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How to Be Safe On a Roof If you are currently employed by a roofing company, odds are that you have been trained on the job on how to stay safe on a roof. This is very important knowledge to have because roofs can be very dangerous. Roofs are high off the ground, and sometimes are covered in materials that are not stable. For this reason, anyone who consistently works on roofs needs to be aware of what they need to do to stay safe.

Never Work Alone One of the most important things to know if you want to be safe on a roof is to never work alone. You should never work on a roof alone for the same reasons you should never swim alone. If something were to happen to you while working alone, there would be no one there to help. People may think that nothing bad could happen because they’re going to be smart and not put themselves in an unsafe situation. However, accidents happen that no one can foresee, so it is important to always have someone up on the roof with you while you’re working. When you’re using a ladder to get on the top of the roof, make absolutely sure that the ladder is on secure and stable ground. You are basically putting your life in the hands of this ladder. It does not matter how high the roof is, it is crucial that the ladder be placed on sturdy ground.

Placing Your Ladder If you’re placing the ladder on dirt or grass, dig little holes in the ground so the feet of the ladder will stay securely in the ground. If you’re playing the ladder on a deck or porch, you can put a board right behind the legs of the ladder so it won’t slip. It is also important to get a ladder stabilizer and secure it to the top of the ladder for extra stability. Once you’ve gotten on top of the roof, there are important safety tips to remember. Unless absolutely necessary, don’t walk on a roof when it is wet. Sometimes, especially if you work in roofing, this situation is unavoidable.

But if you can, avoid this situation at all costs. Roofs are very slippery when wet, and it can be very easy to lose your footing and slip right off the roof. Depending on the height of the roof, this can cause permanent serious injury or even death. It is also important to look out for leaves on the roof. Leaves can create a slippery surface, so make sure you clear off leaves before you start walking. Depending on the height of the roof, it can be necessary to wear a safety harness while you’re working. If you do slip, this harness will save you from completely falling off the roof. Make sure that the harness is attached to something sturdy; otherwise, it does you no good. Sometimes people are under the impression that walking on a corrugated steel roof will prevent them from falling; this is not true. Even if your roof is a corrugated steel roof, you still need to take appropriate safety precautions to make sure your life is not in danger. Photo Credit: HotlantaVoyeur, Geezaweezer

How to Be Safe On a Roof  

If you are currently employed by a roofing company, odds are that you have been trained on the job on how to stay safe on a roof. This is ve...

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