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A warm welcome to our Quarterly e`Magazine.

We Thank God for sparing our organisation for 150 years; empowering vulnerable children, youth and their families in the Western Cape. We are so grateful to YOU journeying with us as we walk boldly into this coming of age. We look forward to celebrating this milestone with you in every way possible. Sit back and relax as we recap the last quarter, through the many challenges we still triumphant. To All our Friends, Volunteers, Interns and Support Partners who are going on Holiday for the Easter break. May you have a Safe and Blessed Easter break. Thank you for the impact you make towards our cause. With Love from All the Children, Management and Staff

Edition|30 March 2018

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What Can YOU Look Forward Too... Contents  150th Thanksgiving Service  Back to School News  FAS Facts  150th Anniversary High Tea  LBH College of Cape student  Staff Training  Social Worker Month  Lifeskills in Albion Cottage  Self-Esteem & Self-Awareness  Meet our new Goodwill Ambassador  Support Partner  Isibindi Grabouw  Programme Updates  Acknowledgements  Campaign  Events

MISSION To “improve the quality of life” of formerly deprived children and to provide appropriate services for both children and their families. More importantly is the need to provide them with developmental opportunities best suited to their needs. VISION To ensure that every child and family has access to developmentally appropriate and wholesome care, and to ensure that wherever possible children are reunited with family and community in the shortest possible time. OUR PHILOSOPHY Leliebloem House upholds a Christian ethos, because the organisation was founded under the auspices of the Anglican Church. However, we do not discriminate against any person’s culture, religion or creed. We accommodate and work with staff & children from all communities, cultures and religions.

150th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service Sunday, 4th February

What an Amazing start to our year. Leliebloem’s Children, Staff, Board and Special Guests celebrated with a Special Thanksgiving Praise Service held at St Mary The Virgin in Woodstock. We are extremely grateful for all involved in making this day a memorable one for all.

“We were graciously honoured to have the Archbishop of Cape Town, His Grace the Most Reverend Dr Thabo Makgoba as the chief celebrant to officiate at the service. Also in attendance and co-celebrants were the Right Reverend Bishop Garth Counsel (Bishop of Table Bay), Out-going Archdeacon Joshua Louw (Athlone Deaconry) Frs. Donovan Meyer and the Chaplain to the Archbishop. To make things even more blessed and spirit-filled the band of the St. Cyprian’s Anglican Church in Retreat and the Marimba Group from St. Mark’s Church in Lavender Hill provided the music and livened up the service with their melodies and songs. Words cannot describe the atmosphere that as created and everyone joined in the praise and worship throughout the service. As Director of this extraordinary organisation, I wish to thank all who supported us over 150 years; government, Church communities, business and individual people. I pray that today’s celebration will linger on in the memories of all associated with our organisation. In the words of the Archbishop: “May we all strive to make our homes places where God’s people may find love, comfort, tranquillity and peace; homes like the home of Simon,

where people find the Person of Jesus. Francisco G. Cornelius

Back to School News Education & Literacy

Our Children’s pass rate for 2017 was as follows: Pure pass | 28 learners Pass with subject condoned | 5 (Math’s), 1 (Afr.add) Pass with support | 3 learners Progress due to age | 5 learners Repeat | 2 learners We are concerned that we had a number of children who were promoted to the next grade. We are working on an educational support program to ensure that individual children are better supported. We also celebrated the children who received quite a few academic awards for best progress etc. and we have acknowledged their hard work and dedication. This year we have one matriculant and she is receiving the necessary support to ensure she is successful.

Two residents have also progressed to WP athletics and are doing exceptionally well. They have been offered membership to the Central Athletic Club at Newlands which offers them individual coaching and participation in races to further develop their talents.


Our children attend 16 different schools

Many of our children have learning challenges and we call upon your support in the various phases from Grade RGrade 12. LBH School bus

Break-down of our Learners Educare = 3 Foundation Phase: Grade R to 3 =18 + 4 = 22 Intermediate Phase: Grade 4 to 6 = 12 + 2 = 14 Senior Phase: Grade 7 to 12 = 9 Best Centre Levels (1-4) = 6 Skills School = 1 Homework College of Cape Town = 1 1+2 =3

We also look after the children that have been placed out with their families for a period of 6 months

Tutoring/ Remedial Classes Maths English Afrikaans isiXhosa Reading

FAS Facts Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a characteristic pattern of physical and mental birth deficiencies, caused by alcohol consumption by the pregnant mother.

FAS is more than a disability – it's a social disorder that causes many of the expensive problems which plague governments, and all of us. On both a financial and personal There is no "inclusiveness" for people level, we are all affected by the secondary with FAS. In general, our society has very disabilities and consequences of FAS: little compassion for those thousands of learning disabilities, early school drop-out, individuals whose damaged brains lead juvenile delinquency, poverty, chronic them to crime, homelessness and unemployment, sexual acting-out addiction. Instead, we assume that they (promiscuity, teenage and unwanted have chosen to behave as they do. Few pregnancies, prostitution, sexual assault, people realize that the severely acting-out child-molesting, rape), AIDS, mental illness, teenager, the addicted prostitute, the homelessness, violence, crimes against homeless beggar, or the man charged with killing his girlfriend's baby may all property, theft, murder, gangsterism, 1+2 =3 behave as they do as the result of brain alcoholism, drug smuggling, drug addiction damage caused by their mothers' and substance abuse. drinking during pregnancy.

‘It’s Love that makes the World Go Round ‘ High Tea

Saturday, 24th February |150th Anniversary High Tea This event was well planned and executed with 10 tables sold. We were able to gain new support partners which contributed donations to the value of R23000. We acknowledge: Excellent & Creative Events, Printers, Dahlia Trust, Hiring Services, LB Circle of Friends in Malmesbury, Individual donors, Businesses Super Spar, OK Mini Market, Swartland Fisheries, Malachi Printing, Sybil, Betty, The Vd Merwe's, Manassas, Open Hearts, Ariefdien Family, who contributed and made this High Tea truly Amazing and a memorable day for All.

From left: Thabo Moloto (Salsa Vibes) & Cynthia Slingers


Thank you to Ernestine & Co for decorating our hall.

Thabo Moloto Inside Voice Trio Edwin Joshua More2 Explore Seth McKinnon, Latoya Mnani Simone Biscombe Community Chest Simplified IT The Silo Hotel Athlone Pharmacy Tammy Burch Rochelle & Friends St John’s The Evangelist Leliebloem Staff

LBH College of Cape student aims for Top Achiever

We are so proud of our first year learner who is currently enrolled at College of Cape Town and received a bursary from NASFES. He is completing his N1 and N2 in Motor Mechanics and is determined to make it in the top 10 of his class. This Goal he has set for himself will enable him to walk into a position as a qualified Engineer at either Volkswagen or Mercedes Benz.

“To dream the impossible dream To fight the unbeatable foe To bear with unbearable sorrow And to run where the brave dare not go�-Excerpt from

"Impossible Dream"


“Firstly, the main reason why I am working so hard is because I have found my passion for the field I find myself in. Secondly, I would love to help my mother and sisters to be in a better environment and when I have my own children, they can say that their father is a hardworking and successful man, that has a passion and love for what he does.� LBH Resident

Pure Maths Life Skills Engineering Fundamentals Automative Repairs & Maintenance Engineering Systems English Technology & Engineering

Thanks to Nazreen Salie & The Support Group for assisting him with extra classes & overall support to achieve his goals. We are grateful for your Support.

NCV Level 2

Above is his result for one of his assignments. He had to follow a recipe in which he had to bake a cake.

Staff CPR Training & First Aid Workshop **Knowledge Saves Lives** Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving technique useful in many emergencies, including a heart attack or near drowning, in which someone's breathing or heartbeat has stopped. Thank you Samantha for enlightening our staff on the process to saving a LIFE!

Above Left & right: Staff resuscitation in process

Thank you Helping Hands Academy and their amazing group of volunteers that facilitated their 1st Children’s First Aid Workshop at Leliebloem House. The children were super awesome and had loads of fun.

March is Social Workers Month Auxiliary Social Worker. Tammy-Joy

Senior Social Worker, Melissa

Social worker, Hilda

Latest Updates for the Quarter

Therapeutic Program The Social work department is functioning well and we have 2 full time staff, as well as a Social auxiliary worker on a contract basis. The service which the children are receiving varies depending on their individual needs. We have regular interaction with the child and family in order to ensure holistic development of the child.

•Education group about bullying with 7 boys •Theme: To teach them skills to prevent them becoming bullies or victims. •Bullying is a huge problem in CYCC and schools •Regular therapeutic sessions with each child •Referrals to hospitals, other CYCC’s •Crisis interventions •Overseeing 2 UWC 3rd year Social work students •5 Social work students from Sweden •8 new admissions •Only 9 children did not go to families for the Easter school holiday •One went home to biological mother the first time since his removal in 2013

Life skills in Albion Cottage Albion Cottage consists of a mixed group of 12 boys from the ages of 918 years old. There are two CYCW’s who works split shifts.

Life skills is an integral part of the Residential care program. Child and Youth Care Workers (CYCW) work in the life space of the child acting as a advocate for children’s rights. If one of the boys takes interest in a particular skill, such as cooking for example, the CYCW will then ‘work in the moment’ and actively assist him. Portia has been at LBH for 7 years and she has been in Albion boys cottage for 3 years. She is registered with SA Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP) which certifies her to practice as a CYCWAuxiliary worker and holds a HWSETA Child and Youth Care Worker Certificate . “It really warms my heart that I am able to equip my boys with the necessary skills to achieve their greatness. My approach is to build their confidence through structure and routine, instead of breaking them down in order for them to reach their full potential.” Portia

Above: Sunday lunch prepared by very enthusiastic future chefs

Above: Child & Youth Care Worker Portia

“On a weekly basis the cottage discusses children’s rights and their responsibilities. An example You have a right to food but it is your responsibility not to waste it.” Above: Boys making lunch

One of the senior boys leads and assists the younger boys with a talk on human rights. The group then did posters and debated why Human rights is important and presented their posters to each other. “Each and everyday is like being thrown into the deep end. What makes it worthwhile is that the minute they do not see you those boys go into overdraft. They love knowing that when they need someone to talk I'm around and they appreciate the fact that I can scold them when they realize they are in the wrong. Dinner time is cast in stones, that's when we sit down as a family and just check-in, reprimand each other and sit and eat as a family. Families that eat together stay together.” Richard

CYCW, Richard

Young Ladies develop Self-Esteem & Self-Awareness Thank you for embracing our cause!

We are fourth year psychology students at Pearson Institute of Higher Education. One of our modules requires us to do a community project. At first it was just another project until we embarked on calling organizations, then this project became something more meaningful. I called several organizations but Leliebloem stood out for us. We decided that the topic we would like to present should be about self-esteem and self-awareness. Sometimes, as individuals we lack those skills and this could be because of any form of adversity. As young, growing ladies, it's even more difficult. Adolescence is a difficult stage. Being a women in today's society is difficult. So much is expected of us.

Above: Senior girls in session

We encouraged the girls to be aware of themselves, to be motivated toward a goal they set for themselves, accept one another for who and what they are, to love themselves and accept their imperfection.

It was amazing being at Leliebloem! A special thank you to Melissa who has given us the opportunity to make it happen. We are exceptionally grateful. Thank you to Carla for being so helpful. And a huge thank you to all the house mothers (not sure what the ladies are called) at Leliebloem. You guys do amazing work. Thank you for allowing us to bring our message and be with the girls. ~ Kelly From left to right: Raygana, Dominique, Kelly (middle)), Nabeelah, Obie and Robyn.

Goodwill Ambassador

Above: Peter Holmes from Thorax Pest Control on one of his weekly visits

Peter Holmes has effortlessly made himself at home with staff and children. His first visit was dropping off a donation of children’s clothing and toys with his wife and daughter. He then shared his passion as a choir master and offered his skills to start a choir with our children. After a tour of the facility he committed to assisting us on a weekly basis with pro bono Pest Control services for our facility and choir practice is in full motion.

Above: Peter having choir practice with the children

Support Partners

SAAHIP & PSSA Western Cape We are so blessed to have Support Partners who chooses LBH as their charity of choice, assists us with our fundraisers, our children’s needs list and the overall care, love and support that they give is always warmly appreciated.

We are forever grateful for your open giving hearts and your dedication to our cause.

Gavin Rajah Gives Back to the Community of Grabouw An Awesome Thanks to Gavin Rajah and Team for Blessing the Isibindi Grabouw Project with an Amazing Donation of food, clothing, water and so much more. This donation was made into food parcels and distributed to the child headed households, granny headed households and families that are in need in the community of Grabouw.

At present there are 702 children in the program. The team has continued to deliver an excellent service to the community. All 9 matriculants from 2017 passed: •Mkhulilu Sikeyi passed with a Bachelor pass, he has been accepted at UWC and he has a NSFAS bursary •Zimbini Mnto - pass with a Bachelor, she is accepted at UWC awaiting response from NSFAS for bursary. •Lawrence Yolisa Sobekiwe pass with a Bachelor, she is accepted at CPUT - has NSFAS bursary. The other 5 matriculants applied at the FET college and one is working on a casual basis. Above: Isibindi CYCW’s handover of food parcels

Programme Updates

Family Reunification program A total of 13 children were provisionally transferred to the care of their families at the end of last year. The team is continuing to support these families and ensure that they address any challenges. The families are pleased to be reunited and despite initial challenges all children are attending school and doing well.

“The family day was supported by 10 parents, we were hopeful to get 20 parents. I realized that 4 of the parents were supporting 12 of the children we have at LBH, these families have 4 children respectively. We started the day off with a light breakfast and went into some reflective games which we used for discussions. The participation of the parents were incredible and we can see that they truly want to have their children back but also realize that they have to work on themselves and take up their responsibility. Family Reunification Co ordinator, Ruth Specialised Behaviour Management Program: The SBMP currently has 10 clients in the program who are receiving individual therapeutic support. They have also presented parenting workshops to the families of the participants in the program. The attendance of families was good and the need for this support is obvious.

Adolescent Development Programme Our ADP team hosted the first President’s Award meeting for the year. The President’s Award for Youth Empowerment is proud to be the Duke of Edinburgh’s Internationally recognizes program me which exists to equip youth to succeed in life & work. It offers young people, aged 14 to 24, the opportunity to develop their character, discover their purpose & determine their future to contribute to building a better South Africa for all. They have an exciting year ahead with lifeskills, leadership, TPA, camps & so much more positive influence, to shape our youth into future leaders.

Acknowledgements We have had amazing support towards our stationery drive, which has made our start to the schooling year very smooth. Our children were well equipped with the necessary tools, books. We are grateful to ALL our Support Partners for the amazing support towards our cause Please know that we value your giving.

Jar Photography, Rene Masias & Friends (books, school shirts, stationery items) to the value of R12040.00 SAAHIP WC, Bhavna Harribhai & Team to the value of R1500 St Peter’s Anglican Church Hout Bay to the value of R1500

Vitavon Life The Silo Hotel Carnival Kings FNB Apologies if we miss your name. We will feature more acknowledgements in the next edition.

Sports Equipment Drive Eazi.com, Francesca & Team to the value of R1800 Theo Abrahams & Friends R10 000 towards our food drive & collecting toiletry items, books, stationery, clothes Monthly Pledges Churches Chairman’s Club Donations in Kind: Clothing, Food, Toiletries, school Supplies

Campaigns We would like to re #Launch one of our #TakeThePledge Campaigns. We call upon your support to HELP RAISE R150 000 for Vulnerable Children at risk. Pledge R150 per month for every year that we are in existence to any category below for 12 months & bring Hope & Light to a Child’s life. Transport, Feeding, Stationery, School shoes, Food Hampers, School outings, Underwear To make a secure online donation you can follow this link on our GivenGain profile: https://www.givengain.com/cc/leliebloemh ouse/ For more info on how to pledge, please email: administrator@leliebloem.org.za or visit our website for our drives and campaigns www.leliebloem.org.za

Upcoming Events 2018 •Saturday, 28 July Eat Around the World Food Fair

• June (TBC) Business Breakfast •Sunday, 12th August Annual General Meeting at 15h00 •31st August 2018 Masquerade Ball • Saturday, 15 September The Children’s Sports Day

If you would like to host a country or purchase a booklet, please call us on 021 697 4947

Profile for Consulting for Social Change

Leliebloem House Quarterly E-Magazine March 2018  

The E-Magazine will feature our children, staff, and support partners who invest in the children's lives and include our latest campaigns an...

Leliebloem House Quarterly E-Magazine March 2018  

The E-Magazine will feature our children, staff, and support partners who invest in the children's lives and include our latest campaigns an...


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