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Dear CAS Team, Every day we sit at our desks, and we get to work. We write emails. We make phone calls. We work for our clients. Yet with each passing day, these routines threaten our memories. From the sorrow when we first heard a client shed tears of pain to the joy when we first helped save a family’s home, the spectrum of emotions that fuel our passion for work can fade. We must be careful to protect these early memories. We must recognize that routine can threaten gratitude. Routine can breed complacency. Routine can fail to remind you that we are here to defend families. We are a consumer advocacy firm. We are here to fight for the people. We are here to protect families and guide them through the complex legal systems that govern our world. As long and as stressful as our days in the office can be, they do not compare to the situations our clients face. We are asking people in desperate emotional, financial and legal turmoil to pull themselves together and employ our services on their behalf. The clients who pay for our salaries are finding money out of pure desperation. They are not selling their extravagant cars or pawning expensive jewelry. They are begging their family, selling their weddings rings and skipping meals. These people barely have anything, and they are crying out to us to help keep what little they have. Today, and every day, we need to remember the sacrifices our clients are making to pay for our work. We need to recognize the emotional, financial and legal battles of our clients. We need to be thankful they have turned to us as their last hope, and we need to dedicate ourselves to fulfilling this hope and realizing a better future for each client. We must not let our routines and quest for productivity distract from the lives we are all here to improve. Let us all be mindful of why we are here and continue to take pride in saving homes and saving families across the nation.

Sincerely, The People Who Care

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