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Being Prepared The recent disasters on the east coast brought on by Hurricane Sandy are the latest reminder for people across the country that they need to start preparing now for natural disasters and emergencies that may occur in the future. While Sandy may not have had a direct effect on those residence of Denver, Colorado, the hurricane and its subsequent stories of survival and heroism in the face of danger serves as an extreme example for people across the country that disasters happen and people are effected. And, for those people living in Denver, just like with people living anywhere else, being prepared for future disasters or emergency situations is the best way to mitigate excessive damages and the extreme stresses suffered during such circumstances. Preparing now for what may lie ahead will take a little work to accomplish but the process itself is surprisingly simple. There are really only a few things that person or a family need to do before a disaster strikes that will ensure their personal safety and perhaps the safety of their personal property.

Creating an Action Plan The first thing that an individual or family should consider when making preparations for a disaster is to create a family action plan that will detail what specific steps family members can take during an emergency to remain safe. A family action plan should be thought out, developed, and implemented with the help of each member of the family. In this way, each individual in the family will know and understand what is contained in the action plan and what they personally need to do to enact that plan should an emergency situation arise. Family action plans should include such things as a rendezvous point should the house or apartment not be safe through the course of the disaster and specific escape routes each family member can take to safely leave the home if it is compromised. In some situations a family’s home may no longer be the safest place for family members to gather during an emergency. For this reason an action plan should include another meeting place for family members to gather during an emergency such as a trusted neighbor’s or family friend’s home. Once the family has created and learned their action plan then the task of collecting and compiling emergency kits and supplies begins. An emergency supplies kit should include important survival gear as well as other items that a family will need to weather a natural disaster or emergency.

Emergency Supply Kits A few necessities to anyone’s emergency supply kit are stores of water, water purification, dried or canned food, and extra blankets or clothing. Other ideas that some may want to include in their emergency kit might be extra batteries, flashlights, portable heaters, matches and a radio.

To avoid potential water damage in Denver from destroying these items, consider storing them in a water tight and sealable plastic bin. Even the smallest amount of water being introduced into a dry environment can cause extensive water damage in Denver. By following these steps and by preparing now, a family in Denver and elsewhere can be ready for the day when an emergency or disaster strikes their area.

Being Prepared  

Learn how to be prepared and have a plan in case of a disaster.

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