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Every year, my 84-year old mother rakes and transports 40 lawn bags full of leaves to her local dump in NH. She’s proud of this, but not so proud that she doesn’t look at Bethlehem with envy, because every fall our Highway Dept vacuums up leaves from the edges of our lawns. Bethlehem residents appreciate this service. What we may not realize, however, is how much work it takes to collect leaves from hundreds of miles of roadsides. Our Highway crews annually gather about 2 million cubic feet of yard waste. A cubic foot is about the size of a basketball, so image the challenge of picking up 2 million basketballs spread along 300+ miles of road sides. This collection gets harder when the weather turns bad. Rain obviously makes the leaves wet, sticky, and heavy. Cold snaps can freeze them solid. And years when leaves fall later have a greater chance of snow, and no one likes leaf collection and snow plowing taking place at the same time. Dry or wet, rain or shine, leaf vacuuming happens in the fall and yard waste continues throughout all year because we have an incredible team of Highway workers picking everything up. This is hard, hard work, but there are things that we can do to help. • Place your leaves and yard bags at the edge of the road, but not in it (or on sidewalks). Leaves and sticks in the road are a hazard for drivers and walkers, and our leaf vacs can reach 6 feet or so from the road edge. •

Keep sticks separate from leaf piles. Sticks can

clog the leaf vacs, and in some cases can cause gears to strip, taking the vac unit off the street and into the shop for repairs. • Shift basketball hoops and the like away from the road edge. This helps our crews move more smoothly and quickly through your neighborhood. • Please be patient. We do our best to move through town on a set schedule, but we’re working with the weather. Rain slows our collection speeds, and volume can slow us too if the majority of the leaves all fall at the same time. You can get more info on fall leaf collection at www.townofbethlehem. org/225/Fall-Leaf-Pickup. All of our leaves and other yard debris are taken to the Town Compost Facility south of Elm Ave Park on Route 32. The leaves are piled in long windrows and managed to support microbes breaking them down into wonderful compost. In our climate, it takes about 9 months for leaves to be broken down, and the process continues even through the cold of winter as the microbes raise the internal temperatures of the piles well over 130o F. I can understand why my mother is envious of the services we have here in Bethlehem. As you appreciate them too, please take a moment to remember that they are delivered by people, so when you see our Highway crews at work, wave and say thank you!

David VanLuven

Bethlehem Town Supervisor

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Here’s your ‘recession survival’ checklist


It’s unfortunate, but recessions are a fairly normal part of the economic landscape. When a recession occurs, how might you be affected? The answer depends on your individual situation, but regardless of your circumstances, you might want to consider the items in this recession survival checklist: Assess your income stability. If your employment remains steady, you may not have to do anything different during a recession. But if you think your income could be threatened or disrupted, you might want to consider joining the “gig economy” or looking for freelance or consulting opportunities.

prices tend to bottom out and then rebound, so if you had headed to the investment “sidelines,” you would have missed the opportunity to benefit from a market rally. Revisit your performance expectations. During a bear market, you will constantly be reminded of the decline of a particular market index, such as the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones Industrial Average. But instead of focusing on these short-term numbers, look instead at the long-term performance of your portfolio to determine if you’re still on track toward meeting your goals.

Review your spending. Look for ways to trim Assess your risk tolerance. If you find yourself your spending, such as canceling subscription services worrying excessively about declines in your you don’t use, eating out less often, and so on. investment statements, you may want to reevaluate your tolerance for risk. One’s risk tolerance can Pay down your debts. Try to reduce your debts, change over time — and it’s important you feel especially those with high interest rates. comfortable with the amount of risk you take when investing. Plan your emergency fund. If you haven’t already built one, try to create an emergency fund Keep diversifying. Diversification is always containing three to six months’ worth of living important for investors — by having a mix of stocks, expenses, with the money kept in a liquid account. mutual funds and bonds, you can reduce the impact of market volatility on your portfolio. To cite one Review your protection plan. If your health or example: Higher-quality bonds, such as Treasuries, life insurance is tied to your work, a change in your often move in the opposite direction of stocks, so employment status could jeopardize this coverage. the presence of these bonds in your portfolio, if Review all your options for replacing these types of appropriate for your goals, can be valuable when protection. Also, look for ways to lower premiums market conditions are worsening. (Keep in mind, on home or auto insurance, without significantly though, that diversification cannot guarantee profits sacrificing coverage, to free up money that could be or protect against all losses in a declining market.) used for health/life insurance. A recession accompanied by a bear market is Keep your long-term goals in mind. Even if not pleasant. But by taking the appropriate steps, you you adjust your portfolio during times of volatility, can boost your chances of getting through a difficult don’t lose sight of your long-term goals. Trying to period and staying on track toward your important “outsmart” the market with short-term strategies can financial goals. often lead to missteps and missed opportunities. Don’t stop investing. If you can afford it, try to continue investing. Coming out of a recession, stock

Daniel Daley Financial Advisor

394 Elsmere Ave. Suite 103 Delmar, NY 12054 518 - 767 - 1270

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Daniel Daley

This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor. Agency of California, L.L.C.; Edward Jones Insurance Agency of NJones Insurance Agency of Massachusetts, L.L.C.

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tim F at RE es E Es

Your Local Electrical Experts

RB Electric , Sales and Service

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• Home Theater • Multi-room Audio • Wireless Home Controls • Security System Monitoring • Networking • Circuit Breaker Upgrades


Licensed and Insured / Delmar

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Local Service Call



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TREE Service

518-635-4111 SEVENZOCKS.COM Commercial ~ Residential


Professional Service Great Prices!

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Tree Trimming & Pruning Large Tree Removal FULLY INSURED!

*FALL Special* 3 Month Wash Plus

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COME TRY OUR NEW DRYER'S IN AUTOMATIC TUNNEL!!!! Clean Up Your Image! Fleet Accounts and

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Snowblower Tune Up Special


ing!tax m o c s i + Snow

1. Compression check. 2. Ignition Spark Check. 3. Replace Spark plug. 4. Complete Oil Change. 5. Clean Air Filter (if appl) 6. Lube & adjust all Belts, pulleys & chains. 7. Check and lube drive system. 8. Lube front gear box & grease fittings. 9. Test Run.






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When you Winterize your Lawn mower AND Tune-Up your Snowblower. Limited time offer.



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2022 Our Towne Bethlehem Turkey Trot Route


For every war, there are many who bravely and proudly leave their loved ones behind to protect the freedoms that we as Americans are afforded.

It is these brave few we honor.

Applebee Funeral Home Trusted By Families Since 1904

403 KENWOOD AVE., DELMAR 518.439.2715


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Now Enrolling for ALL PROGRAMS

36th Annual

Bethlehem Lions Club

Christmas Tree and Wreath Sale

Fresh Nova Scotia Balsams | 6-8ft ALL TREES $55 WREATHS $15 Holiday Florist Grade Bows $5 (assorted colors available)

Wreath with Bow $20 (you may choose Your Bow)


New enrollments only. One per family.


Before and After School Programs | Full Day Summer Programs Half Day/Full Day Vacation Care | Special Needs


Eagle . Elsmere Enrichment Center . Glenmont . Hamagrael . Slingerlands


239 Delaware Avenue, Delmar | 439-9300

Sales location:

538 Route 9W - Glenmont

Property of 3D Rigging - 1/4 mile south of Feura Bush Rd

(518) 439-0399 or Email: pansymoo@aol.com for additional information

Sat & Sun 9AM to 5PM (into December)

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Gutter Cleaning Time! It's that time of year where all the leaves fall and fill your gutters. Don't wait until its too cold and have your gutters freeze. Have us come clear the debris.

e r u s s Pre hing Was 073 518


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Spring/ Fall Cleanups

Gutter Cleaning

Tree/Hedge Pruning

Stump Grinding

Lawn Care

Pressure/Soft washing

Brush Hogging

Painting Indoor/Outdoor

Compact Tractor Work

And Much More! Just Ask!

** FIREWOOD 1/3 CORD $200 **


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or even perforate an animal’s intestine if eaten.

Ask the

Canterbury Vet Thanksgiving Safety Thanksgiving is a special holiday that brings together family and friends. It also can carry hazards for pets. Follow these tips to keep your pets healthy and safe during the holiday. Keep the feast on the table—not under it. Eating turkey or turkey skin, or other fatty foods, even a small amount, can cause a life-threatening condition in pets known as pancreatitis. Fatty foods are hard for animals to digest. Many foods that are healthy for people are poisonous to pets – including onions, raisins and grapes. If you want to share a Thanksgiving treat with your pet, make or buy a treat that is made just for pets. No pie or other desserts for your pooch. Chocolate can be harmful for pets. The artificial sweetener xylitol, commonly used in gum and sugarfree baked goods, also can be deadly if consumed by dogs. Yeast dough can cause problems for pets, including ethanol toxicity, painful gas and potentially fatal bloating. Put the trash away where your pets can’t find it. A turkey carcass sitting out on the carving table or left in a trash container that is open or easily opened, could be deadly to your family pet. Dispose of turkey carcasses and bones and anything used to wrap or tie the meat, such as strings, bags and packaging, in a covered, tightly secured trash bag. Garbage should be placed in a closed trash container outdoors or behind a closed, locked door. Be careful with decorative plants. Don’t forget that some flowers and festive plants can be toxic to pets. These include amaryllis, Baby’s Breath, Sweet William, some ferns, hydrangeas and more. Keep your pets away from all plants and table decorations. Watch your pets around festive decorations. Holiday displays or candles are attractive to pets as well as people. Never leave a pet alone in an area with a lit candle; it could result in a fire. Pine cones, needles and other decorations can cause intestinal blockages

If you’re hosting a party or having overnight visitors, plan ahead to keep your pets safe and make the experience less stressful for everyone. Visitors can upset your pets. Some pets are shy or excitable around new people or in crowds, and Thanksgiving often means many visitors at once and higher-thanusual noise and activity levels. If you know your dog or cat is nervous when people visit your home, put her in another room or in a crate with a favorite toy. This will reduce the emotional stress on your pet and protect your guests from possible injury. If your pet is particularly upset by houseguests, talk to your veterinarian about possible solutions to this common problem. Even if your pets are comfortable around guests, make sure you watch them closely, especially when people are entering or leaving your home. While you’re welcoming guests and collecting coats, a four-legged family member may make a break for it out the door and become lost. Make sure your pet has proper identification with your current contact information; ideally a microchip with up-to-date, registered information. If a pet does sneak out, they’re more likely to be returned to you. If your pet isn’t already microchipped, talk to your veterinarian about the benefits of this simple procedure. Safe and Happy Thanksgiving to All Please send all your veterinary questions to:

AskTheVet@canterburyvet.com or mail them to Ask the Vet c/o Canterbury Animal Hospital 88 Delaware Avenue Delmar, NY 1205439-2700


www.canterburyvet.com 88 Delaware Ave, Delmar NY 12054 p. 27

NOVEMBER FRIDAY NOVEMBER 4 • 1PM Coffee and Conversation: Masterpiece Quilts at the DAR Museum Join correspondent docent Julie Johnson for an overview of the masterpiece quilts in the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Museum’s collection and the women who made them. The quilt collection is focused on quilts of the 18th and 19th centuries. Co-sponsored by Bethlehem Senior Projects, Inc. MONDAY NOVEMBER 7 • 1:30PM Day Books Discuss “The Feather Thief: Beauty, Obsession, and the Natural History Heist of the Century” by Kirk Wallace Johnson. New members welcome. TUESDAY NOVEMBER 8 • 6:30PM Dungeons and Dragons Join us for a night of laughs, critical thinking, improvisation and role playing. All playing materials will be provided, but feel free to bring your own dice or D&D 5th Edition Character Sheet. For adults; beginners welcome. Registration is required. WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 9 • 7PM Barns of the Hudson Valley Ted Hilscher will talk about identifying the barns and associated outbuildings of the Hudson Valley. Registration is not required, but is advised due to limited seating. This series of historical talks is presented through a partnership with the Town of Bethlehem Historical Association. THURSDAY NOVEMBER 10 • 1PM Lunchtime Documentaries: ‘Summer of Soul’ Join us for an afternoon screening of 2021’s “Summer of Soul” directed by Ahmir Questlove Thompson. This music documentary explores and reclaims the legacy of the sixweek 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival. FRIDAY NOVEMBER 11 Take and Make: Thanksgiving Beaded Turkey Start the preparations for Thanksgiving early with this fun beaded turkey craft. *Please register each child individually by noon November 9. For grades 1-5. MONDAY NOVEMBER 14 • 11AM Craft & Color for Adults Choose between coloring or doing an open-ended craft activity. This program is specifically designed for adults of all abilities.

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CALENDAR TUESDAY NOVEMBER 15 • 1-6PM American Red Cross Blood Drive Call 1-800-RED-CROSS or go to www.redcrossblood. org for more information and to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins welcome. WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 16 • 7PM Own Voices Book Group Discuss “The Undocumented Americans” by Karla Cornejo Villavicencio. New members welcome. Registration required. FRIDAY NOVEMBER 18 Take and Make: Leaf Suncatchers A fun fall activity for our littlest friends, these leafshaped suncatchers are a craft classic. *Please register each child individually by noon November 16. For ages 0-6 with caregiver. SATURDAY NOVEMBER 19 • 2:30PM Community Yoga Enjoy a gentle and grounding community-level yoga class designed for yoga practitioners of any skill level. Dan May brings Jai Yoga School’s Bhakti yoga practice which includes song, cultural information and stories. SUNDAY NOVEMBER 20 • 2PM A Little Sunday Music: The Lark Strings Enjoy some classical chamber music by this quartet made up of locally based musicians with extensive training and professional experience on an international level. MONDAY NOVEMBER 28 • 2PM Monday Matinee: ‘Sunset Boulevard’ This classic film (1950, not rated, 110 min.) will be shown with subtitles. WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 30 • 7PM The Many Faces of American Folk Art Marilyn Sassi will discuss how American Folk Art grew out of a craft tradition and knowledge of working with paint plus the innate gift for design and color. Explore some of these Folk Art objects created by these craftsmen-turnedartists. Registration is not required, but is advised due to limited seating. This series of historical talks is presented through a partnership with the Town of Bethlehem Historical Association.

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2022 November


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Sandy Evans

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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