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Understanding the True Importance of the Sun The energy of the sun brings warmth and light to planet earth. Without that, life would not be sustainable on this planet. Temperatures would drop well below livable limits, making any organism freeze to death before it had a chance to live. Science classes in middle school taught you that, not impressive.

Orbit It also provides a gravitational center that keeping the Earth in orbit. It acts as a magnet keeping the Earth just within its bounds to keep the warmth and energy flowing at proper amounts to sustain life. Without it, the earth would travel aimlessly through space, possibly becoming a bumper-planet to the other planets in the universe. This too you’ve learned in your early education, so what’s so amazing about it? Every day, the sun sends enough energy to Earth to power the world for a year. That’s a lot of energy. Mankind is working to perfect the art of harnessing that energy. With new advances in technology, companies are installing solar mounting systems onto buildings.

Energy These solar mounting systems absorb the energy of the sun and transform it into usable energy inside the building. Those that have installed the solar mounting systems are creating their own energy, making visible differences in their energy bill every month. This technology has been around since the mid-1980s and has been getting better and better every year since. One day, you might see solar energy taking over for electrical and nuclear plants around the world. It certainly is doing it work on the homes. That’s not all that it can do though.

The sun gives the earth weather patterns, and not just spikes of hot and cold. Due to the rotation on the earth’s axel, different sides of the earth receive more sunlight than others because they are closer than the other parts of the planet. Consequently, certain areas get warmer than others. As those warmer places meet the colder ones, they create winds. Over land and out of canyons, it can create energy through windmills, thus solving another energy crisis problem. Alternative energy solutions abound when you get this energy involved. Finally, the rays are able to facilitate the development of Vitamin D in humans. With enough exposure, the body can synthesize Vitamin D from cholesterol.

Vitamin D Vitamin D helps bones absorb calcium and phosphorous. Without calcium, the skeletal structure begins to decay. Phosphorous also works to fortify the bones and teeth in your body. Stronger bones and teeth enable a longer, healthier life. These two elements work together to form strong bones. They are limited by the amount of Vitamin D your body synthesizes though. This vitamin helps calcium and phosphorous get to the bone sites and be absorbed. Without them, your body wouldn’t have anything to do with the calcium and phosphorous. Natural sunlight has amazing potential for life on earth. As mankind learns to harness its power, life on earth is improved. With a fresh supply of natural, helpful energy, pollution can be reduced, and quality of life can improve in plants, people, and animals. The world benefits daily from this unique resource. Photo Credit: Bemep, irargerich

Understanding the True Importance of the Sun  

The energy of the sun brings warmth and light to planet earth. Without that, life would not be sustainable on this planet.

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