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How Do You Decide Upon What Subjects To Capture? Read These Tips. By: Keith S. Black Are you traveling? Are you going to a local concert in the park? How about a museum? These are just a few questions to ponder when deciding on what photos to take. The key to taking great shots is to learn the basic techniques of photography. When you have a good foundation of the basics you can take a picture of any subject. It makes no difference if you're a professional or hobby photographer, both groups have a favorite medium they like to work with. Photography is considered to be one form of art and the development of a good eye is paramount. How do you know what your subject will be? Your interests will determine that. If your medium is wildlife, you'll have to be patient and sit for your subject to appear. You could always take a short cut and visit a zoo or park to capture the moment but that would be no fun. Not to mention, depending on the time of year it is and the season you may not get to capture the subjects you're interested in. Subjects like birds will be available to take shots all year, what you have to decide is what type of bird do you want to capture. A good example would be, if you're a Florida resident, getting a shot of a Crane would be easier than say if you were living in Alaska and wanted to get a picture of a Crane. You're more likely to get a shot of an Eagle in Alaska, more so than a Crane. When taking photos, we are often limited to the area in which we are located. If you're into landscape photography, it requires you to use the land in your surroundings unless you decide to travel to a new location. The beauty of this is you're either going to limit yourself to the use of your surroundings or you're going to make the entire world your landscape. This will be determined by your ability to travel. For the sake of this article were going to stay within our local area. First, you must choose your medium, than we will focus on the subject. Don't choose a subject just because it is popular, choose a subject that speaks to you and your desire to capture it.

If you want to take a photo of a mature tree, the lighting will be the most important factor and not to mention the angle that you want to use to capture the subject. If the lighting is not right for the subject in question, you may need to take the shot from another angle and if the light is not good from another angle, you'll have to wait until the lighting gets better or select another subject. When selecting a subject, you'll need to have the ability to observe and have a knack for seeing detail. The best subject to capture is not always the one you can see with a naked eye. Take a look at a big tree, notice the spider webs. If you take notice of the detail and take a closer look, you might even find the spider in the web. Your eye is your best friend for locating your subjects to capture. What you chose will largely depend on what is available around you or how far you're willing to travel to capture the moment, the angle in which you want to take the shot and the lighting. When you're walking through the landscape, move slow and that will help you find and spot subjects to shoot. As you're walking, kick over rocks and other items that you see and you'll find some interesting subjects to capture. You never know where your next subject will be. If you have the eye and patience for observation you'll come across situations that will never happen again. Having your camera ready will allow you to capture any moment. Develop the habit of carrying your camera everywhere you go as well as the ability to move slow and make observations. As you get good with taking pictures you can start your own photo blog and display your art online.

How Do You Decide Upon What Subjects To Capture? Read These Tips. To find out about one the best cameras to use for your photography you can read Nikon Reviews by...

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