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TREE Service

518-635-4111 Commercial ~ Residential

FREE ESTIMATES Professional Service Great Prices!

Tree Trimming & Pruning Large Tree Removal FULLY INSURED!

“The Best”

Unlimited Wash Pass!



car wash pass for:



car wash pass for:



12 month UNLIMITED

189.00 (1 month free)

car wash pass for:


363.00 (1 month free)

3 ways to join:

Clean Up Your Image! Fleet Accounts and

Local Business


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1. Visit: 462 Route 9W, Glenmont 2. Email: GlenmontCarwash@yahoo.com 3. Call: 518-449-4244 for details


Detail C Center enter **JUNE FATHER'S DAY SPECIAL**

Buy 5 months unlimited for $165 - get 1 month unlimited *FREE*

*Exterior Hand Wax Starting @ $100 +Tax

*Wash & Wax, door jams cleaned & tire dressing.


G5000 Gildan Any Color 1 color front print 12 pcs. - $12 per 24 pcs. - $8 per 48 pcs - $5 per (XXL add $2.25 per)

screen fees included set ups included expires 5/1/20

10 Hallwood Road Delmar NY 12054 518-272-0586 rob@sawyershirt.com

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Helping Bethlehem Seniors keep their Independence. • Home & Window Cleaning • Gardening Services • Junk Removal

• Shopping & Deliveries

• Attic/ Cellar/ Garage Cleaning

Bruce McShane



Reach over 10,000 Bethlehem homes and Businesses

THIS SPACE $185 a month Annual agreement


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Jenn's PawSome Pet Care, LLC Reliable, Responsible and Trustworthy Care in the Comfort of Your Own Home!



Jennifer Pine

Es F timRE at E es

Serving the Delmar, Slingerlands and Glenmont areas

Your Local Electrical Experts

RB Electric, Sales and Service

• Troubleshooting • Security Systems • Video Surveillance • Outdoor Lighting • Outlets|Switches|Fixtures • Ceiling Fan Installs



• Home Theater • Multi-room Audio • Wireless Home Controls • Security System Monitoring • Networking • Circuit Breaker Upgrades


Licensed and Insured / Delmar

Local Service Call



Please mention this ad

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Can You Invest for Retirement and Education?


Typically, this time of year is filled with graduation ceremonies and celebrations. But with the coronavirus pandemic, not much has been typical lately. Eventually, though, things will return to normal and schools will reopen for in-person learning. And if you have young children, you may want to save for their higher education, whether that be college or trade school. At the same time, though, you’re moving ever closer to retirement. Can you save for your kids’ education and a comfortable retirement for yourself at the same time? It is indeed possible, although you may need to prioritize somewhat. Specifically, you may not want to put off saving for retirement in favor of education. But by viewing these goals together and investing as early as possible in each of them, you can take advantage of one of your biggest assets – time.

from your savings or checking account into your IRA. Now, let’s move to your other key goal: education. Several education funding vehicles are available, but one of the most popular is the 529 plan. Your earnings grow tax-deferred and withdrawals are free from federal tax, provided the money is used for qualified higher education expenses. (529 plan withdrawals not used for qualified expenses may be subject to federal and state income tax and a 10% IRS penalty on the earnings.) Furthermore, your 529 plan contributions may earn a state tax deduction or credit if you participate in your own state’s plan.

You can set up recurring contributions from a bank account to a 529 plan. And you don’t have to fund your 529 plan on your own. Instead of gifts for birthdays, holidays, graduations and other occasions, why not Of course, you’ll still have to budget ask friends and relatives to contribute to your resources. You want to invest as much the 529 plan you’ve set up for your child? as you can, but not so much that your They’re all eligible to participate – and their monthly cash flow is crimped. Consequently, contributions may earn them tax benefits if you may have to consider retiring later, they live in your state and you’ve invested in contributing less to your child’s education, your own state’s plans. or a combination of the two. But in terms of logistics, you can make saving and investing A financial advisor can help you plan for easier. more than one goal, understand the benefits and tradeoffs of your decisions, and make First, consider your retirement accounts. the process of saving for those goals easier. If you have a traditional 401(k) or similar So, get the help you need to stay on track – plan, your contributions come out of your or rather, two tracks – toward the important paycheck before you even see the money objectives of education and retirement. – so it’s about as painless a way of building your retirement fund as possible. Put in as much as your budget allows and consider increasing your contributions when you This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward receive a raise at work. You can also direct Jones Financial Advisor. your bank to move money each month

Jerry Pittz

Agency of California, L.L.C.; Edward Jones Insurance Agency of NJones Insurance Agency of Massachusetts, L.L.C.

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Request a copy of the Capital Region's Smart Downsizing Guide

by Nina Sher Nina Sher

Senior Real Estate Specialist/Accredited Staging Professional Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Hunt Real Estate ERA 1365 New Scotland Road Slingerlands, NY 12159 Cell: (518) 368-5578 nina.sher@huntrealestate.com

Fall Cleanups Tree/Hedge Pruning Lawn Care Brush Hogging Compact Tractor Work Stump Grinding

Gutter Cleaning Handyman work Pressure/Soft washing Painting Indoor/Outdoor And Much More!

Just Ask!

YOUR AD HERE contact@OurTowneBethlehem.com 1/8 page

Pick-up & Delivery Available! PRE-SEASON SPECIAL:






We specialize in Rider Service. Reconditioned LAWN MOWERS


1. Compression check. Only 2. Ignition Spark Check. $ * 3. Replace Spark plug. *Riders $149 4. Complete Oil Change. 5. Clean Air Filter 6. Check & adjust Self Propel unit (if appl) 7. Sharpen Blade 8. Test Run.


$10 OFF When you Tune-Up your Lawnmower AND your Snowblower Limited time offer.

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Since 1967 we have been providing Bethlehem with the freshest Cut Choice & Prime Meats in the area!

Take home Vince’s Famous~

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce Italian Sausage & Giant Meatballs

Homemade Soups & Pasta Fagioli Extra Lean Bratwurst Maple Breakfast Sausage Homemade Baked Beans

Macaroni & Potato Salad Thick Sliced Bacon

Stanton's Homegrown Strawberries picked BECAUSE HOME IS THE FRONT LINE OF HEALTHCARE, TOO

fresh daily

Propane Refill $

14. 89


We give you a FULL 20lbs! ...not just 15lbs that you get at the Box Stores.


Sundays and Mondays

518-767-9101 806 Rt 9W Glenmont

(about a half mile past Wemple Rd on the left) belvederehomecare.com | 518-694-9400 p. 8

Daily Lunch Specials

Pressure Washing 518 488-0073 Deck & Fence Restoration

Soft Roof Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning House Washing

We Use Hot Water& Detergent to Clean your Home Concrete Cleaning

Front Stoop Cleaning Walkway Cleaning


$100 OFF

Entire House - Entire Deck - Entire Roof All 3 services must be done at same schedule appointment NO DISCOUNT or Substitution for only 1 services! Pressure Washing



Hurry! Offer expires 6/31/20

www.H2Opwny.com p. 9


Pro Sealers salisburyprosealersny.com

Fully insured Your price includes:



* Real power edging with a real power edger * Power cleaning “wire brush to remove dirt and debris” * Horizontal crack filling w/ leveling patch

* Brush application w/ latex coal-tar emulsion sand sealer * Barricade the end of driveway “24 - 48hr dry time” * We will beat any price from our major competitors!!!

Driveway Sealing Special Previously sealed driveways only. No additional discounts apply to special. *New and older unsealed blacktop as low as $30 p/pl *Seal with your neighbors and you could both save more!

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Plus Tax *20’ X 50’ (1000 sq.ft)

Ask the

Canterbury Vet Returning to work after COVID Dogs think we’ve quit our jobs to be home with them. Cats wonder when they can have the house to themselves again. There is no doubt that our pets have relished the time and attention they received as a result of COVID-19 shelter in place orders. However, as pet owners begin to return to work, we can’t expect our pets to understand that it’s back to business. To follow is some advice to prepare your pet for your absence. Begin by leaving the house more frequently, increasing the duration each time. Do so even if you are going places you would normally bring your dog, like going for a walk or hike, going to the park, to the home improvement store, or to go get coffee. This will help your pet get used to the idea of you being away, and that you always return home. Like us, pets are creatures of habit. Your dog or cat learns and recognizes details in your daily routine. If you normally wear certain clothes for work, carry a particular bag, or give them a special treat before you leave, begin these “rituals” again as you leave for your excursions. That means get out of your pajamas, pick up your keys and leave the house as if you were going to work, even if you return home a few minutes later for a zoom conference from your kitchen table. Our pets’ walks or mealtimes may have been shifted because we have been home more. Many of us have slept in later, gone on more walks to get out of the house, or maybe we ate dinner later due to quarantine-snacking throughout the day. Reinstitute your pet’s old walking and meal times. Resist the urge to feed them, take them on a walk, or take them outside to play during hours you will normally be at work. If your dog normally spent their time in a crate or behind a pet gate while you were away at work, consider having them take naps there again, to get used to not being by your side all day. But what happens when we start packing our lunch again, putting on a uniform, or taking the extra time to shave or put on makeup or wear something other than sweatpants? Some pets start whining, whimpering, panting, or pacing. Or our pet may appear depressed, lying at our feet. These can all be classic signs of anxiety and stress. We may also hear them start to bark as we’re closing the door, hear them jumping and scratching against the closed door, or see them immediately pawing at the window or agitating the blinds. Besides tugging at our heartstrings, a pet that can’t selfsoothe—or that has too much energy—can exhibit destructive behavior. Chewing and destroying doorframes, windowsills, furniture, or your personal belongings aren’t done out of spite, though it may feel that way. Neither is soiling in the house. These are all physical manifestations of the mental stress—or sometimes boredom/lack of stimulus—they feel. So what can I do to help relieve my pet’s anxiety? A well exercised dog is a well behaved dog. Helping your dog release

pent up energy is a great way to help ease their mental stress, and make them too tired to be destructive! Before work, take them on a long walk or jog, or play fetch in the backyard. Leaving them with interactive puzzle toys, or a new, exciting and safe chew toy, can encourage independence while keeping them busy. Be careful not to leave them with a chew toy that can break into small pieces and become a choking hazard or digestive system obstruction. If leaving your pet out to freely roam the house isn’t working, consider confining them to a crate. This is not putting them in doggie jail – rather a crate provides a “den” for your dog, creating a safe and secure environment. Please send all your veterinary questions to: AskTheVet@canterburyvet.com or mail them to Ask the Vet c/o Canterbury Animal Hospital 88 Delaware Avenue Delmar, NY 12054 518-439-2700


www.canterburyvet.com 88 Delaware Ave, Delmar NY 12054

Emma Cleary’s Cafe 518-439-8700

Gourmet Bakery - Pastries - Pies

Breakfast & Lunch Unique Gifts & Catering

1926 New Scotland Rd. Slingerlands

Reach over 10,000 Bethlehem homes and Businesses

THIS SPACE $65 a month Annual agreement

contact@OurTowneBethlehem.com p. 11


& Now

Cemetery Walks & Veteran Stories By Susan E. Leath

As I am writing this, the covid virus is turning our lives upside down in ways both profound and trivial. On a grand scale, my planned cemetery walks, now cancelled, are pretty insignificant. I can communicate the information in different ways, and you can take a stroll in the quiet beauty of these places without me and a large group of people tagging along. I am also missing the Memorial Day Parade – a more significant cancelation in my mind. Parades have been bringing the Bethlehem community together for a century or more while honoring those who lost their lives in service to our country. The men and women of our town have been heeding the call to serve since before there even was a town of Bethlehem. Those cemetery tours I am missing so much highlighted veterans from the Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, the Spanish American War and all the conflicts of the 20th Century. Here are some of the veteran stories I would have shared if we were walking together. Let me introduce you to the Slingerland cousins, John and William. John H. Slingerland (1844-1914) is buried at the Slingerland Family Burial Vault. He and his cousin William Slingerland were veterans of the Civil War having served with the New York’s 177th Infantry. Both enlisted in October of 1862 when they were 18 years old. While assigned to different companies, both marched to the Albany train station on December 15 to begin their journey to New Orleans. Headquartered at Bonnet Carre, the 177th took part in skirmishes at McGill’s Ferry, and Pontchatoula, and saw action at the siege of Port Henry. The 177th, including the cousins, mustered out of service at Albany on September 10, 1863. John, the son of William H. and Elizabeth Slingerland, worked with his father as a civil engineer. He married Alice Preston about 1873 and they had four children, William, Edward, Bessie and Florence. In the late 1880s he and his family moved to New York City where he was a masonry inspector. After her husband’s death, Alice and daughter Florence moved back to Slingerlands. p. 12

William Slingerland (1844-1928) was the son of John I. and Sally Slingerland. He and his wife Ellen Van Wie had seven children and lived their entire lives in Slingerlands. For many years he was an Express Manager with American Express Company. Now, please meet Captain David Burhans. David Burhans was born in Bethlehem in 1840,

The Pier family plot at Bethlehem Cemetery

the son of Rachel and David. Before the war, he was a mail agent with the Troy to New York route. In the late summer of 1862, he worked in town to recruit a company of soldiers for the 43rd New York Infantry. Before the company set off, the ladies of Bethlehem presented Burhans with a sword, sash and belt. Company H was one of five that joined the regiment after the battle of Antietam. Thereafter, the 43rd continued to see heavy action including battles at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg. Burhans was in the thick of it. It was during the terrible chaos at Spottslvania that Burhans lost his life. He is said to have been last seen cheering on his troops after having captured two rebel flags. One tribute to him concludes “He was a young man of unblemished reputation, and highly respected by all who knew him, for his many virtues.” The extended Burhans family continued to live in and around Bethlehem and you might recognize Delmar street named Burhans Place. And finally, the Pier family, many of whom are interred at Bethlehem Cemetery. Edwin and Dora Pier raised ten children, seven boys and three girls, in Slingerlands. Five of their sons, Ira, Charles, J. Edwin, Clarence and Ellsworth, all served with the Army during World War I. In a newspaper article, Dora Pier shared stories and letters about her sons. She wrote to Clarence, who was serving with the Fifth Balloon Detachment, that his brother Charles had a perfect record and his other brother Edwin was called out only once, for not saluting properly. Clarence wittily replied that he had gotten

together. I invite you visit Bethlehem’s Veterans Memorial Park on Delaware Avenue or have a ramble through one of Bethlehem’s historic cemeteries and remember those who have served. Flashes and Dashes Do you remember artist Edward Buyck? He and his wife Mary Willard Vine lived on McCormack Road in Slingerlands. Bob Mulligan is doing some research for an article and would like to hear from you, rempundit@earthlink.net or call 518-439-3802. Pop over to my blog BethlehemNYHistory.blogspot.com for pictures of Buyck’s work. Interested in some recreational driving during safe-distancing times? Visit the Bethlehem Historical Association’s website, BethlehemHistorical.org, for a Drive It Yourself tour. It is a bit dated, but still fun.

Captain David Burhans bawled out “because I was not shaved; my shoes not shined; my leggings not on, all my buttons not buttoned; for not standing still at attention; for having my stomach stuck out too far; for not having my chest out far enough, and about 400 other things.” All five brothers served time oversees, with only Edwin being severely wounded while serving in France. They all were honorably discharged. The Piers are truly a Gold Star family. Oldest son Egbert Pier served in the U.S. Marines for twelve years

Circa 1918, a group of Bethlehem folks get ready to promote the Red Cross during a Decoration Day parade in Delmar. (Courtesy of the Bethlehem Historical Association)

as a recruiting officer. Youngest son Perry Pier served in during World War II. The family purchased Liberty bonds and participated in Red Cross activities on the home front in Slingerlands. These are just a few of the family stories I would have shared if we were able to take a cemetery walk

Work has begun on rebuilding the stonework of the Slingerland Family Burial Vault. Please visit the website SlingerlandVault.org for progress reports and to donate. Town historian Susan Leath’s new book, Bethlehem People and Places, explores Bethlehem, New York’s unique history through 36 illustrated articles. P l a c e s ground our h i s t o r y. People make history lively. Come along on the journey as Leath follows her curiosity in her hometown of Bethlehem. Read about Victorian and vernacular farmhouses, and about the families that made these types of building home. Find out the story of World War I veteran John Adams Dyer, Hudson River light keeper Warren Welch and architect Grace Slingerland. Wonder about how Delmar got its name, and just where is the hamlet of Frazertown. Author Susan E. Leath was appointed Bethlehem Town Historian in 2007. She is continually inspired by the people who generously share their family history. Leath believes local history opens the way to the wider sweep of our national story. She invites you to be curious about the everyday people and places around you. Available NOW at I Love Books in Delmar, Bethlehem Town Hall, The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza, Market Block Books in Troy and online at TroyBookMakers.com and Amazon.com.

BethlehemNYHistory.blogspot.com p. 13

5 Questions with :

Jennifer Pine

1) How long have you been in business and what inspired you to start up? After years of fostering dogs and caring for several dogs of my own and my friends and neighbors, I decided to start my business and make it official a few years ago. I have always had a passion for helping and caring for all animals from the time i was a child growing up on what our family considered a farm. 2) What services do you offer? Do you have a specialty? How have your services changed due to Covid 19? We offer pet sitting in the comfort of your own home. This allows your pets to remain in their regular setting, schedules, sleeping arrangements, etc., which allows for a much less streesful situation for your pets. I am also able to offer daily walks while you are at work. My business has basically been put on hold due to covid 19. My services are needed when people travel and when they are at work, both of these things have changed dramatically for everyone. 3) What do you love about your business? Biggest challenge? I love that im spending most of my days doing what i love with the creatures I love and getting a lot of excercise doing it. My biggest challenge would be dealing with upstate NY's weather. It can be really cold out on some janurary and februrary days, but the dogs still need to go out and they simply don't care. 4) What advice would you give to your younger self, or someone wanting to own a small business? As a person that has had a small business in the past, I would tell not only my younger self but anyone wanting to own a small business to be prepared to always be working. Always be ready to answer the phone, always know you never really have a day off when you own your own business. This is the ONLY way you will be successful. But when your job is your passion, you never work a day in your life. 5) What do you like to do when you’re not working? What do i like to do when i'm not working? Read #4 - HA! - never not working! Just kidding, I like to spend my time in my back yard with, you guessed it......my dogs! ....and my gardens!

Jenn's PawSome Pet Care, LLC 518.821.1017

Serving the Delmar, Slingerlands and Glenmont areas p. 14


www.HanifinBuilders.com p. 15

• FIRST, we want to give a big thank you to all of the town residents who have been just so kind over the past few months!

• We will be offering delivery and curbside takeout of not only food but also beer wine and cocktails. • We are offering 64 oz growls of craft beer for $24, BIG discount on bottled wine and hand crafted cocktails. • Our menu will be changing every week. • We are growing tons of vegetables and flowers is our own garden. • Outdoor patio will be open as soon as its allowed. 5 Vista Blvd Slingerlands, NY 12159 gardenbistro24.com


BETHLEHEM LUTHERAN PRESCHOOL Bethlehem Lutheran Preschool provides a Christ-centered preschool education for children 3 and 4-years of age in our N.Y.S. licensed program

New extended day 4-year-old class program: M, W, & F- 9:15 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Virtual Tour: www.blcdelmar.com Click on preschool link

Now Enrolling Call for information:

(518) 439-3022


p. 16

All Specials valid through May 1, 2020. Schedule FREE estimate today SAVE 10% OFF INSTALLATIONS INDOOR AIR QUALITY PRODUCTS

Help clean and purify the air you are breathing today with a high efficiency air cleaner


T U N E- U P S



Water Tanks

$250 off if call & schedule before May 1st


Service and replacements *National Grid Rebates up to $250

Delmar Marketplace


John & Mary’s

M cCarroll’s the village butcher, inc. Now in our 4th Generation

Olive Oils and Vinegars at Delmar Marketplace

You can now find Testa’s Pantry fine Imported Four Corners | Delmar

delmarmarketplace.com WALK-INS WELCOME Please check our Facebook page for all current stipulations of service standards

WELCOME BACK JUNE SPECIALS!!! We will be meeting and exceeding all recommended sanitation standards for our staff and your safety!

Get smooth for summer!

Brazilian Blowout Delaware Plaza, Delmar



M-F 9a~8p, SAT 8:30a~3:30p, SUN 10a~3p

Smoothing Treatment


*extra for long or thick hair

Buy More Save More All Professional Products

10% off 1 20% off 2 30% off 3 35% off 4

Stock up on your favorites!

Aveda, Matrix, Paul Mitchell, KMS

PLUS check out our GOOD BUY GOODBYE Section

of items we will no longer stock-some can be special ordered for future purchase at regular cost.


Visit us on

p. 17


“We Thrive Upon Our Reputation” Maintain your property value and the health of your trees.

Thank you to our Bethlehem Customers for 35years of business! Jim Haslam, Owner Graduate Forester, ESF

Complete Tree & Stump Removal Pruning of Shade and Ornamental Trees Tree Fertilization Land Clearing 100 Foot Crane Service 60 Foot Bucket Truck



We accept

ALL Credit Cards

Fully Insured Member of the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce


Have your trees analyzed and serviced by a skilled, local tree care professional who takes pride in the work they do!

p. 18

So you want to design a cool shirt that everyone will wear?

Now is your chance!

2020 Turkey Trot Shirt Design Contest: Basic rules for the screen printing artwork:

1). Convert any text you have to outlines before saving. 2). Create the artwork the size you want it to print on the shirt (Parameters are no more than (11" wide x 14" long) . 3).In order for your design to come out super clean and crisp use Vector (made up of points instead of small dots), or if using Photoshop: make sure it is 300DPI. 4). We are doing a 1 color print this year. 5). Image will be on the front of the shirt. 6). Not sure of shirt color yet, so you decide what color background and what color print to make it , maybe that will influence our decision. :-)

DEADLINE IS Wednsday July 1st, 2020 PLEASE EMAIL SUBMISSIONS TO: rob@sawyershirt.com If you have any questions please direct them to Rob at above email.

YOUR AD HERE contact@OurTowneBethlehem.com 1/8 page p. 19

1. Supportive community like no other. 2 Caters to people of all sizes, shapes, age and ability levels. 3. Workout with purpose- learn to move properly in and out of the gym. To schedule your free trial class contact:


35 Hamilton Lane, Glenmont NY

Delmar Marketplace

M cCarroll’s the village butcher, inc.


Now in our 4th Generation


Committed to supporting locally grown and produced products

Personal, Professional Service House Calls Available

James N. Plummer, CFP Enrolled Agent


Grocery John & Mary’s

306 Delaware Ave., Delmar




478-9651 Four Corners | Delmar 518439-3936


p. 20

Colour Away!!!!

Color the page, snap a pic and post on facebook and tag us! We will post all the pictures in our July Issue!!! Tag us at: Facebook: Our Towne Bethlehem p. 21

p. 22

p. 23






Paving Bethlehem for over 25 years!

rdable o f f a w o h mazed . You’ll be aew driveway will be your n !

day Call us to

$100 OFF any new paving job. 518


With ad. $1,000 minimum. Expires 8/1/20

Asphalt Paving Chip Seal Driveways

Driveway Repairs Decorative Stone Top soil Line Striping Tar and Chip Water Drainage

From Commercial to Residential we offer our customers a wide range of paving options to best fit their needs and budget. p. 24

Open For Tako ut


t h g u a r 36 Drs on Tap Bee

We are FILLING GROWLERS & Sealed Take Out Cocktails Available 367 Delaware Ave. Delmar


95 Everett Road. Albany


SwiftysPub.com Now Enrolling for ALL PROGRAMS

Reach over 10,000 Bethlehem homes and Businesses

THIS SPACE $96 a month Annual agreement



New enrollments only. One per family.


Before and After School Programs | Full Day Summer Programs Half Day/Full Day Vacation Care | Special Needs School’s Out, Inc. Enrichment Center, located at 239 Delaware Ave, is open to current essential worker families. Program will be open from 7:30 am-6:00 pm M-F while BCSD remains closed. Registration can be found on our website www.schoolsoutinc.org through the Essential Worker Registration tab. Site Happenings: Eagle . Elsmere . Glenmont . Hamagrael . Slingerlands


239 Delaware Avenue, Delmar | 439-9300 p. 25

p. 26

Capitol Masonry & Stonework Slingerlands, NY

518-221-0726 Custom Stone Designs | Historical Restoration

New Construction * Foundations Interior basement | Foundation work Chimneys * Patios * Walks * Steps

Waterproofing Basement Floors & Walls

Glenmont Handyman

YOUR AD HERE contact@OurTowneBethlehem.com

1/4 page


Fix - Repair - Maintenance • Walk, Patio, Deck and Trim Repairs • Fallen Tree Debris Cutup & Cleanup • Hauling & Disposal

p. 27


CALENDAR Graphic novels get their due on Hoopla

Judging from the number of new signups and downloads, Hoopla’s on-demand access to popular e-books, audiobooks, streaming video and music has been a huge hit with our cardholders. Many of you are also discovering one of the features that sets Hoopla apart from other digital services and enhances our collection as a whole – its vast selection of graphic novels and comics. Fans of the genre will appreciate the diverse collection of 15,000+ titles from dozens of different publishers (not just big names like Marvel and DC) and including works spanning different genres and interests from the last 100 years. Both fans and newcomers to graphic novels will like Hoopla’s user-friendly browsability. You can search by genre, publisher, audience or popularity, and you’ll also find links to series pages with other volumes and editions listed. The digital reading experience is also a plus, with Hoopla's built-in technology that enables full-page and panel-by-panel views for an immersive experience. If you haven’t yet explored the world of graphic novels, Hoopla’s expansive catalog gives you the perfect excuse to check it out! Visit hoopladigital.com to get started.

Live tutoring with HelpNow

Does your child need a little help mastering the material required for their at-home schooling? Bethlehem cardholders now have access to HelpNow by Brainfuse, an easy and intuitive learning resource for all ages and levels with personalized homework help in core subjects (math, reading, writing, science and social studies), as well as SAT preparation. There is a skill-building tool for all types of learning styles – from flashcards to practice quizzes and videos. Live one-on-one online tutoring is available in math, science, writing and other subjects for elementary, middle school, high school and college students from 2-11 p.m. daily. All Brainfuse tutors have at least a four-year degree and are background checked. Find HelpNow on the library’s Research webpage (www.bethlehempubliclibrary.org/webapps/research.asp) along with other learning tools for students.

Speak up with Pronunciator

There are so many benefits to learning a new language, not the least of which is keeping your brain sharp at a time when all of the days seem to flow together. While there are a lot of language-learning programs out there, Pronunciator, the library’s newest online language resource, takes a personalized approach to make learning work for you (without the hefty price tag). Just select the language and topics you love, the skills you want to build, and how much you want to study each day, and Pronunciator will build a personalized course just for you — in a matter of seconds. You can choose from over 160 languages to learn, including American Sign Language. Bethlehem cardholders can access Pronunciator on the library’s Research page (www.bethlehempubliclibrary.org/webapps/ research.asp), along with these resources and more: Consumer Reports, Ancestry.com and Chilton’s Online Auto Repair.

Storytime online

Do you miss storytime at the library? We do too! That’s why we’re bringing a weekly storytime into your home via Zoom, an online meeting tool. Join us at 9:30 a.m. Tuesdays through June 30 for a Zoom Family Storytime. This is a fun and engaging way for children up to age 6 to work on their early literacy skills through stories, singing, movement and more. Go to bit.ly/2zhnV9v at the scheduled time and use the password 562837 to sign in. Once you sign in, your e-mail and video will not be visible to other participants and your sound will be muted, so feel free to sing and clap along with abandon! Looking to explore some picture books at your own pace? Check out our Storytime Online Kits highlighting dozens of popular titles. Each “kit” features a video of the story being read – sometimes even by the author – along with several related activities to do at home. Visit our Storytimes page at www.bethlehempubliclibrary.org/programs/children/story-time and then click on the cover you want to explore. New stories are being added every week!

Share a recipe for the Community Cookbook Challenge

Have you been stress baking or spending a lot more time in the kitchen than usual? Share your favorite recipe (with photos, if you can) for the Upper Hudson Library System Community Cookbook challenge. Please include your name and your home library. Recipes will be collected through July 1 and compiled in a free downloadable cookbook. Send your recipe submissions to Librarian Cathy Brenner at cathy@bethpl.org.

p. 28

All events are free and take place at Bethlehem Public Library, 451 Delaware Ave., Delmar. For information, call 518-439-9314 or visit bethlehempubliclibrary.org.

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Sing & Dance with Andy “The Music Man” Live streaming educational concerts for young children and families. Monday – Friday 11 am (EST) Structure your kid’s week around an Andy Concert. Age appropriate, educational, interactive and silly music will help kids get their wiggles out (Jump if you’re wearing blue), without parental hands-on guidance.

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Congratulations to the Class of


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10 Hallwood Rd| Delmar, NY 12054



Sandy Evans

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

(518) 533-3609

direct line


Slowly and patiently, the world is opening back up again. I am doing what I love most--helping people during stressful times. As you can see by the list below, I have experience. And that is what you want. Someone who is transparent, has integrity and years of earned trust. I would look forward to guiding you through this process as we open our doors again! Abbey Road Adams Place Adams Street Adriance Lane Albin Road Alden Court Amsterdam Avenue Ashgrove Lane Axbridge Lane Bartlett Lane Beacon Road Beaver Dam Road Bender Lane Berwick Road Betsy Lane Birchwood Place Bittersweet Lane Bobwhite Drive Borthwick Avenue Bridge Street Brightonwood Road Brockley Drive Brookman Avenue Brookview Avenue Cambridge Drive Candlewood Lane Capitol Avenue Carriage Road Carstead Drive

Cass Hill Road Center Lane Charles Boulevard Cherry Ave Clarkson Road Clermont Street Columbine Drive Commonwealth Drive Constitution Drive Corrit Drive Crescent Creek Way Dana Court Daniel Street Darnley Greene Darroch Road Dawson Road Delaware Avenue Delaware Turnpike Delmar Place Devon Road Devonshire Drive Domenico Drive Douglas Road Dover Drive Dumbarton Dunwoodie Road Durham Court East Bayberry Road East Poplar Drive Egmont Court

Ellendale Avenue Elm Avenue Elm Avenue East Elsmere Avenue Elwood Road Esplande Street Euclid Avenue Evelyn Drive Fairway Avenue Fernbank Avenue Feura Bush Road Fields End Drive Font Grove Road Forest Road Forest Hill Road Fox Hollow Greene Glendale Avenue Greenleaf Drive Groesbeck Place Haddington Lane Halter Road Hampshire Place Hampton Hancock Drive Harrison Avenue Harvest Ridge Road Harwick Drive Hasgate Drive Haskell Place

Hawthorne Dr Heather Lane Helderberg Pkwy North Helderberg Pkwy South Herber Avenue Herrick Avenue Honeysuckle Way Hudson Avenue Hunter Road Huntersfield Road Huntswood Lane Huron Road Jefferson Road Jericho Road John Street Jordan Boulevard Journey Lane Kenaware Avenue Kensington Court Kenwood Avenue Laurel Drive Leaf Road Leonard Place Lincoln Avenue Linton Street Longmeadow Drive Louise Street Lyons Avenue Malden Lane

Maple Avenue Marlboro Road Martin Drive Maryea Lane Mayfair Drive Maywood Road McCombe Drive McCormick Lane McGuffey Lane McKinley Drive McMillen Place Meadowland Street Merrifield Place Mosher Road Murray Avenue Nathaniel Boulevard New Scotland Road North Street Northwood Court Oakwood Place Old Quarry Road Old School Road Orchard Street Palmer Avenue Park Place Partridge Road Patterson Drive Paxwood Road Peel Street

Penn Lane Penny Lane Pinedale Avenue Placid Lane Plymouth Avenue Quincy Court Quincy Road Reid Place Reynolds Court River Road Roweland Avenue Royal Boulevard Rural Place Salem Road Salisbury Road Sheffield Drive Sibley Place Slingerlands Avenue Smith Avenue Snowden Avenue Somerset Drive South Albany Road Standish Drive Stony Brook Drive Stratton Place Summit Road Surrey Mall Tamarack Drive Thatcher Street

The above list contains addresses of homes sold in which Sandy Evans has represented either the buyer or the seller.


www.SandyEvansRealEstate.com p. 32


The Crossway Thorndale Road Tierney Drive Van Dyke Road Voyage Drive Walimary Drive Wallace Drive Weigand Lane Wellington Road Wemple Road West Bayberry Road Westchester Dr. North Westchester Dr. South Whitehead Street Whitman Common Wilshire Drive Windmill Drive Winding Road Winne Road Wisconsin Avenue Woodbine Drive Woodlawn Terrace Woodmont Drive Woodridge Road Woodstream Drive York Road

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Our Towne Bethlehem June 2020 Issue  

Our Towne Bethlehem June 2020 Issue