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The Awe of a Waterfall Waterfalls are one of the most amazing wonders of the world. They are found so commonly throughout the world though, that many don’t think much about them, especially since some are much smaller than others. When you see their bigger brothers though, you can’t help but be impressed by the sheer magnitude of what’s happening. When you think of water falls in the United States, your first thought often turns to the falls at Niagara.

Niagara Falls They are certainly not the biggest in the world, but they are the most well-known. They are iconic in history books for their size, beauty, and location. The falls at Niagara are located on the border of Ontario, Canada and New York. It is found flowing from the other four lakes directly into Lake Ontario, via Niagara River. At a height of 167 feet and an average flow of 64,750 cubic feet per second (over 12 cubic miles of water per second), this beast dumps 3,160 tons of water into the waiting river below to continue its trek towards Lake Ontario. They were first discovered by settlers many centuries ago. Impressed by the size and power of these falls, several attempts were made over the years to best harness the power created by the rushing water and turn that into usable energy. Since then, America and Canada have used it as a line to separate the countries. Tourists have used it as a getaway to see one of the great natural wonders of America. Adventurists have used it as an opportunity to push physical limits. Men and women have gone over the falls in barrels, just to prove they can. Many of them have survived with only minor bumps and bruises. Each of them has been subsequently fined because the practice is illegal, but their fame is secure. Whatever the reason to go though, the falls are truly amazing. To think that so much water collected from lakes, rains, and subsurface flow can provide enough water to make the falls thrive without a break for centuries is amazing. You would think that the lakes and the rivers would eventually run out of water. Yet, year after year they continue to flow strong into the Niagara River. Enough water accumulates from other rivers, rain storms and subsurface flow that it stays vital over years of existence. Thus it is truly a wonder of nature.

Victoria Falls It’s not the only one either. The Victoria Falls is known as one of the seven wonders of the world. Located in Livingstone, Zambia, Victoria is 108 meters high and 1,708 meters wide, dropping the full width of the river down to a huge basin. It is said to be the largest in the world simply because it has the largest wall of water falling at one time. Its mouth is so wide that the water isn’t rushing to fall off the edge. In fact, just before the lip, the water is calm enough for people to walk across. Tourists have been seen lying in the water next to the edge, looking straight down into the river below. It’s a beautiful sight to behold and one safe enough to maneuver during most of the year. Both the Niagara and Victoria Falls are truly wonders of the world because of their size, power, and endless supply of water. If you’ve been lacking an awe-inspiring moment for a while, go visit a local waterfall and just start thinking.

The Awe of a Waterfall  

Waterfalls are wonders of the world and we all appreciate them in some way or another whether it be for power or just as a vacation destinat...

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