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Lessening the Impact of Drought as a Disaster If you live in a place like Tucson, then you already know how devastating a disaster drought can be. Drought is a major problem which has plagued the United States this summer, becoming the worst dry season in many years. Drought is a tough foe to face, due to the way that it is persistent and does not necessarily affect infrastructure. One can prepare for a flood or a fire through prevention, but one cannot prevent a drought from impacting an area in a negative way.

Water Damage without Water Therefore, dry places like Tucson, Arizona have been hard hit and will continue to be in the future. As such, response to this emergency is not so much about what individuals can do ahead of time, but how they can respond to the situation at hand. One of the best ways to deal with a drought is working intelligently to offset its effects. In a lot of cases, this involves being able to save water wherever possible. Saving water does not require a drastic change of lifestyle- it simply requires people to be a bit more intelligent with their efforts. Therefore, it is through a combination of people doing the little things that big results can be found. For example, a common way to save water in these situations is to be sure to not run water when it is not absolutely necessary. When you brush your teeth or shave, be sure to only turn on the faucet to rinse, instead of leaving it running the whole time. Doing this will save a lot of water because gallons a year are wasted simply by having people not think about a running faucet. Instead, consider using everything in bursts to make the biggest difference overall.

Water Saving Habits Another thing to consider is taking showers instead of baths. When you make yourself up a bath, gallons and gallons of water are wasted in order to fill up the tub. Showers are just as

effective, and use much less fluid when utilized. These are just a couple of examples of the myriad of things that people can do in order to save on the weather they use on a daily basis. Looking to the outside of the home, there are other things which can be done.

Consider Water a Luxury For example, consider washing your car infrequently rather than every week. It won’t be that big of a deal and gallons will be saved along the way. Another effective way to save it to run the sprinklers every other day, and run them at night. Your lawn does not necessarily have to be watered every day in order to grow. Running the sprinklers at night will prevent evaporation from taking hold and making things too expensive. All of these methods stand to save a lot of fluid and money alike for those that use them. Working to combat drought is very much worth it all in nature. By working together, people should be able to effectively make a difference which leads to better growing conditions and better prices of water overall. Including a more sustainable solution when drought disaster relief in Tucson is needed Photo Credit: Swain Boat, Cursed Thing

Lessening the impact og Drought as a Disaster  
Lessening the impact og Drought as a Disaster  

If you live in a place like Tucson, then you already know how devastating a disaster drought can be. Drought is a major problem which has pl...