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Making Sense of Controlled Fires Contrary to your lessons from Smokey the Bear, not all forest fires are bad. There are a lot of forest fires that are an integral part of rejuvenation and change within a forest and are necessary to ensure that a forest is able to thrive and not die out. Although it may seem counterintuitive, a fire can be a great way to ensure that ecosystems within forests are maintained. Because there are many benefits from fires occurring in forests, prescribed fires are often set to ensure that a forest is able to function properly.

What are Controlled Fires A prescribed fire is also referred to as a controlled burn. In Tucson, although there are not many lush forests, there are still ecosystems that require a fire to be able to replenish properly and thrive for an extended amount of time. When a controlled fire is started in the Tucson area, the fire damage in Tucson is something that is planned for. Many people see a controlled fire and the Tucson fire damage and do not understand what benefit that fire damage could have for the area. When a controlled burn is started, fire professionals plan the fire based on the area and the weather conditions. A controlled burn is often intended to burn off shrubs and trees that have flourished excessively and are stifling other plants within the ecosystem. These burns often help the native vegetation grow and flourish. Native vegetation often depends on periodic fire to be able to continue to grow in a healthy manner and flourish in its environment. A controlled burn also ensures that wildfires are not as disastrous. When a wildfire sweeps through a forest that has not had any controlled burns within it, the fire often spreads very quickly because of the excessive amount of brush that is growing in the forest.

What to do in Case of a Fire in your Area When a wildfire is raging, it will not only threaten areas of a forest that are not ready for a fire but it can also threaten the communities around the forest. Often times, fire can result in death or severe injury for those that are in a threatened community. If fire professionals are going to start a fire in your area, you will probably receive a notification that includes all of the pertinent information about the fire. Often times, people will see a fire burning and assume that they need to call the authorities.

Informing the authorities that a fire is burning is important and if you have any questions as to whether or not the fires is controlled, it is always better to error on the side of caution. If the fire is controlled, the authorities will inform you of this when you call. So, even though fires are scary and destructive, some fires are beneficial for the area that they are burning in. Learning about the controlled fires in your area may minimize the fear or worry that you may experience if you are to see a controlled fire without realizing that it is controlled.

Making Sense of Controlled Fires  
Making Sense of Controlled Fires  

Controlled fires seem pointless and dangerous however they do have a time and place and they are helpful in their own way.