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2 Filters Every Photographer Needs To Know About. Keith S. Black

Depending how long you've been involved with photography, filters may have multiple meanings to you. If you've ever used photoshop, you're familiar with filters but these are not the same filters as with photography. Long ago before computers and photoshop we used, a small disc made of glass was used to create the filtered affect. When using a filter you have many options, such as the ability to blur a picture or block UV rays. You can use filters to fix issues with a picture or you can also make a photo look vastly different. Using filters that blur your photographs. Let's saying you want to take a picture of a waterfall where the water rises at the bottom. You can create the cloud in the picture by using a filter to do so. Your eye and your camera sees different things. Often times the resolution can be high and therefore the image will show the water drops not the cloud look. If you add a filter to your lens, this will help your camera see what your eye sees. UV protector. This kind of filter guards against the UV rays. Be sure to have a polarizer along with the UV filter. The polarizer helps you when you are taking shots in direct sunlight or some sort of other light. This helps you balance the photograph and prevents the washed out look. You also have filters that will provide you with a washed out look if you think that will cause the desired look for your photo. Photo-shop filters, although different and are not wide like the camera filters, can be used to get similar results that you desire for your images. There are filters available the help with the creation of depth or focal point. You can use a fog-mist filter just to name one. This kind of filter will help to give your images a glow or a flicker of light. The art form of photography has a lot of equipment and requires a great deal of skill. When you use filters, they will enhance the look and impact of your photos thus creating more fun for you. Another filter is the color correcting lens filter. You can use this sort of filter to decrease the blue of the sky if you were taking a photo outside and the sky was entirely too blue for the image. If you wanted to take a photo underwater you can have a filter that permits colors of how things look underwater. Using a filter will bring the colors out in a image.

Filters to can be used to eliminate color as well as bring out colors in your images. Filters can be used to make a image look different and like a new shot that you just took. Use filters in your photography to have fun and experiment with. It'll make your photography experience more enjoyable.

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