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Natural Remedies to Remove Mold from your West Chicago Home Mold is Mother Nature’s tool to decompose dead things. It works quickly and effectively to eat any organic material it can get its spores on. It makes sense that Mother Nature would have a few herbal remedies to fight the nasty growth as well. It just so happens that she has, and they’re pretty easy to find in your local grocery store. There are two methodologies that you can use to go about removing mold from your West Chicago home. There’s the pungent method that is very effective and the odorless one that works too.

Vinegar for Mold Removal Each method has at least two options of natural elements you can use to remove it from organic matter in your home. The pungent ones are using vinegar or tea tree oil solution. Pour vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it liberally over the affected areas. Let it settle for a few hours and then attack the spots with a brush. You will see the difference as you begin scrubbing it. This is a very effective spore killer and will have your walls and grout looking clean as new in no time. Vinegar has an extremely potent smell to it though. If you don’t like it, you can dilute it with water or a few drops of essential oil. If you can stand it for just an hour or two though, spray it directly as it works best then. Even if you can’t handle the smell for that long, spray it, get out of the house for a few hours, come back to scrub at the mold, and then leave again. The smell of vinegar doesn’t stick around forever and will dissipate before you get home from running errands or work. This is at the top of the list as it is very likely that you have white vinegar amongst your cooking supplies.

Other Mold Removal Methods It is easily accessible if you don’t and can be quite cheap compared to other options. The other pungent option is that of tea tree oil solution. This is also effective at removing mold. It is the more expensive option, but it works just the same. Mix 2 teaspoons of it with 2 cups of water to conserve the solution. Put that combo in a spray bottle and liberally apply to all affected surfaces.

The solution will leave a smelly residue on the surface, do not rinse or wash that off in any manner. The solution will work its magic over the next few days and the smell with disappear too. If you like the smell of tea tree oils or can’t reach an area to scrub it, then this might be the favorable solution to removing mold in your West Chicago home. Moving into the non-scented options, citrus seed extract and baking soda are effective mold killers. Citrus seed is best when diluted with water. Take about 20 drops to 2 cups of water and then spray liberally onto the surface. Leave it to sit like the tea tree oil to let it do its magic. If you have baking soda lying around, dissolve it in water and then spray it just like any of the other options. This one you should let sit for a bit and then scrub it with a damp cloth. This disinfectant is very natural and mild. You might need a few passes at it, but it will not leave a scent. Use any of these natural methods to remove mold from West Chicago homes. Photo Credit: shadgross, andrewatla

Natural remedies to remove mold from your west chicago home  

Mold is a menace and can be both dangerous to your health and just ugly to look at. Luckily there are some ways to get rid of it.

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