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Several Other Ideas to Drying out Your Home Raleigh fire damage is something that you may be able to avoid in your home. Preventing a home fire from occurring can be a lot easier than you would think if you are willing to take specific precautions to avoid the most common causes of house fires in Raleigh.

The Kitchen is Fire Prone As many would guess, the kitchen is the area of the home where the most house fires are started. Throughout the time that someone is cooking there may be many high temperatures and even flammable materials that are being used. A pipe has burst, the water is everywhere. The kids are crying now, which does nothing but add to the already rising level of water at home. After frantically running around for thirty minutes, you finally figured out how to turn off the water to your home. It wasn't easy. Now all the doors are open, the fans are blowing at full power, the buckets have been filled and emptied, and every available bath towel is laid out on the carpet trying to soak all the leftover moisture out of the carpet. You've done so much. You know deep in your heart that there's much more to do if you want to keep the water from damaging your Raleigh home. Other than these traditional methods, what are some other things that you can do to prevent water damage from your Pittsburgh home?

Drying Up the Remainder of the Mess Here are a few new ideas to help you dry up the remainder of the mess. Pull out your vacuum cleaner and give that a shot. The heat from the vacuum, combined with the bristles pushing the carpet around, you'll have a better shot at drying deeper into the carpet. A step above the traditional vacuum is utilizing the wet vac. These power houses are designed specifically to collect water. Although they are not normally found in homes, they can be purchased for a relatively good price at most stores. You can use them on waterlogged furniture as well. Take several passes over pretty much anything big and cloth related and you'll notice a significant difference.

Focus your dehumidifiers on any wood surfaces that have gotten warped. Although the protective coatings that are often painted on top of the wood, it still needs to be dried as soon as possible to avoid warping and rotting. Bring your dehumidifier over after drying the floor thoroughly. Bring your fans over to the drywall. Wherever dry wall has been affected, point a fan at it and turn it on full blast. You want to avoid warping, discoloration and rotting as soon as possible. A rotten structure can only lead to more deadly problems in your Raleigh home. Open windows to help circulate air.

The Most Powerful Fan The most powerful fan is that created by opening windows on opposite sides of the house. You'll never find a more penetrating natural fan than these. Although the breeze will not be as strong as a fan turned to high at point blank range. Open windows will offer a more blanket sweeping feeling that can affect nearly all wet areas at once. In cases where water has seeped into the ceiling tiles of a lower floor, go down there and remove the wet ones immediately. They are already water damaged in a lot of cases and they are relatively cheap to replace. They are the first to discolor in these situations and it's best if you avoid allowing the ugly tiles to continue. Some will be recoverable and you can simply turn them over to make them look normal again. Photo Credit: stopthegears

Several Other Ideas to Drying Out Your Home  

Raleigh fire damage is something that you may be able to avoid in your home. Preventing a home fire from occurring can be a lot easier than...

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