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Starting March 18th, 2018, is Scavenger Hunt Week! This is when all of our readers, subscribers, members, patients, advertisers and their friends go forth into their local region (which in this case is potentially just over 200,000 people, partying in .. •









And the surrounding villages…)

And complete our Mighty Treasure Hunt to win a place in the annual prize draw of £10,000. This £10,000 will be made up of £1000 cash, £500 worth of Therapy Vouchers with participating Team Members, of which a list will become available with the downloadable A1 ‘put-together DIY Map. We have various fitness DVD’s as ‘booby prizes’, a DVD/ SmartTV, An Apple watch, A trip abroad to a secret location for two, where you will find a Yoga and Meditation Retreat. There is an organic range of woollen jumpers, A certificate to sponsor an acre of the Amazon Rain Forest and many many other ghastly and some, perfect prizes. You can also purchase an authentic looking First Century Scroll Map for £9.99. Obviously the digital version with Sat -Nav links is FREE! All you have to do is simply visit the venues that

Winners will be announced throughout the year. We will also be providing one homeless person with accommodation paid for 3 months. This can be extended by the winner themselves. The deal is NO, we provide the winner with The Adam Plan which is a Business in a Box, and rather a fantastic one. Inside this Box will be a memory stick with all the downloadable paperwork you will need, a book called; “Life’s A Game” with it’s own Self-Measurement Game Board, shown on the front page at, a book called; “How to stop drinking and drugs within 4 weeks” (which we supervise the implementation of), a book called; “A Course in Regional Health Magazines YOU”, a Business Plan and Forecast with a Marketing Plan ALL Enterprise Group which must be followed to the tee! You will receive Mental Wellness Supplements, a Business Coach & Mentor for a year, Allia Future Business Centre 10 Self-Coaching Tools, which are unique to The Adam Plan, a Peterborough United Football Club year’s license to use ‘The Plan’ and your own little camera crew who will follow you for said year! You MUST attend ALL London Rd the “Going Straight” Thursday night meetings, ALL the GTI Peterborough Fridays Webinars and visit the Team Members we ask you to immediately when we ask you to, for your safety. If you PE2 8AN complete all the THINK Tasks, 7-Day Journals and DO NOT Or email photos of the receipts with answers to: TOUCH alcohol or will earn a 6-figure salary. It’s well worth playing! If you fail, we will take it off you in year 2 The ‘Healthy Hunt’ will begin in March, and will re-launch and let someone else have a go. every three months, there being 4 in total over the 12 month It’s harsh but fair. It’s a priceless, incredibly valuable prize that period. will change a homeless person’s life. Why not win it for him ?

have adverts upon said Map. Once at the establishment, a purchase must be made or therapy experienced, retaining the ALL IMPORTANT receipt. There will be a competition question on the map itself...the answer to which will be with reference to, or hidden within, the venue. Once all the answers have been figured out, send in your entry form to us at:

Adam Williams is an accredited, registered counsellor and an accredited registered Master Life Coach as well as a Globally experienced Business Coach to the ‘Therapy World’ and Public Speaker. He has written and had published, two books shown on the opposite page and is currently working on the very much anticipated; “The Adam Plan”. Adam says; “I wrote ‘The Adam Plan’ after writing a draft for a new book which was more autobiographical, called; ‘Re-creating Adam’. I had seen on the news that in my neighbouring village, a driver—high on cocaine—mounted the pavement at 120mph and killed two young boys outright. I was enraged but also quickly saw the urgent need for an easily accessible system that works to cure addiction. So I decided to make the book less about me and focused it’s attention on trying to help the targeted readership instead. The world would be a

better place for it!” Adam, 46, up until just over a decade ago, was himself a serious addict, alcoholic and subsequently ended up mentally unwell. He had spent nearly two years in Prison, due to addiction, only to live on the streets for two years, upon his release. “I had a 20 year, daily habit and ritual of committing crime and buying drugs. I died 3 times (and was saved) and tried to commit suicide twice before ‘waking up’ one day!” Adam continues. He NOW operates a Specialist Team, hosts a weekly Live Streaming online webinar called GTI Fridays (Get Thoroughly Inspired), runs a Thursday night ‘therapy and comfort group’ for addicts, alcoholics and ex-prisoners called; ‘Going Straight’ and also writes books and courses, whilst running a regional ‘health’ magazine! Adam understands the importance of

receiving help from an ‘experienced’ support network, people who have been addicts or have experienced the hardship of Prison life. Without this network, things may progress to the deepest dependence, as Adam calls it, ‘The Bottom of the Pit’. There are many types of addict, yet most addicts, including Adam at one point of his life, will, do or did experience a personality disorder or have a psychotic episode at some point and for varying lengths of time.

“There is nothing more terrifying than experiencing a 3 month bout of paranoid, delusional psychosis brought on by daily drug use!” Commenting on the moment he realised he needed help, Adam says; “It took being repeatedly beaten up mentally, experiencing the desperate loss of my job, then house, then wife and kids, before my ‘denial’ shifted and I became ready for change. When you at the bottom of the pit, you want to keep suffering due to the constant guilt that reminds you in every sober moment just how disgusting and unworthy of life you are. Fear then causes us to continue the drugs and drink so that we blot out the guilt...only for it to return when we wake up again!” “I have always been a deep thinker and when you are in this type of place, the

thinking becomes more repetitive. I always thought, ‘what’s the meaning of life?’ and then one day, I had an epiphany that told me the answer. It was so powerful and vivid, that I grabbed a pencil and paper and started writing what had arrived in my mind. Four weeks later, I was clean, off the streets and preparing for college! It truly was an epiphany.” Adam shares his experience in more detail in the books below but would love for you to read ‘The Adam Plan’, only if you want to truly change forever. Order it today by visiting: Contd….

….Adam continues; “Before my ‘wake up’ epiphany and moment, I had been begging ANY higher power that may exist to help me. I had become in complete denial, I was genetically corrupted, a selfish manipulator due to my indoctrination and a ‘lying’ fraud of a man due to the necessity to survive. My values were incredibly low and I felt as if there was no help from the Government. I rang the crisis team (CPFT) for help as I was feeling as if I wanted to hurt myself. They genuinely said; ‘sorry, we can’t help you unless you have already cut yourself’. So I did. I gave myself 480 stitches that day!” That was the turning point!

of de-criminalising drug use and putting more funding into projects that help addicts, alcoholics and ex-cons to ‘go straight’ in a world where they are treated as human beings with equal rights. I have created a UNIQUE system that will help anyone get control back over their lives, gain a purpose and begin to re-build what they have lost.”

Who do you see yourself as?

“I feel that I am THE ‘GO-TO-GUY’ if you have suffered any kind of loss, had a problem with drugs, alcohol or any issues that are consequences of these actions such as Prison and the subsequent lack of opportunity that is available to people in So, where do we go from here that is these categories!”

positive, exciting, creates purpose and Adam is always ‘On-Call’, 24/7/365, for more importantly, works!? anyone who needs to simply stop addiction “I want to tackle ’head on’, the importance and change their lives, forever!

Here are four small favours that those who don't hate themselves can do for those of us who do. When two people with low self-esteem are together, many things are mutually, intuitively understood, even if we've never openly discussed our self-esteem. For instance, if anything goes even slightly wrong, we both know we're instantly, viciously blaming ourselves. And we'll probably try to soothe each other — because, sensing our shared insecurities, we want to ease each other's pain: Admittedly, this is partly because we each think we deserve to suffer most, but partly also because we are uniquely hyper-aware of pain.

And we who tend to hate ourselves will help each other out with tiny, mutually understood favors such as not asking Why do you always order the same ice-cream flavor? or offering reality checks such as This lesson is really confusing or The server with the ponytail seems mean. But when we are with people who don't hate themselves, we do things they don't understand. This is because we think and feel things they don't.

Those of us who are on the healing path know what a long, hard, landmine-larded road it is. So while we're on it, here are four small favors that those who don't hate themselves can do for us. I'm not asking you to work magic or act like saints. Nor am I asking you to be our therapists — unless by chance you are, and that's your job, for which we're paying you. I know we can be

big pains in the butt. But bit by bit we can 3. Choose for us. Harsh and heartless as this get better — with your help. sounds, every now and then we need you to just make certain simple decisions for us — which sweater to wear, which sandwich to order — and be done with it. That's because “ Those of us who are on being asked to choose from a range of options, especially in public or when our the healing path know choice might affect others, triggers some of what a long...road it is! “ us into mute paralysis. That's because we were told somewhere back there that we always spoiled everything, that we were stupid, selfish or incompetent. 1. Forgive us. Not for having low selfesteem, which is no more our fault than Our actions were constantly questioned, having freckles or asthma, but for all those penalized or mocked. So now, asked to countless things we're constantly choose between egg salad and pastrami, we apologizing about. Reflexive apology — panic: not just because thanks to our past bleating I'm sorry! as often as other people history we are afraid to choose but also blink — is yet another side effect of self- because we are so ashamed of being seen loathing, because some of us were told too this way, appearing (we think) infantile and often and/or too terrifyingly that every bad helpless. Yes, we need to learn decisionthing from earthquakes to spilled milk to making skills: at least, at first, in private and Mommy's illness was our fault. Now we alone. Until then, lend us some relief: Either apologize when rain falls on parades or flat-out decide for us or gently help us strangers trample on our toes. When you choose. hear us do this, tell us "No problem" or 4. Tell us that everything will be OK, "That's OK" or even "It's not your fault." because we strongly suspect it will not. We 2. Take us where we need to go. Most of us might be right. But so might you. with low self-esteem have at least one activity, location, situation, person or object that makes us hate ourselves less. Setting aside perilous options such as self-harm, anorexia or drugs, which "raise" our selfesteem synthetically and/or addictively, does playing music make us feel more powerful? Are we fully relaxed in forests, doing math, and/or around our cousin Ed? If you can find out without feeling (or being) intrusive — because, hey, we have boundary issues — ask us what these things might be and why. Then, refusing to let us talk ourselves out of another good thing, take us there.

Relationships are hard. Romance fades, our best friends drive us crazy, and families (the holidays may especially remind us) are minefields just ready to go off over a late night game of Scrabble. Most of us are lucky enough to be free to leave these relationships: we can move away from home, let friendships fade, and get divorces. That freedom is wonderful and important, but it also means that we can avoid some of the most rewarding experiences of long-term relationships that survive our worst selves. Fortunately (and painfully), we are all born in to one relationship that we can never get away from, no matter how we try: our relationship with ourselves.

The choices we make about how we treat our bodies, what we do with our time, how we talk to ourselves, and who we spend time with matter—a lot. The world is a difficult place to live in, and sometimes the things we do to feel better in the moment—eat, drink, have sex, binge Netflix—can have longer term consequences when we stop using them for pleasure and start using them to escape our inner world. It’s natural to want to escape ourselves from time to time, and we all do it. Sometimes we do need to take a quick break from the voices in our heads. There’s nothing wrong with that—until we go past the point of pleasure and into numbness. This can work for a

while, but a joylessly numb life can get pretty boring, and even if the mind can take it, the body will often rebel against its neglect after a while.

okay. Part of the practice is forgiving ourselves and being gentle when we falter. The best thing we can do is start somewhere.

I am sometimes grateful and sometimes really annoyed that I have a very sensitive physical body. If I don’t eat well, sleep enough, or give myself time to process difficult emotions, my body will find some way to let me know. I tried to drink and party my way through a major breakup once, and got slammed with a three-week flu with nothing to do but feel my feelings. Later, I was overdoing it at work, anxiously avoiding any quiet time by myself, and I got strep throat. Three times. The fourth time I tried to do that my back went out. I can lie well enough to my mind, at least for a while, but my body doesn’t tend to let me get away with it for very long. Pain is an excellent teacher because it forces us to change something.

So we acknowledge the pain. We let ourselves feel it. We explore its edges and see if it can teach us what needs to change. We can make small choices that are genuinely kind—not momentarily relieving, but genuinely loving— for our bodies, our minds, or our relationships. And when we don’t, when we slip back to our comforting escapes, we forgive ourselves and try again tomorrow.

So we have a choice: do the work of being in a loving, healthy, committed relationship with ourselves or suffer the rest of our lives with an internal roommate we hate. A lot of people choose the second option—it’s unquestionably easier. But over time, the body or the mind can rebel against its mistreatment and try to start to force us to work on this relationship. Either way, leaving isn’t an option.

It’s certainly not always easy to choose to turn love, presence, and compassion towards our own selves. But when we choose the path of loving commitment and turn it inwards, we end up meeting the truest, most lasting love of our lives.

We teach people how to firstly coach themselves to be a success and then to be a qualified ‘Community Coach’ holding our Diploma and License after a 12 week course. Contact Self-love isn't a given, it’s a practice. 07999857199. 60 Places Left (Feb ‘18). We’re not always good at it, and that’s

I am always so surprised at how prevalent drugs are in the yoga and meditation world because many great teachers including Yogi Bhajan (Kundalini Yoga), Swami Satchidananda (Integral Yoga), and the Dalai Lama (Buddhism) prescribe a completely drugfree lifestyle for practitioners.

myself through the use of an outside substance. As you look at your jar of nutmeg with new fascination, let me share with you this sense of self in the nutmeg high was short lived—as I believe it is with all drugs. Feeling the intense effect of the nutmeg on my kidneys, I dropped it after only a few experiences.

I have grown up in a Kundalini yoga and Sikh lifestyle free of drugs for the most part. As a teenager, I did experiment with the use of nutmeg, which can give you quite a high in large quantities. Half a nut did the job for me. I share this with you so that you can know that I have been there—longing to just laugh and be

As I entered into early adulthood I found that I could process stress and find a source of inner strength and calm from my meditation practice. So, if we were friends sitting down having a conversation about this and you were into having a beer after a stressful day at work to wind down, I could tell you that

with a few meditation tools under your belt you could save a whole bunch of money because you wouldn't need your beer anymore. However, I would at this point have to complete the story, because this is only a part of it. Without the use of drugs, the meditation experience is by far much deeper. To reach a deep state of meditation requires going through the channels of the self. It requires passing through the sensations of pain, anguish and desperation. To ignore these sensations would not take you to the vital interior of your being. To have successfully passed through them, in a conscious meditative practice between you and God, is the sweetest victory and sensation I have ever known. But it's not just the pain that one has to pass through. It is also that we must be in a state of complete perception. To feel

the air, to hear the sounds around us, to know and sense what is about to unfold, is all a part of meditation. Drugs of any form not only alter but also dampen our senses. It's like walking around with a pillowcase over your head—sleepy to the reality of life. Sure, who needs reality anyway, right? That is certainly an approach that is quite tempting to take. However, I am with the Buddha on this one. Take me in, let me go through the pain, in my own real self way, so that I can be the kind and beautiful person that I am, and live a life not only of no regrets, but one of service, love and joy. Yes, joy! Because that is by far my favourite sensation of a drug-free meditation. Contact Sunni at our surgery.

• Do you suffer from excess weight, joint pain, headaches, acne, food allergies, depression, insomnia, fatigue? If so, your body is probably out of balance and has a toxic overload. Your weight gain and belly fat can be linked to toxins in your liver. The liver has two important functions. It not only detoxifies your blood, but also METABOLIZES fat. When the liver becomes overworked and fatty, we begin gaining weight and experience other health issues. When your body is stressed, these stored toxins are released from fat cells which can lead to cellular damage and more toxins that your liver will not able to process. Toxins can also be stored in brain tissue, muscle tissue, nervous tissue, and even in cellular membranes. Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton states that the root cause of all weight gain is directly related to our own natural weight control system being overloaded and poisoned with toxic chemicals that we come in contact through our skin care, food, cleaning products and general environment. In her book, The DETOX Diet –Eliminate Chemical Calories and Enhance Your Natural Slimming System, Dr Baillie-Hamilton writes about the link between the current fat epidemic and toxic synthetic chemicals. It is important to know that toxins clog up your liver,thus preventing it from BURNING FAT. Detoxification is a healthy and natural way to help your body get rid of harmful toxins.When your body eliminates harmful toxins, the fat that is stored to help protect your body will also be eliminated. This home-remedy detox drink will help you. Source: livingnaturally Home-Remedy Detox Drink Recipe 12 oz. Water 1 tbsp. Honey • 2 tbsp. Lemon Juice 1/3 tsp. Turmeric (where to find) Mix everything together and drink daily! This program will help you too: Natural Detox and Weight Loss Program

The Incredible Benefit of Can a Chiropractor in Chiropractic Care for Allergy Peterborough help Treat Sufferers Allergies? 2017 is finally starting to draw to a close. As such, hay fever sufferers all across the UK can breathe a sigh of relief that summer is once again all but a memory. Did you know, however, that over 21 million people in the UK suffer from allergies? What is more, winter for people with animal, food, and even dust mite allergies, is far from a 4-5month reprieve from itching, sneezing, and general discomfort.

As unlikely as it might sound at first, chiropractic care may to help people better manage many common allergies. In fact, in a 2004 study into the effects of chiropractic care on asthma and other allergies by the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, 82% of chronic dermatitis sufferers experienced a significant reduction in skin itching and scratching after chiropractic treatment.

Of course, a chiropractor in Peterborough is certainly not able to help treat conditions such as potentially life-threatening nut allergies. If, however, you are burdened by animal allergies or common skin complaints such as dermatitis, chiropractic care might be able to help.

susceptibility to a wide range of more serious illnesses. Thankfully, even regular chiropractic treatments won’t ever

The Mechanism Behind why Chiropractic Care Works The first thing to understand when considering visiting a chiropractor in Peterborough is that chiropractors themselves don’t directly medicate or treat autoimmune system maladies. What chiropractic care does, is work to rebalance the nervous system overall. This way the Daniel O’Sullivan—Chiropractor human body’s own immune system can be optimized and start give rise to any side effects. What tackling the underlying cause of is more, because chiropractic care common allergic reactions. can be used to complement Completely Side Effect Free conventional pharmacology based Treatment medicine, allergy sufferers really What many people with chronic have nothing to lose by at least allergies don’t realise, is that many seeing if occasional chiropractic allergy medications themselves adjustments can be of benefit. only work by suppressing the immune system. This being the case, long-term use can lead to

Proven Mental Health Benefits of Chiropractic Care Approaches According to an April 2017 Wired magazine article, a staggering 1 in 4 people in the UK will be diagnosed as suffering from mental illness at some point. What is worse, rising incidences of mental illness in Peterborough itself, are why Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust teamed up with Mind in 2016, in order to create an emergency mental health sanctuary in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough area.

symptoms of conditions like depression also? Curing Chronic Pain to Cure Poor Mental Health Problems

As noted by several medical and psychiatric studies, people who suffer from chronic physical pain, poor mobility, and chronic physical discomfort, will often also experience depression and anxiety. This being the case, if you do suffer depression as a result of chronic back pain, it is only natural that a chiropractor in Peterborough might be able to help. The benefits, however, of chiropractic care approaches Of course, most people are aware that when it comes to mental health problems, mental health problems are on the rise in go beyond just benefits associated with the the UK. What many people aren’t aware of, relief of chronic musculoskeletal discomfort. however, is the fact that visiting a Chiropractor in Peterborough can sometimes In June 2013, the Journal of Upper Cervical be just as effective when it comes to treating Chiropractic Research in the United States minor forms of mental illness, as visiting published details of a study in which 76% of your local GP can be. people undergoing chiropractic treatments reported increased mood, positivity, and How a Chiropractor in Peterborough Might generally better emotional health, in the be able to Help months immediately following chiropractic treatment. The only question is why? At the Peterborough Chiropractic Health & Wellness Group, it is a common Understanding the Link Between Mental misconception that we only ever treat lower Health Problems & the Central Nervous back pain. Instead, people visiting our System practice will often do so to in order to seek effective treatment for everything from Usually, when a person presents symptoms lower back pain, to sciatica, and even high of depression and/or anxiety, they will be blood pressure problems. The big question, prescribed drugs which will work to try and though, is can we really help alleviate rebalance dopamine and serotonin levels in

the brain. Moreover, GP’s and psychiatrists prescribe such medication, due to the fact that we know that a person’s mood and emotional well-being is directly related to chemical and hormonal imbalances in the body. Did you know, however, that chiropractic care approaches can also help correct such imbalances?

100% Safe & Non-Invasive Treatment

Do you suffer from high-stress, anxiety, depression, and/or chronic pain? If so, there is no downside to making an appointment with a chiropractor in Peterborough for an initial consultation. This is because chiropractic care never involves the prescription of medication or invasive Every moment of every day, the human body surgery of any kind. strives to achieve a state of what medical science refers to as homeostasis. This is a We make people feel better without any state of perfect chemical and hormonal kind of side effects. All you need to do is equilibrium. Moreover, when this state of reach out to us directly to ask us how we equilibrium is for some reason not achievable, serious physical and mental well- might be able to help you or your loved ones specifically. being problems can manifest as a result. Thankfully, at the Peterborough Chiropractic Health & Wellness Group, we know just how important equilibrium is to a person’s general well-being. In fact, chiropractors have known for many years that misalignment of the spine can cause a host of neurological and central nervous system problems. The only question is, could your anxiety or depression stem from something as easily correctable as a slight spinal disk misalignment?

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