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Being Aware of Hurricanes on the Coast For people who are living on or near the eastern coast, hurricanes are an occurrence which happen on a yearly basis. These massive storms do millions of dollars of damage in a year, and have the potential to be quite deadly to anyone unlucky enough to be caught in them.

The Impact of Hurricanes Some of the deadliest days in United States history have involved these massive storms, due to their unpredictability and ferocity. As such, these are storms which are best prepared for, and respected for their ability to do a lot of damage. The first thing to note is that most hurricanes begin their lives out in the ocean off of the coasts. There, weather cycles and pressure fronts and a host of other conditions combine to make a heavy storm with trademark swirling winds and heavy rains. Hurricanes not only can cause huge waves and sweep inland with wind and rains- they also can physically knock out infrastructure, cut utility lines, and trigger other disaster events. As such, it is very much in the best interest of everyone to not have to face these storms. Instead, it is better to hunker down or get to an emergency shelter- if not evacuate entirely. Human life is worth infinitely more than objects and homes, so place your safety and the safety of your loved ones above any other consideration which might be on the table.

Being Prepared When it all comes down to it, being prepared for hurricanes and living through them is a big part of life in this area of the United States. It can be an intimidating prospect, but there is a lot that people can do in order to get through the experienced safely. The most important thing of all is to be aware, and be ready to react when the time comes to do so. There is a lot of stress and strain and fear which is involved in going through one of these events, so it is always best to know what to do ahead of the fact. People can increase their safety and the safety of their families by making extensive preparations to counter these storms. A good place to start is with seventy two hour kits and with a good food storage system.

Seventy tow hour kits are typically packs which are filled with a few days’ worth of food and water and supplies. Since most disasters in the Southeast will not last for more than a few days, this is a good baseline to establish.

Necessity of Food Storage That being said, having a food storage in place will serve to dramatically improve on the survivability of everyone involved in one of these incidents. Food storage can be anything from a couple of weeks’ worth of food up to a couple of months’ worth. Other preparations should include being able to shore up your house, an evacuation plan, and staying tuned to official channels in order to know what to do. Raleigh fire damage restoration may be effective, but it is also practical to prevent it from ever happening. Photo Credit: NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center Photo Credit: Pod Chef

Being Aware of Hurricanes on the Coast  

Some of the deadliest days in United States history have involved these massive storms, due to their unpredictability and ferocity. As such,...

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