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Tips to Creating a Landscape Image Keith S. Black One of the most popular forms of photography is landscape photograph. You don't have to go far to see landscape photographs, they are every where. Go to travel forums, blogs and landscape is one of the most popular forms of photography that is shared. Probably most of the photos that you've taken on your own vacations are landscape images. But the question I raise is how do you take a good landscape image like the pro's? Photography is a art form they tells a story through the photo. your job as a photographer is to find the story and capture it. If your medium of interest is landscape images you'll need to know that lighting, the subject you intend to shot, your equipment and details are you primary concerns. Taking landscapes photos using the black and white format is one of the most difficult forms of capturing images. Most of the time you depend on the colors for your landscape images but with black and white landscape photography you rely on the shadows and lighting to make the image stand out. The composition of your photography is important as well This means you're looking for tones, textures and sharp edges. You want to bring the subject to life in black and white. The most common black and white images are of buildings, water and bridges. If you want to take landscape in color, you need to be sure your images have contrast. Meaning if you wanted to take a picture of a gray building and the sky happens to be gray on that day due in part to overcast,the 2 grays will blend and probably not give you the end result you're looking for. Your contrast will not be good. You may need to take multiple shots before you're satisfied with your end results. The fun part about color photography is you don't need to have the same skill set you need to have with black and white photography. Another issue with taking landscape images is you rely on natural light. If it is very bright outside you'll need filters for the sunshine and you'll also need a tripod. You'll need to take time to view the subject from various different angles. Doing this will allow you to capture the subject in its truest form. It's your job as mentioned earlier to reveal the story in the image. These tips are just a few basics to consider when taking your landscape images. You will need to

develop and refine your skills to become a great landscape photographer and using a digital camera makes things much easier for the amateur photographer. By following these tips you can get wonderful landscape photos that you'll be happy to show off to friends, family and on online photo galleries.

Tips to Creating a Landscape Image To find out about one the best cameras to use for your photography you can read Nikon Reviews by...

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