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Sustainable Construction Construction is often an industry that most people lack a detailed knowledge of unless they have been directly involved with it in the past. Of course we all know about and appreciate the work that construction workers perform to erect the houses, offices, movie theatres, museums, and countless other buildings we choose to spend our time in. Even without a decent amount of construction comprehension, many of us can also deduce that building structures is not exactly the best thing for the environment, especially when it comes to large projects. In addition to the environmental harm that construction can cause, large trends in construction can affect the availability of materials, raising the associated costs and changing the industry. Fortunately, in recent years builders have been switching to sustainable construction, which is a better alternative.

Environmental Concerns As has been mentioned, building structures is not a natural phenomenon, so steps are taken to ensure the eco-footprint left by the house or office in question is as small as possible. One of the ways to do this is by using green materials in the construction process. For instance, green lumber comes from sustainably managed sites, where trees are harvested with care and are replaced with new trees once they are removed. “Green materials� is also used to refer to materials that are highly effective in helping the building waste less energy. Certain insulators have this designation because they help retain heat, lessening the amount of energy that is needed to keep the building warm during the cold months.

Regional Concerns Using building materials from the surrounding region is not only helpful to the environment (by reducing fossil fuels generated from transporting materials longer distances), but is also can rejuvenate the economy in certain areas. Local, sustainable sellers of building materials welcome additional business, and will be more able to help those nearby if they are getting regular orders for materials.

Social Concerns While they generally serve a specific purpose, it is a good idea to consider how a building can be used in a fashion that maximizes its usefulness. A sustainable design for a structure takes into account how it could be easily repurposed if it is required to serve another function. That way, we can get more usage out of the buildings we

already have instead of continuing to build new ones. Also in the realm of social construction concerns is how comfortable the people in the new building will be. It would be a waste to spend time and energy building a new office if renovations will shortly be required due to oversights regarding the comfort of the employees that will be working there. There are many different ways that construction can be sustainable. While it may not be feasible to ensure all of them are met on your construction project, take some time to meet with your general contractor and consider which ways you can help construction become more sustainable.

Sustainable construction  
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