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We are expecting an increase in passport applications through 2018. Make your appointments well ahead of your planned travel dates in order to avoid possible delays. We are committed to a strict process which allows us to issue passports the same day of your appointment. We want to remind you of our compromise with Mexican citizens who live in the U.S. by extending our regular activities, such as the issuance of official Mexican documents and the provision of legal services, community advocacy and legal representation before local law enforcement agencies. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) reports that the Mexican Consulates General in the United States of America have stepped up their work to protect Mexican nationals anticipating the hardening of immigration measures, as well as possible violations against Constitutional precepts in operations or failures to due process. The SRE encourages the Mexican community to stay informed about migratory issues and to know about the protection services offered by our consular representations by calling the Mexican Information and Assistance Center (CIAM), which operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year through Toll free 1 855 463 6395; To download the free application for mobile phones and mobile devices "MiConsulmex"; To follow the official accounts of the Consulates in social networks (Facebook and / or Twitter); And to be attentive to the spaces with which we count on radio and television. Remember to visit our website where you can find important information about the different consular services provided by the Consulate and assistance services to Mexicans. Https:// ยกFeliz Mardi Gras!

Happy Mardi Gras!

Edition by Agustin Suarez in New Orleans, Louisiana February 5, 2016.

Issuing documents to Mexican citizens is the foundation and rationale of this Consulate. From this year Mexico joined the first division of the world league of passports; Mexican citizens have an approved identification with the highest standards governing security already in Europe and the United States of America (USA).

MOBILE CONSULATE The Mobile Consulate service has as main purpose the provision of Consular services to Mexican citizens residing within the constituency of this Consular office in remote locations. The Consulate of Mexico in New Orleans takes care of Louisiana and Mississippi. Under this program general consular services are provided, Mexican nationals have the facility to process important documents such as passports, high security Consular identification cards (MatrĂ­cula Consular), birth certificates, OP-7 permits and National Military Service booklets. They can also receive information about the activities promoted by the Consular office and the various services which are offered. During the celebration of the Mobile Consulate program, officials from the departments of Consular Protection and Community Affairs are incorporated, in order to give advice to cases which require consular assistance and to provide material with preventive information, in addition to providing guidance in diverse matters, such as health, finance, education and the Paisano Program, to name a few. We recommend you to take advantage of the Mobile Consulate service during weekends to get your documents in order, remember it is important to have them in case of an emergency or an unexpected trip.

For more information about requirements for birth registration of Mexicans born abroad, voter registration cards and passports, please call the Department of Documentation at the phone number: 504-581-5868.

MOBILE CONSULATE IN LAFAYETTE, LA FEBRUARY 11 On February 11, the Consulate team is going of town to work in Lafayette, Louisiana. Besides the Consular Services, the attendees will also be offered talks by our Protection Department on immigration issues.

You can now find online the schedule for Mobile

Consulate dates this year, a full calendar is available at the Consulate’s website. Appointments for these dates are available 3 week prior to each date, and are subject to modification.


Thanks to a new system available to Mexican Consular offices from the Civil Registry in Mexico, we now can print your certified copies of births registered in Mexico. Remember that the original record is the one that stays in the book of the office where you were registered, so the records that are issued after having been written in the book are known as certified copies. To get their birth certificate, Mexican nationals need to present an official identification and to fill out a simple application form. Currently, 92% of Mexican birth records are digitized and can be printed at the Consulate or during the Mobile Consulate dates. However, 8% of Mexican birth certificates have not yet been digitized and are not available.

IMPORTANT: The name on the ID must match the name on the birth certificate. The cost is each certificate is $13 dollars.

Paisano, know and defend your rights!


The Consulate provides you with advice if you are a victim of domestic violence and supports you to seek shelter and counseling for you and your children. We are here to help you!

HEALTH FAIR AT BRIDGEDALE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL On January 18, staff from the community and protection area of this Office, as well as the coordinator of the health service at the Consulate known as “Ventanilla de Salud�, attended a health information fair. The fair was held at Bridgedale Elementary School, located in the city of Metairie, LA. The objective was to provide information to Hispanic parents about different organizations they can benefit from. Among the organizations that participated were immigration lawyers and Catholic Charities, in addition health services were offered such as vaccines, eye exams and medical consultations. On part of the Health Window, glucose tests, blood pressure and information on the different clinics that people can attend were offered. Information was also provided on Consular protection services, information leaflets were distributed and the CIAM number was promoted. Approximately 150 parents attended the event.

COMMUNITY LEADER MEETING “NUESTRA VOZ” On Tuesday January 31, Maria Albarrán from the Community Affairs Area, attended the meeting of leaders, led by the organization Our Voice/ Nuestra Voz. Nuestra Voz is an organization dedicated to helping parents become involved in their children's school activities, as well as to seek equity and equality in the Latino community in the New Orleans area. This meeting was attended by Griselle Ganourel, a representative of the Louisiana Department of Education, who focused on counseling families about the school enrollment process and programs to which they can register, especially emphasizing the importance of reporting any anomalies to the school district, especially for cases of racism, discrimination and bullying. Nuestra Voz directors, Mary Moran and Henry Jones shared with the audience the “Safe Schools Now” campaign, whose goal is for all schools in the parishes of Orleans and Jefferson in Louisiana to be shrine schools so families are safe independently of their immigration status.

On the part of the Consulate, free textbooks were granted to all the participants as well as information on the procedures that can be carried out in the Consulate and orientation on health issues.

GREATER NEW ORLEANS IMMUNIZATION CAMPAIGN We are pleased to announce the seasonal influenza vaccination campaign that will be provided by the Greater New Orleans Immunization Network. The primary objective of the Greater New Orleans Immunization Network (GNOIN) is to protect all children from vaccine preventable diseases by raising parental awareness on the importance of timely immunizations. Free vaccines are available for eligible children through the age of 18 years. The GNOIN mobile unit serves the metropolitan area by visiting several locations for convenient accessibility. Clinic hours are scheduled in the evenings and on Saturdays.

3X1 PROGRAM FOR COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS IN MEXICO What is 3x1? The 3X1 Program for Migrants supports the initiatives of Mexicans living abroad and gives them the opportunity to channel resources to Mexico, for works of social impact that benefit their communities of origin directly. How does it work? It works with contributions from clubs or federations of migrants living abroad, in conjunction with SEDESOL, state and municipal governments. For every peso that migrants bring, the Federal, State and Municipal governments give 3 pesos (3X1). First you have to form an organization of migrants. In the context of the 3x1 program, 10 people are required; they have to be of Mexican origin, over 18 years old, have common interests and live abroad. Requirements - Visit the consulate with the request to take note. You can download it at the following link: - Copy of photo identification of the club members (consular identification card or passport) - Copy of proof of address showing members live in Louisiana or Mississippi -Club Charter (in case you have one) For more information and appointments call (504) 528 3722 ext. 2107 or visit:

On January 10, 2017 our Deputy Consul Patricia Deluera made the resignation of flag of the boat called "TIDE O'ROURKE" in the Port of Amelia, Louisiana, United States of America, which is about the size of 1,379 units of gross tonnage and net tonnage 411 units, which was scheduled to travel to the Port Dos Bocas in Tabasco, Mexico.

2017 MARDI GRAS PARADE, FEBRUARY 1-28 For a few weeks in the early part of each year, dozens of brightly festooned, themed Mardi Gras floats carrying krewe royalty, celebrities, a nd masked members lead marching bands and riders on horseback, flambeaux carriers and others through the streets of New Orleans. They bestow beads, doubloons, and other prized trinkets to millions of revelers witnessing "the greatest show on Earth." Carnival season officially begins January 6 every year and continues through Fat Tuesday, which falls on the day before Ash Wednesday. This year’s parades will take place between January 6th and February 28th, 2017. Be sure to pack clothing that is comfortable and can be layered, as the weather is often warm during the day and then cool for the night parades, depending on the time of year. And don't be shy – wear a costume, especially on Mardi Gras day. It's all about fun!

THE BOAT SHOW, FEBRUARY 10-12 The entire Mercedes-Benz Superdome floor will evolve into the region’s largest boat show February 10th – 12th, 2017, featuring the best deals on all the equipment you need to maximize your time on the water! And you don’t have to run all over to get the best prices! Event Times: Friday, Feb. 10: 3:00pm - 10:00pm Saturday, Feb. 11: 10:00am - 10:00pm Sunday, Feb. 12: 11:00am – 6:00pm

SWEENEY TODD, FEBRUARY 10 & 12 For a Inspired by the ‘penny dreadfuls’ of Victorian London, Sweeney Todd is a macabre and sophisticated comedy. Sondheim’s score is filled with classic opera tropes like wrongful imprisonment, mistaken identity, murder, and revenge. It is known far and wide as one of the greatest scores ever, written for the modern American stage. Join us to experience this renowned musical comedy like never before: with the brilliancy of a full operatic setting with high quality singing!

VALENTINE'S DAY IN NEW ORLEANS, FEBRUARY 14 From the charming French Quarter to misty City Park to the majestic Mississippi, New Orleans is one of the most romantic cities in the world. With some of the top restaurants in America where you can e njoy a romantic dinner, to a historic district lined with jewelry shops, to a scenic riverfront on which to take romantic stroll, there’s no better place in the world to spend Valentine’s Day than in New Orleans.

NBA ALL-STAR WEEKEND, FEBRUARY 16-19 The NBA All-Star Weekend is an annual weekend of exhibition basketball games for the best players of the Western Conference t o take on the best players of the Eastern Conference. The event began in 1951 and each year, a new city hosts the weekend. This year’s event will take place in New Orleans, in the downtown area at venues like the Smoothie King Center. For more information on NBA All-Star Weekend, head to

STING, FEBRUARY 22 On the 57th & 9th Tour, Sting will be joined by a 3-piece band including his longtime guitarist, Dominic Miller, plus Josh Freese (drums) and Rufus Miller (guitar). Special guests include singer/songwriter Joe Sumner as well as San Antonio-based Tex Mex band, The Last Bandoleros. in the Downtown New Orleans on Sunday, January 29th from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Vendor booths will be located within the square, and a stage playing live music will keep your spirits high. Information and pictures to elaborate our guide are retrieved from

Chef Aarón Sánchez is partnering with The John Besh Foundation to create the Aarón Sánchez Scholarship Fund, a new initiative empowering aspiring chefs from the Latin community to follow their dreams and attend the best culinary school in the United States; The International Culinary Center (ICC). This scholarship fund falls under the Besh Foundation's established Chefs Move! Scholarship Initiative. Chef Aarón credits his mentors, who have helped him both in and out of the kitchen, with giving him the skills for a successful career. “These young chefs are the future of our industry and it’s up to us to highlight their abilities and talent and provide them with the skills and opportunities to succeed.”

DOWNLOAD APPLICATION HERE Requirements for Applicants: × Must be an aspiring chef from the Latin community × Must be a resident of the Greater New Orleans area

× Able to commute to the Central Business District for training and the paid internship × High school diploma or GED(R)/HiSET(R) and be ready to submit all corresponding transcripts × A minimum of one year of experience in a restaurant kitchen or a graduate of the National Restaurant Association’s ProStart(R) program × Complete and submit the application (with supporting documents) by March 31, 2017 × Two professional letters of reference (additional letters are both encouraged and welcome) The Scholarship Includes: × Full tuition at ICC for a nine-month Classic Culinary Arts program (starting June 2017) ×

School supplies (including: knives, uniforms, books and laptop)


Housing in New York City for duration of the ICC program

× Travel to New York for the start of the ICC program and travel to New Orleans upon completion of program ×

New York City metro card (one, 30-day unlimited)


Grocery card ($200)


Job placement assistant while in New York for ICC program

× Two-month paid internship at Johnny Sánchez restaurant upon completion of ICC culinary program ×

Mentorship from Chef Aarón and other chefs

Objetivo: Brindar atención a las necesidades de las mujeres por medio de programas de salud, asistencia legal y educación, enfocados a brindar herramientas para promover independencia y empoderamiento de la población migrante. El empoderamiento de la mujer es indispensable para propiciar su desarrollo integral y reproducir valores positivos en beneficio de toda la comunidad. La Ventanilla de Atención Integral para la Mujer no sólo asegura los derechos de esta población, muchas veces en circunstancias de vulnerabilidad aguda, sino que brinda herramientas necesarias para su empoderamiento y convertirla en aliada para el desarrollo.

Cifras importantes: · · · · ·

Más del 40% de la comunidad mexicana en EUA son mujeres. Mujeres mexicanas migran como jefas de familias dejando a sus hijos en México. 7 de cada 10 mujeres de 15 años o más han padecido algún incidente de violencia a lo largo de su vida. 1 de cada 2 mujeres casadas o en unión libre son víctimas de violencia. 1 de cada 4 mujeres es discriminada o acosada en su trabajo.

Mayores informes: · · ·

Por favor llame al teléfono (504) 528-3722, extensión 2103 y 2107 Teléfono de emergencia: (504) 654-9546 e-mail:

Credencial para Votar con Fotografía Ya no tienes que viajar a México para tramitar tu Credencial para Votar, solicítala a través de la red consular. Para ello, sigue estos cuatro pasos: Prepara tus documentos. Deben ser 3: Documento de nacionalidad (Acta de Nacimiento o documento que acredite tu nacionalidad mexicana); Identificación con fotografía (pasaporte, matrícula consular de alta seguridad, etc.) y Comprobante de domicilio en el extranjero. Consulta la lista completa de documentos. Programa una cita en tu consulado. Llama al 1-877-MEXITEL (639-4835) desde Estados Unidos, o por internet, a través de la página de MEXITEL. Consulta el estatus de tu credencial. Ingresa y consulta el proceso en que se encuentra tu Credencial. Este servicio nos permite estar en contacto para cualquier duda o aclaración. La credencial será enviada a tu domicilio por mensajería cuatro semanas después de la fecha de tu trámite. Después de tres intentos, ésta estará disponible hasta 30 días en la oficina de correo más cercana a tu domicilio. Si no la recoges en este plazo, se regresará a México y deberás solicitar que sea enviada nuevamente.

Activa tu Credencial. Avísanos si recibiste tu Credencial para Votar a fin de evitar un mal uso, actívala en nuestro Sistema de Consulta del estatus de tu trámite; sólo necesitas el número de folio indicado en tu recibo, tu fecha de nacimiento y algunos datos que aparecen en tu nueva credencial.

Si tienes dudas llama a INETEL: 1 (866) 986-8306 desde Estados Unidos sin costo +52 (55) 5481-9897 desde otros países 01 800 433-2000 desde México


SI QUIERES INICIAR O CONCLUIR TUS ESTUDIOS DE PREPARATORIA EN UNA MODALIDAD FLEXIBLE, ABIERTA Y SIN IMPORTAR DONDE TE ENCUENTRES, ¡ESTA ES TU OPORTUNIDAD ¡ Ingresa a B@UNAM Es una nueva forma de estudiar Bachillerato o High School, con validez oficial y planes de estudio de educación media superior, en una modalidad flexible y adaptable a tus horarios. REQUISITOS:  Ser mexicano  Copia del acta de nacimiento  Copia del certificado de secundaria con promedio mínimo de 7.0  Copia de tu CURP  Comprobante de domicilio actual Debes inscríbete en: Podrás tener asesores y tutores a distancia, altamente calificados que te apoyen durante todo el trayecto educativo. Acceso a material de apoyo en la biblioteca virtual.







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Consular Gazette January 2017  
Consular Gazette January 2017  

Monthly Consular Gazette January 2017 for the Consulate of Mexico in New Orleans. The gazette provides information to our community regardin...