery People (TGP) Tiras Dairies Inc. Vitala Foods

140 148 151 153 160

Data Collection Arvo Group Inc. CROSSMARK Canada Inc. distrib-u-tec Software Exchange Solutions Filbitron Systems Group Honeywell Intouch Insight Localize Services Ltd. Mettler-Toledo LLC. Minotaur Software Ltd. OCR Canada Ltd. Sensitech Canada Talbot Consultants Internatio Western Scale Co. Ltd.

37 55 59 66 68 86 92 105 110 111 120 141 149 163

Data Loggers Int'l Bar Coding Systems & Dates Reinhart Foods Deli Salads Arbutus Ridge Farms Ltd. Canadian Trade House Deli/Meats Arbutus Ridge Farms Ltd. Barilo's Fine Sausages Canada Beef Inc. Canadian Trade House Chase Global Foods Inc. Erie Meat Products Ltd. Excelsior Foods Inc. Field Farms Ltd. & Sara's Na FoodPack Inc. Hardy Sales Ltd. Heidelberg Foods Ltd. Hunter's Dressed Meats Intercity Packers Ltd. Jan K. Overweel Limited L'Orignal Packing Ltd. LeadBetter Foods Inc. Les Cuisines Gaspesiennes L Lesters Foods Limited Mettler-Toledo LLC. Ontario Independent Meat Pr Piller's Fine Foods Reiser (Canada) Co. Rosemount Sales & Marketin Spolumbo's Sausages Stemmler Meats & Cheese In Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd. Westrow Food Group Dental Products Maxill Inc. THM Group Design



36 47

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107 152

Cross Index 171

Adel Corp Advance Wire Products Ltd. Arranti Inc. Beneco Packaging Brascon Stainless Steel Fabri Courtyard Display Systems I Foodcon Glenwood Labels Grauman Packaging Ltd. Great Little Box Company Jet Label & Packaging Ltd Kuusoft Software Corp. Le Groupe Chagall inc Marketing Impact Ltd. McCowan Design & Manufa Mosaic Sales Solutions NEBS Business Products Ltd Primex Manufacturing Ltd. Raimac Thermo Design Insulation Lt ToLink Inc. Tri-Mach Group Inc. TWD technologies Western Spring and Wire Ltd

33 33 37 40 42 55 72 76 80 80 95 101 102 107 108 112 116 129 132 152 153 156 157 163

Desserts Edible Impressions Edlong Dairy Technologies European Fine Foods Co. Inc Frozen Coconut Granny Lyn's Kitchen, Ltd. Hans Dairy Inc. I-D Foods Corporation Kraft Heinz Canada ULC Mario's Gelati Ltd. Oakrun Farm Bakery PMD Solutions Plus PreGel Canada Sugarplum Desserts Ltd. Touche Bakery Inc. TransCold Distribution Ltd. Trumps Food Interest Ltd. W.T. Lynch Foods Ltd. Westrow Food Group

62 62 65 73 79 82 87 100 107 120 128 129 145 154 155 157 161 163

Developer Redbud Supply Inc.


Diabetic Health Jessies Jams


Diapers Johnston Wholesale


Diet Products Total Health Ctre (Reena Ent W.T. Lynch Foods Ltd.

154 161

Digestive Aids Canadian Analytical Laborat Extreme Reach Canada Newco Enterprises Inc. Platinum Naturals Ltd. UrbanZen Tea Inc.

45 66 116 127 159


Arbutus Ridge Farms Ltd. Bee Maid Honey Chef Pieter Inc. Fazio Foods International Lt First Spice Mixing Company Fresh is Best Salsa Company Get Sauced & Spiced Inc. Hanes Hummus Mad Mexican Old Dutch Foods Ltd. She Devil Delights

36 39 51 67 69 73 75 82 106 121 142

Direct Sales Barilo's Fine Sausages David Food Processing Equi Globe POS Systems Inc. Mosaic Sales Solutions PMD Solutions Plus REA JET Canada TransCold Distribution Ltd.

39 57 76 112 128 133 155

Dispensing Systems Champion Products Corp. Kool-Down Beverage Corp.

50 99

Display Cases Brass Monkey Installations


Distributor Agropur Dairy Cooperative Atesco Industrial Hygiene Lt Atlantic Grocery Distributors Barilo's Fine Sausages Barr Plastics Inc. Best Gourmet Coffee Wholes BioFen by Hair Grow Techn BNX Shipping Toronto Inc. Brass Monkey Installations Canada Cartage Canada Colors and Chemical Canadian Rangeland Bison Canadian Trade House Canda Six Fortune Enterprise CiMa-Pak Corporation Congebec Inc. Continental Ingredients Cana Covered Bridge Potato Chip CROSSMARK Canada Inc. David Food Processing Equi Dempsey Corporation Direct Plus Food Group Discovery Organics Eco Guardian Euro-Excellence, division of European Fine Foods Co. Inc Excelsior Foods Inc. Falesca Importing Ltd. Farleyco Marketing Inc. Garland Canada General Ingredient Inc. Global Reach Confections an Grace Foods Canada Inc. Grand & Toy Ltd. Grauman Packaging Ltd. Halenda's Fine Foods Halo Metrics Inc.

34 38 38 39 39 40 41 42 42 45 45 47 47 47 52 53 54 55 55 57 58 59 59 62 65 65 66 66 67 74 75 76 78 79 80 81 82

Hardy Sales Ltd. Hillphoenix/AMS Group HoneyBar Products Int Inc. Huer Foods Inc. Husky Foods Ideon Packaging Intertrade Gourmet Jan K. Overweel Limited Jarvis Canada Ltd. Ketchum Manufacturing Korex Logistics Canada Ltd. Krinos Foods Canada L'Orignal Packing Ltd. Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. - A Leo-Chem Enterprises Inc. Lumsden Bros. Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd McCormick Canada Nanton Water & Soda Ltd. National Importers Inc. NATURAL HEALTH DIST NEBS Business Products Ltd Northfork Bison Distribution Northwest Refrigeration Old Country Seeds - Franchi Omega Food Importers Co. L Omori Machinery Co., Ltd. Open Systems, Inc. Pallet Renew Inc. PMD Solutions Plus QMS International Inc. R.E. Morrison Equipment In REA JET Canada Redbud Supply Inc. Retail Resource Services Inc. Saksco Gourmet Basket Sup Sargent Farms Scholtens Inc. Scotsburn Ice Cream Compa Scott Process Equipment & Scott-Bathgate Ltd. Second Harvest SP Sales TFB & Associates Ltd. TFI Food Equipment Solutio The Erb Group of Companie The Garlic Box Inc. The Grocery People (TGP) The Stonemill Bakehouse Lt Thermo Design Insulation Lt TransCold Distribution Ltd. Tree of Life Canada Inc. VersaCold Logistics Services Watson Gloves Western Spring and Wire Ltd Westrow Food Group Wine Lovers Agency Wood Enterprises

83 85 86 86 87 87 91 94 94 98 100 100 101 103 104 105 106 108 114 114 114 116 119 119 121 122 122 123 125 128 131 132 133 133 134 138 139 139 140 140 140 141 144 150 150 151 151 151 152 152 155 155 160 161 163 163 165 165

Doors Coldmatic Refrigeration Enershield Air Barriers JNE Retail Equipment Inc. Kingman Industries (2012) L Kingspan Insulated Panels Lt

53 64 95 99 99

172 Cross Index Dough Maplehurst Bakery / Ready MiMi Foods OK Frozen Dough Dried Food Aurora Importing & Distribu Cottage Country Candies & David Roberts Food Corp. Edible Impressions Golden Bright Enterprises Lt Graceland Fruit, Inc. Granny Appleton Foods Korea Food Trading Korex Logistics Canada Ltd. Label Pak Printing Inc. Professional Ingredients Inc. Reinhart Foods Seoul Trading Corp. Solar Gold Dried Fruit Thai Indochine Trading Inc. United States Department of Westberry Farms Ltd. Dried Fruit Continental Importers 2014 Golden Boy Foods Ltd. Granny Appleton Foods Nelson-Jameson, Inc. Solar Gold Dried Fruit Due Diligence Ag-West Bio Inc. Bioenterprise Corporation

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 106 110 120

38 54 57 62 77 78 79 100 100 102 130 134 141 144 150 159 162

54 77 79 116 144

34 41

Trenton Cold Storage VersaCold Logistics Services

156 160

Encapsulation PNP Pharmaceuticals Inc. Pro Line Nutrition Ltd. Promising Health Inc.

128 130 131

Enclosures Insta-Fence Temporary Fenc Primex Manufacturing Ltd. Promolux Lighting Intl.

90 129 131

Energy Bars Grain-Free JK Gourmet Inc. HoneyBar Products Int Inc. Label Pak Printing Inc. Simply Protein YoFiit

78 86 102 143 165

Energy Drinks Double D Beverage Co. Edible Impressions Label Pak Printing Inc. Leading Brands of Canada, I Planet Foods Inc. Total Health Ctre (Reena Ent Troll Bridge Creek Inc.

60 62 102 103 127 154 157

Energy Savings BroadGrain Enershield Air Barriers Kingman Industries (2012) L Retail Merchants' Assoc.of C Structural Panels Inc.

43 64 99 134 145

33 72 90 152 157

Ecommerce Exchange Solutions Grauman Packaging Ltd. Groupe Robert NATURAL HEALTH DIST Open Systems, Inc.

66 80 80 114 123

Engineering Advance Wire Products Ltd. Foodcon Intelligrated Thermo Design Insulation Lt TWD technologies

Economic Development Ag-West Bio Inc. The Oxford Connection

34 152

Enterprise Risk MNP LLP



Entrees Thai Away Home


Efficacy Assessments dicentra Eggs/Products Golden Valley Foods Ltd. K.B. Honey Ltd. L.H. Gray & Son Limited SIAL Canada Sparks Egg Farms Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd. Vitala Foods

77 97 101 143 144 148 160

Electronic Data Interchange distrib-u-tec Software Fresh Selections by Pasta Kit Groupe Robert J.D. Smith and Sons Limited Minotaur Software Ltd. Pasta Romana Foods Inc. The Erb Group of Companie

59 73 80 93 111 125 151

Enzymes/Products Chemroy Canada Inc.


Equipment Buhler Inc. Cart Connection Canada Inc. CashTech Currency Products CiMa-Pak Corporation Complete POS DIGI Canada Inc. DuraFast Label Company Fladgate Packaging Systems Food Supplies Company Inc. Food Supplies Company Inc. Fortress Technology Inc. Gatekeeper Systems Canada Gemsys Money Handling Sy

43 48 49 52 53 58 60 69 72 72 73 74 75

Handtmann Canada Ltd. Intelligrated Intersteam Technologies Jarvis Canada Ltd. Johnston Equipment JP Olsen Enterprises Inc. King Business Services Corp Linde Canada Limited MD Packaging Inc. Metro Compactor Service In Omori Machinery Co., Ltd. Punch Tools Inc. R.E. Morrison Equipment In Rational Canada Rea UltraVapor Inc. RollCo inc. simple, easy, fast Sika Canada Inc. Weber Marking Systems of WELLBAKE Equipment Inc Western Refrigeration & Bev Western Scale Co. Ltd.

82 90 91 94 95 96 98 104 109 109 122 131 132 133 133 136 143 161 162 162 163

Equipment - Baking ABI LTD Air Liquide Canada Arthur J. Gallagher Canada L Bizerba Canada Inc. Chesher Equipment Ltd. Chicago Metallic - CMBB B Cinelli Esperia Corporation® CM Machine Services Ltd. Crown Custom Metal Spinni DJS Enterprises EM Bakery Equipment Ltd. Garland Canada GBS Food Service Equipmen Harvest Corporation Hobart Food Equipment Gro Hubert Company Igloo Refrigeration Ltd. Industrial Bakery Equipment Mettler-Toledo LLC. Omori Machinery Co., Ltd. Pemberton & Associates Inc. Picard Ovens Inc. PMD Solutions Plus Praxair Canada Inc. Promolux Lighting Intl. Raimac SIAL Canada Unifiller Systems Inc. WELLBAKE Equipment Inc

33 34 37 41 51 51 52 52 56 59 63 74 74 83 85 86 88 89 110 122 126 127 128 128 131 132 143 158 162

Equipment - Cleaning Brite Belt International, LLC Can-Clean Pressure Washers Champion Products Corp. Chicago Metallic - CMBB B CSS North America Inc. Diversey Inc. Epsilon Chemicals Ltd. Hobart Food Equipment Gro Nelson-Jameson, Inc. Nilfisk Canada Pemberton & Associates Inc. Wood Enterprises

43 45 50 51 56 59 64 85 116 117 126 165

Equipment - Concession Chesher Equipment Ltd. Pemberton & Associates Inc. Raimac Serve Canada Food Equipme Western Refrigeration & Bev

51 126 132 142 162

Equipment - Cooking Chesher Equipment Ltd. CM Machine Services Ltd. Garland Canada GBS Food Service Equipmen Hubert Company Igloo Refrigeration Ltd. Merchant Retail Solutions U Pemberton & Associates Inc. Picard Ovens Inc. PMD Solutions Plus Rational Canada SIAL Canada

51 52 74 74 86 88 109 126 127 128 133 143

Equipment - Deli Bizerba Canada Inc. Butchers and Packers Suppli DIGI Canada Inc. Garland Canada GBS Food Service Equipmen Halford's Hubert Company Igloo Refrigeration Ltd. Merchant Retail Solutions U Mettler-Toledo LLC. Raimac Rational Canada Reiser (Canada) Co. Serve Canada Food Equipme Shelf Talkers Manufacturing SIAL Canada SYNQ Security + Access Te VC999 Canada Western Refrigeration & Bev

41 44 58 74 74 82 86 88 109 110 132 133 134 142 142 143 148 160 162

Equipment - Electrical CSS North America Inc. The Clean-Volt Advantage

56 150

Equipment - Food Processing Air Liquide Canada Air Products Canada, LTD Allegro Industries Ltd. Chesher Equipment Ltd. Clayton Innovative Steam CM Machine Services Ltd. David Food Processing Equi DIGI Canada Inc. DJS Enterprises ECKERT Machines Food Process Systems, Inc. Halford's Harvest Corporation Henry & Sons Inc. Hollymatic Corporation Linde Canada Limited MD Packaging Inc. Miwe Canada Inc. MMIS Inc.

34 35 35 51 52 52 57 58 59 61 71 82 83 84 85 104 109 111 111

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 Morris Lee Ltd Mosur Machine Co. Ltd. OMCAN Omori Machinery Co., Ltd. Pemberton & Associates Inc. Picard Ovens Inc. R-J Machinery Inc. Rational Canada Reiser (Canada) Co. Sargent Farms Sperling Industries Ltd. Tetra Pak Canada Inc. Tri-Mach Group Inc. Unifiller Systems Inc. WELLBAKE Equipment Inc WIBERG Corporation Equipment - Food Service Air Products Canada, LTD Arctica Showcase Inc. Can-Clean Pressure Washers Canterbury Coffee Corporati Chesher Equipment Ltd. Chicago Metallic - CMBB B CM Machine Services Ltd. David Food Processing Equi DIGI Canada Inc. Diversey Inc. Garland Canada GBS Food Service Equipmen Hubert Company Igloo Refrigeration Ltd. Industrial Bakery Equipment Miwe Canada Inc. OMCAN Pemberton & Associates Inc. Picard Ovens Inc. Promolux Lighting Intl. R-J Machinery Inc. Raimac Rational Canada Reiser (Canada) Co. TFI Food Equipment Solutio The Creamery Plastic Produc Unifiller Systems Inc. Western Refrigeration & Bev

112 112 121 122 126 127 132 133 134 139 144 150 156 158 162 164

35 36 45 48 51 51 52 57 58 59 74 74 86 88 89 111 121 126 127 131 132 132 133 134 150 151 158 162

Equipment - Frozen Beverage Air Liquide Canada Air Products Canada, LTD Kool-Down Beverage Corp. Serve Canada Food Equipme Thermo Design Insulation Lt Western Refrigeration & Bev

34 35 99 142 152 162

Equipment - Leasing Air Products Canada, LTD DIGI Canada Inc. Enershield Air Barriers Garland Canada Johnston Equipment JP Olsen Enterprises Inc. Rotobale Compaction Soluti Trailcon Leasing Inc.

35 58 64 74 95 96 137 155

Equipment - Loading Dock

Blue Giant Equipment Corpo Enershield Air Barriers Groupe Robert Johnston Equipment Morris Lee Ltd

Cross Index 173 41 64 80 95 112

Equipment - Material Handling Allegro Industries Ltd. 35 Blue Giant Equipment Corpo 41 Cart Connection Canada Inc. 48 Caster Town Ltd. 49 CM Machine Services Ltd. 52 David Food Processing Equi 57 Eberspaecher Climate Contro 61 ECKERT Machines 61 Food Process Systems, Inc. 71 Groupe Robert 80 Hewitt Material Handling 84 Intelligrated 90 JNE Retail Equipment Inc. 95 Johnston Equipment 95 JP Olsen Enterprises Inc. 96 KUKA Robotics Canada 101 MD Packaging Inc. 109 Merchant Retail Solutions U 109 OMCAN 121 Rotobale Compaction Soluti 137 Septimatech Group Inc. 141 Western Scale Co. Ltd. 163 Wood Enterprises 165 Equipment - Meat Room Air Liquide Canada Air Products Canada, LTD Bizerba Canada Inc. Brass Monkey Installations David Food Processing Equi Hollymatic Corporation Mettler-Toledo LLC. Morris Lee Ltd Omori Machinery Co., Ltd. Pemberton & Associates Inc. Raimac Sika Canada Inc. VC999 Canada WIBERG Corporation

34 35 41 42 57 85 110 112 122 126 132 143 160 164

Equipment - Mixers Arthur J. Gallagher Canada L Chesher Equipment Ltd. Cinelli Esperia Corporation® CM Machine Services Ltd. David Food Processing Equi DJS Enterprises EM Bakery Equipment Ltd. Harvest Corporation Hollymatic Corporation Igloo Refrigeration Ltd. Merchant Retail Solutions U Miwe Canada Inc. QMS International Inc. Scott Process Equipment & WELLBAKE Equipment Inc

37 51 52 52 57 59 63 83 85 88 109 111 131 140 162

Equipment - Office Retail Merchants' Assoc.of C


Brass Monkey Installations Chesher Equipment Ltd. CM Machine Services Ltd. CSS North America Inc. CT Control Temp Ltd. Emerson Commercial & Resi Garland Canada Groupe Robert Hussmann Canada Inc. Kingman Industries (2012) L Linde Canada Limited OMCAN WELLBAKE Equipment Inc Western Refrigeration & Bev

42 51 52 56 56 63 74 80 87 99 104 121 162 162

Equipment - Refurbish Air Products Canada, LTD Butchers and Packers Suppli Cart Connection Canada Inc. CM Machine Services Ltd. David Food Processing Equi DJS Enterprises Omori Machinery Co., Ltd. Pan-Oston Ltd. QMS International Inc. Raimac WIBERG Corporation

35 44 48 52 57 59 122 125 131 132 164

Equipment - Rentals Cart Connection Canada Inc. Insta-Fence Temporary Fenc JNE Retail Equipment Inc. Johnston Equipment

48 90 95 95

Equipment - Sanitation Brite Belt International, LLC Can-Clean Pressure Washers CM Machine Services Ltd. Enershield Air Barriers Enterprise Paper Co. Ltd. Epsilon Chemicals Ltd. Morris Lee Ltd Nelson-Jameson, Inc. Neogen Pemberton & Associates Inc. Rotobale Compaction Soluti RTS Retail

43 45 52 64 64 64 112 116 116 126 137 137

Equipment - Quality Control Abbey Packaging Equipment 33 Groupe Robert 80 Neogen 116

Equipment - Stainless Air Products Canada, LTD Brascon Stainless Steel Fabri CM Machine Services Ltd. David Food Processing Equi Food Process Systems, Inc. Hollymatic Corporation iMetal Inc. Linde Canada Limited Morris Lee Ltd Mosur Machine Co. Ltd. Omori Machinery Co., Ltd. R-J Machinery Inc. Raimac Western Scale Co. Ltd.

35 42 52 57 71 85 88 104 112 112 122 132 132 163

Equipment - Refrigeration Berg Chilling Systems

Equipment - Vending GLH Vending

Equipment - Packaging Abbey Packaging Equipment ABI LTD Alte-Rego Corporation CiMa-Pak Corporation CM Machine Services Ltd. DJS Enterprises Food Process Systems, Inc. Fortress Technology Inc. Groupe Robert Ideon Packaging IMS Identification Multi Sol Int'l Bar Coding Systems & Intelligrated Interweigh Systems Inc. Jet Label & Packaging Ltd KUKA Robotics Canada Layfield Flexible Packaging MD Packaging Inc. Norstar Corporation Omori Machinery Co., Ltd. Pearson Packaging Systems Picard Ovens Inc. Pro-Western Plastics Ltd. Punch Tools Inc. R-J Machinery Inc. R.E. Morrison Equipment In SAI Global Septimatech Group Inc. Taipak Enterprises Ltd. VC999 Canada Vineland Research and Innov WELLBAKE Equipment Inc

33 33 35 52 52 59 71 73 80 87 88 90 90 91 95 101 102 109 118 122 126 127 130 131 132 132 138 141 148 160 160 162

Equipment - Pizza Air Liquide Canada Air Products Canada, LTD Chesher Equipment Ltd. Crown Custom Metal Spinni Garland Canada Igloo Refrigeration Ltd. Ishida Canada Inc. Mettler-Toledo LLC. Serve Canada Food Equipme WELLBAKE Equipment Inc

34 35 51 56 74 88 92 110 142 162

Equipment - Preparation Air Products Canada, LTD CM Machine Services Ltd. David Food Processing Equi Groupe Robert Igloo Refrigeration Ltd. Miwe Canada Inc. OMCAN Pemberton & Associates Inc. Picard Ovens Inc. WELLBAKE Equipment Inc Western Scale Co. Ltd.

35 52 57 80 88 111 121 126 127 162 163



174 Cross Index Equipment - Washing Can-Clean Pressure Washers Champion Products Corp. ECKERT Machines Epsilon Chemicals Ltd. Garland Canada GBS Food Service Equipmen Igloo Refrigeration Ltd. Mosur Machine Co. Ltd. Pemberton & Associates Inc. Raimac WELLBAKE Equipment Inc

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 45 50 61 64 74 74 88 112 126 132 162

Equipment - Water Treatment Can-Clean Pressure Washers 45 Morris Lee Ltd 112 ProMinent Fluid Controls Lt 130 Ethnic - European European Fine Foods Co. Inc TASTE OF GREECE SPECI Ethnic - Indian Aliya's Food Limited Canadian Trade House Ethnic - Italian PreGel Canada Ethnic Foods Aliya's Food Limited ASIAN FAMILY Specialty Asti Holdings Ltd. (Golden Aurora Importing & Distribu Canda Six Fortune Enterprise Continental Ingredients Cana Elite International Foods Inc. Everland Natural Foods Excelsior Foods Inc. Falesca Importing Ltd. Field Farms Ltd. & Sara's Na Fine Choice Foods Ltd. First Spice Mixing Company Hans Dairy Inc. Husky Foods I-D Foods Corporation Iceberg Cold Storage Limite J&K Poultry Krinos Foods Canada Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. - A Millennium Pacific National Importers Inc. Natural Pastures Cheese NuStart Marketing Ltd. Omega Food Importers Co. L Otimo Brazilian Cheese Puff Planet Foods Inc. Sask. Food Industry Develop Solar Gold Dried Fruit Summer Kitchen Fine Foods Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd. Thai Away Home Tofutti-Cholac Foods Westrow Food Group Exporting

65 149

35 47


35 37 37 38 47 54 63 65 66 66 68 69 69 82 87 87 87 93 100 103 110 114 115 119 122 124 127 139 144 146 148 150 153 163

Canadian Gold Beverages Ca Du Bois Wild Rice Ltd. Embassy Flavours Ltd. European Fine Foods Co. Inc Granny's Poultry Happy Planet Foods Inc. Honey Bunny Inc. Ingenia Natural Products Inc. Korex Logistics Canada Ltd. L.N. Reynolds Co. Ltd. M.A.P. International Freight McCowan Design & Manufa Nanton Water & Soda Ltd. NATURAL HEALTH DIST Naturally Nutritious Food (2 Scott Process Equipment & T-Brothers Food & Trading The Stonemill Bakehouse Lt WILD Flavors (Canada) Inc. Extracts Embassy Flavours Ltd. Flavorcan International Inc. G. E. Barbour Inc. Omega Alpha Pharmaceutica ORITE Ingredient Ltd. PMD Solutions Plus PreGel Canada Prinova Group Fabrication Allegro Industries Ltd. Brascon Stainless Steel Fabri Chesher Equipment Ltd. Tri-Mach Group Inc. Western Spring and Wire Ltd Factoring JD Factors Corporation

46 60 63 65 79 83 85 89 100 102 105 108 114 114 115 140 148 152 164

63 70 74 121 124 128 129 129

35 42 51 156 163

43 67 94 111 118 134

Fish High Liner Foods I-D Foods Corporation Label Pak Printing Inc. Little Miss Chief Gourmet Pr RiverFresh Wild BC Seafood Ronald A. Chisholm Limited S.M. Products (BC) Ltd. Sundance Seafood Ltd.

84 87 102 104 135 136 138 146

Fish Oil Supplement Barlean's Bill Beauty & Health Produc

39 41


Fixture Installation Dana Industries Inc. ICOM Refrigeration Corpora Pan-Oston Ltd. RTS Retail VIC Store Fixtures Inc.

56 87 125 137 160

Flavours Butter Buds Food Ingredients Cambrian Solutions Inc. Continental Ingredients Cana Dempsey Corporation Edlong Dairy Technologies Embassy Flavours Ltd. Flavorcan International Inc. Givaudan Canada Co. Nelson-Jameson, Inc. PMD Solutions Plus PreGel Canada Prinova Group WILD Flavors (Canada) Inc.

44 44 54 58 62 63 70 76 116 128 129 129 164

Flax/Products Barlean's Farmer Direct Co-operative Field Farms Ltd. & Sara's Na Food Development Centre Grainworks, Inc. Granny Appleton Foods Naturally Nutritious Food (2 Northern Nutraceuticals Inc. Scoular TFB & Associates Ltd. The Stonemill Bakehouse Lt

39 67 68 71 79 79 115 118 140 150 152


48 59 64 68 80 127 137

Fencing Insta-Fence Temporary Fenc


Film Arranti Inc.

50 69 92 102 102 128

Finance BroadGrain Farm Credit Canada JD Factors Corporation MNP LLP Northern Financial Group Retail Merchants' Assoc.of C

Fittings Barr Plastics Inc.

Fair Trade Canterbury Coffee Corporati Discovery Organics Ethical Bean Coffee Co. Field Farms Ltd. & Sara's Na Green Chocolate Works LTD Planet Foods Inc. S.A. Chocolate Aliments Inc.

Fibre Best Cooking Pulses Inc. Cambrian Solutions Inc. Canada Colors and Chemical Canadian Analytical Laborat Chemroy Canada Inc. Dealers Ingredients Inc. Dempsey Corporation Dure Foods Ltd. Kriscor & Associates YoFiit

Chantler Packaging Inc. Flair Flexible Packaging Cor Ishida Canada Inc. Label Pak Printing Inc. Layfield Flexible Packaging PNP Pharmaceuticals Inc.

40 44 45 45 51 57 58 60 100 165


Floor Advertising Marketing Impact Ltd. Ortai Inc. Sterling Press & Packaging I

107 124 145

Flooring Dynamic Coating & Cleanin Sika Canada Inc. Surface Renewal Systems Lt

61 143 147

Flour Excelsior Foods Inc. Field Farms Ltd. & Sara's Na Grain-Free JK Gourmet Inc. Grainworks, Inc. InfraReady Products (1998) Marquis Milling and Grain / Rogers Foods

66 68 78 79 89 107 135

Flowers Hollandia Greenhouses Ontario Food Terminal Boar Quik's Farm Ltd.

85 122 132

Foam Control Leo-Chem Enterprises Inc. Univar Canada Ltd.

104 159

Food & Beverage Bremner Foods Ltd. BTS LifeScience Limited Canda Six Fortune Enterprise Elite International Foods Inc. Excellence in Manufacturing Fine Choice Foods Ltd. Food Processing Human Res Genpak Groupe Robert Loblaw Companies Limited MD Packaging Inc. Retail Merchants' Assoc.of C Second Harvest SIAL Canada Troll Bridge Creek Inc.

42 43 47 63 65 69 71 75 80 105 109 134 141 143 157

Food Additive General Ingredient Inc. Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd WIBERG Corporation

75 106 164

Food Allergens Food Processing Human Res Neogen Romer Labs, Inc. SAI Global

71 116 136 138

Food Assembly Lines Groupe Robert R-J Machinery Inc.

80 132

Food Bars Cayuga Displays Inc.


Food Colours General Ingredient Inc. McCall's

75 108

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 Food Grade Lubricant Jarvis Canada Ltd. Mosur Machine Co. Ltd. Univar Canada Ltd.

94 112 159

Food Ingredients Butter Buds Food Ingredients Chemroy Canada Inc. Dealers Ingredients Inc. Farmer Direct Co-operative General Ingredient Inc. InfraReady Products (1998) Korea Food Trading Kriscor & Associates MMIS Inc. Parmalat Canada UniPac Packaging Products

44 51 57 67 75 89 100 100 111 125 158

Food Processing Agrivalue Processing Busine Allegro Industries Ltd. Arbutus Ridge Farms Ltd. ECKERT Machines Food Processing Human Res JD Farms Specialty Turkey Kidd Bros Honey/Western S Leo-Chem Enterprises Inc. Marquis Milling and Grain / Minotaur Software Ltd. Ontario Independent Meat Pr Oxford Food Group Picard Ovens Inc. RiverFresh Wild BC Seafood Saskatchewan Food & Ingred The Garlic Box Inc. Vitala Foods Food Quality Testing Barilo's Fine Sausages Fortress Technology Inc. Fresh Selections by Pasta Kit ILC - Micro-Chem Inc. Leading Brands of Canada, I Mettler-Toledo LLC. Neogen Noraxx Inspections Inc. Nutrasource Pouch Makers Canada Inc. Romer Labs, Inc. Food Recall Services MNP LLP Food Safety A&M Gourmet Foods Inc. Barilo's Fine Sausages BNE Contractors Inc. Boxmaster Cascades Tissue Group Diversey Inc. Enershield Air Barriers First Spice Mixing Company Fortress Technology Inc. Fresh Selections by Pasta Kit Genpak Hussmann Canada Inc.

34 35 36 61 71 94 98 104 107 111 122 125 127 135 139 151 160

39 73 73 88 103 110 116 117 120 128 136


33 39 41 42 49 59 64 69 73 73 75 87

Cross Index 175

ILC - Micro-Chem Inc. Innovaltech Institute of Food Processing Intersteam Technologies Iron Apple International Jones Packaging Inc. Nelson-Jameson, Inc. Neogen Noraxx Inspections Inc. NSF International OMCAN Orkin Canada Pouch Makers Canada Inc. Promolux Lighting Intl. Rea UltraVapor Inc. Romer Labs, Inc. SAI Global Sask. Food Industry Develop Sika Canada Inc. Surety Food Safety Group In TrainCan, Inc. Tri-Mach Group Inc. TWD technologies VersaCold Logistics Services Watson Gloves Wood Enterprises

88 90 90 91 92 96 116 116 117 119 121 124 128 131 133 136 138 139 143 147 155 156 157 160 161 165

Food Service A&M Gourmet Foods Inc. Arthur J. Gallagher Canada L Atlantic Packaging Products C.W. Shasky & Associates L Canda Six Fortune Enterprise Canterbury Coffee Corporati Canworld Foods Ltd. Cascades Tissue Group FoodPack Inc. Fresh Selections by Pasta Kit H Cold Storage Inc. International Pacific Sales Maplehurst Bakery / Ready MiMi Foods OMCAN Otimo Brazilian Cheese Puff Second Harvest Taipak Enterprises Ltd. Touche Bakery Inc.

33 37 38 44 47 48 48 49 72 73 81 91 106 110 121 124 141 148 154

Food Service Packing Champion Products Corp. CiMa-Pak Corporation Enterprise Paper Co. Ltd. Picard Ovens Inc.

50 52 64 127

Food Supplements CCS Inc. Pharmaceuticals Newco Enterprises Inc. PNP Pharmaceuticals Inc.

49 116 128

Forensic Services MNP LLP


Forklifts Hewitt Material Handling Johnston Equipment Merchant Retail Solutions U

84 96 109

Formulations Dure Foods Ltd. Kool-Down Beverage Corp. Monfitello Pro Line Nutrition Ltd. Promising Health Inc. ToLink Inc.

60 99 112 130 131 153

Fragrances Givaudan Canada Co.


Freeze Dried Cambrian Solutions Inc. Canature Processing Ltd. Dempsey Corporation

44 47 58

Freezers Air Products Canada, LTD Berg Chilling Systems Coldmatic Refrigeration Halford's ICOM Refrigeration Corpora Igloo Refrigeration Ltd. Kingman Industries (2012) L Morris Lee Ltd Picard Ovens Inc. Praxair Canada Inc. QBD Modular Systems Sika Canada Inc. Structural Panels Inc. TransCold Distribution Ltd. Western Refrigeration & Bev

35 40 53 82 87 88 99 112 127 128 131 143 145 155 162

Freezers - Walk in Brass Monkey Installations


Frozen Food - Fruit Bremner Foods Ltd. Export Packers Company Li Zast Foods Corporation

42 66 165

Frozen Foods Aliya's Food Limited Canadian Trade House Canda Six Fortune Enterprise Chapman's Ice Cream Edlong Dairy Technologies Export Packers Company Li Field Farms Ltd. & Sara's Na Fiera Foods Fine Choice Foods Ltd. Frozen Coconut Granny's Poultry Halenda's Fine Foods Iceberg Cold Storage Limite Korea Food Trading Krinos Foods Canada Label Pak Printing Inc. M.A.P. International Freight Maplehurst Bakery / Ready Mario's Gelati Ltd. MiMi Foods Nemfood Corp. Nestlé Canada Inc. Otimo Brazilian Cheese Puff Oxford Food Group

35 47 47 51 62 66 68 68 69 73 79 81 87 100 100 102 105 106 107 110 116 116 124 125

Pasta Oggi Pasta Romana Foods Inc. Pinnacle Foods Canada Corp Retail Resource Services Inc. Rosemount Sales & Marketin Seoul Trading Corp. Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd. TASTE OF GREECE SPECI Thai Indochine Trading Inc. The Grocery People (TGP) The Stonemill Bakehouse Lt Tillsonburg Custom Foods Tofutti-Cholac Foods Toppits Foods Ltd. Touche Bakery Inc. TransCold Distribution Ltd. Western Rice Mills Ltd. Weston Foods Inc. Westrow Food Group

125 125 127 134 136 141 148 149 150 151 152 153 153 154 154 155 162 163 163

Fruit Bremner Foods Ltd. Calkins & Burke Ltd. Foodland Ontario Graceland Fruit, Inc. Granny Appleton Foods Leading Brands of Canada, I Mettler-Toledo LLC. North American Produce Bu Ontario Food Terminal Boar Oxford Food Group Professional Ingredients Inc. RJT Blueberry Park Inc. Shafer-Haggart Ltd. Vineland Research and Innov Westberry Farms Ltd. Zast Foods Corporation

42 44 72 78 79 103 110 118 122 125 130 135 142 160 162 165

Fruit - Glace Reinhart Foods


Fruit Fillings Skjodt Barrett Foods


Fruit Juice Bremner Foods Ltd. Cider Keg (The) Uncle Tom' Export Packers Company Li Natures Pop Sales Parmalat Canada

42 52 66 115 125

Fruit Snacks Golden Bright Enterprises Lt Granny Appleton Foods I-D Foods Corporation Indonesian Trade Promotion Oh Naturals Skjodt Barrett Foods Solar Gold Dried Fruit Westberry Farms Ltd.

77 79 87 89 120 143 144 162

Fryers Garland Canada GBS Food Service Equipmen

74 74

FSC/SFI Certified

176 Cross Index Ellis Packaging Ltd. Fuel Services Shell Canada Ltd.

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 63

42 60 69 89 97 116 123 124

Garbage Bags Alte-Rego Corporation Champion Products Corp. Wood Enterprises

35 50 165

Garlic Products Derlea Brand Foods Inc. Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd The Garlic Box Inc.

58 106 151

Gas Equipment RTS Retail


Gasoline Retail Merchants' Assoc.of C Shell Canada Ltd.

134 142

Gates Turnstile Security Systems


Gelatin Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd


General Merchandise GAMMA Genuine Himalaya Johnston Wholesale Loblaw Companies Limited PMD Solutions Plus Silver Resonance Inc. UNITEX Sales Ltd.

74 96 105 128 143 159

Gift Baskets Intertrade Gourmet Organic Products Lanka Inc. Saksco Gourmet Basket Sup Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd. Gift Wrap Grauman Packaging Ltd.

140 161 165

GLP/GMP Compliance dicentra Ingenia Natural Products Inc. Trumps Food Interest Ltd.

58 89 157


Functional Foods Bremner Foods Ltd. Dure Foods Ltd. First Spice Mixing Company InfraReady Products (1998) Kentville Research and Deve Newco Enterprises Inc. Ontario Natural Food Co-op Organika Health Products

Genomics Kentville Research and Deve Vineland Research and Innov

Scott Process Equipment & Watson Gloves Wood Enterprises

97 160

91 124 138 148


Ginseng Korea Food Trading Ontario Ginseng Growers As

100 122

Gloves Enterprise Paper Co. Ltd. Nelson-Jameson, Inc.

64 116

Stemmler Meats & Cheese In The Elite Meat Company Tofutti-Cholac Foods Troll Bridge Creek Inc. Trumps Food Interest Ltd. UNFI Canada, Inc. Weston Foods Inc. GMO Romer Labs, Inc.

Glucosamine Omega Alpha Pharmaceutica ORITE Ingredient Ltd. PK Chem Industries Ltd. Total Health Ctre (Reena Ent

121 124 127 154

Gluten Free A&M Gourmet Foods Inc. ASIAN FAMILY Specialty Asti Holdings Ltd. (Golden Aurora Importing & Distribu Best Cooking Pulses Inc. Cambrian Solutions Inc. Canadian Organic Spice & H Chapman's Ice Cream Chef Pieter Inc. Covered Bridge Potato Chip Dare Foods Limited Dealers Ingredients Inc. Double D Beverage Co. Dure Foods Ltd. Earth's Own Food Company Edible Impressions Edica Naturals Ltd Elite International Foods Inc. Flavorcan International Inc. Food Development Centre From Farm to Table Canada Frozen Coconut G. E. Barbour Inc. GoGo Quinoa Grain-Free JK Gourmet Inc. Granny Lyn's Kitchen, Ltd. Green Chocolate Works LTD Happy Planet Foods Inc. JD Farms Specialty Turkey Kidd Bros Honey/Western S Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. - A Lorelyn's Gourmet Desserts MMIS Inc. Mountain Meadows Food Pr Namaste Foods, LLC Nature's Path Foods Inc. Newport Gourmet Foods Inc. Northern Quinoa Production Oh Naturals Ontario Natural Food Co-op Otimo Brazilian Cheese Puff Pasta Oggi Peter Piper Pepper Planet Foods Inc. Prairie Harvest Canada Ltd. PreGel Canada SAI Global She Devil Delights Simply Protein Spolumbo's Sausages

33 37 37 38 40 44 46 51 51 55 57 57 60 60 61 62 62 63 70 71 73 73 74 77 78 79 80 83 94 98 103 105 111 113 113 115 117 118 120 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 138 142 143 145

145 151 153 157 157 158 163


Goat - Dairy Goat's Pride Dairy at McLen Happy Days Dairies Ltd.

77 82

Gondola Shelving Etalex Inc. Merchant Retail Solutions U Wilson Display Ltd. Wine Lovers Agency

64 109 164 165

Gourmet Food Covered Bridge Potato Chip Du Bois Wild Rice Ltd. Euro-Excellence, division of Excelsior Foods Inc. Fine Choice Foods Ltd. From Farm to Table Canada Grain-Free JK Gourmet Inc. Hagensborg Chocolates I-D Foods Corporation Iceberg Cold Storage Limite Intertrade Gourmet M.A.P. International Freight Natural Pastures Cheese Newport Gourmet Foods Inc. Otimo Brazilian Cheese Puff Pasta Romana Foods Inc. Sable & Rosenfeld Saksco Gourmet Basket Sup Summer Kitchen Fine Foods Thai Away Home The Garlic Box Inc. Touche Bakery Inc.

55 60 65 66 69 73 78 81 87 87 91 105 115 117 124 125 138 138 146 150 151 154

Government Quinte Economic Developm The Oxford Connection Grain Processing Buhler Inc. Grains Caldic Canada Inc. Chase Global Foods Inc. Farmer Direct Co-operative GoGo Quinoa Grainworks, Inc. Growers Intern'l Organic Sal InfraReady Products (1998) Marquis Milling and Grain / Scoular Sunrise Foods International I Granola Bars HoneyBar Products Int Inc.

132 152

La Fourmi Bionique Nature's Path Foods Inc. PepsiCo Foods Canada Simply Protein Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd.

102 115 126 143 146

Greens & Maca Foods AstaReal, Inc. Barlean's Natural Pastures Cheese Organika Health Products

37 39 115 124

Grinders Buhler Inc. Canterbury Coffee Corporati David Food Processing Equi Halford's Hollymatic Corporation Igloo Refrigeration Ltd. QMS International Inc. Raimac Scott Process Equipment &

43 48 57 82 85 88 131 132 140

Gum Cottage Country Candies & Edible Impressions Richmond Traders Inc

54 62 135

HACCP Chase Global Foods Inc. Cider Keg (The) Uncle Tom' Food Processing Human Res Fortress Technology Inc. Frobisher International Enter Groupe Robert Ingenia Natural Products Inc. Institute of Food Processing JBS Canada MMIS Inc. Richmond Traders Inc The Elite Meat Company TrainCan, Inc. VersaCold Logistics Services

51 52 71 73 73 80 89 90 94 111 135 151 155 160

Hair Care BioFen by Hair Grow Techn Henkel Consumer Goods Ca Label Pak Printing Inc. LFT Group Brands Unilever Canada

41 84 102 104 158

Halal Certificate InfraReady Products (1998) Trumps Food Interest Ltd.

89 157

Handling Groupe Robert Nova Cold Logistics RollCo inc. simple, easy, fast

80 119 136

HDPE UniPac Packaging Products


Health & Safety Champion Products Corp. Food Processing Human Res

50 71


44 51 67 77 79 81 89 107 140 146


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 Food Supplies Company Inc. Food Supplies Company Inc. TrainCan, Inc. Wood Enterprises

72 72 155 165

Health Products Agropur Dairy Cooperative Canadian Organic Spice & H Cottage Country Candies & Edible Impressions Grain-Free JK Gourmet Inc. Granny Appleton Foods Johnston Wholesale Kidd Bros Honey/Western S Label Pak Printing Inc. Leading Brands of Canada, I Loblaw Companies Limited Nielsen Canada Nutrasource Omega Alpha Pharmaceutica Organika Health Products Sask. Food Industry Develop Silver Resonance Inc. Solar Gold Dried Fruit TFB & Associates Ltd. The Stonemill Bakehouse Lt Troll Bridge Creek Inc.

34 46 54 62 78 79 96 98 102 103 105 117 120 121 124 139 143 144 150 152 157

Heating Systems Butchers and Packers Suppli CT Control Temp Ltd. Eberspaecher Climate Contro Enershield Air Barriers ICOM Refrigeration Corpora

44 56 61 64 87

Hemp Products Farmer Direct Co-operative Northern Nutraceuticals Inc.

67 118

Herbal Remedies CCS Inc. Pharmaceuticals Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. - A Monfitello Organika Health Products

49 103 112 124

Herbs Canadian Organic Spice & H CCS Inc. Pharmaceuticals Derlea Brand Foods Inc. Farmer Johns Herbs G. E. Barbour Inc. Ingenia Natural Products Inc. International Herbs (B.C.) Lt Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd McCormick Canada Monfitello Nature's Choice Foods Limit Omega Alpha Pharmaceutica Organic Products Lanka Inc.

46 49 58 67 74 89 91 106 108 112 115 121 124

Homeopathics Canadian Analytical Laborat CCS Inc. Pharmaceuticals GAMMA Genuine Himalaya

45 49 74


Cross Index 177

Bee Maid Honey Calkins & Burke Ltd. Foodland Ontario Golden Acres Honey Honey Bunny Inc. HoneyBar Products Int Inc. K.B. Honey Ltd. Kidd Bros Honey/Western S McCormick Canada Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd. W.T. Lynch Foods Ltd. Wendell Estate Honey Western Sage Honey

39 44 72 77 85 86 97 98 108 148 161 162 163

Hors D'oeuvres Little Qualicum Cheesework Rosemount Sales & Marketin

105 136

Horticultural Old Country Seeds - Franchi Ontario Seed Company Ltd. Redbud Supply Inc. Vineland Research and Innov

121 123 133 160

Household Products Adel Corp Champion Products Corp. Global Reach Confections an Nielsen Canada T-Brothers Food & Trading

33 50 76 117 148

Human Resources Quinte Economic Developm Humidification Hillphoenix/AMS Group Jones Food Store Equipment Hydrocolloids Dempsey Corporation Quadra Ingredients Hygiene Cascades Tissue Group Diversey Inc. Green Dolphin Systems Corp Iron Apple International Kimberly-Clark Inc. Label Pak Printing Inc. Noraxx Inspections Inc. Orkin Canada Romer Labs, Inc. Sika Canada Inc. Ice Cream Agropur Dairy Cooperative Agropur Dairy Cooperative Chapman's Ice Cream Foothills Creamery Frozen Coconut Granny Lyn's Kitchen, Ltd. Iceberg Cold Storage Limite Kawartha Dairy Limited Mario's Gelati Ltd. NestlĂŠ Canada Inc. PreGel Canada


85 96

58 132

49 59 80 92 98 102 117 124 136 143

34 34 51 72 73 79 87 97 107 116 129

Scotsburn Ice Cream Compa TransCold Distribution Ltd.

140 155

Ice Cream Machines Serve Canada Food Equipme Western Refrigeration & Bev

142 162

Ice Systems Serve Canada Food Equipme Western Refrigeration & Bev

142 162

Icing Skjodt Barrett Foods


Identification Int'l Bar Coding Systems & Precision Label and Tag Inc.

90 129

Importer A&M Gourmet Foods Inc. Astro Marketing Aurora Importing & Distribu C.W. Shasky & Associates L Canadian Trade House Canda Six Fortune Enterprise David Food Processing Equi dicentra EcoDurable Products by Col Euro-Excellence, division of European Fine Foods Co. Inc Falesca Importing Ltd. Global Reach Confections an Grauman Packaging Ltd. Husky Foods I-D Foods Corporation Korex Logistics Canada Ltd. Krinos Foods Canada L.N. Reynolds Co. Ltd. Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. - A National Importers Inc. NATURAL HEALTH DIST OMCAN Omega Food Importers Co. L ORITE Ingredient Ltd. Ortai Inc. Progress Therapeutics Inc. Retail Resource Services Inc. Richmond Traders Inc S.A. Chocolate Aliments Inc. Scott Process Equipment & Scott-Bathgate Ltd. Seoul Trading Corp. T-Brothers Food & Trading TFB & Associates Ltd. Thai Indochine Trading Inc.

33 38 38 44 47 47 57 58 62 65 65 66 76 80 87 87 100 100 102 103 114 114 121 122 124 124 130 134 135 137 140 140 141 148 150 150

Industrial Gases Air Liquide Canada Air Products Canada, LTD Linde Canada Limited

34 35 104

Industrial Products Henkel Consumer Goods Ca Johnston Equipment Kingman Industries (2012) L Western Scale Co. Ltd.

84 95 99 163

Information Canadian Food & Grocery G Contact Canada (ON) Federated Insurance Food Processing Human Res

46 54 68 71

Ingredients Butter Buds Food Ingredients Canada Colors and Chemical Continental Ingredients Cana David Roberts Food Corp. Dawn Food Products Ltd. Flavorcan International Inc. Food Supplies Company Inc. Food Supplies Company Inc. General Ingredient Inc. Jan K. Overweel Limited Kriscor & Associates Label Pak Printing Inc. Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd Naturally Nutritious Food (2 ORITE Ingredient Ltd. PK Chem Industries Ltd. PreGel Canada Professional Ingredients Inc. Quadra Ingredients Reinhart Foods WIBERG Corporation

44 45 54 57 57 70 72 72 75 94 100 102 106 115 124 127 129 130 132 134 164

Insect Repellent Enershield Air Barriers Green Dolphin Systems Corp

64 80

Insolvency MNP LLP


Inspection Abbey Packaging Equipment Fortress Technology Inc.

33 73

Installation ABI LTD Buhler Inc. Concept Store Fixtures Intern Glass Protection Solutions Hobart Food Equipment Gro Johnston Equipment King Business Services Corp Mosur Machine Co. Ltd. Scotty's Refrigeration Inc. Solar Provider Group Wilson Display Ltd.

33 43 53 76 85 95 98 112 140 144 164

Insulated Covers Kingman Industries (2012) L


Insurance Arthur J. Gallagher Canada L Cowan Insurance Group Federated Insurance Johnson Inc. Insurance McLean Hallmark Insurance Northern Financial Group Retail Merchants' Assoc.of C WorkSafe BC

37 55 68 95 108 118 134 165

178 Cross Index Internet Asti Holdings Ltd. (Golden I-D Foods Corporation THM Group

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 37 87 152

Inventory All-Can Pro Logistics, INC. Aptus Systems Inc. Automation Associates, Inc. distrib-u-tec Software Filbitron Systems Group Int'l Bar Coding Systems & Minotaur Software Ltd. NATURAL HEALTH DIST OCR Canada Ltd. Open Systems, Inc. Second Harvest

35 36 38 59 68 90 111 114 120 123 141

Investigative Services MNP LLP


Invoice Financing JD Factors Corporation Jam/Jelly Cider Keg (The) Uncle Tom' European Fine Foods Co. Inc Excelsior Foods Inc. Grace Foods Canada Inc. Granny Lyn's Kitchen, Ltd. Hidden Garden Foods Ltd. Husky Foods I-D Foods Corporation Intertrade Gourmet Kraft Heinz Canada ULC Label Pak Printing Inc. Riverbend Plantation Gourm Saunders Family Farm Skjodt Barrett Foods W.T. Lynch Foods Ltd.


52 65 66 78 79 84 87 87 91 100 102 135 139 143 161

Jerky Big Chief Meat Snacks Inc. Brian Quinn's Meats Butchers and Packers Suppli Drake Meat Processors Jack Link's Canada Company Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd.

40 43 44 60 93 148

Juices/Juicers Everland Natural Foods Excelsior Foods Inc. Happy Planet Foods Inc. Husky Foods Indonesian Trade Promotion M.A.P. International Freight Monfitello Omega Food Importers Co. L Professional Ingredients Inc. Total Cleanse Troll Bridge Creek Inc. Western Rice Mills Ltd.

65 66 83 87 89 105 112 122 130 154 157 162

Ketchup Select Food Products Limite


Knives Food Supplies Company Inc. Food Supplies Company Inc. Jarvis Canada Ltd. OMCAN Scott Process Equipment & Kosher/Parve AstaReal, Inc. Asti Holdings Ltd. (Golden Canadian Gold Beverages Ca Canterbury Coffee Corporati Chapman's Ice Cream European Fine Foods Co. Inc Everland Natural Foods Flavorcan International Inc. G. E. Barbour Inc. HoneyBar Products Int Inc. InfraReady Products (1998) Kawartha Dairy Limited M.A.P. International Freight Mountain Meadows Food Pr Namaste Foods, LLC Newport Gourmet Foods Inc. Northern Nutraceuticals Inc. Northern Quinoa Production PreGel Canada S.A. Chocolate Aliments Inc. Sable & Rosenfeld Saksco Gourmet Basket Sup TASTE OF GREECE SPECI The Stonemill Bakehouse Lt Tofutti-Cholac Foods Touche Bakery Inc. TransCold Distribution Ltd. Trumps Food Interest Ltd. UNFI Canada, Inc. W.T. Lynch Foods Ltd.

72 72 94 121 140

37 37 46 48 51 65 65 70 74 86 89 97 105 113 113 117 118 118 129 137 138 138 149 152 153 154 155 157 158 161

Lab - Instruments DJS Enterprises Neogen

59 116

LAB Coats UNITEX Sales Ltd.


Labels/Labeling Aptus Systems Inc. Arranti Inc. Bizerba Canada Inc. dicentra DIGI Canada Inc. distrib-u-tec Software DuraFast Label Company Enterprise Paper Co. Ltd. Glenwood Labels Great Little Box Company Groupe Robert H. Moore Printing Services L IMS Identification Multi Sol Int'l Bar Coding Systems & Interweigh Systems Inc. Ishida Canada Inc. J & J Display Sales J.D. Smith and Sons Limited Jet Label & Packaging Ltd

36 37 41 58 58 59 60 64 76 80 80 81 88 90 91 92 93 93 95

Jones Packaging Inc. King Business Services Corp Label Pak Printing Inc. Maxxam Analytics NSF International Precision Label and Tag Inc. Prinex Media Inc. R-J Machinery Inc. REA JET Canada Retail Advantage Inc. Samuel Packaging Systems Scott Process Equipment & Shelf Talkers Manufacturing Sunwest Print Corp. SYNQ Security + Access Te VC999 Canada Weber Marking Systems of Western Scale Co. Ltd.

96 98 102 108 119 129 129 132 133 134 138 140 142 147 148 160 161 163

Lactose Stemmler Meats & Cheese In


Laundry Products Green Dolphin Systems Corp Henkel Consumer Goods Ca Johnston Wholesale LFT Group Brands

80 84 96 104

Leasing Ryder System, Inc. Trailcon Leasing Inc.

137 155

Legal Gowling WLG (Ottawa) Legal Trademark Trademark Factory®


PNP Pharmaceuticals Inc. TricorBraun

128 156

Literature Display Products IDL - Instachange Displays


Logistics Advance Wire Products Ltd. All-Can Pro Logistics, INC. Aptus Systems Inc. Automation Associates, Inc. BNX Shipping Toronto Inc. Canada Cartage CB Powell Limited Cloverdale Cold Storage Ltd. Congebec Inc. CROSSMARK Canada Inc. DuraFast Label Company Eberspaecher Climate Contro Globe POS Systems Inc. Groupe Robert H Cold Storage Inc. Hewitt Material Handling J.D. Smith and Sons Limited Korex Logistics Canada Ltd. M.A.P. International Freight Nova Cold Logistics RollCo inc. simple, easy, fast Second Harvest Sherway Group The Erb Group of Companie Torizon Logistics Inc. Transplace Canada Van-Whole Produce Ltd. VersaCold Logistics Services W.G. Pro Manufacturing

33 35 36 38 42 45 49 52 53 55 60 61 76 80 81 84 93 100 105 119 136 141 142 151 154 155 159 160 161

155 Lollipops Cottage Country Candies &

Legumes Best Cooking Pulses Inc. Continental Importers 2014 Farmer Direct Co-operative Golden Boy Foods Ltd. InfraReady Products (1998)

40 54 67 77 89

Lentils Farmer Direct Co-operative Gia Foods Ltd. Golden Boy Foods Ltd.

67 75 77

Licorice Elco Fine Foods Limited


Lifting Devices Blue Giant Equipment Corpo Structural Panels Inc.

41 145

Lighting Amerlux CSS North America Inc. Hussmann Canada Inc. Promolux Lighting Intl.

35 56 87 131

Liquids Canadian Analytical Laborat PK Chem Industries Ltd.

45 127


Loss Prevention Brascon Stainless Steel Fabri Cart Connection Canada Inc. Cowan Insurance Group Federated Insurance Globe POS Systems Inc. Halo Metrics Inc. Insta-Fence Temporary Fenc Marketing Impact Ltd. SYNQ Security + Access Te VersaCold Logistics Services

42 48 55 68 76 82 90 107 148 160

Machines ABI LTD Cinelli Esperia Corporation® Tri-Mach Group Inc.

33 52 156

Maintenance BNE Contractors Inc. Butchers and Packers Suppli Can-Clean Pressure Washers Champion Products Corp. David Food Processing Equi Hobart Food Equipment Gro Instore Products Limited Johnston Equipment

41 44 45 50 57 85 90 95

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 Mosur Machine Co. Ltd. Nimbus Water Systems Inc. Ryder Material Handling Superior Technologies Thermo Design Insulation Lt Manufacturer A&M Gourmet Foods Inc. Agropur Dairy Cooperative Air Products Canada, LTD Aliya's Food Limited Ampac - A division of ProA Arbutus Ridge Farms Ltd. Asti Holdings Ltd. (Golden Barilo's Fine Sausages Barr Plastics Inc. Bill Beauty & Health Produc BioFen by Hair Grow Techn Boxmaster Brascon Stainless Steel Fabri Calkins & Burke Ltd. Canada Beef Inc. Canada Bread Company Ltd. Canadian Thermos Products CanEngrave Signage and Pri Cascades Tissue Group Chantler Packaging Inc. Cider Keg (The) Uncle Tom' Continental Ingredients Cana Courtyard Display Systems I Crofters Food Ltd. D & M Plastics Inc. Dana Industries Inc. David Food Processing Equi Denninger's Foods of the Wo EB Box Company Eco Guardian Embassy Flavours Ltd. Enershield Air Barriers Excelsior Foods Inc. Flavorcan International Inc. Fortress Technology Inc. Fresh Selections by Pasta Kit GAMMA Genuine Himalaya Gorman-Rupp Pumps Grace Foods Canada Inc. Grain-Free JK Gourmet Inc. Great Little Box Company Green Chocolate Works LTD Halo Metrics Inc. Handtmann Canada Ltd. Happy Planet Foods Inc. Honey Bunny Inc. HoneyBar Products Int Inc. Ingenia Natural Products Inc. Jan K. Overweel Limited Jessies Jams Jet Label & Packaging Ltd Ketchum Manufacturing Kool-Down Beverage Corp. Krinos Foods Canada Label Pak Printing Inc. Layfield Flexible Packaging Le Groupe Chagall inc Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd Mario's Gelati Ltd.

112 117 137 147 152

33 34 35 35 36 36 37 39 39 41 41 42 42 44 45 45 47 47 49 50 52 54 55 55 56 56 57 58 61 62 63 64 66 70 73 73 74 78 78 78 80 80 82 82 83 85 86 89 94 95 95 98 99 100 102 102 102 106 107

Marketing Impact Ltd. Maxill Inc. McCormick Canada McCowan Design & Manufa MFG Tray (Molded Fiber Gl MiMi Foods Mosur Machine Co. Ltd. Mother Parkers Tea & Coffe Nanton Water & Soda Ltd. Naturally Homegrown Foods NEBS Business Products Ltd Nord Gear Limited Olive-it International Inc. Omega Alpha Pharmaceutica Otimo Brazilian Cheese Puff Pallet Renew Inc. Pan-Oston Ltd. PNP Pharmaceuticals Inc. Prinex Media Inc. Pro Line Nutrition Ltd. Pro-Western Plastics Ltd. ProMinent Fluid Controls Lt Promising Health Inc. R.E. Morrison Equipment In Reinhart Foods Rotobale Compaction Soluti Sask. Food Industry Develop Scott Process Equipment & Septimatech Group Inc. Sika Canada Inc. Structural Panels Inc. The Garlic Box Inc. The Stonemill Bakehouse Lt Tiras Dairies Inc. TransCold Distribution Ltd. Tri-Mach Group Inc. Watson Gloves WILD Flavors (Canada) Inc. Wilson Display Ltd.

Cross Index 179 107 107 108 108 110 110 112 112 114 115 116 117 121 121 124 125 125 128 129 130 130 130 131 132 134 137 139 140 141 143 145 151 152 153 155 156 161 164 164

Manufacturing - Supplies Atlantic Packaging Products Cart Connection Canada Inc. Linde Canada Limited Metro Compactor Service In

38 48 104 109

Maple Products Brittles 'n More & The Fudge Granny Lyn's Kitchen, Ltd. Jakeman's Maple Products L.B. Maple Treat Corp Monfitello

43 79 94 101 112

Maple Syrup Jakeman's Maple Products Troll Bridge Creek Inc.

94 157

Maraschino Cherries Reinhart Foods


Margarine Parmalat Canada


Marinades Fire in the Kitchen Spice Co. Food Supplies Company Inc.

69 72

Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd McCormick Canada Skjodt Barrett Foods UniPac Packaging Products

106 108 143 158

Marketing Services BioFen by Hair Grow Techn Canadian Rangeland Bison CanEngrave Signage and Pri CB Powell Limited DuraFast Label Company Exchange Solutions Food Distribution Guy Foodland Ontario International Pacific Sales Mosaic Sales Solutions Murray Market Access Nielsen Canada Prospect Media Group Ltd. Talbot Consultants Internatio THM Group

41 47 47 49 60 66 71 72 91 112 113 117 131 149 152

Material Handling Barr Plastics Inc. Caster Town Ltd. EAM-Mosca Canada Ltd. Groupe Robert Intelligrated MFG Tray (Molded Fiber Gl Punch Tools Inc. RTS Retail Ryder Material Handling UniPac Packaging Products

39 49 61 80 90 110 131 137 137 158

Meal Replacement Arbutus Ridge Farms Ltd. Pro Line Nutrition Ltd.

36 130

Meat - Beef Chase Global Foods Inc. Erie Meat Products Ltd. Iceberg Cold Storage Limite JBS Canada L'Orignal Packing Ltd. Lesters Foods Limited Little Qualicum Cheesework Ontario Independent Meat Pr Rosemount Sales & Marketin The Elite Meat Company Trimpac Sysco Inc. United States Department of

51 64 87 94 101 104 105 122 136 151 156 159

Meat - Chicken L'Orignal Packing Ltd. Mountain Top Foods Ltd. Sargent Farms

101 113 139

Meat - Lamb Iceberg Cold Storage Limite Ontario Independent Meat Pr Rosemount Sales & Marketin The Elite Meat Company Trimpac Sysco Inc. United States Department of

87 122 136 151 156 159

Meat - Pork

Barilo's Fine Sausages Brian Quinn's Meats Canworld Foods Ltd. Chase Global Foods Inc. Drake Meat Processors Erie Meat Products Ltd. Halenda's Fine Foods Heidelberg Foods Ltd. Hertel Meats Ltd. Hunter's Dressed Meats Iceberg Cold Storage Limite L'Orignal Packing Ltd. L.N. Reynolds Co. Ltd. Little Qualicum Cheesework M.A.P. International Freight Mountain Top Foods Ltd. Ontario Independent Meat Pr Prairie Meats LP Ronald A. Chisholm Limited The Elite Meat Company TMF Foods - Peameal Bacon Trimpac Sysco Inc. United States Department of

39 43 48 51 60 64 81 83 84 86 87 101 102 105 105 113 122 128 136 151 153 156 159

Meat - Poultry Abate Packers Ltd. Barilo's Fine Sausages Brian Quinn's Meats Erie Meat Products Ltd. Export Packers Company Li Farm Fresh Poultry Co-op. In First Spice Mixing Company Foodland Ontario Granny's Poultry Halenda's Fine Foods Iceberg Cold Storage Limite Intercity Packers Ltd. J&K Poultry K.B. Honey Ltd. Ontario Independent Meat Pr Rosemount Sales & Marketin Sargent Farms Tamsco Food Systems Inc. The Elite Meat Company TMF Foods - Peameal Bacon Trimpac Sysco Inc. United States Department of

33 39 43 64 66 67 69 72 79 81 87 91 93 97 122 136 139 149 151 153 156 159

Meat - Products Abate Packers Ltd. Barilo's Fine Sausages Big Chief Meat Snacks Inc. Brian Quinn's Meats Canada Beef Inc. Canadian Prairie Bison Canadian Rangeland Bison Cardinal Meat Specialists Lt Carmen Creek Gourmet Biso Country Meat Packing Ltd. Denninger's Foods of the Wo Drake Meat Processors Erie Meat Products Ltd. Export Packers Company Li Field Farms Ltd. & Sara's Na First Spice Mixing Company Foodland Ontario

33 39 40 43 45 46 47 48 48 54 58 60 64 66 68 69 72

180 Cross Index

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018

Halenda's Fine Foods Handtmann Canada Ltd. Hardy Sales Ltd. Heidelberg Foods Ltd. Hertel Meats Ltd. Hunter's Dressed Meats Iceberg Cold Storage Limite Intercity Packers Ltd. Jack Link's Canada Company L'Orignal Packing Ltd. Label Pak Printing Inc. M.A.P. International Freight Marc Angelo Foods McCormick Canada Ontario Independent Meat Pr Piller's Fine Foods Pinnacle Foods Canada Corp Prairie Meats LP Rosemount Sales & Marketin Sargent Farms Sask. Food Industry Develop Schinkel's Legacy Stemmler Meats & Cheese In The Grocery People (TGP) TMF Foods - Peameal Bacon Trimpac Sysco Inc. United States Department of Westrow Food Group Wilkinson Foods Internation

81 82 83 83 84 86 87 91 93 101 102 105 107 108 122 127 127 128 136 139 139 139 145 151 153 156 159 163 164

Meat - Turkey Heidelberg Foods Ltd. JD Farms Specialty Turkey Ontario Independent Meat Pr The Elite Meat Company TMF Foods - Peameal Bacon Turkey Farmers of Canada

83 94 122 151 153 157

Meat Room Jarvis Canada Ltd. Media Services Prospect Media Group Ltd. Merchandising Systems Advance Wire Products Ltd. CROSSMARK Canada Inc. Dana Industries Inc. Food Supplies Company Inc. Food Supplies Company Inc. Halo Metrics Inc. Hubert Company Insta-Fence Temporary Fenc JNE Retail Equipment Inc. Le Groupe Chagall inc Marketing Impact Ltd. McCowan Design & Manufa Mosaic Sales Solutions Promolux Lighting Intl. TFI Food Equipment Solutio Toolbox Solutions Inc. Wilson Display Ltd. Metal Detection Abbey Packaging Equipment Bizerba Canada Inc.



33 55 56 72 72 82 86 90 95 102 107 108 112 131 150 154 164

33 41

Fortress Technology Inc.


Microbiology Mérieux NutriSciences - Silli Neogen PBR Laboratories Inc. Romer Labs, Inc.

109 116 126 136

Milk Free Leo-Chem Enterprises Inc. Troll Bridge Creek Inc. YoFiit

104 157 165

Millwrighting Tri-Mach Group Inc.


Minerals/Salts PNP Pharmaceuticals Inc. RiverFresh Wild BC Seafood Silver Resonance Inc. Total Health Ctre (Reena Ent Univar Canada Ltd.

128 135 143 154 159

Mixers ABI LTD Kool-Down Beverage Corp.

33 99

Mixes Global Reach Confections an Kool-Down Beverage Corp. Marquis Milling and Grain / Namaste Foods, LLC Thai Indochine Trading Inc.

76 99 107 113 150

Modified Atmosphere Packaging Air Liquide Canada 34 Alte-Rego Corporation 35 Chantler Packaging Inc. 50 Fresh Selections by Pasta Kit 73 Layfield Flexible Packaging 102 VC999 Canada 160 Modular Belts Habasit Canada Limited Molasses Crosby Molasses Company L Monitoring Sensormatic Canada Ltd. Moulds D & M Plastics Inc. MSM PK Chem Industries Ltd.

47 88 159

Nutraceuticals AstaReal, Inc. Caldic Canada Inc. Chemroy Canada Inc. Edlong Dairy Technologies Everland Natural Foods Ingenia Natural Products Inc. Label Pak Printing Inc. Leading Brands of Canada, I Monfitello Nutrasource Omega Alpha Pharmaceutica ORITE Ingredient Ltd. PBR Laboratories Inc. PK Chem Industries Ltd. Platinum Naturals Ltd. PNP Pharmaceuticals Inc. Prinova Group Promising Health Inc. ToLink Inc. Total Health Ctre (Reena Ent Univar Canada Ltd.

37 44 51 62 65 89 102 103 112 120 121 124 126 127 127 128 129 131 153 154 159

Nutrition Bars Simply Protein Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd. YoFiit

143 146 165

Nuts Continental Importers 2014 Cottage Country Candies & David Roberts Food Corp. Golden Boy Foods Ltd. Kraft Heinz Canada ULC PepsiCo Foods Canada Professional Ingredients Inc. Scott-Bathgate Ltd.

54 54 57 77 100 126 130 140

34 35

Oatmeal Canadian Organic Spice & H PepsiCo Foods Canada

46 126

37 47 69 87 100 100 116 126 141 150

Odour Control Champion Products Corp. DIGI Canada Inc. Diversey Inc. Enershield Air Barriers Orkin Canada SciCorp International Corp.

50 58 59 64 124 140

Natural Health Products ASIAN FAMILY Specialty Barlean's Bremner Foods Ltd. BTS LifeScience Limited Covered Bridge Potato Chip Edible Impressions Food Development Centre GAMMA Genuine Himalaya Gia Foods Ltd. Happy Days Dairies Ltd. HoneyBar Products Int Inc. Johnston Wholesale Kidd Bros Honey/Western S Leading Brands of Canada, I Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. - A NATURAL HEALTH DIST Newco Enterprises Inc. Omega Alpha Pharmaceutica Organika Health Products Pasta Romana Foods Inc. Planet Foods Inc. Promising Health Inc. Quadra Ingredients Silver Resonance Inc. Thai Away Home TricorBraun Troll Bridge Creek Inc.

37 39 42 43 55 62 71 74 75 82 86 96 98 103 103 114 116 121 124 125 127 131 132 143 150 156 157

68 76 120 152

New Crops Vineland Research and Innov


Night Covers Kingman Industries (2012) L Promolux Lighting Intl.

99 131





44 50 111

Mustard Select Food Products Limite


Nitrogen Air Liquide Canada Air Products Canada, LTD Noodles ASIAN FAMILY Specialty Canda Six Fortune Enterprise Fine Choice Foods Ltd. I-D Foods Corporation Korea Food Trading Korex Logistics Canada Ltd. Nemfood Corp. Peter Piper Pepper Seoul Trading Corp. Thai Indochine Trading Inc.


33 54 62 73 73 105 124 137 154

57 104 124

Network Systems Filbitron Systems Group Globe POS Systems Inc. OCR Canada Ltd. THM Group

Nougat Asti Holdings Ltd. (Golden Nut-free A&M Gourmet Foods Inc. Continental Ingredients Cana Edica Naturals Ltd From Farm to Table Canada Frozen Coconut Lorelyn's Gourmet Desserts Otimo Brazilian Cheese Puff S.A. Chocolate Aliments Inc. Touche Bakery Inc.

Natural Flavours Dealers Ingredients Inc. Leo-Chem Enterprises Inc. Otimo Brazilian Cheese Puff


Mushrooms Calkins & Burke Ltd. Champ's Mushrooms Inc. Misty Mountain Specialties

Name Badges

CanEngrave Signage and Pri Imprint Plus UNITEX Sales Ltd.

Office Products Grand & Toy Ltd.


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 THM Group


Oil & Vinegar Everland Natural Foods Excelsior Foods Inc. Falesca Importing Ltd. I-D Foods Corporation Jan K. Overweel Limited Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd.

65 66 66 87 94 148

Oil Seeds/Plants Farmer Direct Co-operative Oils - Various A&M Gourmet Foods Inc. Aurora Importing & Distribu Barlean's Caldic Canada Inc. Cambrian Solutions Inc. Continental Importers 2014 Dealers Ingredients Inc. Fazio Foods International Lt I-D Foods Corporation Newco Enterprises Inc. Northern Nutraceuticals Inc. Ontario Natural Food Co-op Richardson Oilseed Limited Shafer-Haggart Ltd. TASTE OF GREECE SPECI TFB & Associates Ltd. Total Health Ctre (Reena Ent Unico (Primo)


33 38 39 44 44 54 57 67 87 116 118 123 134 142 149 150 154 158

Olives Olive-it International Inc. TASTE OF GREECE SPECI

121 149

Omega-3 Products Bill Beauty & Health Produc Continental Ingredients Cana Food Development Centre Northern Nutraceuticals Inc. Omega Alpha Pharmaceutica Organika Health Products

41 54 71 118 121 124

Operations Management CashTech Currency Products Gemsys Money Handling Sy Groupe Robert Intouch Insight Metro Compactor Service In Minotaur Software Ltd. Pouch Makers Canada Inc. Sherway Group SYNQ Security + Access Te

49 75 80 92 109 111 128 142 148

Ordering Systems Aptus Systems Inc. Minotaur Software Ltd.

36 111

Organic Produce Discovery Organics Foodland Ontario Thomas Canning ( Maidston

59 72 153

Organic Products

Agropur Dairy Cooperative AstaReal, Inc. Best Cooking Pulses Inc. Best Gourmet Coffee Wholes Bremner Foods Ltd. Cambrian Solutions Inc. Canadian Organic Spice & H Canterbury Coffee Corporati Crofters Food Ltd. Debut Products Du Bois Wild Rice Ltd. Earth's Own Food Company Edica Naturals Ltd Elite International Foods Inc. Everland Natural Foods Excelsior Foods Inc. Falesca Importing Ltd. Farmer Direct Co-operative Field Farms Ltd. & Sara's Na Floating Leaf Fine Foods Foodland Ontario Frozen Coconut G. E. Barbour Inc. GAMMA Genuine Himalaya Golden Acres Honey Grainworks, Inc. Granny Appleton Foods Green Chocolate Works LTD Growers Intern'l Organic Sal Hagensborg Chocolates Happy Days Dairies Ltd. Happy Planet Foods Inc. Honey Bunny Inc. HoneyBar Products Int Inc. Indonesian Trade Promotion Kriscor & Associates Label Pak Printing Inc. Leading Brands of Canada, I Marquis Milling and Grain / McCormick Canada Namaste Foods, LLC Naturally Nutritious Food (2 Nature's Choice Foods Limit Nature's Path Foods Inc. Newport Gourmet Foods Inc. Northern Nutraceuticals Inc. NuStart Marketing Ltd. Ontario Natural Food Co-op Organika Health Products ORITE Ingredient Ltd. Planet Foods Inc. Prairie Harvest Canada Ltd. Pro-Cert Organic Systems Lt Professional Ingredients Inc. Ronald A. Chisholm Limited S.A. Chocolate Aliments Inc. Sask. Food Industry Develop Scoular Skjodt Barrett Foods Stickling's Specialty Bakery Sunshine Farms TASTE OF GREECE SPECI TFB & Associates Ltd. The Stonemill Bakehouse Lt UNFI Canada, Inc. Univar Canada Ltd.

Cross Index 181 34 37 40 40 42 44 46 48 55 58 60 61 62 63 65 66 66 67 68 70 72 73 74 74 77 79 79 80 81 81 82 83 85 86 89 100 102 103 107 108 113 115 115 115 117 118 119 123 124 124 127 128 130 130 136 137 139 140 143 145 146 149 150 152 158 159

Western Rice Mills Ltd. YoFiit

162 165

Outsourcing Mosaic Sales Solutions


Ovens ABI LTD Bizerba Canada Inc. Chesher Equipment Ltd. EM Bakery Equipment Ltd. Garland Canada GBS Food Service Equipmen Harvest Corporation Hobart Food Equipment Gro Igloo Refrigeration Ltd. Picard Ovens Inc. Western Refrigeration & Bev

33 41 51 63 74 74 83 85 88 127 162

Oxygen Air Liquide Canada Air Products Canada, LTD

34 35

Packaged Food Conagra Brands, Inc. From Farm to Table Canada Heidelberg Foods Ltd. Nielsen Canada TASTE OF GREECE SPECI Tillsonburg Custom Foods

53 73 83 117 149 153

Packaging Abbey Packaging Equipment Air Products Canada, LTD Alte-Rego Corporation Ampac - A division of ProA Arranti Inc. Arthur J. Gallagher Canada L Atlantic Packaging Products Beneco Packaging Boxmaster Chantler Packaging Inc. Dart Canada (Solo Cup) Dawn Food Products Ltd. DIGI Canada Inc. Dure Foods Ltd. EAM-Mosca Canada Ltd. Enterprise Paper Co. Ltd. Flair Flexible Packaging Cor Flexstar Packaging Inc. FoodPack Inc. Fortress Technology Inc. Genpak Grauman Packaging Ltd. Great Little Box Company Groupe Robert Henry & Sons Inc. HoneyBar Products Int Inc. Ideon Packaging Ingenia Natural Products Inc. Institute of Food Processing Ishida Canada Inc. J & J Display Sales Jones Packaging Inc. Label Pak Printing Inc. Layfield Flexible Packaging

33 35 35 36 37 37 38 40 42 50 57 57 58 60 61 64 69 70 72 73 75 80 80 80 84 86 87 89 90 92 93 96 102 102

MD Packaging Inc. MMIS Inc. Monfitello Norstar Corporation Northfork Bison Distribution NSF International Omori Machinery Co., Ltd. Pallet Renew Inc. Pearson Packaging Systems Pouch Makers Canada Inc. Pro Line Nutrition Ltd. Pro-Western Plastics Ltd. Promising Health Inc. QMS International Inc. R-J Machinery Inc. REA JET Canada Reiser (Canada) Co. Samuel Packaging Systems Scholtens Inc. Septimatech Group Inc. Sterling Press & Packaging I Super Poly Ltd. Taipak Enterprises Ltd. UniPac Packaging Products VC999 Canada Wedlock Paper Converters L Western Rice Mills Ltd.

109 111 112 118 119 119 122 125 126 128 130 130 131 131 132 133 134 138 139 141 145 147 148 158 160 161 162

Packaging - Blistering Arranti Inc. Ellis Packaging Ltd. Fladgate Packaging Systems Taipak Enterprises Ltd.

37 63 69 148

Packaging - Carton Beneco Packaging Boxmaster EB Box Company Ellis Packaging West Inc. Enterprise Paper Co. Ltd. Glenwood Labels Grauman Packaging Ltd. Ideon Packaging Jones Packaging Inc. Pearson Packaging Systems Prinex Media Inc. Tetra Pak Canada Inc.

40 42 61 63 64 76 80 87 96 126 129 150

Packaging - Consulting Alte-Rego Corporation Arranti Inc. Chantler Packaging Inc. Flair Flexible Packaging Cor Jones Packaging Inc. Layfield Flexible Packaging

35 37 50 69 96 102

Packaging - Materials Abbey Packaging Equipment Alte-Rego Corporation Atlantic Packaging Products Champion Products Corp. Enterprise Paper Co. Ltd. Flair Flexible Packaging Cor Genpak Layfield Flexible Packaging Norstar Corporation

33 35 38 50 64 69 75 102 118

182 Cross Index Organic Products Lanka Inc. Packaging - Pouch Filling Abbey Packaging Equipment Arranti Inc. DJS Enterprises Enterprise Paper Co. Ltd. Kool-Down Beverage Corp. MD Packaging Inc. VC999 Canada Pallet Trucks Blue Giant Equipment Corpo Hewitt Material Handling Johnston Equipment Merchant Retail Solutions U Pallets Barco Materials Handling Groupe Robert J.D. Smith and Sons Limited Korex Logistics Canada Ltd. PECO Pallet, Inc. Paper Products Atlantic Packaging Products Cascades Tissue Group Champion Products Corp. Dart Canada (Solo Cup) Eco Guardian Enterprise Paper Co. Ltd. FoodPack Inc. Grauman Packaging Ltd. Great Little Box Company Kruger Products L.P. Melitta Canada Inc. Retail Advantage Inc. Paperboard Ellis Packaging Ltd. Party Supplies Dart Canada (Solo Cup) S.K.S. Novelty Co. Ltd. UNITEX Sales Ltd. Pasta - Various Aurora Importing & Distribu Chase Global Foods Inc. Duso's Fresh Pasta & Sauces Elite International Foods Inc. Excelsior Foods Inc. Falesca Importing Ltd. Fresh Selections by Pasta Kit I-D Foods Corporation ITALPASTA Limited Jan K. Overweel Limited Kraft Heinz Canada ULC Krinos Foods Canada Label Pak Printing Inc. Namaste Foods, LLC Pasta Oggi Pasta Romana Foods Inc. Prairie Harvest Canada Ltd. Unico (Primo) Western Rice Mills Ltd.

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 124

33 37 59 64 99 109 160

41 84 96 109

39 80 93 100 126

38 49 50 57 62 64 72 80 80 101 109 134


57 137 159

38 51 60 63 66 66 73 87 93 94 100 100 102 113 125 125 128 158 162

Pasta Sauces Chase Global Foods Inc. Continental Importers 2014 Duso's Fresh Pasta & Sauces Mad About Food Inc. Ocean Brands Pasta Romana Foods Inc. Select Food Products Limite Unico (Primo)

51 54 60 106 120 125 141 158

Pastry Micaelense Home Bakery Lt Premiere Moisson Weston Foods Inc.

110 129 163

Pathogens Detection Romer Labs, Inc.


Patty Machines David Food Processing Equi Hollymatic Corporation QMS International Inc.

57 85 131

Patty Paper Hollymatic Corporation UniPac Packaging Products

85 158

Payroll Services FMS Solutions Holdings, LL Peanut Butter Everland Natural Foods G. E. Barbour Inc. Golden Boy Foods Ltd. Kraft Heinz Canada ULC Peanut Free Best Cooking Pulses Inc. Dare Foods Limited Dure Foods Ltd. Mountain Meadows Food Pr Pasta Oggi Touche Bakery Inc. Peanuts Cottage Country Candies & Pectin Cambrian Solutions Inc. Dempsey Corporation


65 74 77 100

40 57 60 113 125 154


44 58

Peer Networking Agri-food Management Instit THM Group

34 152

Peg Hooks Halo Metrics Inc. Marketing Impact Ltd. Shelf Talkers Manufacturing

82 107 142

Perishable Foods Westrow Food Group


Personal Care Caldic Canada Inc. Extreme Reach Canada

44 66

Henkel Consumer Goods Ca Johnston Wholesale Jon Jen Soap Co. LFT Group Brands Mountain Sky Soaps Newco Enterprises Inc. Ontario Natural Food Co-op Silver Resonance Inc. Unilever Canada

84 96 96 104 113 116 123 143 158

Pest Control Iron Apple International Kentville Research and Deve Kingman Industries (2012) L Maheu&Maheu Pest Manage Orkin Canada Terminix Canada

92 97 99 106 124 149

Pet Care/Food Caldic Canada Inc. Canature Processing Ltd. Chemroy Canada Inc. Euro Can Pet Products Foley Dog Treat Company In Granny Lyn's Kitchen, Ltd. Great Jack's (Langdon Sales) Green Dolphin Systems Corp JD Farms Specialty Turkey Omega Alpha Pharmaceutica Retail Advantage Inc. Rollover Premium Pet Food Sask. Food Industry Develop Shafer-Haggart Ltd. Tri-V Pet Foods Ltd. Univar Canada Ltd.

44 47 51 65 70 79 80 80 94 121 134 136 139 142 156 159

Pharmaceuticals Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. - A Morris Lee Ltd Retail Merchants' Assoc.of C

103 112 134

Phosphates Cambrian Solutions Inc. Quadra Ingredients

44 132

Pick/Pack Service Automation Associates, Inc. Groupe Robert J.D. Smith and Sons Limited NATURAL HEALTH DIST VersaCold Logistics Services

38 80 93 114 160

Pickles European Fine Foods Co. Inc Label Pak Printing Inc. Mojo Jojo Pickles Pinnacle Foods Canada Corp Sunshine Farms Sunshine Pickles The Garlic Box Inc. Westrow Food Group

65 102 111 127 146 146 151 163

Pie Crusts Apple Valley Foods Inc Maplehurst Bakery / Ready Tartine Tarts Inc.

36 106 149

Pie Filling Apple Valley Foods Inc Reinhart Foods W.T. Lynch Foods Ltd.

36 134 161

Pizza Canadian Trade House Chase Global Foods Inc. MiMi Foods Molinaro's Fine Italian Foods Nestlé Canada Inc. Reiser (Canada) Co. United States Department of

47 51 110 112 116 134 159

Plastic Film Alte-Rego Corporation


Plastics Alte-Rego Corporation Barr Plastics Inc. Chantler Packaging Inc. Dart Canada (Solo Cup) Primex Manufacturing Ltd. Trinity Plastic Products Inc.

35 39 50 57 129 156

POP Displays Ideon Packaging IDL - Instachange Displays McCowan Design & Manufa Prinex Media Inc. W.G. Pro Manufacturing Western Spring and Wire Ltd Wilson Display Ltd.

87 88 108 129 161 163 164

Popcorn Cottage Country Candies & From Farm to Table Canada PepsiCo Foods Canada Scott-Bathgate Ltd. Super-Pufft Snacks Corp. Zast Foods Corporation

54 73 126 140 147 165

POS (Point of Sale) Complete POS Dana Industries Inc. DIGI Canada Inc. distrib-u-tec Software DuraFast Label Company Foodland Ontario Globe POS Systems Inc. Howell Data Systems Ideon Packaging INKAS® Security Group Int'l Bar Coding Systems & JS Software King Business Services Corp McCowan Design & Manufa OCR Canada Ltd. Pan-Oston Ltd. Precision Label and Tag Inc. Retail Merchants' Assoc.of C Sweda Canada Inc. Western Scale Co. Ltd.

53 56 58 59 60 72 76 86 87 89 90 97 98 108 120 125 129 134 148 163

Potato Chips Covered Bridge Potato Chip


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 Naturally Homegrown Foods Old Dutch Foods Ltd. PepsiCo Foods Canada Super-Pufft Snacks Corp. Potatoes/Products Covered Bridge Potato Chip Dempsey Corporation Label Pak Printing Inc. Michel Saint-Arneault Inc. The Little Potato Company Powders - Various Canadian Analytical Laborat Continental Ingredients Cana Dealers Ingredients Inc. Label Pak Printing Inc. ORITE Ingredient Ltd. PNP Pharmaceuticals Inc. Pro Line Nutrition Ltd. Total Health Ctre (Reena Ent Pre-Pack Applications Ishida Canada Inc.

115 121 126 147

55 58 102 110 152

45 54 57 102 124 128 130 154


Preparation Tables Hubert Company Mosur Machine Co. Ltd.

86 112

Preservatives Cambrian Solutions Inc. Quadra Ingredients She Devil Delights

44 132 142

Pricing/Tags Dana Industries Inc. Food Supplies Company Inc. Food Supplies Company Inc. Jet Label & Packaging Ltd Precision Label and Tag Inc. Retail Advantage Inc. Shelf Talkers Manufacturing Sterling Press & Packaging I

56 72 72 95 129 134 142 145

Printed Packaging Materials Alte-Rego Corporation Arranti Inc. Atlantic Packaging Products Beneco Packaging Chantler Packaging Inc. Enterprise Paper Co. Ltd. Flair Flexible Packaging Cor Groupe Robert Layfield Flexible Packaging McCall's Norstar Corporation Precision Label and Tag Inc.

35 37 38 40 50 64 69 80 102 108 118 129

Printing/Printers CanEngrave Signage and Pri Dana Industries Inc. Glenwood Labels H. Moore Printing Services L Honeywell Jones Packaging Inc. Label Pak Printing Inc.

47 56 76 81 86 96 102

Layfield Flexible Packaging NEBS Business Products Ltd OCR Canada Ltd. Precision Label and Tag Inc. Prinex Media Inc. REA JET Canada Scholtens Inc. Sterling Press & Packaging I Sunwest Print Corp. Private Label Contract A&M Gourmet Foods Inc. Adel Corp Asti Holdings Ltd. (Golden Bill Beauty & Health Produc Caldic Canada Inc. Canadian Gold Beverages Ca CanEngrave Signage and Pri Canterbury Coffee Corporati Cider Keg (The) Uncle Tom' Continental Ingredients Cana Crofters Food Ltd. Dure Foods Ltd. Embassy Flavours Ltd. Fazio Foods International Lt Fine Choice Foods Ltd. Foley Dog Treat Company In Foley's Candies Limited Part Foothills Creamery Fresh Selections by Pasta Kit Gia Foods Ltd. Golden Boy Foods Ltd. Grain-Free JK Gourmet Inc. Green Chocolate Works LTD Happy Days Dairies Ltd. Heidelberg Foods Ltd. HoneyBar Products Int Inc. IMS Identification Multi Sol Ingenia Natural Products Inc. Instore Products Limited Jan K. Overweel Limited Jet Label & Packaging Ltd Jones Packaging Inc. LFT Group Brands McCall's Micaelense Home Bakery Lt Monfitello Noraxx Inspections Inc. Organic Products Lanka Inc. Organika Health Products Otimo Brazilian Cheese Puff PNP Pharmaceuticals Inc. Pouch Makers Canada Inc. Prairie Harvest Canada Ltd. Precision Label and Tag Inc. PreGel Canada Pro Line Nutrition Ltd. Promising Health Inc. Rotobale Compaction Soluti RTS Retail Scholtens Inc. Select Food Products Limite Skjodt Barrett Foods Stickling's Specialty Bakery Sunshine Pickles Touche Bakery Inc.

Cross Index 183 102 116 120 129 129 133 139 145 147

33 33 37 41 44 46 47 48 52 54 55 60 63 67 69 70 71 72 73 75 77 78 80 82 83 86 88 89 90 94 95 96 104 108 110 112 117 124 124 124 128 128 128 129 129 130 131 137 137 139 141 143 145 146 154

TransCold Distribution Ltd. W.G. Pro Manufacturing

155 161

Pro/Prebiotics Caldic Canada Inc. Chapman's Ice Cream Continental Ingredients Cana Troll Bridge Creek Inc.

44 51 54 157

Process Development Air Products Canada, LTD Canada Beef Inc. Food Development Centre Food Processing Developme Institute of Food Processing Leo-Chem Enterprises Inc. NSF International

35 45 71 71 90 104 119

Processor JBS Canada RiverFresh Wild BC Seafood The Elite Meat Company

94 135 151

Produce/Fruit & Vegetable Calkins & Burke Ltd. Derlea Brand Foods Inc. Discovery Organics Falesca Importing Ltd. Graceland Fruit, Inc. International Herbs (B.C.) Lt M.A.P. International Freight Mettler-Toledo LLC. Misty Mountain Specialties Okanagan Specialty Fruits in Ontario Food Terminal Boar Solar Gold Dried Fruit The Garlic Box Inc. The Grocery People (TGP) The Little Potato Company The Oppenheimer Group U-Be-Livin-Smart Inc. Westrow Food Group Windset Farms

44 58 59 66 78 91 105 110 111 121 122 144 151 151 152 152 158 163 164

Producer Bremner Foods Ltd. Hanes Hummus Kidd Bros Honey/Western S

42 82 98

Product Demonstration Canada Beef Inc. CROSSMARK Canada Inc. Food Supplies Company Inc. Food Supplies Company Inc. Halo Metrics Inc. Mosaic Sales Solutions Nutrasource Ontario Food Terminal Boar

45 55 72 72 82 112 120 122

Product Development Dealers Ingredients Inc. dicentra First Spice Mixing Company Fresh Selections by Pasta Kit Green Chocolate Works LTD Institute of Food Processing

57 58 69 73 80 90

International Pacific Sales Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. - A Monfitello ToLink Inc. WILD Flavors (Canada) Inc.

91 103 112 153 164

Product Display Arctica Showcase Inc. Bel Par Industries Ltd. Cayuga Displays Inc. Coldmatic Refrigeration Courtyard Display Systems I Etalex Inc. Food Supplies Company Inc. GBS Food Service Equipmen Great Little Box Company Hillphoenix/AMS Group Hubert Company Ideon Packaging IDL - Instachange Displays Jones Food Store Equipment Kuusoft Software Corp. Le Groupe Chagall inc Marketing Impact Ltd. OMCAN Orbis Canada Limited Ortai Inc. PMD Solutions Plus Prinex Media Inc. Promolux Lighting Intl. QBD Modular Systems RTS Retail Sterling Press & Packaging I SYNQ Security + Access Te VIC Store Fixtures Inc. Western Spring and Wire Ltd Wilson Display Ltd.

36 39 49 53 55 64 72 74 80 85 86 87 88 96 101 102 107 121 123 124 128 129 131 131 137 145 148 160 163 164

Product Evaluation Ontario Agri-Food Technolo


Product Licence dicentra


Production Management Agrivalue Processing Busine Open Systems, Inc.

34 123

Promotional Products Astro Marketing CanEngrave Signage and Pri Groupe Robert UNITEX Sales Ltd.

38 47 80 159

Proteins Caldic Canada Inc. Cambrian Solutions Inc. Chemroy Canada Inc. Dealers Ingredients Inc. Dure Foods Ltd. Floating Leaf Fine Foods Prinova Group Univar Canada Ltd.

44 44 51 57 60 70 129 159

Publication Canadian Food & Grocery G


184 Cross Index Contact Canada (ON)

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 54

Raisins Golden Boy Foods Ltd. Reinhart Foods

77 134

Pulses Best Cooking Pulses Inc. Farmer Direct Co-operative Sunrise Foods International I

40 67 146

Pumps Barr Plastics Inc. Can-Clean Pressure Washers Gorman-Rupp Pumps ProMinent Fluid Controls Lt R-J Machinery Inc.

39 45 78 130 132

Recruitment National Resource Partners I


Recycling JP Olsen Enterprises Inc. Metro Compactor Service In

96 109

Purees Cambrian Solutions Inc. Professional Ingredients Inc. S.A. Chocolate Aliments Inc.

44 130 137

Refrigerated Cases Arctica Showcase Inc. Cayuga Displays Inc. GBS Food Service Equipmen Halford's Hillphoenix/AMS Group Hussmann Canada Inc. ICOM Refrigeration Corpora Igloo Refrigeration Ltd. Jones Food Store Equipment Merchant Retail Solutions U Morris Lee Ltd Northwest Refrigeration Promolux Lighting Intl. QBD Modular Systems Raimac Thermo Design Insulation Lt Western Refrigeration & Bev

36 49 74 82 85 87 87 88 96 109 112 119 131 131 132 152 162

Refrigerated Food Arctica Showcase Inc. Fine Choice Foods Ltd. Fresh Selections by Pasta Kit Pasta Romana Foods Inc.

36 69 73 125

Quality Assurance/Control Abbey Packaging Equipment Brite Belt International, LLC CCS Inc. Pharmaceuticals dicentra Food Processing Human Res Fortress Technology Inc. Fresh Selections by Pasta Kit ILC - Micro-Chem Inc. Ingenia Natural Products Inc. Maxxam Analytics Mérieux NutriSciences - Silli Noraxx Inspections Inc. NSF International Nutrasource Progress Therapeutics Inc. Rea UltraVapor Inc. SAI Global

33 43 49 58 71 73 73 88 89 108 109 117 119 120 130 133 138

Quality Auditing Mérieux NutriSciences - Silli NSF International SAI Global

109 119 138

Quality Consulting Mérieux NutriSciences - Silli NSF International TrainCan, Inc.

109 119 155

Quinoa GoGo Quinoa Northern Quinoa Production

77 118

Racks/Rails Brascon Stainless Steel Fabri Cayuga Displays Inc. Crown Custom Metal Spinni Etalex Inc. Hewitt Material Handling iMetal Inc. Insta-Fence Temporary Fenc JNE Retail Equipment Inc. Punch Tools Inc. Turnstile Security Systems Western Spring and Wire Ltd Wine Lovers Agency

42 49 56 64 84 88 90 95 131 157 163 165

Ready-to-eat Food Granny Lyn's Kitchen, Ltd. Heidelberg Foods Ltd.

Refrigeration Air Liquide Canada Air Products Canada, LTD All-Can Pro Logistics, INC. Coldmatic Refrigeration Concept Store Fixtures Intern CT Control Temp Ltd. Emerson Commercial & Resi Hobart Food Equipment Gro Hussmann Canada Inc. ICOM Refrigeration Corpora Jones Food Store Equipment KeepRite Refrigeration Kingman Industries (2012) L Kingspan Insulated Panels Lt KOOLJET Morris Lee Ltd Promolux Lighting Intl. Raimac Scotty's Refrigeration Inc. Structural Panels Inc. The Erb Group of Companie Thermo Design Insulation Lt Trailcon Leasing Inc. Western Refrigeration & Bev

79 83

34 35 35 53 53 56 63 85 87 87 96 97 99 99 99 112 131 132 140 145 151 152 155 162

Regulatory Affairs CCS Inc. Pharmaceuticals Mérieux NutriSciences - Silli NATURAL HEALTH DIST Nutrasource Open Systems, Inc. Progress Therapeutics Inc. Rentals Cart Connection Canada Inc. Johnston Equipment Northern Uniform Ryder Material Handling Trailcon Leasing Inc. Research & Development Food Development Centre Green Dolphin Systems Corp Ingenia Natural Products Inc. Institute of Food Processing Kentville Research and Deve Maxxam Analytics Omega Alpha Pharmaceutica Ontario Agri-Food Technolo Ontario Pork PBR Laboratories Inc. Sask. Food Industry Develop Sika Canada Inc. ToLink Inc. Vineland Research and Innov Retail Management Hino Motors Canada, Ltd. Promolux Lighting Intl. Rewards Program Ethical Bean Coffee Co. Exchange Solutions

49 109 114 120 123 130

48 96 119 137 155

71 80 89 90 97 108 121 122 123 126 139 143 153 160

85 131

64 66

Rice Products Canda Six Fortune Enterprise Du Bois Wild Rice Ltd. Excelsior Foods Inc. Floating Leaf Fine Foods Gia Foods Ltd. Nemfood Corp. Northern Lights Foods NuStart Marketing Ltd. PepsiCo Foods Canada Planet Foods Inc. Shafer-Haggart Ltd. TFB & Associates Ltd. Unico (Primo) Western Rice Mills Ltd.

47 60 66 70 75 116 118 119 126 127 142 150 158 162

Risk Management Plan BroadGrain Cowan Insurance Group Federated Insurance McLean Hallmark Insurance SAI Global

43 55 68 108 138

Robots ABI LTD FANUC Canada, Ltd. Institute of Food Processing

33 66 90

Intelligrated Jarvis Canada Ltd. KUKA Robotics Canada

90 94 101

RollingHandBaskets Kartwheels Continental Store Fixture Gr 54 Rotisseries Bizerba Canada Inc. David Food Processing Equi GBS Food Service Equipmen Hobart Food Equipment Gro Raimac

41 57 74 85 132

Safety Assessments Mérieux NutriSciences - Silli OperationSafety

109 123

Salad Dressings Edlong Dairy Technologies Fazio Foods International Lt First Spice Mixing Company Kraft Heinz Canada ULC Label Pak Printing Inc. Select Food Products Limite Summer Kitchen Fine Foods The Garlic Box Inc. W.T. Lynch Foods Ltd.

62 67 69 100 102 141 146 151 161

Sales/Services CB Powell Limited Chase Global Foods Inc. DuraFast Label Company Farleyco Marketing Inc. Food Distribution Guy Mosaic Sales Solutions Nimbus Water Systems Inc. Rosemount Sales & Marketin Ryder Material Handling SP Sales

49 51 60 67 71 112 117 136 137 144

Salsa Chef Pieter Inc. Cider Keg (The) Uncle Tom' Continental Importers 2014 Everland Natural Foods Fresh is Best Salsa Company Mad About Food Inc. Mad Mexican Nature's Path Foods Inc. PepsiCo Foods Canada Select Food Products Limite Summer Kitchen Fine Foods Zast Foods Corporation

51 52 54 65 73 106 106 115 126 141 146 165

Salts Continental Importers 2014 Dealers Ingredients Inc. GAMMA Genuine Himalaya Newco Enterprises Inc. TASTE OF GREECE SPECI The Garlic Box Inc. Warwick Salt Inc.

54 57 74 116 149 151 161

Sanitation Atesco Industrial Hygiene Lt


Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 Brite Belt International, LLC Cascades Tissue Group Diversey Inc. Epsilon Chemicals Ltd. Food Processing Human Res Green Dolphin Systems Corp Institute of Food Processing Neogen Noraxx Inspections Inc. Rea UltraVapor Inc. Romer Labs, Inc.

43 49 59 64 71 80 90 116 117 133 136

Sauces ASIAN FAMILY Specialty Canda Six Fortune Enterprise Conagra Brands, Inc. Continental Ingredients Cana Elco Fine Foods Limited Everland Natural Foods Fazio Foods International Lt Food Development Centre Get Sauced & Spiced Inc. Gia Foods Ltd. Global Reach Confections an Hee-Haw HorseRadish I-D Foods Corporation Kraft Heinz Canada ULC Label Pak Printing Inc. Lee Kum KEE(USA) Inc. Mad About Food Inc. McCormick Canada National Importers Inc. Nemfood Corp. Peter Piper Pepper Prairie Harvest Canada Ltd. Riverbend Plantation Gourm RiverFresh Wild BC Seafood Sable & Rosenfeld Select Food Products Limite Seoul Trading Corp. Skjodt Barrett Foods Summer Kitchen Fine Foods Teriyaki Experience Thai Away Home Thai Indochine Trading Inc. Unico (Primo) W.T. Lynch Foods Ltd.

37 47 53 54 62 65 67 71 75 75 76 83 87 100 102 103 106 108 114 116 126 128 135 135 138 141 141 143 146 149 150 150 158 161

Sausages Barilo's Fine Sausages Brian Quinn's Meats Halenda's Fine Foods Heidelberg Foods Ltd. Hertel Meats Ltd. Hunter's Dressed Meats Label Pak Printing Inc. Piller's Fine Foods Prairie Meats LP RiverFresh Wild BC Seafood Schinkel's Legacy Spolumbo's Sausages Stemmler Meats & Cheese In The Elite Meat Company Westrow Food Group

39 43 81 83 84 86 102 127 128 135 139 145 145 151 163


Hollymatic Corporation Jarvis Canada Ltd.

Cross Index 185 85 94

Scales Aptus Systems Inc. Butchers and Packers Suppli David Food Processing Equi DIGI Canada Inc. Globe POS Systems Inc. Halford's Hobart Food Equipment Gro Igloo Refrigeration Ltd. Interweigh Systems Inc. Ishida Canada Inc. King Business Services Corp MD Packaging Inc. Mettler-Toledo LLC. Minotaur Software Ltd. Superior Technologies Western Scale Co. Ltd.

36 44 57 58 76 82 85 88 91 92 98 109 110 111 147 163

Scanners Automation Associates, Inc. Glenwood Labels Honeywell King Business Services Corp Localize Services Ltd. OCR Canada Ltd.

38 76 86 98 105 120

Scanning Hooks J & J Display Sales Shelf Talkers Manufacturing

93 142

Seafood - Frozen Canadian Gold Seafood Com Frobisher International Enter High Liner Foods Iceberg Cold Storage Limite Intercity Packers Ltd. M.A.P. International Freight RiverFresh Wild BC Seafood Seoul Trading Corp. True North Seafood Compan

46 73 84 87 91 105 135 141 157

Seafood - Products Calkins & Burke Ltd. Export Packers Company Li Fine Choice Foods Ltd. First Spice Mixing Company Frobisher International Enter Hardy Sales Ltd. High Liner Foods I-D Foods Corporation La Maison Beausoleil Inc. Little Miss Chief Gourmet Pr Marc Angelo Foods National Importers Inc. Ocean Brands Prairie Meats LP Reiser (Canada) Co. RiverFresh Wild BC Seafood S.M. Products (BC) Ltd. Shafer-Haggart Ltd. Toppits Foods Ltd. True North Seafood Compan Westrow Food Group

44 66 69 69 73 83 84 87 102 104 107 114 120 128 134 135 138 142 154 157 163

Seafood - Salmon High Liner Foods Label Pak Printing Inc. Little Miss Chief Gourmet Pr RiverFresh Wild BC Seafood S.M. Products (BC) Ltd. Sundance Seafood Ltd. Tamsco Food Systems Inc. True North Seafood Compan

84 102 104 135 138 146 149 157

Seasonal Merchandise Excelsior Foods Inc. Insta-Fence Temporary Fenc McCall's Mosaic Sales Solutions

66 90 108 112

Seasonings Canadian Organic Spice & H Conagra Brands, Inc. Continental Ingredients Cana Dempsey Corporation Edlong Dairy Technologies Fire in the Kitchen Spice Co. First Spice Mixing Company Flavorcan International Inc. Food Supplies Company Inc. Food Supplies Company Inc. G. E. Barbour Inc. Get Sauced & Spiced Inc. Grace Foods Canada Inc. Lesters Foods Limited Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd McCormick Canada MMIS Inc. Summer Kitchen Fine Foods The Garlic Box Inc. UniPac Packaging Products WIBERG Corporation Zast Foods Corporation

46 53 54 58 62 69 69 70 72 72 74 75 78 104 106 108 111 146 151 158 164 165

Security Brascon Stainless Steel Fabri Gatekeeper Systems Canada Gemsys Money Handling Sy Glass Protection Solutions Globe POS Systems Inc. Hobart Food Equipment Gro INKAS® Security Group Insta-Fence Temporary Fenc Merchant Retail Solutions U Ortai Inc. Pan-Oston Ltd. Precision Label and Tag Inc. Sensormatic Canada Ltd. SYNQ Security + Access Te Turnstile Security Systems

42 74 75 76 76 85 89 90 109 124 125 129 141 148 157

Seeds Cottage Country Candies & Golden Boy Foods Ltd. Label Pak Printing Inc. Old Country Seeds - Franchi Ontario Seed Company Ltd.

54 77 102 121 123

Selling Group Distribution Canada Inc. (dci


Services CashTech Currency Products Federated Insurance Gemsys Money Handling Sy THM Group Western Scale Co. Ltd.

49 68 75 152 163

Shade Structures Insta-Fence Temporary Fenc Ortai Inc.

90 124

Shelf Management Systems Filbitron Systems Group Food Supplies Company Inc. Hubert Company IDL - Instachange Displays J & J Display Sales Johnston Equipment Jones Food Store Equipment Nielsen Canada Shelf Talkers Manufacturing Toolbox Solutions Inc. Wine Lovers Agency

68 72 86 88 93 95 96 117 142 154 165

Shelf Talkers Dana Industries Inc. Glenwood Labels Ideon Packaging Retail Advantage Inc. Shelf Talkers Manufacturing

56 76 87 134 142

Shelving Cart Connection Canada Inc. Caster Town Ltd. Cayuga Displays Inc. Dana Industries Inc. Etalex Inc. J & J Display Sales JNE Retail Equipment Inc. Le Groupe Chagall inc McCowan Design & Manufa Merchant Retail Solutions U Ortai Inc. VIC Store Fixtures Inc. Western Spring and Wire Ltd Wilson Display Ltd. Wine Lovers Agency

48 49 49 56 64 93 95 102 108 109 124 160 163 164 165

Shopfitting Brascon Stainless Steel Fabri Le Groupe Chagall inc

42 102

Shrink Management Halo Metrics Inc. J.D. Smith and Sons Limited Samuel Packaging Systems SYNQ Security + Access Te

82 93 138 148

Side Dishes Conagra Brands, Inc. Fresh Selections by Pasta Kit Kraft Heinz Canada ULC

53 73 100

Sign Hanging Ideon Packaging IDL - Instachange Displays

87 88

186 Cross Index Wilson Display Ltd. Signage CanEngrave Signage and Pri Dana Industries Inc. Food Supplies Company Inc. Food Supplies Company Inc. Halo Metrics Inc. Hubert Company Imprint Plus Ketchum Manufacturing Kuusoft Software Corp. McCowan Design & Manufa Musicworks Ltd Retail Advantage Inc. Shelf Talkers Manufacturing Sterling Press & Packaging I Sinks OMCAN Site Licence dicentra Slicers Bizerba Canada Inc. David Food Processing Equi Harvest Corporation Hobart Food Equipment Gro Igloo Refrigeration Ltd. Ishida Canada Inc. QMS International Inc. Scott Process Equipment & WELLBAKE Equipment Inc Slushies Kool-Down Beverage Corp. Smokehouses Allegro Industries Ltd. MMIS Inc. RiverFresh Wild BC Seafood Scott Process Equipment & Snack Food A&M Gourmet Foods Inc. ASIAN FAMILY Specialty Canda Six Fortune Enterprise Conagra Brands, Inc. Cottage Country Candies & Covered Bridge Potato Chip David Roberts Food Corp. Elite International Foods Inc. European Fine Foods Co. Inc First Spice Mixing Company From Farm to Table Canada Global Reach Confections an Heidelberg Foods Ltd. HoneyBar Products Int Inc. Huer Foods Inc. I-D Foods Corporation Indonesian Trade Promotion Jack Link's Canada Company Korea Food Trading Label Pak Printing Inc. National Importers Inc.

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Nature's Path Foods Inc. Oh Naturals Old Dutch Foods Ltd. PepsiCo Foods Canada Piller's Fine Foods Planet Foods Inc. RedFrog Enterprises Ltd. Reiser (Canada) Co. Saksco Gourmet Basket Sup Sask. Food Industry Develop Seoul Trading Corp. Solar Gold Dried Fruit Super-Pufft Snacks Corp. Thai Indochine Trading Inc. Western Rice Mills Ltd. Zast Foods Corporation

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Software Aptus Systems Inc. Automation Associates, Inc. distrib-u-tec Software Filbitron Systems Group Glenwood Labels Intelligrated Intouch Insight JS Software Kuusoft Software Corp. Mettler-Toledo LLC. Minotaur Software Ltd. Open Systems, Inc. Sensitech Canada Superior Technologies Sweda Canada Inc. SYNQ Security + Access Te SYSPRO Canada

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Solar Rooftop Solar Provider Group


Solutions Emerson Commercial & Resi Federated Insurance

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Soup Grace Foods Canada Inc. Granny Appleton Foods Happy Planet Foods Inc. Namaste Foods, LLC RiverFresh Wild BC Seafood

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Soy Products Bill Beauty & Health Produc Earth's Own Food Company Granny Appleton Foods NuStart Marketing Ltd. Tofutti-Cholac Foods

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Space Management Hewitt Material Handling Nielsen Canada VersaCold Logistics Services

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Specialty Crops Scoular Sunrise Foods International I Vineland Research and Innov

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Specialty Foods Canadian Organic Spice & H Cider Keg (The) Uncle Tom' Elite International Foods Inc. European Fine Foods Co. Inc Excelsior Foods Inc. From Farm to Table Canada Hagensborg Chocolates Hidden Garden Foods Ltd. Riverbend Plantation Gourm TASTE OF GREECE SPECI TFB & Associates Ltd. Troll Bridge Creek Inc.

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Spices Canadian Organic Spice & H Continental Importers 2014 Derlea Brand Foods Inc. Elco Fine Foods Limited Farmer Johns Herbs Fire in the Kitchen Spice Co. First Spice Mixing Company Flavorcan International Inc. G. E. Barbour Inc. Gia Foods Ltd. Global Reach Confections an Grace Foods Canada Inc. Halford's Hela Spice Canada Inc. Indonesian Trade Promotion Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd McCormick Canada MMIS Inc. Nature's Choice Foods Limit Organic Products Lanka Inc. Peter Piper Pepper TASTE OF GREECE SPECI UNFI Canada, Inc. UniPac Packaging Products Western Rice Mills Ltd. WIBERG Corporation Zast Foods Corporation

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Sports Nutrition Arranti Inc. AstaReal, Inc. Continental Ingredients Cana Leading Brands of Canada, I Omega Alpha Pharmaceutica ORITE Ingredient Ltd. Planet Foods Inc. Platinum Naturals Ltd. PNP Pharmaceuticals Inc. Prinova Group Pro Line Nutrition Ltd. Promising Health Inc. Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd. Total Health Ctre (Reena Ent TricorBraun WILD Flavors (Canada) Inc. YoFiit

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Spot Prawns S.M. Products (BC) Ltd.



A&M Gourmet Foods Inc. Arbutus Ridge Farms Ltd. Bee Maid Honey Continental Importers 2014 Derlea Brand Foods Inc. European Fine Foods Co. Inc Everland Natural Foods Fazio Foods International Lt G. E. Barbour Inc. Hanes Hummus Happy Days Dairies Ltd. Kidd Bros Honey/Western S Kraft Heinz Canada ULC Mountain Meadows Food Pr Parmalat Canada Riverbend Plantation Gourm She Devil Delights The Garlic Box Inc.

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Starches Dempsey Corporation Quadra Ingredients Univar Canada Ltd.

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Steamers Chesher Equipment Ltd. Clayton Innovative Steam Garland Canada GBS Food Service Equipmen Hobart Food Equipment Gro Intersteam Technologies Rea UltraVapor Inc.

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Stevia/Products BTS LifeScience Limited UNFI Canada, Inc.

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Stock Trucks Caster Town Ltd. JNE Retail Equipment Inc.

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Storage Systems Barr Plastics Inc. Coldmatic Refrigeration Etalex Inc. Insta-Fence Temporary Fenc J & J Display Sales McCowan Design & Manufa Merchant Retail Solutions U Structural Panels Inc. Van-Whole Produce Ltd.

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Store Fixtures Arctica Showcase Inc. Bel Par Industries Ltd. Brencar Cayuga Displays Inc. Continental Store Fixture Gr Courtyard Display Systems I Dana Industries Inc. Etalex Inc. Halo Metrics Inc. Hubert Company iMetal Inc. J & J Display Sales JNE Retail Equipment Inc.

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Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 Jones Food Store Equipment Kingman Industries (2012) L Le Groupe Chagall inc Marketing Impact Ltd. McCowan Design & Manufa Merchant Retail Solutions U Pan-Oston Ltd. Raimac Shelf Talkers Manufacturing VIC Store Fixtures Inc. Western Spring and Wire Ltd Wilson Display Ltd. Strapping EAM-Mosca Canada Ltd. String QMS International Inc. Stuffers Halford's Hollymatic Corporation Scott Process Equipment &

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Succession Planning Agri-food Management Instit MNP LLP

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Sugar McCall's Redpath Sugar Ltd.

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Sunflower Seeds PepsiCo Foods Canada Supplements Bill Beauty & Health Produc Double D Beverage Co. Dure Foods Ltd. Edible Impressions Everland Natural Foods Label Pak Printing Inc. Newco Enterprises Inc. Nutrasource Omega Alpha Pharmaceutica Organika Health Products ORITE Ingredient Ltd. Platinum Naturals Ltd. Prinova Group Pro Line Nutrition Ltd. Promising Health Inc. Silver Resonance Inc. Supply Chain Solutions Automation Associates, Inc. Canada Cartage Cloverdale Cold Storage Ltd. CROSSMARK Canada Inc. Filbitron Systems Group Groupe Robert H Cold Storage Inc. Intelligrated M.A.P. International Freight Noraxx Inspections Inc. Pallet Renew Inc. Precision Label and Tag Inc.


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Ryder System, Inc. SAI Global Sherway Group Surety Food Safety Group In VersaCold Logistics Services

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Support Services Bioenterprise Corporation Ishida Canada Inc. King Business Services Corp Quinte Economic Developm

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Sushi Items Frobisher International Enter Western Rice Mills Ltd.

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Sweeteners Cambrian Solutions Inc. Chemroy Canada Inc. Continental Ingredients Cana Crosby Molasses Company L Everland Natural Foods General Ingredient Inc. Kidd Bros Honey/Western S Kriscor & Associates ORITE Ingredient Ltd. PK Chem Industries Ltd. Univar Canada Ltd. Zast Foods Corporation

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Syrup Canterbury Coffee Corporati Crosby Molasses Company L Kool-Down Beverage Corp. Redpath Sugar Ltd. W.T. Lynch Foods Ltd.

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Tables Cayuga Displays Inc. Courtyard Display Systems I OMCAN Tableting DJS Enterprises PNP Pharmaceuticals Inc. Pro Line Nutrition Ltd. Promising Health Inc. Tableware Dart Canada (Solo Cup) Eco Guardian Hubert Company

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Tags Glenwood Labels Int'l Bar Coding Systems & Jet Label & Packaging Ltd Retail Advantage Inc. Sunwest Print Corp.

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Tanks Barr Plastics Inc. DJS Enterprises Sika Canada Inc.

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Tax Advice



Teas - Organic G. E. Barbour Inc. Indonesian Trade Promotion Organic Products Lanka Inc. UNFI Canada, Inc. UrbanZen Tea Inc. Zast Foods Corporation

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Teas - Various Canterbury Coffee Corporati Elco Fine Foods Limited Embassy Flavours Ltd. Ethical Bean Coffee Co. Farmer Johns Herbs G. E. Barbour Inc. Grace Foods Canada Inc. Husky Foods I-D Foods Corporation Ingenia Natural Products Inc. Krinos Foods Canada Mother Parkers Tea & Coffe National Importers Inc. Organic Products Lanka Inc. Planet Foods Inc. Saksco Gourmet Basket Sup UNFI Canada, Inc. UrbanZen Tea Inc. Zast Foods Corporation

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Technology Agrivalue Processing Busine Bioenterprise Corporation Dana Industries Inc. Filbitron Systems Group Institute of Food Processing OCR Canada Ltd. THM Group

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Temperature Monitoring Enershield Air Barriers Groupe Robert OCR Canada Ltd. Scott Process Equipment & VersaCold Logistics Services

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Tenderizers Bizerba Canada Inc. Hollymatic Corporation

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Thermometers Food Supplies Company Inc.


Timing Belts Habasit Canada Limited


Tinctures Canadian Analytical Laborat Tissue Paper Products Cascades Tissue Group Irving Consumer Products Johnston Wholesale Kimberly-Clark Inc. Kruger Products L.P.


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Tofu NuStart Marketing Ltd.


Tomatoes/Products Continental Importers 2014 Derlea Brand Foods Inc. Excelsior Foods Inc. Falesca Importing Ltd. Label Pak Printing Inc. Millennium Pacific Shafer-Haggart Ltd. Thomas Canning ( Maidston Unico (Primo)

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Toothpaste Johnston Wholesale


Tortilla Chips Fresh is Best Salsa Company Nature's Path Foods Inc. PepsiCo Foods Canada Zast Foods Corporation

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Traceability Automation Associates, Inc. Barilo's Fine Sausages distrib-u-tec Software Fortress Technology Inc. Groupe Robert Jet Label & Packaging Ltd Minotaur Software Ltd. OCR Canada Ltd.

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Trade Guide Canadian Food & Grocery G


Trade Promotion Canadian Bison Association KOTRA Toronto

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Trader Shafer-Haggart Ltd. Wilkinson Foods Internation

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Tradeshow SIAL Canada


Trail Mix Cottage Country Candies & Golden Boy Foods Ltd.

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Trailers Trailcon Leasing Inc. Wilson's Truck Lines Inc.

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Training/Education dicentra distrib-u-tec Software Food Processing Human Res Institute of Food Processing Iron Apple International McCall's MĂŠrieux NutriSciences - Silli Mosaic Sales Solutions Noraxx Inspections Inc. NSF International

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188 Cross Index Ontario Pork OperationSafety PreGel Canada Quinte Economic Developm SAI Global Sask. Food Industry Develop Superior Technologies Surety Food Safety Group In TFI Food Equipment Solutio ToLink Inc. TrainCan, Inc. Transition Planning Agri-food Management Instit Translation dicentra Transportation Services All-Can Pro Logistics, INC. Canada Cartage Champ's Mushrooms Inc. Gosal Trucking Ltd. Groupe Robert H Cold Storage Inc. Maxim Truck & Trailer Nova Cold Logistics Ryder System, Inc. Sherway Group The Erb Group of Companie TransCold Distribution Ltd. Transplace Canada Vancouver Hino Truck Sales VersaCold Logistics Services Wilson's Truck Lines Inc. Trays CiMa-Pak Corporation FoodPack Inc. MFG Tray (Molded Fiber Gl UniPac Packaging Products Treefruit Traits Okanagan Specialty Fruits in Troubleshooting Sika Canada Inc. Tumblers Scott Process Equipment & Turnstiles Brascon Stainless Steel Fabri Turnstile Security Systems

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Tying Machines QMS International Inc.


Uniforms UNITEX Sales Ltd.


US Ag/Food Products United States Department of US Gov't Trade Services United States Department of

Vacuum Machines Can-Clean Pressure Washers Halford's Handtmann Canada Ltd. MMIS Inc. R.E. Morrison Equipment In VC999 Canada

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Vacuum Packaging Alte-Rego Corporation Barilo's Fine Sausages Bizerba Canada Inc. Butchers and Packers Suppli CiMa-Pak Corporation David Food Processing Equi DIGI Canada Inc. ECKERT Machines Enterprise Paper Co. Ltd. Flair Flexible Packaging Cor Food Development Centre Hobart Food Equipment Gro Hollymatic Corporation Layfield Flexible Packaging QMS International Inc. R.E. Morrison Equipment In Samuel Packaging Systems UniPac Packaging Products VC999 Canada

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Valuation MNP LLP


Vanilla/Products Embassy Flavours Ltd. Vegan Canadian Organic Spice & H Chase Global Foods Inc. Chef Pieter Inc. Debut Products Edica Naturals Ltd Floating Leaf Fine Foods GoGo Quinoa Green Chocolate Works LTD Jessies Jams Lorelyn's Gourmet Desserts NuStart Marketing Ltd. Pasta Oggi Platinum Naturals Ltd. Simply Protein Vegetable Foodland Ontario Global Reach Confections an Shafer-Haggart Ltd. The Little Potato Company Vineland Research and Innov Zast Foods Corporation Vegetable Peelers ECKERT Machines Mosur Machine Co. Ltd.


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Vegetarian A&M Gourmet Foods Inc. Best Cooking Pulses Inc.

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Fine Choice Foods Ltd. Happy Planet Foods Inc. Nature's Path Foods Inc. Simply Protein

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Vehicle Restraints Blue Giant Equipment Corpo


Vehicles/Fleets Hewitt Material Handling Hino Motors Canada, Ltd. J.D. Smith and Sons Limited The Erb Group of Companie

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Vinegars Aurora Importing & Distribu Cider Keg (The) Uncle Tom' Continental Importers 2014 Hidden Garden Foods Ltd. Reinhart Foods

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Vitamins Bill Beauty & Health Produc Caldic Canada Inc. CCS Inc. Pharmaceuticals Chemroy Canada Inc. Dempsey Corporation Edible Impressions Johnston Wholesale Label Pak Printing Inc. Leading Brands of Canada, I Omega Alpha Pharmaceutica Organika Health Products ORITE Ingredient Ltd. PK Chem Industries Ltd. Platinum Naturals Ltd. PNP Pharmaceuticals Inc. Prinova Group Silver Resonance Inc. Total Health Ctre (Reena Ent TricorBraun U-Be-Livin-Smart Inc. Univar Canada Ltd.

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Wafers European Fine Foods Co. Inc Husky Foods Wall Units Etalex Inc. JNE Retail Equipment Inc. Wilson Display Ltd. Warehouse All-Can Pro Logistics, INC. Automation Associates, Inc. BNE Contractors Inc. BNX Shipping Toronto Inc. Canada Cartage CCS Inc. Pharmaceuticals Congebec Inc. CROSSMARK Canada Inc. Foothills Creamery Groupe Robert H Cold Storage Inc. J.D. Smith and Sons Limited

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Jarvis Canada Ltd. Kingspan Insulated Panels Lt NATURAL HEALTH DIST Nova Cold Logistics Open Systems, Inc. RollCo inc. simple, easy, fast Sherway Group Sika Canada Inc. The Erb Group of Companie W.G. Pro Manufacturing

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Waste Management Barr Plastics Inc. JP Olsen Enterprises Inc. Metro Compactor Service In Morris Lee Ltd Orkin Canada Rotobale Compaction Soluti SciCorp International Corp. Second Harvest The Greenlid - Autom River

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Water - Bottled Arctic Chiller Ltd. Canadian Gold Beverages Ca Golden Bright Enterprises Lt M.A.P. International Freight Whistler Water Inc.

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Water - Mineral Canadian Gold Beverages Ca European Fine Foods Co. Inc Excelsior Foods Inc. Omega Food Importers Co. L

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Water - Spring Flow Water Inc. Nanton Water & Soda Ltd. Whistler Water Inc.

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Water Machines Nimbus Water Systems Inc.


Water Purification Nimbus Water Systems Inc. ProMinent Fluid Controls Lt

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Weighing Systems Abbey Packaging Equipment Bizerba Canada Inc. Interweigh Systems Inc. R-J Machinery Inc. Superior Technologies Western Scale Co. Ltd.

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Weight Management Groupe Robert Newco Enterprises Inc. Platinum Naturals Ltd. Promising Health Inc.

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Wheat Free Covered Bridge Potato Chip


Powered by TCPDF (

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 Earth's Own Food Company Edica Naturals Ltd Stickling's Specialty Bakery UNFI Canada, Inc.

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Whey Protein Continental Ingredients Cana


Whole Grain Dare Foods Limited From Farm to Table Canada Grainworks, Inc. InfraReady Products (1998) Scoular

57 73 79 89 140

Wholesaler Atlantic Grocery Distributors BioFen by Hair Grow Techn Foley Dog Treat Company In Golden Valley Foods Ltd. Green Chocolate Works LTD Hino Motors Canada, Ltd. Island Independent Buying G Jessies Jams L'Orignal Packing Ltd. Little Miss Chief Gourmet Pr Macdonalds Consolidated McCall's Nanton Water & Soda Ltd. National Importers Inc. NATURAL HEALTH DIST Ontario Food Terminal Boar Organic Products Lanka Inc. ORITE Ingredient Ltd. RiverFresh Wild BC Seafood Saksco Gourmet Basket Sup Scholtens Inc. Seoul Trading Corp. T-Brothers Food & Trading The Grocery People (TGP) The Stonemill Bakehouse Lt TransCold Distribution Ltd. Trumps Food Interest Ltd. Van-Whole Produce Ltd.

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WI Boxes Jones Food Store Equipment


Windows/Doors Glass Protection Solutions Kingman Industries (2012) L

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Wine Kirkwood Diamond Canada Little Qualicum Cheesework Wine Lovers Agency Wine Marketing Association

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WMS Systems distrib-u-tec Software Groupe Robert OCR Canada Ltd.

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Workshops Ag-West Bio Inc. SIAL Canada

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Cross Index 189

Wrapping DIGI Canada Inc. FoodPack Inc. Halford's Ishida Canada Inc. Jet Label & Packaging Ltd Layfield Flexible Packaging Mettler-Toledo LLC. Omori Machinery Co., Ltd. Samuel Packaging Systems

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X-Ray Service Abbey Packaging Equipment MD Packaging Inc.

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Xanthan Gum Continental Ingredients Cana


Yeast Free Edica Naturals Ltd Stickling's Specialty Bakery UNFI Canada, Inc.

62 145 158

Yogurt/Products Agropur Dairy Cooperative Agropur Dairy Cooperative Chapman's Ice Cream Cottage Country Candies & Hans Dairy Inc. Happy Days Dairies Ltd. Krinos Foods Canada M.A.P. International Freight Parmalat Canada

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190 Alphabetical Index A&M Gourmet Foods Inc. Abate Packers Ltd. Abbey Packaging Equipment ABI LTD Adel Corp Advance Wire Products Ltd. Ag-West Bio Inc. Agri-food Management Instit Agrivalue Processing Busine Agropur Dairy Cooperative Agropur Dairy Cooperative Air Liquide Canada Air Products Canada, LTD Aliya's Food Limited All-Can Pro Logistics, INC. Allegro Industries Ltd. Alte-Rego Corporation Amerlux Ampac - A division of ProA Apple Valley Foods Inc Aptus Systems Inc. Arbutus Ridge Farms Ltd. Arctic Chiller Ltd. Arctica Showcase Inc. Arranti Inc. Arthur J. Gallagher Canada L Arvo Group Inc. ASIAN FAMILY Specialty AstaReal, Inc. Asti Holdings Ltd. (Golden Astro Marketing Atesco Industrial Hygiene Lt Atlantic Grocery Distributors Atlantic Packaging Products Aurora Importing & Distribu Automation Associates, Inc. Barco Materials Handling Barilo's Fine Sausages Barlean's Barr Plastics Inc. Bee Maid Honey Bel Par Industries Ltd. Beneco Packaging Berg Chilling Systems Bernardin Ltd. Best Cooking Pulses Inc. Best Gourmet Coffee Wholes Big Chief Meat Snacks Inc. Bill Beauty & Health Produc Bioenterprise Corporation BioFen by Hair Grow Techn Bizerba Canada Inc. Blue Giant Equipment Corpo BNE Contractors Inc. BNX Shipping Toronto Inc. Boxmaster Brascon Stainless Steel Fabri Brass Monkey Installations Bremner Foods Ltd. Brencar Brian Quinn's Meats Brite Belt International, LLC Brittles 'n More & The Fudge BroadGrain BTS LifeScience Limited Buhler Inc.

33 33 33 33 33 33 34 34 34 34 34 34 35 35 35 35 35 35 36 36 36 36 36 36 37 37 37 37 37 37 38 38 38 38 38 38 39 39 39 39 39 39 40 40 40 40 40 40 41 41 41 41 41 41 42 42 42 42 42 42 43 43 43 43 43 43

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 Butchers and Packers Suppli Butter Buds Food Ingredients C.W. Shasky & Associates L Caldic Canada Inc. Calkins & Burke Ltd. Cambrian Solutions Inc. Can-Clean Pressure Washers Canada Beef Inc. Canada Bread Company Ltd. Canada Cartage Canada Colors and Chemical Canadian Analytical Laborat Canadian Bison Association Canadian Food & Grocery G Canadian Gold Beverages Ca Canadian Gold Seafood Com Canadian Organic Spice & H Canadian Prairie Bison Canadian Rangeland Bison Canadian Thermos Products Canadian Trade House Canature Processing Ltd. Canda Six Fortune Enterprise CanEngrave Signage and Pri Canterbury Coffee Corporati Canworld Foods Ltd. Cardinal Meat Specialists Lt Cardtronics Canada Ltd. Carmen Creek Gourmet Biso Cart Connection Canada Inc. Cascades Tissue Group CashTech Currency Products Caster Town Ltd. Cayuga Displays Inc. CB Powell Limited CCS Inc. Pharmaceuticals Cdn. Corrugated & Containe Ceridian Canada Ltd. CFIG Champ's Mushrooms Inc. Champion Products Corp. Chantler Packaging Inc. Chapman's Ice Cream Chase Global Foods Inc. Chef Pieter Inc. Chemroy Canada Inc. Chesher Equipment Ltd. Chicago Metallic - CMBB B Cider Keg (The) Uncle Tom' CiMa-Pak Corporation Cinelli Esperia Corporation® Clayton Innovative Steam Cloverdale Cold Storage Ltd. CM Machine Services Ltd. CMR Home Entertainment Coldmatic Refrigeration Complete POS Conagra Brands, Inc. Concept Store Fixtures Intern Congebec Inc. Contact Canada (ON) Continental Importers 2014 Continental Ingredients Cana Continental Store Fixture Gr Cottage Country Candies & Country Meat Packing Ltd.

44 44 44 44 44 44 45 45 45 45 45 45 46 46 46 46 46 46 47 47 47 47 47 47 48 48 48 48 48 48 49 49 49 49 49 49 50 50 50 50 50 50 51 51 51 51 51 51 52 52 52 52 52 52 53 53 53 53 53 53 54 54 54 54 54 54

Courtyard Display Systems I Covered Bridge Potato Chip Cowan Insurance Group Crofters Food Ltd. Crosby Molasses Company L CROSSMARK Canada Inc. Crown Custom Metal Spinni CSS North America Inc. CT Control Temp Ltd. Cummins-Allison ULC D & M Plastics Inc. Dana Industries Inc. Dare Foods Limited Dart Canada (Solo Cup) David Food Processing Equi David Roberts Food Corp. Dawn Food Products Ltd. Dealers Ingredients Inc. Debut Products Dempsey Corporation Denninger's Foods of the Wo Derlea Brand Foods Inc. dicentra DIGI Canada Inc. Direct Plus Food Group Discovery Organics distrib-u-tec Software Distribution Canada Inc. (dci Diversey Inc. DJS Enterprises Double D Beverage Co. Drake Meat Processors Du Bois Wild Rice Ltd. DuraFast Label Company Dure Foods Ltd. Duso's Fresh Pasta & Sauces Dynamic Coating & Cleanin EAM-Mosca Canada Ltd. Earth's Own Food Company EB Box Company Eberspaecher Climate Contro ECKERT Machines Eco Guardian EcoDurable Products by Col Edible Impressions Edica Naturals Ltd Edlong Dairy Technologies Elco Fine Foods Limited Elite International Foods Inc. Ellis Packaging Ltd. Ellis Packaging West Inc. EM Bakery Equipment Ltd. Embassy Flavours Ltd. Emerson Commercial & Resi Enershield Air Barriers Enterprise Paper Co. Ltd. Epsilon Chemicals Ltd. Erie Meat Products Ltd. Etalex Inc. Ethical Bean Coffee Co. Euro Can Pet Products Euro-Excellence, division of European Fine Foods Co. Inc Everest Enterprises Everland Natural Foods Excellence in Manufacturing

55 55 55 55 55 55 56 56 56 56 56 56 57 57 57 57 57 57 58 58 58 58 58 58 59 59 59 59 59 59 60 60 60 60 60 60 61 61 61 61 61 61 62 62 62 62 62 62 63 63 63 63 63 63 64 64 64 64 64 64 65 65 65 65 65 65

Excelsior Foods Inc. Exchange Solutions Export Packers Company Li Extreme Reach Canada Falesca Importing Ltd. FANUC Canada, Ltd. Farleyco Marketing Inc. Farm Credit Canada Farm Fresh Poultry Co-op. In Farmer Direct Co-operative Farmer Johns Herbs Fazio Foods International Lt Federated Insurance Fentimans North America Field Farms Ltd. & Sara's Na Fielding Group Ltd. Fiera Foods Filbitron Systems Group Fine Choice Foods Ltd. Fire in the Kitchen Spice Co. First Spice Mixing Company Fladgate Packaging Systems Flair Flexible Packaging Cor Flamingo Foods Ltd. / Scard Flavorcan International Inc. Flexstar Packaging Inc. Floating Leaf Fine Foods Flow Water Inc. FMS Solutions Holdings, LL Foley Dog Treat Company In Foley's Candies Limited Part Food Development Centre Food Distribution Guy Food Process Systems, Inc. Food Processing Developme Food Processing Human Res Food Supplies Company Inc. Food Supplies Company Inc. Foodcon Foodland Ontario FoodPack Inc. Foothills Creamery Fortress Technology Inc. Fresh is Best Salsa Company Fresh Selections by Pasta Kit Frobisher International Enter From Farm to Table Canada Frozen Coconut Futurpreneur Canada G. E. Barbour Inc. GAMMA Genuine Himalaya Garland Canada Gatekeeper Systems Canada GBS Food Service Equipmen Gemsys Money Handling Sy GEMSYS Money Handling General Ingredient Inc. Genpak Get Sauced & Spiced Inc. Gia Foods Ltd. Givaudan Canada Co. Glass Protection Solutions Glenwood Labels GLH Vending Global Reach Confections an Globe POS Systems Inc.

66 66 66 66 66 66 67 67 67 67 67 67 68 68 68 68 68 68 69 69 69 69 69 69 70 70 70 70 70 70 71 71 71 71 71 71 72 72 72 72 72 72 73 73 73 73 73 73 74 74 74 74 74 74 75 75 75 75 75 75 76 76 76 76 76 76

Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 Goat's Pride Dairy at McLen GoGo Quinoa Golden Acres Honey Golden Boy Foods Ltd. Golden Bright Enterprises Lt Golden Valley Foods Ltd. Gorman-Rupp Pumps Gosal Trucking Ltd. Gowling WLG (Ottawa) Grace Foods Canada Inc. Graceland Fruit, Inc. Grain-Free JK Gourmet Inc. Grainworks, Inc. Grand & Toy Ltd. Granny Appleton Foods Granny Lyn's Kitchen, Ltd. Granny's Poultry Grant Thornton Grauman Packaging Ltd. Great Jack's (Langdon Sales) Great Little Box Company Green Chocolate Works LTD Green Dolphin Systems Corp Groupe Robert Growers Intern'l Organic Sal H Cold Storage Inc. H. Moore Printing Services L Habasit Canada Limited Hagensborg Chocolates Halenda's Fine Foods Halford's Halo Metrics Inc. Handtmann Canada Ltd. Hanes Hummus Hans Dairy Inc. Happy Days Dairies Ltd. Happy Planet Foods Inc. Hardy Sales Ltd. Harvest Corporation Hee-Haw HorseRadish Heidelberg Foods Ltd. Hela Spice Canada Inc. Henkel Consumer Goods Ca Henry & Sons Inc. Hertel Meats Ltd. Hewitt Material Handling Hidden Garden Foods Ltd. High Liner Foods Hillphoenix/AMS Group Hino Motors Canada, Ltd. Hobart Food Equipment Gro Hollandia Greenhouses Hollymatic Corporation Honey Bunny Inc. HoneyBar Products Int Inc. Honeywell Howell Data Systems Hubert Company Huer Foods Inc. Hunter's Dressed Meats Husky Foods Hussmann Canada Inc. I-D Foods Corporation Iceberg Cold Storage Limite ICOM Refrigeration Corpora Ideon Packaging

77 77 77 77 77 77 78 78 78 78 78 78 79 79 79 79 79 79 80 80 80 80 80 80 81 81 81 81 81 81 82 82 82 82 82 82 83 83 83 83 83 83 84 84 84 84 84 84 85 85 85 85 85 85 86 86 86 86 86 86 87 87 87 87 87 87

IDL - Instachange Displays Igloo Refrigeration Ltd. ILC - Micro-Chem Inc. iMetal Inc. Imprint Plus IMS Identification Multi Sol Indonesian Trade Promotion Industrial Bakery Equipment Inform Food Brokerage InfraReady Products (1998) Ingenia Natural Products Inc. INKAS® Security Group Innovaltech Insta-Fence Temporary Fenc Institute of Food Processing Instore Products Limited Int'l Bar Coding Systems & Intelligrated Intercity Packers Ltd. International Herbs (B.C.) Lt International Pacific Sales Intersteam Technologies Intertrade Gourmet Interweigh Systems Inc. Intouch Insight Iron Apple International Irving Consumer Products Ishida Canada Inc. Island Independent Buying G Italian Home Bakery ITALPASTA Limited Ivanhoe Cheese J & J Display Sales J&K Poultry J.D. Smith and Sons Limited Jack Link's Canada Company Jakeman's Maple Products Jan K. Overweel Limited Jarvis Canada Ltd. JBS Canada JD Factors Corporation JD Farms Specialty Turkey Jelly Belly Candy Company Jessies Jams Jet Label & Packaging Ltd JNE Retail Equipment Inc. Johnson Inc. Insurance Johnston Equipment Johnston Equipment Johnston Wholesale Jon Jen Soap Co. Jones Food Store Equipment Jones Packaging Inc. JP Olsen Enterprises Inc. JS Software K.B. Honey Ltd. Kawartha Dairy Limited KeepRite Refrigeration Kellogg Canada Inc. Kentville Research and Deve Kerr Bros. Limited Ketchum Manufacturing Kidd Bros Honey/Western S Kienna Coffee Roasters Kimberly-Clark Inc. King Business Services Corp

Alphabetical Index 191 88 88 88 88 88 88 89 89 89 89 89 89 90 90 90 90 90 90 91 91 91 91 91 91 92 92 92 92 92 92 93 93 93 93 93 93 94 94 94 94 94 94 95 95 95 95 95 95 96 96 96 96 96 96 97 97 97 97 97 97 98 98 98 98 98 98

Kingman Industries (2012) L Kingspan Insulated Panels Lt Kirkwood Diamond Canada Klassic Coconut Kool-Down Beverage Corp. KOOLJET Korea Food Trading Korex Logistics Canada Ltd. KOTRA Toronto Kraft Heinz Canada ULC Krinos Foods Canada Kriscor & Associates Kruger Products L.P. KUKA Robotics Canada Kuusoft Software Corp. L'Orignal Packing Ltd. L.B. Maple Treat Corp L.H. Gray & Son Limited L.N. Reynolds Co. Ltd. La Fourmi Bionique La Maison Beausoleil Inc. Label Pak Printing Inc. Layfield Flexible Packaging Le Groupe Chagall inc LeadBetter Foods Inc. Leader's Edge Consulting Leading Brands of Canada, I Ledcor Group Lee Kum KEE(USA) Inc. Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. - A Leo-Chem Enterprises Inc. Les Cuisines Gaspesiennes L Lesters Foods Limited LFT Group Brands Linde Canada Limited Little Miss Chief Gourmet Pr Little Qualicum Cheesework Loblaw Companies Limited Localize Services Ltd. Lorelyn's Gourmet Desserts Lumsden Bros. M.A.P. International Freight Macdonalds Consolidated Mad About Food Inc. Mad Mexican Maheu&Maheu Pest Manage Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd Maplehurst Bakery / Ready Marc Angelo Foods Mario's Gelati Ltd. Marketing Impact Ltd. Marquis Milling and Grain / Matt & Steve's Maxill Inc. Maxim Truck & Trailer Maxxam Analytics McCall's McCormick Canada McCowan Design & Manufa McLean Hallmark Insurance MD Packaging Inc. Meadowfresh Dairy Melitta Canada Inc. Merchant Retail Solutions U Mérieux NutriSciences - Silli Metro Compactor Service In

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Mettler-Toledo LLC. MFG Tray (Molded Fiber Gl Micaelense Home Bakery Lt Michel Saint-Arneault Inc. Millennium Pacific MiMi Foods Minotaur Software Ltd. Misty Mountain Specialties Miwe Canada Inc. MMIS Inc. MNP LLP Mojo Jojo Pickles Molinaro's Fine Italian Foods Monfitello Morris Lee Ltd Mosaic Sales Solutions Mosur Machine Co. Ltd. Mother Parkers Tea & Coffe Mountain Meadows Food Pr Mountain Sky Soaps Mountain Top Foods Ltd. Murray Market Access Musicworks Ltd Namaste Foods, LLC Nanton Water & Soda Ltd. National Deduction Recover National Importers Inc. National Resource Partners I National Sunflower Associati NATURAL HEALTH DIST Natural Pastures Cheese Naturally Homegrown Foods Naturally Nutritious Food (2 Nature's Choice Foods Limit Nature's Path Foods Inc. Natures Pop Sales NEBS Business Products Ltd Nelson-Jameson, Inc. Nemfood Corp. Neogen Nestlé Canada Inc. Newco Enterprises Inc. Newport Gourmet Foods Inc. Nielsen Canada Nilfisk Canada Nimbus Water Systems Inc. Noraxx Inspections Inc. Nord Gear Limited Norstar Corporation North American Produce Bu Northern Financial Group Northern Lights Foods Northern Nutraceuticals Inc. Northern Quinoa Production Northern Uniform Northfork Bison Distribution Northwest Refrigeration Nova Cold Logistics NSF International NuStart Marketing Ltd. Nutrasource Oakrun Farm Bakery Ocean Brands OCR Canada Ltd. Oh Naturals OK Frozen Dough

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192 Alphabetical Index Okanagan Specialty Fruits in Old Country Seeds - Franchi Old Dutch Foods Ltd. Olive-it International Inc. OMCAN Omega Alpha Pharmaceutica Omega Food Importers Co. L Omori Machinery Co., Ltd. Ontario Agri-Food Technolo Ontario Food Terminal Boar Ontario Ginseng Growers As Ontario Independent Meat Pr Ontario Natural Food Co-op Ontario Pork Ontario Seed Company Ltd. Open Systems, Inc. OperationSafety Orbis Canada Limited Organic Products Lanka Inc. Organika Health Products ORITE Ingredient Ltd. Orkin Canada Ortai Inc. Otimo Brazilian Cheese Puff Oxford Food Group Pallet Renew Inc. Pan-Oston Ltd. Parmalat Canada Pasta Oggi Pasta Romana Foods Inc. PBR Laboratories Inc. Pearson Packaging Systems PECO Pallet, Inc. Pemberton & Associates Inc. PepsiCo Foods Canada Peter Piper Pepper Picard Ovens Inc. Piller's Fine Foods Pinnacle Foods Canada Corp PK Chem Industries Ltd. Planet Foods Inc. Platinum Naturals Ltd. PMD Solutions Plus PNP Pharmaceuticals Inc. Pouch Makers Canada Inc. Prairie Harvest Canada Ltd. Prairie Meats LP Praxair Canada Inc. Precision Label and Tag Inc. PreGel Canada Premiere Moisson Primex Manufacturing Ltd. Prinex Media Inc. Prinova Group Pro Line Nutrition Ltd. Pro-Cert Organic Systems Lt Pro-Western Plastics Ltd. Professional Ingredients Inc. Progress Therapeutics Inc. ProMinent Fluid Controls Lt Promising Health Inc. Promolux Lighting Intl. Prospect Media Group Ltd. Punch Tools Inc. QBD Modular Systems QMS International Inc.

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Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 Quadra Ingredients Quik's Farm Ltd. Quinte Economic Developm R-J Machinery Inc. R.E. Morrison Equipment In Raimac Rational Canada REA JET Canada Rea UltraVapor Inc. Redbud Supply Inc. RedFrog Enterprises Ltd. Redpath Sugar Ltd. Reinhart Foods Reiser (Canada) Co. Retail Advantage Inc. Retail Merchants' Assoc.of C Retail Resource Services Inc. Richardson Oilseed Limited Richmond Traders Inc Riverbend Plantation Gourm RiverFresh Wild BC Seafood RJT Blueberry Park Inc. RJW Consulting Canada Ltd. Rogers Foods RollCo inc. simple, easy, fast Rollover Premium Pet Food Romer Labs, Inc. Ronald A. Chisholm Limited Rosemount Sales & Marketin Rothsay Biodiesel Rotobale Compaction Soluti RTS Retail Ryder Material Handling Ryder System, Inc. S.A. Chocolate Aliments Inc. S.K.S. Novelty Co. Ltd. S.M. Products (BC) Ltd. Sabine's Collections Sable & Rosenfeld SAI Global Saksco Gourmet Basket Sup Samuel Packaging Systems Sargent Farms Sask. Food Industry Develop Saskatchewan Food & Ingred Saunders Family Farm Schinkel's Legacy Scholtens Inc. SciCorp International Corp. Scotsburn Ice Cream Compa Scott Process Equipment & Scott-Bathgate Ltd. Scotty's Refrigeration Inc. Scoular Second Harvest Select Food Products Limite Sensitech Canada Sensormatic Canada Ltd. Seoul Trading Corp. Septimatech Group Inc. Serve Canada Food Equipme Shafer-Haggart Ltd. She Devil Delights Shelf Talkers Manufacturing Shell Canada Ltd. Sherway Group

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SIAL Canada Sika Canada Inc. Silani Sweet Cheese Ltd. Silver Resonance Inc. Simply Protein Skjodt Barrett Foods Solar Gold Dried Fruit Solar Provider Group SP Sales Sparks Egg Farms Sperling Industries Ltd. Spice Mantra Spolumbo's Sausages Stemmler Meats & Cheese In Sterling Press & Packaging I Stickling's Specialty Bakery Structural Panels Inc. Sugarplum Desserts Ltd. Summer Kitchen Fine Foods Sundance Seafood Ltd. Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd. Sunrise Foods International I Sunshine Farms Sunshine Pickles Sunwest Print Corp. Super Poly Ltd. Super-Pufft Snacks Corp. Superior Technologies Surety Food Safety Group In Surface Renewal Systems Lt Sweda Canada Inc. Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd. SYNQ Security + Access Te SYSPRO Canada T-Brothers Food & Trading Taipak Enterprises Ltd. Talbot Consultants Internatio Tamsco Food Systems Inc. Tartine Tarts Inc. TASTE OF GREECE SPECI Teriyaki Experience Terminix Canada Tetra Pak Canada Inc. TFB & Associates Ltd. TFI Food Equipment Solutio Thai Away Home Thai Indochine Trading Inc. The Clean-Volt Advantage The Creamery Plastic Produc The Elite Meat Company The Erb Group of Companie The Garlic Box Inc. The Greenlid - Autom River The Grocery People (TGP) The Little Potato Company The Oppenheimer Group The Oxford Connection The Stonemill Bakehouse Lt Thermo Design Insulation Lt THM Group Thomas Canning ( Maidston Tillsonburg Custom Foods Tiras Dairies Inc. TMF Foods - Peameal Bacon Tofutti-Cholac Foods ToLink Inc.

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Toolbox Solutions Inc. Toppits Foods Ltd. Torizon Logistics Inc. Total Cleanse Total Health Ctre (Reena Ent Touche Bakery Inc. Trademark Factory® Trailcon Leasing Inc. TrainCan, Inc. TransCold Distribution Ltd. Transplace Canada Tree of Life Canada Inc. Trenton Cold Storage Tri-Mach Group Inc. Tri-V Pet Foods Ltd. TricorBraun Trimpac Sysco Inc. Trinity Plastic Products Inc. Troll Bridge Creek Inc. True North Seafood Compan Trumps Food Interest Ltd. Turkey Farmers of Canada Turnstile Security Systems TWD technologies U-Be-Livin-Smart Inc. UNFI Canada, Inc. Unico (Primo) Unifiller Systems Inc. Unilever Canada UniPac Packaging Products United States Department of UNITEX Sales Ltd. Univar Canada Ltd. UrbanZen Tea Inc. Van-Whole Produce Ltd. Vancouver Hino Truck Sales VC999 Canada VersaCold Logistics Services VIC Store Fixtures Inc. Vineland Research and Innov Vitala Foods Voortman Cookies Limited W.G. Pro Manufacturing W.T. Lynch Foods Ltd. Warwick Salt Inc. Watson Gloves Weber Marking Systems of Wedlock Paper Converters L WELLBAKE Equipment Inc Wellesley Apple Products Wendell Estate Honey Westberry Farms Ltd. Western Refrigeration & Bev Western Rice Mills Ltd. Western Sage Honey Western Scale Co. Ltd. Western Spring and Wire Ltd Weston Foods Inc. Westrow Food Group Whistler Water Inc. WIBERG Corporation WILD Flavors (Canada) Inc. Wilkinson Foods Internation Wilson Display Ltd. Wilson's Truck Lines Inc. Windset Farms

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Canadian Food & Grocery 2018 Wine Lovers Agency Wine Marketing Association Wood Enterprises WorkSafe BC YoFiit Zast Foods Corporation

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Canadian Food & Grocery Industry Guide  

The national directory of the food and grocery industry in Canada. Comprehensive through providing free profiles for Canadian based manufact...

Canadian Food & Grocery Industry Guide  

The national directory of the food and grocery industry in Canada. Comprehensive through providing free profiles for Canadian based manufact...