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Cleaning Spring Gutters is Smart Homeownership Springtime is seen by most people as a pleasant and comfortable season. Not too hot and not too cold, spring welcomes the summer while leaving the dark and cold days of winter behind. But this transition from winter to summer can also be a very wet time of year. The rainy season for most places, including Long Island, is the springtime. Spring rains can be heavy and tumultuous. Every year, water damage in Long Island comes from these downpours of springtime rains, but the potential damage to a home can extend even farther from the already disparaging forces of water damage. The rainy season of spring can make the gutters on a home work overtime, but if they have not been properly maintained then the likelihood of incurring further damage to a home increases. Luckily, the sunny days of springtime allow for a homeowner in Long Island to perform this maintenance on their gutters.

Wet Season The most simple and easiest way for a homeowner to maintain their gutters during the wet season of spring is to regularly clean and clear the gutters from obstructions. The falling leave, accumulated twigs, and other objects that seemingly always find their way into gutters can clog gutters, making the ineffective. Clearing these obstructions will allow the gutter to perform at their full capacity, hurrying the falling rains away from the house and securing the property from potential water damage. If gutters are not cleared and cleaned, however, then the risk of other forms of damages and negative effects to the home become possible.

Standing Water = Mosquitos One such incurred damage that comes from clogged gutters is the formation of mosquito producing standing waters on the surface of the home’s roof. As the rain falls and gets backed up from clogged gutter, the resulting standing water on the roofs of homes and in the gutters themselves promote the ideal conditions for the breeding of mosquitos.

In addition the potential for a rising mosquito and bug problem, clogged gutters can also be dangerous to the foundation of a home. As the rains fall and have nowhere to go due to the clogged gutters, the water accumulated in the clogged gutters begins to spill directly on to the ground surrounding the home instead of being carried away through downspouts. The result of falling water from the roof can lead to water damage in Long Island to the foundation of the home. Likewise, the standing water from flooded gutters can leak through the lower sections of the home and cause water damage in the lower rooms or to the floorboards of lower levels.

Surrounding Landscape This same spillage of water from clogged gutters can result in damage to the home’s surrounding landscape. If the yard surrounding the home is landscaped correctly, the water should run along designed routes away from the home. However, even with the correct design in landscaping, the torrent of flood water flowing from the roof of a home with clogged gutters can quickly erode these proper landscapes and degrade the land surrounding the home. To avoid all of the above damages due to clogged gutters, a homeowner needs only to take the time to clear and clean their gutters at least once in the spring. Photo Credit: Paul L Dineen, Valerie Everett

Cleaning Spring Gutters is Smart Homeownership