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Water Damage in the Basement I have two part-time jobs. I work in an office 17 hours a week and I spend 15 or so hours a week doing housework and providing childcare for a family of 5 in exchange for room and board. In short, I’m a livein nanny with a day job. It’s a pretty sweet gig, especially as when the family leaves town, I have the house to myself. I got particularly lucky this summer, if you can call it ‘luck.’ Let me explain. Six Weeks by Myself This summer the family’s two week vacation to the Pacific Northwest got extended by a month when the best friend of the mother was involved in a serious accident on the east coast, sending the best friend and all seven of her children into the hospital. The family then packed their kids into the minivan and drove from Washington State across I90 to the Finger Lakes area of New York State. Trusting the care of her 5 children to her parents, this mother devoted much of her unexpected visit driving to helping her friend with post-surgery recovery and the split care of the kids in ICU and the kids who were not badly injured and sent home. Not an ideal situation to be sure, but I welcomed the solitude. My responsibilities included making sure the chickens got fed and the house didn’t burn down. When the family finally arrived home a few days before school was scheduled to begin, all was well… until we went down to the basement. Water Damage The house I live in is a 3 story home with a full basement, so 4 floors total. I live on the second floor of the house and rarely have needed to go to the basement. A couple of days after their return home, the mother and I are cleaning the basement and noticed that the carpet in one corner was damp and the baseboards were starting to look discolored. Upon closer inspection we found significant water damage along a large portion of the wall in the basement and mold was present along the carpet edge and in the baseboard wood. We investigated the exterior side of the wall and

found that a sprinkler head had been turned to face the house, so for six weeks, water was being sprayed onto the home every night at 11 pm. Repair The insurance company was called and a claim was filed. The mom then cut into the walls and began to remove the bulk of the damaged wall. We set a fan up to dry as much of the space as possible and we’re now waiting for the insurance adjuster to file his report so we can move forward with the mold remediation and repairs. Depending on the level of remediation and repairs required, we may have to call a construction company to help with the work. Luckily there are a variety of fantastic general contractors in the Salt Lake area. I’m glad we were able to catch this problem before it got worse and we may still run into other unforeseen problems but we’ll get it figured out and fixed by ourselves or with the help of one of the general contractors in Salt Lake. Photo Credit: RawheaD Rex, Mircea, JD Hancock

Water damage in the basement!  

I have two part-time jobs. I work in an office 17 hours a week and I spend 15 or so hours a week doing housework and providing childcare for...