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Tips For Using Stock Images. Keith S. Black Stock images are, using groups of images that are being sold with a license to use fee. Using stock images is one of the best ways to save time and money as it relates to getting new images fast. Magazines, Ad agencies and graphic designers use stock images very often. This saves time and money when it comes to hiring a photographer to take photos for each project. Many times you'll hear names like stock repository, photo bank and archives used to describe what is known as a photo library. Using stock photography sometimes has a usage fee associated with the image of interest. There are stock image websites that have membership plans in which you pay a one time fee and you can have access to all of the photos in the stock library. There are other stock image websites that allow you to buy credits and than you apply the credits towards the purchase of the photos. Stock photography should be used when trying to create the perfect look and feel for your websites, blogs and even your newsletters if you have one. They enhance the product and makes for a friendlier user experience. You can find some photos that come with full rights to use the photos and others require you to pay a royalty if the image is used for profit earning purposes. You may have to pay as much as $300 for the use of some images while others may charge less the $5 to use. It all depends on the photographer. The image banks each have their own pricing plans. If you buy royalty free images, this allows you to use the image as many times as you'd like and as often as you'd like. The downside is, the image is not exclusive and the photo bank can sell the image to multiple users. Sometimes you can ask for exclusive rights for a much higher usage fee if you think that owning the rights to the image is important to branding your business. Stock photo banks often times employ photographers that work for the purpose of creating stock images and nothing more. The agency may need different versions of the same object , the job of the photographer is to get as many different shots as possible, of the same object.

Using stock photography is the best alternative for using high quality images at a very small fraction of the price of hiring a photographer. If you search online you'll even find free stock images websites that allow you to use all of their images for no cost at all as long of you follow the usage rules. Not all photos can be used for commercial purposes so read the usage rules carefully before using any image be it from a free stock photo website or paid. Don't assume because the images are free that means lower quality, that's far from being the truth. Many of their images on the free websites are are just as good as the images that you'll be paying for. If you're in need of images and you don't want to hire a photographer nor take the shots yourself, use stock images.

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