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Tips For Taking Pictures Of Your Cat. Keith S. Black Every cat owner that I know of is overly enthusiastic about their cats. Cats are great subjects for photographing. You can have a lot of fun taking a lot of cool poses and pictures of your cat when you know how to do it the right way. Read below to learn more about taking awesome photos of your cat. Cat NappingA cat taking a nap is one of the most relaxing poses that you can take of your cat. Cats sleep more than most animals therefore it makes for a good photo to get a shot of your cat sleeping because you'll have so many opportunities to do so. Taking a shot of your cat while it sleeps allows you to grab a close up shot. SunlightIf you make the observation, most cats like to sleep in the sun. If you happen to have a full sized window with curtains, if at all possible, open them up that way you can lure the cat to the window to sleep in from of the window while the sun is shinning through. Once the cat heads for the window try to get a few shots. The sun will be shinning bright so you don't have to use a flash. In doing it this way your photo will have a nice natural look to it. Also, using a flash will cause the eyes on your cat to look red. Candid ShotsA cat, unlike a dog will not respond to you telling it to stay in one place or sit. The key to getting good candid shots of your cat is to have your camera ready at any given time. Your cat has favorite places in which it likes to sleep, take notice and try to get a few shots of you cat in their favorite places. If you adapt to your cats schedule, you'll have fun taking shots of your cat in various different locations. Being patient is the key when trying to get photos of your cat. You'll probably take a dozen or so shots of your cat but it is well worth it when you do get the shots that you're looking for. I have 3 cats and I've attempted to get them to pose together and it does not work because one of them has to start something with the other. If you have people at home to help you it might make things easier for you but trying to get a pose from a cat will not work. As stated earlier, try to get them by taking candid shots.

Above are just 3 tips for taking good shots of your cat. There are many more tips but I have found the above 3 are the best in terms of getting the best shots and the most natural looking shots. If you need more ideas you can use your favorite search engine and search for more tips about taking cat photography.

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