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Black and White or Color Photos. Which Are Best. Read To Find Out. Keith S. Black The oldest and longest debate between photographers has been the use of black and white photographs or color photographs. The more traditional photographers will hands down prefer black and white. They like black and white because of the formal look that they present. However, traditional photographers are in small numbers and are fading fast as many photographers use digital cameras and produce color images. Color images are by far cheaper and easier to produce than color images. Years ago this was not always the case. Color photos were not always high quality due in part to the technology that was available at the time. Over time and with improvements, color photo technology has surpassed black and white and now color is the standard choice for photos. If you look at historical documents that have pictures, many of them are black and white. This is because black and white is less expensive than color images and as stated earlier, the quality was better as well. The color images lacked the crisp and sharp look that black and white images presented. We moved into the 1980's and the technology for producing quality color photographs emerged and therefore the decline of black and white photography starts to occur. The end result would be less demand for black and white film, this caused many of the places that processed black and white film to close. Once we entered the 1990's, color images were no longer the exception but the rule and the standard choice for photos. Photographers that are pro's or amateur's like to use color. Color allows for a more detailed shot. Years ago it was cheaper for black and white images to be printed but now it's the total opposite. As more use color, it has caused the cost to produce them to decease drastically. Due in part to the color image technologies ability to capture each and every detail in color. Another good point to mention is, color technology has made it possible to convert your old black and white images into color without losing the detail that is present in your black and white photos. All is not lost with black and white photography. Black and white photography has made a great come back. Many like to have their weddings shot in black and white as well as well as family portraits.

Just as many people like black and white as those that like color. Black and white images show a more realistic image that can be lost in color images. Black and white or color? Which is best depends on the object or subject being shot, the medium and above all the photographer and in many cases the customer. The beauty of modern technology is you can have both forms of photography and than make a choice based on what you think looks best.

Black and White or Color Photos. Which Are Best. Read To Find Out. To find out about one the best cameras to use for your photography you can read Nikon Reviews by...

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