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How To Load The Film For Your Camera In A Few Easy Steps. Keith S. Black If you're having trouble loading the film on your manual camera, you no longer need to worry. It's very easy with a little focus and patience. Read the tips and steps that I provide and you'll be on your way to loading your film and like a pro. As obvious as it sounds, be sure that you have the right film for your camera. Sometimes we can be in a rush and grab the wrong film. You may want to focus on a certain brand of film. Some brands turn out better quality images than others so do your homework as it relates to the different brands of film. Kodak and Fuji film are the most popular for color. You can also look for brands that provide black and whites images. Be sure to look at the ISO film speed. The film speed range is from 100 to 400. 100 being the slowest and 400 being the fastest. Film speed of 100 is the best speed for taking your indoor shots as long as you have good lighting and a flash system. If you want clear images that offers versatility be it indoors or out try going with ISO speed of 400. This film is best used for wide shots or moving objects. Depending of your desired film speed, be sure to set the ISO speed on your camera to match that of the film by adjusting your cameras speed dial. Often times this feature is located on the top of the camera. Once you've set the speed adjustment, be sure to pull the film tab from the film container. Next, open up the back of your camera, place the film in the camera film slot with the flat side up. Next, the film will get spooled by pulling the film over the cameras length. If your camera is automatic, you'll have a much easier time doing this. Once you've completed the above steps, close the camera and let it advance. You'll know the advancing is finished once the counter hits 1 or the total number of shots that are available. Congrats! You've just gone through the entire process of loading your camera film now you can take those awesome photos you've being longing to take. Have fun.

After you have gone through the process a few times, you'll get the hang of it. Just be sure you take your time and not rush the process. Focus is the key, from film selection to advancing. Do it right the first time and you'll save time.

How To Load The Film For Your Camera In A Few Easy Steps.  
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