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Dealing with Smoke Damage after a Fire When smoke damage affects your home, you have to understand how you are going to get rid of it effectively. There are many people that do not understand that there is a specific process that they need to go through to ensure that the smoke damage is not going to be permanent.

Airing Out Your Home First, you should understand how you are going to get your home ventilated. Ventilating your home is necessary and you want to make sure that you are opening all of your windows and doors so you can get as much fresh air through your home as possible. You may even want to turn on some fans in the door ways or in the windows. This way, you can be sure that the fresh air is being pushed into your home and forced to circulate while pushing the old air, which smells like smoke, out of your home. After you have ensured that you are ventilating the area as much as possible, you will then want to vacuum all of the soot that you can see. Use a nozzle attachment to ensure that you are going to be able to lightly suck up the soot, rather than pressing it into the carpet or other material. When you are dealing with soot you should not be pressing against the material that you are cleaning. Often times, rather than being able to suck up the soot the vacuum will shove the soot farther into the carpet, making it even more difficult to get all of the soot out of the ground. Whatever you can take to a dry cleaner, gather up in a big bag and head over to the dry cleaner as soon as possible. This means that you will want to take bedspreads, curtains, clothing or even certain types of rugs or throws that you are using to decorate your home.

Tips on Cleaning Everything After you have everything out that can be dry cleaned, you will then want to wash all of the clothes that you can in the washing

machine. Follow the care instructions on the label to ensure that you are cleaning the clothes properly and taking care of them the best that you can. When you are working on removing the smoke odor, it may take up to five washes before you cannot smell the smoke. Wash the clothes with liquid detergent and make sure that you are patient as you are washing the clothes multiple times to get the smell out. If you have wood or tile floors throughout your home, use a mop that is cotton or even cotton clothes to clean it. You will want to go over the tile with the vacuum to ensure that you have all of the soot up off the floor that you can remove. Smoke damage can be a hassle and it often takes a long time to recover from. Prepare your home to ensure that you do not have to deal with a fire or even with the smoke damage that comes from the fire.

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When smoke damage affects your home, you have to understand how you are going to get rid of it effectively. There are many people that do no...

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